We need to surprise Everton

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So upshot of Wednesday is that there wasn’t enough power and pace in our line up. Arteta is now on the injury list and certain players didn’t perform.

So what’s the solution for Everton?


If we line up with a weak front three like we did last year, we’ll get destroyed down the wings again.

Wenger needs to go bold. He needs to scare Everton and counter the power game they’re going to play. If it was me, I’d have Jack and Rambo pinning the midfield with Ozil in the hole. Up top, no pissing around with old men (the tragedy of 30 being old). Let’s go Sanchez through the middle, Chambo on the right with Campbell on the left. Three lightning direct players that are a crafty midfield a dream. It’ll be brutal to watch. What Campbell lacks in nous, he makes up for with relentless effort and strength. He’s a beast. He’s unpredictable. He can be sublime at times. He has all the attributes you need to cause the problems Arsenal didn’t cause the other night.

Push comes to shove, at the very worst, the manager should play Rosicky instead of Campbell. But for me, we need to be bold. If the manager opts for the same wet line up of midweek, I fear we’ll take a hammering, because Everton are a beast of a team and they love playing Arsenal.

No idea what’s going on with transfers, but don’t get too excited about a master plan unfolding. I think of the manager is going to do anything, he’ll be going panic buy like he normally does at the end of a window.

This weekend is big for us, especially as we don’t have Aaron for the Wednesday after, so what we see at Everton is likely to be what we see against Besiktas. A worry with weary Germans coming  back. Interesting that our Germans are coming back so much later than Bayern’s and Chelsea’s.

Right, me done. GOOD DAY TO YOU.

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Just watching a recording of the Napoli v Athletic Club game…..why we didn’t go all out and get Hihuain is still amazing… 3 windows and Wenger still addressed goal scoring striker issue…tells me he is content with Giroud, which is really poor. Giroud shouldn’t be our number 1 striker…smh

  2. Jeff


    Sounds like an arranged marriage. Even if all that is so, I think we should have shown ambition and used brute force (money) to entice Costa to come to us.

    We would have had to pay him more than Chelsea are paying in wages as well as get into a bidding war with Chelsea for the transfer fee. It’s not beyond the art of the possible now that the FFP rules are in and Chelsea can’t just manufacture millions from thin air. But it seems we can’t/won’t do that even with FFP.

  3. Mike adamski

    There are no strong rumours regarding a podolski exit .

    He seems happy here , I don’t think he’d push to leave.

    I’d only be ok with pod going if we line up a better replacement .
    That’s always the worry with us.

  4. salparadisenyc

    Lets just pray like a bolt from the blue these Cavani for OG + cash rumors are true. But if i’m honest its likely some journo throwing us gooners a bone as he knows we’ve tanked yet another window for a striker.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Forget Balotteli and buying all these names, I assume Falcao and Cavani are not going to move…..to Us at least…

    I look at the internal solution….surely Akpom and Campbell are better than Sanogo and Giroud??? Why not use Akpom ?? Don’t get why Wenger refuses to buy but then refuses to give certain players in the academy a go…if Chambers and Ox and Theo were good enough for us as youngsters, as is Gnabry…surely what I’ve seen from Akpom beats Sanogo or Giroud…I don’t understand why Akpom isn’t even thought of to have a go.

  6. Keyser

    Jeff – I think the buyout clause pretty much means we’re only dealing with Costa, not sure how Atletico would pressure him, apart from wages, not sure what he’s on, probably something close to 200k, Chelsea is a pretty good fit for him, similar to Atletico, especially now Cesc is there.

  7. kwik fit

    Have a felling that Wenger may be playing an excellent game this transfer window. He keeps talking about need for defensive recruits but ignores the offensive need. Yes we need a CB and DM but it wouldn’t surprise me if he pulls off a really big one. ( And no I don’t mean Diaby 😉 )

  8. Salvage

    Savage August 21, 2014 11:44:35

    More and more stories coming out about United having massive offers turned down by players
    At least they made an effort to go for those top players who probably would have agreed to us if we tried ….

  9. andy1886

    Keyser, why does it matter how many shots Mario took – the goals are the important thing surely and he scored at 0.6 goals a game at AC compared to OG’s 0.4 goals a game for us.

    Giroud could have taken more shots if he stopped falling over like a pack of cards every other challenge and put some effort in 😉

  10. Dan Ahern

    AA — was is the horse betting analogy? That was an interesting one, Jeff. I liked it. Not sure it’s totally accurate though. In this case it feels more like Arsene literally has a horse in the race. Well actually a banged up baby giraffe. But he loves him like a thoroughbred and will race him no matter what.

  11. Keyser

    andy1886 – gambon’s post pretty much sums it up, and the stats back it up. Not sure why you’re asking if you read both ?

  12. Rockypires

    10 million for falco loan deal. Well worth it. He is a puma player etc. get him in.
    Be money well spent. No fears of not qualifying for champions league then.

  13. Arsene's Analyst

    The transfer market is a bit like the stock exchange, you know ,frozen orange juice, pork bellies and the like, speculators buying product at a low price, hoping it will increase over a period of time, thus enabling them to sell at a profit, ie, paying 500k for Cesc Fabregas as a 16 year old, knowing his price will increase over time, it took 8 years but Wenger made his profit, on his original purchase, 34.5 million quid to be exact, that is the only reason he never went for him this time

    Arsene made his profit, moved on, next

    Footballers are traded like stock, they all have a value, then there are some dumb bastards like Mourinho, because it’s not his money, will go and buy 3-4 players around the 30-40 million pound mark, buying at the high end of the market, these are arrogant ego centric pricks, they know there is not much resale value on this stock, it goes down rather than up

    The Ozil purchase was set in place by unusual circumstances, as was the Sanchez purchase, Wenger never does business in July, I doubt these players were his signings, he is a Sanogo man, Flamini man, free transfers, Kallstrom, people who buy 42.5 million pound players do not bring in 3 free transfers in one window

  14. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – I think you need to clarify that. Do you mean because of the inherent racism, or because the clubs have soo many ethnic minorities ?!

    Also I read your post about rugby league, I’ve kind of gone off it partly because there’s only really two leagues in the World and you can see the margins of any drama, but also because they’ve almost got rid of sin binning and cards to an extent and it’s left the game really quite defensive and turgid at times.

    Haven’t watched as much of the NRL for ages now, but Origin games used to bore me senseless.

    Union’s got it locked down, right balance between officiating and players having to respect the rules of the game, even then Toulon are annoying.

  15. Blsany

    So no more players coming in then.Anybody worried about Spudski ?Seeing the have competent managers capable of making changes?

  16. Jeff


    You make it all sound like Chelsea is a blonde bombshell, better suited to Costa’s looks than Arsenal which appears to be mutton dressed as lamb. We need a facelift no?

  17. Keyser

    With Vincent Tan and the Hull City Owner, I can understand fans annoyance at some of the things they were trying to bring over or through, Chinese superstition with the colour Red or name changes, but at the same time they’ve pumped in a fair amount of money.

    So when all the media muppets started going on about ‘poor malky’ and ‘big bad Tan’ it was almost unseemly, It’s genuinely funny to think about how many of those same people are going to stand up for Mackay now, kind of like the Keys and Gray.

  18. salparadisenyc

    I’m envisioning a pretty obscure CB and the Kim Kallstrom of strikers to come in before the window shuts.

    I’m going to fucking ice bucket challenge Wenger if he’s not careful.

  19. Arsene's Analyst

    Someone here mentioned Arsene being loyal to his players, well he sure as hell wasn’t loyal to Vieira, Henry, Adebayor, Nasri,Song, no one retires at AFC under this manager, the one thing all those players have in common is, they were all sold for more than their original purchase price
    Profit on most of Wenger purchases, that’s why he buys low

    they have RESALE VALUE

  20. MidwestGun

    Frozen orange juice, and pork bellies are commodities not stocks. Stocks are buying ownership in a company. Commodities you are speculating on whether the price goes up or down. You can actually make money by betting the commodity will go down in price.
    So the stock market analogy is not accurate at all. Players are nothing like stocks. The daily profit rant is tedious.

  21. Keyser

    Jeff – Good to see your analogies haven’t improved, the horse racing one needs some work, I just think Atletico were a pretty efficient defensively minded team in their set-up and Costa benefitted heavily from this, even David Villa bought into it.

    At Chelsea he’s got Mourinho, and with the talent and the way they’ve streamlined their team, he should have just as much of an efficient set-up, but one with a lot more scope in attack.

  22. Arsene's Analyst

    Do you fans really believe that whoever comes to this club it will make a difference, we finish 4th every year, what did wasting 42.5 million on Ozil do, Arsene could have finished 4th without him, he proved that the last 10, 4th is AFC aim, it is their ambition, Ozil and Sanchez are just window dressing, to keep the fans onside, GIVE THEM HOPE

    When it is revealed we have 150 million cash and the manager brings in 2 free transfers last season, spending nothing, how do you think the fans will react

    Well we saw Chris Hudson, that’s why Ozil was brought in on the last hour of the last day, to appease the fans

    This manager is a fraud a liar, a snake oil salesman

    You are all being played like a cheap violin

  23. Keyser

    Also with Malkywaters, they seized these things earlier in the year, both offered grovelling apologies and went underground, and just when they were linked to a new job, Cardiff released this, might just be co-incidence, but that’s ruthless.

  24. Arsene's Analyst

    Well players are valued, they have a sell price and a buy price so that is similar to a stock, you trade stocks, buy and sell them just like players, so go suck cock mid

  25. Keyser

    Jeff – Don’t get upset, do you know much about horse racing ? The blonde one was just odd. You don’t think Costa has a better fit at Chelsea, considering there’s probably only afew clubs around who could afford him anyway ?!

  26. MidwestGun

    That did sound a bit like Trading Places. Lol. Players are more like buying Real Estate. Because they have residual resale value that tends to go up over time but down after a long time because of aging and depreciation. Also, you can negotiate the price of property you can’t negotiate a stock price.
    Also a high priced property is generally gonna continue to have a higher return because it inherently is worth more. Whereas a low priced property might always be a Sanogoal. Because a slum is a slum.

  27. Dissenter

    Dan Ahern,
    Stupid people don’t become self-made billionaires.

    Its hard to win against someone who can afford an army of private investigators and attorneys.

    I can think of many people here that a Vincent Tan style inquisition will destroy.

    How many times has a joke or distasteful remark about the female genitals being posted here That will be considered sexist in the PC world.

  28. N5

    So n.eil is back under his third name now is he? how mad must you be to get banned not once, but twice and then to still come back under yet another name to continue saying the same things every night. I’m honestly worried that people like this are out there walking the streets.

  29. Dan Ahern

    Dissenter — It’s true. Although I would hope behaviour on blogs isn’t held to the same standard as a Premier League manager’s communications with his head of recruitment and other employees. Even so, no reason for blatant racism/sexism/homophobia.

  30. Keyser

    Dissenter – I watched a full season of The Wire in a day or two, season 3 or 4, the one with Snoop, at first it’s quite difficult to understand whats she’s saying, but once I did it took me weeks to re-sensitise myself.

    I still end up saying ‘Sheeeeeeeeaite’.

  31. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    It’s the new improved N.eil, has only made one or two references to fascism like, Goose stepping etc… not sure what the mentality of the banned is. if Pedro bans me I’ll be driving to sal’s house so I can bug him in person (plus i owe him a Lowlife) but I won’t be back, here. Lol

  32. Randy

    FFS, it’s not that hard! Pay the cash and Cavani will move – he’s craving a CF position.

    Alternatively, buy Di Maria and push Alexis centrally.

    Wally – Ozil – Di Maria

  33. Dissenter

    You’re right about the Wire.
    HBO makes lots of money because they don’t have to conform to PC standards.

    The Wire is one the best series I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen it thrice over.

    gambon and kwikfit wont survive a Vincent Tan inquisition. Tan’s lawyers will have enough to bury them in five minutes!

    People here need to watch their tone. Blogging postings are discoverable in the legal process. They can be subpenaed.

  34. Keyser

    Dissenter – There’s a pretty big difference between here and the public machinations of Tan and Mackay, the dude was probably getting paid hundreds of thousands if not millions, and is a manager in the public eye, when you choose to court public opinion like that you should have a heightened sense of awareness simply because it’s part of your job to do so, even if they were private texts/emails.

    Mate seriously I still had to stop myself saying the N word with Snooops conversations going around in my head. Senator Clay Davis doesn’t help me when I’m saying ‘Sheeeeeeite’ all the time either.

  35. Dissenter

    You’ll be surprised how easy it is to trace people. I attended a cyber-security conference in the spring where they alleged they can trace 86.5% of people through their web posts.

  36. salparadisenyc

    Sal Paradise is being subpoenaed for stating this:

    Cage the Elephant!
    Trigger all the clauses.
    Norwegians are out as Asians taste better.

  37. N5

    Dissenter, thanks man. I’ve left Midwest in charge. I can’t stand it anymore. I just want to talk rubbish and enjoy life and I let way to many conversations get carried away. I’m going to be more like Honest Bill and just laugh at the madness from now but (try) to not get dragged into it.

  38. MidwestGun

    Alex –
    Damn you and your Wikipedia knowledge. Lol. But my main point is you can’t negotiate a stock price. So a players market value is whatever your willing to pay and the owner is willing to sell. So I can say Sanogo is worth 15mill but good luck finding a buyer.

  39. Dissenter

    The Mario Ballotelli contract actually makes sense.

    It seems Liverpool have a good conduct clause in the contract. Knowing Liverpool’s penchant for moving the goal posts for contract clauses, they might change it to require that Ballotelli become celibate to get his bonus.

  40. N5

    ” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has no regrets over his decision not to re-sign Cesc Fabregas this summer.

    Spain midfielder Fabregas, 27, made an impressive Premier League debut for London rivals Chelsea as they won 3-1 at Burnley on Monday.

    Arsenal had a buy-back option on Fabregas, who left for Barcelona in 2011, but decided not to exercise it.

    “I have no regret about that at all. My regret is that he left,” said Wenger, whose side play Everton this weekend.

    Fabregas, who played 305 games for the Gunners, eventually joined Chelsea on a five-year deal, ending his three-year stay at Barca.

    The midfielder played a part in all three goals against Burnley and Wenger admitted it was “strange” to see his former player in the blue of Chelsea.

    “It was difficult for him to leave us, but after that you accept he can move to some different clubs,” he added. “

  41. Arsenal 1886-2006


    You know i meant the racism, you trying to make me look bad?

    On the RL side of things the NRL ex-pros and pundits are going mad about the scrums taking too long and holding up the game for too long, sometimes it is taking as long as a minute just to form as the refs are insisting that they are bounded like union. Scrap the scrum and have a quick tap to restart the game, a bunch of fat fellas rolling on the floor in a big bundle that looks more like an event at a gay pride rally is not exciting to watch.

    Some are saying as well that clubs and associations are trying to soften the game a bit because of fear of future lawsuits (akin to the NFL) relating to physical injuries that are starting to show in some players because of the intensity and ferocity of the game and the size and speed of the players.

    There also seems to be a theory that the two games could well merge as on their own they are quite minor and insignificant when viewed worldwide, sort of a merging of the two codes, i don’t think this will work though.

    I know the Aussies are looking to do a deal with the USRL to break into the States and do some player swaps and help to develop the game there, meanwhile Union is dying in Australia and has been for the past decade, league is second only to Aussie rules while union is behind Cricket and now Football in participation and viewing figures.

    Personally i would like to see both codes thrive but the beast that is football will eventually suffocate both games until both are minor participation sports, partly due to money and global exposure but also more importantly parents concerns about the dangers involved in these sports and the long term health effects.

  42. Bamford13

    Two fucking years with Giroud as our starting CF, and it’s now looking like a third. (No, Sanchez is not a CF. )

    Two years with Arteta as our CDM — and he was well past it LAST YEAR. (No, Chambers isn’t ready to play there.)

    Even if Wenger were to sign Carvalho or Khedira — and I don’t think he will — there’s no way he’s going to sign both a CDM and a CF. Thus Wenger has failed massively YET AGAIN — and one can say with complete confidence that there is no chance we finish better than third this year. No chance.

    (And this is not because we don’t have the money to compete with City and Chelsea but because Wenger refuses to spend it.)

    Indeed, if Wenger doesn’t sign a quality player at one of the two needed positions, we’ll be lucky to finish FOURTH this year.

    This simply has to end. Fans must call for Wenger’s head — now! He has plenty of money and our needs are obvious. Yet he blathers on about the need to “get creative” if Arteta is out for long.

    Holy Christ this must end. This guy is a complete fucking farce. Wenger out!

  43. Dissenter

    “Holy Christ this must end. This guy is a complete fucking farce. Wenger out!”

    C’mon man, at least wait for the seasonal cock-up in the winter.

  44. MidwestGun

    If we landed Cavani I would seriously rethink my stance on miracles. And I might even put AW on my Xmas card list. And I would promise to not talk about Giroud anymore. (Tough one) . But that’s the sacrifice I’m willing to make. 😀

  45. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Cavani and khedira coming in and Giroud and Sanogo going to Barnet (get it, Barnet, Barnet fair is slang for hair for our American and overseas fans. Not very good if i need to explain the joke. Why am i talking to myself?) and Royal mail respectively.

  46. afturburn

    I’m such a mark for looking at the link and getting my stupid hopes up, if even for a second.

    If Cavani is signed to spearhead our attack, then I firmly believe Wenger will also bring in a unicorn to play CDM.

  47. MidwestGun

    Is anyone else worried about Lukaku pulling away from the middle and testing Monreal’s positional awareness and strength? Plus who we have to help defend JW? Santi? Gonna be a tough one.

  48. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Good thing about playing them early is neither team is really up and ready yet, we both need games to hit some form.
    I am actually more worried about where our goals will come from.

  49. MidwestGun

    6 -6 –
    Would like to see Alexis get off the mark. Confidence booster. Kind of depends if Ozil plays but I could see it. Also, want to see Ox instead of Cazorla. Ox should have had a goal. Looked lively.

  50. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Can’t see Ozil playing until next weekend, same as Per and Pod, if Pod is still with us. Ox or Campbell would be good to see, maybe 65 mins for one and the other then comes on as a sub, give their fullbacks something to think about with Alexis interchanging wings with them, it will push them deeper and hopefully isolate Lukaku to some extent.
    No good though if the treacle treader is playing, he slows down play, gives away silly free kicks and is always offside.

  51. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger is an admirer of Lukaku and the Frenchman believes the £28million spent by Roberto Martinez is a symbol of the Blues’ ambition.

    He added: “I like Lukaku very much because he has a good mixture of physical presence and technical quality. I like his attitude. His attitude is full of desire and that is a big part in the success of a centre forward.

    Take careful notice of the line,”His attitude is full of desire, and that is a big part in the success of a centre forward” end of quote

    Now you know why Giroud is a bum, no desire, too busy fixing his hair, jogging around the pitch while everyone else is running at speed, so armed with knowledge, Wenger still went out and bought Giroud, because he was cheap 11 million, in life you get what you pay for

  52. Arsene's analyst

    6-3, 6-0, 5-1, 3-0, no, it’s not a tennis score it is the number of goals conceded by Arsenal in 4 games, they conceded 41 goals last season, half of them in 4 games against the top sides 20 goals in 4 games, say it slowly, and this demented fool called them accidents

    At least Arteta will not be there to score an own goal this time

  53. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger is an admirer of Lukaku and the Frenchman believes the £28million spent by Roberto Martinez is a symbol of the Blues’ ambition.

    You see the irony here, W

  54. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – I missed a ‘Lol’ out, though I suppose neither of us wants our computer/phone seized and searched. Even if we pretend we have nothing to hide on here.

    I don’t mind scrums because I like the structured strike moves in Union, and in Rugby League it’s only used to re-start play.

    Without the regular cards or sin-bins, it seems like teams are far happier giving away the penalty, and it’s even worse during the tackle count, it’s a pretty linear game, up-down, all about linebreaks, offloads or the speed you recycle play, I just get the feeling the games easier to slow down when you take away the harsher penalties.

    Simply hold someone down a little longer, leave your hand on the ball a while more during a tackle.

    “a bunch of fat fellas rolling on the floor in a big bundle that looks more like an event at a gay pride rally is not exciting to watch.”

    Is that you Malky ?.. Lol.

    Also they’ve become stricter on obstructions before a try is scored, Wigan worked heavily on taking the ball to the line before passing behind a dummy runner, now as soon as anyone feels impeded they flop or dive even if the dummy runner hasn’t impacted them at all, football’s dark arts creeping over.

    I know it works both ways and players push the boundaries, Sam Tomkins was a master at worming himself around on the floor whilst being tackled and getting a penalty.

    Footballs suffered from the same pressures, teams being able to corner markets or leagues, but it’s played in every country almost, Union’s at least got, France, the whole of the UK, and then the Southern Hemi-sphere countries.

    While League I’m not an expert but it’s pretty much constricted to two leagues and I think there’s a pretty significant difference between the quality, or seemed to be.

    Decreasing the risks could be good, Lol I only ever played football, so not really sure how Rugby would be percieved between codes and in comparison to the NFL, but litagation could kill the smaller sports.

  55. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger is an admirer of Lukaku and the Frenchman believes the £28million spent by Roberto Martinez is a symbol of the Blues’ ambition.

    You see the irony here, Wenger thinks by spending big money like that shows ambition, last season Wenger’s business was 2 free transfers, Sanogo and Flamini, before Chips made him buy Ozil

  56. Arsene's analyst

    And if anyone needed more convincing of Wenger’s ambition, in January, with 100 million cash he gets in Kallstrom on a free

    Yea this manager is full of it, not ambition BUT SHIT

  57. Arsene's analyst

    We needed a top class striker when RVP was sold, so the ambitious Wenger went out and spent a kings ransom to procure Giroud for 11 million quid, even though the RVP money was not paid upfront, our lack of ambition shows when we replace RVP with Giroud, chalk and fucking cheese

    Wenger never replaced Vieira, never brought in a big dominating warrior to terrorize teams

    What this club is all about is saving money, hording as much as they can, we have spen around 20-30 million net so far, less than most clubs, we are lacking in many areas, the press tell us we spent 60 million on new players, yes, but they forgot to tell you the money that came in by selling players

    money for Cesc, 15 for Vermaelen money for Vela and other various amounts, we have spent fuck all this season, for a club with more than a 100 million cash, this manager is still after bargains, it’s fucking pitiful, scrooge like disgrace

  58. Arsene's analyst

    Arsene is a failed magician,he tried to pull a rabbit out of his hat, but he pulled a hare out of his arse

  59. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The dark arts as you put it are definitely creeping into the game, not as much as football just yet but it will become accepted as in football if it is not stamped out immediately.
    A lot of the recent rule changes were designed to cut out one form of gamesmanship but opened up avenues for others to take their place, ultimately it comes down to coaches and players to clean up the play of the ball and other time wasting ploys, Australia is very strict on holding down in the tackle but Super League seems to tolerate the shenanigans a bit more.

    Their is one issue i would take up with you though, you mention the countries where the game is played but with both codes they are very regional and class based, particularly in Britain. I also read on a RU blog in scotland that some clubs are struggling to even field enough players for a second team and matches are being abandoned, the drop off is said to be alarming the SRFU, Wales is in a similar situation and England is looking to go the same way.

    Rugby might be played in Italy, Argentina and a few other countries but it is minor and not really followed unless the national team is playing one of the major countries. It is not really a major world sport and i cannot see it surviving without proper leadership and opening of new markets, that is why the Aussie NRL is looking to the States. I know that FoxSports.Au who show the NRL games are talking with FoxSports.US and more games could be shown on US networks.

    I think this is where League has the upper hand, it is faster, more direct and big hits, this will appeal to sports fans over there because of it’s similarity to NFL.

    I am out of here now, need some sleep.

    Speak to you soon.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    Looking at our squad it is clear that we are deficient along the spine with requirements at centre back,defensive midfield and striker.

    GK Szczesny/Ospina/Martinez
    CB Mertesacker/Koscielny/ ?
    RB Debuchy/Chambers
    LB Gibbs/Monreal
    DMF ? /Arteta [Flamini and Coquelin]
    CMF Ramsey/Wilshire [Diaby]
    AMF Ozil/Rosicky
    RW Sanchez/Walcott/Oxlade-Chamberlain [Campbell/Gnabry]
    LW Cazorla/Podolski [Miyaichi]
    ST ? /Giroud/Sanogo

    At the moment we have an excess of players in right wing position albeit that Oxlade-Chamberlain can play alternatively on left wing or
    attacking midfield if required.

    It is difficult to assess what transfer budget is still available, because in
    contrast to other clubs Arsenal factor in agents fees and increase of wages into budget.Personally I don’t think that Arsenal will make available more than £25-30 million if they buy any more players.

    I cannot visualise that Wenger will not bring in a Centre Defender, because you cannot go into a season with just 6 defenders on your books.
    That would be irresponsible particularly when one of them is Gibbs
    who is frequently injured.

    Wenger may gamble on not bringing in a Defensive Midfielder, but if
    he does so then we are saddled with Arteta who lacks pace and physicality and Flamini who seems to get carded every time he turns out for

    The striker situation is unsatisfactory, because you cannot go into a
    season with just one established striker and Sanogo who is absolutely
    useless. The problem now is that there are few outstanding strikers available who might be surplus to requirements. Most clubs will not want to offload a striker so close to end of transfer window without

    The real concern is that once again Wenger has failed to address the
    REAL WEAKNESSES in his squad. This is now the third summer transfer window where he has failed to bring in quality DMF and ST.

  61. Wallace

    4 good players already signed, another 2 probably in before the end of next week. season starts with a win and a draw and le grove’s in meltdown mode. the wheel keeps on turning, but the hamster is dead.

  62. Moray

    @ stroller,

    Aside from the glamour signings this year and last, the truth is that our squad is really a few good players short. Where we have bodies, you tend to find they are being shoehorned into the position, particularly on the left side where Wenger has been destroying good players for years by playing them out of position there.

    GK Szczesny/Ospina/Martinez HAPPY WITH THIS
    CB Mertesacker/Koscielny/ NO BACK UP
    RB Debuchy/Chambers HAPPY WITH THIS
    LB Gibbs/Monreal NOT GOOD ENOUGH
    DMF ? /Arteta [Flamini and Coquelin] SHOCKING OPTIONS
    AMF Ozil/Rosicky HAPPY WITH THIS
    RW Sanchez/Walcott/Oxlade-Chamberlain [Campbell/Gnabry] HAPPY WITH THIS
    ST ? /Giroud/Sanogo EMBARRASSING

  63. Jeff

    @Keyser “You don’t think Costa has a better fit at Chelsea, considering there’s probably only a few clubs around who could afford him anyway ?!”

    No I don’t?! There is no such thing as a “better fit”. Footballers are traded in the market and they often go to the highest bidder. If we truly wanted to be ambitious, we could have poured the money in until the deal was done. Just to give an example, Fabregas tore his arse and wore it on his head in order to go to his beloved Barcelona because he thought it was a better fit – and we know how that ended.

    A couple of years ago your excuse would have been the same as Wenger’s “we cannot compete with the likes of Chelsea”. But now that we can, the excuse is “Chelsea is a better fit” which is as lame an excuse as you can have for not trying to get the only WC striker we could afford.

    In case you missed it, the whole point to all this is that we didn’t even try for him when he became available and we definitely should have.

  64. Dark Hei

    I have calmed down a bit, and after a bit of a think, I feel that we do not need a new striker, in the long haul. Here is what I think how Wenger sees the squad (with clear first and 2nd choice)
    Strikers: 1. Walcott 2. Giroud
    Left Wing: 1. Carzola 2. Ox
    Right Wing: 1. Sanchez 2. Campbell
    Attacking Mid: 1. Ozil 2. Rosicky
    Box-to-Box: 1. Ramsey 2. Wilshire
    Holding Mid: 1. New Signing 2. Arteta
    CBs: 1. BFG/Kox 2. Chambers/New Singing
    LB: 1. Gibbs 2. Monreal
    RB: 1. Debuchy 2. Bellerin
    GK: 1. Sczh 2. Ospina
    Spares: Sanogo, Flamini, Gnarby, Podolski, Diaby

    There are of course 2 issues. The first is that Walcott is injured and the second is Podolski is too big a player for spare role.

    If Podolski does move on, I get the feeling that we will get a striker on loan, possibly E’to, who probably does not want to leave London yet.

    I am quite confident we will be getting someone in the CB and Midfield Anchor role. That smile on Wenger’s face when quizzed about a DM said it all.

    Quite a few will also point out that Walcott isn’t a striker but I will disagree. Look at Walcott’s interpretation of a “right wing” during an attack and you see him level with Giroud most of the time.

    Same with Carzola. He never stays on the left. Instead he goes where the ball is and tries to overload a small part of the pitch. This means someone else will have to provide the necessary width. Carzola’s starting formation is only a guide for him when it comes to defending; that part is his defensive zone. Wenger gives him a free role to do what he deems fit in attack since he is so 2-footed and creative.

  65. Gunneruni

    Wenger has ruined this transfer window if we don’t address both problems at CDM and CF. Giroud cannot be our first choice striker this season.

  66. Wallace

    Chelsea had the Costa deal wrapped up in January. that’s why we didn’t go for him, and why they didn’t buy another striker then.

  67. Dark Hei


    If it is a $$ shoot out between ourselves and Chelsea, I am afraid the little ponies will win this hands down. These pretty little things drags that big howitzer called (OIL-$$$$$) around.

    But Keyser has a point. Simeone plays a style that is similar to Mourinho. Hard as nails, uncompromising, not very pretty but utterly ruthless. Costa will fit in like a glove. My surprise is that Fabregas fits in so well too.

  68. Crusaderrabbit

    What we’re basically hoping for is not only three top quality players coming in, in just under 10 days, but for the manager to actually change his style of management and the way the team play – some chance.

    Remember it’s not the despair that gets you, it’s the hope

  69. Jeff

    “Chelsea had the Costa deal wrapped up in January”. So what? Where were we in January? Washing our hair? We’ve been needing a striker for 3 years. If Costa became available in January, we should have moved in January. The same argument stands. There is absolutely no excuse.

  70. Moray

    @Dark Hei: “That smile on Wenger’s face when quizzed about a DM said it all. ”

    Equally, that could have been a beatific smile as he was thinking about Diaby walking out from the sea in a par of tight swimming shorts like Daniel Craig.

  71. Jeff

    Dark Hei,

    We can rationalise our failings in a 1001 ways but it doesn’t stop them being failings. The salient point is and always has been that we need an excellent striker and we need him yesterday. Without such a player we cannot win anything major. Costa is but one example where we failed to make any representations to entice him to the Emirates. That’s the point I’m making.

    If people want to rationalise and say “oh the deal was done in January” or “he is a better fit at Chelsea” that to me is just excuse making and absolving Wenger (or whoever is pulling the strings) for not trying or not trying hard enough. If we bought some other WC striker instead, I’d keep quiet about this issue but we haven’t have we?

  72. Wallace

    “Diego Costa’s impending £32 million move to Chelsea represents another triumph for Jorge Mendes, who is rightly described as a super-agent. It also marks another piece of big transfer business in which Jose Mourinho has acquired a player represented by the man who represents him. A conservative estimate is that Costa will become the seventh Mendes client Mourinho has signed for Chelsea over two spells. And at least one other is to follow. Add in Inter Milan and Real Madrid and Mourinho has made at least 12 signings involving Mendes.”

  73. Dark Hei


    IMO, Sanchez is a striker. Why Wenger doesn’t use him at the get go in that spot is a mystery. But it is just 2 games in and the truth is we will only find out if I am right further down the road. Many on this board would love to see OX on the wings and Sanchez up top instead.

    End of the day what you and I are agreeing about is that Giroud should be a no. 2 and not a starting striker. You say he is shite because he has no talent while I think he is shite because he is unprofessional (unfit + illegitimate shagging)

    If we get E’to in this window, I will be very happy. He will provide us the necessary firepower up top while Walcott recovers. Sounds too logical to be true so it won’t happen.

  74. Moray

    dodgy. very dodgy.

    I also think our passing on Cesc was probably something to do with Darren Dein representing him. Wenger is notoriously spiky with agents.

  75. Jeff

    Dark Hei,

    Perhaps you’re right but once short glance at history would suggest otherwise. We go into a season without the right fire power hoping it turns out OK but experience shows it hardly ever does.

    We just don’t have enough talent in the squad whoever we play and where ever we play them. Not only that, we appear to have more than our share of crocks and that also chips away at any chance of a major trophy. So it will be again if we stay as we are- there’s no reason to even hope otherwise.

  76. Wallace

    “We just don’t have enough talent in the squad whoever we play and where ever we play them. ”

    Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ox…we might be short defensively, but we’re not short of talent. Wenger’s weakness is his liking for signing talented players, over players we actually need.

  77. TheBayingMob

    “Vincent Tan doesn’t look so bad now”

    Just a personal, but, when your default look is a k1ddy f1-ddler with your trousers pulled up round your neck, you are always going to look bad …

  78. Leedsgunner

    Our striker issue has been an issue since RvP left. Us not replacing him is more to do with Wenger’s principles and stubbornness to see the game through his way. To say there’s isn’t a striker better than Giroud is an insult to those of us that love the Cannon.

    We have the money — for the first time in a decade — to acquire a ST, a CB and a DM — to actually compete with a squad on four fronts.

    What we appear to lack is the ambition… again. I would love to be wrong. For the sake of the club.

  79. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    I wrote two days ago that I thought that Wenger might experiment again with
    Walcott as striker. Frankly I don’t see any striker on the horizon who will offer
    30+ goals and is buyable in this transfer window.

    Walcott combines pace with a clinical finish. The only concerns are that he is far too easily knocked off ball and injury prone. If he can override those weaknesses then I see no reason why he cannot be solution.

    After all what is the point of having three good standard right wingers on the
    books with holes elsewhere in team.

    I don’t think that there can be any doubt that we will buy a centre back. The only question is who.

    Defensive Midfield seems less likely. You have to ask question why Wenger appointed Arteta captain if he did not plan to use him in starting line up.

    My main concern is as ever that Wenger seems to dither too much when making decisions. Whilst I cannot stand Mourinho the fact is that he is always
    decisive when recruiting players. That is why he completed his business at start of transfer window in contrast to us who leave it far too often to the last
    hour of the last day.

  80. TheBayingMob

    Cavani or Falcao, honestly guys you lot are fucking priceless, get a fucking grip. Wenger has spent 20m ish net and that’s your lot, this greek lad will come in nothing more. Nothing has changed. The squad is pretty much as we were. People can argue Debuchy v Sagna all they like, straight replacement IMO. As ever, the season hinges on injuries, Walcott coming back as quick as he was before, Ozil kicking on and not strolling around like a disinterested cunt and Sanchez picking up the pace of the league sooner rather than later. The club have done what they think they have to do to keep us top four. No more. No less. Don’t be surprised if that’s all you get this season.

  81. Gregg

    Dark Hei

    I’d say your correct in your assumption that Khedira would wait to see if we qualify for CL.

    I think it’s going to be a while yet before you see Walcott. He’s going to need to be eased back gently and it will take time, that’s assuming he doesn’t pick up the odd strain along the way.

  82. Jeff

    Walcott is not going to fulfil our striker needs. Don’t forget we had bother Fabregas and Van Persie and we still couldn’t win a bloody thing so what hope is there.

  83. Bamford13

    Hear, hear, Jeff. Wenger’s inability or unwillingness to sign a quality CF and CDM at some point in the past two years — two years! — is simply inexcusable.

    Only the most blinkered of AKBs or apologists can rationalize it.

    Neither Sanchez nor Walcott is a CF. A CF must, among other things, spend much of his time with his back to goal, providing hold-up play. Neither of these two is adept at this, and neither is a CF solution. Both are, instead, wide attacking players who like to roam or tuck in.

    Walcott tucks in and plays on the last shoulder, first, to exploit his pace, and second, because he is not very good at beating players off the dribble (or through combination play) in midfield. It is simpler and more effective for him to simply let someone play him through.

    Neither can play the point by himself, meaning that neither get Giroud off the f***ing field.

    Costa would’ve been a good signing, as would’ve a handful of other names.

    If Wenger doesn’t sign either a quality CDM or CF in next two weeks, there is no reason for all not to call for his head.

  84. Bamford13

    One low-cost option: sign Khedira now (12m). Play Podolski at CF until January. Sign Benteke in January (20m).

    The XI below — though imperfect — could compete for a title:

    Debu Cham Kosc Gibb
    Khedira Ramsey
    Sanchez Benteke Cazorla

  85. Gregg

    Have to say was feeling quite positive about the upcoming season when we signed Sanchez. I thought that finally we were going to stop talking about competing with the elite and actually demonstrate that we were willing to spend in order to do that.

    However the glaring problem positions have not been addressed yet again.

    For a club of our size and stature, to have to central strikers that are so poor is an absolute disgrace and an insult to the clubs fans.

  86. Gregg


    I hear you there buddy.

    However I think Podolski’s days are numbered now. He’s come back from the world cup un-fit, the excuse given for him from the club is that he’s tired. Top player on his day but he seems to have settled for the celebrity life over getting better and better as a player. He doesn’t have the hunger he did when he was younger and is another example of a player enjoying the trappings that the game has given him. Shame

  87. Bergkamplegend

    Kalou to sign at Wolfsburg.

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………………………… lol

  88. Dark Hei

    “A CF must, among other things, spend much of his time with his back to goal, providing hold-up play.”

    This is an interesting topic. Years ago, if you can remember, there was talk of us signing Trezeguet.

    Henry said that he can play alongside his France team mate as he says that he plays facing goal while Trezeguet plays with his back to it.

    The Henry I remembered loved to drift out left, playing almost as an auxiliary winger. Which is why he racked up 20+ assists in a season AND 20+ goals in a season. Basically, he spends most of the time facing the goal.

    I think Sanchez can replicate that style. Walcott less so as he is technically deficient. Walcott is a bit more of a Michael Owen type with more variety. Then again, Owen did great playing exclusively as a front facing type too.

  89. Dark Hei


    You do know that Podolski is absolutely zero as far as playing with his back to goal is concerned.
    He can shoot, but he will never get the time nor space to get his shot away. He is not agile, not strong, and his movement not dynamic enough.
    His best spot (for us) is on the left, where he has more space and opportunities against a fullback rather than 2 CBs.
    When the space opens up, boom, a killer cross or shot.

  90. Savage

    Just listening to Alex Fynn on the Arseblog podcast – that guy’s mind has gone. I’m disappointed that Pedro thinks he’s some kind of authority on all matters Arsenal.

  91. Savage

    “Sign Benteke”

    Not convinced by him. Injury prone and simply hasn’t done anything exceptional for very long. I’m happy to be proven wrong over time, but he’s a bit overhyped right now, until he proves his worth over a longer period.

  92. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 13

    Podolski does not suit main striker role, but I agree that Bentecke would be a good long term option provided that he has recovered from his serious injury.

    Walcott is a better option than Sanchez as a stop gap striker. Sanchez is technically better than Walcott and provides a better option on wing and also a free role around pitch.

  93. Thank you and goodnight

    Man goes down to his local nightclub who’s theme for the night is fancy dress. He’s stark bollocks naked with a woman, who’s also naked, clinging to his back.
    As he approaches the door the doorman says ” sorry son, your not allowed in. Fancy dress tonight”
    Guy turns to him and said ” Yeah I know I’m in fancy dress”
    Doormen looks incredulous and says ” you what, and what the fuck have you come as”
    Man quick as a flash says ” a snail”
    Doormen says ” don’t fuck about, what about her clinging to your back?”
    Man replies ” as I said I’ve come as a snail, and she’s mi-chelle”
    Boom boom old ones always the

  94. David Smith

    Benteke ….please! Benteke is not up to the standard of this club, not anywhere near. Let’s at least aim high FFS, signing injury prone shite should be confined to the past, or our neighbours.
    Giroud has his faults, but his stats piss on this imposter. As they do on many names suggested. For the sake of all that is holy, let’s only settle for improvements.
    We are Arsenal , remember that. Wenger may at times lower his standards, we should not.
    Benteke…….I’ve heard it all now. Please don’t offend my senses in such a way again .