Don’t wanna talk about it…

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Ahhh, no, no… I don’t want to talk about it.

No seriously, don’t even say it.

Ok, ok… it totally sucks. I was like ‘oh yeah, I’d be cool if I saw him out’… then I saw him out, strutting his moves, and shit… it hurt man. Cut deeper than a bladed Predator boot on a wet Sunday morning.

Yes people, I’m talking Cesc. He was a bit special last night. He cut a half volley to Schurlle that made me almost puke it was so good.

… there are plenty of fish right? Plenty of FAT TRAITOROUS FISH OUT THERE TO CUT MY HEART TO PIECES!

No… sorry, what I mean is we have a girlfriend who used to be a beauty, but she went a bit mental for a season. Now, it’s year two, she can be better. She can be our Cesc… well, he can.

… you know who I’m talking about. OZIL!

That’s the plan anyway. Just hurt a bit to see him pinning that midfield with Matic.

I think Chelsea showed, squad wise, quite how far off we are. Many good players, but no top class strikers and no Matic equivalent. Arteta doesn’t win you the league… nor does the injured Sanogo. Nor do three centre backs. Calum Chambers looks great, he really does. I think it’s unfair to expect him to come in and take all the pressure of being our number 3. We need to shuffle some experience in sharpish.

For tonight’s game, there’s quite the pile up already. Gibbs and Yaya (I’d be happier with Joel) out, possibly Koscielny. Bad times. Don’t blame Shad, he came to the party late. Colbert ran most of the early preseason. He’ll give us the most benefit later on in the year. Let’s see how the Christmas period pans out. If we’re not blowing out our backsides, we’ll be winning. If we have less than 43 injuries, we’ll be winning.

Arsene is talking the talk when it comes to fitness. So he’s obviously been wired in to the mechanics of what he needs to do squad wise.

“We had a short preparation and we know that in one week we have three big games: Besiktas home and away and Everton in between. Every challenge is different and beating a Turkish team away from home is very difficult but we want to perform at our best. Besiktas are on the back of a good result against Feyenoord [in the third qualifying round] but we’re on our toes and want to produce a good result.”

A bit alarming we’re already talking fatigue. Interesting that we had so few preseason games and also worth noting that our Germans have had more time of the Chelsea’s or Bayern’s.

Interesting move by Manchester City to subsidise away fans for the Arsenal games. No £64 tickets for them. Oh no. Bayern did something similar for us. I don’t really understand why clubs don’t all come to an agreement on away tickets. Just make them really cheap. I get the revenue issue for some of the teams, so make weighted allowances. But jeez, all this money pouring into the game, can’t we make allowances somewhere? Can’t we feed a bit of cash back into the game?

I appreciate that opens up questions about home fans, but come on, home season tickets aren’t anywhere near the level of lunatic fan compared to some of the away support. I certainly couldn’t dedicate myself to the time or money that comes with regular away travel. Though I will make more of an effort this year just to get my credits up so I can get a Cup Final ticket through normal routes.

Right, big game this evening. Let’s look for some focus, let’s hit them hard and let’s make sure we don’t do anything fucking stupid.

Have a great evening!

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  1. David Smith

    Marble Hall…..they really do chose the most silly names. Please let’s confine the debate to Arsenal supporters……..I think wenger has had his day, let’s just debate the subject with genuine Gooners whatever their opinions, spuds, chavs and Mancs on here, please get a life, and moderators, and Gooners, please be aware of to whom you respond. Wenger may have his faults, but as a fan of a team who has employed david Moyes, or a fan of a team who has finished below wengers team….for what nineteen years…..should at least have the decency to declare themselves……but not the current fashion on here.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Literally yesterday I was saying on here how especially with our defensive woes in the national team they’ll be hailing him as the new Terry…then he’ll hit bad form as all youngsters do and he’ll break.

  3. Honest Bill

    Hype is just something all the best players have to deal with. it’s just part of the game to deal with pressure. All the best players in the world grew, developed, and flourished despite it.

  4. Revving Kevin

    I agree. The danger is that all our English lads are on a hiding to nothing. Imagine Ox, theo, hack and chambers all losing an England game and the press hounding them. The media are nasty and vindictive, as we know. I wish they’ll leave hem alone.

  5. salparadisenyc

    Come on Arsene sign Cavani and send another shock wave through the marble halls, get in their bad boy.

  6. MidwestGun

    It’s sad, it’s even more funny when they think I don’t remember them. Or forget what they said. Marble acts like every day is a new crowd on here. Everyone has heard his spiel.

    Hell, you and I do not see eye to eye at all but at least we want the same things. Some of these people I have no idea why they even care. They hate everything.

  7. salparadisenyc

    I feel sorry for nobody on this site barring poor ole Midwest.
    Anyone subjected to the daily rigors of life in the fly over needs all the sympathy he can get.
    All at once now, lets have a moment of gratitude for Middy and his commitment to this space whilst dealing with the Ferguson’s of America. Thats a man with vision.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    It’d be nice if someone was in these journos ears as they write these articles reminding them; “he’s a 19 year old BOY.”

    Just leave him be I think, looks a special talent and has a calmness that great CB’s do at the age of 19!!! Goodness knows how good he could be, but leave him be!

  9. Revving Kevin

    “Arsenal 1886-2006.
    agree a complete melt down and the season has barely started. Great stuff. Keep it up everyone.”

    Sad comment. ‘Keep it up everyone’ what kind of oThetic comment is that, you’re like some stupid activist.

    Meltdown? Let’s see the facts:

    Just won the FA Cup.
    Jyst won the community shield v City 3-0.
    Just won our first league game. Just drawn nil nil in Turkey.

    And it’s a meltdown!

    Lol. What a stupid thing to say, that fucking agenda you all follow blindly is pathetic and making you look like the village idiots you are.

    Meltdown, my god some peoe are really dense.

  10. Honest Bill

    Wilshere was performing well as a teenager at the top level. He’s only 22. The fact that you expect him to be consistently world class at that age shows just how well he has done. Most players don’t gain top level consistency till their mid-twenties. We have yet to see if Wilshere can become one of the best. If he doesn’t, it won’t because he got hyped. It will be because he didn’t have what it takes to deal with the normal hype that all good players are subjected to.

  11. salparadisenyc

    I’d take Balotelli in there… doable like the day is long.
    Balotelli / Khedira / Nastasic

    Were competing on all fronts.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t expect Wilshere to be world class at all.

    I’m just very disappointed with how he’s turned out. Happens though. Just football. Don’t have an issue with him, he’s made his money, got his fame – I just have an issue with his selection in the team often.

    Tonight was further evidence of our need for a commanding CM/CDM. Also a much more rigid middle structure, boys were all over the shop tonight!

  13. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Cheers!!! Lol. To be fair I live about 100 miles from Ferguson tho. In the middle of nowhere Illinois. I have been thru that area tho many times. It’s not a vacation destination. Hope that community get it worked out. Sad shit.
    It is kinda sad I have to come here to find Arsenal fans tho. Bunch of Chelscum idiots here.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Chambers has been excellent, but no way he keeps it up, young and his form will fluctuate because of it. Also we’ve seen at Arsenal time and again how these youngsters who are overplayed start picking up recurrent injuries later on.

    Was delighted when we bought him, looked a real bright prospect.

    That’s what irritates me about Wenger so much, can make a £16 Million move, a gamble on a guy who looks like a future star, bee ballsy in that regard. Yet he’ll seemingly ignore our need for a CDM and our lack of quality up front!!

    Still trying to get over Giroud making 90 mins tonight! Honestly, don’t want to bang on but one of the worst performances he’s ever given. The bench mark was his against West Brom two seasons ago away when we went down to 10 and he was strolling about the place! He surpassed that tonight!

  15. salparadisenyc

    No Kevin, Giroud is and accident waiting to happen. Balotelli is a world class striker capable of 30+ goals with the proper management. With our midfield, our #1 cf should be on 30 minimum.

  16. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Revving Kevin

    This is what i said earlier that Vcc was referring to,

    ‘Arsenal 1886-2006 August 19, 2014 23:12:55
    Love it, four days into the season and it is complete meltdown, good luck this season Pedro.
    As i said earlier, you cannot gauge a team until at least six games are played and the players have found some kind of form and consistency.
    But we do need a serious striker up top and we need one quick to complement Ozil and Sanchez.’

    I was referring to LeGrove meltdown from the melts, not Arsenal.
    Too early to start bitching and moaning until we see the first eleven and how they perform after September.

  17. Honest Bill

    ‘turned out’ suggests that you think he’s already finished his development. I think you need to realise that he’s only 22 and is actually relatively advanced compare to most players his age.

    i believe your perception that he should be better is skewed because of how long he has been subjected to first team experience and how good he was at a very early age.

  18. MidwestGun

    After today, I’m thinking yes to Ballotelli. How much worse could it be then Giroud. Giroud is a bit of a headcase if he didn’t take the off-season seriously and come in sharp and in shape. Don’t see Debuchy or Benzema having issues with fitness. Played the same ammount of WC.

  19. Revving Kevin

    Sorry still don’t want Balotelli. He’s another that goes missing and gets frustrated too easily, how many times does his head go down. Cavani is a better shout mate IMO.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    My perception of him is based on the sides performance level when he’s involved. I gotta say it’s shared by a lot of ex pros as well.

    What he might become shouldn’t be license to get game time when he hurts us. I’d like him to get a loan, somewhere like Saints, or Newcastle or something.

  21. Revving Kevin

    You play players in form not on reputation. Age is irrelevant, if you’re good enough. Key is to have good cover should you need to rest someone. Young players have better fitness than those 30 plus. And as much as I like Mert, his lack of oace is a problem if we play a high line and push on the full backs.

    I think form is important especially of you want competition for places.

  22. Dimitri

    I’d go for Draxler again and just start moulding him into a CF now. I always defender Giroud because he would at least graft before, today he was just flicking his legs out lazily to half-heartedly try and reach the ball it was embarassing. Play Ox as a false 9, I mean jesus just do something…anything!

  23. Honest Bill

    Cesc Appeal

    Personally i think he’s beyond loan stage and should be developed in our squad. He isn’t to blame for our lack of cohesion. He’s only one player. I do agree that he shouldn’t start every game though. He’s too young for that responsibility.

  24. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Hi there Mid and Sal.

    Got a bit of football burn out after the WC, pretty disappointed with the tournament to tell the truth. I thought the quality of the football was pretty poor in most games from a technical point but exciting in some matches because of the late goals and drama.
    I am also a big Rugby League fan, which is strange with me being from the South of England, been watching the Aussie RL as well so it has been nice to escape from the insanity of Marble and co for a while.
    Back now for the real football and looking forward to the new season.

    Hope things are good for you and Sal and all the US Gooners.

  25. MidwestGun

    I think I agree with Bill, JW on loan seems too late for that. Still think he has the talent to come good but it might be at the expense of game time, which he might not like. If we had a better cdm to play next to him I think he could do the btob role. I just hate the current JW, Rambo, Arteta, Santi combo. Obviously, we will be forced to change something with Ozil coming back and Arteta out.

  26. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Take a deep breath and say to yourself, I will not let them get to me, I will not let them get to me, I will not let them get to me, I will not let them get to me, I will not let them get to me.

  27. Goondawg

    Cant believe Girouds performance… Absolute shocker. We defo need to buy another forward. Wenger tried to buy Suarez last year, A top CF has to be a must-have surely.

    Someone said it earlier, but the only reason I can fathom why campbell didn’t play is because he is getting sold and didn’t want him to be cup-tied.

    Crazy how tired the lads all look, and the marathon’s only just begun. Sanchez looks semi-like Ozil started to look last year. FED UP. I blame Giroud.

    Arteta injured must mean more reinforcements. That old codger cannot rely on Wilshere, Flamini and fucking Diaby

  28. Revving Kevin

    You don’t loan out your England international Midfielder! You either stick him in the squad or sell him. He’s a good player, hampered with a nasty injury who needs games. But as a group we have good options in midfield. Ox is back fit, got theo to come, Ozil, Rosicky etc, that’s decent. I personally think Rosicky is pure class and should start more games.

    I would ship Pod out and bring in a top draw striker. Not too fussed about the DM, the striker is the real priority IMO.

    Give chambers a run of games until per is ready and the youngster needs a break.

  29. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Good to hear you have retained your sanity after the US performance at the WC.

    My aunt lives in the US, Charleston South Carolina, and on Facebook i was chatting with her and a friend of her’s joined in the conversation and was saying that one of her boy’s was a big NFL fan and potential minor league player when he was 11-12 years old but she encouraged him to play soccer instead.
    She was saying about the serious head and neck injuries that players do not seem to show until later in life and she feared for his health if he played the game, she says this is becoming common amongst quite a few parents across the states.
    Do you back this up or is it just a couple of isolated cases?

  30. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger didn’t have a plan for the first game……..why would he have one for the second, they just wing it, tap the ball around the pitch hoping something will open up,there is no plan, it’s obvious, can’t score from corners, hardly ever score from free kicks, these guys are playing the game hampered by wenger ball, tapping around the pitch hoping someone will walk it into the net

  31. Revving Kevin

    Only an American could watch a game of rugby and decide to ‘improve’ it by getting big blokes to wear crash helmets and huge padded clothing, just in case they get hurt.

    Then decide to call the game, where you throw and catch the oval ball an innovative name like ‘football’.

    Only in America could you have a national competition and call it the ‘world series’.

  32. Goondawg

    Today watching Chambers, made me want to go buy a Chambers top lol

    I also believe Sanchez is gonna go another level when Walcott and Ozil back,. Seeing him right now, its not beast mode yet, But he does take on shed loads of players on, just doesn’t release the ball fast enough. Who can blame him? Giroud nearly always fluffs it up.

  33. Arsene's analyst

    what the fuck do you have wingers for, to cross the ball into the 18 yard box, hoping your striker or midfielder will head it or trap it and shoot, our’s don’t, they keep the ball at feet and come infield congesting everything, there is NOT ONE PLAYER AT AFC WHO CAN PUT A CONSISTENT CROSS INTO THE BOX, not one, because they don’t practice that, it’s all short pass pass pass pass pass pass not enough shots on goal, watch them try and cross, it goes out into touch on the other side, or it ends up in the stands, professional footballers and they cross a fucking ball, time to fuck off Wenger, your out of date

  34. MidwestGun

    6 – 6 –
    Yes, it’s a pretty common concern since a group of NFL players sued the League. Caused a great ammount of awareness in the youth leagues. The equipment for preventing it is expensive too. Helmets with technology.
    But soccer is already the most popular sport amongst youth. Cheap entry costs, uniforms, etc…. hopefully with the development of the MLS we will see that translate to those kids continuing on. There is a big surge in European Clubs opening acadamies here too.
    S o while it’s a concern I don’t know if it will translate to more kids switching over. In the south American football is serious way of life.

  35. Arsene's analyst

    The 1904 Reach Guide reported on this first official “World’s Championship Series,” (played in 1903) using a name first coined in 1886 by the Spalding (of athletic equipment fame) Base Ball Guide in reference to the post-season game between Chicago and St. Louis. Spalding’s editor noted that since both teams were already “champions of the United States” in their respective leagues, the winner of the post-season games would be “world” champions, hence the “World’s Championship Series.” Spalding’s continued to refer to post-season games by this name, adding that as other nations embraced baseball, their winning teams would participate in the playoffs, turning the “World’s Championship Series” into a reality.

  36. Arsene's analyst

    Typical american, we have cricket they have to have baseball, we drink tea, they drink coffee, we have red cross, as does the world, those idiots have blue cross

    they just have to be different, football/grid iron, a game of inches, what game measures your progress in inches, take one side off, offence, put another one on, defense, what a fucked up place

  37. MidwestGun

    The World News paper shortened the original name from Worlds Championship series to Worlds series for editing and I’m sure promotional purposes. But I think all the newspapers did that.
    At least we don’t call ourselves the Premier League. 😀

  38. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I saw the documentary about the players injuries and the NFL trying to cover-up the severity of the damage done to players brains through impact.
    I honestly believe that removing some of the padding, or the density, will help the game and possibly improve the safety.

    Rugby League is probably going to have some issues with player injuries in the future, the players are now so big and fast that some of the impacts have me hiding behind the chair when i watch them.
    Two big lads about 16-17 stone each running into each other with no protection in a combined speed of about 30-35mph is pretty scary.

  39. Arsenal 1886-2006


    ‘they just have to be different, football/grid iron, a game of inches, what game measures your progress in inches’

    The game of lurve, and i fumbled on the fourth and came up short.

  40. MidwestGun

    6-6 –
    That’s just it. The kids are bigger, stronger, faster now. Not sure any technology can keep up. At least in theory football(soccer) is a non contact sport where that doesn’t apply. Altho, they are studying kids heading the ball at an early age.
    Interestingly they have considered going back old school with no helmets but haven’t done it. Helmets now are crazy air pumped contraptions.

  41. Joe

    Kevin thinks we are going to fly through the season and win the league but yet we should be happy with a draw at a second rate Turkish team.

    He’s a bigger troll than Marble.

    Are we going to win the league at a canter Kevin or should we be happy with a draw away at the Tottenham of turkey?!

  42. MidwestGun

    I will say this tho. Those Rugby guys in University could party. The football(soccer) team and the rugby team shared the same dormitories. We had some parties so I respect the shit out of rugby players. 😀

  43. MidwestGun

    Joe –
    I would classify Kev as more delusional than troll. Splitting hairs I suppose. But opposing views help to clarify what I believe to be correct. And ultimately we both want Arsenal to win. Marble just wants destruction. He doesn’t support not one single player on the team. Said so today.

  44. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The problem with the kit is that it get’s improved and sturdier but the body is still pretty fragile, a player getting a tackle slightly wrong can break his neck with poor tackling skills and the way some tackles jerk the neck back are pretty sickening, although they look great to us fans of these sports.
    It is pretty much the same as boxing, we all like to see the knockout punch but we forget how damaging that is to a boxer even if he is highly trained.
    Look at Ali and most other retired fighters, they slur their speech and seem to go into their own world when talking, i know boxing attributes Ali to Parkinsons but the punishment he took in fights especially against Foreman was frightening, it must have caused immeasurable damage.

    I honestly believe we are close to seeing a death in one of these field sports pretty soon because of the intensity of the hit’s, and that could be a real game changer if it is broadcast live with millions watching.

  45. Dark Hei

    I might have defended OG before, but for his own sake we need a striker to keep him on his toes.

    My guess is he has been shagging the wrong folks once more.

  46. MidwestGun

    6 – 6 –
    Ya, you could be right. Usually takes something tragic to change the sport.
    Well, I would tell any kid to play football over rugby over American football but I’m biased. 😀

  47. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger has this myth surrounding him about he is the man to bring out the best in youth, clubs go through thousands of young players and a few out of a thousand might make it, I put it to you, Cesc would have prospered at any club he went to, and Wenger ws not wholly responsible for his current status, I have a few names that might put that in the shade,how well did the players below fare under the Wenger guidance, mendez, grodin,wreh,wood,pennant,vivas,malz,galli,svard,demel,stepanovos,jeffers,wright,tavkaridis,cygan,warmuz,shaaban,senderos,djourou,lupoli,almunia,eboue,denilson,bendtner,traore,barazite,freeman,bischoff,miyachi,squallici,chamakh, santos,park cu young,gervinho, just to name a few, sure a few will shine, it’s a matter of numbers, you will find a few gems out of thousands, doesn’t make you a fucking genius, add vermaelen and wilshere to that list, they both have gone backwards under his control

  48. Arsene's analyst

    What needs to be done here, is the players given some freedom to express themselves, they are not allowed to do this or that, they are in straight jackets, they play how Wenger wants them to play HIS style, HIS methods, HIS do’s and HIS don’ts, it;s just all about Arsene, him alone, well this is a club run by a dictator because of his genius at making the greedy cunts huge profits on player sales, he is not at AFC because of his football managerial skills, we all saw that last night, did you see Balic, all night geeing up his players, on his feet, up and down the pitch, encouraging , then take a look at the pathetic Wenger stuck on his bony pensioner arse, doing fuck all, only time he got up was when his team conceded a free kick and when Ramsey got sent off, so he could argue the toss with 4th official, a truly pathetic spectacle

  49. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger threw a tantrum when Ozil was purchased for 42.5 million pounds, Wenger was in shock,, we know his price, 8-15 million pounds, the reason he stalled on a new contract was simple, he would not sign unless he had total and full control of transfers, he didn’t want anyone, even the Chairman over riding him on purchases, the owner and board shit themselves because how could they survive without Wenger, he has them in his hands, somewhere along the way Keswick, Law, Gazidis, must have got in Arsene’s ear, we appreciate all you have done for the club, but we feel you need help in certain areas, and we want to have a say in transfers if we feel the need, never in 18 years has Wenger started buying players in July, there is a story going around how Sanchez when told Suarez was coming he wanted to go to Juventus, they couldn’t afford him, Barca had to sell him, after some wheeling and dealing he came to AFC, very similar to Ozil

    Two champion players landed at a club they never wanted to be at, playing with total fucking donkeys like Sanogo Giroud, Arteta, and the rest of the sloths, Christ, Ozil was used to looking up and seeing Di Maria, Ronaldo, Benzema

    And now he looks up and sees Sanogo and Giroud, are you fucking me, these guys are wasted here under this stale bottle of piss manager

  50. Arsene's analyst

    10 players left AFC this summer, we received 23 million pounds for them, Chambers was a replacement for Vermaelen, Debuchy was a replacement for Sagna, Ospina was a replacement for Fabianski

    This means we have made ONLY ONE SIGNING Sanchez, Campbell, while an Arsenal player has never played for us until coming back this season

    The cost of Chambers Debuchy Ospina Sanchez cost the club 61 million pounds, the club and everyone is spouting we already spent 60 million, but seeing we took in 23 million with sales, we have in fact ONLY SPENT 38 MILLION THIS SUMMER, about the cost of Sanchez, this with around at least 150 million, the squad is threadbare, injuries are part of this regime, we are going into season with two central defenders a week into a season

    Chambers is supposed to cover RB, CB, and CM, 3 positions, because the manager is too fucking lousy to spend the money for each position, it grates so much watching this penny fucking pinching cunt treat the fans and club with utter fucking contempt, spend the money cunt, it’s not yours

  51. Arsene's analyst

    AFC have bought in one player from last season, two if you count Campbell, WHILE LOSING 10, you do the math, this crazy french fuck surely must be goose stepped out the front door, then the cunty manager has the gall to argue a case against the ref for sending off Ramsey

  52. Arsene's analyst

    i’m hoping for a 3-0 smashing again this week against Everton, this manager needs a fucking wake up call, he wins the FA Cup, big deal that smooths over his uselessness, there needs to be clear out at this club starting at the very top, it stinks to high fucking heaven, we have spent 38 million quid only in transfers, bringing IN ONLY ONE PLAYER,there is over 100 million at least left, what is this skinny cunt waiting for, spend it on troops to compete, don’t fuck over the fans just for profit, FOR THE AMERICANS, they have billions give something back to the fans, you low life fucking parasites

  53. Emiratesstroller

    I continue to have major concerns about the way that the club plays its football.

    1. The pitch was clearly fairly awful. Yet we attempted to play pretty football with our intricate passing game. More often than not it came to nothing.

    2. The consequences of playing such a game as has been the case for several
    years is that our players get caught far too often in possession and bad tackles with consequential injuries. We saw it yesterday with tackle on Arteta.

    3. The real concern is Arsenal’s inability to adapt to the conditions. We are going to play on pitches like this in England particularly when the weather deteriorates.

    4. Giroud has not been playing well in the opening games of the season, but you can also argue that with our current formation we are not bringing into the box enough alternative bodies as well. What is the point of crossing a ball
    if there is noone there to take delivery?

    Wenger has 11 days to solve transfer problems. We have at moment as usual a
    growing injury list not to mention holes in our squad. We need:
    A] An additional Centre Back.
    B] A physically strong and mobile Defensive Midfielder
    C] A striker who is mobile and can score goals.

  54. Bankz

    Dark Hei

    “I might have defended OG before, but for his own sake we need a striker to keep him on his toes.
    My guess is he has been shagging the wrong folks once more.”

    You’re Finally agreeing to our earlier debate that Giroud Is Shit & under no circumstance should he be starting for Arsenal.
    I remember you saying just yesterday how Giroud Was On the Same Level as Edin Dzeko, Mario Gomez & Mario Mandzukic.
    If we had either one of those on the pitch last night, They’d either scored or forced a good save from the goalkeeper

    Even Giroud watching Giroud on Tv will come to the conclusion that Giroud Is SHIT and The Giroud watching will wonder why Wenger keeps The Giroud in The TV on the pitch for 90mins or why Wenger hasn’t replaced the Giroud in the TV with A better centre forward for a club this big.

    Those are Giroud’s thoughts whenever he watches himself on Tv. Yet we got fans who think Giroud is the best thing to happen to Arsenal since the Era of Abou Diaby…

  55. Arsene's analyst

    Lets hope Cesc scores against us and sets up two more, the only reason he is not playing with us is money, Wenger will tell you fucking lies about we have Ozil, we don’t need Cesc, but the real reason is this

    Cesc cost 500k, sold back to the club we pinched him from for 35 million, they just love profit at AFC, it was commerce, pure commerce, why buy a player we made 34.5 million quid profit on, makes no business sense, and that’s how Wenger viewed it, no loyalty from this guy, who demands it from players, deal done profit realized dusted, NEXT, SO LETS HOPE HE JAMS IT RIGHT UP THIS SKINNY FRENCH FUCKS ARSEHOLE WHEN THEY PLAY, I KNOW WHO I’M CHEERING FOR, AND IT AINT WENGER, as a supporter I hate to say this but I have endured more than enough over the last 10 years with lies,and bullshit by a man who values nothing more than profit, who would sell his family if there was money to be made, what a sad cunt he is

  56. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger buys a striker for 11 million quid hoping he will turn into a champion, that player is Giroud, doesn’t run, he jogs, can’t dribble, can’t tackle, faslls over his own feet , if it isn’t embarrassing it should be AFC touting to be the biggest club in London, one of the biggest in Europe and we have Giroud and Sanogo
    fuck off Wenger you fucking imbecile, do you think we are idiots

  57. Arsene's analyst

    This manager will not last 3 years he is deranged, demented and cannot be reached by anyone, he is in his own bubble in the twilight zone, Wilshere Ramsey and Arteta as our midfield, is this a fucking joke, you all saw what happened last year with it, well nothing has changed, we are going with the same losers, with the addition of Sanchez, WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE HERE

    They will look back on this in 20 odd years and wonder what the fuck happened from 2005 to 2018, did they really leave that moron in charge all that time they will debate

  58. Arsene's analyst

    10 years without winning the Premier League, and still claiming to be a big club, they may be big in the financial world, where they wallow, but they are in the fucking sewer as far as football is concerned, judge this man on his last 10 years, and it is dismal reading, no window dressing about the previous 8 can erase this last 10, one FA Cup, and that lucky extra time against piss weak teams, Hull for fuck sake, no.I’m afraid you have outstayed your welcome Arsene, DICTATORS NEVER JUST GO, THEY HAVE TO BE TOPPLED

  59. Arsene's analyst

    Have you noticed, it is never Arsene’s fault, it is always someone else’ s fault, the pitch was no good, they both played on the same one, mate, the ref made a bad decision in sending Ramsey off, just admit Arsene, you have no fucking idea about this managerial thing, and when it goes pear shaped blame anyone BUT YOURSELF typical, you would think after 30 years of doing it you might have finally got the hang of it, UNFORTUNATELY NO

  60. Leedsgunner

    Ooh… That’s gotta hurt. One for all the Cesc lovers out here (and I don’t mean Cesc Appeal).

    Sure the poor pitch WAS a factor but the truth is Giroud was not good enough. A good striker would have finished at least one of those chances he was served up on the plate and we would snuck away from Turkey with an undeserved victory.

    Frankly if I was a midfielder at the club I would be very disheartened. It must be very frustrating to see the chances that you create go to waste again and again and again… 🙁

  61. Leedsgunner

    Is Joel Campbell injured? Or is he being shipped out? Strange he wasn’t played last night. To be honest, it is a testament to the absolute dross of striking options that we have at the club that I want him to stay. It’s getting to the point where almost anyone beside Giroud looks good.

    Considered dispassionately if we managed to get £10m for Campbell it would be excellent business considering we paid a million for him and he’s been out on loan for three years.

    The key is we need to REINVEST ALL OF THAT MONEY into a CLASS striker.

    That £9m profit has to be put toward getting someone like Cavani, Falcao or Reus. If they are not available I would look at Balotelli or Heung Min-son atBayern Leverkeusen or even Jese at Real Madrid who apparently wants out.

  62. Dark Hei


    It is just one game. I do recall that OG has done well for us before. Wenger thought that by displaying confidence in him, he will reciprocate and do well. Some strikers thrive on competition while others on security. OG did very well for us in the first half of last season (Dortmund over 2 legs) but faded badly in the 2nd.

    That dip in form coincided with his late night tryst with some big bosomed lady. He took his place for granted, allowed his performances to drop to the detriment of the squad. Perhaps he did so good back then because he was threatened hypothetically by the Higuain rumors.

    Now he comes back, half baked and unfit such that Sanogo had to start the first match of the season. There is still time in the window and Wenger can be ruthless once he makes up his mind, especially if the player fails him due to lack of effort.

    Giroud still have a place in the squad, simply because the other big guy option is still raw and Walcott is injured. But he is skating on thin ice now.

  63. Dark Hei


    Nah. Just drop the dime on Bony, though I think the ship has sailed on that one. Swansea is probably not going to entertain any business now that the season has started.

    Reus is the other “obtainable” option but it is the same as putting Sanchez up front. I think Reus can play CF from what I saw last season when we played Dortmund. But he will take time to adapt his game.

  64. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m just sick of it. Every season we go into the challenge of trophies with 1 hand tied behind our back. We buy Ozil and Sanchez who are great players, but fail to address the needs of an unbalanced squad. Then up front we have possibly the 2 worst forward pairing out of any of the top 7 teams. We are told we have money, then go out and buy 1 decent player in the 30+ million bracket and the fans are placated. Our forwards are shit ” Yeah but we’ve got Ozil”…..Our CDM’S are not up to the job ” Yeah but we got Sanchez”… nothing has changed at all, nothing. We will beat the teams we should beat, then get our arses handed to us on a plate when we play the top teams and if we are lucky we will finish a few points more than last season and told this is progress.

    Kroenke out
    Wenger out

  65. Dark Hei

    Adrien Rabiot, from that report, sounds tailor made for Wengerball. Silky and not too arsed about that bit called defending.

    Definitely a talent and will be wise to head our way with the talented Marco Verratti in his way at P$G.

  66. Gary C

    on his transfer plans…
    “Not at the moment, no. I have nothing special to add on that at the moment. Honestly, we are not close to signing anybody”

    Don’t get your hopes up

  67. Wallace

    arse performance, decent result. Chambers continues to look hugely impressive, and Monreal has also done well. Giroud really needs to buck up, but don’t understand the Wilshere criticism. i think in both games he’s looked very alert and seems to have rediscovered his zip. the return next week with Ramsey and possibly Arteta out is an excellent opportunity for him to impress.

  68. Jeff


    Yep, you summed it up quite well. That’s the size of it. Everything we do we do it for fourth. The FA cup was a very lucky incidental after City were knocked out by Wigan and we only beat Hull in the final by the skin of our teeth.

    It’s pitiful and extremely painful to watch us go into battle knowing we CANNOT possibly win PL or CL. Another lost season beckons.

  69. Thank you and goodnight


    It’s upsetting mate because it could be so much more. We are linked with this guy rabiot who AGAIN is not a CDM. I mean how many bloody ok’ish midfielders do we need? Oh sorry he’s cheap. ….what a surprise.

  70. Ben

    Where all the idiots who argued with me saying that donkey Giroud was good enough, Worst striker in the prem with Sanago. Both those cunts ned to fuck off. Buy Remy and Vargas Wenger you stupid cunt,

  71. Moray

    @ Wallace: “poor Manolas, i think this morning’s medical must be his 20th for us.”

    Ha ha at least we know he is thoroughly tested when he finally signs for Newcastle!

  72. Al

    The biggest problem I have with wilshere at the moment is that we are trying to force and accommodate him in the team at the detriment of the team and Ramsey.

    We are pushing Ramsey starting position so far forward when he is at best coming from deep but that position is occupied by wilshere.

    It’s fairly a simple solution of either dropping wilshere and letting ramsey play in his right position or simply shift wilshere out to the right and sanchez to the left. With santi playing behind the striker. ….what it does is give is the possession wenger likes from santi usually on the left but from Wilshere instead from the right hand area but with the added bonus of wilshere having the pace and strength that santi lacks when playing that role on the left

  73. Thank you and goodnight

    It’s just excuse after excuse, ” the pitch was no good” but it wasn’t good for both teams. “Early season not up to speed yet” it was early season for palace to, who seemed to have a game plan and executed it well. It was early season for besiktas, but for some woeful finishing should of beaten us. “If only we hadn’t had injuries we would of won the title” but other teams had injuries but seemed to cope better. City had aguero out for most of theirs but they still won the league.

  74. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal has as usual a growing injury problem. Our list includes Walcott, Gnabry, Miyaichi, Koscielny [did not look fit], Gibbs,Sanogo and now Arteta. On top of that 3 German players were deemed unfit.

    It was also clear that our style of play with tippy tappy football was not suited to the surface conditions in Istanbul. Our team cannot adapt to a poor pitch which was why so many passes went astray. This is a concern because we will have to play on poor pitches in England.

    Of greater concern is that we have very limited resources in Centre Back and
    Striker positions. Koscielny had to play yesterday but did not look at top of his
    game. Similarly Giroud looks completely out of sorts as was case with Sanogo
    in last 2 games.

    I appreciate that there is a shortage of centre backs and strikers on market,but we cannot afford to go into this season without resolution.The club
    needs to resolve these problems even if we have to pay premium prices to do

  75. Moray

    if we can flog off Podolski and Cazorla before the window shuts, it could have been a pretty tidy summer for us. Maybe we could even break even, considering the Vermaelen money and the Vela payoff. Kerching.

  76. andy1886

    Decent summary Wallace, I’m certainly not one who’s one Jack’s back, I think that we’d see a much better player if he was played alongside a strong MF partner and I’d use him in the Ramsey role in the same way that I’d use Santi when we want to rest Ozil. Let someone else do the donkey work and give him the ball, then we’ll see how good he can be.

    Too many round pegs in square holes, too many jack of all trades and not enough specialists who know their role and are allowed to play it consistantly.

  77. Moray

    @andy: “Too many round pegs in square holes, too many jack of all trades and not enough specialists who know their role and are allowed to play it consistantly.”

    spot on. Mourinho always talked of having 2 world class players in every position. For us it seems to be again that we are trying to solve problems the cheapest way possible: we will go into the season with a shortage of strikers but midfielders who supposedly can cover there when needed (like Theo, Walcott and now Sanchez). We do the same with midfield, except the situation there is even more critical. Let’s put Arteta in the holding role even though he is oviously not up to the job any more.

    This is also why I think we seriously tried to bring Kalou back to the Premiership the last couple of windows.

  78. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on mate about round holes square pegs. Feature of wenger’s teams over last 8 years. Yet we’re called spuds or chavs for not worshipping at the feet of our Lord wenger….who’s clearly out of his depth as most fans with a tiny bit of brain can see.