Cut price superstar deal?

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Short post today because I’m, you know, doing stuff that conflicts with Arsenal I can’t avoid.

Nik B landed a move to Wolfsburg! That’s a good step for him. From everything I’ve heard about the guy, he’s a great player, he just didn’t make it happen when it mattered, mostly down to attitude. If he straightens that out this season, he could be a very smart free transfer.

There’s news doing the rounds that Arsenal might be back in for Khedira at a cut price £8m! That’d be interesting. I mean, hard to ignore a player of that caliber at that price. It’d also make sense as to why we’ve waited it out. I’ve never heard anything too strong on the Sammy front, part of me wonders if Madrid, like Milan with Mario, just sense we need him and are tempting us…

We need a centre back though… that much we know for sure. It’s gone a bit quiet on that front. Worrying. Wenger might get a bit carried away with the impressive Chambers.

Goal are reporting we’re willing to let Lukas go. As I mentioned a while back, if the club can get good money for expensive players nearing the end of their powers, they’ll do that. Lukas and Santi are prime candidates for that.

So, on the team front, I expect we’ll see a similar line up to the one we saw at the Community Shield last week.

I’m hoping we come out of the traps in rapid fashion. There’s no reason to start slow this season. Let’s destroy them early, take advantage of the pace we have and be as clinical as possible. An important start is totally vital to a successful season. We need to set the stall out and begin out assault on phase two of the Arsene Wenger reboot campaign.

I think the fascinating part of today will be to see how Palace approach our pace. Last season, teams could smash us hard, press and break because we had no outlet. Ultimately, we’re still prone to that type of tactic because we have players like Arteta who can’t cope with high intensity play, but it’s risky playing that game this season because we can break in 6 seconds and we have the quality to finish. I really feel we could play more like Liverpool this year. I’m just gutted I can’t be there.

Alex is taking my ticket though and he’s going to smash out a match report. You’ll also be pleased to know he has my spare… but what an arse ache it was to sort that!

Anyway, enjoy your day… and keep me updated!

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  1. salparadisenyc

    Jensen or Stepanovs for me, but its safe to say Sanogo is well on his way to competing for top honors.

    Baffles me that we persist with the kid, raw doesn’t begin to describe his play.

  2. Doyindav

    Chamakh and Squilacci have to be above Sanogo in that list.
    Sanogo shouldn’t be allowed into Colney again.

    Cavani the dream signing.

  3. kwik fit

    Yeah Marko those were the days. World cup, sunshine, beer and birds.
    A new one everyday. And that was just Wenger 😉

  4. SpanishDave

    Sanogoal is complete utter shite, he has no footballing skills whatsoever, if Wenger thinks he has something he should be sectioned.
    Unless we sign a proper cf we gave no chance of wining fuck all even I can see that. What a tosser Wenger is.Sick

  5. salparadisenyc

    Diawara… sweet fuck how’d I forget about him.

    Why why Diawara
    How did you miss
    When it’s so much easier to score?
    Now fuck off Diawara we don’t want you back anymore

  6. Dimitri

    Yeah I’m gonna agree on Almunia, fuck me those were horrid days. Shouldn’t you be a little worried about your precious manure gambon? We might have a couple positions with glaring holes but your team has at least 5.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    We cannot go into this season with Sanogo as the alternative for Giroud.

    It is clear that Sanchez is not suited as a target man although he can play a
    central role as a second striker as I suspect is the case with Campbell as well.

    Wenger does need to make rapidly a decision here. If we do not have budget or there are now no decent options to buy then frankly I would perhaps try out once again Walcott in central role when he recovers fitness. He cannot be worse than Sanogo.

  8. salparadisenyc

    I’d imagine Van Gaal is on the edge of blowing the kitty full tit.
    The last week of the window could be quite eventful, hopefully Wenger gets in on the action and address’s our CF options.

    Could hoover up Khedira and Balotelli for under £25m along with another CB option we’d be positioned well.

  9. Arsene's Vet

    Sal. Guess we’re down to DM n CF (doubtful) now. Goal says Manolas is undergoing medicals as we speak. Sounds too authoritative to be bull. Moreover, smokes been aplenty all week.

  10. MidwestGun

    Don’t know who that dude was saying Sanchez was terrible statistically either. But that is wrong. According to whoscored . com he was the 14th best player overall in the whole league yesterday and our 3rd best player. Our worst players who started statistically were Szczesny, then Gibbs, then Sanogoal. And thats what my eyes told me too.

    Koscielny was by far our best player.

  11. Arsene's Analyst

    What a joke, LVG playing 3-5-2, this guy is 63 years old, he managed Bayern, Ajax, Barcelona and the National Dutch squad playing that formation, because he had the players to do so

    United will get thrashed by the better teams if they continue to play that personnel in that formation, you could have driven a dozen hore and carts through the middle of the back three, what this club needs is a young manager with fresh ideas, not a burned out relic like LVG, Wenger is in the same boat as him

    Stale, burned out old men clinging to a memory, time for both these pensioners to fuck off

  12. Thomas

    This Sanogo experiment is embrassing. He wouldn’t get a game in a relegation team yet he starts for Arsenal. Fucking joke.

  13. Arsene's Analyst

    When your centreback has to score to pull you level into added time in the first half, you are in trouble, this club needed to release Wenger, not give him 3 more years, luckily the three Germans are due back soon, and not before time

  14. Sam

    Unusual for wenger’s team to get 3 points on first day
    Not sure about new signings but in the current team wenger needs to stop favouring sanogo. Akpom n Campbell are both better
    We need a DM n a striker to have a complete team

  15. keef petrovic


    Ray Hankin and John Hawley for the more mature connoisseur of appalling Arsenal footballistically challenged “players”

    And who can forget the very expensive Lee Chapman (intended Stapleton replacement sad lol)

    Leave Gus Caesar alone, he had a remarkable run of bad luck, that’s all

  16. Arsene's analyst

    Wilshere should be the first out the door, even before Sanogo, this guy has gone backwards these last few years, he was better as a 17-18 year old as he is now, SELL, what is his function?, doesn’t score, doesn’t tackle without falling on his arse, spends most of the afternoon on his buttocks looking at the ref, after what, a free kick, sympathy, and to think some people have this guy as both the Arsenal and England messiah, PLEASE

  17. Arsene's analyst

    What manager in his right mind pairs a 35 million pound ex Barcelona player with an ex postman who cost the club nothing, and to take matters further, pair the ex postie with a 42.5 million pound ex Real Madrid play maker, this is stuff of the bizzaro world

    This manager is out there right out in the twilight zone, if this guy lasts 3 years I will be very sorprised

    You could buy Khedira, Cavani, Ronaldo, it would make no difference to the results of this club, they would all play the Wenger way, tippy tappy backwards sideways fucking shite

  18. Arsene's analyst

    That’s it Bacary, stick your head in the sand and take the three points, everything else doesn’t matter, our defender scores in extra time in first half, and our better player scores in time added on at the end of the match against a weak as piss manager less team who showed more fight than Arsenal on their home ground, this added to having to have extra time to beat Wigan and Hull

    there is something stinking at this club, and by the way, there is no God

  19. salparadisenyc

    Silly cunts on here today giving Sanchez stick.
    I’d rather cheese grate my cock n balls than read a few posters fucking mentalist shit, my ole lady has a better handle on the Arsenal.

  20. Sam

    We took 3 points without our 3 Germans n we had 2 debutants on the pitch, the only wenger’s mistake tonight was starting with sanogo upfront
    I am not moaning, palace were big n really kicked us even chamakh was playing like tiote with dirty tackles but we won, next game please!

  21. peanuts&monkeys

    It was such a pleasant evening to see Arsenal play with pace. The match was exceptionally fast-paced, and given the fact Arsenal was commanding 75% of possession, we can safely say Arsenal played with huge huge pace.

    The players were on top top spirit. It was such a proud moment to find Kos bang in the Arsenal shirt after scoring.

    Well, the evening was even more gratifying cos ManU lost. Welcome to EPL, LVG!

  22. The Poldi Prince

    Idiots slagging alexis.

    He was clearly the most talented player on the pitch. Just tried WAY too hard.

    He will be unstoppable in a few weeks.

    Also, won the ball back and tracked back well. Can’t knock 100% effort.

    And lets not forget, he has gone from passing to messi and neymar, to passing to sanogo.

    He probable feels that he needs to take on the whole other 11.

    Get a good striker, bring back ozil, and give him some bedding in time.

    He will be ridiculous for the next half a decade.

  23. qna

    Was a great result in the end. The goal against us was a top ball in and I doubt that we could have got a player to it first with zonal marking because Hangelands run was perfectly timed – luck as much as anything else. He can make that run all year and I doubt the ball will find his head like it did last night. Very difficult goal for anyone to stop and perfect against a zonal defense. Perhaps man on man would have stopped it, but zonal has its own advantages.

    We were up against a stubborn back 6 and credit to them, because we still played well at times and they kept their shape and discipline. Difficult game to win, first up, but also a game that should not have been lost. Two buses were parked and we still got the two goals we needed to take the points. Two injury time goals as well and to me its injury time goals that makes a good team great – so very happy with the result.

    If we had a better player for Arteta tonight, it would have made a huge difference. The CBs should be able to handle an opponent like that without issue and two pivoting B2Bs (e.g., Khedira and Ramsey) would have made a big difference in our tempo and movement.

    Also, both Sonogo and Giroud are not classy enough to win you these types of games on regular basis. When the team is firing and things are clicking, both of these guys might score bag loads, but the top forwards win you these types of games off their own boot. Luckily we got an unstoppable ball in from Sanchez to a clever header from an unmarked defender for the first and we had a classy and ever reliable central midfielder to bundle home the second.

  24. qna

    Oh yeah:

    Debuchy and Chambers on debut – excellent. It was like they have been with us for years.

    Sanchez – also excellent in my opinion. The assist for the first goal was unstoppable. The keeper would not have got there and it was perfectly placed between the keeper and the denfenders line. A great run by Kos though to make sure that ball wasnt wasted. Sanchez also showed some great skills and those will be more useful when its not against a couple of parked buses.

    Worry was not Sanchez giving the ball away – has probably never seen a couple of double decker buses on a football feild before. It was our established players mistakes that were fewer but more worrying. Ramsey cant give the ball away like that against quality. Not from central midfeild. Chamberlain looked like this is the first time he was playing in an Arsenal shirt. Seemed to be on a completely different page with the rest of the team. Keepers clearance mistake was a shocker. Lots of work to do, but better to play badly and get 3 points, than to play well and drop them.

  25. Daniel

    Surprised @ Bamford hasn’t said anything bout Manu and LVG.2weeks ago he said they are better than us.
    our output was almst same as chelski last year,except big games.they improved by scoring by getting costa who the coach think solves the problem,Wenger does the same by getting Sanchez and here we are after the first games moaners again.will you haters just shut the fuck up.

  26. Evan

    Arsene on Jack yesterday
    “He was sick in the last few days and I felt that he started to miss some competitiveness. I had options on the bench as well. [Criticism of him is not fair] but let’s give him games, he has to build up slowly”

    If you have options on the bench that are fit, why start with someone struggling for form.. yes jack needs games, but give him a reserve game and a sub cameo rather than a start whilst ill.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    I watched again the so called highlights of game.

    What was of concern as it has been for many seasons was our so-called zonal
    marking system at corners and free kicks.

    Hangeland scored a goal by being allowed to move through two or three Arsenal players. He not only ran through the defence but pushed the players aside like swatting flies.

    The same exercise was repeated at a later corner. He could have easily repeated his earlier feat.

    When you consider that Falcao scored a goal for Monaco in similar fashion it
    has to be a concern. It is most certainly our achilles heel.

  28. Evan

    on his tactical decisions…

    Look, on some decisions I did not have much choice. For any coach in the world when a player is injured it is easy to make a decision, you just bring a player on.

    For the rest, I thought that Yaya Sanogo was a bit jaded in the second half.

    Why is Sanago jaded, early morning Post round?

  29. Leedsgunner

    We have some of the most unfair fans on here — slagging someone off after their debut. *facepalm*

    Alexis you did well enough to get the assist in your first game. You did show plenty of drive and energy. Thank you!

    I agree with E-stroller we really need to sort our set piece defending out – IMO Arteta as the captain should have reminded people to remember their assignments – he didn’t as far as I could see.

    I wonder if Sanogo will play against the Turks. Is he getting better or regressing? At best he’s stagnating. He must be doing something right in training because if it was me I would have opted for Campbell — at least he’s played first team football.

  30. Dorobucci

    No reason to moan with the result, we won and we move on from there. at times we forget that the other team also came to win or just get a point. I want sanogo to make it here but not at the expense of arsenal being mediocre till then.

  31. Jeff


    I agree with everything you said. The problem with some fans is that when we get a new player who comes with a big price tag their expectations shoot skyward and they expect a Messi-like performance every time. It’s the same with Ozil. He cost £42m so they expect to see goals, dribbles, super passes and sublime play in every game. It’s stupid to expect that – especially in this league where most teams from about 10th onward have a strong propensity for defence against the big clubs in order to salvage a draw or nick a win.

    It is very rare to get someone like Torres, for example, who did a lot with Liverpool, cost a lot to Chelsea and lost all form never really having recovered. It’s not easily explainable but thankfully it doesn’t happen that often. I believe we have a winner in both Alexis as well as Ozil and will stick by that.

    Now whether the manager does whatever else is necessary in the transfer market (and we all know what is needed) to make us genuine contenders for the title – that’s a different kettle of fish altogether. But I am also very pleased with Sanchez (Alexis) – particularly with his work rate and tenacity.

  32. AA23

    The usual embarrassing comments on here yesterday
    “We’re shit”
    “This is shocking”
    “Terrible…just like I said it would be!”
    Ramsey scores the winner that had been clearly coming all game
    “Yessssss! Rambo wins it!!!!!!”
    “Get innnnnnnn!”
    Fucking idiots

  33. MidwestGun

    Ramsey scores the winner that had been clearly coming all game
    “Yessssss! Rambo wins it!!!!!!”
    Huh? That was my comment. How in the fuck is that embarassing? So you saw that coming in the last minute of extra time? Clearly?
    Whatever…… that’s bullshit.

  34. MidwestGun

    It was embarassing that basically one or two people called Sanchez out with over the top hyperbole that wasn’t true . I was one of the few that called him out on it immediately. I love when people come in with hindsight and make fun of the comments made in real time. People make emotional comments during the game. That’s part of the fun of watching a game. You go thru the emotional range.
    A little holier than thou to say…. I told you so after you know the results.

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    salparadisenyc: I’d rather cheese grate my cock n balls than read a few posters fucking mentalist shit, my ole lady has a better handle on the Arsenal.

    Personally I’d be hoping for some less painful middle ground 😀

  36. Leedsgunner

    I hope to goodness that we rotate our squad for Tuesday. My first priority is the EPL. I wonder if Poldi’s going to play.

  37. MidwestGun

    I’m worried about Koscielny limping off more than anything. Again this year, also not sure who we could rotate with Rambo. Kind of why I was in favor of signing Khedira.

  38. Marc

    I was a the same yesterday and some of Sanchez’s first touches were fantastic – real top quality however we obviously should get rid of him because he hadn’t adapted to the pace of the PL before even kicking a ball.

  39. MidwestGun

    NM –
    Ya, I guess Rosicky would be my option. Not thrilled with our options. But we can’t run Ramsey into the ground obviously. Just watching a replay of MOTD and thankful that Kos could play. He really saved us.

  40. SpanishDave

    I noticed that quite often the players did not pass to Sanogoal when they should have. Its clear he has poor ball retention skills and is poor at heading the ball. So it begs the question what the fuck is Wenger up to?

  41. qna

    Any news on the new CB? We should buy whoever we want now, and not wait for the last day on this one.

    What news on Gibbs. He is too fragile.

  42. qna

    In my opinion Sonogo does have a future at Arsenal. Think he could be as good as Adebayor was in his prime one day. But he is needs to do a huge amount of work to improve his shortfalls. I cant see how he is going to progress in the first team. His confidence will eventually get shot. He needs to go on loan, probably back to France. We took him too soon. Every match under performs for us, risks us points, but also sets his progress back.

  43. gonsterous

    Don’t know why Wenger doesn’t appreciate rosicky… He offers so Much more than Wilshire… Is it because of his age ??

  44. gonsterous

    Remember when adebawhore became a 20 goal a season striker… Then money screwed his life…still laughing at that joke xD

  45. Bobby

    I’m gutted we lost yesterday, a shocking opening day defeat again.

    Oh, no, wait, turns out we didn’t lose. We won. Shock horror. Judging by the plank posters on here I’d automatically presumed we’d lost. How disappointing.


  46. MidwestGun

    Far as what I read on Gibbs. Has a hamstring injury. Most likely out for a week or two. At the very least probably safe to assume he won’t play Tuesday. Hamstrings are pretty unpredictable recovery time wise from what I know.

  47. Fufina

    I think Sonogo could do with a loan to the dutch league for a year. Go score 25-30 goals, build confidence and skills, come back and assess where he is next year. There is talent there but it is so raw, and i would rather not be doing the developing this season when we have a good squad and need to kick on.

  48. Bobby

    1-1? As I said, I’d thought we lost.

    Over there mate. No, not there, a bit further on. No, really, look and you’ll see it. Over there. The point, mate. The point. Look harder. Oh, no. You’ve only gone and missed it.


  49. MidwestGun

    You read the live time comments posted on Le Grove during the game to see if we won?
    Earlier a guy thought it was embarassing because I posted.
    Yesssss!!!! Rambo wins it!
    I get the point.
    The point is your a plank.


  50. MidwestGun

    People are emotional and critical during a game. It’s called being a fan. And when we win they are happy, yes. Your point is your on Le Grove, why? To tell people how they should act.
    And you forgot to sign off.