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Happy Premier League Season Opener eve!

How exciting is this? It’s like football never went. Canny wait for tomorrow… even though I’ll be bogged down in a wedding for the game. Missing the opener. What a shocker. What a total shocker. I swear people build there weddings around football games. Almost every girlfriend I’ve ever has had a natural flair for picking football nights to do ‘nice things’… it’s simply not on.

This people, is the battle we face from now on… people trying to get between you, and your real love.

Anyway, Crystal Palace had a total mare yesterday as Tony Pulis hit the high road and left Palace the day before the opener.

For me, it’s poor form from him. I don’t know what the details are, but whatever that craic is… it’s embarrassing behaviour from a manager who should know better. What could possibly be that bad that you can in your team? I mean, where’s the fucking loyalty to the players you’ve brought in. Really weak. A sign of poor character… which, let’s be honest, we were all aware of anyway.

He’ll no doubt be the next West Ham boss. He’s not gone, like the stench of Big Sam, he’ll always find work somewhere….

Still, it’s good news for us. It’ll probably cause them problems. When a poor manager gets the can, it can act as a positive. When the man who saved you goes, you’re rudderless. It’s a bad start to the season for them. I’m sure Parish will sort it though, clearly a very good businessman.

In transfer gossip, Wenger is apparently still double keen to add at least one more face. Who that’ll be, no one knows… I think at this stage of the window, it’s all about the opportunities, rather than pushing a plan. Hopefully he goes for two players, because he needs a centre mid. He has done for two years now. It’s inconceivable we go another summer failing to address that role. Shame is, I think if Wenger is filling any gap, it’s in central defence. Which is good, but I think we could be genuine title contenders if we had a proper centre mid to compliment what we have.

The game tomorrow needs to start with a lot of pace an energy. The quicker will kill Palace the better. I don’t want to have another season of slow starts. We need to look at what Liverpool did last year and do something similar. Germany played a similar game in the world cup. Destroy teams as quickly as possible with fast direct football. Then take it easy in the second half.

That’s all I’ve got today… have a good one!

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  1. carts


    Pedantic much. Clearly excluding that game. When we were top, brushing all the lesser teams, we had ppl on here waxing lyrical about our state of okay having not actually played any of the top teams. When we did however look what unfolded…

  2. BacaryisGone

    Arsenal vs Crystal Palace Average Height-(exc. Goalkeepers)

    Arsenal: 5 ft 10 inches
    C.Palace: 6ft 1 inches

    To have that gap across 10 players is huge. Let’s hope we can blitz them early. The longer it goes on scoreless, the more likely they could still one from a corner or free-kick.

  3. Mike adamski

    Arteta being given the armband is no great shock .
    If we buy a CDM , arteta will be rotated , then the sack is captain anyway .
    So no big deal .
    Not an arteta hater , just think we should have a better player in his position of holding midfielder .

    Looks like if it’s gonna happen , it will be a last minute thing .

    A centre back though bloody hell ,THAT needs sorting now !!

  4. salparadisenyc

    Season opener boys.. get in that arse.
    The long dirge of transfer boredom is nearly over, thank fuck.
    Shame were still a bit short in few key spots, i’ll never understand the reticence to sign whats truly needed.
    A couple weeks left, but i’d imagine were done barring a CB.

  5. BacaryisGod

    Jose has already started. I wonder if things get out of hand with Jose’s comments this season whether Cesc will stand up for his ‘second father’. Unfortunately I doubt it as I think Cesc has crossed over to the dark side.

  6. Arsene's analyst

    Bacary, now you know the reason Wenger does not pump crosses into the box, his players are midgets compared to their opponents, and rarely beat them to the ball, he has his team walk the ball into the net, Giroud’s goal in the Cup was a rarity, I wish they would do more of it, shoot from 20-25 yards

  7. Arsene's analyst

    Cesc is like most other professional footballers, they go where they are wanted, Wenger made his profit from Cesc, 34 million quid, thank you very much, and made it crystal clear, he didn’t want to give back his hard earned profit, which took 8 years to mature, so Cesc went to Chelsea, CANNOT BLAME HIM, and nobody should, it’s a job, like anyone else, he just gets paid more, I don’t begrudge you leaving your place of employment to better yourself, use that as the yardstick, and leave him alone

  8. Arsene's analyst

    In response to the strongest squad in 12 years?, not even close, you were right to put a question mark next to that question, this is a current squad with 2 central defenders, what a joke,no defensive midfielder worth his salt, and no top class striker, go back to the 2005-06 season
    Henry, Jens,Cole, Pires,Reyes,Dennis,RVP, Helb, Lauren, Cesc, Flamini, Song, Gilberto, Sol, Adebayor, Kolo Toure

    Wenger could not win anything that year with an outstanding squad, says a lot about his inability to perform, a grossly over rated manager

    What he is goot at is generating massive profit from player sales, that’s his go, he should move upstairs and let a manager take over who knows what the fuck he is doing

  9. Jeff


    I think you’re absolutely right. All this hype created through buying a couple of big players (Ozil and Sanchez) is probably to stay in the top four. No self-respecting ambitious top club would even entertain the possibility of going into the season with Giroud as the main striker. That alone, without considering all the other obvious gaffs and lacking, implies our ambitions haven’t shifted one iota from what they were 10 years ago – that is, finishing in the top four. Any domestic cup is really nothing more than a bonus and appeasement of short-sighted fans.

  10. Wallace

    “On the potential arrival of further players, Wenger said: “I don’t rule it out. I am still looking. If we find a candidate, I don’t rule it out. We have many games to play. If Chambers goes into midfield, we are short at the back. So we are a bit short. Numbers-wise we are maybe a bit short in certain areas, but the depth of the squad is very good.”

    that ‘Chambers goes into midfield’ bit is interesting. although hard to tell if he means short-term or long-term.

  11. Arsene's analyst

    You should know Jeff, he gave up the top 3 spots years ago, he surrendered them to United, City and Chelsea, in no particular order, with him in 4th, all he had to do for 10 years was beat Liverpool and Spurs home into 4th, an easy task, Pool upset that last year but with the incompetent fool Moyes United fucked up giving Wenger 4th again, BY DEFAULT

  12. Arsene's analyst

    That shows you how imbecilic this manager is, we are a bit short numbers wise in certain areas, but the depth of the squad is very good
    If you are short in certain areas, how can the depth be good

  13. Al

    Jeez do people wake up and write that negative type of stuff by Arsenal or stay up till 5am in the morning to write that negative stuff about arsenal.

    Anyway here’s hoping you are non UK arsenal fans because it’s quite unnerving/unhealthy to be that negative that early In the morning

  14. Arsene's analyst

    Wallace, what he means if Giroud is out Chambers might take the strikers role, after that he might fill in as keeper when chez gets injured, to save money he wants players to play 3 or 4 positions, they have the money fucking spend it on players for their respective positions, what a fucking frustrating skinflint cunt

  15. Arsene's analyst

    I treasure the day this manager goes, who gives two fucks if the club have 200 million quid in the bank, how does that help the fans, if you have that money put it back into the playing squad, do not ask a guy to play defensive mid this week, then double up the following week as a central defender, fuck you arsene

  16. Arsene's analyst

    Al go stick your head in the toilet like all the Wenger lovers, whats to be positive about 10 years without winning the title, yea that’s positive

  17. Wonderboy

    The morning of the first day of the season and you are moaning already! Why don’t you follow a sport that you fucking like?

  18. Al

    I really hope your not from the UK because it’s worrying/unhealthy to be that angry and negative in the morning.

    And if your trolling ….well its very sad to be trolling that early in the morning. ..

    Anyway, enjoy you day

  19. Emiratesstroller

    It is now a week since we sold Vermaelen and we seem still miles away from signing a new centre back notwithstanding the injury last weekend to Koscielny.

    We are going into 2 games with just 6 defenders in first team squad and that has to be of concern not least because Monreal is the only alternative to play cb if something happens to either Koscielny or Chambers.

    That does not seem to be such particularly good planning when you have a critical Champions League Qualifier on Tuesday. This gives us now no wriggle room as we needed to register with UEFA all the players who are allowed to play in both ties against Besiktas.

    Every so-called expert in the game says exactly the same. Arsenal need to improve our defensive qualities at the back and midfield if we are to be considered serious contenders this season.

    Do you think that Wenger will go the extra mile to achieve this? My view is that he will buy one more player, but will leave his final decision as late as possible in case we have further injuries. A very dangerous game, but typical of
    Wenger who tends to react to problems rather than anticipate them.

  20. Jeff

    “Wenger who tends to react to problems rather than anticipate them.”

    I don’t know that he reacts to them either to be honest. The striker problem has been with us for 3 years now and he hasn’t reacted. Perhaps he doesn’t think it is a problem because we can still get fourth with Giroud leading the front. As long as we get fourth there is no problem.

    As AA was saying, last year we got lucky because Man U took themselves out of the race by appointing Moyes. This year we are all hoping Liverpool gets blown out of top four by the conspicuous absence of Suarez. I think we will luck out again and slip into fourth with 10-15 points off the top. Horrible but absolutely predictable.

  21. Savage

    Atletico president: “Reus has never been on the agenda of Atletico and his profile does not fit the current needs of the team.”

    Sport continued: “Atletico denies reports of Cope, which placed Atletico set to close to close the signing of Reus. Gil Marin, however, did acknowledge that Atletico will try to add a player.”

    I was surprised that they would be adding yet another forward, after signing Griezmann and Mandzukic.

  22. Savage

    I joked last night about Moses being available on loan.

    “Stoke are close to completing the signing of Chelsea winger Victor Moses on a season-long loan”

  23. Wallace


    it was the same last year. we went into the CL qualifier with major injury worries in defence. after all the work it takes to get there(CL), it does seem very reckless on Wenger’s part. i’m sure whoever we do sign to replace Vermaelen is available now, so why he’s waiting….

  24. Emiratesstroller


    To be perfectly frank I have not got a clue why we are waiting. He knew long ago that Vermaelen was going to leave. Also that with departure of Sagna we were now down to just 6 defenders.

    Frankly I don’t know of any other major club who would go into a new season with just 6 players. Moreover we have only 5 whom you could describe as experienced at this level.

    Wenger was well aware also that Mertesacker would not be playing in first 2
    games so for me he is taking a huge gamble. What happens if either Koscielny
    or Chambers or even both get injured today?

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Emiratesstroller:To be perfectly frank I have not got a clue why we are waiting

    2 possibilities

    1. We’re after someone like Carvalho (who can cover 2 positions) and it’s proving a troublesome transfer or we’re waiting to see what happens with Khedira. Both could drag on till near the end of the window, hence the delay

    2. ManU need a new central defender, and they can’t get one either. Maybe it’s just really hard to get the right one.

  26. Savage

    A lot of transfers take a long time to happen. As Wenger alluded to last season, there is a domino effect – sometimes another club won’t release their player until they have a replacement. You could argue we’re setting things in motion by releasing our player first. In other cases, the club is holding out for the big money, and eventually settles, which is what we were doing with TV, as we did with RVP and Nasri.

    Just guessing obviously. As an AKB, I prefer to give Wenger the benefit of the doubt.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth and Savage

    The point is that we reduced last season our defensive [centre back] cover from 4 to 3 on the basis that Sagna could play there if required.

    Sagna has been replaced by Chambers who can also fulfil that requirement and more importantly would not weaken the right back position as was case when Sagna switched.

    However, we know that he has to replace Vermaelen and whatever the reason
    he should not have offloaded him until and unless we find a suitable replacement.

    Manchester United may have also got a problem, but they are not playing Champions League Qualifier on Tuesday.

  28. Savage

    Actually Chambers is a better option than Sagna, because he’s the second choice RB, not the first choice. Using Sagna meant weakening the team, which is not the case with Chambers. I’m not even sure Chambers is 2nd choice RB – maybe Bellerin is.

    But that’s not your point. I get what you’re saying – I’m just not too worried right now. I’m more worried about scoring more goals, and that’s looking promising to me.

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    Emiratesstroller: he should not have offloaded him until and unless we find a suitable replacement.

    He’s injured, so he wouldn’t have been playing before the end of the window anyway, so there wasn’t really any point in keeping him.

    If it was me, I’d have signed a CB earlier too.

    My personal view is that Wenger is taking a risk that although the back up quality isn’t great, we do at least have plenty of bodies in defence for the next 2 games.

    That allows him the ability to hang on until we’ve got past Besiktas to bring in another ‘big player’ to handle the additional strain of the CL proper.

  30. Savage

    “That allows him the ability to hang on until we’ve got past Besiktas to bring in another ‘big player’ to handle the additional strain of the CL proper.”

    That might be a factor – a big name may want the guarantee of UCL. But who knows…

  31. Savage

    To be fair, we’ve done most of our work early this season. Even saying that, we had Grovers moaning like mad in the middle of the world cup that we hadn’t completed our signings yet. Sometimes people just need to get some perspective.

  32. Rich

    Your perspective surely depends on your ambition.
    We knew Vermaelen was leaving in May.
    We’ve known for a lot time that we lack pace and power throughout our squad and that our squad is unbalanced.
    Our first choice 11 or squad isn’t as good as Chelsea’s or City’s.
    As much as I respect Arsene Wenger, he seems to lacks the ruthlessness and decisiveness to provide anything other than a top4 finish, I think we will have a decent enough season, but for the life of me I can’t work our why he’s not having a real crack at it?

  33. Dissenter

    “A lot of transfers take a long time to happen. As Wenger alluded to last season, there is a domino effect – sometimes another club won’t release their player until they have a replacement. You could argue we’re setting things in motion by releasing our player first. In other cases, the club is holding out for the big money, and eventually settles, which is what we were doing with TV, as we did with RVP and Nasri.Just guessing obviously. As an AKB, I prefer to give Wenger the benefit of the doubt”

    I’ve never seen you as an AKB. You seem to edge on trusting Wenger somewhat more that others but no poster here has managed an amateur team talk less of Arsenal, so your trust is not unfounded.
    I wish we would stop the simple categorization of these complex and nuanced conversation into AKBs vs doomer/moaners.

  34. Dissenter

    It seems Wenger is drawing a line in the sand; only quality players come in from now on.
    He’s looked at Miyachi and wondered – “how in the world did he get here”

  35. Dissenter

    Khedira will leave Madrid before the end of the window.
    Even though Wenger denies this, we have to wait to qualify to spend big money before the window closes.
    If we get the Bekistas qualifiers tied up early in the first leg then expect more signings very soon. If we wait until the 27th to finish them off, then squeaky bum signings till 11pm on August 31st.
    Wenger has consistently referred to signing(s), there will still be more than one.

  36. SpanishDave

    Wenger bumbles along as usual. Moaning about the season starting too soon, he ho this happens every year get prepared for it.
    Spend the money, but no hes looking for bargin buys, late deals. FF sake its not his money.
    Get the players in , settle them down. But no in ten years of nothing he has not changed his ways. I hope Maurice continues to give him what he deserves.

  37. Savage

    Interesting to see how many United fans are talking about whether LVG can get them back into the top 4 (not the title). Wow, times have changed.

  38. Jeff

    Well Ferguson managed to win the league with more or less the same team so the question is how much better than Moyes is Van Gaal. If Man U can’t get into the top four with “NO CL GAMES” to tire them out, Van Gaal has to be a shit manager.

  39. Marc

    Strange thing is I don’t want ManU to get smashed (yet!). That will just panic them into paying over the top to get some bodies in.

  40. Savage

    Really pleased to see Fabianski getting his big chance in the league. I wish him a great game, not just for his own benefit, but also for dropped points, 1 or 3, either way is fine.

  41. Adam Bucci

    why is sanogo starting over giroud?

    is diaby injured again?

    whats the over/under on how many times ramsey falls over?

    has arteta made a forward pass in the first twelve minutes?

    why does it look like palace are more likely to score first?