173,000 empty seats: Here’s the problem and the solution

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Man, I’ve woken up thinking it’s a Friday, not a Thursday. I had a picture of a goat ready and everything. What a shame.

Anyway, big news so far this morning is my mobile phone provider cut me off. The absolute buggers. Still, it’s ok, I can write way quicker at a desk than on a bus.

One of the main stories this morning centres around ACTUAL attendance figures. I think it was pretty clear last season that Arsenal weren’t always filling their pretty stadium.


For sure, they were. But the gaps around the ground are pretty apparent.

Here are the stats from A is for Arsenal.

* on average the actual attendance was 5,998 lower than that stated by the Club
* on average 6,550 seats were empty per game
* the worst attended match was Fenerbahce at 44,779, which was 15,559 lower than capacity and 11,492 below the official attendance
* the best attended game was Liverpool in the league at 57,341
* the real average attendance was 53,788 compared to 59,786 announced by the Club
* a total of 173,945 seats went unoccupied at home games last season

Some pretty alarming numbers there. If everyone bought a £8 salt beef bagel, which is entirely possible, that’d be an extra £1.3m. Ok, I know that we don’t get the catering figures. Where exactly do Arsenal make money in the stadium?

I missed about 3 games last year, I think? One was because I forgot my ticket. If everyone missed three games over a 29 game period, we’d have actually had more missing seats at 181,014. I guess when you put it like that, it’s not inconceivable that we’re in the situation we’re in.

Things Arsenal need to do…

Build an app through the magic of technology that allows you to share your ticket with other app holders, or allows you to sell you ticket back to the club at short notice.

Get this… you gain entry into the stadium in exactly the same way you gain entry to a plane with ticket systems like the one you have on an iPhone.

This, for me, solves it all.

I also think the idea of fuelling this ticketing idea works by giving people home credits for attending games. People bloody love rewards schemes. Arsenal should make this app the hub of all their digital activity. Retail outlets are gamifying their purchasing experience, maybe Arsenal could do something similar? Think of all the data they could accrue… imagine being able to buy your food in the stadium through NFC… no more massive cues because the guys at the tills can’t count. Imagine getting replays to your phone in the ground. Imagine being able to watch the highlights on your way home in your exclusive season ticket app. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES IF ARSENAL HAD AN INTEGRATED DIGITAL APPROACH TO ECOMMERCE, TICKETING, MEDIA AND ALL THE OTHER STUFF.

Next level shiz, right there…

It’s clear there are probably a lot of people who just buy up the tickets so they have them for the big games with clients. This isn’t on. Arsenal need to weed out the people who buy tickets and don’t use them. There should be a clause that if you don’t use your ticket, you lose it. Bit draconian, but come on, this is a club that needs people in the ground… because the waiting list is so long.

Still, it has to be said, having a season ticket is not only expensive, it’s also a massive time drain. You simply can’t make all the games during the season. The problem is that when you can’t make the games, the club don’t give fans the tools to distribute their tickets properly. I sorted my pals ticket last season, the next game, I forgot mine in the flap to make sure I had his. It’s such a ball ache shifting someone else’s ticket, then there’s the added pain in the arse of potentially getting nicked selling it on… there has to be another way.

When firms like Viagogo are cool to sell third party tickets at horrendous markups, why can’t fans or clubs build a system that takes care of it. I’d rather give my seat back to the club knowing someone else could get it on the day.

Something for Arsenal to work on I guess… ultimately, if there were cheap last minute tickets on the door, the club could indoctrinate young fans into the Arsenal way (I’ve been watching Jesus Camp).

I’d jump into the affordability thing… but for me, it’s not about affordability, it’s about the convenience of shifting your ticket. If you can’t afford to go, don’t buy one.

Finally, before I go (I’m totally ignoring the Mbia stories), take a watch of this hilarious advert from Fox about too much sport killing marriages. I love American sport advertising.

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  1. SpanishDave

    Wenger can never get it right.
    He always falls short of what we need to win the league, he simply cannot make himself spend money which is not his on top quality players who can do it now rather than in five years time. The man is finished but our owner keeps him on because he doesnt know any better than the crap that Wenger gives him. So it goes on.

  2. Dimitri

    Honestly this is the utopia liberals have dreamed of for years. They don’t want anyone being able to own guns except government, want high taxes and large unemployment and single motherhood benefits they can fuck right off they get what they deserve.

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    He’s bought Debuchy, Ozil and Alexis and Ospina who are all at the top of their game

    Saying he’s finished is ridiculous.

  4. Ozy

    Wenger is so close to having a perfect summer window, buying smart and addressing squad needs… but it is so like him to fall short and fail to address the more glaring issues, i.e. a defensive mid and a center back, not to mention our striker problem…

  5. Bergkamp63

    “11p Noodles (Sanogo) > Pot Noodle (Diego Costa)”

    Only Arsenal fans could come up with a noodle analogy of Arsene Wenger’s spending habits !

  6. Alfie

    Thanks N5 – I was going to quote ozy “next time you call a coloured person thug etc” but I cant be fooked to go down that road.

    Anyway, all things bright and Arsenal eh?

  7. Bergkamp63

    Alfie August 14, 2014 15:39:26
    I can assure you it wont go to court……….

    How do you know, did you go to University and become a Judge suddenly !

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    Michael Gooner ‏@MickTheGooner 1m
    Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey is 18/1 to be PFA Player of the Year. (Boylesports)

    For those that like a flutter

  9. Ozy

    N5, as a person of color, I’m more than aware of the language used to dehumanize people like me. There are have been numerous studies performed on the correlation between colored people and the word “thug.” As a victim of racial abuse my entire life, just trust me on this one.

  10. Romford Pele

    NM – The smart git wants to be a research scientist! Definitely didn’t get the brains from my sister, that I can tell you!

  11. Alfie

    Bergkamp –

    Because since 9/11 there have been over 5000 cases of police killing civilians, in fact nearly the same amount of US soldiers who have died on the front line but there has never been a US Police Officer charged with murder.

    Just taking a guess about whose side it will swing on, wrongly or rightly.

  12. Bergkamp63

    Ozy August 14, 2014 15:44:21
    N5, as a person of color, I’m more than aware of the language used to dehumanize people like me. There are have been numerous studies performed on the correlation between colored people and the word “thug.” As a victim of racial abuse my entire life, just trust me on this one

    Are you sure you just don’t have a persecution complex ?

  13. Alfie

    “people like me” – please explain what this means? It seems that you may be leading some kind of one man proper gander.

    In fact, don’t worry – its too much for a Thursday afternoon.

  14. N5

    Ozy, I think that due to past experience you’re gerneralising with Alfie. I know thug has often been used towards black people, but that doesn’t mean that every time it’s been used it is only black people.

    I’m from a mixed race family and not for a minute would I have taken Alfie saying those guys were thugs was he meaning colour.

    His wife is Native American also, so do you really think he’s racist?

  15. N5

    Jim, yes it is mate. You call us darker skinned people Caucasianly challanged!

    The only place I know coloured is still used is South Africa.

  16. Ozy

    Bergkamp, do you know who Richard Sherman is? The football player who got really emotional after a game and got loud and was proud of his team’s achievement and his own? After that was broadcasted, TV reports uttered the word “thug” to describe Richard Sherman a record 625 times. Rush Limbaugh has described President Obama as a “thug.” Those are just two examples of many, many others. Sure, white people can be described as thugs, but if you fail to see the connection between that word, the n-word, the dehumanization of colored people and the lack of value our lives have in this world, I can’t help you nor will I continue to discuss this with you.

    N5, I’m not calling Alfie racist. I don’t think he is. I’m merely correcting him of his use of the word thug to describe a certain kind of people. And Jim, I don’t know, are you really going to ask me if I’m being racist? Is that really what you’re going to do? Do I need to show you the color of my skin? “People of color” is an acceptable use to describe us, done so by scholars, by students, by anybody – what do you have in mind? Africans? Blacks? Tell me, enlighten me.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    Good luck to him. There’s certainly plenty of money to be made working for one of the pharmaceutical giants.

  18. Ozy

    Technically, neither black or white are colors. White is the mixture of all colors in the visible spectrum and black is the lack of any colors.

  19. qna

    Guys. I am a bit obsessed with what arsenal can potentially do in the remainder of the window. I have just done some calculations offline. Would appreciate your comments – as in – is this correct? See next post.

  20. Ozy

    ANYWAY. Sorry to derail the conversation, guys. I’m not by any means the only authority on this matter and I have much to learn as well.

    Let’s go back to football. =P

    Has Pedro made a fantasy team league? Or not?

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Black, white, brown, mixed race, whatever

    There are undoubtedly some ‘thugs’ out on the streets of Ferguson who want to hurt people, do a bit of looting etc.etc.

    But there’ll be plenty of others who are there simply to draw attention to the injustice they see not only with the recent killing but also with the perceived racism in the system.

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Southampton have now signed 7 players. Those that put money on them being relegated this season look to have wasted their money

  23. Dimitri

    Oh fuck me enough with this talk about race already. Yeah it’s just perceived racism can’t be possible that they simply commit more crime.

  24. qna

    Mathematics of Arsenal’s remaining window

    1. We have 2 slots remaining in our 25 man squad. If we want to buy 3 we need to sell 1 etc.
    2. Our goal is to get a CB, DM and if possible a ST.
    3. Any player we sign, will sign a 5 year contract.
    2. Based on ins and outs in recent few windows, we have about £100k/wk or £5m/yr available.

    According to Ivan, we have some significant amount of money that we can invest, lets call this amount X. This amount X shall include transfer fees plus any additional wages needed above our current wage bill. X is rumoured to be between £70m and £100m.

    Let’s solve for X

    We have already spent £32m when we factor in money gained from cesc, vela etc.

    We can raise more money to invest by selling. Eg. Sell Podolski for £10m, free up £109k/wk wages, then we have an extra £38.3m to invest (10+109x52x5, even though his contract was less than 5 yrs, we can sign a new player for 5 yrs).

    Let Y be the total player sales (if any). Assume we only sell Pods, Y=38.3m.

    Let W be the total spend for the remainder of the window
    W = 5 year wages available + X + player sales – money already spent this window = £5m/yr x 5yr + X + Y – £32m = £25m + X + £38.3 – £32m = X + £31.3m

    Cost of buying: Eg. Buy Manolas for £8m with £40k/wk wages, then his total cost is £18.4m (8+40x52x5).

    Player Fee Wages Total (5yrs)
    Manolas £8m £ 40k £18.4m
    Khedira £15m £140k £36.4m
    Carvalho £28m £60k £43.6m
    Balotelli £14m £100k £40m
    Reus £35m £140k £71.4m
    Cavani £45m £200k £97m

    So who can we buy, keeping X between £70m and £100m?

    W (Manolas + Khedira + Balotelli) = £94.8m
    Solve for X = £63.5m (CAN DO)

    W (Manolas + Khedira + Reus) = £126.2m
    Solve for X = £94.9m (Can do if Ivan had £100m)

    W (Manolas + Carvalho + Reus) = £133.4
    Solve for X = £102.1m (Can do if Ivan had £100m)

    W (Manolas + Cavani) = £115.4m
    Solve for X = £84.1m (Can do if Ivan had £85m)

  25. Dimitri

    That’s not racism that’s just facts. Asians were equally discriminated against but made something of themselves and you don’t hear about any asian crime problems. The only difference is they don’t have a victim mentality and worked their asses off.

    I’ve seen what happens to black men who want to make something of themselves and don’t subscribe to the idea that they are being kept down. They are called ‘sellouts’ and ‘uncle tom’s’ by their own people.

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    Well done!

    You’re well on the way to winning the prize for the most ignorant poster today

    (and that’s not easy)

  27. southernpeople


    “colored people” concept makes laugh. It’s a ridiculously termed word.

    It’s assumes that some people were born colour free by God, Gods, Wisdom and that some others are colored by some evil or something.

    The conclusion is that the “colour free” can decide on what is virtue or not, they have the right to define the terms of play, because they have monopoly of “Temperance” as Platon would say.

    “Thugs” may mean blacks, latinos/nas or any other person “colored” by dominant “uncolored race”. But, it may also mean just what it is just thug.

  28. qna

    Everybody, including well respected football commentators are saying that we need 3 more. If Ivans war chest was around 70m, then we can possibly do a cheap CB, a good DM and a Balotelli. If the war chest is around 100m, then we have more options, including Reus. If we want Cavani though, we have to leave the DM for this window, which I would be happy to do.

    The other point I failed to note in the last post was that 30m of Ivans war chest might only become available if we qualify for the group stage of the UCL. This gives me a slight hope that we could do two big deals in the last couple of days of the window (in addition to the CB), but it does rely on being able to move Podolski on, mostly to free up his wages.

  29. Dimitri

    You have any actual evidence to counter me Nasri? Is any of what I said factually wrong? Liberals always live in denial and label to deflect valid arguments, so enjoy living in your fantasy world where the white man is keeping you down and is responsible for all your problems.

  30. Ozy

    Dimitri, I am going to kindly ask you to move on and change the subject because you’ve shown your hand and arguing with the likes of you is pointless. Continue living in your fantasy world. Continue being offended by the oppressed speaking of oppression. Continue living in your privileged world where you believe you have an educated opinion because you’ve “seen what happens to black men.” The fact that you compare Asian discrimination to what colored people have to go through is beyond incredible. I really have nothing more to say to you. Continue being ignorant and racist for it is not my issue – I don’t need to interact with you and I will choose not to. Good bye.

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    To be honest, you’re making it a lot more complicated than you need to by including wages.

    Realistically we could spend approx £70m on transfer fees this summer if we wanted to

  32. southernpeople


    “@Dimitri Well done!
    You’re well on the way to winning the prize for the most ignorant poster today(and that’s not easy)”


  33. Ozy

    And it’s clear I mean black people when I say colored and if you white kids are offended by my use of that term describing my people, I’ll say “black.” Might make you less uncomfortable.

  34. Leedsgunner

    I cannot understand why Real Madrid is even contemplating selling Di Maria — he is so integral to the way they play. After all, isn’t that why Özil was sold last summer? It’s like their star players are treated like last year’s outdated stock as soon as the latest batch of Galacticos arrive. Who’s next out the door, CR7?

    What an insane way to run a club.

  35. Ozy

    I’m sorry, everybody. I did not mean to make this into a full blown issue here. I just brought up Ferguson to bring awareness, as I believe is my responsibility to do so, everywhere I can. We’ll have differing opinions and you’re all entitled to yours. Let’s move on because things are turning ugly and this place is usually visited by intelligent and educated people that know better.

  36. southernpeople


    There are times that when you look at someone’s writing you realise there is no hope arguing with them or convincing them.

    So it’s better not argue at all than argue with immature philosophers of this world.

  37. Nasri's Mouth


    When you describe entire populations in such blanket terms, it’s you that should be providing the evidence to back up your argument.

    I say ‘argument’ whereas it’s basically racism

  38. qna

    Nasri, not when we start talking about signing £200k players lile cavani. What you said is correct when the total wage bill is not affected or is covered by the normal annual increase. In our situation it actually does matter with the players we are linked with. It also explains why we need to sell Pods and not Cambell, Gnabry or Sonogo.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    So seems Malonas or Alderweireld are the front runners to come in and fill that gap at CB.

    Have to think Malonas seems most likely, Alderweireld’s Dad has been speaking up about the fact he needs regular games, transferring from one bench in Spain to another in England wouldn’t cure that.

  40. Wallace

    “He is not ready as well. I am not sure about the timeframe at the moment.”

    Wenger on Gnabry.

    Kos fit for saturday though.

  41. Ozy

    @NM. Great. More of that, please. I mean, CP need to do all they can to retain Tony Pulis but the more in turmoil they are when we face them, the better.

  42. qna

    Jim it could be spread it is basically budgeted into the cash flows. Maybe from future cash flows if not upfront.

  43. southernpeople

    Arsene says this about Diaby: “He’s back in full training – that’s good news. He needs to play a few games but this week he looked good in training.”

    Why didn’t he and the club hide that Diaby had been injured the last two weeks?!

    After I saw media rumours that he was injured I checked Arsenal.com injury table and it had only Theo and Ospina.

    this cheating supporters who want the club to sign players1!

  44. DB10

    The most common thing to see among pundits last season was their virtual unanimous dismissal of Arsenal’s chances for the title. Looks like they are at it again! They are all on the Chelsea bandwagon.
    This is what they have to say:

    1.Michael Owen

    Michael Owen believes Arsenal will fail in their bid to reach the top four this coming season, despite Arsene Wenger splashing the cash on Alexis Sanchez.

    “Arsenal haven’t had any real stand out players in the last few years, like Thierry Henry. They have just lagged a step behind.”

    2. Jamie Carragher

    Jamie Carragher believes Arsenal need a world class goalkeeper and striker to compete for the title

    ‘They had a good result against City in the Community Shield,’ he says, ‘but I look at the spine of the team and think: goalkeeper, good but not great, centre backs, good but not great. Arteta, holding midfield player and captain, good but not great. Same with the strikers. The spine comes up short. They spent more time at the top than any other team last season but still came up short.

    3. Gary Neville

    Gary Neville doesn’t believe the Gunners have what it takes to last the distance as they have not done quite enough to ensure that they give themselves a chance.
    “They need more. I think it’s really difficult to win the league without power and strength. I look at English football and think – when it comes down to it, there are big games when you power through opponents. Drive through them,” he said.

    4. Ray Parlour

    Ray Parlour believes that Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United are the top three favorites to win the Premier League title this season.
    ‘I still feel Arsenal need a couple more players. I think the bookies get it right a lot of the time. Man City, Chelsea and Man United, who are third favorites, are the three to beat probably.”

    5. ESPN

    Craig Burley, the former Chelsea midfielder, suggests Arsenal will likely finish fourth once again.
    Shaka Hislop predicts Arsenal will be closer to the top than to fifth and feels Arsene Wenger’s side are good enough to come second.
    Steve Nicol wonders about Arsenal’s centre back back-up options but does not feel the Gunners will get walloped like they did to some of the bigger teams in 2013/2014.

  45. qna

    Wallace. Even if its not this window, the same applies over future spending in the next windows. I am thinking in terms of getting from where we are and where we need to be. We are lacking the top qualoty forward that the other clubs have. They also have a Sanchez as well for those that are going to say he is ours.

  46. Nasri's Mouth


    Diaby has been in that grey area between being fit and injured I’d guess. For example he was out on the pitch training after one of the preseason friendlies which he wasn’t involved with

    Sounds like they’re being ultra careful with him and making sure that little niggles don’t become anything more. Makes sense. We don’t need him as a starter, but as a back up to Ramsey he could be useful

  47. qna

    “You still wouldn’t factor 5 years of his wages into what we can spend this season. ”

    Yeah you would I think. Until you can cover it in your normal wage bill. At that point any excess would be again available for transfers. Because if the player gets injured etc thats where the cash would come from to write him off.

  48. Nasri's Mouth


    You missed the best one. This is by Robbie Earle who is a paid pundit for NBC apparently.

    “In saying that, I’m going against all my principles and my love of Wenger – I think Arsenal are out of the top four. They lost the title through not replacing Johan Djourou and not having a centre-midfield player to drive and win a game. This summer they haven’t done any of that business they needed to do, as well as they played in the Community Shield.”


  49. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m only guessing how they’d look at it, but it’s more likely that if we signed players with significantly higher wages than those we have at present, those wages would be an issue for what we’d be able to spend in future windows, rather than this one.

    And of course there’d be the concern over the wages/revenue ratio.

  50. DB10


    I am glad I missed it 🙂 cuz what the fellow is saying is annoying and funny at the same time”…..They lost the title through not replacing Johan Djourou…”???? for real? Is he having a laugh?

  51. Wallace


    i think Wenger’s happy with 3 from Giroud, Sanogo, Sanchez, Walcott, Campbell, Ox & Cazorla. Gnabry i can see being loaned, and not sure what the future holds for Podolski. and if we do go with the 4-1-4-1 then you’ll have to add Ozil to the forwards…

  52. gambon

    I wish people would stop perpetuating the idea that our cash available has to account for 5 years worth of salary, its pathetic.

    Its no different to saying:

    “well I have £7000 in the bank, and my mortgage is £1200 per month” therefore I cant afford the house cos my cash will be gone in 6 months.

    You dont buy a player then give him 5 years worth of money on day 1.

  53. qna

    DB10 there is no conspriacy. They are right. We dont have the players. We are a couple short. Valid opinions. Why do you assume its bias and not genuine belief?. We need a CB at least as good as TV was. We need a top DM or a machine to replace arteta because he simply isnt good enough. And we need a top class forward. Giroud isnt good enough to fire us to the title and its unlikely thay sanches will as a cf either.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    I had this discussion with someone in May. A paper wrote “Arsenal once again proved our mistrust of their credentials right.”

    We always do it, look like world beaters and then utterly crumble. I had to listen to “we’re top of the league” all the way through January whilst stating I thought we’d be in a battle for fourth by the end of March, I think it was March. End of our hard run anyway.

    I was right.

    We’re so predictable, and we have to stop that. No one could have predicted the summer we’ve had so far – but it’ll be bitter sweet if it stays like this for me.

    Sweet in that we’ve signed a guy like Sanchez, replaced Sagna, got competition for the GK slot and signed a real bright prospect.

    BUT bitter in that it’ll be a case of Arsenal STILL not doing exactly what is needed in the market. We still need a CB and a CDM badly.

    I’ve said all along if we don’t get a player who can control that middle ground in big games we’re going to come up short again in big games. Not as badly because we have bundles more pace – but our inability to control the middle of the park will be our undoing.

    That said I’m looking forward to the season massively I think we’ll be hugely exciting to watch. But I’m not going to say we’re near being league contenders.

    If Arsenal spring a CB and CDM on us in the next few weeks I might change my mind. BUT, there’s still the problem in my opinion of Wenger being tactically weak. Better players and a more complete squad will lessen this problem somewhat, but it’ll still be there.

    We’ll see what happens.

  55. gambon

    As for wages to revenue ratio

    Due to low debt levels we can afford about 66% wages to revenue, although 60% would be better.

    We can be pretty certain we will turn over £320m to £330m this season, leaving about £192m to £198m wages

    Our wage bill was £165m or so last year

    So this allows for £30m increase

    Considering we have let Sagna, Vermaelen, Fabianski, Bendtner go, thats another £12m or so.

    So £40m increase in wages wouldve been possible.

    I think we have contracts that step up 10% or so each year, so that would take the £155m to £170m or so

    This means we could accomodate about £25m extra wages this summer

    Alexis £7m, Debuchy say £3m, Ospina £3m, Chambers £2m

    This would give us another £10m to outlay on wages

    Also remember any incoming (apart from CB) should be offset by departures.

  56. qna

    Its no different to saying:“well I have £7000 in the bank, and my mortgage is £1200 per month” therefore I cant afford the house cos my cash will be gone in 6 months.

    Gambon/Nasri its not like that at all. I know that some clubs do it. It might have even been done with suarez. The thinking is like this.

    If we have 40m to spend and we need to find an extra 1m per year to sign suarez, then we put aside 5m and sign him for 5 years. Then we only have 35m to spend this window. How the cash flows of this are managed is something else. That extra 4m may be spent on something else knowing that it will be covered. But I am certain thats the way most clubs deal with paying above their wage cap.

  57. gambon


    Define “above wage cap”

    Arsenal can spend £190-200m on wages this year if we choose.

    We can pay anyones wages in the world.

    The problem with Arsene is he bloats the squad out with shit rather than diverting money to whats needed.

  58. qna

    “This would give us another £10m to outlay on wages”

    If your correct gambon then thats great. But that is only £200k/wk – Cavanis min wage. And that is only double what I had assumed. I estimated £5m.

    So we srill have pretty similar restraints. But now we could do Manolas, Carvalho and Cavani if our starting budget was £100m (still need to sell Podolsko for 10m). Or we could do Manolas, Cavalho and Reus if the starting budget was £75m.

  59. Charlie Boy

    qna & nasri

    It’ll be all the sweeter when you shove their words up their pundit arses!

    I’ve got a good feeling about this coming season, as I really believe the CB and CDM roles will be filled. Not sure about the striker banter tbf – but we have got some fantastic options from the wings and midfield to more than compensate for a out and out striker.

  60. qna

    “Arsenal can spend £190-200m on wages this year if we choose”

    Now you are just making this up. There is no point having a conversation about this if you pull figures from the air. 1st. There is a budget for wages, but it is set by the club. We need to know what it is, not how much we would spend if we were the decision makers. 2nd. The wage bill includes the wages of the board and the coaches and staff and reserve team. When the wage bill was ACTUALLY 130m, about 90m was for the first team. Assuming you are correct, most of that extra 60m would go into the first team, say 50m. There is no way that that is correct at this stage unless this 50m is actually the transfer budget, which would make sense. But again it comes back to what I have been saying in the first place.

  61. southernpeople


    “I wish people would stop perpetuating the idea that our cash available has to account for 5 years worth of salary, its pathetic.Its no different to saying:“

    Who are those people you referring two?

    How could anyone believe that cash in the bank is to cover for 5 years!

    and how anyone who understand how businesses work suggest that cash in the bank should be all spend on player acquisition!

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    @charlie Boy

    At the moment we are probably 4th favourites, so I think the pundits view is about right.

    The caveats to that I think we’re closer than we were last season,if we don’t suffer serious injuries to key players (this assumes we get more cover for the CB position) we could be closer still and the FA Cup could just spur us on that little bit more too

  63. qna

    “I wish people would stop perpetuating the idea that our cash available has to account for 5 years worth of salary, its pathetic.Its no different to saying:“

    Gambon when the player signs a contract then the club has an obligation to pay the player for the duration of the contract. Like Scilachi and Bendtner. It is about managing those future cash flows. You would do the same if your company took a lease on a car for example. They cannot afford to be in a situation where there is a cash shortfall. You dont need to put all the cash you have in the bank until its drawn out to pay the obligation, but that does not mean you can just spend it all now as well. It depends on your overall projected cash flows which includes your cash on hand.

  64. gambon


    We have spent ~60% of revenue on wages for the last 5 seasons

    Why would this suddenly have changed.

    Im not making anything up

    Go back through the accounts if you dont believe me.

    Last year revenue was £242m with £154m wage bill

    Thats 63.6%

    Dont call people out if you have no idea about the subject matter.

  65. qna

    Nasri: At the moment we are probably 4th favorites, so I think the pundits view is about right.

    Nasri how about if we make three top signings, eg:

    Manolas + Carvalho or Khedira + Cavani or Reus

    What are we favorites for then in your opinon?

  66. Nasri's Mouth


    £190-£200 is broadly correct, but no-one knows what the board feels about it.

    Certainly we’ve cut out a lot of rubbish from the wage bill recently, and hopefully by the end of the window we’ll have dumped most of what’s left.

  67. qna

    gambon: We have spent ~60% of revenue on wages for the last 5 seasons. Why would this suddenly have changed.

    Well the last 5 seasons, most of those seasons we didnt spend on transfers (we made money on transfers). The last window we possibly used some of the surplus to by Ozil.

    So what has suddenly changed. We need to find money to spend in the transfer window. So like I said the 60% of revenue would now need to cover wages + transfer fees. So actually our wage bill may not have increased, only our transfer budget.

  68. gambon

    “Well the last 5 seasons, most of those seasons we didnt spend on transfers (we made money on transfers).”

    You are missing that we COULD HAVE spent money on transfers, Wenger was following his vision.

    Wheres the evidence we could have spent big?

    Its sitting in the bank.

    A club cant plead poverty while saving up £150m in the bank.

    We made a lot of money selling players, however we CHOSE not to spend it, it wasnt that we couldnt.

    ” So like I said the 60% of revenue would now need to cover wages + transfer fees”

    Lol this is ridiculous.

    So you are saying our transfer budget is going to be £0 for the next 5 years?

    I’d love for you to give me a reason why Arsenals FCs objective is to make £90m in profit AFTER TRANSFERS per year.

  69. southernpeople


    pundits have right in saying we’re not title winners but to say that we’d miss on third or fourth is just pure opinion not based on facts.

    If ManU bought Vidal, a top defender and top winger I’d say they”d be better , that is only if Arsenal fail to add at least 1 more quality DM midfielder.

    But their current squad is not stronger than us, and we’re both still in the market.

  70. Joe

    Our revenues are going up, signed a lucrative tv deal, emirates is sold out on paper every match. We don’t have to worry about the salaries on a 5 year deal. It’s not like we are not going to have money coming in every year. It’s just not going to stop if we sign 3 players.

    Arsenal are going to make more and more money every season. Signing players on big money is not an issue.

    What we have as a transfer kitty this season has no bearing on salaries for the next 5

  71. Nasri's Mouth


    In saying we’re 4th I’m making the assumption that we sign a CB and ManU sign a couple more players.

    I don’t think Chelsea are signing anyone else of significance. ManC might, but then I think they’ll have to sell too, so they’ll be a similar strength

    If we added Carvalho or similar I’d say we’re probably 3rd and very close to 2nd and 1st. If we added Reus/Cavani too, I’d say we’re as good as anyone.

    Hard to say with Khedira. He’s not really a DM, so it’d require a different set up. It might work, or he might simply be interchangeable with Ramsey

  72. Childish Gambino

    Mbia is better at defending than Coquelin or Arterta. Although he’s a red card magnet and is suspect in tough tackling

  73. Hitman

    At the moment we lack depth & quality at central defence and centre mid.

    Everyone can see that …except you know who. You can blame pundits for suggesting AFC will finish 4th /5th.

    Only thing that will help us punch over achieve is “ze team speewit” carries us, some of the other contenders struggle…. or Diaby stays fit.

    Even then we will probably unravel in Feb /March without further qualidee signings

  74. Joe

    With this squad we have now, we will be fighting for 4th. I don’t think the pundits are that far off. Saying that , sign 2 players (DM and a striker) and we are title contenders. Fine margins.

  75. qna

    Nasri: Certainly we’ve cut out a lot of rubbish from the wage bill recently, and hopefully by the end of the window we’ll have dumped most of what’s left

    Yeah, I think we have pretty much dumped it all actually. All of the players now have value, even Diaby. I think in the next couple of years, the players that will not have their contracts renewed due to age will be as follows:

    Current excess, £200k
    Lukas Podolski, 29yo, £109k
    Santi Cazorla, 29yo, £90k
    Tomás Rosicky, 33yo, £85k
    Mikel Arteta, 32yo, £80k
    Mathieu Flamini, 30yo, £65k
    Abou Diaby, 28yo, £65k
    Nacho Monreal, 28yo, £50k
    Francis Coquelin, 23yo, £20k
    Ryo Miyaichi, 21yo, £10k

    This is a total of £574k. That is quite a healthy wage to spread over players in those same positions. So if we do get a DM now that costs 100k/wk, then it will only be a 20k difference at the end of the year when Artetas contract is up. We can use the excess available on a 200k striker. We can replace Podolski with a Reus at LW.

    I mean we can get really good players for some of these salaries. So it does look positive. But it can even be positive this year if we sign a big name CF a very good DM and a decent back up CB.

  76. qna

    Nasri: Post @ August 14, 2014 17:39:29

    I agree with you 100% right down to the ? on Khedira. But I would still have either him or Carvalho or even L. Bender or Gustavo

  77. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d imagine Ryo and Coq are off this summer. Flamini isn’t on that much, (though depends on his signing on deal I guess), Arteta might get another year at a reduced rate. We might well keep Monreal too.

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    marble hall: Chelsea and Man City fans don’t go busying themselves going through their clubs accounts

    I bet they don’t have to put up with dull trolls like you either

  79. Arsene's Nurse


    Hope that goes to the right place. It’s the graph for wages to turnover for Swiss Ramble.

    Since that graph (ends in 2012) our revenue has increased by £75m per year.

    For those of you whom are not too bright, that would mean that if our costs were static over the next 4 years then that 75m per year would be added to our bank balance. That is an additional £300m and adding that to our current balance of approximately £150m would give a grand total of £450m.

    Obviously our costs are not static, they rise every year because we continue to improve player salaries and buy players who are on higher wages.

    However, what is important is that Arsenal know exactly how much revenue they are going to generate per year over the next 4 years until the current sponsorship contracts end.

    That increase in revenue is guaranteed unless we fall out of the CL.

    The increase in revenue will take us to somewhere around the £300m plus mark generated every year. A club that is self sustaining will want to keep the revenue to wages ratio somewhere around 60%, but FFP allows upto 70% iirc.

    60% of 300m = £180m. Our wage bill for the last financial year was £153. That will rise as you will see when the accounts are published in September and those accounts will not take into account the wages of Sanchez etc (That will come in 2015).

    Arsenal’s last revenue to wages ratio was 61% in 2012 as shown. I expect that will rise due to increased wage bill before the new sponsorship comes into effect,

    That ratio will steady even out because increased revenue per year will outstrip the increase in wages. The difference is surplus and added to the bank balance.

    Wages are paid from yearly revenue and are part of cash flow. They are not considered as part of the transfer budget. It is just the same as if you have a mortgage. The bank doesn’t consider what you earn now, it considers what you will earn over a period of time.

  80. qna

    Nasri, yeah I am looking out 2 or 3 years now. I think all of those names will be moved on a few at a time. By then our back up LB needs to be another young kid, like Bellarin is on the right this year. We can keep coquelin as a back up and for cup games since he is only on 20k. But doesnt look to me like he will make the step up and time is running out for the kid.

  81. Revving Kevin

    Pedro does a thoughtful treatise on ticketing, empty seats and suggestions about new tech.
    The usual comments are the same repetitive dribble they’ve been harping on all summer:
    “We need a big strong CDM”
    “we need a CF”
    “Wenger needs to buy a CF, 2CB, 2CDM, 2LB…..”
    “Wenger needs to sell Carzola, Podolski….”
    “Giroud is championship level striker”
    “Wenger is senile”

    This us an excellent point. But it highlights the fact that the vast majority of posters either don’t live in England or aren’t interested in going to games. Now I am not fit one minute knocking overseas fans Becos I think it is greT we have so many overseas followers. Just part of the reason why Pedro’s ‘excellent’ post was mostly ignored.

    The other reason is some people spend so much time on blogs they don’t have any real friends, so who they going to exchange with! Their ‘other’ blog name?

    Pedro makes a great point. The game is being g taken away from fans there are hundreds if thousands that have to face the fact they won’t be able to watch the team they love. These proper fans are not just priced out but category a games are def a no no.

    I used to go every home game man and boy with my family and friends. My son is ST so I can nab his ticket now and then. But they need to find a way of getting fans in who aren’t ST.

    Increased capacity is the only way but requires council approval re infrastructure and the Dev of holloway road. Then you restrict ST to 80% or so of capacity and put the rest on general sale. In other words get new fans in, the kids with their mins and dads. Not make it an exclusive club.

    That’s my tuppence worth.

  82. Childish Gambino

    I cant wait for next season when the contracts of Arterta, Flamini and Coquelin are up. Unless wenger decides to extend all three

  83. southernpeople


    “Current excess, £200k
    Lukas Podolski, 29yo, £109k
    Santi Cazorla, 29yo, £90k
    Tomás Rosicky, 33yo, £85k
    Mikel Arteta, 32yo, £80k
    Mathieu Flamini, 30yo, £65k
    Abou Diaby, 28yo, £65k
    Nacho Monreal, 28yo, £50k
    Francis Coquelin, 23yo, £20k”

    Unbelievable! where did you get this information from?

    “Ryo Miyaichi, 21yo, £10kThis is a total of £574k. That is quite a healthy “wage to spread over players in those same positions. So if we do get a DM now that costs 100k/wk, then it will only be a 20k difference at the end of the year when Artetas contract is up. We can use the excess available on a 200k striker.”

    Where that great DM available at 100k/wk? and do you actually believe we can get him free.

    the current prices mentioned for decent DM not really great ones is around £30m plus money!

    So for ARteta replacement we need to have wages + transfers which could amount well to something much higher than what you’re quoting.

    “We can replace Podolski with a Reus at LW.I mean we can get really good players for some of these salaries.”

    Again you’re assuming Reus would accept similar wages to Podolski’s.

    would a top defender accept Flamini’s wage? or will he cost less than Verm’s price?

  84. qna

    “Wages are paid from yearly revenue and are part of cash flow. They are not considered as part of the transfer budget. ”

    So where does it come from them? I am not saying that it does come from this 180m, but right now our wage bill is no where near that. See my earlier post:


    The wage bill (180m) comprises first team wages, first team coaching staff, reserves team and coaches, board and others. The first team wages is currently around 88m while the others comes to about 42m. So where is the extra 50m? You sure that is not part of the transfer budget? Why are we worried about paying Khedira what he is asking if we have so much room?

    There is a £50m hole in your logic.

  85. Leedsgunner

    “Even then we will probably unravel in Feb /March without further qualidee signings…”

    Surely the great Q is why does this happen every year? Wenger doesn’t rotate his squad properly? If he did, our main players like Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott would be fresher for the key big games, and be fit and last us all season. Why doesn’t he rotate his squad, because our squad players aren’t good enough. Why aren’t they good enough?


    1. Some are confidence players. They need a run of games to find their rhythm, (TV5 is an an example of this, plus he was injured for long spells in the season) but because Wenger doesn’t rotate, they never get to demonstrate what they can do… thus a vicious circle develops.

    2. Some are not good enough (which begs the question, why are they in the squad in the first place). (eg. Miyachi)

    3. Some have for some inexplicable reason lost the confidence of the manager, despite the fact they should play more (eg. Podolski)

    4. Some are too raw and inexperienced to be thrown into the deep end (eg. Sanogo, Heyden)

    5. Some are constantly injured (eg.Diaby) or coming back from a long injury (Cazorla, AOC).

    6. The rest unknown (Gnabry,) or unproven in the EPL (Zelalem).

    The strength and depth of the squad is a big concern and not just the quality of the first XI.

    Wenger has to decide not to run his first XI into the ground — but to manage his whole squad better by getting them into the action during what is a long and exhausting season. Hopefully with this new physio on board the effect no 5 (injuries) will be minimal this year. I hope Wenger listens to him and not trust his own experience… how great and more valid he might think it to be.

  86. Nasri's Mouth


    But we don’t unravel in the 2nd half of the season every year.

    For example the 2nd half of the 2012/13 season we were excellent

  87. qna

    Southern, I got it from an article explaining our wage bill and i keep it on excel and update it when I can with new information. Its not 100% accurate, but is cross referenced where possible.

    I have not considered transfer fees here. I am merely saying that with the current wage bill we can pay very good players to replace these guys when their time at the club is over. Reus I think would be on a similar wage to Ozil and Sanchez 140k. We can make that up from Podolskis wage easily enough.

  88. Arsene's Nurse

    qna August 14, 2014 17:28:43

    So like I said the 60% of revenue would now need to cover wages + transfer fees.
    No this is completely wrong.

    Lets try and make it simple. Let us pretend that you have £10. A ten pound note.

    Now lets pretend that for the next 4 weeks you will get another £10 per week.

    If your current spending is £6 per week or 60% of your turnover, how much money will you have at the end of 4 weeks?

    Answer – 10 +4(0.6*10)= 26.

    Every week you earn 10, but spend 6. That means you saved 4 every week. At the end of 4 weeks you have saved 16 pounds. Adding this to the 10 you already started with leaves you with £26.

    You’ve got more money than you started with because you’re spending to turnover ration is less than 1. That £16 is profit. It goes in the bank.

    You can now choose to spend a proportion of that profit. By doing so let’s say it increases your current spending to 65% of turnover.

    So lets pretend that you spent £10 of your profit. So £26 minus £10 equals £16.

    You now have £16 in the bank.

    So over the next 4 weeks you earn £10 a week, but your spending is now 65% of turnover.

    So 16+4(0.65*10) = £30.

    Even though you have spent money from savings and your spending per week has increased to 65% of earnings you have still managed to save £3.50 per week and when added to your £16 in the bank you now have £30!

    You spent some money you saved, your spending ratio increased but now you have more money in the bank than when you started!

    So as you can see, spending on transfer fees is paid from profit and or savings.

  89. southernpeople


    media wage information is are not reliable because NO ONE has access to wages because football clubs are exempted from the Information Act. They’re not required to disclose publicly such information!

    So while the media can trace rumours and get the collective wages from Arsenal then they guess the rest!

    fair enough about your second point about “merely” taking current wage without “transfer fees” considerations.

    however, one reason why Arsenal they were were stuck with the proverbial “deadwood”.

    For example, it’s not hard to get rid of Flamini now especially as the club can make profit on him, but his replacement would cost huge money in tranfer money while he was free, and they’d ask for treble of his wages.

    So when we talk about wage efficiency/inefficiency we should consider that as well.

  90. Joe


    How many points were we adrift of the title at that point. No pressure on the players.

    And it was the chase for the 4th place trophy. I’m sure Wenger had them right amped up for that.

    I think, and it’s just my opinion Kevin, I’m allowed to have one is that all the capitulations in the second half of the season have come when we have been a player or two short and crying out for wenger to buy said players. If we can see it, I’m sure the players see it too. I think when the players weren’t bought, they were deflated and confidence is shot.

    Last season for example, we all knew we needed a striker, pace and mf with Ramsey and theo out. We got kallstrom and we blew it all. Look at the results from 31 jan onwards.

    Sign a striker/winger/mf and who knows. Even just to bring up the morale of the players. Imagine if we had signed a draxler etc last jan.

    Just one theory

  91. qna

    You have misunderstood my point. The forecast spending has already taken into account the £6/wk. Everything is in equilibrium and planned. Forecast future cash inflows will balance out future cash outflows. Now you have a extra £10.

    Now suppose that you need to subscribe to something thing that will cost £7/wk. Can you continue on as normal without gaining any additional future cash flows? No additional money is coming in, so either you will be short of cash, or your margin for error will be cut.

    But if you take out £4 and only spend £6 now, then you will have enough cash over the course of your subscription. You may be able to adjust your cash flows so that you can spend all £10 now, but you would need to then spend £4 less than you would have normally done at some later date.

    You have to compare two identical scenarios where there is no extra source of cash flow. If you are adding a cash source to one scenario, you need to do it to both.

  92. Leedsgunner

    Nasri’s Mouth

    “But we don’t unravel in the 2nd half of the season every year.For example the 2nd half of the 2012/13 season we were excellent”

    Fair enough… we were excellent form in the league but we started poorly in the league that year… if I recall.

    The reason why we improved our form in the league was because we were out of all other competitions and we only had the league to worry about.

    Bayern Munich knocked us out from the Champion’s League. (Round of 16)
    Blackburn knocked us out of the FA Cup and;
    Bradford knocked us out of the League Cup.

    Therefore although you are right, we didn’t collapse in the league, we did collapse in everything else. Thankfully our league form recovered to make sure our season wasn’t a complete disaster.

    My point is our squad is chronically nowhere deep enough to fight the season on four fronts — why? We are short on quality even though we are not short on numbers.

  93. Joe

    Arsenal Sun 6 Apr
    March 2014
    Show last 5 matches and coverage
    Man City Sat 29 Mar
    Swansea Tue 25 Mar Full time
    Premier League
    Arsenal Sat 22
    Arsenal Sun 16 Mar
    Champions League – Round of 16
    Bayern Munich
    (agg 3-1)
    Tue 11 Mar
    FA Cup – Sixth Round
    Everton Sat 8 Mar
    Premier League
    Arsenal Sat 1 Mar
    Sunderland Sat 22 Feb
    Champions League – Round of 16
    Bayern Munich Wed 19
    FA Cup – Fifth Round
    Liverpool Sun 16 Feb Full time
    Man Utd Wed 12 Feb
    Arsenal Sat 8 Feb
    Crystal Palace Sun 2 Feb

  94. Joe

    Bringing in players of top quality bring huge confidence to players all around the team. Ozil for example at the beg of last season. All the players were even asking for transfers last jan bar giroud of course.

    It’s a huge shot in the arm, but when kallstrom was signed I think confidence dropped plus the fact players were dead on their feet from being overplayed. Ozil, Ramsey(injured), Kos, mert, Arteta(too old and slow to begin with) and we got over run

  95. qna

    AS in Spain are reporting that we bid £50m for Cavani.

    Please let this be true. Hurry up and buy Di Maria already.

  96. southernpeople


    Last year’s capitulations were down to poor planning from wenger’s part; he really forced the issue and wanted a depleted team to play like a big team with big squad needing to perform on all fronts.

    had he played with different mentality we would have easily won against Stoke, play for draws against Liverpool and Chelsea instead of trying to mindlessly play like a big team that need to attack.

    I wanted him to attack small teams like stoke and struggling teams like United and play for draw when playing the big guys.

    You know that citeh were bigger and better than Chelsea but we still got draw because we defended well and waited for counter-attack.

    For me wenger asks too much of his players and exhausts them.

  97. Leedsgunner

    Football is bloody nuts. Pulis pulled off a miracle in keeping palace up, if they get rid of him now they’ll go down.

    Yep… crazy… shortsightedness. I don’t know what Pulis was asking for but they’ll probably lose much more getting relegated. The thing is Pulis is a good operator in the transfer market.

  98. Revving Kevin

    Yep why dont we spend what the Arab and the sheikh have spent and have quality in depth? Lol.

    That way we would have strength in depth and could even loan out players to other premier league teams to strengthen them against our rivals. Clever, eh?

    Back to the real world.

    We now have Man city’s manageradmitting yesterday that they have too many players (in their attempts to repeat cheksea model and stockpile players, resulting in a fine for screwing with FFP).

    just under a billion quid invested by the oilers and they are used as the measuring stick to beat us with.

    Seriously, we are playing catch up but thanks to FFP and brilliant financial management, renewed commercials and sponsorships, we are catching up. And make no mistakes when we do, watch us fly.

    We are going to do very well this season, so get behind the club and our players and have some time off from the negativity.

  99. Cesc Appeal


    Sounds as if they’re just basing that off of the articles that we all saw over here. Feels like they are sort of hashing a story a together there based on he said she said.

    I’d love Cavani, would give us one of the most devastating front lines in Europe with him, Sanchez and Walcott with Ozil in behind. But I doubt there’s any truth behind it.

    I’m even losing hope we’ll sign a CDM now, looks like Manolas and that’ll be that. Gigantic mistake…but what can you do.

  100. southernpeople

    “Bringing in players of top quality bring huge confidence to players all around the team. Ozil for example at the beg of last season. ”

    Why people ignore the tangible evidence and insist on intangible ones?!

    Is bring top quality players make difference to teams play or teams mentality?

    One thing that we can measure is that a top quality player adds to performance to that position but we don’t know whether it would make a rubbish player perform better.

    We may bring top quality players, say about 5 and still miss on the title because of their under-performance or because of others.

    “It’s a huge shot in the arm, but when kallstrom was signed I think confidence dropped plus the fact players were dead on their feet from being overplayed.”

    Again your arguments are confusing here. Was our drop in collective form due to fatigue of key players or the injury of others or was it the result of drop in confidence because of lack of new signings?

    The only thing we can be sure about is that our collective form was affected by the abscence of key players and top performers for long period in that second half, e.g Ramsey, Walcott, Wislhare, Ozil [some time] and because of dip in form of some others either because of fatigue or personal issues, Ozil, Arteta, Giroud!

    We don’t any evidence about lack of confidence or impact of not signing new players on the existing players morale.

  101. Leedsgunner

    Rev Kev…

    Maybe he tried to stop Chamakh visiting his favourite shisha cafe… and he threw a stink… player power and all that. 😉

    Apparently Kev we’re in for one more “big” signing? Who do you think it is?

    Most likely I think it will be Khedira but I would love it to be Reus or Carvalho… or Cavani — imagine that — Arsenal spending like Leeds… who would have thought huh? 😉

  102. Arsene's Analyst

    You got that right Marble, NM talks a lot, but says nothing, like most on here, all piss and wind like those other tools, mid west and N5, is this all they have got in their sorry lives

  103. qna

    Cesc. Yeah chances are its not true. I doubt we will sign any big names until after UCL is secured. That is 28th. That deal will depend on PSG buyinh di maria and also us selling podolksi, all on Monday 1st before 11AM. Unlikely sequence of events. But possible. Not long ago I would have said 100% impossible.

  104. SpanishDave

    If we spent 50 mil for a player Wenger would have a nose bleed.
    The old miser simply aint gonna do it because he might win something, think of the responsibilty !

  105. Joe


    Adding a quality player would of given the players a shot in the arm and maybe help with the fatigue for a few matches. It’s a theory, that’s it. Everyone would be amped up a little bit. Gives a player extra how ever many percent to get over the fatigue for a bit. Even if it helped us draw v Liverpool and Chelsea and beat Swansea and united.


    You love to twist words, I’m saying we need two players. DM snd a striker No one is asking for Chelsea or man city spending. You talk so much rubbish.

    Players we need, not just stockpiling. We need a DM as Arteta is not good enough. And neither is giroud or Sanago to lead the line for a club like arsenal. Schenderlin and balo could be had for under 30 and then our season would be good.
    Although, I’m sure your definition of a great season is 4th.

  106. Joe


    City will get rid of players like Sinclair and Rodwell. Big loss for them. FFP really has hurt them. Man city pay a fine and move on. They don’t care.

    Chelsea sell mata and lukaku for a 100% profit and buy Cesc and costa.

    FFP really working out then is it?

    Financial mgmt. 100m in the bank. Come 4th every season. Sell rvp, Nasri to our rivals. and Cesc abroad. Yep. That’s great financial mgmt. watching your money grow in the bank for the owner while your team lacks the quality to challenge.

  107. Nasri's Mouth

    Marble Hall: NM is a young naive fool who knows nothing about Arsenal or life in general.

    As someone who made enough money early in life to retire early, has lived overseas for quite a few years, is a father, has gone back into part time employment as a company director and has been a fan of Arsenal for over 40 years, I have to say congratulations on managing to get it utterly wrong!

    You’re not doing very well are you ?

  108. BacaryisGone

    The frustrating thing for many of us is that when it comes to squad building, Arsenal are like the marathon runner who stops after 25 miles. It’s frustrating to see the talent we have acquired knowing that we’re unlikely to add the two pieces that will turn us into Champions. I do think part of this is that Arsene is concerned with the monetary value of the deal and won’t pay over the odds. It’s a logical viewpoint but unfortunately it leads to us missing out out from time to time.