173,000 empty seats: Here’s the problem and the solution

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Man, I’ve woken up thinking it’s a Friday, not a Thursday. I had a picture of a goat ready and everything. What a shame.

Anyway, big news so far this morning is my mobile phone provider cut me off. The absolute buggers. Still, it’s ok, I can write way quicker at a desk than on a bus.

One of the main stories this morning centres around ACTUAL attendance figures. I think it was pretty clear last season that Arsenal weren’t always filling their pretty stadium.


For sure, they were. But the gaps around the ground are pretty apparent.

Here are the stats from A is for Arsenal.

* on average the actual attendance was 5,998 lower than that stated by the Club
* on average 6,550 seats were empty per game
* the worst attended match was Fenerbahce at 44,779, which was 15,559 lower than capacity and 11,492 below the official attendance
* the best attended game was Liverpool in the league at 57,341
* the real average attendance was 53,788 compared to 59,786 announced by the Club
* a total of 173,945 seats went unoccupied at home games last season

Some pretty alarming numbers there. If everyone bought a £8 salt beef bagel, which is entirely possible, that’d be an extra £1.3m. Ok, I know that we don’t get the catering figures. Where exactly do Arsenal make money in the stadium?

I missed about 3 games last year, I think? One was because I forgot my ticket. If everyone missed three games over a 29 game period, we’d have actually had more missing seats at 181,014. I guess when you put it like that, it’s not inconceivable that we’re in the situation we’re in.

Things Arsenal need to do…

Build an app through the magic of technology that allows you to share your ticket with other app holders, or allows you to sell you ticket back to the club at short notice.

Get this… you gain entry into the stadium in exactly the same way you gain entry to a plane with ticket systems like the one you have on an iPhone.

This, for me, solves it all.

I also think the idea of fuelling this ticketing idea works by giving people home credits for attending games. People bloody love rewards schemes. Arsenal should make this app the hub of all their digital activity. Retail outlets are gamifying their purchasing experience, maybe Arsenal could do something similar? Think of all the data they could accrue… imagine being able to buy your food in the stadium through NFC… no more massive cues because the guys at the tills can’t count. Imagine getting replays to your phone in the ground. Imagine being able to watch the highlights on your way home in your exclusive season ticket app. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES IF ARSENAL HAD AN INTEGRATED DIGITAL APPROACH TO ECOMMERCE, TICKETING, MEDIA AND ALL THE OTHER STUFF.

Next level shiz, right there…

It’s clear there are probably a lot of people who just buy up the tickets so they have them for the big games with clients. This isn’t on. Arsenal need to weed out the people who buy tickets and don’t use them. There should be a clause that if you don’t use your ticket, you lose it. Bit draconian, but come on, this is a club that needs people in the ground… because the waiting list is so long.

Still, it has to be said, having a season ticket is not only expensive, it’s also a massive time drain. You simply can’t make all the games during the season. The problem is that when you can’t make the games, the club don’t give fans the tools to distribute their tickets properly. I sorted my pals ticket last season, the next game, I forgot mine in the flap to make sure I had his. It’s such a ball ache shifting someone else’s ticket, then there’s the added pain in the arse of potentially getting nicked selling it on… there has to be another way.

When firms like Viagogo are cool to sell third party tickets at horrendous markups, why can’t fans or clubs build a system that takes care of it. I’d rather give my seat back to the club knowing someone else could get it on the day.

Something for Arsenal to work on I guess… ultimately, if there were cheap last minute tickets on the door, the club could indoctrinate young fans into the Arsenal way (I’ve been watching Jesus Camp).

I’d jump into the affordability thing… but for me, it’s not about affordability, it’s about the convenience of shifting your ticket. If you can’t afford to go, don’t buy one.

Finally, before I go (I’m totally ignoring the Mbia stories), take a watch of this hilarious advert from Fox about too much sport killing marriages. I love American sport advertising.

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  1. Hitman

    We haven’t signed anyone for 3 weeks!!
    WTF is going on. Far too quiet. This isnt like us.

    Get on with it I say.

    PS: Rev appears to be getting upset at our Sheikh in Harrods store spending spree.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: Fair enough… we were excellent form in the league but we started poorly in the league that year… if I recall.

    Indeed, and that’s happened before. It makes me wonder whether there has a been a bit of a mental stumbling block where we occasionally take our foot off the throttle. It’ll be interesting to see whether the FA Cup win has made a difference there. There have been a few comments that suggest that the monkey has been taken from their backs.

  3. qna

    Hitman: We haven’t signed anyone for 3 weeks!!

    I wonder if we are waiting to secure UCL group stage and the £30m that comes with. Also Real Madrid are tied into a few deals and they are taking their player sales down to the last day. Can sign a CB now though. Wish we would do that. Its making me nervous.

  4. Bankz

    While I don’t think we will sign CAVANI, If By some miracle we do….I will literally have a hard on from September 1st till September 31st’.

    Now a signing like Cavani would make me change my opinion on Wenger & probably make me think he has finally decided to win a major trophy before leaving Arsenal.

  5. Joe


    The seats are paid for. Kronke doesn’t care if people use their seats after they have paid for them. Only way they take notice is corporate boxes and season tickets being unsold.

  6. southernpeople


    What a shame!! He did miracles for them and he’s rewarded with refusing to purchase his targets and build his team and now a sack is looming!!

  7. Roaaary

    Slightly off topic but pedros suggestion in today’s post was spot on. The club are a business as much as we hate to see it that way.

    I’m surprised pedro hasn’t used his links in to Ivan gazidis to put these forward. Surely the club would be open to further revenue?

    And in the aim of getting a reply, I think sanogo is shit and we should sign cavani.

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    Even for a Spuds fan you’re thick, but let me spell it out for you, the smiley at the end meant it was a joke. It’s been widely reported on twitter

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    I do wonder how much of a difference it would make if there was a way to sell your ticket up to an hour or 2 before the game. Ticket exchange means you can sell it up to 3pm on the day before the game.

    Weird as it is, I wonder if most of those missing seats are not filled because of simple apathy

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I personally think there are far too many season tickets thay are being sold on for the year or more…
    Used to buy the gooner every time an one of the writers (sic) offered his for for sale for the season,
    It’s scum bag people like this who I deplore , scum bag lo life toe rages who don’t fancy it for the season so sell it on many at a profit…

    One word describes the cun&s

    If they don’t want to go do as good honest people do give it back to the club.

    When I was a st holder the amount of people who sold on was astonishing
    One couple had three sets of two pairs used to sell on 4 for profit …

    Until you rid the club of scum greedy Tory wannabe self important greedy pricks the attendances will fall,

    Afc don’t give a shit as long as they sell 60,000 every game that’s what they budgeted for ,,

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    Palace chairman/board are mugs. Obviously don’t know the full story or the truth, but they should never of let pulis go. He performed a miracle at palace last year, I reckon they’ll be amongst one of the favourites to go down…or at least even more so.

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    …and what does it say about the person who doesn’t even understand them ?

    Keep shooting yourself in the foot

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Normally I hate it when a club sack their manager just before we play them, but that’s because they’ve just had a run of bad results. This is surely going to deflate the players utterly for saturday

  14. MarbleHall

    FA Cup really did paper over the cracks Arsenal’s season who are quite an embarrassement when it comes to the Champions league and wilt away when the pressure is on in the league

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    A couple of interesting comments from Jacqui Oatley on twitter about it.

    Break down in relations between Parish and Pulis , but if what she is saying is true, its not the normal lack of money for transfers issue.

    You’d imagine that Pulis will find a job pretty quickly

  16. Roaaary

    @leeds – how about their Moroccan CF. I heard he scored in a record number of CL consecutive games a few years back.

    Outside of him they are a team of journeymen who were drilled perfectly by pulis.

    I live down the way from palace and all my pals support them. I hated pulis before but the difference he made to that club was amazing. They are though a very well run club and the club is bigger than any one person

  17. Roaaary

    @nasri – I was more intrigued by the other stuff digital could do for football.

    It’s just amazing how prehistoric football can be at times. I don’t have a season ticket and go to about 3 games a year so haven’t seen the problem with use of tickets

  18. Savage

    Wow, I can’t see how Pulis’ sacking is going to strengthen Palace for Saturday’s game.

    Shall we bury them and get our season off to a flyer? A quick show of hands in support…

  19. Northbanker

    Really annoying when you catch up on the debate and then see it is ruined by every other posting coming from that fuckwit Marble

  20. Dissenter

    I just have to get this rant out.

    Please stick to talking football, okay.
    Your boring rants about “liberals are really childish.
    You realize that most people on this side are Britons.
    The Conservative party in the UK is to the left of the Democrats in the States on so many issues. You need to expand your world view and stop being so utterly crass.
    I’m a proud black dude who’s lived my life honorably with 12 year post high school education, married to the same lovely woman for 12 years and blessed with two lovely kids. I LIVE EVERYDAY IN FEAR OF THE POLICE IN AMERICA. You keep repeating the same drivel but cannot even put yourself in the shoes of others. My son could have been the teenager that was shot down like a dog in Ferguson.
    What do you think happens in a town [Ferguson] that has segregated housing with 67% black population, yet the Police dept. of 53 has 50 white officers. That’s a recipe for trouble.
    I don’t support the looting by the way, its just all the pent-up anger that’s spilling over now.
    When you talk football, you’re coherent otherwise you come across as an adult with a very narrow world view. Were you home schooled up to high school?

    End of rant.

  21. Dissenter

    Breaking news

    Tony Pulis has left Crystal Place by mutual consent!!
    Crystal Place will probably go down. Why in the world didn’t Crystal Palace do everything to keep him.. He’s restored his reputation, though.

    Three points in the bag, most probably.

  22. Dimitri

    I’m no conservative either, at least not today’s kind. A real conservative doesn’t want government interfering with a man’s right to make something of himself and doesn’t want police interfering with his business.

    You think you’re the only man who lives in fear of police? Every man is just one false DV accusation away from having his home and kids taken away from him, so you have every right to be afraid. But that’s what you liberals wanted. You wanted government controlling things and I’m 99% sure you don’t believe in the right to bear arms. This is what happens when a man’s business can get taken away because he says something that rubs people the wrong way, but again, it’s a liberals Utopia.

    A black man who dresses respectably and not like a gangster rapper, a culture that perpetuates anarchy and violence, is far less likely to have anything happen to him. Don’t want to get treated like a thug? Don’t dress like one. A black guy who dresses like a hipster won’t be pulled over.

    I was raised liberal actually, but anyone with a pair of eyes can see that it simply doesn’t work in the long run.

  23. Dissenter

    “A black man who dresses respectably and not like a gangster rapper, a culture that perpetuates anarchy and violence, is far less likely to have anything happen to him. Don’t want to get treated like a thug? Don’t dress like one. A black guy who dresses like a hipster won’t be pulled over”

    You really have no clue.
    I have never met a black professional who are not conflicted about Policing practices in America.
    Why don’t you listen when you’ve not lived a day in our shoes.
    Policing practice in America is guilty by association or guilty until you prove yourself innocent, if you’re a black male.
    Last year I made an official complaints against an officer that called my wife “baby mama” during a routine traffic stop. I persisted with all my official channels available and threatened to litigate until he was officially reprimanded. I got the confirmation , in writing.
    You don’t see a problem with 67% black populace and 50/53 white police officers in the police department?
    If the black people carrying placards had gone out to vote and organize their neighborhoods, they would not be having these problems, hence i can’t absolve them of blame.

  24. Tomtom

    Cavani is not the right player for us. He let down psg when they needed him against Chelsea and was also poor at the World Cup. He can’t handle big pressure games

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Some stuff out there that Khedira might be available at a real cut price, lower than the £20 Million that was previously spoken about as time is running out and Madrid seek to cash in on him rather than lose him for nothing next summer.

    If that’s true we should certainly move in for him. He’s not the proper CDM we all want but I think if he can get his relationship with Ramsey right and become more of a midfield general hanging back a bit he could be very effective for us.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    His move to PSG was a mistake, I think he’d probably admit that.

    But considering he’s been second fiddle to Ibra who’s a freak of nature and been played out wide his stats are still pretty good.

    Shouldn’t be fooled, though he’s been poor by his standards he’s still a fantastic player! At the centre of our attack where he wants to be, Sanchez one side, Walcott the other and Ozil behind he’d be lethal…so lethal it’s not even funny.

    I’m supremely confident of that. But I doubt very, very much we’re in for him. Not sure where he’ll go…disappointed if he ends up at Liverpool, though they seem keen on Rossi allegedly.

  27. Dissenter

    Don’t you think it’s science fiction expectation to expect us to spend 51 miilion on a striker with no resale value.
    Wenger wont ever spend that much on a 27, going on 31 year old striker.
    I think Wenger is looking for the freebie young striker that can be sold for 25-30 million when he turns 29 years old- That’s why he has Sanogo.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t for a second think we’re in for Cavani. But he’d be a signal of our intent.

    It’s pretty pointless for us now to be buying players to then sell them 4 years later considering how large our commercials are now and we keep adding new partners all the time.

    Wenger will no doubt always prefer showing how clever he is and picking out the unknowns. Just feels unnecessary now.

    I don’t really think we should be caring about resale value. If he decides £50 Million for a 27 year old is too strong, fair enough, inclined to agree. But so long as its with say “next summer Reus is far better value.” Fine with that. Not so much “we’ll run on with Sanogo instead.”

    I want all this resale, giving youngsters infinite chances and “career killing consideration” to stop now. We have money pouring in, got a mountain in the bank, we now need to start regularly winning big prizes.

  29. Tomtom

    Not convinced by Cavani. Great players take chances in big games but from what I’ve seen of Cavani he is not a great player.
    Disappointed with our summer transfers. We won’t win the league with this squad. We are 3 top players short of having an excellent side

  30. Dissenter

    I must admit that I was really concerned about the game on Saturday against a Tony Pulis – coached side, especially since we wont have Mert +/- Koschielny back ion the side yet.
    ..but as fate would have it, Crystal Place are in distress.

  31. Tomtom

    Great players take chances when it really matters. Cavani gets the occasional good goal but is far from a great player. Cavani would flop in the premiership and is not worth the risk.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Usually I worry coming across a team that has just lost it’s manager, they can go one of two ways, crap, or be really pumped up and out to prove a point.

    However, I can’t see this having anything but a negative effect. They just lost the manager of the season last year 40 hours before they play Arsenal away in the opening game with Arsenal having just demolished City.

    Arsenal need to come out the blocks fast and hard and Palace will capitulate early.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    BBC reporter Ben Smith apparently says Liverpool were told “No Chance” by Benzema, Falcao and Cavani respectively.

    I’m not an LMFAO type person…but LMFAO. Liverpool fans are so deluded that’ll sting.

    Hey Henry, smoke on that mate!!

  34. Cesc Appeal

    I’d say actually Cavani has everything to succeed in the Premiership. Pace, power, stamina, skill, work rate.

    I mean, moot point because I sincerely don’t think we’re at all interested. I think these stories are made up based on our interest 6 months ago.

  35. Tomtom

    He was terrible against Chelsea in the champions league, missed some great chances and let his side down badly. He had a very ineffective World Cup and was made to look average when compared to Suarez. He would be an improvement on what we have already got but still not an option I would go for. You would also question his hunger having joined PSG

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    Cavani at £50m is too much, esp. when you add in his likely wages.

    We have a lot of money, but we need to be cleverer than that to be successful in the long term

    Bringing in players just as they’re about to hit the big time playing wise.

  37. southernpeople

    If i bet on foreign strikers’ success in the PL Cavani would be my best bet. He’s a monster of a striker in every sense; physical ability, fighting spirit, all skills you need from a striker, experience of playing at top level football for the last 5 years, pure hard work, you name it.

  38. Tomtom

    Any new le grove fantasy league this year.
    I won it last year and I’m sure I’ll win it with ease again this year!

  39. Tomtom

    You mean the Messi that was named player of the tournament????
    I don’t agree that messi deserved that but he certainly had a better World Cup than Cavani.

  40. N5

    Tomtom, the point was more by Messi standards he was off, same with Cavani, a bad match against Chelsea and a bad world cup is not the barometer for writing off one of the best attackers in the world.

    Not convinced, fine. But you’re 1 of a few.

  41. Dimitri

    Dissenter, no I don’t think its a problem. When you start implementing quotas just to make sure it favors one particular group the said profession becomes a bit of a joke. If people are being denied when they’ve got the qualifications that’s another matter but it’s a bit like women in the army how they lowered entry standards for the physicals because enough women weren’t passing them.

    We’ve all had run-ins with 5-0 but they simply have more power they are an armed extension of the government. This whole idea about people having rights in general is a bit ott, only the most powerful people have the real rights, the rest of us get screwed unless you move up in the world.

    Anyway, I hear ya, but you’ve got another thing coming if you think we don’t all have our problems.

    As for football I’d have a wet dream if Cavani arrived. But DM has to be the priority I think we get a Martinez type that can cover CB/DM we’ll be in with a shout this year.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    You can’t keep saying “he had a terrible game against Chelsea.”

    Ozil had several horrendous performances last year, but we’re not writing him off, we all know how great a player he is.

    PSG was the wrong move, I don’t know how much of a say he had in it but it was a stupid move.

    Having said that Ibra is a freak of nature.

  43. Tomtom

    We need a defensive midfielder first. We need to stop getting blitzed in big games away from home. Keep it tight at the back and attack with pace when the chance arises

  44. babatunde

    Dissenter, you know walter williams right. He is a black man and has opposite views to you. What do yÒu make of that. Also, I am not sure that only 3 blacks in a police force is anyone’s fault. Its just what it is. Whose fault do you think it is.

  45. Dissenter

    I assume that you read my post fully before your rebuttal?
    Did you read where I said that to he 67% majority haven’t used their votes properly or probably failed to vote at all.
    94.3% of the police force being white in a 67% majority black area smacks of the good ole boy network? You don’t get to 94% by accident, that’s an exclusionary organization.
    Even if you enlisted some minorities, they’ll probably quit because the work environment will be choking. I can imagine the casual jokes in the shower room.

    Stay in denial,,its a blissful state.

  46. Dark Hei


    I used to think that the blacks are just overly sensitive at it seems to me that people have moved on in general. This whole racism thing is far from our minds. But what you are describing is institutionalised discrimination in the police force and I guess I am one of those getting a reality check. Wonder what your black president is doing about it.

    Still I think you guys are a wee bit sensitive. Take the word thug for instance. The first thing that comes to my mind is Joey Barton. Who else? Folks from Stoke. I got man-handled by a big white dude in Sydney before in a supermarket of all places. I would consider him a white thug. But then I will be told by a big sign board to remember Steve Irwin.

  47. qna


    I just peed my self a little.

    Cavani £51m
    Reus £29m
    Khedira £16m

    Podolski -£10m
    Flamini -£1m

    Net £85m

    A team vs B team


    Monreal__Chambers__New CB___Bellarin

    Bench: Chamberlain, Rosicky, Sonogo, Campbell

  48. Nasri's Mouth


    never heard of him, and given the number of ‘next best things’ that get talked about, I’ll probably never hear of him again 😀

  49. Wallace

    yeah, as much as i love Wenger’s devotion to developing young talent i can’t bring myself to get excited about anyone he signs who’s 17 or under.

  50. Jim Lahey

    I think we may get a back up CD by the end of the window, and that will be it. Can’t see him making Arteta the new captain then benching him. Cavani isn’t happening, we have our big name player for the summer in already. I would love Reus to join us but City and PSG can offer more wages, he is a United fan and Bayern will come knocking for another freebie off Dortmund next summer.

    So… a pessimistic outlook but thats how I feel it will be,

  51. Dream10

    Khedira available for 8m and salary of 110k a week. AW likes that deal.
    Sami will join his mate Mesut at the Emirates.

    Unless Guardiola swoops in and signs him for Bayern. Remember, Javi Martinez is out for six months

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    10 PL games live on Fox in HD. Thanx Mr Murdoch 🙂 or if you like, all 380 games live in HD. Onya Rupert 😀

  53. gnarleygeorge9

    Big Saturday is almost here. My beloved Tigers going for broke v Adelaide or quick button press to check the Wallabies v All Blacks in the bum sniffing, then its over to Blighty for the start of the PL. Sporting life’s good!!!!!

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    My tip for the PL title is The Arsenal followed by daylight, then Chavs. But beware Arsene, that horrible Portugese Ponce will start the mind games around about November 😈

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Graham Hunter on twitter mentioned it. It’s being reported that the deal is almost done. I suspect its BS

  56. Dream10


    Good point. They only have Boateng,Badstuber and Dante at CB. Martinez was their fourth CB. They have Rode and Alaba who can play CM. Perhaps they sign a combo player.

  57. Jeff

    So, Wenger reckons Everton are title contenders. When will that guy stop talking bollocks? He must enjoy it. What he really means is they are “fourth place” contenders (like us) which to him is of course a trophy of sorts.

  58. qna

    I am getting excited again. We are being linked with the right names. Khedira, Cavani, Reus. Not sure about Manolas. Would like us to put in say a £10-12m bif for Nastasic first. Hope we spend a net £100m on quality players this window. Its not the same as spuds because these are world class internationals playing for big clubs.

    Athletico, hands off Reus please. We can sell you Cazorla for £20m and Podolski for another £10m. Woukd bring our net to £2m and we could go out and splurge the full £100m on Cavani (£50m), Reus (£30m), Khedira (£8), Nastasic (£12m).

  59. Nasri's Mouth


    Of course we’re title contenders, (we’re an outside bet of course too), but for Wenger to say otherwise before a ball has been kicked would be idiotic. If he came out and said we wont win it, he’d be absolutely slated.


    You’re getting excited because you believe stories from The Metro.

    We’re not signing Reus or Cavani. Not a chance

  60. qna

    Nasri, Mirror. Metro saying too. Great.


    I have a sneaky suspison we will sign one of them if we can find a new home for Podolski.

    Plus Khedira plus a new CB.

  61. Insomnia

    Before tomorrow is out I want our second transfer window done:


    If we don’t sign them all I will be very unhappy – VERY unhappy.

    Ps add khedira to that list

  62. Jim Lahey

    Loving the media’s new outlook on things, now its “Arsenal haven’t won the league since 04” and yet somehow forget to mention the last time that Liverpool won the league….

  63. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: I have a sneaky suspison we will sign one of them if we can find a new home for Podolski.

    zero chance

  64. BacaryisGone

    In the spirit of Pedro’s empty ticket ideas……..

    No post from Pedro: Here’s the problem and the solution

    The problem is that Pedro is the nearly always the last blogger to post a article and I don’t comment on the other blogs. The solution is to either a) write the post before he goes to bed or b) wake up a little fucking earlier.


  65. qna

    Nasri: zero chance.

    So if your wrong it will mean you have no credibility in your opinions from that day on.

    Jim Liverpool has 1 UCL winner and 1 UCL r/u and 1 league r/u, 1 fa cup, 1 Uefa super cup and 1 league cup since 04

  66. qna

    Gregg how do you know that about Podolski. Aparently olypoakos said we gave positive indications about him but not campbell.

  67. Gregg


    Just an opinion mate, he doesn’t look or act like a guy who is looking to leave. He’s won the FA cup and the World cup in a matter of months. Lifes good for him right now I reckon

  68. Jim Lahey

    @qna – What is r/u?

    Yup they sure have done well in the cups, but its been 25 years since they last won the league.

    In that time we have lost a Champions League final and two League Cup finals, things cloud have been a lot different.

  69. Dark Hei


    UEFA Super Cup? It is kind of like winning the Charity Shield, just less enjoyable since it is not against a domestic rival.

    r/u are big deals. We have more than them anyway.

    We have 2 FA Cups vs their 1.

    They did win the UCL but subsequently almost went bust.

    And more importantly we have won the 4th place trophy 17 times in a roll. Now tell me how many times have they gotten it?

    Just some light banter.

  70. qna

    My opinion on chances of buying different players.

    1% now
    10% if we sell pods
    60% if PSG buy Di Maria
    90% if psg buy di maria and we sell pods

    10% now
    80% if we sell pods or santi
    10% if we sell pods or santi and buy cavani

    60% now

    30% now

    20% now

    60% now

    Any CB
    99% now
    60% if we buy a dm that can play CB

  71. Gunman

    i see Wenger is up to his of tricks gambling on players fitness, playing people out of position and refusing to address the real problem areas in time for the first game of the season. Chambers looks a real prospect but now he’s gonna be slung right into the deep end straight away.

    We sit one injury away from a defensive crisis. I now understand why Wenger was testing Monreal at CB in pre-season and has been talking up Wilshere as a DM.

    Its all good having a contingency plan incase of emergencies but we’ve had more than enough time to address these issues.

    Wenger has now spent £100m in the last year without actually addressing our main problem areas. And before you say Debuchy and Ospina we only signed them as direct replacements for players who were out of contract anyway.

  72. Jeff


    I was assessing Wenger’s opinion of Everton – not us. To say that Everton are title contenders (one of Wenger’s latest gems) is indeed idiotic.

    As for us, of course he cannot say we won’t win it but that wasn’t the point I was making.

  73. Jeff

    If we don’t sign the necessary personnel of sufficient quality in the key positions required, we will be woefully short of depth once again. Others were already strong and have now become stronger. We have merely become a little stronger but not enough (in my estimation) to counteract the perils of the season – specifically with regard to fatigue and injuries.

    These factors have been an albatross around our neck for so long and have scuppered so many seasons that it is folly to simply go into battle without the necessary depth. If we don’t address these problems in the little time that is left, it is going to be another season of having to settle for fourth. I’m sick of that f****g number.

  74. Jamie

    I haven’t read through all the comments yet, so I don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but did anyone catch the pre-game press conference this morning (available to watch on Arsenal Player)?

    Journo: “Could you ever work with a Director of Football?”
    Wenger: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.”

    So you’re telling us there’s a chance, Arsene?