2 games, 2 trophies: Arsenal coast Community Shield

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Arsenal kicked off their assault on the season with a quite delightful spanking of Manchester City. Beating any City side by a margin is exciting, but it is important to remember we did exactly the same last preseason. So let’s enjoy it, but not jump the gun on what we need squad wise and how hard we’ll compete this year.

There were some massive positives and not so many negatives, which is always a delight to note.

Calum Chambers:

The right back come left back looked a very good fit for most of the game. He has a fantastic frame, he reads the game very well and he performed a solid job yesterday. He has a calm persona which is unusual with young players and he’ll certainly be useful this season. In fact, you’d have to say he’s pretty integral to the opening 5 games for us, seeing as the options are low and there were rumours Laurent picked up an injury. Someone I spoke to thought signing a £16m teenager was crazy, I think it’s great, snap up talent like that now and make them £40m talent in the future.

The Keeper:

I’ve gotta say, I think he was our man of the match. Maybe a bit ott, but for me he made a couple of crucial saves, he dealt with the sun and some very nasty high balls. I thought the difference between him and Caballero was massive. The City new boy was really shaky, I think City have a problem there this summer. Joe Hart’s place is at risk as his Head & Shoulders deal (I geared this whole block of text to making that hair product quip). Anyway, a massive thumbs up from me.

Alexis Sanchez:

I think like Ozil, he’s going to need some time to adapt to the league. At the moment, he looks to do too much and I don’t think he’s quite gelled in our system. But boy, you can see what’s coming. The guy looks like the healthiest man on the planet. That skin, so tort. His game is exciting as well, the ball sticks to his foot like glue, he’s fast paced on the ground and in the head and his runs are so tough to track. We’ve a player who can kill you from anywhere. He has timing similar to Freddie coming from deep, he can take the ball past you from outwide and he poaches from loose balls. Wait until you’ve got Ozil feeding him…


I feel the addition of Alexis  is going to lift Alex’s game to different levels. He’s not the focal point like he was last summer. He has very similar attributes and he’s still so young. I love his direct play and lust to make things happen through brute force. If he can stay fit, this could be a very big year for him, it’s basically a delay break through year for him. Can’t wait to see what he can do.

Aaron Ramsey:

I’m worried, really worried. We have one of the best talents on the planet and he shows no sign of falling off. He’s come back better looking, fitter and with all the same exciting attributes that made him last seasons half season player of the year. Sanogo played him a pretty duff ball into his path yesterday, the touch to make something of the ball was world class in every way, the finish was just so very much Aaron. A beautiful player who radiates everything you want in a young footballer. Again, cannot wait to see how a fit Aaron plays this year…

… stay away Real, he’s out man.


He was made the captain for the game, which struck fear into many because that’s possibly an early indicator that we’re not going to go hard for a CDM. I told you yesterday the focus is on a centre back, but I don’t think Arteta’s captaincy spells the end for a CDM. I just think there aren’t many amazing names out there. I do think it’s odd to give the captaincy to someone who can’t play three games in a week… and was a visibly weak point in our set up last season. Not quite sure what the plan is, unless it’s similar to the captaincy rotations of a few years ago (can’t remember the specifics?) I personally think Per Mertesacker should have taken the arm band.


Read some people state that City weren’t interested. Well, if that was our team, and we weren’t interested, I’d be pretty disgusted. It’s a good sign that we have hunger in our side. It’s a good thing to win the Community Shield regardless of it’s importance in the grand scheme of things. It’s good to have confidence going into a new season.

… and hey, we’re still missing three World Cup winners.

This season is going to be very exciting. Liverpool smashed Dortmund and looked great, Arsenal tanked City and looked very promising, Chelsea have some interesting new signings and United have a manager who is delivering some impressive wins.

Could be as fun as last year…


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  1. N5

    MH, I’m still waiting for you to tell me who the biggest club in England is as you laughed at Man U.

    Is it going to be like your Sol Campbell is a better striker than Henry because he scored in an ECL final comment?

  2. Bamford13

    People should define what they mean by “biggest” club before arguing about the matter, but if one goes by titles in past twenty years, global following, revenues/finances, commercial deals and top class players, to me it’s unquestionably United.

    Their finish last year is irrelevant.

    After that I’d say it goes Chelsea, City, Arsenal, Liverpool.

    As for Ozil vs. Fabregas — a dead topic, we thought — I think they are relatively equal but with very different styles and strengths. Ozil is longer, more athletic, can cover more ground with the ball, is a better dribbler and can be a runner on the counter, whereas Cesc is more of a battler, a more incisive passer, more creative, better on set pieces and a better scorer.

    If I had to select one or the other right now to play in front of, say, Ramsey and Arteta, I might select Fabregas (and thus agree with gambon). Think about it: which of the front six below is more dangerous and dynamic?




    Hard to say, actually.

    I see the Ozil line being better on the counter but the Cesc line being more creative, dynamic and dangerous. Cesc would dig in and play D as well.

  3. BacaryisGone

    Dissenter-my son wanted the Podolski shirt. Maybe it’s because he was the most well-known signing when RVP buggered off and fans were hopeful. He’s also probably the best Arsenal player on The FIFA video and mobile games…at least he was for 2013.

  4. N5

    Top English clubs by trophies

    1 Manchester United
    2 Liverpool
    3 Arsenal

    Top English Clubs by Riches

    1 Manchester United
    2 Manchester City
    3 Chelsea

    Top English Clubs by following

    1 Manchester United (not just in England but the world)
    2 Chelsea
    3 Arsenal

    So please tell me how Manure aren’t the biggest club in England.

  5. Daniel

    combined Chelsea and arsenal x1
    Ivanovic cahil kos gibbs*
    Ramsey fabregas/ozil*
    Walcott giroud* hazard
    very close 5.5 apiece
    *Felipe is new ,may/maynot adapt,fabregas and ozil is debatable,*giroud has more bpl experience than both Sanchez and costs who may need time to adapt

  6. Bamford13

    I’d say it’s because Podolski crushes the ball and scores big, dramatic, powerful goals — something everyone loves. On top of this, he has a winning personality and smile.

    If he weren’t so lazy and un-dynamic off the ball, he honestly could’ve been one of the best CFs in the world.

  7. BacaryisGone

    I’m thinking the Cesc situation was not 100% down to Arsene. I think they both felt that the timing wasn’t right. Cesc coming back with his tail between his legs and Arsenal having other more pressing needs in the squad.

    Perhaps Cesc sent a message out to Arsene about what his salary expectations were and that pretty much closed the opportunity off. It really is a bizarre situation considering he was available and he said Wenger was like a father to him.

  8. Bamford13


    I’d say Costa ahead of Giroud, regardless of EPL experience.

    And I’d play Sanchez wide right over Walcott.

  9. Marc

    You can argue till the cows come home who the biggest club in England is but one fact that can’t be argued is that Marble is a cunt.

  10. BacaryisGone

    Pretty good Daniel.

    Back 5 spot on. I’d have Matic and Ramsey in the centre, with Sanchez, Ozil and Hazard behind Costa. I just don’t think OG would have lead Atletico to the La Liga title and Champions League final.

  11. Daniel

    Combined arse/chelsi bench
    debuchy per terry azi
    artete Ramirez
    carzola Oscar poldolski
    Chelsea 6,arse 5
    presently we are far closer to Chelsea than most people believe, tactics/injury management will determines who pips each other.
    Need just a cb/cdm and we are equal.
    Manshitty is the undisputable strongest side

  12. Daniel

    N5,Oscar will have to compete at AMF with
    Fabregas and Oscar ,both are far better.at b2b Ramsey is currently better than Oscar.
    Its too early to judge bothe costs and Sanchez in a new league, Sanchez case is even easier he is faster and more versatile ,cosya situation is more dificult to predict

  13. Bamford13


    The new league thing is a red herring. It’s actually quite simple: Costa is a much better striker than Giroud, and Sanchez is a much better player than Walcott.

    No question re either.

  14. WengerEagle

    ‘Cesc is more of a battler, a more incisive passer, more creative, better on set pieces and a better scorer.’

    More incisive passer? In what way exactly?

    Also, Ozil is much more creative than Cesc is.




    I’d say that their set-piece taking ability is on a very similar level like their passing ability.

  15. Bamford13


    Ozil doesn’t really even take set pieces, and he can’t finish a PK to save his life. As for incisive passing, I mean passes within 30-40 yards of goal that other players neither see nor make, passes that beat defenses in one fell swoop: Cesc does that; Ozil does not.

    My point is not that Cesc is better than Ozil. I think they’re a wash. But there are definitely things Cesc does better than Ozil.

  16. Bamford13


    Also, it is simplistic to rely on stats comparisons like the above without putting these stats into context and without doing qualitative analysis as well.

    If you were to watch a video of ten Ozil assists (or “key passes”) and then a video of the same for Fabregas, you’d see that the type of decisive passes the two make are entirely different. Ozil’s assists come from passes that are more predictable, programmatic, pre-designed. Cesc’s are more inventive, more spontaneous, more creative.

    Whether this makes the one better than the other depends on the side and its needs — not to mention personal preference.

    We’ll see who outshines whom this season. Should be interesting.

  17. WengerEagle


    ‘Ozil doesn’t really even take set pieces, and he can’t finish a PK to save his life.’

    He assisted 3 goals directly from free-kicks against Stoke at the Emirates last season, he’s well capable of whipping in free-kicks, certainly is on par with Cesc here.

    And RE penalty kicks, only if you’re purely going by the two that he missed for us last season, he was Germany’s no.1 penalty taker before this World Cup for the last couple of years so to say that hecan’t take a PK to save his life is a gross exaggeration to say the least.

    ‘As for incisive passing, I mean passes within 30-40 yards of goal that other players neither see nor make, passes that beat defenses in one fell swoop: Cesc does that; Ozil does not.’

    Are you talking about long-passing here or through-balls?

    ‘But there are definitely things Cesc does better than Ozil.’

    Agree and vice-versa.

  18. Honest Bill

    It seems it doesn’t matter what Ozil does. People will say Fabregas is better because he makes more Hollywood passes. I’ll take the player with the far superior chance creation any day. Can’t really think of too many areas where Fabregas is better than Ozil unless i’m clutching at straws and using meaningless adjectives. There are no practical skills that Cesc beats him at. Such elusive and unquantifiable qualities like spontaneous and inventive are just reaching for unfalsifiable arguments in order to make Cesc sound better.

  19. WengerEagle


    I’m not relying on stats, was just using them as factual evidence to back up my point. I watched Cesc religiously from 2006-2011 when he was one of our starting CM’s and watched Ozil in every match that he played last season (40 games) so I’m in a pretty good place to flesh out an opinion.

    I don’t agree at all that Cesc is more inventive or creative than Ozil, if anything Cesc is the more conventional CAM and Ozil is more unique.

    ‘We’ll see who outshines whom this season. Should be interesting.’

    Agree, both are superb players.

  20. Dark Hei

    I think they are just different players with different styles.

    Fabregas is much more direct and a bigger goal scoring threat.

    Ozil is more elusive and harder to lock down.

    This is a old vs new Arsenal comparison.

    The current one has Fabregas playing in a deeper position for Chelsea, as Lampard’s replacement. The direct comparison will be against Ramsey not Ozil.

  21. Dorobucci

    Ozil vs fabregas can only be compared in the coming season, what they have done in the past means f**k all to me. personally I used to like cesc but that boy is a liar. Ozil is what this arsenal team needs, if mourinho centers chelsea game around fabregas then chelsea will be easier to mark out. I love what we ve got and I believe arsenal are no push overs as many will want us to believe here.
    with or without a cdm we can challenge, all we need is discipline like we showed against city, many will say their key players were out but the players they paraded at wembley cost far more than ours and some of them will be starters for us.
    To conclude I want to ask marble one question.
    Please marble aside trolling do you have any other hubby?
    For me no matter how I love something, I still get bored if I over do it and that applies to many people, but I doubt if it does to you.
    Arsenal is bigger than haters .

  22. ricky

    If you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? – Carpe – hear it? – Carpe, Carpe Diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.
    N.H. Kleinbaum, Dead Poets Society

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    Letting Demba Ba and Eto pass by beneath the nose could turn out to Arsenal’s undoing this season.

    Its a waste to have a power-packed Attacking midfield if there is a donkey posing as a striker.

  24. Revving Kevin

    Another day but it’s still the same from regulars like Bamford. Back on the Ozil is shit. Just like almost every other player we have, he gets cunted off regularly. Despite being Germany’s penalty taker he can’t take penalties? And so weird analysis of passions distances from regular moaner Bamford that is just bizarre garbage.

    Well this all proves that those on here who get abused as AKB’s are right.

    Wenger must be a fucking genius to get all these shit players to perform as they do.

    I would stick to your day jobs pen pushing, building, studying or playing computer games. Becos you really havnt got a scooby.

  25. Revving Kevin

    Hilary owls.

    This must be one of the biggest loads of old bollox anyone has written. (Excluding Ramsey should be sold or loaned). Not sure if he is trolling or ice hockey is his main sport but this is the sort if nonsense that gets spouted just to create negativity;

    Bamford said:
    “If you were to watch a video of ten Ozil assists (or “key passes”) and then a video of the same for Fabregas, you’d see that the type of decisive passes the two make are entirely different. Ozil’s assists come from passes that are more predictable, programmatic, pre-designed. Cesc’s are more inventive, more spontaneous, more creative.”

  26. azed

    Why do you come on Le-grove? You’d feel much more at home at untold and won’t have to moan about other people’s opinion.

  27. gazzap

    I ‘m looking forward to seeing alexis playing with faster players ahead of and next to him. He was too quick for the players around him on Sunday. I LOVE pace. Joel Campbell , the ox and theo will all smash it with alexis I’m sure.

  28. Revving Kevin

    Dear Azed
    That quite from Bamford is shit.

    I make no apologies for defending our players against this kind if shit.

    Here’s a tip. If you think I am wrong in my opinion on what Bamfird said, tell me why. That’s called debate. If however you believe I am wrong, debate.

    If however you have nothing to say except ‘go to untold’, I would shut up.

    So what do you think of Bamfords bizarre comments?

  29. Wallace

    let’s see what Ozil looks like now we’ve actully got the players in the side who can make the runs he thrives on. hard to make those ‘spontaneous’/defence-splitting passes when Giroud and Cazorla are the two players ahead of you.

  30. Daniel

    I don’t still get why people kip talking bout fabregas/ozil, fabregas was here 4 years ,we never won a thing ,ozil has spent less than 2years we have won 2.when we had fabregas they complained that ozil was better now its the other way around.

  31. Uwot?

    N5-the chavs more support than us around the world?don,t think so!-wealthier clubs-chavs& citeh?take away the sugar daddies & that’s a big no-guess it depends what way you twist things hey?

  32. azed

    Cesc with us was a 15 goal / 20 assist a season playing with Denilson, Song et al.
    The have different styles and Bamford was only trying to point out the differences.

  33. gonsterous

    Sanchez is gonna do what arshavin did before Wenger focked it up… The pace that arshavin used to hit opponents with as well as his skill with the ball…defenders hated having to play against him… Just hope that Sanchez can score the goals as well !!!

  34. Revving Kevin

    Dear NM

    I am a massive Cesc fan and wanted Wenger to resign him. He is a great player. Top class.

    But what Bamford presented was totally incorrect.

    No idea why Azed doesn’t want to agree or disagree about the quote.

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s good that he’s trying to stay away from his standard ‘we will win nothing with Arteta and Giroud’ and trying to explain how Fabregas and Ozil are different is worthwhile, because whilst to a degree that occupy the same role, and the same space on a pitch, they are different players. However, that explanation of their passing style is just babble

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    @Nasri’s Mouth

    Wether Revvin has a point or not mate, if he constantly attacks people for not having same opinion as him, calling them keyboard warriors and trolls. He seems to think only his opinion is correct and you should blindly love Arsène even when he fucks up. If he bothers to read my Fucking posts he’ll see that I give credit to players who have played well, as well as criticising Those I felt had a bad game. I’ve bigger up wenger for his purchase of Chambers and Sanchez plus stuck up for him when everyone was congratulating Gazidis for our new transfers and claiming it’s because of gazidis that they were signed. But because I dare to say so and so isn’t great, that makes me a cunt apparently

  37. Wallace


    to be fair to Revvin he takes so much abuse on here i’m not surprised he’s a little feisty at times.

  38. Dream10

    Rev Kev

    Fabregas is a terrific player. He is among the top candidates to be footballer of the year this upcoming season. Capable of scoring 10-15 Premier League goals and has an absolute force in Diego Costa to set up. That guy is an animal. If he is healthy, Costa will score 25-30goals in the league.

    It is beneficial to have a very good goalscorer. For us to have a chance at the title, I think Giroud/Sanogo need to score at least 30 goals combined. Just don’t see it happening. We can’t win if one of Walcott, Sanchez or Ramsey is our leading scorer with approx. 15 goals.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    As for the Cesc/Ozil debate….well they are both brilliant players and wish we could have both of them. But realistically we can’t guarantee him a starting place and chavski can so I think he made right decision as did wenger in not buying him back.

  40. Wallace

    apologies for the length, but fascinating post from the Guardian’s comments section –

    Look, let’s not fall into the trap of using that vague term (“pace”) that British journalists love to wave around to colour their writing.

    What was missing for Chambers there? We are not talking about 100 meter speed here or even 50 meter speed.

    We are talking rather, about explosiveness: a quick bounce, spring in the step and burst of recovery speed over a few meters. That’s what was missing.

    If you look at Koscielny, the reason he is a world class centre back, is that he has both anticipation AND that little burst of recovery speed over short range – which allows him a second bite at the cherry if his already great anticipation fails him.

    Kos also has great long distance speed, but the bit that matters is the burst.

    Allied to that is Kos has great core strength for such a wiry guy, some of which is natural but some of which he has worked on over time, very steadily. This strength allows him to actually tackle for the ball once his quick couple of steps has got him there – otherwise he would get brushed off, as in fact he used to when he first arrived at Arsenal.

    Will also point out that Dzeko, for a tall player, actuall has deceptively quick feet and can make space quickly over those couple of steps…when he wants to. Any journalists who suggests that he is a turtle isnt really watching him properly: Dzeko has a lot in his locker – its the head that may be a bit questionable, not the rest of him.

    So back to Chambers, he is a very smooth athlete over 10-20-30 meters, but what he hasnt really got yet is that ability to really burst and recover over a few steps meters AND to grapple with the strongest forwards. The latter is not a trivial matter – see Arsenal-Man City pre season last year when Alvaro Negredo surprised Kos incredible strength to shrug him off and score. Kos was not quite fully in shape yet, and he showed later in the season that he was strong enough – but he actually has that in him. Chambers does not quite yet.

    For a 19 year old player, both the explosiveness and the grappling stength can to some degree be acquired with the body’s natural growth and development as well as addition physical training, but how much exactly varies.

    The outcome of that is partly what will determine whether Chambers is a viable centre back in the long run. But we should not pretend that he doesnt lack that truly elite level of explosiveness – its a small detail yet so much of a defender’s effectiveness does rest on it.”

  41. Revving Kevin

    I wasnt referring to you it was Bamfords quote? Don’t get so tetchy mate.

    And I love Cesc. Brilliant player who I wanted Wenger to re-sign.

    Also, this is a Wenger out site. As such you are in a 98% majority. Mine will always be a minority view. It takes more balls for me to post on here than you. You can bully confident that most people are on your side. That does not mean your opinion is right.

    Also, when I used to do the doors, it was the quiet considered ones you had to watch out for. The gobby, aggressive and more abusive Blokes were pussies. That’s why they had to act big, they weren’t. Just saying.

  42. Revving Kevin

    “. But realistically we can’t guarantee him a starting place and chavski can so I think he made right decision as did wenger in not buying him back.”

    You see we often agree.

    I would have loved Cesc in our midfield but that meant others going.

  43. Leedsgunner

    What’s the point of the Ozil/Fab debate? Cesc is not our player, Wenger chose to pass on him and he’ll be made to live by it.

    In a way, Wenger has shown more mettle this summer than he has for a little while because it is a HUGE risk when you pass on a player like that. It is a definite vote of confidence from the manager to Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere — and I hope they realise this and step up to the plate.

    Wenger will be made to look a complete and utter fool if Cesc scores a screamer against us to win the game for Chelsea during the season. Wenger knows this. That’s why I’m still hopeful that Wenger will sign a dominant DM to negate the space to Cesc. He won’t want to look a fool, and he’ll want to be prove right for passing on Cesc… he loves being proved right. We’ll sign a DM and a CB but it will be on Wenger’s terms and prices. If we sign a DM, real progress will have been made, if not, I fear for our midfield. Capatain or not, Arteta doesn’t have the legs to last us the season.

    Transfer chicken is here. Who’s going to blink first?

  44. Dream10


    Excellent post from the Guardian comments. Long term, I don’t see Chambers becoming a top CB. He has attributes of a good defender, but I think he can become a better RB than CB.

  45. Revving Kevin

    “What’s the point of the Ozil/Fab debate? Cesc is not our player, Wenger chose to pass on him and he’ll be made to live by it. In a way, Wenger has shown more mettle this summer than he has for a little while because it is a HUGE risk when you pass on a player like that.”

    Great comment Leeds.

    But Wenger won’t be made a fool if Cesc scores a screamer, it’s what is is. Cesc is a top top player, Wenger knows that but he chose not to re-sign him. We need to get over it.

  46. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal need to sign urgently a new centre back preferably before this weekend.

    At the moment we seem to be heading into the game against Crystal Palace with Koscielny injured, Mertesacker unfit and the probability of Chambers and Monreal playing as centre back combination.

    Frankly I do not understand why Arsenal did not anticipate better the departure of Vermaelen and brought in a new cb before we sold him.

    Monreal is not defensively sound as a rb so that playing him in the middle of park particularly against a team managed by Pulis is pure folly. If we have not
    secured a cb by weekend I would prefer to play Miguel there. At least he has a background in position.

  47. pistolpete

    Come on Wenger, please buy a new dmf. You habe no addressed this position. Remember the thrashing we got from the top 3. No more attackers, we have enough. DFM & CB. Anyone & Everyone knows thats what we need. Lets not spoil the wonderful attacking players you have bought.