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Welcome to a rain sodden Sunday. Hurricane Bertha is sweeping in today, so Wembley Way is going to be a damp place to be. Bring your rain mac, but for heavens sake, leave the flask at home. It’s not befitting.

So what have we to talk about today?


Yeah, let’s talk football.

So the big chat today all centres around the Community Shield. It’s important for us only in the sense that we don’t want to come of the back of two preseason defeats and lose an opener against a title rival.

Going into the season playing Crystal Palace low on confidence really won’t be a good look. We should take this game as full strength preseason. We don’t need to bring back unfit players early if that means there could be a risk to health. I’d probably not want to see the Germans who trained on Monday. I’d be reticent to see Koscielny unless it was for a half.

We’ll see though. It was interesting to see that Bayern had their Germans back and playing in a preseason game the other night. I’m pretty sure Chelsea did as well. Bit of a mystery why ours have come back into the fold so late.


I’ll stand down on this one… #ShadKnows

I think we’re still struggling with gaps in our squad, which is a worry considering the season opens today. Vermaelen has been pictured at Barca, so he’s officially off. They’ve made a catalogue of quite average signings this summer. Hopefully Thomas won’t bomb over there.

We’ll need a centre back to come in and shore things up and we’ll need one soon. We can’t go into the season with a 19 year old right back as our 3rd choice options.

We’re also still struggling in defensive midfield. Arteta and Flamini are not going to be capable of carrying us through a season. Arteta slows our play down desperately and Flamini is injury prone and now the wrong side of thirty.

I was told that our transfer priority is the centre back position and that the move for Carvahlo might get scuppered by the massive asking price. Journalists seem and a few other people who work near the game have told me that the deal for the Sporting beast will get done shortly. So, as usual, it’s all up in the air… but I’d say it’d be a very bold move to spend £24m on a player from that league who’s really only been on the scene for a season.

I’ve tried to do a bit of research on him and it’s really tough to tell how good he is based on what you can see of him online. He has the frame of Yaya Toure and a similar style of running. He takes quite short steps rather than the long languid style of Patrick. His range of passing is pretty impressive, he seems pretty quick over ten yards, though I’d say his pace is questionable over longer distances. My main concern with a player like that is that you can’t tell too much because he’s not playing in a league that boasts the intensity.

We’d be taking a gamble on power and attributes rather than a solid understanding over whether he could make it. But look, he’s an international, though being an international for Portugal at the moment is a bit like boasting about having an English international in your side.

The jury is out…

Point is, wherever we’re looking, we need to be looking for someone to fill that void. You want a total menace, someone who snaps at your ankles and drives the team. Ideally, you want someone tall like Carvahlo who is 6ft 2. My thinking behind the thinking of having a giant in that position is that if we’re looking to play Sanchez centrally this season, we’ll lose the defensive cover Giroud offers from corners.

Good thinking, right?

Samir Nasri has asked fans not to abuse him.

“The abuse doesn’t affect me on the pitch, I just think it’s stupid,”

I agree, I don’t know why we waste so much energy hating on him, he’s an irrelevance. Sure he has an annoying face, but so do most players who don’t play for Arsenal. We should just ignore him, get on with our lives, spend our energy supporting Arsenal rather than focusing in on other players who, up until now, have proved that there moves away were the right thing to do.

… and remember, you can have all the money, all the fame and all the hot Instagram pictures… but, if people don’t like you, nay, if they hate you, it’s not nice. And believe me, he’ll be getting abuse in the streets… which is neanderthal, but a reality of being a footballer like Samir.

Right, onto the game. I’d love to see a fast team line up. A front three of Sanchez, Chambo and Joel Campbell would put the cat amongst the pigeons. In midfield, I’d expect to see Ramsey, Cazorla and Arteta. The back-line will be Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers and probably Laurent because we’ll have to. City have lots of injuries and absent players, so it’ll be a interesting game.

The weather has just taken a turn for the worse outside, it’s truly disgusting. The pitch will be slick for sure. If you’re going, have a great day!



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  1. Emiratesstroller


    Sanogo was a gamble, but he cost nothing and was third string striker option at start of last season.

    Frankly I think that Arsenal would have a better chance of getting Varane than Agger.

    Varane played only 14 games in Spanish League Last season so I would
    not be too sure that RM would not sell him if right offer was made particularly
    if they need money to balance books.

    Personally I cannot see Liverpool selling Agger to us for precisely the same
    reason we were reluctant to sell Vermaelen to Man Utd.

  2. goonerboy

    Thing is Wenger’s philosophy might just work if we had enough top forwards and more and better experienced defenders and defensive mids to compensate for his lack of interest and tactical awareness in defending.
    We probably dont need more than another one of each- but we have to realise that by mid season most of the kids Wenger has brought in will have shot their bolt for the season.
    Until now we have never had enough top players to seriously challenge for 4 trophies. We always run out of players in key positions months before the end of the season. Could it be different this year?

  3. Wallace


    if Varane leaves Madrid it’ll be to link up with Mourinho again. but just can’t see Madrid selling him.

  4. MadeToLoveMagic

    I always said sanogo was good, i dont know what is wrong with some peeps eyes,, his link up has always looked promising and i like his style,

    what i didnt realise until yesterday was the size of the dude, he towered above everyone on the pitch including toure,,,

  5. MadeToLoveMagic

    yesterdays game was an interesting microcosm of how next season could look,

    first half we were great, pacey , skillfull

    2nd we slowed down a lot with the introduction of giroud and the removal of alexis and didnt look as good..

    it showed flamini and arteta both struggle to play in a side a fluent as ours, could be a major weak point of wenger doesnt address it.


  6. Emiratesstroller


    I have no issue in keeping Sanogo on the books for League Cup games or the
    occasional cameo performance on the bench.

    However, if you are playing only one striker up front you need someone who can score goals. Sadly Sanogo has until now failed to deliver.

    I don’t recall Owen talking about Sanogo. What he did say is that Giroud is a very good striker after he scored goal. As you said I don’t pay much attention to the utterings of Owen or most ex Liverpool pundits.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    Why do you assume that Varane would prefer to play for Mourinho rather than Wenger?

    At Arsenal he would have the opportunity to play alongside Debuchy and Koscielny.

    As you said Real Madrid would be mad to sell him. However, more stupid things have happened and they sold Morata this summer who was considered
    surplus to requirements and played a similar number of games in first team.

  8. LeMassiveCoq

    I really don’t think Sanogo is going to be good enough. To me he just looks like another version of Giroud, except with a little bit more pace. He certainly doesn’t look like a clinical striker to me.

    Perhaps this is Wengers vision though, big man holds it up, has lots of options of fast, skillful players to lay it off to. It certainly seemed to work against a lacklustre Man city yesterday. I really think we need an alternative fox in the box striker also though, not sure if Campbell will fir the bill for that role.

    I’d really like to see us try and prize Hernandez away from ManU. Doubtful they’ll sell him to us after Vermalen though.

    Rumours about Rabiot (don’t know much about him?) and again Quintero (to replace Pod?).

  9. qna

    E stroller. You dont have to sell me on Varane. He is top of my list. He is 21, quick proven at international and real madrid level. But Varane to me seems unlikely – a caughtoffside only type story.

    I am wondering whether Hummels is too slow for the EPL and we already have Per. I dont even want Agger to be honest.

    Second on my list is Nastasic. Again, due to his age and experience at a top club and at international level. City do need to sell as soon as they have Mangala. They have now 10 defenders in their team. They are going to sell Javi Garcia, so they dont need to sell Nastasic. But look at their list of defenders now:

    CB: Mangala, Boyata, Kompany, Demichelis, Richards, Nastasic
    RB: Zabaleta, Sagna,
    LB: Kolarov, Clichy

    Nastasic is U21 so only one more year before he takes an interational squad position, Richards is English – would make less sense sell him IMO. If he goes up for sale, we could pay up to 20m for him, which other clubs will struggle to do. Since they are trying to meet FFP rules they need to balance their books and take a good offer. I can really see us landing him.

  10. Wallace


    it was Mourinho who signed him for Madrid and then brought him into the team at Pepe’s expense. unusual for Mourinho to promote a kid, so he must really like him. and there’s been talk he’s trying to sign him for Chelsea.

  11. Emiratesstroller


    There were a queue of clubs including us who wanted Varane. Just because Mourinho was the incumbent manager at Real at time does not give him the

    What is however interesting is that Varane’s secondary position according to transfermarkt is defensive midfield and also his agent also acts for Debuchy,
    Giroud and Sanogo.

    As I said stranger things can happen. Wenger does not always do the predictable and likes to create smokescreens when conducting transfer business.