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Welcome to a rain sodden Sunday. Hurricane Bertha is sweeping in today, so Wembley Way is going to be a damp place to be. Bring your rain mac, but for heavens sake, leave the flask at home. It’s not befitting.

So what have we to talk about today?


Yeah, let’s talk football.

So the big chat today all centres around the Community Shield. It’s important for us only in the sense that we don’t want to come of the back of two preseason defeats and lose an opener against a title rival.

Going into the season playing Crystal Palace low on confidence really won’t be a good look. We should take this game as full strength preseason. We don’t need to bring back unfit players early if that means there could be a risk to health. I’d probably not want to see the Germans who trained on Monday. I’d be reticent to see Koscielny unless it was for a half.

We’ll see though. It was interesting to see that Bayern had their Germans back and playing in a preseason game the other night. I’m pretty sure Chelsea did as well. Bit of a mystery why ours have come back into the fold so late.


I’ll stand down on this one… #ShadKnows

I think we’re still struggling with gaps in our squad, which is a worry considering the season opens today. Vermaelen has been pictured at Barca, so he’s officially off. They’ve made a catalogue of quite average signings this summer. Hopefully Thomas won’t bomb over there.

We’ll need a centre back to come in and shore things up and we’ll need one soon. We can’t go into the season with a 19 year old right back as our 3rd choice options.

We’re also still struggling in defensive midfield. Arteta and Flamini are not going to be capable of carrying us through a season. Arteta slows our play down desperately and Flamini is injury prone and now the wrong side of thirty.

I was told that our transfer priority is the centre back position and that the move for Carvahlo might get scuppered by the massive asking price. Journalists seem and a few other people who work near the game have told me that the deal for the Sporting beast will get done shortly. So, as usual, it’s all up in the air… but I’d say it’d be a very bold move to spend £24m on a player from that league who’s really only been on the scene for a season.

I’ve tried to do a bit of research on him and it’s really tough to tell how good he is based on what you can see of him online. He has the frame of Yaya Toure and a similar style of running. He takes quite short steps rather than the long languid style of Patrick. His range of passing is pretty impressive, he seems pretty quick over ten yards, though I’d say his pace is questionable over longer distances. My main concern with a player like that is that you can’t tell too much because he’s not playing in a league that boasts the intensity.

We’d be taking a gamble on power and attributes rather than a solid understanding over whether he could make it. But look, he’s an international, though being an international for Portugal at the moment is a bit like boasting about having an English international in your side.

The jury is out…

Point is, wherever we’re looking, we need to be looking for someone to fill that void. You want a total menace, someone who snaps at your ankles and drives the team. Ideally, you want someone tall like Carvahlo who is 6ft 2. My thinking behind the thinking of having a giant in that position is that if we’re looking to play Sanchez centrally this season, we’ll lose the defensive cover Giroud offers from corners.

Good thinking, right?

Samir Nasri has asked fans not to abuse him.

“The abuse doesn’t affect me on the pitch, I just think it’s stupid,”

I agree, I don’t know why we waste so much energy hating on him, he’s an irrelevance. Sure he has an annoying face, but so do most players who don’t play for Arsenal. We should just ignore him, get on with our lives, spend our energy supporting Arsenal rather than focusing in on other players who, up until now, have proved that there moves away were the right thing to do.

… and remember, you can have all the money, all the fame and all the hot Instagram pictures… but, if people don’t like you, nay, if they hate you, it’s not nice. And believe me, he’ll be getting abuse in the streets… which is neanderthal, but a reality of being a footballer like Samir.

Right, onto the game. I’d love to see a fast team line up. A front three of Sanchez, Chambo and Joel Campbell would put the cat amongst the pigeons. In midfield, I’d expect to see Ramsey, Cazorla and Arteta. The back-line will be Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers and probably Laurent because we’ll have to. City have lots of injuries and absent players, so it’ll be a interesting game.

The weather has just taken a turn for the worse outside, it’s truly disgusting. The pitch will be slick for sure. If you’re going, have a great day!



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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Doing the Pozman was good today. I don’t know if they showed it on tv, but the entire Arsenal end of Wembley (and most of the sides too) doing it, was great to see.

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    No such thing as a friendly if you play for Arsenal 😉

    A troll with a failing memory, tch tch

  3. AbdulDT

    Encouraging performance from the boys.

    Regarding arteta I think he reads the game well and is great at keeping possession and keeping the ball moving even though it means a lot of side ways passes at times. What he lacks is physicality and athleticism.
    I feel the best way to address this without losing what arteta offers is to have a CDM who is just as good circulating the ball or keep arteta in the side and have a khedira type of player in a 4-3-3. That would mean shifting ozil to the wings with Sanchez and have giroud through the middle.

  4. goonpharm

    With or without the armband Arteta is respected well at the club. From what I’ve heard he’s the one who arranges things to help build team spirit and is the go to guy for the young players.

    He was the ring leader who went to see Wenger after our dismal showing against spuds after the 2-1 defeat in 2013 which led to a solid run.

    He commands respect from his teammates and his manager and coaches like him too. Only in England is the role of captain heralded as if the armband gives the wearer some special power.

    Personally I think we could have given it to anyone of;

    Theo – the lad talks like a captain!

    Like I said, I don’t care who wears the damn thing. Leaders like Per will still lead with or without it.

  5. MarbleHall

    It’s a given all games are Cup Finals when you play for a team like Arsenal be it a friendly or a competitive match.
    Today’s game will have no bearing on who wins the league that’s another given.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Marble Hall: It’s a given all games are Cup Finals when you play for a team like Arsenal be it a friendly or a competitive match.

    But I thought they were meaningless? That’s what you said wasn’t it?


  7. southernpeople


    you’re right; no meaningless games. that’s the attitude our players should show.

    The other day Ramsey was saying that we should show that we could pass the Emirates Cup test and that kind of attitude elevated his game.

    We need to win and win everything that comes our way or at least do our best.

  8. Keyser

    “He was the ring leader who went to see Wenger after our dismal showing against spuds after the 2-1 defeat in 2013 which led to a solid run.”

    goonpharm – Where did you read that ?

    I like Arteta, he’s obviously nowhere near his peak, probably wasn’t when we bought him, but his gamesmanship and the way he reacts to what the team needs is a qualiteh we’ve needed these past few years, not sure if Wenger announced the Vice-Captain but if it’s Mertesacker then you’ve got some continuity as the team grows, the next Captain along would surely be someone from the younger age-group led by Ramsey.

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    Like everything, I think it’s somewhere in the middle.

    A win will have some decent confidence gains, and of course it’s an indicator of where we are in comparison with ManC.

    But ultimately it’s also a training game, and a way of getting rid of the summer rustiness.

    The large number of subs and the reaction of the players at the end showed that while the win is valuable, it’s not that valuable.

    (IE I’d swop it for 3 points in the league)

  10. kwik fit

    “You cannot play with two centre backs the whole season; that means he will play. You saw [Nacho] Monreal who played one or two games at centre back and he did well.” Hahaha

  11. southernpeople


    wining is as much about attitudes towards the game as it’s about quality and for long time I felt we missed that kind of attitude the reason I am happy.

    This win have therefore some MEANING.

    I also happened to enjoy any Arsenal win the reason why I don’t get people belittling it!
    Enjoy while it lasts

  12. kwik fit

    Oh how I long for those heavy days in Brazil when Arsene was carefree and nonchalant. Hanging about like a beach bum( I seem to recall one in particular) and spending money like it was going out of fashion. But those days are gone………………………………………………….

  13. Dissenter

    People make too much of the captainship situation.
    The players know who the leaders are.
    Arteta is a big leader of the pack and he speaks Spanish too.

    So long as Arteta is prepared to be a non-playing captain ala Verminator, then we are good.
    Arteta is already the captain , he’s the one who lifted the trophy today.

  14. BacaryisGone

    This result is definitely helpful in moving us closer to developing the swagger that all top teams have. Clearly it doesn’t signal the season ahead, though. Man City started by missing at least 7 first-team starters by my count (Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, DeMichelis, Fernandinho, Silva, Aguero) and Arsenal only 4 (Mertesacker, Walcott, Giroud and Ozil).

    Still, it was a high energy performance and most important all the new signings performed well. Great start to the season.

  15. london gunner


    Have to say Wenger do look like total boss at the World Cup

    hahah It was actually sureal seeing this normally serious respectable type of guy playing beach football, hanging out with broads and super stars on a sunny beach…

    Lol where the fuck was his wife all this time? haha he just leave her at home to chase Brazilian women

  16. Keyser

    Lol how can you not like Giroud’s goal.

    It’s not about belittling today, it’s about perspective, our season was pretty skewed last year by 2-3 results, and we’ve shown a concerted pattern of play now for 3 years, we’re slowly starting to re-build our passing game, even if it’s with a more direct approach in the final third.

    We’ve shown that we can stifle teams to a certain extent, the past two years especially we’ve gone on runs of narrow wins, and kept a whole host of clean sheets, but that’s never going to be enough to beat the top teams, the majority of our wins have come when we’ve scored first, almost all of ours losses have come when we concede first, our heaviest losses have come when we concede especially early.

    One off cup games are one-thing, dealing with the pressures of a season is something else, it’s nice to win, but we’ve got two massive Champions League qualifiers coming up and in that respect, us building up fitness and staying injury free is far more important.

    Pulis just grabbed Friedels ass.

  17. london gunner


    Who would win in a fight you or god?

    I reckon you would say yourself!

    Your arrogance is amazing but I actually rate you for this so this in no means is an insult!

    I have to say I absolutely loved your comment when you claimed you had a better shot than Walcott. It was just pure Unadulterated Arrogance. Fair play!

    Carry on Keysering mate!!

  18. Keyser

    Also as decent as Chambers looked, he got burned twice, Kolarov didn’t nutmeg he simply pulled the ball back and turned, you can’t do that as a centre-back, same with Dzeko, Dzeko isn’t especially quick, but all he had to do was slow down, drop his shoulders a bit and then push the ball past him again.

    Those are the things you might get away with playing for Southampton, not in tight games playing for Arsenal when you need/ are desperate for the 3 points.

    Debuchy made a couple of similar mistakes, to be fair Chambers covered well when Debuchy didn’t look up and passed to Jovetic in acres of space.

  19. Keyser

    london_gunner – You remind me of Cesc Appeal, the vibrance and naivety of youth, rarely reading or taking the time to comprehend what you’ve written or what you’ve read, before you wade in.

    Mate seriously find me examples of Walcott using the outside of his right foot to take a full blooded shot, let alone an example of him scoring.

    It’s not that I’m better than him doing so, though I’m exceptionally gifted , it’s that he never uses it, and it cuts down the accuracy and the angle of his shooting, IMO ( everyone’s comments here should be taken as their opinion btw).

  20. Keyser

    I know the ball bobbles up, but I’ve just rarely seen people hit the ball aswell as Rosicky does here, outside of the right foot, when they analysed it I think Danny Murphy commented that it wasn’t hit especially hard, but that the curl and touch on it was soo good that Loris had little chance.

  21. london gunner


    But the fact is even though its not the most advanced technique rarely strikers use it on a regular basis

    I can only think of Bale who uses the outside of the foot shot often.

    Name me one striker who uses it regularly? Maybe Messi?

    Also outside of the foot shot is often used because its covering up for a players one footedness.

    Now I am claiming Walcott is two footed his not in his overall play but when it comes to shooting with his left foot his actually fairly strong.

  22. N5

    Verm – “After 5 years at Arsenal – and the last 2 years a proud captain too – it’s time for me to move on. The club, the team, the fans, the manager, the staff and other employees, you all made me feel at home at both the training ground and the Emirates Stadium. It was a wonderful time and I feel blessed I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of such a great club. There have been so many wonderful games and experiences, with lifting the FA Cup as an absolute highlight. I would like to thank you all for your support, it was a huge honour to be a Gunner!”

  23. Keyser

    london_gunner – Lol so what was the arrogance bit about if you can’t find examples.

    That was the whole point, this isn’t something radical and Walcott did take up football late in his career, so you wonder whether it’s because of that, but if he managed to open up that area of his shooting, despite being limited, technically, it’d give him a wider choice of shot.

    This was instinctive, and rather than curl it away from goal, he finds the far corner, and you see a fair amount of footballers doing , so either they’re taught this way ? Or maybe just taught to play to their strengths.

  24. Keyser

    Friedel, ex-keeper seemed adamant it took a deflection, so it might have done, just enough to get it to dip under the bar.

  25. Honest Bill

    Just seen MOTD. I thought we were pretty decent. Wilshere looked vey good. And i was pretty happy with the new signings. City were quite poor offensively though. Happy that we were clinical. Hope we can carry that composure in to the big games.

    I think that the new skin-tight shirts could provide some benefits. Players will work harder and will be less likely to allow themselves to put on puppy fat knowing that they can’t hide it. Don’t underestimate vanity. Also it’s a bit harder to grab a handful of shirt for the opposition.

  26. Honest Bill

    It looked to me initially that it took a deflection. But who cares. It’s rare that OG would have the confidence to take a shot on from there.

  27. N5

    I’ve watched it repeatedly with my own eyes and do not see a reflection!

    Don’t worry about what commentators say, watch it yourself and make up your own mind.

  28. Revving Kevin

    Dear Leeds,
    you are displaying something lately that others need to learn from. You are able to give credit where it is due even if it goes against something you have said in the past.
    That’s brave and I respect you for that.

    As you say, The Giroud goal was a great strike. Those that are discrediting it are just complete imbeciles obsessed with the agenda they have against him. You see, they call him shit daily, so when he does something like that they get pissed off and so as not to be proved wrong discredit. (If they had brains or any decency they would admit it was a great goal and still say they don’t rate him.)

    Brainless idiots who can’t ever be wrong yet are 99% of the time.

    Exactly the same with Sanogo. If he scores goals they are all tap ins against a shit team, if he creates Ramsey’s goal it’s ‘a shit pass. He played well today and linked well with Sanchez. But he’s a freebie by Wenger and that’s like a red flag to a bull to a Wenger out activist for some reason.

    When arsenal beat Benfica they are shit and it’s only a friendly. And this blog moans.

    When we lose to Monaco we’re shit and it’s an important game and this blogs full of angry young men acting like girls on a period.

    When we SMASH Man City it’s only Becos they were shit. I mean, three nil without our Germans or theo and with new players and a striker who apparently isn’t championship quality and a novice centre half who’s ‘not ready’.

    They had Toure, navas, silva, fernando, jovetic, kolerov, Dzeko and yet it was a weak team with all their best players out.

    This utter Bollox from some idiots who just go on endlessly is not funny any more.

    This is a fucking great club with some great fans but boy do we have some long didtance idiots on here who either do not understand football, are trolling or simply are so agenda bound with agendaitis they can’t get their heads out of their arrogant arses to see the sunshine.

    Tomorrow’s agenda will be to discredit this win and continue to pick on some players. This win will have hurt a lot of peoples pride. So they’ll attack. Guaranteed it will be Groundhog Day as someone once said.

    7 Hours and we havnt won a TROPHY.


  29. Goondawg

    I think that the new skin-tight shirts could provide some benefits. Players will work harder and will be less likely to allow themselves to put on puppy fat knowing that they can’t hide it. Don’t underestimate vanity. Also it’s a bit harder to grab a handful of shirt for the opposition.

    Good Point HB

    Also today’s comments from Wenger makes me fear he’s not going to buy a CB, but rather a utility man with DM-CB-GK all rolled into one

    on replacing Vermaelen…

    What it does in my head is [make me think that] Chambers is among the best three and if I can find another one I will do it. But to find another one of that quality will not be easy because… Vermaelen left us and had the choice between two massive clubs. That means these clubs have looked everywhere as well and that means it’s not easy to find.

    on looking for a fourth-choice centre back…

    You make your position with your performance and you have to accept that. With the boys who have chosen to live in a competitive world, who plays? I cannot tell you. But maybe a guy who can play in two or three different positions would be a better asset for us.

  30. Keyser

    Lol of course it matters, it’s Giroud. That slight deflection or not is the difference between people thinking ‘He’s still shit’, or ‘fuck, there might be some hope for him, I better not write endlessly about how Niklas Bendtner is a better player, who was mis-managed’.

    Like the 40 yard effort against Stoke, or the shot against Everton, even the West Ham goal.

    Though people do seem to cream themselves more over 30 yard screamers.

  31. reality check

    Giroud scored a decent goal. Why can’t some just give it to him. It doesn’t change the fact we need a wc CF. Saying a good thing about an average player doesn’t detract from the fact he’s average.

    Plus, when you’ve played the game especially as a striker you dont give a shit if it takes a deflection or not, you say “I scored” end of.

    We played well, competitive or no, you go out to win games. So for today. Job done. Moving on to the league, well we have a better team a bettet fitness coach and wengers spent some money.

    It’s called progress. Yes, we should never have been in this position in the first place, mabey it is all wengers fault.

    Fact is he’s here for three more years. Deal with it. The players we have are, the players we have, deal with it.

    Even though it was all self inflicted, we have still made progress.

    Ozil, alexis, per, chambers, new ramsey. Progress.

  32. Keyser

    Goondawg – Not sure on clubs having looked everywhere, it was Man United and Barcelona, you’d think they would’ve lined up a big centre-back buy, but United let Vidic leave, and Ferdinand, while Barcelona bought in Mathieu, both Mathieu and Vermaelen can play at full-back.

    I don’t think Barcelona or Man United have the money to be as choosy as you’d expect, and Vermaelen offers a versatile, experienced alternative, plus he’s decent on the ball.

    Whether you think Vermaelen or Sagna are worth it or not, we’re going to miss their experience and attitude, Debuchy and Chambers have both shown good aggression at times, hopefully it means they can back it up, rather than simply lead to rash decisions.

  33. Revving Kevin

    Dear Reality Check
    That’s a fair balanced comment mate. I don’t agree about it be self inflicted as I believe in the ten year plan but at least you are being balanced. That’s unusual on here.

  34. Honest Bill


    Yeah i reckon that a utility defensive player is a good idea. versatile players are important.


    Who cares what people say. If Giroud becomes more confident and more clinical in front of goal, people will warm to him a bit more. Until then people will not be satisfied. OG is decent but limited and lacks composure. if he rectifies this people will cut him some slack. or he needs to put up numbers that are impossible to argue with.

  35. Revving Kevin

    Dear Keyser
    Yes bumface really did talk some shit about Bendtner that was really funny. Not sure if he was being serious though, he may be a gambon type troll. Still not sure.

  36. Keyser

    N5 – Yeah, I think it matters, Giroud’s right on that fence, between consistent performer who does a job, and obviously with the negative Le Grove slant, being incredibly shit and someone we carry as a team.

    The goal gives hope that he has more to his game, I don’t think I’m over-stating this when I say, the mystery revolving the phantom deflection could be the difference between us winning the title or not.

  37. N5

    Yeah I just reread Keysers comment. At first glance I though he was digging on Giroud, I didn’t realise it was a Bamford parody.

  38. Revving Kevin

    Keysers aren’t always the easiest to understand! But I got that straight away.

    Ps: Mate, good luck tomorrow on here with the Giroud goal support.

    I’m avoiding this place tomorrow, the natives with agendaitis are going to be so pissed off we thrashed City and Giroud scored that goal. It will be like a spud blog.

    gambon especially always goes mental the day after a win, never forget Dortmund away win, he was seriously pissed off the next day. Pre-menstrual behaviour. (He’s a fake mate). And after the FA cup final win. But as he says “you arsenal fans only want pretty football”.

    We should do a meet up, I would love to meet a couple on here for a frank discussion. Don’t worry, I’ld buy you a beer!

  39. reality check


    Well ok. We agree. That’s one quality signing more than we had last year. That’s progress. Mabey its only one. But +1 vs 0 is positive. I’d go fas as to say it’s +2 (Ozil, Alexis)

  40. N5

    Lol, Kev, you’d be the first on here to offer a meet up with me and not want to cave my head in.

    I honestly don’t mind people not liking Giroud, that’s up to them, but it’s mad to constantly dig at the man. He scored a great goal today and he may have done little else, but at 3-0 who really cares.

  41. Keyser

    Honest Bill – Not sure it works like that anymore, we could play well enough to give Giroud 30 tap-ins, but if he’d scored that goal against Everton, instant, albeit maybe temporary, reprieve.

  42. N5

    reality, you’re wasting your time mate. He’ll flip flop around the conversation and then make up a load of lies about things you didn’t say. He’s a weasel that gets seriously pissed off when Arsenal win, hence all the tantrums from him today.

    He couldn’t wait to come on here and spoil the party!! If Arsenal had lost today, you would have seen a completely different reaction from him, about how the cup is a real one and friendlies aren’t friendlies where Arsenal are involved.

  43. Revving Kevin

    N5 ignore him I do he hates it . He tries to goad. He gets nearly everything wrong!!!

    That City team was as makeshift as ours. They had Toure, jovetic, navas, fernando, jovetic, Nasri, Dzeko, Kolarov etc. Not bad!

    We had a young novice I was told was not ready to play CB, Sanogo who apparently is shit, Wilshere who needs to be replaced, Santi who should be sold, Arteta who’s legs have gone and a midfield that was going to get over run. Changes meant us bringing on another shit striker apparently, , Monreal at CB who was a waste of money.

    So when the people saying the above about our players (as they have last couple of days) then say we beat a weak City team, ask them to explain that.

  44. N5

    Kev, also we were missing our entire German contingent and still managed to win that game in midfield, where Citeh had a pretty decent one fielded.

    It’s everything today though. Did you read the comment earlier about how Arteta shouldn’t be captain but Alexis should!! Imagine how that would have gone down at the ground.

    I even read that all the players are AKBs, I honestly couldn’t bring myself to reply to that, it’s possibly the most stupid comment I’ve ever read.

  45. Honest Bill


    Perhaps. But Giroud would score more, sexy, crowd-pleasers if he took them on more often. They don’t just happen by themselves. He tends to lose his confidence when he is facing goal. Just needs to try to be a bit more assertive and he’ll score more and people would appreciate him more.

  46. Arsene's Analyst

    Where would you rather be, playing for Barca at the majestic Camp Nou, or playing for Arsenal at the Emirates, Alexis, and I do like him a lot, but he looks pained, look at him, what a sour look on his face, his first choice was Juventus, they couldn’t afford him, with Suarez coming Alexis was surplus to requirements, and cashed up Arsenal were at the right place at the right time, Alexis and Ozil have looks on their faces that tell me they would rather be anywhere else but where they are

    In the immortal words of Brian Clough, play with a smile on your face, someone should show those two, “The Dammed United”, at least

  47. N5

    Marble, that doesn’t mean I don’t support them and hope they do, does it?

    You however get all upset every time we win because you just can’t stand it.

  48. Keyser

    Honest Bill – I’ve spent the year defending him, and people really don’t want to read it, not because I especially like him or because he’s that good, but because there’s viable reasons why he works for us, or why his goals, and him being almost ever present was needed by us last year.

    If you look at the stats today, we had 8 shots, 4 on target, and scored 3 goals, from 42% possession, in the past 4 years we’ve gone from controlling the midfield, with Fabregas, to relinquishing it almost completely to slowly building it up to what we see now, we’re efficient, quite clinical, but don’t really dominate like we used to, if not in terms of control, but the quality and frequency of us being able to create chances.

    Giroud’s allowed us to work around us, he’s the basic, lumpy pivot Van Persie was, functional and consistent, I think there might be more to him, but his consistency has mean’t more to us these past couple of years, than him really being able to explore his potential.

  49. Honest Bill


    You do realiise that Marblehall is a pure wind-up merchant don’t you? It amuses him when people react angrily. His posts are designed specifically to rile you.

  50. reality check

    Rev kev

    I get you. I think we sit on opposite sides of the fence regarding the last 10 years players bought players sold but in the end. I agree with your ‘get behind the team’ sentiment. It’s literally pointless to keep cursing out wenger, and I used to curse alot! Tbh it doesn’t look like we’re going to have the incredible highs we once enjoyed with vieira henry anytime soon (hope i’m wrong) so whatever good moments that do come our way, I think should be appreciated that much more. Sure it’s just the community shield, who cares right? We just beat city. That was a good moment. I’m not going to wait all season long before I cheer.

    Marbles funny man. N5 hates him, I get that. Mabey because they got history. To me, he’s a riot! Its all fun and games from the outside looking in.

  51. Keyser

    Should add you can see why people are wary or upset when you compare Giroud to Van Persie, because they saw the heights Van Persie hit, or still achieves, whereas fairly/unfairly Giroud has had to try to live upto that whilst having to adapt and give the team what it needs.

  52. Honest Bill


    Yes Giroud allows us to utilise depth in attack which is important. But there are areas he needs to improve. I don’t think he comes close to offering what a player like RVP can.

    Back to goal, he’s fine. But facing goal he is very limited and frustrating at times. Mostly he just lacks confidence and assertiveness.He is capable of doing better imo.

  53. Ash

    Great game today. Thought our passing looked really sharp. Some points:

    – I thought Sanchez made an excellent focal point for our counter attack.

    – I don’t rate Sanogo, I don’t think he’s good enough but he does seem to have improved drastically and whilst his pass to Rambo left him with lots to do his strength won him the ball.

    – Giroud’s goal was fantastic. He’s definitely better when confident I still don’t feel he’s good enough to be our number and one. Stats show his finishing is abysmal but who knows maybe this season will be different.

    – Meaningful or meaningless I think we can all agree it was great to see us win more silverware.

    – I love Arteta for his attitude and decorum but he needs to be phased out.

  54. Revving Kevin

    Dear Reality
    Good times aren’t that far away. My feeling is that Wenger with money is going to do what he did pre-stadium. Cheksea and City have a massive head start due to the investment but the field is being levelled. Parity will take a few years, our new sponsorships increased revenue and FFP will all help. But cheksea, City and Utd can no longer bully players to join it outbid us, as we can match them. They have to operate fairly.

    I believe this new club that has been built with our own money and incredible planning is going to bring us consistent competitiveness. We never had that pre Wenger. We sacrificed trophies IMO for the bigger picture. We should be proud if what we have built not ignore it.

    Of course that is controversial but just explaining my reasons for positivity. At the end of the day it comes down to money and cheksea and City have been awash with it while we built a new stadium and the sharks circled.

    And yes I am a positive fan that celebrates every victory and chooses not to slag off our players or club. It makes me cringe when Ibsee that non stop behaviour.


  55. Keyser

    Honest Bill – Of course he’s not Van Persie, he’s into his late 20’s and he’s been thrust in as an awkward replacement of sorts, rather than being given all the years of freedom Van Persie enjoyed.

    I think he’s resorted to what he does consistently rather than the more adventurous because he knows we need to win or need the points, and that we don’t create well enough or as frequently as he would like.

    Hopefully the progression of some of the other players, re-asserts some of the control in midfield we used to enjoy.

  56. Revving Kevin

    Sanogos movement caused City problems. He linked up well with Sanchez and created a great chance for him too. He changed the FA cup final too remember. He’s raw on the back of two year lay off but he’s improving and will be some player.

    Instead of jumping on our players, it’s become a habit, we should get behind them and give them a chance. Wenger works with them daily, has 30 years experience and has won almost everything.

    Saturday we were told Arteta had to go, Santi should be sold and jack wasn’t good enough. Sanogo was shit, Giroud was shit and chambers wasn’t ready to play CB. Our midfield would be made to look second rate against Toure and co and we would get well beaten.

    We won three nil.

    So the office workers, marketing men, builders, students and Xbox playing kids didn’t know better. So they discredit our win.

  57. Revving Kevin

    Giroud offers an alternative. Route b if you like. He is better back to goal but got exposed when we lost our runners to injury. Not fair to blame him for that. He’s a good player used the right way. He’s never going to be a suarez of course.

    Sanogo is different. We saw the runs he made off the centre halfs and how that stretched the play. He linked well with the players around him. He made two goals with that movement and that Ramsey goal was from tenacity and strength. He banged four against Benfica and changed the FA cup final. If people choose to ignore that and insult him that shows their football knowledge yet again is poor. But why insult players anyway? Don’t get it

  58. akgunner10

    Hi all…great win today…I will be in London on the 27th of august and i was wondering if anyone could help me get hold of two tickets for the CL qualifier return leg vs Besiktas at the emirates which will take place on the 27th…any help is much appreciated…you can contact me on my email:…COYG!!!

  59. Leedsgunner

    Rev Kev

    I like to call it as I see it. The people who are writing off Giroud’s goal as a mere deflection are being unfair. If it was the other way around and say Jovetic had scored it I wonder what the same people would be saying about it? I bet they would be praising it to high heaven. However the truth is our player scored it, let’s praise him for it, it’s ok.

    I’m not a Giroud fan but the truth is he scored against the defending EPL champions — for that you have to say “tres bien!” and more of the same.

    Am I saying all is suddenly better — no. Do I want the manager to sign another striker? Yes. But even so you have to give a fella credit where it’s due.

  60. Dark Hei

    We know your opinion about Giroud and Sanogo because you have repeated yourself 100000000000000000 times!

    Its not like Wenger is hidden in these forums quietly looking for nuggets of advice from geniuses like yourself. We acknowledge your opinion that those 2 ain’t perfect so shut up already.

    So cut the negativity and just enjoy the win. If you can stomach the idea of Giroud scoring a sensational goal or Sanogo getting an assist, go get your buddies, Stewart Robson and Myles Palmer and go to your private bar. You can throw darts at Wenger’s picture for all we care.

  61. Arsene's analyst

    It looked a clean strike from where I was, and it’s good to see the players having a shot from that distance if they see the opportunity, instead of trying to walk the ball into the net from 1 and a half yards, lets hope Wenger has realized it’s time to trust the players he bought, give them some freedom instead of keeping them in straight jackets with the tika taka outdated method, here’s an idea Arsene, try a few 20-25 yard shots, like what other teams do to us, catch them off guard, try something different, but I guess at going on 65 years of age you are set in your ways

  62. Arsene's analyst

    Kev, when was business ever fair, and that’s what this is, a business, we spend 150 million quid a year on wages, not much less than Chelsea and City or United, it is not their fault if our administration cannot utilize it’s resources to their fullest capacity, and we continued for 10 years to hand out socialist wages to Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner, Park, Diaby, and a whole host of other useless, ordinary players, 50k a week for that rabble, by slashing wages on those duds maybe we could have done better these last 10 years

  63. Arsene's analyst

    So this rhetoric about not a level playing field does not hold any credence, this idea we cannot compete is utter crap, Chelsea spent 100 million last season on transfers, we had 150 million quid, we can compete the manager/board/owner just refuse to, my suspicions is it is down to the manager, the stadium was a nice cover for them to use so as NOT to spend the money required, it’s quite simple if you followed AFC for as long as I have that is the Wenger way, never spend any more than 15-16 million quid on anyone, and always look for resale value when you buy anyone

  64. Arsene's analyst

    Sound business sense, I would partner Wenger in business any day, there is none better for making money, his one strength, in the future, they will hold seminars and discuss the Wenger business strategy, it will be taught in all business schools, The Wenger Principle, it is quite simple, buy low, sell high, take your profit margin, move on, do not look back, ie buy Cesc for 500k, sell him for 34 million pounds, DO NOT BUY HIM BACK FOR 20-30 MILLION, THUS RENDERING YOUR PROFIT NULL AND VOID

    And to end this discussion, there is no better example than Vermaelen, who on this planet other than Wenger could buy him for 10 million, run him into the ground, destroy his confidence, make him club captain, refuse to pick/play him for around 2 years


  65. Emiratesstroller

    The real concern about yesterday was that Koscielny may be injured. Apparently he came off with an achilles heel problem, which is why he was replaced with Monreal.

    Coinciding with the departure of Vermaelen this does now create a potential problem for at least the next two games including the Champions League

    I would not like to see a centre back combination of Chambers and Monreal. We have currently just two established centre backs on our books when most
    other teams have four.

    What concerns me most is that we sell Vermaelen first before we have found
    the replacement which is frankly bad planning.

  66. MidwestGun

    Hi N.eil, back for more action under a new name I see. I’ve already heard this version of your speeches. And so has everyone else.

    Arsene’s Analyst ? More like Arsene’s my Obsession.

    Could you post at a different time so people in my time zone don’t have to read your same old crap.

  67. MidwestGun

    I agree that’s concerning. Hopefully we can get someone in quickly. We should have had someone lined up. Perhaps we do.
    Oh and as a side note. I really enjoy your comments. Always reasoned and well presented.

  68. MidwestGun

    Anyhow, that’s me calling it a day for today. Very enjoyable game. Really, excited for new season provided we get in a few more additions. Time to sleep off the celebration. Somebody has to pick up the slack for Pedro now that he is a sober vegan. 😀

  69. peanuts&monkeys

    Arteta captaincy has taken away the joy out of this victory. Another Arsenal captain to depart Arsenal as a captain. That will be almost 4 in a row: Cesc, RVP, Verm and then Arteta. because Arteta HAS to leave if Arsenal has to succeed. he is just not a player whom we need to take aim at glory.

    This is a bad decision. Mertesacker should have been the choice.

  70. qna

    Morning all. Seasons looking promising. We can win the title by spending another £32m.

    Sold Vermaelen – £15m
    Sell Podolski – £8m
    Buy Reus (ST) – £28m (assuming his buyout next summer is really £19.8)
    Buy C. Kramer (DM) – £11m
    Buy another CB – £16m (Nastasic would be ideal, but lets assume City arent stupid, so somebody else for that much)

    Net: £32m

  71. Dark Hei


    Reus is a tempting option but I think we will need to sell Campbell too in order to give Reus enough room. They are both very young so it is kind of pointless to loan out Campbell further since he will never get back into the squad with Reus in the way.

    Attackers: Sanchez, Giroud, Reus, Walcott, Carzola, Ox,

    6 absolute first teamers with Sanogo and Gnarby as spares gives just about the right balance and depth I think.

    The only draw back is that this makes us very Chelsea-ish. Buy a young player (Campbell), loan him out, never play him and sell him for a big profit. Kind of soulless but it gets results. Shades of Lukaku.

  72. Matt

    If wenger goes into the season with arteta first choice DM it’s going to blow up in his face big time . Arteta couldn’t hack it last season so what will different this season. Top bloke but just not good enough for the arsenal first team

  73. qna

    Dark. Would absolutely not sell campbell. Our squad is already ok with strikers keeping campbell in the 25 man squad. I would sell Podolski to make way for reus.

    We actually have room for 2 additional players right now without selling or loaning. A CB and a DM.

  74. Thank you and goodnight


    Yes mate, Sanogo’s pass for Ramsey ‘ s goal was a shit pass. He scuffed it and if you’ve ever played football you’d know that. Read every paper today in regards to the match and every paper that I’ve read gave him a poor mark….6 out of 10 being the highest. In fact this is what one paper, the guardian had to say about him……

    “The finish belonged in an entirely separate footballing universe, another hopeful scuff from the young Frenchman’s apparently inexhaustible reserves of shins, pokes, flails and mis-hits.”

    So is everyone wrong and your the only right one?

  75. Klauspoppe

    “Why insult players anyway. Just don’t get it.”

    Its alright to insult players from other teams but wrong for the team you support?

    You’re a jihadist from Iraq.

  76. Wallace

    “Sanogo is intriguing. He often gives the impression that he is learning on the job – slowly – and he is yet to score for Arsenal. When a chance came his way in the first half, he scuffed it wide. Scuffing shots wide is a Sanogo speciality. Yet he had an inadvertent hand in Santi Cazorla’s opener, stumbling over his own feet and spreading confusion in the City defence, and then laid on a clever assist for Aaron Ramsey to double Arsenal’s lead. He might be raw but he is a gangly handful and, if he could add some composure to his game, then perhaps Wenger’s faith in him will be justified.”

    – Guardian

  77. Jim Lahey

    @qna – “Buy C. Kramer (DM) – £11m”

    Mate I just finished watching some youtube video’s of the guy, all he ever seems to do is get himself into awkward situations and slide into Jerry’s apartment unexpected.

    Plus I saw this one clip of him at a comedy show.. don’t think he would go down too well with our diverse ethnic fan base.

  78. qna

    Jim, but he has free coffee for life. He could fix up the boys for a daily. You know how tight the club likes to hold its purse strings. Could free up funds for transfers. 🙂

  79. Revving Kevin

    “If you’ve ever played football you’ld know that”

    Oh dear that little pearler, ‘if you’ve ever played football” to try to stop debate and say your opinion must be right. That’s true to form.

    Football is about opinions.

    And on that argument as Wenger knows more than you, he must be always right!

  80. Nasri's Mouth

    Sanogo did ok, and just as when he came on for the final, he caused problems and tied up defenders, strength and pace is always a good combination, but he still needs to improve if he’s going to be of use to us

  81. Revving Kevin

    Dear Klaus
    “Giroud. You either love him or hate him. He’s the new Alex Song in the team when it comes to dividing fan’s opinion.”

    That is true.

    I don’t think Giroud is a world beater mate at all. but I think those unable to accept he scored a quality goal on Sunday are being pathetic. My issue has always been about being fair with criticism and that means acknowledging when they do good things.

    The problem they have is that they have stuck themselves in a corner by saying a player is shit. so when the player does something to contradict that view, they discredit by saying it was lucky or took a deflection.thats wrong.

  82. qna

    Its interesting how highly the league champions value defending:

    Pellegrini: “The players that we have brought in – Fernando, Caballero, Sagna and Mangala – will help the team and will make us stronger defending but I hope we continue to be strong offensively but I’m happy with the squad.”

    Man City Defensive Players:

    Boyata, Nastasic, Kolarov, Kompany, Clichy, Demichelis, Richards, Zabaleta, Mangala, Sagna

    DMs or CMs who could play DM
    Fernandinho, Barry, Garcia, Toure, Fernando

    Summary City:
    10 defenders
    5 defensive midfielders
    5 purely attacking midfielders
    5 strikers (4 of them super high quality)

    6 defenders
    3 defensive midfielders (Flamini, Arteta, Coquelin)
    8 purely attacking midfielders
    8 strikers

  83. Revving Kevin

    Agree with some of that. However, he is already of use to us. His running behind causes problems and we don’t get that from Giroud.

    He changed the FA cup final by doing that and yesterday he linked well with Sanchez in particular and almost put him in for his first goal.

    This stretches the play and affects the opposition in many ways, not least how they set up against us. Is he world class? No. But he’s proving an asset.

    Calling him shit is childish. Trying to justify that assessment by discrediting everything he does is fairly typical on here but proves he’s not being given a fair chance.

  84. qna

    @Kev. Agree that Sonogo has shown real potential in the last two matches. The best part of his game at the moment is his movement. He can develop the other parts of his game.

    As for Giroud, I dont think it is the man himself that is divisive. I think many fans dont want him as our No 1 striker. We sold RVP and we deserve a striker of equal quality – which Giroud is not. If we had say Cavani as our No 1 and Giroud as our No 2, I think most fans would be quite happy with that.

  85. Revving Kevin

    How much did that City squad cost, wasn’t it nearly a billion quid? They and Chelsea have had a head start and packed their squad with quality. We and the rest are still lagging behind but the pitch is gradually being levelled.were catching and Wengers made some good signings so far. We can’t expect to instantly match their squad but yesterday they had Toure, Navas, Nasri, fernando, jovetic, Dzeko, Kolarov and silva in that team. We had omissions too, a ‘novice’ at CB and new additions trying to gel. Monreal at CB in second half and still kept a clean sheet and won comfortably.

  86. Emiratesstroller

    There is never going to be an ‘ideal team/squad’ playing for Arsenal, because there will be always players who are off form, injured or demotivated because
    they want to leave.

    Looking at the current squad based on Sunday we are probably 3 players short
    of a squad capable of maintaining a performance to challenge for the title throughout the season.

    Clearly the departure of Vermaelen has created a hole in the centre of defence. There are only a limited number of CBs of the right quality now available and not always at clubs willing to sell to us.

    Frankly I cannot see Liverpool selling Agger to us for obvious reasons and I
    don’t believe that Hummels will be available in this transfer window. BD are
    not going to sell him. However, there is one player who could be available and
    that is perhaps Varane and he is unquestionably a very talented player. He does not get enough playing time at RM and that might be good young player
    to target.

    Defensive Midfield I suspect is no longer an option on two counts. First Wenger has now committed the captaincy to Arteta and second I suspect that
    the three players rumoured to be of interest i.e. Schneiderlein,Khedira or Carvalho are either unavailable, demanding too high wages or the transfer fee is
    unrealistic. Also I don’t think Wenger has the budget for two more players in
    this transfer window.

    The third weakness is obviously our striker options. Giroud is controversial. Some rate him others don’t. He is not of course Henry, but until Arsenal find someone who is better and affordable we are not going to make
    a change.

    Discussions about left wingers such as Di Maria, Reus and Draxler are unlikely
    to be on agenda this summer. We have already got too many players at the club who can play the position and frankly it is not a priority and we don’t have
    the budget.

    To summarise I think that Wenger has to buy one more player [CB] and that will be it for Summer Transfer Window.

  87. Thank you and goodnight

    If you honestly can’t see Sanogo’s pass was scuffed then you really need to go spec savers mate.

    As for idiots saying giroud’s goal was lucky…..its only marble who said that. And we all know he’s a troll so it’s irrelevant what he thinks.

  88. Wallace

    the thing with Sanogo is he’s got the things you can’t teach. the power, the speed, the instinct for where to be….the things he needs to work on are things that you can learn. i’d like to think the people who’ve been trashing him for the last 12mths are now just starting to wonder…’he is shit, right?….gambon says so, and he’s never wrong…’

  89. Dark Hei


    Dzeko – He is good, but only if he is used as a lone striker. He was rubbished when used as a pair last season.

    Negredo – Good player. Worked very well with Augero. Disappeared when Augero got injured. Can’t click with Dzeko. I think he can be a good lone striker, but hasn’t proven it at City yet.

    Jovetic – Looks good. This season will decide how good he is.

    I don’t see how these 3 can be classified as Super Good.

  90. Nasri's Mouth


    Dzeko and negredo are good players but they’re not in Aguero’s class. They’re Jovetic isn’t a striker per se either.

  91. Thank you and goodnight


    Utter rubbish. Sorry but gambon is right in regards to the fans being dumbed down so much as to quality of players. Sanogo is not good enough, Wether he will be in 2 to 3 years time only time itself will show. Problem is when your short in quality up top, to have someone as raw as Sanogo as 2nd striker is madness. Yes it’s not the kids fault it’s wenger’s.

  92. qna

    E stroller I think your wrong. I think we will make at least 2 more signings. The first will be a CB as soon as possible. I doubt it will be Varane because he would cost too much and I am sure that Ancelotti will see his value and want to keep him for depth. I think it will be a defender from the french league – either a Sqilachi or a Koscielny, we wont know until he comes.

    I think we are also looking for a deadline day signing. This could be either a striker, a left winger, a B2B midfeilder, or a DM. It will depend on whats available. Real Madrid might be a club that will sell on the last day, so might PSG.

  93. Emiratesstroller


    I am afraid that Sanogo is not the solution to our striker problem. Yes he is big
    and even gets on occasions into good positions, but he lacks one essential ingredient and that is the ability to score goals. Leaving aside the game against Porto
    which were mainly tap ins he has not looked like remotely scoring in any of games he has played.

  94. Dark Hei


    I am in agreement. Sanogo is not good enough yet. His unpredictability works for a club like Arsenal. But if he plays for the relegation fodder, they are going down.

    That is now all in the past. With Sanchez and Joel Campbell now on board and Walcott coming back from injury, we go from zero to 3 backups.

    And I think Wenger isn’t that crazy. It does seem that he saw Podolski as being capable enough to take turns with Giroud as the lone striker. But it is still his failure in not recognizing that Podolski is even more ineffective than Sanogo in that role.

  95. qna


    Jovetic is comparable with Sanchez, although ours is better. In same class as Schurrle, Walcott,
    Negredo is about as good as Giroud, same class as Sturriage
    Dzeko and Aguero are both high quality strikers in the same class as RVP, Rooney, Costa

  96. Wallace

    gambon wouldn’t know a good young player if one came up and bit him on the ass. he only praises players who already cost 50m or more. your position should be – ‘if gambon’s trashing him, i’d better take another look.’

  97. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry I disagree with you. Arsenal are no longer buying ‘experimental’ players from French league unless they are long term projects. Wenger needs to bring in an experienced and proven CB.

    I mentioned Varane not because I think that we will get him, but he is the type
    of player we need. He is not finished article, but has great ability. Also you never know what is within the thinking of clubs like RM and Barcelona. Sometimes their decision making is not rational or even predictable.

    We are not going to buy a new forward. That is absolutely certain. We are overloaded up front even if you and others don’t like the players we have got.

  98. Wallace


    i disagree. he’s scored lots of goals in the past. even the c*nt Michael Owen yesterday said something along the lines of, ‘if he gets the games, there are goals in him.’ ordinarily i’d ignore anything Owen says, but on strikers, like Shearer, he probably knows what he’s talking about.

  99. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: Dzeko and Aguero are both high quality strikers in the same class as RVP, Rooney, Costa

    Dzeko isn’t close to Aguero. Excellent as a player to bring on from the bench, scores a lot of his goals that way, but as a starter he’s not really much more effective than Giroud to be honest. He’s a goal every 2 games player

  100. Dark Hei

    Dzeko has a very good finish and strikes the ball much better than Giroud. He is also a little tougher and stronger, I think.

    But Giroud has better all round skills. He is better with the ball at this feet and can actually, pass, cross and link up.

    They are both big but quite different in how they work for a team.

  101. Revving Kevin

    Dark Hei
    Podolski can’t play that main role. Where Sanogo is different is in the ability he has to make well timed runs at pace behind the defence.

    Those that knock Giroud for not being able to do that can’t claim Podolski is the answer, he isn’t. In our current squad Sanogo is, as he has proved not just yesterday but in the FA cup final. Arsenal have always played with that pace, we lost that last season with our injuries and struggled against the top teams where you need that against a high line defence.

    With Sanchez, theo and Samogo this makes us more efficient as a team

  102. qna

    E stroller: . Arsenal are no longer buying ‘experimental’ players from French league unless they are long term projects.

    It could be a long term project like Sonogo if he decides that we can cover CB with our current lot of kids. Or it could be a cheaper option like Ospina was. You cant call him experimental, but he is not proven in any big league other than france.

    I would love Varane, but I dont think AW is going to buy a player that would immediately be better than Kos-Per, which Varane arguably is.

    Nasri: Aguero is better than Dzeko. That doesnt mean Dzeko isnt top quality. He is in the same class as RVP, Rooney and Costa. He is one of the premier strikers in the EPL. City have 2 of them and United have 2 of them. Costa and Schurle are next.