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Welcome to a rain sodden Sunday. Hurricane Bertha is sweeping in today, so Wembley Way is going to be a damp place to be. Bring your rain mac, but for heavens sake, leave the flask at home. It’s not befitting.

So what have we to talk about today?


Yeah, let’s talk football.

So the big chat today all centres around the Community Shield. It’s important for us only in the sense that we don’t want to come of the back of two preseason defeats and lose an opener against a title rival.

Going into the season playing Crystal Palace low on confidence really won’t be a good look. We should take this game as full strength preseason. We don’t need to bring back unfit players early if that means there could be a risk to health. I’d probably not want to see the Germans who trained on Monday. I’d be reticent to see Koscielny unless it was for a half.

We’ll see though. It was interesting to see that Bayern had their Germans back and playing in a preseason game the other night. I’m pretty sure Chelsea did as well. Bit of a mystery why ours have come back into the fold so late.


I’ll stand down on this one… #ShadKnows

I think we’re still struggling with gaps in our squad, which is a worry considering the season opens today. Vermaelen has been pictured at Barca, so he’s officially off. They’ve made a catalogue of quite average signings this summer. Hopefully Thomas won’t bomb over there.

We’ll need a centre back to come in and shore things up and we’ll need one soon. We can’t go into the season with a 19 year old right back as our 3rd choice options.

We’re also still struggling in defensive midfield. Arteta and Flamini are not going to be capable of carrying us through a season. Arteta slows our play down desperately and Flamini is injury prone and now the wrong side of thirty.

I was told that our transfer priority is the centre back position and that the move for Carvahlo might get scuppered by the massive asking price. Journalists seem and a few other people who work near the game have told me that the deal for the Sporting beast will get done shortly. So, as usual, it’s all up in the air… but I’d say it’d be a very bold move to spend £24m on a player from that league who’s really only been on the scene for a season.

I’ve tried to do a bit of research on him and it’s really tough to tell how good he is based on what you can see of him online. He has the frame of Yaya Toure and a similar style of running. He takes quite short steps rather than the long languid style of Patrick. His range of passing is pretty impressive, he seems pretty quick over ten yards, though I’d say his pace is questionable over longer distances. My main concern with a player like that is that you can’t tell too much because he’s not playing in a league that boasts the intensity.

We’d be taking a gamble on power and attributes rather than a solid understanding over whether he could make it. But look, he’s an international, though being an international for Portugal at the moment is a bit like boasting about having an English international in your side.

The jury is out…

Point is, wherever we’re looking, we need to be looking for someone to fill that void. You want a total menace, someone who snaps at your ankles and drives the team. Ideally, you want someone tall like Carvahlo who is 6ft 2. My thinking behind the thinking of having a giant in that position is that if we’re looking to play Sanchez centrally this season, we’ll lose the defensive cover Giroud offers from corners.

Good thinking, right?

Samir Nasri has asked fans not to abuse him.

“The abuse doesn’t affect me on the pitch, I just think it’s stupid,”

I agree, I don’t know why we waste so much energy hating on him, he’s an irrelevance. Sure he has an annoying face, but so do most players who don’t play for Arsenal. We should just ignore him, get on with our lives, spend our energy supporting Arsenal rather than focusing in on other players who, up until now, have proved that there moves away were the right thing to do.

… and remember, you can have all the money, all the fame and all the hot Instagram pictures… but, if people don’t like you, nay, if they hate you, it’s not nice. And believe me, he’ll be getting abuse in the streets… which is neanderthal, but a reality of being a footballer like Samir.

Right, onto the game. I’d love to see a fast team line up. A front three of Sanchez, Chambo and Joel Campbell would put the cat amongst the pigeons. In midfield, I’d expect to see Ramsey, Cazorla and Arteta. The back-line will be Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers and probably Laurent because we’ll have to. City have lots of injuries and absent players, so it’ll be a interesting game.

The weather has just taken a turn for the worse outside, it’s truly disgusting. The pitch will be slick for sure. If you’re going, have a great day!



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  1. Revving Kevin

    A tactical victory today from Wenger, as seconded by Michael Gray. He said we were outstanding in first all over the pitch and they couldn’t handle our aggression and movement. Spot on.

    This is what better players, confidence and competition for places brings.

    Remember we had none of our World Cup winners and no Theo either and only gave 45 mins to other players, as well as integrating new players and novice chambers. So we aren’t the finished article yet. That is scary.

    Man City had navas, silva, Toure, jovetic and Dzeko but couldn’t even threaten Becos we didn’t let them. If you don’t get allowed to play, you can’t.

    I thought our team play was excellent and Chambers would get my Man of the Match award.

    If you can’t be pleased with this I feel sorry for you Becos you are missing out. I would hate to be you.

  2. Marko

    Add a defender that can challenge Mertesacker and a proper DM and we arepurring. Alexis looks like he could be a better signing for us than Ozil

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Marble Hall

    Why don’t you grow up. Stop always finding something to criticise .The team played well and won the game.

    Judge the team at the end of the season and not always sling your hook and
    criticize as you habitually do.

    The club does have the makings of a very good team.

  4. shad

    On the performance, it was decent. Glad we were able to dominate possession and make incisive passes which is a step up. To think that some of the lads are barely up to speed and those still to come is a good omen. Still think we need that CDM and CB though. Arteta and Flamini together spells trouble.

    All in all this was a City team that is littered with internationals all over and even if they were sub-par in the 1st half, it was a lot to do with our pressing and countering so hats off to the team, it does set up a decent marker. Now to get in the 2 or 2=3 needed signings and get back our Germans.

  5. southernpeople

    Giroud MOM? Is it a joke or has he won the award?

    He did nothing remarkable excepting the goal and then he played only a half!

    Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey. This guy is turning out to be our jewel!

  6. southernpeople


    “To think that some of the lads are barely up to speed and those still to come is a good omen. ”

    like Alexis and Wilsh.

  7. Dimitri

    Are there really people pissing and moaning after today’s result? We all know what the weaknesses are but this year we’re actually doing something about it so give them a little more time to bring in the last couple of players. We have enough right now for the month until the transfer window closes.


    Competitive match. BOTH teams had key players missing. AFC WON the TROPHY. What’s to complain about as an AFC FAN? Hopefully we add a CB, a ST to challenge Giroud, a Midfield Rock and we’re definitely in serious contention on all fronts.

  9. nigel tufnel

    Haha gambon

    I know u are right about giroud. What is it they say, even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while.

    But didnt sanogo sanchez combination look a little interesting ?

    Maybe im being too hopeful, but with time together, I can imagine some nice play.

    YES, I still want us to get a great cf.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    Marble Hall

    You have absolutely nothing to contribute. You are a complete waste of space. I
    don’t know if you are a genuine Arsenal Supporter which I doubt. You give the impression that you are a WUM, but in reality are someone with a pea brain.

  11. Revving Kevin

    “Last week, our win against Benfica didn’t matter because they were crap. Today our win against City didn’t matter because they were gash.Until we win the quintuple, some gooners won’t stop the slagging.”

    You gave to laugh that they have the arrogance to keep proving how stupid they are.

    It’s the agenda mate. It’s removed their ability for balanced opinion. They’ve dug a hole and fucked themselves. So they have to discredit.

    They can’t praise the team Becos it indirectly says the manager did something right. That’s not allowed. So blame the other team.

    When we lose we are shit, when we win we were either lucky or the other team was shit.

    The same with players. If you call a player shit and make a habit of it, it takes a big man to say they were wrong. Big men don’t slag and abuse people from behind a keyboard. Big men say they were wrong and move on. Not these clowns it’s the agenda first.

    These blokes either know absolutely nothing about football or are so agenda bound, they’re making themselves sound like idiots.

    They are Shit fans. I’ll get abuse for saying that but what fan of club constantly slags them off and still bitches when they win? Not just win but win well and lift a trophy. I thought the bitching was about trophies?

    It’s about the agenda. It’s a shame Becos they can’t enjoy wins and trophies and therefore get the pleasure we do.

    Pub I was in with my mates and strangers was buzzing. Singing and cheering, high fiving it was brilliant. That’s how you celebrate. These twats go on a blog to moan with their like minded cyber mates and keyboard warriors to try to justify all their wrong calls.

  12. Thank you and goodnight

    If you look at my posts today you’ll see I praised giroud’s goal and praised performance of the team when others were saying city looked disinterested. I also praised wilshere and cazorla for having one of their better games. But I’m sorry, if I think someone’s had a bad game or teams played badly, i’m entitled to make an opinion Wether you line it or not.

  13. MOB PIRU

    Word Rev Kev… Word. Fuck who ain’t enjoying a win at Wembley by AFC. Were still soaking it up at the Dial Arch in Woolwich!!

  14. MarbleHall

    Arsenal beat Man City 3-1 in a pre-season friendly last season and fans were beating the drum and full of optimism for the season ahead only to be short changed again by a string of inept performances against our main and nearest rivals.

  15. carts

    N5, Cheers for clearing that up for Gonsteros.

    impressed with our performance. Can still see Arteta coming unstuck in physical games.

    Definitely need a forward addition.

  16. Childish Gambino

    The only prob i have with Ozil coming back is that he often drifts to the right where Alexis/Theo plays. He needs to step it up this season. No excuses

  17. carts

    Pa! Completely forgot about Ozil. Midfield\attacking midfield looking fully fucking loaded.

    For the love of peace, please address our defensive bodies and we will have a genuine chance at not tailing off come January.

  18. Mo

    Some people won’t be happy until Arsenal win the treble 5 years running. When they only win the double in the 6th year, Internet warriors will whinge. Fucking pathetic. I’m sure if Arsenal had lost today these people would say ‘doesn’t count not competitive “.. Yeah right. Do they ever enjoy a game of football?

  19. Childish Gambino

    Sanogo if he gets game time in appropriate matches WILL become WC. Drogba was a late bloomer. Sanogo has the makings to be another Adebayor (eek not a good comparison) or our own Drogba/Lukaku.

    Only signings I want are 2nd choice RB (chambers is now my 3rd choice CB) , DM (Schneiderlin or Bender)

  20. Vintage Gun

    Very good win lads!! MOTM for me is Chambers, thought he was nailed on to get it.

    P.S I dont think Wenger fancies Joel Campbell and the fact that he only got a few mins today despite the fact we were without Podolski and Walcott plus the OX and Giroud didnt start doesn’t bode well for him IMO

  21. rollen

    Watched the game in pub in Vancouver.
    6 30 am bad time to watch football. Breakfast buffet instead of beers lol

    Chambers and Gibss well played.

  22. carts


    I’m not sure id describe his later performance as ‘shining’. He still has the uncanny ability to go ghost too often.

    However, what I was impressed with was his fitness in extra time games. I’m pretty certain he played into extra time on two occasions

  23. follow the money

    @Revvin that’s only true of a few posters on here. I’ve been critical of Wenger and some of the players at times. I have no agenda. I just want to see the best Arsenal team and for the people running the club to use the clubs resources in the most optimal way. Diaby for example is a waste of money. As for Sanchez and Debuchy it’s a little concerning that our best attacking players were our newest players. We’ve seen that phenomenon before with the likes of Arshavin. One hopes they won’t get worse as they get Wengerized or too comfortable at the club

  24. nasri's mouth

    Still slightly damp. Would like to say its down to girouds goal, but it was more to with the decking weather 20 mins before the game.

    Good confidence increasing win. Chambers motm for me. Ramsey and wilshere good too. Alexis not fit yet but you can see the promise. The pace was a little slow, preseason-esque but if I was a manC fan I’d be either a bit pissed off or nervous of next week. (They were either knackered or didn’t care, depending on your viewpoint)

  25. karim

    won the header, great protection and an instant undeflected great strike
    my definition of a great goal
    of course Sanogo was better, everybody stopped playing at 3 / 0

    Spot on as often about the usual suspects or suspect I should say, agree he doesn t have to be won over after a simple game but he was very funny today

    sagna looking like a deer caught
    post of the day

  26. WengerEagle

    ‘Sanogo if he gets game time in appropriate matches WILL become WC. Drogba was a late bloomer. Sanogo has the makings to be another Adebayor (eek not a good comparison) or our own Drogba/Lukaku.’

    Are you on a wind-up?

  27. london gunner

    karim greatish goal hardly a wonder striker though…

    Did you check the above examples I posted?

    People get way to extreme and reactive on here

    Thierry wonder goal

    James Rodriguez goal in the world cup

    Suarez vs Norwich

    Suarez Norwich (the other one)

    ibra heel flick goal

    Kasami goal

  28. Bankz

    The Commentator kept Trying So Hard To Remind Us What Happened To Man United After The Community Shied Last Season.
    Man United Had The SANOGO version Of A Manager in Moyes Ffs.
    Not Saying We Can Win the EPL But Definitely We CAN’T Finish 7th.

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    What is it with all this Fucking shit about keyboard warriors? So anyone who doesn’t agree with am AKB is a keyboard warrior eh. There is a lot of posters on here today who seemed to have crawled out of the woodwork because of our win today. Funny enough when we hit a rough patch most of you go missing. At least gambon posts win or lose, even if sometimes his negativity makes me seem happy chappy 😀

  30. london gunner


    He may ghost but he also creates more goal scoring opportunities than anyone else in the world cup

    I would rather an effective player than a player he needs the ball to much to do less with it

    If you get what I mean?

  31. N5

    london, I fully agree with you RE Ozil. Even when not in a game, he seems to do more than players that are all over the pitch.

    He’s an extremely efficient player.

  32. duvee

    This time your right Marble, it’s a shield not a trophy. Great win today. I’ve a great feeling about this season. 2 more signings in the talked about positions and I reckon we’re on course. The only query is that arteta has been made captain which indicates that he’ll be first choice.

  33. Relieable sauce


    Keep on keeping on!

    LG would be a worse place without you imho 🙂

    …but what do i know?… i’m just a Arsenal fan that wants to see the club “compete” at the very top.I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request for fans of this great club like some would have us believe.

    Perfectionist > apologist

  34. carts

    Sanogo is sooo damn raw that he wouldn’t even get a sniff with any other top 6 team.

    I wholly agree with Gambon and others that his basic attribute are majorly undeveloped.

    Personally I’d have Sanogo work his:

    ‘Back to goal – trapping the ball and first time lay-offs.

    Back to goal – pushing the ball wide to line up a strike.

    Back to goal – instant chest control.


    Shot placement

    Those pointers will surely help him. I’m talking, daily too. When you here of Bale, Ronaldo, Pernambucano et al staying begin after training and grafting on their weak points, in tine you’ll see drastic improvements

  35. southernpeople

    Chambers looks the real deal. He’s got great awareness and calmness in his game! how old is he? only 19yrs! unbelievable.

    We need a great world class unique defensive midfielder.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    I wish people would stop belittling the Community Shield. The league and FA Cup has only been won in last 14 years by one of the teams who finished in top
    4 last season apart from FA Cup Wins by Portsmouth and Wigan.

    I do not believe that there has been any occasion during that period when teams who play in that match even if they put out a weakened team don’t want to win the trophy. Do you think that Man Utd did not want to win it every year
    under Fergie?

    Man City’s manager made it crystal clear before the game that he wanted to
    win trophy and his body language reflected how upset he was at the way his
    team played.

    Man City did not put out such a weak team as portrayed. As I pointed out only
    one of their midfield was missing today i.e. Fernandinho. I keep on also hearing from many posters that there reserves are better than our first team. Well
    that was not the case today.

    Also we were missing today at least 4 first team players and perhaps more significantly we played a lot of reserves in second half.

  37. gambon

    ““Last week, our win against Benfica didn’t matter because they were crap. Today our win against City didn’t matter because they were gash.Until we win the quintuple, some gooners won’t stop the slagging.”

    Erm, no dissenter

    I think you’ll find last week our win against Benfica proved we were amazing, then when we lost against Monaco it didnt matter cos it was just a pre season game.

    Was todays result encouraging? Yeah, no doubt

    But if you think this has any bearing at all on our ability to win trophies this season you are mental.

    Make no mistake, this is a preseason game.

    We beat City at the same stage last season, and look what happened after that.

  38. Dissenter

    “This time your right Marble, it’s a shield not a trophy. Great win today”

    Actually, it’s is a trophy.
    Just because they hand out a shield doesn’t make it different.
    The Bundesliga trophy is a shield, doesn’t make to any different.

    Marble is only right every 76 years like the Halley’s Comet.

    Sir Alex Ferguson is widely celebrated for winning 49 trophies with ManU. 10 charity/community shields are counted as part of the haul.

  39. N5

    Marble, listen. I’m not prepared to do this forever with you, it’s been going on for over two years now and to be honest I’m exhausted with it. I’m not sure why you have to come on here and dig me out over and over but at least have some consistency with it.

    You say the Community Shield doesn’t count, but then bite at me like it does! make your mind up.

    I hope you find what’s missing in your life and then you won’t spend ever day winding people up online.

  40. Dissenter

    We all know it’s a semi-competitive game.

    It’s just nice to win something for a change.
    Nothing gels a team like winning.

  41. Relieable sauce


    Yeah but i pay your wages & you don’t pay mine.

    What exactly do you do in the civil service?…its just that your on all throughout the day mon-fri I wonder how you have the time?

  42. N5

    Cheers TYAG.

    Sauce, I’m not sure you pay anything towards my wages mate, nothing gets removed from your dole money so don’t worry about my life, worry about your own. You carry on cheerleading for Marble and I’ll carry on being on here like a load of other posters are, who also work good jobs!!

  43. Revving Kevin

    I told you all what Jason dodds said about chambers being southamptons best prospect and playing either CB or DM.

    £11m rising to £16 on appearances.

    Man Utd paid twice as much for ‘fat’ shaw and Liverpool paid over the odds for Lallana and Lovren.

    Nothing seems to phase him and he’s English. Wengers shown his own confidence by playing him and he has done great business.

    The boy is going to be star.

    Off to the curry house to extend our celebration if this great win! Will have a few cobras too and expect a major hangover tomorrow. Well worth it, buzzing!!!

  44. Thomas

    gambon August 10, 2014 17:30:48

    Arsene disrespecting the captaincy once more.

    Giving it to one of the player we need to replace.


    Shows what a clueless cunt the senile one is.

  45. Dissenter

    There was a time when City’s back up crew would have given us a whipping.
    Glad to know those days are long gone.
    We are beginning to have a squad with depth.
    Get a CB, DMF and possibly a central striker (most unlikely) and we will be competing, provided Wenger rotates meaningfully.

  46. Relieable sauce

    Funny thing is i don’t think anyone critisised the performance, players or Wenger regarding the match.

    I said it was a good performance & result but city were gash (which they were). I also said we could make 1st or 2nd in the league with a signing or 2.

  47. carts


    I see where you’re coming from; and believe you me I’m a massive fan of his.

    I’ve said many times that his time at Madrid, immersed with world beaters, benefited his game and qualities immensely. Same couldn’t be said in his first season at Arsenal.

    Far from writing him off – just hope, imho, he gets involved a bit more.

  48. N5

    Marble, I’ve caught you numerous times using wiki. Henry being the last. Jog on you boring twat.

    TYAG, have you seen the state of it when its Kelly? It’s like msrbles mum.

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m not a wenger man
    But for three years he will be the manger,like or loathe it don’t wish another 9 wilderness years

    You have to get behind the old fart

    Nothing will change. In manga gent term do we are forced to back him.

    He has to deliver .

  50. Savage

    For me, it doesn’t necessarily matter whether this and that will be a major player and what-not and this-that.

    Fact is… we just convincingly beat one of our big rivals in a competitive match, and with 3 great goals, including a wonder strike.

    That’s all. Just enjoying the moment. *happy sigh*

  51. Goonergirl

    So now that Arteta has been named Arsenal captain does that mean that we not going to be upgrading him? I really want us to sign a DM of course along with a CB.

  52. Samir

    With Chambers…We have our very own Varane!

    I really think Mert is a big weakness against the big teams…

    Germany didn’t play him against big teams for a reason!!

  53. Savage

    ps. Nobody is saying it, but Monreal had a good game at CB. Not that I’m saying he’s the man for the future, but just for today… no issues.

  54. N5

    GG I know and I honestly haven’t been looking for it. I’m going to replace this troll magnet for the babe one that TYAG and Midwest have swinging around their necks.

  55. Hitman

    We lost shape, threat and urgency upfront once Sanogo went off despite him being so raw.

    Imagine what Sanchez and Ozil could produce if they feed off a proven striker (Giroud doesnt count)

  56. goonpharm

    Well did not see that coming at all today. Predicted both teams to be lethargic and off the pace. At least I got it half right!

    Thought Chambers, Ramsey and Wilshere were great. Sanogo and Alexis seemed to link up well, could it be the beginning of something down our right flank? Hope so.

    Very surprised by City. They were very, very poor and how shit did Jovetic look? I was championing him for us a few summers back and I am so glad we didn’t get him. He’s gash.

    End of the day it was what it was. They were missing their 1st choice RB, CB, DCM and striker. We were near enough full strength minus Theo, Ozil and Per.

    Still, it was a comprehensive win and should be great for the confidence of the squad. We need go build on this.

    That’s all it is. Nothing less and nothing more.

  57. WengerEagle

    ‘With Chambers…We have our very own Varane!’

    Woah slow down mate! I love what I see so far of Chambers too but that’s the best young CB in world football that you’re comparing him to, a player that at 21 has already won the Champions League.

    Chambers still has it all to do.

  58. goonpharm

    Anyone notice how lean and mean Santi was looking today? He looked very sharp today. Had a zip in his movement. Hopefully he maintains that throughout the season.

  59. Bero

    So predictable and rubbish that arteta is captain. Meaning he’ll get games he shouldn’t and be a regular liability.

    From his post match comments…. Not sure we’re buying any more players this summer. He’s wanking over Chambers as the solution to every problem and saying qualidee lines…

    Great to win today and good for the boys confidence heading into season. But wenger starting to sound like his good old self and we still have big holes in the squad to fill.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  60. Northbanker

    Incredible that the half empty merchants out in force today

    Personally I really enjoyed the match and yes not as imp as Premier league but you cannot demote the Community Shield to simply another friendly

    If we want to see the club kick on then a winning of everything all the time mentality has to be adopted. This squad is showing signs it can do that

    Long way to go perhaps but ffs enjoy the good moments

    Marble – when you’ leave school you will one day see the reason why!

  61. Harry Redknapp

    well wilshere will be captain next season as long as he goes out injured for 90% of this season. its a tactic that got him the no.10 as well

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    I Don’t have a baby magnet mate. A baby magnet yes……we’re expecting our 4th in 2 months time….A little boy. Every part of me is fucked, the only thing that seems to work is TYAG junior….I’ve only slept with missus 4 times, each time I’ve got her pregnant. 😀

  63. N'Gambo

    Hi Pedro – great to see you stretching out in the strategy and analysis – really great stuff – more please!

    Desi Gunner is always a fantastic read – – but not always as concise and witty as you – and not everyday either.

    Hooray – Le Grove trending above the Lowest Common Denominators (you know who you are!)

  64. N5

    Lol TYAG, congratulations mate. I’m a bit like that. I only sit next to the women and their up the duff. Still my black son and Chinese daughter are 100% proof that I’m not a jaffa.

    Wait a minute…..

  65. DUIFG

    Nice win today, happy with areas, mainly chambers and the tempo we payed at in the first half. That tempo is really key to how we play, of its not there, we look shit.

    Bit worried that this will be a signal for wenger to step off the gas transfers wise. Would be foolish as this is very much pre season mode, champions like city are turn up in march April not august. We did the same thing to them last year.

    That OG goal was a genuine LOl, must be nice for him to feel what it’s like to score goals like a proper player does. Sanogo much more of a threat for me.

  66. N'Gambo

    Can Marble Hall tell us any other player who was appointed club captain without having played a competitive game?

    Are you mentally feeble Sir? or just have nothing else to do with your life?

  67. N5

    Can you imagine the players reaction to giving the arm band to a man who’s A) only just joined the team and B) hasn’t even made it through preseason.

  68. southernpeople

    This was a real test for Arsenal and we passed with flying colors and it says a lot about our abilities however, a pl season is very long, tiring and we need a bigger squad number wise and quality wise we need DM of much higher class than what we’ve got.

    I hope that should be sorted before the season starts. Otherwise I am confident.

  69. N5

    I don’t agree Marble. I think the armband means a lot to the team. Like or hate Arteta the players respect him. His legs have gone and I agree he needs replacing but it is what it is. You can’t give it to a man that hasn’t even clock up 3 hours football for us yet.

  70. N5

    Kwik, when I read that Frank M had become a woman I had to check the calender to see if it was April Fools day! I can’t believe it! what a stunner!!