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Welcome to a rain sodden Sunday. Hurricane Bertha is sweeping in today, so Wembley Way is going to be a damp place to be. Bring your rain mac, but for heavens sake, leave the flask at home. It’s not befitting.

So what have we to talk about today?


Yeah, let’s talk football.

So the big chat today all centres around the Community Shield. It’s important for us only in the sense that we don’t want to come of the back of two preseason defeats and lose an opener against a title rival.

Going into the season playing Crystal Palace low on confidence really won’t be a good look. We should take this game as full strength preseason. We don’t need to bring back unfit players early if that means there could be a risk to health. I’d probably not want to see the Germans who trained on Monday. I’d be reticent to see Koscielny unless it was for a half.

We’ll see though. It was interesting to see that Bayern had their Germans back and playing in a preseason game the other night. I’m pretty sure Chelsea did as well. Bit of a mystery why ours have come back into the fold so late.


I’ll stand down on this one… #ShadKnows

I think we’re still struggling with gaps in our squad, which is a worry considering the season opens today. Vermaelen has been pictured at Barca, so he’s officially off. They’ve made a catalogue of quite average signings this summer. Hopefully Thomas won’t bomb over there.

We’ll need a centre back to come in and shore things up and we’ll need one soon. We can’t go into the season with a 19 year old right back as our 3rd choice options.

We’re also still struggling in defensive midfield. Arteta and Flamini are not going to be capable of carrying us through a season. Arteta slows our play down desperately and Flamini is injury prone and now the wrong side of thirty.

I was told that our transfer priority is the centre back position and that the move for Carvahlo might get scuppered by the massive asking price. Journalists seem and a few other people who work near the game have told me that the deal for the Sporting beast will get done shortly. So, as usual, it’s all up in the air… but I’d say it’d be a very bold move to spend £24m on a player from that league who’s really only been on the scene for a season.

I’ve tried to do a bit of research on him and it’s really tough to tell how good he is based on what you can see of him online. He has the frame of Yaya Toure and a similar style of running. He takes quite short steps rather than the long languid style of Patrick. His range of passing is pretty impressive, he seems pretty quick over ten yards, though I’d say his pace is questionable over longer distances. My main concern with a player like that is that you can’t tell too much because he’s not playing in a league that boasts the intensity.

We’d be taking a gamble on power and attributes rather than a solid understanding over whether he could make it. But look, he’s an international, though being an international for Portugal at the moment is a bit like boasting about having an English international in your side.

The jury is out…

Point is, wherever we’re looking, we need to be looking for someone to fill that void. You want a total menace, someone who snaps at your ankles and drives the team. Ideally, you want someone tall like Carvahlo who is 6ft 2. My thinking behind the thinking of having a giant in that position is that if we’re looking to play Sanchez centrally this season, we’ll lose the defensive cover Giroud offers from corners.

Good thinking, right?

Samir Nasri has asked fans not to abuse him.

“The abuse doesn’t affect me on the pitch, I just think it’s stupid,”

I agree, I don’t know why we waste so much energy hating on him, he’s an irrelevance. Sure he has an annoying face, but so do most players who don’t play for Arsenal. We should just ignore him, get on with our lives, spend our energy supporting Arsenal rather than focusing in on other players who, up until now, have proved that there moves away were the right thing to do.

… and remember, you can have all the money, all the fame and all the hot Instagram pictures… but, if people don’t like you, nay, if they hate you, it’s not nice. And believe me, he’ll be getting abuse in the streets… which is neanderthal, but a reality of being a footballer like Samir.

Right, onto the game. I’d love to see a fast team line up. A front three of Sanchez, Chambo and Joel Campbell would put the cat amongst the pigeons. In midfield, I’d expect to see Ramsey, Cazorla and Arteta. The back-line will be Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers and probably Laurent because we’ll have to. City have lots of injuries and absent players, so it’ll be a interesting game.

The weather has just taken a turn for the worse outside, it’s truly disgusting. The pitch will be slick for sure. If you’re going, have a great day!



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  1. Phallusaurus

    Hummels would be nice as a Verm replacement but unlikely I’d say. 1- he’d want 1st team footy and 2- we don’t rotate our defenders enough to keep them all happy. Bit worried we won’t be as lucky again with injuries back there though.

    I don’t think another forward is going to come, which is again risky.

    Kadiera will probably still happen last minute though, can’t see him gambling that sort of money on Carvalho.

    Good day all.

  2. potter

    Quick over 10 yards is fine if your game is protecting the back four . If however you desert your position like others have and need 30 yard recoveries then not so good.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    I have just read the full interview of Nasri. Leaving aside his view of the supporter’s criticism and the point which he made that he was not London born and anArsenal Supporter as justification for his decision to move and look after his own interests. We know that he is self centred and mercenary.

    However, there is also a separate side when you read the interview and that is he is clearly a more intelligent footballer than most. He articulates very well.

    In the interview he analyses very well the game in England and that Chelsea will be the major threat to Man City. He focusses on both the strengths and
    weaknesses of each team last season including his own.

    In the case of Chelsea and Man City he believes that they have both addressed
    their weaknesses.

    Arsenal on the other hand have not. He believes that there is still weakness in
    Defence and in Defensive Midfield although he recognises that we are stronger now offensively with arrival of Sanchez.

  4. Joe

    We will fail at the first hurdle if we don’t replace Arteta with a proper DM. You can sing the praises of the Sanchez signing but until we sign someone to protect the back 4 we will not progress

  5. goonerbone

    We should have around 60M left, right? In a transfer world where keeping your money in your pocket is like opening a savings account in Argentina. So, give dortmund the money they want for hummels, what Porto wants for carvalho, get them into the team asap, and start rotating!

  6. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All

    Resting the WC winners is an interesting one, but Wenger is the only manager in the League who has had WC winners coming back to the club so I’ll nod my head to the AKB stance for this one. Plus he is probably taking Crystal Palace for granted before our tough September.

    The Vermaelen deal went through very quickly, so would like to think a replacement is ready – Nastasic or Agger for me, as they would be happier being rotated and they know the Premier League.

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    @Walking Wounded

    Thing is though mate, wenger has probably known TV5 was off at least a couple of months back, if not longer. I mean Christ their were several on here who said back in May that TV5 seemed on his way out, so why are we a week away from the start of the season with no replacement having come in?

  8. Wallace

    from what i’ve read getting Hummels out of Dortmund would be like trying to get Puyol out of Barcelona. it aint happening. would love Carvalho, but with all that 3rd party ownership stuff to overcome i’d hope we get him in long before the close of the window.

  9. Anthony

    Like him or hate him Nasri is absolutely right. We are light at the back, desperately so, now that Vermaelen has decamped to Barca. And we need a tough DM in the Matic mould. Arteta is over the hill and Flamini is tough but doesn’t quite cut it and is also a red card waiting to happen. Diaby is injured again (surprise surprise). If Wenger addresses these two deficiencies we will be in the shake up for the title. If he doesn’t then same old same old.

  10. andy1886

    I don’t care how intelligent the greedy self-centred squint eyed rodent is, I fully reserve the right to despise him for taking the money as soon as he had six months worth of good form.

    On the transfer front surely even AFC couldn’t spend £60m and yet still fail to address THREE glaring weaknesses in their side? (CDM, Striker, CB). Yeah, of course we can….

  11. WrightIsGod

    @thank you and goodnight


    Just get the players in get them training ASAP. To stand any chance with this league we need to hit the ground running prior to our yearly collapse come February.

    I’ve always felt Wengerout deliberately slows down incoming transfers whereas the out coming ones move pretty sharp ish.

    I made a tongue in cheek comment a few weeks back about us being more bullish in the market whilst he was on holiday and how things have reverted back to our usual way of purchasing players.

    I meant it.

  12. Hitman49

    Arsen wingers tragicccccc

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press coreee he said

    Who you lookin at……..!


    Arsen wingers tragicccccc

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press coreee he said

    Who you lookin at……..!



  13. goonpharm

    Morning all.

    Don’t really give a toss what Nasri does does or thinks. Like Pedro said he can have all the money and trophies in the world but he is still hated by most.

    The little shit was central to the south africa debacle for Les Blues and is known in the game for being a little upstart. I actually like City as the football they play reminds me of our invincibles so there’s no jealousy about what they’ve won and how they’ve done it.

    Nasri has always been a cunt. He’s had issues with nearly every manager he’s played for. It says a lot about your personality when you can’t work under managers like Mancini and Deschamps.

  14. Radio Raheem

    I’ve seen Carvalho only once in a full match. He looked a lumbering oaf in it. I probably picked the wrong match as everyone else thinks he’s special.

  15. goonpharm

    As for today’s game – I think it’ll be a crap one if I’m honest. I’m looking forward to it purely because it’s an Arsenal game hut in terms of quality it will be piss poor.

    Both teams are nowhere near match fit. Both have players missing through injury or enforced breaks. So long as it’s close and we don’t get humiliated I’m fine with the any result. I just hope we are injury free and raring to go against Palace.

    That’s where my worry is. Pullis is a brilliant coach and underrated as a tactician. He’d have seen our defensive weaknesses especially from set pieces and crosses into the box. Isn’t that how we conceded in both Emirates cup games?

    Add in that most of the palace squad probably will be 100% conditioned right then we may have a problem.

    Chamakh could have a field day.

  16. Bade

    Our team for today’s match really picks itself, given the injuries/WC late arrivals


    Can’t see OG starting

  17. andy1886

    You’re not the only one Radio, I can’t see what the fuss is about. He looked pretty average when I’ve seen him (not much I’ll admit) and he plays in a fairly mediocre league, definitely not worth £20m+ IMO.

  18. Radio Raheem


    He looked like a crap Sandro. What’s funny is that despite the physical difference I think Arteta posts better stats across the board than Sandro.

    On the basis of that one match I’d rather play Coquelin

  19. gambon

    Agree with everything Nasri said

    We havent done much to address our issues at all. We have mainly replaced departing players.

  20. karim

    Nasri wasnt in South Africa, neither was Ben Arfa or Benzema…
    Maybe Domenech doesnt like Arabs…..
    This being said, I agree with Goonpharm’s point

  21. Bankz


    That “mediocre league” has produced some of the best players in the last 5yrs’.
    He isn’t as Special as Most fans on here describe him but he’s 22yrs & a already better CDM than all the 3 Defensive midfielders(if We Include Diaby as a CDM) We Have at the moment.

    I would have him over Khedira despite his experience/reputation & that’s saying something’.

    I Think it’s just a case of Wenger dithering again’.
    I remember United going hard for him last summer & he was just 20yrs then’.

  22. Bankz


    Na$ri & Ben Arfa were at the Euros in 2012 where they both contributed to the crisis that engulfed the French camp’.
    Both received bans after that’.

    He’s been screaming about retirement from international football since then but We The – Not-So-French-Citizens Honestly don’t give a f*#k about his absence from the international scene’.

  23. goonpharm

    Normally I wouldn’t question the signing of young talent regardless of what league they ply their trade from. But almost 30 million on Carvalho is a massive gamble.

    Why don’t we just offer that plus a 150K a week for Javi Martinez? Full international , champions league winner, world and European cup winner. Not an absolute guarantee but a lower risk.

    Plus he can play as CB too. If ever there was an obvious transfer then this it.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal will buy only one more player in the Summer Transfer window. I don’t
    believe that Wenger will be able to spend on 2 more players.

    The dilemma is that we are down to just 6 specialist defenders including just three who can play centre back one of whom has no EPL experience in that position. You cannot afford to go through a season with that number.

    Conversely everybody know that Arsenal are inadequate defensively in midfield and that was our achilles heel last season.

    My view is that we should focus on bringing in Carvalho even if he is expensive. The reports I have received is that he is an exceptional player and just
    what we need. He would not come in to sit on the bench. In an emergency he
    can play centre back where he has also got experience.

    That would be better than bringing into the club a bench warmer who will not
    resolve the weakness in midfield. The idea that Hummels will come to the club is ridiculous. It would destabilise either Mertesacker or Koscielny and
    repeat what has happened with Vermaelen this summer. With careful husbandry you can provide Chambers with experience in the less strategic games
    when our two first choice players need a rest and Carvalho can play if we are
    short in the major games.

    I believe also that there are now too many midfielders in our squad who are
    past their best and need to be offloaded over the next 12 months e.g. Flamini,
    Arteta, Rosicky, Diaby [a waste of wages] and even possibly Cazorla.

  25. goonpharm

    Mancini summed it it perfectly when he said he felt like punching him because of his lazy attitude.

    Ben Arfa – he’s another one. Anyone see that clip of him getting torn a new one by Diaby back in their ClaireFontaine academy days? Fucking hilarious.

  26. goonpharm

    Karim, I don’t know much about french football politics but I can totally believe there would be an issue of race when it came to selection of players.

    A massive shame as arguably the best french player ever was Zidane.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Javi Martinez will not be sold by Bayern.

    Carvalho is not considered a gamble by those who have seen him play. He is
    considered exceptional.

    Sometimes you have to gamble. At the moment there are limited options in market, which is why both Barcelona and Man Utd were so anxious to buy Vermaelen even though he is no longer in his prime.

    Personally I would now prefer that we buy Carvalho than Khedira precisely because he is more versatile and it is increasingly clear that Arsenal are not going to buy two more players.

  28. goonpharm

    Karim – probably!
    From my poor understanding of the argument didn’t it all start from Diaby accusing Ben Arfa of being lazy and not doing enough in the previous games?

    The big man called it right. Hatem hasn’t learnt anything over the years.

    Never understood how grown men paid thousands struggle to apply themselves in a job which is essentially a game.

    I’m paid handsomely in my line of work and love my job. I couldn’t not give 100% everyday. Weird species footballers….

  29. karim

    France has always been open minded but that one joke of a coach Raymond Domenech decided it would be better to let the potential problems out of the squad
    Instead, he selected Anelka who proved him right that particular summer, didn t he ?

  30. qna

    E stroller, how about the German Kramer. He would cost around €13m according to what Napoli were going to pay. A lot cheaper than the €40m that Carvalho is going to cost. Then there is Lars Bender and Gustavo that would each be around €25m. Is Carvalho really that much better?

  31. goonpharm

    Emirates – fair enough. Obviously I’m commenting based on absolutely no knowledge of the boys talent.

    I guess it’s more my own frustration of buying youth and potential again. It’s much the reason why I was against buying Draxler. The sums of money being bandied around for players barely out of puberty is getting beyond.

    You’re right that you have to gamble but given Wengers luck at gambling it rarely works out. It rather we tried for Javi.

  32. karim

    Not sure mate but I think it was down to Ben Arfa calling Diaby s mother names…
    Ben Arfa was / is a very immature genius
    And Legend lives in lalaland

  33. andy1886

    Bankz, you may well be right, I guess we will see (or not) if or when he makes the step up to a bigger league. For now though the most likely outcome is another season of Arteta and/or Flamini. It’s coming to something when the CDM issue is discussed more than our lack of a quality striker, an issue we’ve failed to address for more than two seasons.

  34. goonpharm

    Qna – didn’t we bid for Bender last season? Could be a possibility as it usually takes Wenger 4 transfer windows to get a player.

    Wouldn’t mind Bender as he’s played many games for Leverkusen and and if I’m right isn’t he captain for them too? Exactly what we need. Yes Leverkusen have said they won’t sell but bid 25-30 million and test the waters.

  35. london gunner

    Bayerm bought Javi Martinez for 35 million… which at the time was controversial for a defensive midfielder to spend that much. His market value is 28 mill but can you see bayern selling him for less than he cost?

    So we would probably need to offer 40 mill? With that money you can get vidal so it comes down to who you would prefer.

  36. karim

    Aaron :
    ” we will start the game as if it was an EPL one ! ”
    I like this attitude, just hope he wasnt thinking of Liverpool or Chelsea

  37. london gunner


    Ben arfa reminds me of adel taarabt

    Has some great flair and dribbling skills but misses the mentality and end product to be a quality player.

    He can play a great match then be horribly gash in the next

  38. goonpharm

    Karim – that Domenech didn’t have a clue really. Admired Deschamps and the way he had the balls to drop Nasri.

    They did well this summer. If the FFF have one brain cell between them then they keep Deschamps in the seat until the euros where they are my favourites.

    By then players like Pogba, Kongdogbia, Zouma, Managla will be primed.

  39. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @ Emirates stroller

    Why u always urge onselliimg Cazorla n Rosicky.

    Both are doing well if not excellent.

    Rosicky is 33 and Cazorla 29 and I dnt see there football is finish

    Rosicky has a always brought spark in the team and if you see Arsenal games he creates excellent goal scoring chances even better than cazorla.
    he is an experienced player and the team needs him in any case. He will serve the club for atleast 2 more years sure ly.

    As far as Cazorla is concerned pls don’t write off him on the basis of last year performance as he has to teadjust his game after ozil arrival.

  40. Marko

    Really hard to listen to guys talk about Carvalho when they’ve admitted to only seeing him once or twice. By all accounts his potential is huge. People in the game are predicting big Javi Martinez like things from him. 22 years of age and at 24 million he’s worth the punt. Also possibly the only option left at this point

  41. karim

    too much talent too early …
    compare those with someone like Feghouli who had to work very hard to get a deal at Valencia : less natural talent but much more determination and dedication

    that s the plan
    Thauvin and Lacazette as well

  42. goonpharm

    London – fair enough. But even at 40 million I’d rather go for Martinez. Yes Vidal is a phenomenal player but he’s not what we need. We a need a specialist DCM not another box to box baller.

    Martinez single handedly addresses two core issues in the squad. Plus players like Arteta and Flamini become squaddies for the cups and lesser teams. Not bad debt at all.

  43. Dream10


    Read a couple of articles saying that LVG won’t go ahead with the Vidal move because of knee issues. 47million (quoted price) for an all-action MF who will be 28 at season’s end? I would take the money and run if I were Juventus.

    Martinez the safer bet. I think he will still do a job in 2020 at a high level at 31 or 32 years of age. Vidal is an unbelievable athlete. That is his main attribute and he may be breaking down because of wear and tear.

  44. london gunner


    Disagree I think Kramer has huge potential.

    His only 23 and played in a world cup final.

    He was chosen over the older Sven Bender

    His stats are phenomenal his 6’3… so his taller than carvalho

    his faster

    his a better dribbler

    his better at interceptions

    his a better passer makes more accurate passes a game

    his got amazing stats in a much harder league than portugals

    His a DM but has the technical abilities of a CM he would suit Arsenal

    Would be massively cheaper than Carvalho

  45. shad

    Morning all!

    Pity that with a week to go we are still 4 KEY positions short (2CB, DM, Striker), not to mention our left flank looks extremely vulnerable. Gibbs and Nacho are both suspect and/or injury prone while there is little or no defensive cover for them from Ozil or Cazorla.

    Wenger is trying to fool us that we can stand the heat but really we are looking at a squad that is one catastrophic result away from the Emirates screaming blue murder.

  46. Harry Redknapp

    in 3 years when wenger retires?? wishful thinking, i reckon he will be here for another 3 years after that

  47. qna

    Rosicky@Arsenal – I think both Rosicky and Cazorla still have plenty to offer Arsenal. Both are still very good players and wanted in the squad. In the case of Rosicky we would not get much money for him. But in the case of Cazorla it is rumoured that some spanish clubs will pay €20m for him. That is a lot of money for a guy who will have no resale value in a couple years time. Big clubs have to sell good players as well as buy good players – at the right time. When you are selling second choice players for €19m (TV) and possibly €20m (Cazorla) then you know the club is in good health.

  48. goonpharm

    Karim –

    Thauvin has huge potential form what I’ve seen but doesn’t he have few screws loose in his head? Wenger mentioned it when we played Marseille that if he can get his head right he has potential to become a superstar.

  49. Dream10

    Spanish U21 in 2011 had a midfield of Martinez, Ander Herrera and Mata. World class trio. Throwing 40-45m at Bayern for Javi Martinez is absolutely worth it. An excellent controlling midfielder in Herrera, a top playmaker in Mata and a boss like Martinez. Close to a perfect balance.

  50. london gunner

    goonpharm dream10

    I would only have Javi Martinez if he strictly plays as a DM and nothing else.

    He doesn’t have the pace and athleticism to get around the pitch yet guard the back 4.

    For me he would be more gilberto less Viera.. as in I wouldn’t want him charging forward.

    This is why I don’t want Carvalho he likes to get forward personally I think we should leave that to Ramsey out of that pivot and have a designated defensive player who keeps his cool and will guard like a determined mother fucker

    I have seen us get caught out to many times on the counter

  51. bergkamplegend

    I try to calculate how many players we could have bought with the wages of Diaby, who is injured – for a change lol

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The jerk chicken I made was superb…. Mtlm lime on the side added to the beautiful taste….

    Man it’s so satisfying when you made food from scratch….

    Next week the tikka menu from joe…

    Jack will play today

    He will play a blinder ….

    All the critics will make him try harder today….

  53. london gunner

    Wenger will buy a DM and a CB or a DM who can also play CB

    His basically said his wanted another signing countless times.

    With Diaby injured he will further realise that his going to have to splash the cash.

    We don’t need to worry.

  54. qna

    DO WE NEED A PURE DM? Here are the results that we need to overturn this year if we are to win a trophy. Obviously, we cant pick up all 3 points in each, but these are the ones that let us down. I am not convinced that a DM does much to affect these.

    **Manchester United 1 – 0 Arsenal
    Arsenal 1 – 1 Everton
    Manchester City 6 – 3 Arsenal
    Arsenal 0 – 0 Chelsea
    Liverpool 5 – 1 Arsenal
    **Arsenal 0 – 0 Manchester United
    Chelsea 6 – 0 Arsenal
    Everton 3 – 0 Arsenal
    Arsenal 1 – 2 Borussia Dortmund
    Napoli 2 – 0 Arsenal

    ** Disappointing because all the other big clubs (and many small clubs) took United last year. They finished 7th and played like it.

    I am 100% in the camp that we need to replace Arteta in the starting line up. But I am not sure we need a purely defensive DM. I think two pivoting box to box MF has its merits as well. At times they would need to play the DM covering roles (perhaps switching at times), but they do need to offer a lot going forward. In my opinion, the reason that we are all wanting a DM is based on the following 10 results:

    I think a Khedira type playmaker will do more to energize our midfield and break down these teams listed above. He would also provide more defensive muscle in the midfield than we currently have. Havent seen much of Kramer, but london rates him and more importantly so does Joachim Low.

  55. Bankz

    Sturridge Is Just A Good finisher’.
    I think I’m the only Arsenal Fan Who isn’t writing them off next season despite their Champions league commitments.

    I know it’s preseason but they look more coordinated & fit Than our Players.

    They are tearing Borrusia Dortmund apart.
    I’d be shocked if we are capable of beating them at Anfield next season’.

  56. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t know enough about Kramer or whether he is available. What I do know is that Carvalho is rated equally proficient as both a Centre Back and Defensive Midfielder.

    If we went after Carvalho I would expect him to play as first choice defensive midfielder and only in dire emergency as a centre back. Hopefully Chambers is good enough to play CB in absence of Mertesacker or Koscielny in the majority of games, but I would not want to gamble on him in games against top
    6 teams.

    You have also questioned whether decision to exclude Nasri and Ben Arfa was
    motivated by racism. I am doubtful that is case. Leaving aside players from Central Africa including Captain who may well be muslims Benzema comes
    from Algeria and is a practising Muslim.

    Both Ben Arfa and Nasri do have a track record of being difficult players to deal with and I suspect that the manager made a decision on basis of team spirit and morale and not prejudice or football meritocracy. The French team
    played well without them.

  57. Moray

    Good point, stroller. Wenger will be looking for someone who,can play both CD andCDM. Why buy two bodies when we can gyp it up and get one flexible player? Despite the fact we need to up our defensive numbers.

  58. shad

    @London gunner,

    No worries about the DM position but we need a CB, DM and Striker. Majority of the concern is negligence of the other 2 positions.

  59. goonpharm

    Qna – surely you keep both? Our problem over the years has been a severe lack of depth. If Wenger has a clue he’d use Santi to rotate with Ozil. Rosicky can still dictate the tempo of a game with class and can give Ramsey, Wilshere et al a breather.

    If anything I’d sell Podolski and get a genuine left midfielder. This frees up Santi and he can actually pay through down the middle. If this was utopia we’d offer 30 million plus Podolski and nab Reus from BVB.

    If Carlsberg did transfer windows we’d have Martinez and Reus.

  60. N5

    Reggie cheers for you reply on previous blog mate.

    Azed, do you think you’ll get back over again sometime? where in the world are you now mate?

  61. Marko

    London I dunno why we’ve targeted Carvalho over Kramer or why other massive clubs have looked at William instead of Kramer. You’d have to imagine it’s cause they see a better player and don’t look at the stats necessarily.

  62. Harry Redknapp

    im just waiting for the merrygoround of transfers to proper start,a few big players have moved but it has not really kicked off yet. will be a nailbiter till the end this transfer window

  63. Dream10

    We have terrible balance in the midfield. Arteta,Flamini,Diaby,Cazorla,Wilshere could all be gone in 2015. We will certainly need more than one defensive mind midfelder if are we are to compete on many fronts.

    Interesting comments that Ramsey sees himself as a MF who wants to score 20 goals a season like Lampard and Gerrard did in their primes. If that is case, we will need two MF who are strong defensively to support the Welsh wonder. We can switch to a diamond MF.

    DCM Cork + Martinez (or another top quality type)
    RCM Ramsey
    LCM Strootman or another high quality type
    ACM Oezil
    Support Striker Sanchez or Reus
    CF top goalscorer

    I would be happy if we signed Jack Cork from Southampton. Very good player. Underrated and cheap as well.. Defensively competent. 25 years old.

  64. karim

    yeah, he made a fuss last year in order to join Marseille rather than Lille in spite of him signing a pre contract with Lille
    It was of course down to money again as OM proposed twice or three times more
    Bielsa believes in him a lot and will do him a world of good hopefully
    as they already all seem scared by El Loco

  65. Dream10


    L’OM have three left-footers in Ayew,Alessandrini and Thauvin. Andre Ayew being linked to Newcastle and L’Pool.

    I don’t see the fuss about Florian Thauvin. I think someone like Lacazette will have a much better career.

    Then again, I thought Hatem Ben Arfa was going to be the next Arjen Robben lol

  66. qna

    Goonpharm, I agree on selling Podolski and buying Reus. I also agree that I want Cazorla to play with us next year. But we are not a high spending club that can afford to let €20m assets depreciate to zero to often.

    I guess the question is, would you buy a 29 yo Cazorla for the coming season for €20m. Because that is the equivalent to not selling him on.

    For me that money would be better of being reinvested into the club so we can have a real crack at winning the league in 1 or 2 years time. If the club is willing to buy Reus, Khedira & Nastasic right now and keep Cazorla (a total cost of around €80m), then I would say we would be having a real crack this year. But we wont do this. If we sell Cazorla for €20m and buy those players then we need to spend only €60m – more likely yes. Its actually closer to €40m when the TV money is counted. I think selling Cazorla makes perfect sense to accomplish what we need to win the league in the next couple of years.

  67. karim

    Out of context again, can Tsonga beat Federer in Toronto’ s final ?
    Already won vs Djoko and Murray this week …

  68. Emiratesstroller

    We do need more defensive bodies than 6 and in particular at least another CB.

    However, if we have to spend the rest of our limited transfer budget then I would rather that it is on a player who can add long term value and will be regular first team player. Carvalho would be that player.

    If we were to buy a CB whether for £10 or £20 million that player would be competing with Mertesacker and Koscielny. One of them will be unhappy just
    like Vermaelen.

    If I have to make any players unhappy by not playing them regularly in team I
    would rather that it was Flamini and Arteta.

  69. london gunner


    I have seen both players play and I much prefer Kramer

    His obviously highly rated as he was included in the Germany world cup winning squad. Yes Khedira was injured but he was still played in a final of the biggest game Germany has had in decades.

    Its not just stats…

    Point still stands Kramer is biggest faster and has more ability on the ball and in the pass

    in every game against Benfica and porto, the only real challenges in Portugal, he has been consistently weak and lackluster.

  70. goonpharm

    Martinez isn’t just a DCM guys. If anyone watched him at Bilbao would have noticed he is an attacking threat when needed to be. He can drive the play forward and be destructive in the middle.

    His quality is his reading of the game. He very rarely gets caught out of position. He’s worth every penny of a 40 million transfer and would make us serious contenders.

  71. karim

    Dream 10
    I would say Thauvin has a better all round game but I do bet on Lacazette too
    As for Ayew, it s another one who was made for the Epl
    he won t bag 20 goals but will be beneficient to any team imo

  72. qna

    Shopping List:

    Carvalho, DM – €40m
    Khedira, B2B – €25m
    Gustavo, DM – €25m
    Bender, DM – €25m
    Kramer, DM – €13m

    Reus, LW – €35m
    Cavani, ST – €63m
    Balotelli, ST – €20m

    Nastasic, CB – €20m
    Hummels, CB – €35m

    For Sale:

    Vermaelen (done), CB – €19m
    Podolski, ST – €10m
    Arteta, MF – €6m
    Cazorla*, LW – €20m

    *Can only sell if we buy Reus

    Reasonable option: Sell Vermaelen, Podolski and Cazorla (€49m), buy Reus, Kramer & Nastasic (€68m), keep Gnabry and Campbell in the squad (ie dont loan them out).

    Net outlay: €19m

  73. Marko

    I hear Ya London but you have to ask yourself why Carvalho’s been linked to us Madrid and United while Kramer’s been linked to Napoli for just 13 million? My personal choice is Lars Bender but after that Carvalho will do

  74. gonsterous

    please oh please oh please tell me this game is on TV… dont like no dodgy streams… either ITV or BBC.. coz those r the only english channels i have that seem to show any sport !!!

  75. Arsenal2174

    I’m watching Liverhampton V Dortmund you should listen to those delusional pool crowd they honestly think they are going to win the league

  76. qna

    Marko, I would take Kramer for €13m because it will mean more in the transfer budget for our most expensive weakness and that is striker. As long as Giroud is our No.1 then we dont have much hope.

  77. gonsterous


    u seriously think anyone would give us £19m for vemalean ??? thought he went to barca for dont-know-how-much !!!

  78. london gunner


    Its called having a very clever agent!

    Also being in the portugese league its easy to see why there would be overhype as so many other talents have come through that league.

    Madrid were never in for him as for United doubt they were either.

    Carvalho has had one season in it he was decent against the bottom to mid teams but poor against the only threats aka porto and benfica

  79. Bombadier_

    I think the Vermaelen deal is bad for us

    Where will we find a prem experienced cb for that price? Think wenger should have kept him he’s quality

  80. london gunner


    I don’t think Carvalho is a 40 million player whether that euro’s or pounds

    His had one season to splash that much on him is crazy when there are better players with more experience for near half that

  81. qna

    Gonsterous that is what the news sites are reporting. He was sold for €19m. Euros not GPB. Its a great outcome for us as he didnt go to United and that is not a bad price for a guy in the last year of his contract – refusing to sign a new one.

  82. Marko

    Can people stop this nonsense about Javi Martinez being bought for 40 million. He was originally bought for that amount and given the current climate and the fact he doesn’t want to leave you’re looking at at least 50-60 million before Bayern consider selling.

    Also my list of defenders to replace Vermaelen and make Mark happy is one of Schar, Inigo Martinez, Howedes, Bruno Martins Indi, Hummels, Aymeric (unlikely) or N’Koulou

  83. qna

    London – that is £32m. I think his buyout is more. I think they turned down £28m already, but I could be wrong.

    As for his value – I agree, I dont want to pay that much for him when we can spend that money on forwards. I think there are plenty of guys that can do a job in deep midfield for much less. I say Khedira, L. Bender or Kramer.

  84. Emiratesstroller


    I am afraid that I have to disagree with what you have just written.

    Arsenal are not going to make wholesale changes to either first team or squad. Leaving aside monetary consideration there is a question of stability and balance. You need only see what happened last season at Spurs.

    At the start of transfer window I suggested that Arsenal needed 3 First X1 players i.e. RB,DMF,FW. We needed 2 additional squad players i.e. Squad GK
    and CB [fourth string].

    Initially I thought that Wenger when bringing in 4 new players was following
    that pattern. However Jenkinson was loaned out and Vermaelen has now been

    I believe still that Wenger will not buy more than 1 additional player. The million dollar question is who he will buy and more importantly will the player he
    wants to buy be available?

    At the moment we are short in defence and fragile in DM position. That is the
    dilemma. If he buys CB that will be a squad player and not someone being bought to play regularly in first team.

    There is of course another option albeit one that I would not be thrilled about
    and that is he buys one player and brings in a loan as he did last year with Viviano and Karlsson. That would save him money.

  85. gonsterous


    if thats true…its a pretty good deal… but we do need a replacement and if we were to get nastascis.. he would cost us almost the equivalent of that sum !!!

  86. qna

    Bombadier, there was not much choice. He refused to sign a new contract. His wages are around £3.6m, so by letting him leave for nothing, we would effectively be paying out £18.6m for his last season. We didnt have a choice and the buying clubs know that, which is why the transfer fee is negotiated much lower. We were lucky that both Man U and Barca wanted him because they drove the price up to where it finished £15m.

  87. shad

    Agree with the chap that has said if we are signing a Dm, let it be a DM and not a DM/CB. We are short of numbers and I don’t think we’ll be lucky as last season at the back. Specialists in trade preferred.

    ION, L’ Equipe rumouring that we are in for Cavani…

  88. qna

    E stroller I understand about squad stability. But I disagree with not being able to integrate the players I have suggested.

    Look at it like this:

    First XI:
    Debuchy, Sanchez

    Ospina (until he wins his No 1 spot)
    Nastasic, Campbell, Chambers (integrates from the bench as subs and in cup games)
    Reus (is injured for next 1 or 2 months – will integrate from the bench after first team has had about 3 months to play together)
    Kramer/CDM (ideally goes into the first team, but does not have to start every game; could potentially keep Arteta for the first couple of months to keep stability in the first 11 and integrate Kramer from the bench as a substitute)

  89. qna

    Ben: I would say the most important thing we haven’t addressed in the last 5 years is getting a top manager

    While I am a critic of AW in terms of his transfer dealings (which his hands may be/have been tied) and his management of player health, I dont agree that there are many better managers out there. Maybe only 4 or 5 english speaking who are better and unlikely that any of them would leave their current club and come to us. Would you rather us have David Moyes or the like? I would take Wenger over Roberto Martinez any day.

  90. Ben


    Wenger is finished as a manager. 1 FA CUP in a decade. Thats atrocious. While he was great early on he is finished now. I agree the likes of Martinez and Moyes are not the type we need. We certainly need a top manager with CL experience. With the wages Wenger is payed I’m sure we can easily find one.

  91. Radio Raheem

    Liverpool to win the PL, FA Cup, C1C, CL, World Cup, Wimbledon, Rolan Garros…they’ll win the whole lot I tell ya

  92. Goonergirl

    Afternoon all

    Excited for the game today. Hope we give it a real go.

    I’m so excited for this season to start. I just hope that we sign a DM and a replacement for Verm. Would hate going into the season relying on a 19 year old as our third choice CB and Arteta as our DM

  93. leon

    I suspect that wenger has other targets in mind that position we don’t know about. but at the same time I don’t think for a second that wenger has given up either kidera or cavani alot depends on weather kedera is going reduce his wage demands and and sporting are willing lowr there asking this is a team who major finicial disaray I think wenger is keeping options very open. What suprises me about cavani is his wages evon myachi is more than him he is a better option to me young player for future both arsenal dm are both 29-30 .

    In striker position I think it’s a big mistake not putting sonogo out on loan and not off loading podioksli and getting a better striker and think could prove to a big mistake.The simple fact sonogo will score at best 15 goals this season and we have all seen over the past wtwo seasons podiolski neither has pace,movement or work rate to be top striker

  94. london gunner


    I wouldn’t shift on Wenger until we can find better

    There are only 5 better managers in the World

    (in no particular order)
    Diego simeone
    antonio conte

    then there are managers like klopp rudi garcia- who are about the same level as Wenger

    Then managers just below de boer, beneitez,

    Known of these managers are available apart from Antonio conte who I would love at Arsenal his a tactical manager the type we need.

  95. lemonadethatcoolrefeshingdrink


    totally agree with your statements

    Wenger is a busted flush …..innovative when he arrived but then in the past decade has fallen well behind – hugely behind the likes of Alex Ferguson (as i have stated before, Ferguson would have won trophies with some of the Wenger Teams in the past decade) he would have won or been amongst the Champions League far more times than Wenger – so to say Wenger is a great manager is not correct, Ferguson was a great manager, Wenger was good then bad, the trophy cabinet reflects that (Birmingham in the Carling Cup, just squeezing past Wigan)

    This has not been addressed – Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Utd would not have allowed this to go on as long as the sycophants in the Arsenal Board room.

    We wont be winning the CL any time soon (Chelsea picked up two European trophies with what i would call average managers, but v good teams) Giroud, Diaby, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky etc, means again, we will be fighting for 4th place

    and all for 8 million pounds a year

    Good grief

  96. goongunner

    How I laugh when caught off side says we in for canvani or falcuo.What a great article to start your day on planet LIES.
    Its so nice to see those people in real life who don’t have anything to do but write crap.

  97. raj

    What trophies and How many would you av been happy with taking into Account what shitty and Chelsea scum av s pent

  98. Confidentgoner

    It is atrocious that gapping hole in the squad has still not be plugged. Thus tells me that the ambition may just still be for a top four finish. This if correct will further alienate the fan base as all know that we have funds to bring in a DM and a Striker.

    Wenger mudt be the luckiest gaffer in the world to still have a job without addressing obvious deficiencie. Only in Arsenal FC

  99. Radio Raheem

    Keep an eye on the Aussie kid playing for Dortmund this season. He’s the one spotting the red Felaini-type afro. I read about him a year or so ago. He might be the one to take over from Gundogan after he’s inevitably sold.

  100. Goonergirl

    Arteta and Wilshere to start. I’d understand starting Arteta but I don’t get starting Wilshere as well. Would have rather played Ox.

  101. Al

    Absolutely hate the balance of that midfield 3….really hope we are not pushing Ramsey further forward to accommodate wilshere In that pivot role with arteta.

    Hopefully santi is in the middle with wilshere out wide

  102. Al

    Glad Giroud not starting. . Come on Sanogo please perform so us poor Arsenal fans don’t have to put up with giroud as a starter. My heart cannot take a 3rd season of watching giroud and his lack of pace