Did Ivan call BT out on advert?

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Why not?

Why not?

Arsenal members day yesterday, the chance to see a bit of training. Lovely. I didn’t go on account of being in a state that wouldn’t have been conducive to underground or overground travel.

Looked good, but nothing too exciting to report. We should open the whole event to the kids (Black Scarf mentioned this) and use it to showcase our new signings. Kind of like Madrid and Barcelona do. Would be a great way to kick off seasons proceedings and it’d give those pesky kids something to do outside petty crime and loitering during their Summer holidays.

Amusing some of the derision usually aimed at sites like Le Grove being aimed at the ‘superfans’ on the internet with the emergence of fan shows and podcasts. It’s interesting, the ‘real opinion, from real fans’ strapline that everyone takes is probably going to hit a crescendo at some point. Well, I think it might, because actually, opinion is generally only interesting if it comes from interesting people. We take down the BBC for its dull as dishwater presentation of football analysis, and rightly so, because it’s boring because it’s delivered by boring people with no real insight. It’ll happen with fan opinion as well… unless there’s a quality filter.

… or maybe it won’t. Maybe there’s a reason lowest common denominator works on TV. Who knows… Personally, give me the European Football show on BT over MOTD everyday of the week, regardless of whether it’s showing English football. I watch football on TV to learn. I learn nothing watching Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage talking shop.

On the marketing grapevine I heard that Gazidis personally called BT to make a complaint about their recent advert (reliving our horror show at Liverpool) asking.

‘Are you taking the piss’ (allegedly, maybe, not definitely, don’t fucking sue me Ivan)

Not sure calling 192 in a phone box after an evening on the lash with Jack was the best way to communicate his angst, but whatever, Arsenal made a fuss about it.

Ties in quite nicely with the deal we made after though. Wonder if we’ll see anymore slaggy ads like that?

There are also mutterings that we’re gearing up to sell the training ground rights shortly. Another move in to direction of ‘sell it all’. Good times. Only about £100m of United commercial revenue to catch up on. If I was really rich, I’d sponsor it and name it after myself. If you’re rich, do it. What a LOL. All the players wearing your name on their training top.

Word on the street is that Arsenal are refusing the sell to United with the Arsenal captain set to follow legends Alex Hleb and Alex Song out the back door to the catalan giants in a £10.3m move. It’s great news for him, would be even better for us if we had a replacement lined up licked with experience.

Go on Arsene, sign Hummels, you know you want to. Winston Reid is probably a consideration as well especially considering his contract issues at West Ham.

More chat on Calum Chambers becoming our holding midfielder this season. I’m not sure about that, I feel like we’ve bought a talented player who is versatile, so let’s see where that takes us. I was told he’d be used more as a centre back this season. He’d suit that role considering his frame and experience at the back. I don’t really care where he plays, providing he’s offering us value and we don’t throw him under the bus by letting him flounder as a key player for 4 years.

Aaron Ramsey has been in the press as part of a sponsorship deal with McDonalds. He had this to say about his vision for the perfect future…

“I see myself as that midfielder who can score goals for Arsenal and I think that’s important,” said Ramsey. “It’s proven over the years to be important for successful sides to have goalscoring midfielders and, hopefully, I’ll do the same this season. The likes of Gerrard and Lampard have done it for many years on a consistent basis and that will be my aim now to do that.”

Yes Aaron, we’ll have a bit of that. What we really need from the Welshman is a season of fitness. Frank achieved what he achieved because he was usually fit for the majority of a season. Aaron feels like he could be a 20 goals / 20 assists type of player. With the additional quality we now have up front, his stats should really benefit. Could be a great 5 years for him.

The Champions League draw is today, I have  a Bilbao season ticket holder in my office, we’re going if we draw them. I saw a terrible tweet from Arsenal earlier stating ‘lots of fans want Bilbao’. Who might those be? I’ll tell you who, the crazy ones. We don’t want them under any circumstances. Give me Copenhagen, all, day, long.

Right, that’s me done. Have a great Friday!


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  1. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I actually like that.
    Like I posted earlier.

    Arteta, Ramsey
    Campbell, Santi, Ox

    Don’t want to see Giroud or JW shoehorned into the lineup.

  2. Revving Kevin

    Ok Leeds I’ll take that mate.

    But we do need to stop knocking players just Becos Wenger bought them instead of the signing we wanted. Judge the players after they’ve had a decent run of games, it’s far too reactionary in here moist of the time. Sanogo has been unfairly put to the sword IMO.

    I’m telling you though, I think he has the potential to be a very good player for us. I like the options we now have in forward positions and the pace. Massive improvement. These will bring out the best in other players like Ozil and affect the way other teams set up against us and that’s important.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    That’s my fear.

    I’d prefer

    Ramsey, Flamini
    Sanchez, Cazorla, Oxlade

    But I’d take your line up as well. No to Wilshere and no to Giroud.

  4. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I just want to see Sanchez in the lone CF role to see how it works and I don’t think City could handle the pace across the front line of Campbell, Ox, and Sanchez. I like Santi as the cam. Would be a perfect game for Ozil, tho. Too bad hes out. But I’m not begrudging him extra week of rest.
    I’m thinking Rambo first half and then JW sub him off and Sanogo for Sanchez. Flamini for Arteta.

  5. Leedsgunner

    Rev Kev

    I hope you realise that I would not deliberately go out to patronise anyone – it’s not my style… and I like hearing what you have to say even though I don’t agree with everything you say. Perhaps you overreacted to my initial comment? Just a thought. 😉

    I’m not slating Sanogo just for the sake of it, by the way. I do wish him the best and I hope he does go from strength to strength.. I do hope we are entering a new era for AFC where we are able to sign the some of the world’s best along with speculative signings like Sanogo.

  6. akgunner10

    Hello evryone

    Long time reader, first time posting…I will be in London on the 26th of august and i was wondering if anyone could help me in getting two tickets for the return leg against Besiktas at the emirates on the 26th…any help would be much appreciated. My email is: adnank-@hotmail.com

  7. Thomas

    “Just good enough to be a back up for Arsenal.”

    The standards must have sinked low then. No other club would even think of having Sanogo as their backup striker or even in the squad. More dumbing down of the club by the Senile one.

  8. Moray

    I think the point is not so much about Sanogo; the guy is very raw and while undoubtedly talented, has a lot to learn before he is good enough. The real issue here is the manager, who is capable of playing him from the start in the knockout stages of the CL.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    I have just read Gary Neville’s analysis for next season. As a player for Man UtdI thought that he was a s..t as a player. As a pundit in contrast to most of the other twats you listen to on TV he is streets ahead in brainpower and analysis.

    What he writes about Arsenal is fair comment. He considers that they play the best football, but lack a vital ingredient which he believes is necessary to win Titles and that is drive and power.

    My view has been exactly the same we need in the spine of the team one key
    player who can offer the physicality, pace and ‘leadership’ to win matches when the chips are down and we face adversity. What happened in games against Chelsea, Liverpool and even Everton last season is that the team lost
    its composure when we conceded silly goals at start of games and the team’s
    morale and concentration level dipped.

    It is imperative that Wenger brings into the team a player who can deliver that type of performance and is a catalyst to future title winning success. It does not need to be the best footballer in the world, but he needs to set an
    example to the rest of team. The defensive midfield position is actually an
    ideal opportunity for such a player.

    We do need also a Centre Back squad player, because the only backup to Mert
    and Kos we have now got is Chambers. If Debuchy and one of established CBs
    is injured at same time our performance level would be diminished, because
    Chambers cannot play both positions.

    I hope sincerely that Wenger has found the right player. Offloading Vermaelen without finding a replacement would be a serious error of judgment.

  10. Moray

    Stroller, Wenger also does not believe in the captaincy. Can’t remember the exact quote but it was something about all the players on pitch being leaders. This for me is a serious misjudgment and we will suffer again from this panicky lack of leadership in key games if Arteta is made club captain. I don’t think he will be a starter for too many games this year, at least I hope not.

  11. Klauspoppe

    Agger and Carvalho would be a net positive summer.

    I like Agger and hope his injuries are behind him. Before his injuries one of the best cbs in the league and had a stunning partnership with Skrtel.

    Cavarlho is still better than Arteta even though I think we might be getting another Song.

    I dont how someone who doubted Cavarlho the other day can give full belief to Sanogo just because he’s wearing an Arsenal shirt and also based on goalscoring records from the youth level. Marble-esque in judgement of players…

  12. groundhog day

    We have finished in the top 4 for the last 18 years, can anyone tell me what spending 42.5 million on Ozil has done?, other than stand still, we are marking time, not going forward, now we have spent another 60 million this summer, that is 100 million already gone for what, 4th again

    This administration needs looking at, my bet is Sanchez and Ozil would rather be anywhere else than playing for this dud Wenger, rumour is Alexis wanted to go to Juventus, after being forced out by the purchase of Suarez, but they couldn’t afford him, so he ends up at the one place he doesn’t want to be, Arsenal, I predict top 4 again but this time we are 100 million quid light

  13. groundhog day

    He just had to offload Vermaelen, he cost 10 million, sold for 15 million, profit again, it was just too good not to take, wasn’t it Arsene, and what is with Barca and United fighting over a guy who has played a handful of games in two years, bombs forward out of position and falls on his backside, this is a mystery how we got 15 mil for this once great defender

  14. Moray

    Klaus, I think Carvalho is streets ahead of Song. Either way, main think we need in that position is someone disciplined enough to STAY in that position an not keep bombing forward for glory. Could say the same with the Vemninator mind you…

  15. Moray

    “He would love to play in England, but has not yet made a final decision. He is not interested in money and fame, he just wants to be happy playing football.”

    This apparently from Carvalho’s agent. I have zero reason to disbelieve it so let’s sign him up on 20k per week…

  16. Savage

    Thanks, NM good reads. I like this quote from Brady:

    ‘he’s good Arsene, but he’s a bit troublesome’. And he says, ‘Liam, all the best players are troublesome’.”

    Also on Pennant, who I knew Wenger didn’t like when he refused to compliment his hattrick against Southampton:

    “Jermaine [Pennant] did very well to get as far as he has from the background he came from, he did bloody well”

    Other good quotes:
    “Wojciech could be one of the best, because in goalkeeping terms he is very young”
    “Luke Freeman? Gillingham needed a bit of money, Arsenal came in and said we’ll have a bit of a gamble on this lad and the press went ‘Arsenal sign young superstar from Gillingham’. ”
    “Chelsea probably have the best young players in England at the moment, but it’s all down to money … if you are a parent, you wouldn’t be letting your kid go to Chelsea ’cos he’s getting in the first team, would you? So you’re going for the money … they are throwing money at it. Now that leaves us with a decision to make: are we going to get involved in that? That’s not my decision any more, but I think we should.”
    “Arsenal could have got Cesc back, but he wasn’t a priority with all the midfielders we’ve got. Yes, it sticks in the craw, but what are you going to do about it — pay £30m (€37.6m) for a player you don’t need”
    “What we have there is a situation where we have a scout on the ground who knows Barcelona inside out … We’ve done that four or five times but we’ve really only hit the jackpot so far with Fabregas”
    “We probably have around 20 scouts on the payroll around the world”

    Wish he’d commented on a few more players

  17. Revving Kevin

    Morning NM, Savage, Emirates
    Great link Nasri’s, what a great read that Liam Brady interview was:

    “When Arsene came, we had no young players at all — that’s why I got the job. The board realised they had taken their eye off the ball and other teams, particularly Manchester United, had moved ahead of them.

    “Arsene brought a huge improvement in recruitment and development of young players, but these days, money dictates standards. If you can afford the staff, the purchase of players… Chelsea probably have the best young players in England at the moment, but it’s all down to money. Because if you are a parent, you wouldn’t be letting your kid go to Chelsea ’cos he’s getting in the first team, would you? So you’re going for the money”.

  18. Revving Kevin

    It is interviews like tha one with Brady, that helps dispel a lot of the absolute garbage that gets circulated as fact.

    So much gets made up and ‘assumed’ by armchair experts and mischief makers to slag off our club, much fir the anti-Wenger agenda, that it beggars belief.

    I have always said that Arsenal football club could do a lot more in terms of PR. Obviously there are some people that would still continue to repeat untruths, for their own obvious motives, but there is so much good about this great club of ours that gets ignored, often deliberately.

  19. Savage

    Of the big 5, who actually has brought through players younger than 19?

    Chelsea: none
    City: none
    United: Evans, Rooney, Janusaz, Fletcher, Welbeck, Cleverley
    Arsenal: Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Theo, Chez, Ox
    Liverpool: Sterling, Flanagan

  20. Savage

    Fact is: Chelsea, despite their youth expenditure, haven’t brought through anybody, and with the way Mourinho spends money, never will.

  21. Nasri's Mouth


    To be fair to Chelsea their business model has been different. They’ve massively overspent to drag themselves up to the level of the bigger clubs, so youth isn’t a requirement for them.

    Recently they’ve being following a new tactic of buying up promising youngsters and loaning them out. This way they’ve already sorted out most of the chaff from the wheat, and will probably make more money than traditional youth set ups

  22. Al

    Hope tomorrow is all about sanchez up top with campbell on the right. ..need to see and learn quickly how ready campbell is..And city will be a good barometer for that.

  23. Savage

    “will probably make more money than traditional youth set ups”

    Depends on the sums involved. Obviously they made 10mil on Lukaku, but who else?

  24. Marc


    I’m beginning to wonder if Chelsea’s obsession with buying up young talent the last few years has actually been motivated by FFP. Not in the way you’d think though, I think it’s been a way of stocking up on saleable assets that they can then off set against current expenditure. Only problem is they can’t do that for ever, it will be interesting how FFP evolves and if it really takes a grip.

  25. Savage

    “Recently they’ve being following a new tactic of buying up promising youngsters and loaning them out”

    That’s an old tactic isn’t it? We’ve done that for a long time, with limited success. I’m guessing our academy has been profitable on the whole.

  26. Revving Kevin

    Dear klauspooper
    Mate player judgement is all about opinions. Just Becos you think one player is great and another is shit, does not mean you are right.

    I remember when Ramsey was getting dogs abuse on here. I defended him and said he would come good but got rounded on. When you all wanted Fellaini I said he was over rated and just a big lump with huge hair. I got told I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    Now it’s Sanogo.

    The point is this. We all make mistakes. However, if you allow your dislike for the manager to affect your judgement of a player, then you are doing yourself and the player a dis service. Sanogo was damned the day he was signed. He was damned unfairly. Becos he was seem by some as a typical cheap signing (free) and not the finished article. Instead of the signing of a “Soldado” or “Torres” type player for £30 or £40 mlion we signed a kid after a two year injury lay off on a free. Much anger.

    Should Sanogo score, he will be discredited. They will be tap-ins, mistakes, flukes, lucky deflections. When he misses a difficult chance he will be mocked. Benfica goals were all lucky tap ins and Benfica were shit.Little mention of his movement or the fact he was in the right place, which usually isn’t luck. He got little credit from some.is that good football knowledge?

    That’s the problem mate. He’s being unfairly tarred by the usual suspects that seem to want him to fail. That’s not good player judgement. Nor judging players based on who buys them, how much they cost or that FIFA game you all play 🙂

  27. Savage

    I just don’t think the whole “Arsenal give young players a chance” thing is going to last for much longer. We’ll always have some youth emphasis with Wenger around, but the youth project was for a limited period only. If anything, we’re now buying in 19 year olds, and bypassing the academy altogether.

    As it stands, probably only Akpom is a genuine academy prospect. Zelalem, Crowley, Chambers, Sanogo, etc have all been bought in, like Ramsey, Gibbs, Chez, etc.

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    You only need 1 or 2 Lukakus though, when the our alternative is selling players like Yennaris for a million or so

  29. Revving Kevin

    Dear Marc
    Good point.

    One of the other tactics that has been criticised, is stock piling players by the oil doped clubs run by multi billionaires. FFP will stop that. Shame it’s taken so long as cheksea have taken advantage and are years ahead Becos if their owners “investment”.

    But the real problem they don’t like is this dea that you can buy players to strengthen other teams that will play your rivals, using the loan system.

    The loan system was intended to give your young players experience, usually in the championship or league 1. Not to loan them to mid table PL teams so they can pmY against your rivals. Cheksea with Lakuku for example.

    So you stop all this by culing what a team can spend and FFP is one of the best things that has happened. Just need to watch the loopholes, like the lampard deal.

  30. Wallace

    “This is what makes him stand out. He dictates the pace the team plays at because he works so hard out of possession. I’ve rarely seen that level of tenacity and intensity. He gets through so much work, closing down the opposition defenders. That attitude turned an ordinary team in Chile into an excellent one at the World Cup. He is not like so many forwards, who only come alive when they have the ball. He will set a new benchmark of what’s required from a Premier League striker.”

    – Keown on Sanchez

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I think the youth set up will continue. We’ve brought in Jonkers to improve the quality of the ones coming through.

    No doubt we’ll be signing 19+ yr olds too, but they’ll be signed with an eye to being in the 1st team squad immediately.

  32. Savage

    A City fan on Facebook was telling me that FFP was designed to prevent upstarts from breaking through.

    I told him that was rubbish, it was introduced because the money clubs were driving up wages, which was detrimental.

    But the reality now as RevKev suggests, is that Chelsea and City have now created a little foothold for themselves (built fanbases they never had, and infrastructure), and now with FFP nobody new will be able to catch them.

  33. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Herehome made jerk chicken sauce all made

    Marinating in the fridge….
    Man it looks superb already

    Followed a recepie on bbc ?

    Anyone else made their own sauce?

    What to have with it ? Suggestions?

  34. Dave


    I’m not against the club signing Sanago as a prospect. However, I am a tadge disappointed to see him start against Bayern Munich.

  35. Savage

    I do think that what Wenger has instilled in the Arsenal fan base, even the cynics, is an enjoyment with discovering the next new prospect. I’m not sure Chelsea and City fans have the same thing, partly because they won’t get to experience it, and partly because they’ve adopted the ruthlessness of their owners.

    Chambers has done very little to justify his excitement, but there is a genuine acceptance for him, even among the cynics. I hope that little bit of enjoyment stays.

  36. MadeToLoveMagic

    i make my own jerk sauce by blending a big bunch of fresh thyme with , lime, rum, olive oil, honey , garlic, salt pepper, all spice, cloves, oh and 3 or 4 decent scotch bonnets,,

    then i brown the chicken skin in the pan and put them in a oven dish with the sauce and cook for 25 min,,

    ill always serve with rice and peas,,, a squeeze of fresh lime to finish, and if its real hot a dollop of plain natural yogurt on the side

  37. Revving Kevin

    Dear savage
    Very good stuff, that is the point. Cheksea and Man City have been allowed to create a huge advantage, an advantage FFP was bought in to address.

    If you are going to let any bored billionaire come here to buy a club and then try to buy success you will have carnage. The 30 goal striker will be in the middle of a bidding war and who’s to say a £1m per week wages.

    CFC and MCFC to a lesser extend have created fake super clubs out of ridiculous investment. They have had years to build an infrastructure on investment, for clubs that are really mid to bottom of table clubs. Eventually when we all catch up they’ll have a problem as they won’t be able to bully their way to trophies and monopolise the best players.

  38. Revving Kevin

    Dave, that’s fair comment mate it surprised me too. But that proves they have faith in him.

    I guess what I am saying is get behind the lad, give him a chance and judge him once he gets a decent run of games. He still has to recover from two years out but it was no gamble to buy what was once a very hot prospect on a free.

    Judging him Becos of that is wrong

  39. MadeToLoveMagic


    all these billionaires are doing is rpumping the prices and wages of players up,

    they are creating a super bubble that only they and their equals can match,,, its bullshit,,

    football needs a wage cap NOW,

    then it needs to cut all ticket prices in half so the normal family man can again afford to take his kids to a game or two,,

    teams like monaco , man city PSG , and chavs are destroying the natural economy of the game, and the people who will suffer are the clubs who now have to spend 20 million on an average to medium good player of like 19 and pay him 100 grand a week.. The higher the prices get driven up, the higher the tickets go up agian creating a social diviosion in the support network or our game,, ,, normal people are being pricd out and teams like chelsea have a lot to answer for

  40. MadeToLoveMagic

    but even if they create a wage cap there would be ways around it,,, these people need to be called out for what they are doing, , pricing working class fans out of the game, or at least massively helping to

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    With the massive increase in TV money, the PL clubs could all substantially reduce their ticket prices if they wanted to.

  42. andy1886

    Kev, not everyone who isn’t happy with Sanogo as our second CF is crtitcal of the player per se. My thought is that the club/manager is responsible for signing players and the question has to be was Sanogo the best that they could do with the resources available? Clearly if you think so then your sanity must be questionable (that’s a general ‘you’ not directed at Kev).

    Last year was the best chance in a decade to win the league, this year will be much harder. While a better back up or replacement for OG may not have guaranteed the title it certainly would have improved our chances.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Cheers made to….

    Was thinking salad an rice….

    Amazing in it how good you feel making your own food, marinade ?

    Rather than just putting on a bottled sauce….

    If it’s good old Levi may be shaking in his boots soon!

  44. Revving Kevin

    Yes mate very good points.

    But: Eventually when we all catch up they’ll have a problem as they won’t be able to bully their way to trophies and monopolise the best players. Their ability to compete will be hampered because they do not have the fan base to generate the revenue they need. They don’t have the stadium at cfc or the fans to fill it. Sponsorship and commercial deals will be reflected in that. over tine this ‘fake’ success they enjoyed will be seen for what it was a blip. As what they spend is linked to what they earn they’ll be trailing us by some way.

    I hate Chelsea and that Russian thief.

  45. MadeToLoveMagic

    rice and salad good! dont forget the lime tho 🙂

    yeah cooking is a pleasure and delight, as long as you dont have to do it every day !then it becomes a ball ache 🙂

    bottled sauces are a rip off, full of additives and shite

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Clubs should follow the German method of low prices…

    Plus if the club are expanding the merchandise selling training ground kit etc…they should be putting something back in to the fans but they won’t?

  47. Gregg


    The premier league itself has a lot to answer for aswell. It’s whored itself out as a brand and has become pretty soul-less.

    The German model is far more ‘Fan orientated’ and the ticket pricing over there is more than affordable, which is why they regularly get the highest attendences throughout Europe.

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I won’t forget the lime..

    Saw a Ramsey live show making lasagne
    Sauces really easy… Tasted superb

    Then missus made on using bottled sauces
    Awful all I could taste was the salt….

    Cooking is like charity work satisfying in small chunks

  49. kwik fit

    Can someone please explain how Man City got a visa for new signing Zuculini from Argentina. The guy has’nt played for his national team and has a handful of u21 appearances. Brown paper bags and buns come to mind.

  50. Revving Kevin

    Dear Andy
    I take your pint but,

    The Sanogo purchase was a no brainer. It wasn’t a signing to be an instant world class striker, it was an opportunity.

    This was a young lad that had been hyped as a potential superstar and was available on a FREE on the back of a two year injury.

    Some people are unwilling to give him a chance Becos they see him as another of Wengers projects, which is very unfair. And that’s what I am arguing about, I am not saying he is Suarez!

    Fans should get behind him and give him a chance as hesxa good player.

    Ps: We did try to sign Suarez and triggered his buy out clause and thought that was a done deal until John Henry did what he did.

  51. kwik fit

    Seen a story on the possibility of Joel Campbell going out on loan to Newcastle. While I have my doubts about its authenticity, a deal which includes Ben Afra in the opposite direction would be a win win. Joel gets playing time and we get a quality player, if his mind is right.