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Summer parties eh? So good. Was told last night I had a ‘fun belly’… Quite a harrowing suggestion. My days of care free boozing are over. No more hungover posts. I’m all about the strict diet, the regular ‘Just Giving’ donation requests because I’m running a 12% marathon in Hull and the vegan approach to life.

Life is a cruel beast.

So, quick round up as I’ve been awake for all the hours trying to demonstrate I’m still cool with the youth I work with…

Jack is being targeted by Juve. Well, so The Standard say. Bit of a pointless story, there’s no way we’re selling a 22 yr old when most of our ‘would like to
sell’ players are in their late twenties.

A non starter.

A German newspaper has us in for Reus. Great, we’ve pushed that story since June. Kind of feel the £20m
price tag mooted is a steer towards how nonsense the story is. Next year, he leaves for £35m. If he leaves before,it’ll be for more money. So maybe ignore the veracity of this one as it seems like opportunism rather than fact.

However, don’t rule out Reus.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow, think something is going to happen shortly. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    @jim Lahey

    Rabiot is a young prospect who has 1 year left on his contract and has been linked to half a dozen big clubs.

    Douglas Costa is a player who doesn’t want to stay at his present club

    I can see reasons why both would be linked to us in the press without there ever being any actual connection

  2. Bergkamplegend

    Hello Grovers.

    DEAR kevin… Sorry, he’s not there, my mistake lol

    Jim : please NOT Rabiot (“…killed the video star”), thanks a lot.

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    @JIm Lahey

    I don’t really know anything about them.

    Costa’s an attacking wide player, so seems weird that we’d be after him.

    Rabiot’s a DM, and he’s been praised in the French media. Lots of caps for France youth sides. PSG don’t want to lose him, they’ve offered him a new contract, so he must be half decent. but I doubt whether he’s good enough to start for us yet.

  4. Bergkamplegend

    Wenger about Lampard : “The shortest way from Chelsea to Manchester City is not to fly to New York first”

    LOL, for once Arsène really made me laugh!! 🙂

  5. N5

    Legend, he’s been comical a few times this summer. Did you read his comment about Gerrards comment.

    “‘You’re never too good for Arsenal and Steven Gerrard knows that,’ said the Gunners boss.

    ‘But I can understand completely that he asked him to stay because he wanted him to play with him and have a chance to win the Premier League.

    ‘But it didn’t happen, and anyway, Suarez left.’”

  6. peanuts&monkeys

    Wanker always makes stupid comments.

    His English is still half-French. He still uses ‘offensive’ when he wants to mean ‘attacking’. 17 years in London…still? Well, he has spent too much time counting all the money he has bagged from Arsenal. Fucking 8.5 million a year for making most idiotic decisions on and off the field.

  7. Vintage Gun


    TV5 will NOT be joining ManU after United refuse Arsenals proposal for a swap deal.

    Who did we want in exchange?

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    Nasri’s Mouth: After twitter getting excited about TV5 going to Barca, now it looks like it will be ManU

    …or not. Who the feck knows where he’ll go

  9. karim

    Yeah I like Rabiot he managed to get a lot of games last 2 seasons and did well
    he s a very elegant attacking midfielder
    Tiago Motta said he was ready to play in any league
    Thing is we need a defensive one

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    Ahh, thought he was more defensive than offensive. Ok, thanks 🙂

    I doubt there’s anything in it given the number of clubs linked to him

  11. Gregg

    Wengers funniest line for me were after a game when keown got hit flush on the face with a ball, they asked “hows keown doing?” “well I don’t think it’ll affect his movie career ” was his reply

  12. karim

    Morning mate. Thanks for your comments the other night, couldn t read them as I had already gone to bed
    On my way to the dentist, I ll check the draw afterwards and see what I can do if we get to play Lille my friend

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    @N5, Cap Pigieon, Are you guys sworn AKBs who have been Wenger’s accomplices in bringing down the club from glory to shithole 4th place?

    @N5, you start picking on me personally…i will screw your AKB-happiness everytime Wenger’s Arsenal loses.

  14. captain pigeon

    Sorry peanut i dont converse with idiots with a brain the size of a peanut. Im no akb thanks i just dont swear and moan about wenger and arsenal all the time.

  15. N5

    Peanuts, it’s funny that if someone isn’t a doomer you go straight to AKB. Your no better than Marble and that is a dangerous place to be.

    You are one of the most miserable, stupid, boring posters that visits this site, everyone calls you a cunt and yet you continue on regardless. I admire your resilience.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    My concern with Arsenal remains today exactly the same as it has been over many years.

    The team always plays the same way with no Plan B and seldom takes account of the other team’s tactics.

    The game against Liverpool at Anfield amplified the intrinsic problems in team and clubs like Chelsea and Everton followed a similar route. Indeed so
    did Spurs. They could have easily defeated us at White Hart Lane had they
    managed to put the ball in net.

    When you see a pattern repeat itself you expect the Manager and coaches to
    work on improvements and if not solulable with current personnel then replace.

    Last week we conceded a silly goal from a set piece scored by Falcao. It was
    exactly the sort of goal you would expect us to concede over the last 4-5 years
    because we persist with the same [lack of] marking as before. Also we continue to see the same problems in midfield with Arteta and Flamini in holding position.

    For me the real issue with Arsenal is not so much other sides are demonstrably much better than us, but rather that tactically we are far too often being outthought by the other strong teams.

  17. N5

    Nasri I agree, absolute nutters the two of them. I laugh at the comments, but then feel like I’m bullying, because they’re not fully there.

  18. Charlie Boy


    Absolutely spot on!

    The goal we conceded against Benfica was the same too! A poorly defended set-piece.

    We need to start learning by our mistakes – and fast!

  19. Charlie Boy


    We’ll certainly have to have our wits about us, that’s for sure.

    I just hope we don’t get spanked; that could set moral back before we even start the season!

  20. Bergkamplegend

    “Sky Sources: Man Utd end interest in Arsenal Thomas Vermaelen after refusing to consider swap deal ”

    Ah ah, excellent!! 🙂

  21. Gregg

    Would have definitely been Jones or Smalling that we wanted. So if Agger goes to Barcelona then TV5 has to stay, much to Pedders’ delight. That said, he is missing his second successive pre-season due to ‘injury’ again.

  22. Savage

    “I hope we get spanked badly in the Charity Shield. Nobody wins the shield and goes on to win the league.”

    You prefer lucky omens or good football?

  23. goonerjay

    TYAG – you might want to actually try reading the news… or some of the posters comments in the past hour as it has been confirmed by every reliable outlet that he’s not going to United because we demanded a swap deal and they refused.

  24. AG

    David Ornstein

    BBC Sport


    Posted at10:57Arsenal agree a fee of around £15m with Spanish runners-up Barcelona for the sale of club captain Thomas Vermaelen.The 28-year-old Belgium defender must now agree personal terms and pass a medical.Vermaelen was a target for Manchester United, but the Old Trafford club ended their interest after refusing Arsenal’s demand to receive a player as part of the deal.The move is likely to be completed over the weekend.

  25. Radio Raheem

    #AFC & #FCB agree fee around £15m for Vermaelen. Terms & medical over weekend. #MUFC ended interest after refusing player swap #bbcsportsday

    Arsenal continue search Vermaelen replacement & also in market for DMF, but may sign 1 player who can perform both roles #afc #bbcsportsday

  26. gambon

    “Arsenal continue search Vermaelen replacement & also in market for DMF, but may sign 1 player who can perform both roles #afc #bbcsportsday”

    That would be pathetic and leave us so short.

    So we buy a new DM that can drop into CB and everytime we need to play him at CB we are weak in MF


    We buy a CB who can play DM, and everytime we put him in MF we have no CB cover.

    That would leave us with 2 recognised CBs, one of whom isnt even playing the first few games of the season.

  27. Gregg


    Agreed. If we’re serious about competing then give yourself the best possible opportunity to do so. Cue a bid for Javi Garcia

  28. Radio Raheem

    Yeah I think £15m is a good price for TV. But considering they paid £16m for Mathieu could we have got more? Nah maybe not.

  29. Bergkamplegend

    The last time we lift the community shield it was in 2004…

    A win on sunday could be a huge boost for the start of the season.

  30. Radio Raheem

    I haven’t seen enough of Carvalho but didn’t think much of him in the match he against Ghana. He looked like a crap Arteta that day.

  31. Savage

    We’re back in the market again – things were getting a little boring after finishing up all our signings so early.

    However, the fact that United and Barca have gone for TV suggests that the market is fairly slim pickings at the moment. Don’t hold your breath for anything spectacular.

  32. Leedsgunner

    £15m to Barcelona is a decent deal under the circumstance — the main thing is that TV5 doesn’t go to Man United – despite what the player may personally want.

    The key is to use the money from the sale and get someone like Sven Bender who can play CB or DM OR if you want a specialist CB go for Nastastic. Reinvestment in to squad is key.