Young gun signs – Carvalho looking more likely

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Dan Crowley signed a new contract. Can I get a wooooo!? Yeah I can, go on, do it at your desk and inexplicably point to god.

Go on… did you do it?

Nice work.

He’s the next super talent coming through the ranks. He reminds me of Jack at that age, exciting, well ahead of his age group with a low centre of gravity (short). He could do well. However, he should learn the rules of being an exciting young talent… knuckle down, work hard, keep your nose clean (metaphorically and literally) and be patient.

Ignore the beach babes, speedos and volleyball until you’re at least 63.

Great news for the clubs production line. Well, great news to our scouting network who pinched him from Villa. I feel far more confident Joncker is looking after his progress.

The Mirror have run with an odd story about Thomas Vermaelen snubbing Arsene Wenger’s offer of a new deal. Really struggling to come to terms with this story. Firstly, Wenger ostracised Vermaelen from the squad last year in he same way he did Bendtner. Instead of rotating him with his two core centre backs he shut him out. Thomas visibly looked disinterested and why wouldn’t he? He had no way in even when Per and Laurent were shattered. Wenger ran Laurent into the ground rather than rotate with a player who is more than capable of being good enough to become our captain in the first place.

In April he let the club know he wanted out. He went to the World Cup, picked up an injury, now we can’t sell him despite interest from Barca and United. Well, he might go, but the injury is hampering things. So now we’re faced with keeping him, so Wenger wants him to sign a new deal so we can get a fee for him next year?

You can see why that wouldn’t go down a dream!

Stories are hitting the web that Carvahlo is more likely than Khedira. Good in my view. We need attributes and fitness. Not sure what the benefit is of signing someone who is 27, injury prone, massively expensive and not quite what we need. I’ve heard great things about Carvahlo, really feel he could make a massive impact on our squad and fill a troublesome gap.

Giroud is excusing his performance on Sunday by stating he’d barely trained. You can’t knock that as an excuse. It’s a fair one. Players won’t get fit properly until at least a month into the season anyway, so I’m not concerned. My main concern is we don’t have he quality up front we need. People meme that Giroud scored more than Rooney over the last two seasons… well, I don’t want Rooney either. That said, he’s a better player for sure. I think the simple fact is, as our squad currently stands, Giroud doesn’t have to worry.

Well, he does, I think Sanchez will play through the middle.

Really feel Mario would be amazing. He’s the best option out there for us. One crazy guy in a squad that boasts very little ego shouldn’t be a problem. Really, I truly believe that every work place deserves a really selfish person of immense talent.

In other news, Usmanov is claiming Arsene Wenger is a genius and now the trophies begin.

Deary me, just what we need. A gee up from Alisher.

I really hope Arsene is a genius. I really hope he does smash it out the park. However, despite all the changes, I still think he’ll come up short at some point. But hey, we’ll see, I’m totally up for Arsene proving me wrong with a Champions League / Premiership double. My concern is that you see coaches like LVG taking innovative approaches to games and I just don’t feel Arsene has that in him these days… nor do I feel many behind have the guts to suggest such approaches.

Just me though. Could be totally wrong. But if I am, that’ll mean Wenger changing massive chunks of his personality and approach.

I’m just being a realist here people, just being real. Street. Whatever you want to call it.

Right, quick one today as I have much work to be cracking on with…

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  1. Johnty79

    Emiratestroller u r a fool. Size counts in the premierleague.

    Gambon u r a wise man schooled in my philosophy.

    No team has won the premierleague with a cb combination of under 6 foot. Hence wenger bought mert. I think I’m right in saying no team has won the premierleague unless both cb’s are over 6 foot.

  2. Hunter

    I have this horrible feeling that Man City are going to bury us this weekend,to go into this match with NO Germans a CF who is garbage and not fit,a midfield of midgets,defeats following defeats in pre-season games,low confidence and a manager who dithers is a disaster waiting to happen!There are so many players who are off form it’s very worrying,Wilshere,Carzola,Arteta,Giroud,Flamini,Monreal are all nowhere near fitness levels.We still are desperate for at least two more players,Defensive Midfield and another striker are so important it’s beyond a joke!I hope the new signings we fave made make a difference but injuries to any of them put us back to square one,IF Wenger is waiting until the last minute he could be out foxed by Utd as once VG makes his cull you can be the will be in the market for many of our targets AND he won’t dither,UTD will pay the asking price and we will be left high and dry!Hummels is a classic example(if he wants a move) same with Carvalio,Vidal.So move now Wenger before it’s too late!

  3. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Lol, yeah because attacking what you think of the person behind a post, or the nature of a post, rather than the post itself shows great initiative. You’ve waffled on again without substance, if you understood any debate with NM than feel free to contribute. I can argue my case if you want.

    Actually that would be hilarious.

    The rest is frankly offensive, you can’t understand why people might mention others spending, because we can upgrade positions ? Mate, we compete against those very teams, so upgrading would be one thing, spending well enough to beat them is another thing entirely.

    You do this fairly often, it really isn’t difficult to see again, you are ‘wanting’, what’s up for debate is for what.

  4. MarbleHall

    The last few seasons it has not been the best defence that has won the league but the best attack.
    Arsenal should go all out to find these attacking players.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    Attacking a person? Suggest you go read your original comment to me, if you don’t like people pointing out what you struggle with, maybe don’t try to accuse others.

    Argue substance instead? About what Keyser? You never stay on point, never follow a coherent line of logic, make odd self defeating statements or disagree with something someone says then try to argue much the same thing they were originally saying only slightly modified. There’s no substance to argue with!

    I’m not getting into it with you. I’ve told you what you already know about yourself, as you say I’ve told you numerous times as well.

    And I’ve upset you clearly, so I apologise for that, but you’re boring Keyser. It’s so plainly obvious when you come on if there’s conversation going you’ll adopt the opposite position to the general consensus.

    I don’t even think you honestly believe or support some of what you say, but you HAVE to be different, and have to argue.

    As I say I wish I’d never even engaged with you, but after watching you flap about the other night I just wanted to say be careful throwing insults and accusations around about struggling.

  6. WrightIsGod

    How Wenger treated our supposed club captain last year was totally wrong. No wonder he’s snubbing.

    At least we’ve learnt that we’d rather he’d go Barca than Man Utd. That RVP move to United was professional suicide from Wenger, and yet, alas, he got away with it (though they went on to win the league with RVP’s goal – just madness).

    As for the CDM that we definitely need no excuses: I would prefer Carvalho over Khedira flat out no contest.

  7. raj

    How did wenger exactly treat our club captain.. he was injured half the time and when he did play he Miller tottally off the pace

  8. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – “Not sure why you constantly seem to struggle with this.”

    If I thought you were an idiot, or simply wanted to attack you, there’d be little uncertainty, you plum, even that last bit was more affectionate than venemous.

    How can you not understand why people mention ‘money’ ? Or why upgrading Arteta might not be enough as a consequence ? Especially since we’re constantly reminded ‘Winning is everything, not just taking part’.

    The rest, where do you want to start, the only thing upsetting is how little time you spend actually debating the point.

    That’s 3 posts now and you can’t do it.

  9. N5

    “Johnty79: Gambon u r a wise man schooled in my philosophy.”

    Agreed Nasri, this is one of the most insulting posts I have ever read.

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    When people like Johnty start agreeing with you, it’s time to re-evaluate your theories.

    Same when you start thinking that MarbleHall knows what he’s talking about

  11. N5

    Ha ha NM, I never liked it when certain posters started agreeing with me, I thought wait a minute, I’ve tucked myself up here, I’m not only wrong but I’m also making myself look stupid.

  12. MidwestGun

    Hahaha Keyser making friends again? Lol. Someday I’m gonna write a book of Keyser isms.

    Also, johnty schooled gambon? If Gambon is bigger than Jesus does that make Johnty God? Hahaha.

    I gotta admit I missed the Le Grove wackos. 😀

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I quite enjoyed logging on in the morning and reading ne1ls rants, but not so much because of what he posts but the way he posts it. Johnty surely must realise he’s a caricature by now because he just says stupidly funny things, but Marble is just boringly dull because he’s just trolling

  14. MidwestGun

    NM –
    Ya… I got no love for Brian (Marble) . His boring one liners are just designed to annoy into a conversation. He’s that desperate for attention. He still owes me an apology from way back. Not that I’ll get it. But one night he was xenophobic trolling which was out of line.

  15. N5

    Lol Leeds, I do my best to avoid it all now. I was starting to grey up quicker than RvP, so now I just chill and cheerlead.

  16. Nasri's Mouth


    He managed to show exactly how much of a troll he was the other day.


    Interesting that we seem to be playing hardball a bit more. If we sign a replacement just before we let him go, I’ll be a happy man

  17. MidwestGun

    I think Alexis can play Cf but I like him interchanging with say Theo up top. Keep defenders off balance and guessing. Much like Chile play. Not sure we will see him play there until Theo is back. But it will be interesting to see. I’m pulling for whatever pushes Giroud to the bench to be honest. Lol.

  18. Leedsgunner

    So Rodwell has gone to Sunderland huh? Good player… if he wasn’t so injury prone he might have been worth a look as he is a DM and CB as well…. all for £10m? Very good deal esp if he has overcome his injury woes.

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Kept hearing about it on the radio today that he’s not going to improve. All to do with how he trained and how he was conditioned when he was younger. From someone who was his trainer (?)

  20. Marko

    What’s doing the rounds on Twitter? Might hear something more on Carvalho later in the week I think. Also likely to hear something on a defender cause Vermaelen is certainly off

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    @Marblehall: Proud to be a troll who calls it right unlike the majority of fantasists on here.

    So which one was right then? And which one was you trolling? (oh, and for the record, you were wrong on both)

    MarbleHallAugust 4, 2014 09:11:04
    Their is no such thing as a friendly when you pull on the Arsenal shirt.

    MarbleHallAugust 2, 2014 17:30:03
    Meaningless friendly and even more meaningless result.
    Lets get the show on the road with the first game of the season against Palace.

  22. N5

    Lol Nasri, he ties himself up in knots.

    He told me once that Wenger had nothing to do with Henry being a striker, I said he did because he put him in the centre, he said well that’s all Wenger ever did for Henry as he was already on his way to being a star from previous managers, I said Wenger was his first manager at Monaco so he gave him his chance, he said, Henry was always going to be good, regardless of who managed him! how on Earth can you ever win against that sort of idiocy.

    If a player is crap, it’s Wengers fault, if he’s good, he was going to be good anyway!!

  23. MidwestGun

    Proud to be a troll
    First step is admitting it. Second step Brian is therapy. Try blogging about something you actually like. Maybe you could blog about yourself assuming you like yourself. Which I doubt. Since you don’t like anything.

  24. WrightIsGod


    Are you having a laugh? Verminator was criminally underused.

    He’s wasn’t as good as our first two but we played 56 games and ‘our captain’ (lets not forget) started 13. We weren’t playing City every week were we? Even when we did our ‘amazing’ defensive partnership was shown up.

    Vermaelen did have injuries but he could have got more games. Wenger blatantly overplayed players and Kosh the Boss was one of them, as well as Ozil, Giroud, Ramsey and Walcott etc etc.

  25. Marko

    Nasri I’d say once the community shield is done you’ll see a flurry of business trying to get done before the window closes. My only worry is if a player or two were to say no then we might forget to try and sign that DM or whatever. Still see minimum 2 getting done for us

  26. Emiratesstroller

    I find it laughable when people equate success in football with just size.

    Mascherano is a Centre Back for Barcelona and Defensive Midfielder for Argentina two of the most successful teams in World Football. He is 1.74[5′ 8.5″]

    No doubt my critics will tell me that he is too small to play for a major team in the EPL.

    And as for Jonty 79s comments that size counts for a CB in English Football I would suggest that he takes a look at Roy McFarland who represented both
    Derby and England. He was one of the most accomplished centre backs to
    play in this country and was certainly shorter than 6 foot.

  27. london gunner

    Rodwell gone to Sunderland!

    He never ever should have gone City it was only going to turn out this way… however his still fairly young at 23..

    He needs to have the season of his life this year so as to get back on track

  28. MidwestGun

    Mls all stars play Bayern Munich tomorrow. Worth a watch. See Th14 and basically the US National team play Bayern Munich. Lol.
    Yedlin will be playing, young US rb who was impressive versus Belgium.

  29. MarbleHall


    For someone who purports to be a fan of Ian Wright you know very little about the player. i.e Not knowing Wright was banned from playing in the 1994 CWC Final

  30. karim

    as well lol
    lille just got through vs zurich so you might get on the eurostar pretty soon
    apart from enyeama their biggest threat is Kalou … oh and origi
    debuchy would play against his former club too

  31. karim

    captain pigeon probably is the weirdest name i ve ever seen on here
    who else has a funny name ?
    kiyoshi ito maybe

  32. N5

    Karim, that’s good news mate. I love the French games, will you go if we draw Lille?

    Marble, your boring, really really boring.

  33. N5

    I don’t keep you as company marble, you hang around like a smell. The company I chose to keep is great and incredibly handsome and well hung!!

  34. N5

    Well Karim, I’d be coming over if that happens, it would be awesome to meet up for a beer or something before hand. If you can’t no worries but it would be great to meet you in person.

  35. Leedsgunner

    To think Barça will have almost recovered the fee for Suarez from Arsenal and Chelsea alone… Lesson to learn? Worth buying young quality from the start in the end you’ll get your investment back!

  36. N5

    Mid, If I had a choice, I would like to draw Grasshopper, it’s a funny name and a great place to visit, I will go to that one. Or Lille because the French games are always so much fun. I’ve been to Arsenal in France numerous times and it’s always amazing.

  37. N5

    Lol Mid, I imagine he has his mother skeleton in a rocking chair next to him though, a la Norman Bates! so he kind of has company.

  38. Revving Kevin

    “Johnty79: Gambon u r a wise man schooled in my philosophy.”

    N5: “Agreed Nasri, this is one of the most insulting posts I have ever read.”


    Actually it’s the most spot on thing any of the trolls have said. Especially about another troll.

    gambon remember was the one that once slagged off the Invincibles and claimed going a PL season unbeaten was no greater an achievement than any cup win where you go unbeaten. They could be twins! 🙂

  39. Revving Kevin

    The Rodwell departure is the reason Man city’s ‘other’ club bought lampard and loaned him back to City for the home grown compliance. May hear more about that.

    Rodwell was one of those wasted talents.

  40. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    We need a podcast with you debating with Dial aka Marble aka Brian. Perhaps we could ask Sc0tt and Nell to join.

    That would be great entertainment. Get it done mate!

    At the end we could finush with gambon in the background being faded out saying “cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt etc”

  41. N5

    Lol Kev, If Marble would do it, I would be all over that. I would love to have a discussion with him live about Wright or Henry and just see how little he knows when he hasn’t got his wikipedia page open.

  42. WengerEagle


    Mate do you remember when Marble claimed that Dirk Kuyt/Sol Campbell were better players than TH14 was because they scored in Champions League Finals?

    Priceless stuff.

  43. Leedsgunner


    You well? I suspect you’re happy with how the summer’s gone? I’ll let you into a secret… I’m too ;). Although personally I would have gone for Aurier myself. I supposed if we had we wouldn’t acquired Chambers…

    If we get a DM and ST I’ll be even happier.

  44. Phil

    Got to be honest with you fuck wits …but how many of you have stood in front of an opposition fan and said “let’s have it you cunt”

    None of you boring Roy of the rovers latter day wengerites have a fucking clue,
    You are al, fucking boring in a fucking boring era

    Bore off cunts

  45. N5

    Lol Midwest, I forgot Phil! if you’ve not met him, he’s one of the stupidest trolls you’d ever see. He types like a child but is obviously a man…or a chimp with a PC.

  46. N5

    “Got to be honest with you fuck wits …but how many of you have stood in front of an opposition fan and said “let’s have it you cunt””

    Stupidest comment I’ve ever read on here.

  47. N5

    Spot on Midwest, that let’s have it comment was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen on here and don’t forget I’ve read Marble and Johntys comments so that’s no easy fete.

  48. N5

    Lol Leeds, that is priceless. P*ssing behind the bush has to be the best title of any thing ever!! I’m going to use that in a couple of days, but deny reading it here tonight 😛

  49. Revving Kevin

    Evening Leeds
    Yep not bad mate. I would like to see a DM but very happy. Think this will be the case every season now we’ve been through the painful period.the days if cheksea and Man City ruining g the game are dead, we are back. Give it a couple of years to catch up and we’ll be dominating big time. 🙂

  50. Leedsgunner

    “Got to be honest with you fuck wits …but how many of you have stood in front of an opposition fan and said “let’s have it you cunt””

    Typed in front of a computer screen… oh the irony.

  51. MidwestGun

    Kev –
    Ya, he called me a fuck wad, once. Lol. Haven’t said that since about 35 years, ago.
    Re : happy. I would be happy if we land a holding mid. Carvalho would make my day. And imo be a landmark summer. I’m resigned to Giroud, hoping Campbell, Sanchez, and Theo come thru.

  52. N5

    Lol Midwest he called me batty once, which is something school kids said when I was 12, meaning gay.

    That’s the reason I know he’s a grown man, because he dusts off the really old insults. Obviously he has the mind of a child though.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Got to say if the figures being talked about are true it’s better business to sell Vermaelen to Barcelona and lose £2-3 Million than for it to potentially bite us in the arse domestically for a bit extra cash isn’t it?

    Some stuff about Schar floating around and us potentially looking to him if we do sell Vermaelen; but you’d think with Chambers we’d want to grab someone older with bundles of experience now?

  54. Revving Kevin

    Yep, marbles wright and Henry quotes were funny.

    Here goes the first podcast:-

    “Welcome to Pissing behind the bush, our weekly podcast for trolls and N5 to do battle.

    Our guest interviewer is king troll gambon, looking splendid in his Manchester Utd shirt. Here we go, sorry for any resolution issues. Don’t adjust your display, these chaps really are this ugly!”

    Gambon: welcome to rainy Manchester. My name is god and here today with me is Brian the Troll and his nemesis N5.

    To you Brian. Is it true you think Henry was already a great centre forward when Wenger the cunt bought him?

    Brian: Henry was a world class striker, Wenger ruined him.

    N5: (sporting a large magnet around his neck) Brian, you’re a bell end now fuck off back to your basement.

    Gambon: actually Brian is right. Henry wasted his talent, he should have done what RVP did later and joined a ‘proper’ club.

    Brian: Ian wright was better, unlike Henry he excelled in a European cup final in 1994. No comparison. Proof George Graham was a better manager.

    N5: you fucking idiot Brian, Wright was banned. You’re a clueless twat, now fuck off.

    Brian: you’re an AKB N5, king of the AKB’s. You worship Wenger, your lord and master.

    N5: (Raised voice and throwing arms in air) *%*%*#*%%%€$%*, you wanker Brian.

    Gambon:well that’s a wrap chaps, security can you get Brians balls out of N5’s mouth please.

    Credits roll with gambon whispering to a fade: cunt, cunt, cunty, cunt, cunt, cunty, cunting, cunt, cunt, county, cunt, cunt.

  55. N5

    Loooooool Kevin, that was amazing!

    The horrible thing is. that part between me and Marble is spot on. Almost word for word that is what would happen.

    Well done mate, that was brilliant.

  56. Leedsgunner

    No matter who we bring in keeping our players will be crucial. I remember reading a while back that cumulatively we’ve lost something like 1400 days more than any of our rivals in the past three seasons. (Although Diaby skewers the figures somewhat. Honestly he should donate his body to medical science!

  57. Revving Kevin

    Tv5 has to go. £10 m Barca bite their hands off. Agree, prefer not to sell to a rival. Lots of injuries, injured November to May so couldn’t use him any way.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    He wasn’t injured for that long was he? says he made 21 appearances in the 2013/14 campaign I think – get bored reading appearance stats and I don’t know why, just always have so might be misreading it.

    Obviously a massive upgrade would be nice if we could grab someone like Hummels but a solid defender with a good deal of experience is the ticket. We now have the young utility defender in Chambers.

    Two massive buys left, Vermaelen replacement and a CDM. Do need a big upgrade on Giroud but its not as pressing as the CDM issue. Get that and we’re starting to talk.

  59. MidwestGun

    I have to agree, seeing Vermalean go to Barca wouldn’t bother me much at all assuming we can get a backup. The new kid Chambers sounds like he is playing well.

    Thanks N5, nite.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    Debuchy, Hummels, Koscielny, Gibbs
    Khedira, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Oxlade

    That would be a team…

  61. Revving Kevin

    Dear Leeds
    Loved the title contribution!!

    You know it’s such a shame we genuine Gooners fall out over petty football debates. Ultimately we all want the same and should be mates. Gooners are a class above hence why we don’t troll rival sites.

    Agree about not having injuries.

    someone pissed some stats about TV5 not good really on the injury frump. May have been Nasri. But you do have to take stats with a pinch of salt, they get used too often without ‘weighting’ to falsely prove a point IMO.

  62. Leedsgunner

    It seems like the pattern from the past two summer transfer windows are that we do one massive signing followed by a supporting cast. If it means someone like Reus coming in the summer 2015 – it’s worth holding on I guess but if Balotelli is available for £15m – I still think we should go for him… IMO.

  63. Keef Petrovic

    It’s going to ruin my season if we have to call Sanchez by the name Alexis.

    Sanchez is a pirate Tuco like figure who plunders impossible goals from under the noses of innocent defenders.

    Alexis is the gay hairdresser who makes Giroud’s hair just perfect.

  64. Revving Kevin

    Cesc, agree re stats. Someone was posting % of pass completions to try to prove a point without any weighting. It’s like fantasy football at times!

    Must turn in good night.

  65. WengerEagle

    ‘It’s going to ruin my season if we have to call Sanchez by the name Alexis.

    Sanchez is a pirate Tuco like figure who plunders impossible goals from under the noses of innocent defenders.

    Alexis is the gay hairdresser who makes Giroud’s hair just perfect.’

    Hahahahaha that is brilliant, exactly how I feel!

    I badly wanted a badass Sanchez shirt!

  66. andy1886

    “Got to be honest with you fuck wits …but how many of you have stood in front of an opposition fan and said “let’s have it you cunt””

    Does it count if it’s the wife?

    She did btw…..

  67. Emiratesstroller

    Can someone please explain to me why Mertesacker,Ozil and Podolski have stillnot returned from holiday when other Argentinian and German players have already returned to their clubs this week.

    The World Cup finished more than 3 weeks ago. That should have been sufficient time for these players to have recovered. It seems to me that we are always the least prepared club.

    What concerns me most leaving aside this weekend’s game is that we go into
    a season on Saturday week against Crystal Palace with inadequate cover in
    Central Defence.

  68. Wallace


    Wenger, on advice from the medical team, always give players a minimum of 4 weeks rest. so assume the Germans will be back next mon/tues. not ideal, but can understand the reasoning.

  69. Klauspoppe

    Just playing fifa with Arsenal and in awe of how shit Giroud is in-game as well. This guy has no hope without technique or pace to begin with. Should be playing CB if he’s positioning is good.

  70. Klauspoppe

    “What concerns me most leaving aside this weekend’s game is that we go into
    a season on Saturday week against Crystal Palace with inadequate cover in
    Central Defence.”

    Bringing in Hummels wont solve this either who’s name has been floating a lot on here lately.

  71. Emiratesstroller

    The rumour about Hummels is typical lazy journalism. Hummels would not
    come to Arsenal unless ‘guaranteed’ a first team place. That would destabilise
    either Mertesacker or Koscielny on top of Vermaelen who is clearly leaving.

    Arsenal need urgently another Centre Back before start of season and someone who is experienced in that position. Chambers may have great potential but his EPL experience is at RB.

    Another matter which needs clarification is who exactly is Home Grown at Arsenal. According to my calculation the club has just 8 players on its books
    who would qualify but that presumes that Coquelin is staying at club this season.

    The 8 are:

    Jenkinson is out on loan

  72. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Cmon u moaners

    I am sure if there are no major injuries this year v will win the league.

    With Theo back and Sanchez in addition to last year squad v have plenty of fire power to complement Giroud and Campbell.

    I hope Arteta also get himself fit to Cover the CDM spot or Wnger may try Jack to fill this spot. With Flamini as an adequate backup.

    Also not to forget promising displays by Ganbry last year and Bellerin in the prr season v have good upcoming backups.

    I still feel Wenger shud keep Vermalen to mantain squad depth
    His grievances shud b sorted out altough.

  73. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think that the Vermaelen situation is going to be resolved. You cannot give him an assurance that he is guaranteed a starting place and clearly he is
    not willing to stay without it.

    The choice Arsenal needs to make is do they allow him to run down his contract or sell him now and make money.

    My concern is that Arsenal played last season with just 3 established centre
    backs on our books with Sagna as back up in emergency. At the moment we
    are effectively down to 2 with Mertesacker unavailable for next 2 matches.
    Do you gamble on going into Man City and Crystal Palace games with only
    one experienced centre back?

    For me that is poor planning and reflects as usual indecisiveness on part of Wenger.

  74. Leedsgunner

    With Dennis Bergkamp as the assistant manager at Ajax — I cannot believe we’re not exploring that link more — for example with our CB predicament — I would look at Joel Veltman serious — he’s been their best CB for the past three seasons now.

  75. Nasri's Mouth


    I suspect that Wenger isn’t too bothered about the result of the game on sunday, and there’s talk of Per being back for the Crystal Palace game.

  76. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    How can you play Mertesacker against Crystal Palace when he has not even started training?

    This is the point I made earlier most of the other German and Argentinian players in Spain and England appear to have started training this week.

    What I see at the moment is that we are down to 2 established CBs of which only 1 is ready to play. Do you know any other major club, which would allow such a situation to arise with a season looming. It is clear to me that Vermaelen has an injury of ‘convenience’ and has absolutely no intention of playing for us again.

  77. Nasri's Mouth


    Dunno whether he’d actually play, but I’ve heard that he’s meant to be back in time, so on the bench maybe.

    Dunno about Vermaelen’s ‘injury’ or injury. I think it’s impossible to know which it is. I’d imagine if he is fit, he’d want to train, rather than simply letting the club (that he wants to leave) dictate what he does.

  78. peanuts&monkeys

    Whats up people? How many of you want a few more draws and defeats till the 31st of August? I want 2 draws and 1 defeat. Thats the only way, i guess Wenger will buy a striker and a DM.

  79. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    The real problem I have is that Arsenal allow too many valuable assets to run down their contracts to last year and are then faced with this dilemma.

    We had same problem last summer with Sagna, Fabianski and Bendtner. All
    3 landed up leaving club this summer on freebies.

    If you look at the current crop of players we have on our books Vermaelen,
    Coquelin,Arteta,Flamini, Diaby, Rosicky and Sanogo whose current contracts
    end next summer. How many of those contracts do you anticipate will be renewed?

  80. N5

    “I want 2 draws and 1 defeat. Thats the only way, i guess Wenger will buy a striker and a DM.”

    If we’re following suit from previous seasons, it would have to be heavy defeats.

    I think he’s going to buy a DM regardless and when Verm goes, I also think he’ll get a CB.

    There does seem to be a plan this year.

  81. peanuts&monkeys

    The only proof that the rest of BoD is thinking in same line as Usmanov will be when Arsenal buys players after outbidding other clubs. Lets start with Khedira. Wht say you, Arsene?

  82. N5

    Peanuts, I don’t see a new striker coming in though. I think he’ll play Alexis down the middle some matches and others he’ll have OG there with Walnut and Alexis on the flanks.

    Campbell is also in the mix and Akpom, so I don’t see another one happening.