Young gun signs – Carvalho looking more likely

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Dan Crowley signed a new contract. Can I get a wooooo!? Yeah I can, go on, do it at your desk and inexplicably point to god.

Go on… did you do it?

Nice work.

He’s the next super talent coming through the ranks. He reminds me of Jack at that age, exciting, well ahead of his age group with a low centre of gravity (short). He could do well. However, he should learn the rules of being an exciting young talent… knuckle down, work hard, keep your nose clean (metaphorically and literally) and be patient.

Ignore the beach babes, speedos and volleyball until you’re at least 63.

Great news for the clubs production line. Well, great news to our scouting network who pinched him from Villa. I feel far more confident Joncker is looking after his progress.

The Mirror have run with an odd story about Thomas Vermaelen snubbing Arsene Wenger’s offer of a new deal. Really struggling to come to terms with this story. Firstly, Wenger ostracised Vermaelen from the squad last year in he same way he did Bendtner. Instead of rotating him with his two core centre backs he shut him out. Thomas visibly looked disinterested and why wouldn’t he? He had no way in even when Per and Laurent were shattered. Wenger ran Laurent into the ground rather than rotate with a player who is more than capable of being good enough to become our captain in the first place.

In April he let the club know he wanted out. He went to the World Cup, picked up an injury, now we can’t sell him despite interest from Barca and United. Well, he might go, but the injury is hampering things. So now we’re faced with keeping him, so Wenger wants him to sign a new deal so we can get a fee for him next year?

You can see why that wouldn’t go down a dream!

Stories are hitting the web that Carvahlo is more likely than Khedira. Good in my view. We need attributes and fitness. Not sure what the benefit is of signing someone who is 27, injury prone, massively expensive and not quite what we need. I’ve heard great things about Carvahlo, really feel he could make a massive impact on our squad and fill a troublesome gap.

Giroud is excusing his performance on Sunday by stating he’d barely trained. You can’t knock that as an excuse. It’s a fair one. Players won’t get fit properly until at least a month into the season anyway, so I’m not concerned. My main concern is we don’t have he quality up front we need. People meme that Giroud scored more than Rooney over the last two seasons… well, I don’t want Rooney either. That said, he’s a better player for sure. I think the simple fact is, as our squad currently stands, Giroud doesn’t have to worry.

Well, he does, I think Sanchez will play through the middle.

Really feel Mario would be amazing. He’s the best option out there for us. One crazy guy in a squad that boasts very little ego shouldn’t be a problem. Really, I truly believe that every work place deserves a really selfish person of immense talent.

In other news, Usmanov is claiming Arsene Wenger is a genius and now the trophies begin.

Deary me, just what we need. A gee up from Alisher.

I really hope Arsene is a genius. I really hope he does smash it out the park. However, despite all the changes, I still think he’ll come up short at some point. But hey, we’ll see, I’m totally up for Arsene proving me wrong with a Champions League / Premiership double. My concern is that you see coaches like LVG taking innovative approaches to games and I just don’t feel Arsene has that in him these days… nor do I feel many behind have the guts to suggest such approaches.

Just me though. Could be totally wrong. But if I am, that’ll mean Wenger changing massive chunks of his personality and approach.

I’m just being a realist here people, just being real. Street. Whatever you want to call it.

Right, quick one today as I have much work to be cracking on with…

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  1. N5

    “To be fair Ashley Young is 82 rated on FIFA 14 so itโ€™s not really something Iโ€™d use as a reference.”

    I was rated 99. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar! I shit em!!

  2. Romford Pele

    Yeah the thing with Wenger is that he banks on the internal growth of players. He’s never gonna outspend City/Chelsea, even with this new financial power. Signing some DMs will make a world of difference to us though, please get on it. And a TV5 replacement too, obvs.

  3. gambon


    I only posted that compared to City and Chelsea we are oytgunned in the MF area.

    Im sure Wenger doesnt care though, he thinks if he crosses his fingers hard enough things will magically turn out OK.

    He never addresses the problems in the team, he hides from them.

    I posted that our MF has no players in their peak years, has a 3 & 4 inch height disadvantage to other teams.

    Wengers teams are always so unbalanced.

    We have a left MF who wants to play #10, we have a right sided AM who vacates the right to play in the middle, we have a 3 man CM, one of whom does no defending at all.

    We have a CF who wont….no cant run in behind and plays as a 6’4″ false 9 (badly)

    We have a slow CF and morbidly slow CB, which means we can neither play deep counter attacking or high pressing.

    We have a left back who is always attacking but cant seem to do anything of value with the ball.

    its just comical. We have a good set of players, but no organisation and no balance at all.

    Hence the 6-0 thrashings.

    Lets not pretend this was a one off, its happened regularly in the last 3-4 years against top opposition.

  4. Romford Pele

    Lol Reyes used to moan about being bored…. In London FFS!! Tbh I remember after we went unbeaten, start of the 04/05 season he was mugging off the Neville brothers in the Community Shield. They made sure it didn’t happen again when they ended our record. Pretty much kicked Reyes out of the game. How the ref didn’t do anything about what was going on is anyone’s guess.

  5. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Reyes was the last name I ever put on the back of a jersey! Feel like I cursed him somehow! Just like I cursed the 2006 champs league final….

  6. Keyser

    gambon – Firstly, that kind of means you’ve been moaning for no reason these past several years.

    Secondly, that’s not really the point, it’s not that these teams have the best players, it’s that over the past few years having taken the piss buying up talent left right and centre, they’ve made all the mistakes that we can’t afford to make with players like Sanchez or Ozil now.

    We’re not going to outspend them unless we’re incredibly lucky, so we need to work out ways to be more efficient than them, part of this is finding players like Ramsey to make the step up, others is trying to maximise what we do have.

  7. london gunner

    Can you go from Sales to Marketing?

    Really don’t want to get into Sales but I have lot more options right now in said field

    Just don’t want to be pigeonholed later on

    I did a sales internsship now all recruiters/ agencies wont even let me go for the marketing internships/entry roles… its all sales sales sales

    I know the potential for money is sales is high but would rather be involved in creating marketing strategies more creative less target obsessed.

    thinking of working torward a marketing post grad course coz I studied history at uni and my only experience has been in sales and recruitment not marketing

  8. WengerEagle

    In the 1st half of Wenger’s tenure at Arsenal he bought a shit load of new players into the club:

    -5 in the 1996/97 season
    -8 in the 1997/98 season.
    -6 in the 1998/99 season.
    -6 in the 1999/00 season.
    -11 in the 2000/01 season.
    -5 in the 2001/02 season.
    -4 in the 2002/03 season.
    -7 in the 2003/04 season.

    Averaged out at 6.5 new players brought in every season.

  9. N5

    I thought it was you gambon that posted about the heights. I found it really interesting to read. I thought it might be worth posting again for the people that have are digging you out about your height issues, because it’s there in black and white for all to see.

  10. Keyser

    Midwest – What are you on about ? Jello ? wtfs that.

    Also don’t be dense, look around, United, Chelsea, Citeh have been doing that for years, and we’re nowhere near them.

    So basically you’re saying take a punt, a ‘Hail Mary’.

  11. MidwestGun

    London –
    I have a good friend who went from sales to management. Usually how it works. But if you like the creative side of it try getting a job with a radio or tv media group in ad sales. The sales people usually have a lot of input.
    My personal experience is a degree in marketing but I ended up in management. I think it’s who you know more so then your degree.. So get a sales job and create contacts with a position you want.

    My 2 cents. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. WengerEagle


    Not sure but in the accessories section in addition to changing his pair of boots you haver the option to stick a pair of goggles on him if you please. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. gambon

    “Weโ€™re not going to outspend them unless weโ€™re incredibly lucky, ”

    Who said anything about outspending?

    The best team in the PL right now, would no way be the most expensive, so thats a silly thing to say.

    Although we will have to get close to City for wages.

    But thats an irrelevant argument.

    VanPersie, Cesc, Nasri & Walcott couldve been the best front 4 in the PL, but we didnt match their ambitions or wages. However they cost ยฃ24m between them.

    The problem is, too many people at the club (fans, directors, Wenger) are happy with mediocrity.

    I saw a fan recently call for Chambers as the new CM….

    So we’re gonna put Chambers and Ramsey up against Matic+Ramires or Yaya+Fernandinho?

    They would be ripped apart.

    And there is the problem, too much sentiment.

    You wanna win the league…..go and buy a better CM pairing than those 2 mentioned above.

    The funniest thing is Wenger has managedthe best GK, CB, LB, RB, DM, CM, AM, CF during his time as Arsenal manager, but now seems content with the 10th best in each position.

  14. Bergkamp63

    london gunner August 5, 2014 15:07:50
    Can you go from Sales to Marketing?

    Why not ? You just need more BS (not much) in sales than you do in Marketing !

  15. Keyser

    WE – Lol, was it you that mentioned how little time players have spent together in this team ? In the early years we managed to keep the continuity going, we made 1-2 key additions and then squad players, even then the market was far more susceptible to finding the players we needed.

    That’s basically what Wenger was going for by 2011, we’ve ripped that apart completely now, and the teams we’re competing against take the absolute biscuit.

    Chelsea last season are a good example.

  16. Romford Pele

    Eagle – I count 10, but my word, some of these were awful. Only Wiltord, Edu and Pires were worth their salt. Guy Demel FFS!

    Francis Jeffers
    Tomas Danilevicius
    Igor Stepanovs
    Sylvain Wiltord
    Guy Demel
    Moritz Volz
    Sebastian Svard
    Robert Pires

  17. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    Mate that kind took my point out of complete context… in fact you ignored the sentence attached to it.

    So I guess I have to repeat myself again

    I said allot of those measurements of the players are opinionated

    such as vision dribbling even ball control passing ect

    But sprinting and acceleration are easily calculable I know this being a former 100 metre runner.

    I also know that Fifa analyse hundreds of hours of players game time and calculate their speeds using software for instance they will measure there speed over a few meters to over a 100 meter dash… They will find a mean mode and average. They will find velocity of the players.

    they will also get certain information from training sessions such as sprint drills and general speed tests.

    Speed and acceleration are a very measurable thing opinion or bias doesn’t come into it.

    I understand what you said but read through my comment both just assuming I take fifa at face value.


  18. WengerEagle


    Yeah that would make sense, could of sworn seeing you on there with 99 Ball Control and Dribbling. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    *Grabs coat and walks towards metaphorical door*

    I’ll show myself out now.

  19. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    No I’m saying instead of waiting for Giroud or Sanogo to gel bring in a Lewandowski or Cavani. Ready made player. Get as many as we need now. We can gel for the next 5 years. We are always waiting for a breakout performance instead of getting proper players. I think if we brought in 6 or 8 players. A down year is more acceptable. We are forever waiting to gel. My
    point being we shouldn’t be limited to 2 or 3 players for fear of the illusive gelling or chemistry.

  20. Intelligentfoozball


    You are talking a load of crap. With a dm our squad can win the league. The real question is , can Mr Wenger do it. You most certainly dont need PL’s best players in their positions to win the league, u need core individuals who are good at what they do. The examples you gave even supports that. We have core individuals who can win the league. A dm and a cb and we are straight. Its more down to whether Wenger can best utilise his squad.

  21. Keyser

    gambon – “The best team in the PL right now, would no way be the most expensive, so thats a silly thing to say.”

    What does this even mean ? You’re not going to pick and mix players from several teams who meet your requirements are you ? which would be silly, if not you haven’t got a point.

    “VanPersie, Cesc, Nasri & Walcott couldve been the best front 4 in the PL, but we didnt match their ambitions or wages. However they cost ยฃ24m between them.”

    They were the best, well close to, because we’d spent years slowly developing them to that point, we’re now buying players who might replace the ones we’ve lost, but it’ll be their first or second year with us.

    The rest is gibberish. Pay attention to what I am saying as opposed to yor bullshit rants about what you perceive people are thinking.

  22. N5

    “Yeah that would make sense, could of sworn seeing you on there with 99 Ball Control and Dribbling. ๐Ÿ˜€ :D”

    Lol, very good! ๐Ÿ™

  23. gambon



    “You are talking a load of crap.”

    Oh, thanks you for correcting me, i look forward to learning more.

    “With a dm our squad can win the league.”

    Wow, thanks for passing your own silly opinion off as fact.

  24. london gunner


    Thanks for the comment. Is good hearing from an experienced head.

    I am good at Sales but I don’t enjoy it which is odd most people like what they are good at.

    Just I did that internship in Sales I was quite successfully as In I was offered the job, and my crazy authoritarian manager appreciated me I was basically told to manage the intern who had been there longer than me lol.

    But I was surrounded but cut throat cunts and I didn’t feel like I could be myself I put on this image of money money.

  25. N5

    “I had a look a while back at the invincibles, I think only 3 of the regular starting 11 were under 6โ€ฒ.”

    Jim, is that right? we had a team of giants back then, not the Danny DeVito midfield we have now.

  26. london gunner

    But I will try and move to marketing.

    Its just I hear Marketing and Sales departments are more often than not isolated from each other (despite that being contrary to logic? Surely a closer relationship would be more profitable? )

  27. Keyser

    Midwest – Lol, we’ve got an Ozil and a Sanchez now, aswell as numerous other players who have question marks over them.

    A down year ? Wake up, we’re competing against teams that have repeated, corrected and made similar mistakes over severals year or the best part of a decade.

    This isn’t even mentioning how much these players will cost, we’ve just spent a year discussing whether Ozil was worth it.

  28. N5

    “I am good at Sales but I donโ€™t enjoy it which is odd most people like what they are good at.”

    I’m the other way around, I love sex, but I’m awful at it!

  29. WengerEagle


    Yeah Reyes was class that afternoon, still remember that match quite vividly.

    His performance in the 2004/05 Community shield against United was very memorable as well.

  30. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – I’m afraid it was! I watched every game on one specific TV winning all the way, remember the missed peno in the semis, couldn’t believe it! Then…. then the lads twisted my arm into going out and watching the final in the pub after school… and we lost ๐Ÿ™

    Must have been a wednesday night right? When did it change to Saturday?

    @WE – I had the 04-05 home shirt with Reyes on the back, still my favourite Arsenal shirt to this day!

  31. N5

    london, to me Marketing is sales but to a different audience. Markerting is great if you are leading projects, however if you’re in the research side of it, then (i’m not sure how you type that noise you make with your tongue, Rasssspppp maybe?).

  32. MidwestGun

    London –
    Not uncommon to hate sales. But like I said do it for a couple years and build contacts with marketing people and let them know your interested.

  33. gambon


    Great to see you back to your best, lots of words, absolutely no insight or opinion.

    Like I said….the most expensive players and best players dont correlate.

    Wages and league position correlate, transfer spend and league position far far less.

    I dont see what you are trying to argue.

    unless we have a GK thats better than Joe Hart or Thibaut Courtois we are at a disadvantage.

    Unless we have better fullbacks than Ivanovic, Azpilicueta, Luis or Sagna, Kolorov, Zabaleta, Clichy we are at a disadvantage

    Unless we have better CBs than Kompany, Mangala, Nastasic or Terry, Cahill, Zouma we are at a disadvantage.

    Unless we have a better CM pair than two of Fernandinho, Yaya, or Matic, Ramires we are at a disadvantage.

    You get the idea…

    I’ll say it again…..we have never won the PL without a host of the PLs best players in the team.

    No team has managed to win the PL without a group of top players.

  34. WengerEagle


    ‘Lol, was it you that mentioned how little time players have spent together in this team ? In the early years we managed to keep the continuity going, we made 1-2 key additions and then squad players, even then the market was far more susceptible to finding the players we needed.’

    Mate I was only tolling. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Agree that we are very much a work in progress as a team but a CDM addition would help us for the upcoming season. Arteta and Flamini are grand as squad players but tbh neither are good enough to start for a title-chasing side.

    What do you want us to do RE CDM? Change our formation using what we have, keep the formation using either Arteta or Flamini as the CDM or buy a new CDM?

  35. N5

    “Cole, Lauren and Ljungberg all under 6โ€ฒ the rest were over! (Fully fit starting 11 that is!)”

    Wow, I honestly never noticed that. Cole was a midge wasn’t he and I though Freddy wasn’t far off 6ft, maybe 5’10”? or am I misrembering him somewhat and he was like Arshavin?

  36. Bamford13

    Ox looked great this weekend, I thought, and isn’t getting as much love on here as he deserves. I think he should play wide in the starting XI. I’d also play Podolski at CF over Giroud if we don’t sign a CF. If we do sign Carvalho, we could look like this:


    If we added Balotelli or Benteke (January), we might look like this:


  37. london gunner

    I have to craft a 60 second elevator pitch roughly around 20 companies at once tomorrow

    Would personally prefer a 2 minute pitch but I get why they would want someone who makes enough of an impact in the first minute of conversation

  38. gambon

    โ€œI had a look a while back at the invincibles, I think only 3 of the regular starting 11 were under 6โ€ฒ.โ€

    Yep, Ljungberg, Cole, Lauren

    This is something ive spoken about a lot.

    Given equal ability a team averaging 6′ will be more ideal than a team averaging 5’9″

    Once again we get the balance wrong.

    We have lost of smaller players with a couple of lamposts, which Wenger would claim brings up our average height, but it brings up the mean, not the median.
    Its the same with pace. People try to say “we do have pace, we have Walcott”…..well one quick player doesnt mean pace, he can be the quickest player in history, but that still means we have 95% slow players.

  39. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    .. . I think highly talented players know how to fit in and gel more quickly. Ya I know Ozil. He did win a trophy. I don’t think it’s a waste of time to bring in more players if they are an upgrade talentwise. To limit forever to only 2 or 3 players because of chemistry is over rated. Additionally, this year with the WC most teams are gonna be behind. So the perfect year to load up.

  40. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Cole was close to 5’10”. Ljungberg was 5’9″ and Lauren was 5’11”

    Jamie Redknapp said that standing in the tunnel before the game Arsenal already had you beat as you were staring up at them, the intimidation got to you.

  41. Revving Kevin

    Dear gambon

    Who decides who are the best players? You? Let’s hope not!

    It’s subjective and based on opinions. Yours are often misplaced, you clearly dislike Ozil, jack, Ramsey (or have you changed your mind?), Kos, Mert, Gibbs, Giroud, Sanogo, Arteta, Flamini, Wilshere, Walcott. Have I missed anyone? These are just those you have slagged off recently (last 12 months) to be fair. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also your comment earlier:

    “We wont win the PL until we have the best players in the PL”

    This seems to contradict your assertions about tactics, managers and your denial about Chelsea and Man city’s money affecting us. So are you saying that until we spend more than any other team to attain the best players we won’t win the league? Interesting. And once again, who decides who are the best players?

    It’s like fantasy football with you.

  42. N5

    Cole is bigger than I thought then Jim, so out of our starting 11, we only had 3 under 6ft and collectively they were only 6″ under 6ft.

    gambon has a valid point.

  43. Romford Pele

    “Iโ€™d also play Podolski at CF over Giroud if we donโ€™t sign a CF”

    You can’t play a CF that doesn’t move and ends up being deeper than the midfielders half the time. He has no clue how to play that position. By hook or by crook, Sanogo seems to be able to position himself well and read where the ball is going, Podolski doesn’t have that natural instinct. I would never play Podolski above Giroud at CF and that’s saying something. Giroud may not be good himself but I can actually see what he’s trying to do and he has decent movement in and around the box. Podolski may have a great shot on him but it’s rendered irrelevant when he doesn’t know how to position himself 9/10 times.

  44. N5

    “Arsenal already had you beat as you were staring up at them, the intimidation got to you.”

    That’s quite the diffence to todays tunnel talk. I wonder if Santi has been asked if he is excited about being mascot or Theo asked what he want’s to be when he grows up.

  45. WengerEagle

    Jim Lahey

    Yeah was a lovely shirt, I also adored the Red and White O2 Home shirt from the Invincibles era.

    I haven’t bought a football jersey since 2007 when I bought our white away jersey with Fabregas on the back. ๐Ÿ™

  46. gambon

    “This seems to contradict your assertions about tactics, managers and your denial about Chelsea and Man cityโ€™s money affecting us. ”

    Erm, i have never denied this AT ALL. I have said time and time again we needed to spend much more over recent years.

    That has been 99% of my argument here since 2008, so I really dont get what youre talking about.

    “So are you saying that until we spend more than any other team to attain the best players we wonโ€™t win the league?”

    Thats exactly what im saying

    I cant understand why on earth you think this isnt the case.

  47. Jim Lahey

    Szczฤ™sny – 6’5″

    Debuchy – 5’10”
    Mertesacker – 6’6″
    Koscielny – 6’1″
    Gibbs – 5’10”

    Arteta – 5’10”
    Ramsey – 5’10” (thought he was about 6’…)
    ร–zil – 5’11”
    Cazorla – 5’6″
    Sรกnchez – 5’7″

    Giroud – 6’4″

  48. Bamford13


    Who the best players are is not subjective, though there is obviously some difference of opinion. However, there very much is a general critical consensus around certain players among professional pundits, players, managers, etc., and it is according to that consensus that many Arsenal players don’t make the list.

    The only people who disagree are Arsenal supporters, which tells you everything.

    Gambon’s point is not that we cannot win without outspending City and Chelsea but that we cannot win if we do not have the same or greater number of top quality players. Sometimes you can sign top players for less than other clubs are spending through smart scouting, intelligent buying, etc., but in the end, you do have to spend.

    Which means we must spend more than we have, and we must spend more intelligently than we have.

    However, spending on top quality players alone does not win a title. Additionally you need a great manager, excellent tactics, team chemistry/understanding, and depth.

  49. Thank you and goodnight

    Gambon is right about having the best players in order to win the league. By that I mean wenger’s never won the league with a team of ok ish players and maybe 1 or 2 stars like SAF did in his last season. And unfortunately to have a team of players at that level now is something we can’t afford even with 100 million in the bank.

  50. Bamford13


    I don’t think that’s what you’re saying — not exactly, at least — because it’s too reductivist. We could certainly win without outspending City, Chelsea, United, but we’d have to spend more (and more wisely) than we have, and we would have to have as many top quality players as they have.

    This can be done, I think.

    With intelligence, tactics, discipline, a team can win the title without outspending its rivals — see Atletico last year — but it must still spend a good deal and must do so intelligently.

  51. gambon


    Yes, im not saying if we spend ยฃ101.2m and City spend ยฃ107.3m we cant possibly beat them.

    However we cant possibly beat them without being very close.

    You talk about Atletico, but where do you think they will come this season?

    Their best player, by a long long way, and the reason they won the league, was snatched pretty quickly.

    Wages are far more important than transfer spend.

    You can never keep the best players on average wages.

    And i’ll say it again… cant win the PL without the best players.

  52. Keyser

    gambon – Keep saying it, it’s more of an observation than anything else and pretty much futile.

    It’s about how we’re going to beat the teams above us.

    Midwest – Obviously you haven’t paid much attention to the teams above us, I suppose Wenger has proven much more efficient in building teams, as gambon highlighted, but then as we’ve seen even this has left us wanting.

    It isn’t about limiting yourself, it’s about balance, how many players can you name in the team that are absolute first teamers, and then consider how many players have question marks over them, you’re taking a massive punt, there isn’t much rhyme nor reason about what you’re saying.

  53. Revving Kevin

    Dear Tyag
    “Gambon is right about having the best players to win the league”

    Yes he is!!! At last you finally see the light!! What a great job Wenger has done!! ๐Ÿ™‚ took me a while to get the worm on the hook!!

    Of course it’s about the money. That’s what I have been saying for years and you lot keep jumping.

    Only an idiot thinks you don’t need great players but who are the best? It’s subjective.

    In the past Wenger has proved that you don’t have to go out and outspend everyone to secure the best players but it’s getting harder now with the money about. But the best players don’t necessarily make the best team.

    When Wenger built the Invincibles, those players when he bought them weren’t acknowledged as the best. He made it the best team.
    Team is the key.

    Was TH14 the best CF when Wenger bought him? No.

    Last season we were three points off Cheksea, 7 off City.

    That was despite half the team being cunted off as useless and injuries blamed on Wenger.

    Now Ozil is getting bashed up. Is he not one of the best?

    We need to make sure that our judgement of who are the best is not clouded with bias. Becos it’s all about opinions. And those who wanted Fellaini to sign and cunted off Ozil and Ramsey are hardly experts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. SpanishDave

    This squad will not win the league. We are three players short in cf and dm’s.
    Arteta Diaby, Flamini Wilshere will not be good enough in mid field. All of them are too slow and half asleep.
    Giroud up front is a joke, he is one footed and mentally slow in decision making.
    Wenger is now waiting for the end of window bargins, by then we could be dropping points.

  55. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    So to be clear, because I’m trying to understand your point. Because we already have Debuchy and Alexis coming in and Ozil and others need to develop you think it would be pointless to bring in more players? I would have to disagree.

  56. Keyser

    WE – We spent most of the year wondering who would fit us best, I wanted the Fernandinho/ Remeires type, but obviously we don’t have many options, all have weaknesses and strength, overall we still need the passing and understanding to improve.

    I think we need a 3 man midfield, where against the bigger teams, Ozil is used as part of the front 3, balanced with Ox or Sanchez the other side. The players we have aren’t ideal, but with soo few players we can rely on we still need the older experienced heads.gggg

  57. Keyser

    Midwest – It wouldn’t necessarily be pointless, but considering the player coming in would have to simply fly into form, how likely do you think it is ?

    And not only that but for us to be better than the teams above us.

  58. london gunner

    on theo theo

    I probably need it! I come across as arrogant when I speak at any kind of interview its not on purpose its just reacting to situation.

    Some people get shy and quiet or stumble on their words

    I get cocky and a bit dog it dog especially in group exercises it wont go down well

  59. Emiratesstroller

    I do not understand a lot of the recent discussion.

    The best ‘team’ is not necessarily the club with most money or pays the highest wages or indeed recruits the best individual players.

    Clubs who win the league title are those who combine good defence with ability to win matches even in the last minute of game even when not plaing particularly well and anyone who watched the teams who won the title most i.e. Liverpool,Man Utd and Arsenal offered those qualities.

    You don’t need to have the best players to achieve that result so long as
    you have players who were very good. Arsenal’s defence under George
    Graham and even when Wenger took over did not include the 4 best defenders, but collectively they were the best.

    Gambon has a habit of devaluing players by making comparisons between our goalkeepers and Courtois and Hart. I am sorry Gambon you
    need to read statistics. Szczesny won the golden glove along with Cech
    for the most clean sheets last season. He is a good goalkeeper getting
    better each season and is now backed by Ospina who I consider is every bit as good as Hart who had frankly a fairly indifferent season.

    Height and size makes absolutely no difference to how good or bad a
    team is, but of course if you play against a team who hoofs the ball up
    in the air and use height and physique plus fouls to beat you as Stoke
    used to do then it is rather difficult to cope if you are lightweight.

    Nevertheless many great teams and players were small including Messi and Maradonna. The latter was of course as wide as he was tall,
    but Messi is not so but through brilliance copes very well with players
    who try to kill him.

    One of the most competitive and physically strong teams in English Football was Leeds United. Their midfield apart from Norman ‘bite
    your legs’ Hunter were incredibly small but strong players e.g. Giles
    and Bremner. Sometimes being small is an advantage, because you
    have a low centre of gravity.

    Arsenal has at moment some very good players in their squad and providing that we bring in CDM I believe that we will be a very competitive team this season. I would agree however that Wilshere does need
    to get his act together and stop falling over and making a meal every time he gets tackled. If you want to be a great player then he needs to
    take a look a Messi who is certainly not bigger than him. He ‘copes’
    very well with physical game.

  60. TitsMcgee

    Wenger has signed one top player this summer and he thinks that’ll do. He figures we were “just” 7 points (IIRC) behind the league winners so 1 player (starter addition) should bridge the gap. Sad to say though that we didn’t get our ass handed to us in 4 seperate games last season because we lacked 1 top player.

    Giroud is still a problem and so is the combination of Arteta/Flamini.

    Good that he has added depth/competition at GK and RB but I am expecting more of the same next season with us trouncing the minnows but then in turn getting trounced ourselves a couple of times.

  61. luke

    ——-William Carv——–

    Bench: Chezz, Chambers, Verm, WIlshere, Oxlade, Giroud, Campbell

  62. london gunner

    I think a lot of people aren’t getting gambon’s point

    His not against all small players.

    Just that we need balance and that in certain roles we need more height

    People are taking it to an extreme point when really its just common sense

    We need a big player in the middle.

    As for Wingers we really don’t need tall wingers the best wingers come in all heights and seizes.

    Bale and Ronaldo are tall

    Reus Ribbery and Robben average (for a footballer)

    Hazard Messi and Neymar small

    I personally think a loan striker should be tall or your basically playing with a false nine aka Messi

    If false nines float your boat fair enough but I am not a fan personally

  63. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Well …. a Cavani would be more likely to gel just as quickly as Giroud seems to be. Lol. Sometimes like I said the older experienced player has lost more than the newer player would bring to the table even minus the chemistry. Such as Arteta. Adding 2 or 3 players per year is like not keeping up with inflation at this point. So ya I would take a punt especially this year where every team is gonna take time to gel because of WC.

  64. gambon

    Great points emirates

    – maradona was small therefore height is irrelevant
    – an underachieving Leeds team 40 years ago had small players therefore height is irrelevant

    Wonderful display of fact based arguments.

    I’m just off to get my euro millions ticket for tonight.

    What numbers am I going to play? Well exactly the ones that came up last week of course.

  65. Keyser

    MidwestGun – We’ve spent 60 million NET this summer, look up what Chelsea will have spent to make the purchases they have.

    They will be one of the teams we compete against.

    Consider who you think has done better business this year and how it’ll affect either team, and you should start to realise the position we’re in.

    Then maybe try and work out how you’re going to buy in Cavani and what proportion of the budget he’ll take up, for what you’ve basically admitted is a punt.

  66. BillikenGooner

    We still have a few weeks for Diaby to be touted as our new midfield strongman (Wenger has that line memorized, he doesn’t even need the note card anymore), and he’s tall, too.

  67. ja_gunner

    “Nevertheless many great teams and players were small including Messi and Maradonna. The latter was of course as wide as he was tall,
    but Messi is not so but through brilliance copes very well with players
    who try to kill him.”

    risk manger restate as : “maradona was small therefore height is irrelevant”

    sigh…what a plank…who is this “person” really?

  68. london gunner

    Why does no one like szczsney?

    Is it just his personality they find abrasive?

    Personally I think his a good keeper who if keeps improving will be a great one.

    He had a much improved season last year can remember some crucial saves.

    Lets look at this in detail shall we?

    Sczney 87 De gea 78 mignolet 86

    Goals conceded

    SC 28 DE 31 Mig 35

    saves per minute

    SC 28.97 mins De gea 31.15 mig 29.3

    penalties faced and saved

    sc 5-1 de 0-0 mig 4 -1

    high cross catches

    SC 42 DE 23 MIG 20


    SC 20 DE 12 MIG 18

    Defensive Errors

    SC 3 DE 0 Mig 5

    Per minute of error

    SC 840 minutes Mig 504 minutex

    Clean sheets

    SC 12 DE 9 Mig 8

    Now this shows his a very good keeper he has to make more saves and he makes more of them. if you want to simplify it

  69. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Was more using Cavani as an example of improving a position. Not necessarily advocating for him specifically. Just don’t give a damn about chemistry as much when we have obvious needs. Think we need at least 1 more starter most likely cdm and a backup cb minimum.
    Don’t think we are gonna find common ground. It’s the Lebron James thing. Lol. Sometimes you need the superstar over team development.

  70. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    Yeah I think you’re right it comes down to his arrogant personality which I personally think is mental considering we’ve always had extremely arrogant players like any other team.

    Szczesny is a quality GK and is improving every season. He’s still very young at 24.

  71. gambon

    I don’t have an issue with Szczesny London

    Thought he was good last season

    I wasn’t saying earlier Courtois and Hart are better. Merely pointing out that we need best in class players throughout the team.

  72. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    I knew he was good but even I didn’t realise how much.

    What I like about those stats is it disproves his detractors who say his clean sheets were purely based on our defenders.

    He made a phenomenal amount of saves and his catches from high crosses is off the charts

  73. MidwestGun

    Most worrying thing about Szczesny at the moment is set piece defending. Needs to get defenders organized. Be a leader. Not worried about his physical ability. More mental things. Positioning.

  74. Emiratesstroller


    Barcelona were considered a small team and I suggest you take a look at the
    height and size of the Chilean team who managed to cream England when they played us at Wembley. There is barely a six footer in their team.

    I don’t know if you ever watched leeds in their heyday, but I did. They under performed primarily because of their manager and not quality or size of players. Bremner was a ‘fearsome’ player at around 5′ 5″ and Giles was not much bigger, but they were both outstanding players and certainly knew how to look
    after themselves.

    You have a habit of stereotyping teams to fit your argument. I have been a critic of Wenger, but I do recognise that most of the players recruited by club in
    last 3 years are better than sometimes they are portrayed.

    Judge the team and new recruits once transfer window is closed and how they
    perform this season and not on preconceived ideas on how each player is individually.

  75. gambon


    NLD tickets?

    Good luck….I know a few guys that only go to 10 odd games pa and sell the rest but no chance of that game.

    If I hear of anything I’ll let you know.

  76. Intelligentfoozball


    Your arguments are all over the place. “Unless we have the best gk we cant win the league, unless we have the best left back we cant win the league, unless I have the biggest penis I cant please my wife”.
    Seriously what are you honking about. Your theories are too featherweight. We didn’t win the league 07/08 because we didnt have enough squad members. If Van persie wasnt injured, and if we had a like for like replacement for Rosicky when he got injured,we would have won the league than season. Adebayor was the striker, Almunia the goalkeeper, Gallas was a CB. None of these guys were the very best in their positions but we coulda won the league that season if we had a couple more players.

    Why ? Because that Arsenal team was that good as a unit. Once again you dont have to have the best to win the league. U have to be best unit. Shit Suarez damn near won the league with a defense that conceded something like 50 goals.

  77. MidwestGun

    London –
    Ya I did notice that last year. Like he relaxes almost too much for a moment. Kinda what I mean. Sczezny needs to have the confidence to give Koz some shit. A wake up call on set pieces. Lol.

  78. ja_gunner

    ye tampon…revert to your ususal b.s….i’ll happy with watever names u come up with….but i know you have no use for a cunt….despite ur tiny pecker cant get up anymore….
    what id like to do i meet you in the streets face to face u fat miserable slob….

    u once said you were a risk manager…..i think your a Manu tout… when your not with that three card scammer…

  79. gambon


    Again you are picking 2 teams from the last 40 years to back your argument.

    What next….you’re gonna defend Giroud by saying Drogba peaked in his 30s?

  80. london gunner


    Problem is we most definitely need a physical presence in the midfield.

    Physical nearly always means high muscle mass.

    To have a high level of muscle mass and play football you have be a tall player why is this? because intensive daily cardio is the antithesis of muscle development

    That’s why a taller player will naturally be heavier and have more muscle mass.

    Outside of football if your not basically running mini marathon a week you can be short muscular beast but in football its only the genetic anomalies who small and carry serious muscle.

    I mean Shaqiri is considered muscular and short but he actually only weighs about 82 kg…. because his small and has high amount of muscle for his seize he looks beast mode.

    But the fact is a taller player (in football without steroid use will carry more muscle)

    By the way I am about the same height as Jack so I am hardly against small people lol

    I am just an ex personal trainer with an expert well researched opinion

  81. WengerEagle


    Agree with that, we need to keep possession of the ball far better in particular.

    RE the midfield, even if we were to do that in the big matches say put Ozil on the LW and have a central 3 of Arteta-Ramsey-Wilshere I still think that they’d be bullied by Matic-Ramires-Cesc of Chelsea and Fernandinho-Yaya-Fernando of City.

    Carvalho may be a risk but he’s exceptionally powerful and has a massive presence at 6 foot 2, he’s a tidy passer of the ball and screens the defence very well. At 22 as well he has the potential to develop into something truly spectacular.

  82. babatunde

    Revving kevin says gooner in ny should stop tellig people to go to other sites if they don’t agree with him. Well, he should also stop calling people rival fans for the same reasons.

  83. Keyser

    Midwest – I think LeBron somes up how much thought you’ve put into it.

    I’m not against additions, what’s pretty obvious though is we’re going to be relying heavily on the players wegg already haveg making the grade.

  84. ja_gunner

    tampon im not emailing you….im just on this arsenal blog which u also happen to be on talking b.s….

    these little childish response about “african scammer” and “peasant” wont get u far with me…ur usual ploy is to restate posters’ comments so you can “knock them down”. Ur a sad miserable burnt out trader who is now nothin more than a tout…..Kos and Ramsey are shit eeh? haha ha…no trophy for Man u with HUGE revenues? haha….U CALL ADDIDAS YET?

  85. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    I agree Ox, JW, Gibbs need to step it up. I’m not advocating a total makeover but 2 new starters in Debuchy and Sanchez isn’t enough in my opinion. And if we have to sacrifice a little gel time to replace Giroud and Arteta or even Flamini then so be it.

  86. kwik fit


    Not sure who the back up is but surely a player of Reina’s stature and age would want to play regularly.

  87. Nasri's Mouth

    I don’t see a problem with Szczesny either. excellent keeper. Ever since he got dropped for Fabianski he’s performed really well whether it’s for saving shots or commanding his area.

    Height can be an issue, but it’s just one factor. Sagna isn’t very tall, but he’s an excellent header of the ball. Cazorla’s a liteweight, but being 2 footed and having such a low center of gravity he can twist and turn away from other much bigger players.
    It’s important to try to have a blend of strength, power and control. Bring in someone like Carvalho, and we’d have that in the side

  88. BacaryisGone

    To be fair to Gambon, it’s hard to see how we can compete with Chelsea and Man City over the course of the season. They are both fully loaded. We still have gaps throughout the squad. It’s always possible that with individual talents like Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Theo and Ox that we could catch lightning in a bottle and take the league but it still feels that we’re going to fall a little short again.

    The one thing no-one can criticize the club for this summer is the transfer spend. We’ve definitely stepped it up but when you have PSG gifting Chelsea โ‚ฌ50 million, it’s hard to compete.

  89. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah for sure.

    But on Munich’s front it’s good business. Best keeper in the world as No.1 and then a hugely experienced keeper in Reina as back up who most teams would have as first choice.

  90. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t get why the debate always comes down to “we can’t compete financially.”

    So what, we have the money to address our squad concerns. Right now we desperately need a CDM, does City and Chelsea having more spending power than us (supposedly) stop us from remedying that? No, it does not.

    Easy excuse…but a total nullity. Arsenal have the capability to make themselves a lot stronger and fix our issues arriving with the best squad possible for the season. That’s all I, or anyone else can ask for. But this constant prattle about PSG, Chelsea, City etc is pointless. Can they outspend us? Probably. Do they stop us upgrading Arteta? No. Do they make us have Giroud up top? No.

  91. Keyser

    WE – It’s not necessarily size, but how we cover ground once we lose the ball, two options, don’t lose the ball cheaply to begin with, cover ground more efficiently once you have lost it.

    I think Ox could have the sort of influence Ramsey does in how he helps us track and press players, Sanchez looks like a very hard worker to, Ozil isn’t especially aggressive pressing wise but covers a lot of ground.

    In his case, more that he isn’t part of the 3 man midfield, and is more of a player who can flit around with the freedom to release pressure and intitiate attacks.

  92. Cesc Appeal


    I hope you are correct.

    I too think that. Just too much smoke out there, its painfully obvious as well when you watch our game.

    Get that in and I’ll be really looking forward to seeing what we can do this year. Without a real world class striker I still think we’ll come up short, but be a lot stronger a side.

    And then next summer add again, and slowly put together a really brilliant team.

  93. salparadisenyc

    “Itโ€™s not necessarily size, but how we cover ground once we lose the ball, two options, donโ€™t lose the ball cheaply to begin with, cover ground more efficiently once you have lost it.”

    FFS Keyser you ole bird you… really starting to sound like my misses there.
    Make no mistake size matters as much as coverage… the trifecta of course is both. Coverage/Size/Invincible.


  94. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Pretty simple really, it isn’t about upgrading what we have, it’s buying well enough to give us a chance to win things.

    Not sure why you constantly seem to struggle with this.

  95. Goongoonergone

    There’s some talk here about us winning with intelligent tactics and I must agree with that sentiment. I admire managers who are tactically astute.
    Wenger – tastics = OXYMORON.
    There goes the tactics argument out the window.

  96. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    There’s always the possibility that the Carvalho stuff is purely the club trying to flush out more buyers, after we’ve turned them down, and we pull back on Khedira because he doesn’t drop on his wage demands, (so many mixed messages on what his current wages are).

    I’m not going to worry until the end of the window though

  97. Emiratesstroller

    I have always maintained that the team needs a top quality defensive midfielder who is physically strong, mobile and disciplined.

    Also I have made the point that our midfield has been too often lacking in balance. Playing collectively Cazorla, Wilshere, Ozil and Arteta is not a good balance, because they do not do enough defensively.

    However, this is not just about size of player. There are quite a few tall players
    who are frankly pretty useless in the air. Sagna was under 6 ft tall but he had
    a first class leap on him. Take a look at some gymnasts who are barely 5 ft tall,
    but they combine both strength and spring.

    Arsenal are not far short of a decent team/squad, which can compete for title this year, but we have to be realistic and realise that the club does not have an
    unlimited budget and also the type of players we need are in limited supply and in heavy demand.

  98. Cesc Appeal


    After your frankly embarrassing “debate” with Nasri’s Mouth the other night I wouldn’t be throwing around any accusations that others “struggle” with things.

    You constantly make ludicrous points and whilst most of the times it’s amusing to watch you suggest others struggle with basic ideas without you actually providing the reasoning behind your barbed comment as you then stumble from one ridiculous poorly structured argument to another you’re getting a little tiresome now.

    I do just try to ignore you, because I know what you want, like when you came on to wish Sanchez “good luck at Juventus” when it seemed he may go there; you’re a contrarian and you just want an argument. But frequently you’re found massively wanting and get made to look like an idiot strolling from one null statement to another.

    But I couldn’t resist there when you used the word struggling after your “tactics” debacle with Nasri.