Sanogoal and Joel Camgoal make their mark *sorry

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Arsenal kicked off the Emirates Cup in spectacular fashion destroying Benfica by an incredible 5 goals to their one.

It was fun.

Here are the highlights, because I’ll be damned if I’m giving you a full match review.

Aaron Ramsey…

He’s taken the summer off, he’s grown a beard, he’s sorted out his hair and he’s rested those weary bones. He looks sharp. His pace is there, his vision is sharper and his contribution levels appear to be here to stay rather than a purple patch fad. He’s going to be pivotal to us this season. Keeping him fit is imperative.

Shad Forsythe…

He was there, on the pitch, running proper warm up sessions for once. It was good to see him drilling the players. It was good to see how much passion he has for what he does. It was good to see the intensity. He’s going to be such a massive change at the club this season. I’m looking forward to seeing how big an impact he can make on the way Wenger operates and thinks.

Hector Bellerin…

Fantastic flying forward. He has a terrific turn of pace and a huge desire to cause problems. He’s clearly a lot more impressive than Carl Jenkinson and I’d expect him to pick up 10 or so games this season. A talented boy, though I do still fear that he’s quite green if Debuchy picks up an injury.

Yaya Sanogo…

You wait 10 games for a goal, then 4 come at the same time. Yaya was in the right place at the right time for three tap ins and his third was a clever chip over the keeper. I’m not going to get too excited about him, he’s way off the pace technically to make an impact in our season, but the joy he carries when he plays is a a lot of fun to watch. He needs to improve his control and decision making, but he’s just a kid. For me, we should be sending him out on loan.

Joel Campbell…

The man from Costa Rica has been knocking on the door for two years. He has a lot of raw ability bundled with a tremendous desire. Yesterday he excited like he did at the world cup. He’s here to play this year and I think he’ll be an asset to us. He can play right across the front line, he has the speed and power we’ve lacked and he’s not afraid of the goal. He scored a goal and landed two assists I think. I appreciate Benfica were garbage, but goals are goals.


The attribute menu for the summer was power and pace and Wenger has gone a long way to remedying that this summer. The speed at which the ball was being knocked around at was mesmerising for Benfica. Speed brings you so many good things. You can’t be pressed, you’re unpredictable and you fatigue opposition quicker. You also bring the fear. We have so many more options for pace this season. It’s going to be a far more exciting offering.


So all in all, it’s a good start. I feel sorry for the people in New York who didn’t get to see any goals. Monaco later seem like they’re not going to offer much of a test, so it’s going to be difficult to really gauge where we are as a club.

What we do know is that we’re a different beast to last season and we most certainly have a better squad. Bring in a Carvahlo and a centre back with a bit more experience and I’d say it’s near enough been the perfect summer.

Then it’s phase two… time to see how Arsene has upped his preparation game!

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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    MarbleHall: Their is no such thing as a friendly when you pull on the Arsenal shirt.

    Bullshit!! It’s a meaningless friendly and even more meaningless result.

  2. Gregg

    Wilshere is last years Ramsey. He’ll come good.

    Have we addressed issues from last year ? presumably this relates to the 3 big away losses ? and not the other 35 games where we performed.

    Ok the losses were poor and we were over-run. Look at them in more detail, the Citeh game was a joke game anyway and could have been 10-8, doesn’t really need exploring it was as crazy as the Spurs 4 Arsenal 5 game a few years ago.

    The Liverpoool and Chelsea games are the ones that everyone defaults to; Both teams could play high up the pitch as we had no pace whatsoever, they suffocated us. In an attempt to get back into the games, when we were behind, we pushed our backs further up and was ruthlessly exploited.

    Has that been addressed ? maybe to a degree. With the pace that Sanchez offers and Walcott when he returns, teams will be reluctant to push to far forward, they’ll be room in midfield.

    Yes we need more industry in the centre for sure, we all know that.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    I wish people would stop focussing just on Giroud. He is not the main problem at the club even if he is not the ‘world beater’ that most fans want.

    When you find a world class striker who is affordable and reliable then you can discuss his replacement. At the moment there are no such players on the market.

    Arsenal are not going to spend £30 million let alone £50 million on an unproven or high risk player.

    As I have pointed out above the real problem last season was not down to Giroud who was frankly flogged to death, but our inherent weaknesses at set pieces and in midfield. The first should be soluble with better tactics and placement. The second is soluble by acquisition of a decent holding/defensive
    midfielder. As we have seen such players do exist.

  4. Bankz

    August 4, 2014 08:48:06

    Liverpool would buy Giroud.You can sell any old shit to Liverpool and they pay top dollar.A real joke of a club they are.

    First They would Not buy A Slow donkey like Giroud.
    Secondly if We were to play next week sunday, I’m almost tempted to say Liverpool would wipe us on the floor.
    The only reason why I am hoping we would finish ahead of them is the fact they might not cope well with UCL games over the course of a season & also keeping a blind faith that Wenger would buy a defensive midfielder & centre back + the return of Walcott.
    But if we were to play them with our current team from yesterday …..They will whoop us inside – out.

  5. Wengaball

    Frankly I am astounded at the level if criticism Giroud gets.

    Whatever his performance the lad put in a shift non stop through the season, joint most appearances/minutes or thereabouts along with Per if I am right. And he got us 20 odd goals.

    There are not too many strikers in the Prem who would not have broken down under that kind of workload, playing in a team that plays only one upfront.

    Granted we could do better but talk of ungratefulness. And we talk about Arsenal fans having class.