Arsene: More players to come

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How’s it going everyone? Are we all excited about potentially WINNING A DAMN TROPHY.

I am. It’s a real trophy.

So what’s been happening? Well, Arsene Wenger has let rip at Stevie G for being a massive bastard in the press last week.

“You’re never too good for Arsenal and Steven Gerrard knows that,”

“But I can understand completely that he asked him to stay because he wanted him (Suarez) to play with him and have a chance to win the Premier League. But it didn’t happen, and anyway, Suarez left.”

Zing… take that Steven.

I find it hard to stomach words like that from a man who was seriously considering moving to Chelsea when he was at the top of his game.

Also, just to throw it on the pile… Sanchez thought he was too  good for Liverpool. Because he is. So there.

Wenger has been quite chatty, there’s a TV clip of him excusing the business that he’s done so early this year. He says something like,

‘We’re ahead of time because there’s a lot of availability’

Come on Arsene, you’re ahead of time because you had a plan this year. Last year, you didn’t wait until the end of the window with the knowledge you’d land Ozil. You waited until the end of the window in the hope someone, anyone, would come avaiable. This year, there’s been more of a plan and far more structure.

There’s still hope that more players will come in. The Mirror are running with a Mario to Arsenal story again. I get it, but I don’t believe it. Arsene just wouldn’t do it. Well, at least that’s what I believe. He’d be a brilliant buy, but he’s a lunatic, so he could also be a massive problem. I’d have him though. All that power and pace. All that Puma affiliation. Would make so much bad sense.

The manager is keen on doing more business.

“I’m very happy because I did what I wanted, and I am still open to do more,” he said.

“Let’s not forget that we are at August 1 today, and the transfer window closes on the 31st. For years, it’s a long time I didn’t sit with you here on the first of August having done quite a lot.


All the words I want to be hearing. It’s nice to hear him bleat on about the window being for another month when he’s bought a load of players already. Hopefully he lands another big name. Hopefully we go into the season winning the transfer window. What a feeling that’d be, hey?!

Wenger also had some words on South Americans and Joel Campbell.

 ‘Yes, he [Campbell] is part of my plans. He might play tomorrow against Benfica,’ 

‘We follow closely what’s going on in South America because I believe, in some positions, they are stronger than European clubs.

‘Especially up front. If you make a classification of a world-class striker today, that’s in favour of South America.

Yes Arsene, you are right, all the best strikers are from South America. Interesting that the Germans didn’t really have a world class striker at the world cup. Well, not in the sense of having a Suarez. It made the victory all the more impressive for them. However, we have all the best playmakers. So that’s the shift. Right? Am I right?

Right, Arsenal vs Benfica today. Hopefully there are some interesting players on show. Should be fund the see Sanchez out there and Calum Chambers should be on show. I don’t think we’ll see Ospina, which is a shame, but I’m sure we’ll catch a glimpse of him over the course of the season.

Right, that’s me done. Before I go, can I ask you a favour. Could you click the video below. It’s for a project with Bloomberg, I didn’t know they were going to ask me to do this, but it happened and they’re good guys who want to get something going with bloggers. Click, don’t watch and don’t c*nt me about the shoddy performance in the comments.


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  1. irate


    but at the same time there are less people down playing campbell, bellerin or even chambers performances. im not saying he is a world beater far from it but the negativity is unnecessary

  2. Revving Kevin

    I wouldn’t waste your breath. These are the same idiots that constantly get things wrong. Sanogo is a young boy that many in France predicted would be world class. Then he suffered a terrible injury. He plays a few cameos and gets slaughtered by people who don’t seem to have a clue about ability, they prefer to knee jerk hate. I got slaughtered for saying Sanogo is a great prospect based and also for commending his performance in the cup final.

    Bamford thought Bendtner was one of our best players, yet hates on Giroud and sanaogo. That’s funny, then claims others don’t know football. Lol.

    I admire your persistence Keyser but this place is full of trolls, wind up merchants and moaners who don’t deserve your excellent, balanced views. You are one of my favourite posters.

    Sanogo can certainly finish, if anyone did their research they would know that, instead if just following the crowd of nay Sayers.

  3. Jake

    It might not be the most popular opinion on here but I am and always will be a big fan of Coquelin. I’d much rather we shipped Arteta or Flamini out than him.

  4. Goonergirl

    Arteta really needs to be replaced. He’s okay as a squad player but definitely should not be starting. He just slows down our game.

  5. Keyser

    Revving – Seriously mate you need to just cut people some slack, this is one of the most negative blogs out there, it’s just a given, don’t take everything to heart.

  6. Craigy

    Goonergirl…… Completely agree regarding arteta! He turns my stomach whenever I see him lining up In the squad! It scares the the shit out of me that he’s vice captain!

  7. Roaaary

    @dale I was guna say Martinez has looked very assured with balls into the box. Alert too and didn’t have a chance for the goal. Strong choice for 3rd keeper this yr

  8. Keyser

    Paulinho – Hasn’t really been pushed yet, not a good sign if he feels he has to be over-enthusiastic soo early, but we’ll see.

  9. NYCgooner

    Nice build up play on that last chance by Arsenal. Great performance all around, in particular by the young players in this game.

  10. Goonergirl


    Yeah if Wenger doesn’t bring in someone to replace Arteta I’d be really disappointed. That CDM position is our biggest deficiency at the moment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get it sorted this transfer window.

  11. Marc

    Pleased for Sanogo. I think there is raw talent there (very raw!) but last season when he did play I though the enthusiasm was there but he was lacking in confidence or composure. Scoring 4 even in a friendly should help settle him, if he has what it takes hopefully he’ll kick on although I do want him to start the season as our 3rd choice striker before anyone goes ballistic.

  12. Ozy

    Lots of positives. Chambers … if he continues playing like this, he will prove me very wrong. Was composed, assured and played a full 90 minutes at CB without doing much of anything wrong.

    Campbell and Sanogo – raw but something there. They look dangerous. Just need to be more confident. I still don’t trust Sanogo to either do anything even resembling a goal or to stay fit this coming season. Goes to show how badly we need a mobile striker.

    Ox needs to stay fit – could have a good season. Arteta shouldn’t be anywhere near the first 11. Martinez did well – could be a decent 3rd choice GK.

    Bellerin was immense. Raw as well and made a few mistakes but he goes forward like he’s been doing it for years. Ramsey did well that first half. All in all, lots of positives, few negatives. Just a friendly, though. We could win the Emirates Cup. Does it count? Haha.

    OH and Sanchez… good cameo. Not enough to pass any judgement.

  13. Dissenter

    With Theo coming back in September.

    I’m not sure we need any more strikers this window.

    If we get lots of pace and movement all over the field and have the midfielders chip in with goals , we’ll be fine.
    We still look light in the defensive MF positions.

  14. Craigy

    Overall I’m very happy, didn’t get out of 1st gear really! I just can’t see where arteta fits in to this team! He does not deserve to be a starter full stop! He offers nothing to our game other than slowing it to a slug like pace! Love cazorla but Wilshire can do one, I’ve lost so much time and respect for that guy! Let’s hope he can pull his socks up and kick on! He started his career with so much promise, but is no content with partying it up, I think his time is running out

  15. andy1886

    Afternoon Kev you moaning git!

    Bash the moaners by errr moaning a lot. Cheers up – Sanogo scored what more do you want?

  16. useroz

    Arteta, Coquelin, Cazorla and Wilshere are frustrating… can be sold with 2 – 3 decent replacements. Passes were astray and lack pace. And quite short.

    Luckily, Rosicky with experience at 30+ is still good (for 70 min anyway).

  17. Craigy

    Goonergirl….. Absolutely, the way things are going it looks like wenger is finally ready to address that problem! But anyone can see we desperately need a quality CDM, fingers crossed, because I believe where a keidera or calvahro away from seriously challenging for the title! CDM please 🙂

  18. Gunnershabz

    Attacking wise we fine and with theo coming back wenger won’t buy any attacking players

    We are short at the back that’s for sure

    We just need two defensive players centre and midfield and we be complete

  19. Bamford13

    Wow. I missed this game and feel as if I missed a real show. Could a Sanogo or Campbell skeptic — not a believer — please tell me if this game today genuinely forces us to re-think Sanogo and/or Campbell’s potential?

    I am happy to admit that Sanogo is more talented than I had thought — and that I was badly, badly wrong about him — but having not seen any highlights I don’t know what his performance today REALLY means.

    Any objective input appreciated.

  20. Bamford13


    “Revving – Seriously mate you need to just cut people some slack, this is one of the most negative blogs out there, it’s just a given, don’t take everything to heart.”

    This is the most reasonable and fair-minded thing I’ve ever heard you say on here, Keyser. It honestly warmed my heart.

  21. Dissenter

    You saw the highlights right.

    Sanogo’s goals were all well taken, there’s no such thing as an easy tap-in. He have be at the right place and right time to get the opportunity. The first goal and third goals weren’t easy goals.

    It maybe that we were all too harsh on Sanogo after all.

    No matter how you see him, it’s hard to minimize scoring four games against the champions of Portugal., friendly game or not.

  22. irate

    sanogo had an ok game overall we know what he is like at his worst slow, bad touch etc but at time he did look good that cross field ball to campbell was fantastic. they seem to have good understanding. but honestly could go either way with sanogo

    campbell had a great game, he is very direct always looking to take on his defender and makes good runs behind the defence. Although he does force it a bit but thats something he will improve on

  23. NYCgooner


    I’m not a skeptic, more of a realist I would like to think. To me it was the usual Sanogo performance except this time he scored almost every chance he got. He’s always energetic, strong, pacey, making a nuisance of himself, tries hard.

    I still think he needs a loan to continue to develop. There is a player in there for sure.

    As for Campbell, I’ll just repeat what i’ve been posting all day…….I don’t see how you leave him off the team this year. Pace, trickery, skill, composure.

  24. Pier147

    After match wengerssaid 2 more signings maximum and defensive ones at that, but that doesn’t include if Verm leaves. If he does I’d expect a third.

  25. andy1886

    Fair summary Kev, as you will well know I’m not Sanogo’s biggest fan ( :-0 ) but he did well today. Funny thing is he isn’t a traditional Wenger player – not much obvious technical ability but managed to find the net by hook or by crook. I think that this is likely to convince Arsene to forget buying a new striker.

  26. Bamford13

    Thank you for the Sanogo and Campbell input, all. That helps. Can’t wait to see the game on replay.

    I honestly would be thrilled to have been wrong about either of these two.

    Sounds like Arteta made it crystal clear we need a new CDM, though, when he came in, yes?

  27. Leedsgunner

    “Just imagine if we managed to bring in a CM/DCM like Khedira and Reus? The Emirates would be stony silent for the opening game. 57,000 Arsenal fans all stunned into silence after years of no transfer activity.”

    … or a morgue with people dying out of pure joy and shock 😉

  28. N5

    So I’ve been out all day and just seen that Sanogo scored 4 goals. I told you all he was better than Henry!! 😀 😀

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Good performance from what was essentially a Squad/U21 Team. Benefica were frankly a very poor team despite their supposed reputation.

    Sanogo surprised me once he scored first goal. He positioned himself well and
    scoring 4 goals albeit fairly straightforward was a decent performance.

    Star of game was for me Campbell. There is no question that he must be kept in the squad next season. He is intelligent, positions himself well, technically
    gifted, unselfish and scores good goals. A major talent.

    Martinez impressed me as a solid third string goalkeeper. He seems to have grown and filled out. Absolutely no need to bring anyone else in.

    Major concerns do remain. Having to play Monreal as a Centre Back is ridiculous. It shows the potential problem we could have this season unless we bring in a new player to replace Vermaelen. Also I continue to be concerned about Arsenal’s poor positioning at set pieces.

    Finally we saw the need for a new Holding Midfielder. Messrs Flamini, Arteta
    and Wilshire are not quick or physical enough to play there against top teams.

    This is nitpicking, but all that concerns me. If Wenger sorts those matters I believe that we have a team capable of challenging for Title.

  30. MoDeerow

    “Who’s next [to sign for Arsenal]? I don’t know. There could still be one signing. Just the one, maybe two maximum,” he told BT Sport.

    And continues “I’m very happy with the squad I have available at the moment but we might be short at the back, maybe.”

  31. Dissenter

    Arteta is going to create problems for us this season.

    He’s going to be captain and will be playing more than he should. He really slowed the game.

  32. irate

    yeah both arteta and flamini should be should be squad players. I know arteta slows down the game but when you are a couple goals up thats exactly what you want from a midfielder so i wont jump on hate train

  33. Pier147

    Benfica were garbage today.
    Bellerin looked good going forward, still not comfortable defending though. Chambers was decent as CB but as I said Benfica were terrible.
    Sanogo is another Baptista. One brilliant game, ten shocking ones… However he is still young.
    Campbell missed 2 sitters but scored from his hardest chance. Did well overall though.
    Sanchez cameo was great… Expect fireworks… When the proper midfield plays behind him instead of Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta who were poor.
    MOTM for me though was Ramsey. What a brilliant first half. Let’s hope he repeats last year’s form.
    Nacho is not a CB.
    Gibbs good going forward but how many times is he caught out of position. Worrying.
    Martinez in goal was OK.
    Flamini is a red card waiting to happen, and Rosicky had a good first half.
    There, think I’ve covered most of it for those that missed the game.

  34. Dissenter

    Emirates stroller,
    You’re not nitpicking about Arteta/Flamini and Jack.

    We won’t compete against big teams if we don’t get a proper DM.

    Flamini will get several red cards this season, he’s always second to the ball.

  35. Leedsgunner

    Glad Campbell and Sanogo did well but let’s put the reins on… just like they wouldn’t have deserved to get slaughtered if they had done badly — they don’t need to be praised to high heaven just because they did very well at an exhibition game. They are far from the finished article and we’re not witnessing the second coming of Bergkamp and Henry…. just yet! But congrats where it’s due — they gave the paying public a show… and played the Arsenal way.

    I just hope Wenger resists the urge to “winging it” by playing these young lads to the ground.

    Let’s buy some proven professional so that these youngsters have time to bed and learn — so that they can add depth to the squad and play important cameos when called upon to give our first XI a rest. That way our genuine first teamers such as Ramsey, Theo, Ozil and Sanchez can be given the strengthen to last the entire season.

    Let’s not fool ourselves — we need a DM and a striker… if nothing else to model and to teach these young talents the tricks of trade so that they can develop that much quicker.

  36. Pier147

    A concise version…. We still need a CB, DM and a CF. As most of us have been saying for a while now. Get those and we will challenge for the league.

  37. Dissenter

    Of all the first team starters today, only Ramsey looked like he’s ready.

    It makes sense cos he didn’t have any World Cup duties.

  38. Leedsgunner

    “Finally we saw the need for a new Holding Midfielder. Messrs Flamini, Arteta
    and Wilshire are not quick or physical enough to play there against top teams.”

    That much is obvious but will Wenger dig in his heels just to prove a point?

  39. Dissenter

    Yes we still need a DM, CD and striker, however Wenger won’t buy three more players this window.

    The CB (to replace Vermalein) and DM are needed more.
    You’re forgetting that Theo comes back in September. Winger isn’t buying any more strikers this window.

  40. NYCgooner

    I’m almost certain a DM is coming and maybe another CB is coming. I don’t think another striker will be signed. Sanchez will be played through the middle which i think he’s more than capable of.

  41. kwik fit

    Wenger asked if he has enquired about Sami Khedira: “I dont know. What is enquire? If I read the newspapers, he is available.”

    Classics Wenger 🙂

  42. Dissenter

    “Sanogo is unstoppable…
    Oops, well usually”


  43. Goongoonergone

    Good to see Yaya Sa-more-goals doing so well. Wenger did say that he is not bringing in any forwards. If two are coming in then one is a replacement for Vermaelen and the other is a DM.
    If Diaby is fit this year he may fill in the DM role and also attack.
    Campbell on the left, Sanchez in the middle and Theo on the right. Pace, power and guile. I still prefer Sanogo over Giroud because Giroud is too slow.
    Sadly Arteta’s legs are gone, Flamini simply looks busy and Wilshere will be hard pressed to get a game.
    I wish Gibbs could take a page out of Bellerin’s notebook and watch how the young man passes and crosses. Bellerin needs Bouldy to help with his defensive duties.
    Very impressed with Chambers. He’s not one for the future.
    The future is NOW. If you are good at a young age you are good enough immediately.
    Pace, power, guile, confidence in your own ability, vision and teamwork will get Arsenal far.
    Sadly some established players will have to up their games considerably if they wish to be in the senior side because the young ones are already performing; and nothing makes Wenger hornier than seeing his young ones competing.

  44. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck me geez sometimes your worse than my missus with your ‘told you so’…..
    As for many predicting in France that Sanogo would be WC…..Any links to that or names? He’s had one decent game against a team my nan would of put 5 past, not exactly the winning goal in the CL is it.

  45. Thank you and goodnight

    As I said a few days ago, I honestly don’t think we’ll have a problem scoring goals even if we don’t have a 30 a season striker. A decent CDM and I think we can honestly be battling for title with a little bit of the rub of the green. Still be a hard ask as chavski have a good squad and city won’t be far off. But first 11 should be a match for MOST teams.

  46. Ash

    I took my dad to the game today. He’s a united fan but he has a soft spot for Arsenal. We both said 10 minutes in that Sanogo looked comfortable and less Bambi-like on the ball.

    Campbell looked dangerous in my opinion, not because he hit any worldies (although his volley was very good) but because he always seemed to drive into those dangerous areas and took some tricky balls down on his chest (and I’ve heard people say his first touch is lacking).

    The game did slow when Arteta came on but were we really going to be pushing at 5-0?

  47. alexanderhenry

    Pedro, yes the club have had plenty of money for years but wenger wasn’t allowed to spend it. On the contrary, he had to earn what he spent. That’s what ‘self sustainability’ means, a term gazidis used time and time and again. Surely you’re not one of those people who believe that wenger refused to spend on principle? That would put you in the crackpot category.
    Also, for someone who claims to have an inside track at arsenal- a claim I very much doubt- please try and avoid making statements like: ‘from what I’ve read, the club have taken more control over transfer proceedings.’ Really? What have you read and where? Who in particular ‘at the club’ has ‘taken more more control over transfers’? Chips keswick perhaps?

  48. Dissenter

    “The game did slow when Arteta came on but were we really going to be pushing at 5-0?”

    Problem is Arteta is an equal opportunity game slow machine.

    He’ll slow the game regardless of the scoreline.
    Flamini on the other hand is a red card generator.

    We do need a DM, I fear Wenger will give Coquelin that chance until January.

  49. Leedsgunner

    I say if Man want TV5 let’s make them at through the nose for it. After all we did them a favour and half by selling them RvP on the cheap.

    I reckon in today’s market £25m sounds about right… not a penny less. If they whine about the price tell them they paid more for Fellani and TV5 would be more useful then he was. Then to really p*ss them off use that money to partially fund our bid for Vidal and Carvalho.

  50. Sam

    Replace homesick cazorla with Douglas costa
    Arteta with William cavalho
    Not really bothered with khedira, just a luxury we don’t need

  51. Emiratesstroller

    Campbell for me is potentially world class player. Technically he is gifted, clearly can score goals, has pace, in my view unselfish which is why he produces good assists Moreover I think that he can play striker if and when required.

    The club is not short of goal scoring capacity and frankly does not need a new striker this season. You can have too many players on books. We need to focus on strengthening those areas which are a priority.

    What is clear is that Wenger will need to cull one or two of our fringe and more experienced players this summer. We are overloaded in some of the positions.

  52. Leedsgunner

    I cannot believe how many people after one good exhibition performance are saying we don’t need a striker. Who cares if we can score a bucketful against the poor sides? The reason we need a top striker is to score against the top defences of this world — remind me how many games did we win against Man City and Chelsea in the league last year? Plus against the poorest Man United side for years — did we pick up three points?

    This is not a whinge but a call to reality. Against the top teams we have an extremely poor record. In this we can fix this in two ways:

    1. Stop them scoring against us (hence the need a for a class DM to break up their attacks)

    2. Score more. Sanchez maybe that striker but to me it is madness not to even consider someone like Balotelli if he’s on the market. Someone like him to could be the difference to win the tough top games versus the Man Citys, Chelseas and the Bayern Munich’s of this world. Just think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to go to the final of the Champion’s League again? Maybe even win it? Crazy I know, but that is what ambition is sometimes!

  53. irate

    no one is saying we don’t need one but we are well aware wenger is not signing one for now so no point getting your hopes up

  54. Thank you and goodnight

    But is balloteli that man though mate? Personally I think his career is finished. In terms of WC strikers he’s going for less than what Darren Bent went for, 5 odd years ago. Must be a reason why a host of clubs are avoiding him like the plague. Attitude/temperament probably being one of them.

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    Benfica were pretty awful defensively today. There were a few Portuguese journos saying before the game that they’ve looked really poor.

    Good for Sanogo to get goals, that’ll help him. Good for Campbell to get his too. Both look they might struggle against better opposition though, but so hard to know after one game esp. a preseason one,

    I liked the way a clearly not quite fit San…sorry Alexis puts the opposition under pressure. Lots of pressing.

    Chambers looks very assured. Think he could be a CB and a leader

    Bellerin looks lively going forward, Barca training evident, but a basic mistake let them score. Needs to do a lot better than that.

    Diaby NOT injured apparently. PHew!!! 😉

  56. NYCgooner


    One of the things i’ve noticed about Campbell that the stats sheets will never show is the hunger this guy plays with. There is this intensity that determination in the way he carries himself on the pitch.

  57. Leedsgunner


    I hear and note what you say but I think under the correct coaching and with a little bit of guidance Balotelli could be immense for us. He’s only 23, a bit too early to write him off yet in my opinion. If Wenger could tame Anelka, I suspect he could handle Super Mario.

  58. southernpeople

    “Arteta has reached his limit, time to go.”

    He even surpassed his normal and natural limit, so it’s time wenger sympathise with him and exempt him from this hard service!

  59. Nasri's Mouth


    Anelka came to us as a kid though, he was keen to make something of himself. But he was always a quiet lad, (headphones on all the time etc.etc.) Balotelli has already made it, has had big contracts, is very flamboyant off the pitch and lazy on it.

    I’d take him on some sort of loan deal, with an option to buy, but that’s it. If we bought him and it went wrong, we’d be basically stuck with him for 5 years on massive wages.

  60. southernpeople


    “Good for Sanogo to get goals, that’ll help him. Good for Campbell to get his too. Both look they might struggle against better opposition though, but so hard to know after one game esp. a preseason one,”

    PL is full of teams much worse defensively than Benfica. Nobody is saying here that sanogo – and campbell – is a big player who has to deliver this season to justify his big money transfer. He’s still a kid learning to play after years of injury, cost nothing, on very insignificant wage and no body expects him to take big games by the scruff of their neck!

    “Bellerin looks lively going forward, Barca training evident, but a basic mistake let them score. Needs to do a lot better than that.”

    and as if your critique of Campbell and Sanogo is not enough you’re focusing on another kid here, who did superbly in this match whether attacking or defending.

    Again nobody expect him to do a first job for Arsenal; it’s enough if he play about ten games, mainly cups and substitute appearances or be loaned.

  61. southernpeople


    agree on Balotelli loan deal no purchase; he’s risky talent. and you’re right Anelka was very professional even in younger years. He was also one of the rare young players who don’t like pubs so don’t get into troubles.

  62. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, it’s hard to see too much from a preseason as I said. Often we go into these games with players who are already tired from training, so I never really worry about players looking slow or tired etc.

    Sanogo and Campbell showed some nice touches and nice movement, as did Akpom when he came on, but Benfica gave them a lot of space and time that they wont get most weeks.

    Look, I’ve been criticised for supporting Sanogo and defending him, so I’m not knocking him, he did well today, but there’s a long way to go.

    Bellerin didn’t do superbly well defending though. He was clearly at fault for their goal. Basic error. That’s not to say he wont learn or improve there, but he’ll need to if he’s going to play for us as a first choice.

    Once more, I’m a fan of Bellerin, I think of all the youngsters he might have a future with us, but there’s work to be done.

  63. Leedsgunner

    “I’d take him on some sort of loan deal, with an option to buy, but that’s it. If we bought him and it went wrong, we’d be basically stuck with him for 5 years on massive wages.”

    Fair enough, in fact wasn’t this exact rumour floating around in January?

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    Hard to know with Wengers comments on Khedira whether we’re still after him or not. I’d say probably yes, because Wenger normally pours cold water on a player if the deal is dead, but he just evaded the question and then literally evaded any more questions by finishing the press conference and walking out


  65. gonsterous

    Sadly I don’t Care how good sanogo is… He is injury prone and will be on the treatment table for most of the season..
    Same can be said of Jack and Theo….

  66. Nasri's Mouth


    Dunno, I can’t imagine Milan would have let him go in Jan for any amount to be honest.

    We all banged on about us needing a striker, and we did / do (depending on whether you believe Sanchez will be played up front or not) but Chelsea’s need was as great (probably greater given their financial involvement) and they didn’t move on Costa until the summer, even though the deal was probably agreed 6 months ago.

  67. Dimitri

    I think from watching the way Sanchez moved he will defo be used in a central position quite a lot. He isn’t a hold up player but he was buzzing around all over the place in those twenty minutes he was on the pitch, dragging players out of position.

  68. Savage

    Man, I missed the game to go on a date and my boy scored 4 goals. Grrr.

    Early days still, and not enough to draw many conclusions, but a nice contribution. That third goal was pretty sharp I think, and Wenger agreed.

    As for Campbell, I am really truly pleased that Wenger is very clear that he will be with us this season. There are so many gooners willing him to succeed – a really nice breakout story if it happens. Nice goal too.

  69. Dissenter

    United are looking lively. They look like a different side from the one Moyes mismanaged.
    They have an easy schedule for the first five games.
    They’ll definitely be challenging for the title.

  70. N'Gambo

    100,000 Yanks at RM vs MU … how long before the entire game is twisted and prostituted to fit the needs of American advertisers.

    The ‘water breaks’ at the WC were the first trial run. Substitutions and goals will become Ad breaks.

  71. southernpeople


    That goal error was it from Bellerini or Chambers? I thought that central defenders should dominate that area and that full back should be marking wingers and those who use the wings any. The player who scored the goal was standing in front of Chambers.

    But, anyway even conceding it was his mistake would change the fact that he had very good overall performance.I’ve seen established players making more basic mistakes!

    I agree Chambers looks as calm as Mert; hardwork, positioning and calmness is “infectious”. and technically he’s looks assured as well; he can pass well, and forward as well, under pressure. However, I thought it was at least partly his mistakes.

  72. Dissenter

    When Sanogo was running wild, I had you in mind.

    This game will give him confidence.

    People here are impossible.
    We beat Benfica and suddenly they are a shite team.
    This team reached the final of two consecutive Europa leagues. They won the Portuguese league easily. They are a good team, we just caught them on their bad day.

  73. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t know who Chambers was marking, but Bellerin was definitely on the goal scorer.

    Lots of positives, but we didn’t have much tough defending.

    I suspect tomorrow will be the tougher test

  74. southernpeople


    talking about Khedira do you think wenger is waiting until the last minute in the hope that khedira would lower his wage demands because of Real pressure?

    If we don’t buy a high profile defensive mid I’d be mad really and disappointed because the more I see of Arteta the less I think of him, as a dm player of course.

    It seems as though he’s one of these people who crack under pressure and fear competition. He was very good 2 seasons ago but since Flam’s competition he regressed.

  75. bergkamplegend

    Didn’t saw the game.

    Just came home and saw the score === >>> who needs another striker ???LOL

    Benfica is so overated lol
    But I’m glad for the boys… And for the postman!!!

    The only bad point is the new Rambo’s haircut, my god he looks like L’Oreal!!

  76. southernpeople


    yeah you’re right. it wasn’t great test for defenders.

    by the way I thought Ramsey was superb when it was goalless and he made some passes that took my breath away. He’s well motivated as well he was saying this week that Emirates Cup is a test for us. We need that kind of mentality; always be motivated no matter who you play and for what.

  77. Thank you and goodnight

    @Nasri’s Mouth
    Just not keen on balloteli mate. Think he’s to disruptive an influence to risk to be honest. But hey what do I know, maybe Wenger threatening to put his speedos back on and give him a lap dance,might put the fear of god into him and keep him on the straight and narrow.

  78. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t think Khedira will drop his demands much, but Real Madrid might.

    If they’re asking for £20-25m for him, and drop that to £10m then we can shift that into his wages.

    Thing is, he isn’t really a DM. He’s used to having someone behind him, so I’m still not sure that Wenger will go for him unless he can get a really good deal .

    I’d imagine Arteta thrives under pressure, he’s a great professional. He’s actually been a great DM for us. He’s getting old now, but having someone with the energy of Ramsey alongside him would keep him going for a while longer. Khedira would do that too.
    We could probably play Ramsey and Khedira together too, but it’d be risky.

    Ideally for me, we’d somehow keep Diaby fit enough to be back up to Ramsey and sign someone like Carvalho as first choice and Arteta as back up. The idea of relying on Flamini is mad though

  79. Nasri's Mouth


    Balotelli is a great talent, but I think he’s going full Bendtner to be honest.

    I can’t see Wenger going for him and the people on here calling for us to sign him on a permanent deal are mad IMO

  80. southernpeople

    well if they lower the fee and the wages shouldn’t be a problem then it would be possible to justify it to other big stars.

    I remember Campbell being the best paid with greater player like Pergkamp, vierra and Henry on less.