Arsene: More players to come

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How’s it going everyone? Are we all excited about potentially WINNING A DAMN TROPHY.

I am. It’s a real trophy.

So what’s been happening? Well, Arsene Wenger has let rip at Stevie G for being a massive bastard in the press last week.

“You’re never too good for Arsenal and Steven Gerrard knows that,”

“But I can understand completely that he asked him to stay because he wanted him (Suarez) to play with him and have a chance to win the Premier League. But it didn’t happen, and anyway, Suarez left.”

Zing… take that Steven.

I find it hard to stomach words like that from a man who was seriously considering moving to Chelsea when he was at the top of his game.

Also, just to throw it on the pile… Sanchez thought he was too  good for Liverpool. Because he is. So there.

Wenger has been quite chatty, there’s a TV clip of him excusing the business that he’s done so early this year. He says something like,

‘We’re ahead of time because there’s a lot of availability’

Come on Arsene, you’re ahead of time because you had a plan this year. Last year, you didn’t wait until the end of the window with the knowledge you’d land Ozil. You waited until the end of the window in the hope someone, anyone, would come avaiable. This year, there’s been more of a plan and far more structure.

There’s still hope that more players will come in. The Mirror are running with a Mario to Arsenal story again. I get it, but I don’t believe it. Arsene just wouldn’t do it. Well, at least that’s what I believe. He’d be a brilliant buy, but he’s a lunatic, so he could also be a massive problem. I’d have him though. All that power and pace. All that Puma affiliation. Would make so much bad sense.

The manager is keen on doing more business.

“I’m very happy because I did what I wanted, and I am still open to do more,” he said.

“Let’s not forget that we are at August 1 today, and the transfer window closes on the 31st. For years, it’s a long time I didn’t sit with you here on the first of August having done quite a lot.


All the words I want to be hearing. It’s nice to hear him bleat on about the window being for another month when he’s bought a load of players already. Hopefully he lands another big name. Hopefully we go into the season winning the transfer window. What a feeling that’d be, hey?!

Wenger also had some words on South Americans and Joel Campbell.

 ‘Yes, he [Campbell] is part of my plans. He might play tomorrow against Benfica,’ 

‘We follow closely what’s going on in South America because I believe, in some positions, they are stronger than European clubs.

‘Especially up front. If you make a classification of a world-class striker today, that’s in favour of South America.

Yes Arsene, you are right, all the best strikers are from South America. Interesting that the Germans didn’t really have a world class striker at the world cup. Well, not in the sense of having a Suarez. It made the victory all the more impressive for them. However, we have all the best playmakers. So that’s the shift. Right? Am I right?

Right, Arsenal vs Benfica today. Hopefully there are some interesting players on show. Should be fund the see Sanchez out there and Calum Chambers should be on show. I don’t think we’ll see Ospina, which is a shame, but I’m sure we’ll catch a glimpse of him over the course of the season.

Right, that’s me done. Before I go, can I ask you a favour. Could you click the video below. It’s for a project with Bloomberg, I didn’t know they were going to ask me to do this, but it happened and they’re good guys who want to get something going with bloggers. Click, don’t watch and don’t c*nt me about the shoddy performance in the comments.


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  1. NYCgooner

    I’ll just keep reposting the same thing over and over

    “It will be hard keeping Campbell out of this team”

  2. Radio Raheem

    Campbell’s done alright so far but Chamberlain looks the more polished player.

    LOL someone did say Sanogo will get a hattrick today

  3. Salvage

    I am so impressed by Bellerin . Very comfortable on the ball and confident. unlike what we were used to with Jenks

  4. DaleDaGooner

    Well, he isn’t going to be loaned out then. I’d be ok with a strike force of Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Campbell, Podolski , Campbell …sadly I think Wenger will get rid of 2 out of them, and it won’t be Sanchez, Giroud or Walcott

  5. Harry Redknapp

    dont forget though jenks was a centreback at charlton so fairly comfortable on the ball considering, he could turn into a keown type someday.

  6. NYCgooner

    Adma bucci

    ““sanogo gets a hat trick? i fully expect the sun to explode later today””


  7. Dissenter

    I’m happy for SanoGOAL

    He’s out many to shame here, including me.

    He’s looking ultra-confident today,

    Only an super-confident player can pull off that silly dance routine twice.

  8. afturburn

    Can I ask honestly, is the Sanogo hat trick the worst thing that could have happened this game? I hope this doesn’t mean Wenger will stop pursuing players.

  9. qna

    Player rating ro half time guys? All have looked the part.

    Sonogo could have scored about 8 goals by my count. Maybe even 10.

  10. Evan

    “I am so impressed by Belleri” . 
    Agreed, Campbell looking useful a well. Hoping Jack and Ozil can find some of the Ox and Rambo form

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Benfica aren’t very good are they?

    Sanogo showing some nice stuff. Best bit was probably that long cross field pass.

    Campbell is going to give Podolski a run for his money

    Chambers looked pretty assured at CB. Maturity for a 19 year old

    Chamberlain doesn’t look quite match fit.

    Monreal isn’t a CB

    Benfica are rubbish. Have I already said that?

  12. Dissenter

    Question for you all,

    Why exactly did we buy Dubuchy if Bellerin is this good.

    The only reason I can think of os squad strength but why pay 10 million for a 29 yr old when we have a fantastic talent like Bellerin.

  13. Craigy

    Get Sanchez on, he could cause some havoc in the second half 🙂 very impressed with Campbell, he’s gonna continue to grow on this team, very happy for him! Bellerin is having a stormer, can’t believe he’s been behind jenkinson for so long! Looks a talent! Looks as tho wenger has bought chambers off cb then, great utility player to have! Two more signings and where rolling, hope it’s a quality defensive midfielder next! Happy days

  14. freddylekgunner

    Lol Sanogo…there seems to be a good understanding between Sanogo, Cambell and Bellerin going forward.

  15. karim

    Sanogo bitches !
    Bellerin outstanding too
    Campbell a bit more composure and he will be great !
    Up the Arse !

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    Paulinho August 2, 2014 16:08:34

    Sanogo going through his repertoire. He’s adapted well to not being to strike a football properly.
    It’s amazing he’s got so far. Every time I see him I shake my head because he can’t control the ball, can run with it and can’t kick it properly either when passing or shooting. I’ve seen 12 year olds with better technique.

    Unfortunately there are going to be people who are going to go mad for him because he scored a hat-trick against a very poor side who are being over-run in MF and on the wings.

    Campbell is a far better player. Send the experiment out on loan do he doesn’t damage us in the league.

  17. Arsene's Vet

    Bet Sanogo is still finding his feet, but if Wenger is gonna stick with Giroud and Sanogo, guess it won’t be long before those of us that thinks Sanogo at least tries to do something will starr saying we told you so. Didn’t see d first, but the third goal is definitely not an easy one to execute.

  18. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,

    Chamberlain doesn’t look match fit?

    Haha, Fallacies are wooing to be disproved this season.

    We’ll have the chance to compare international talent like Campbell vs overly English talent like Chmberlain.

    May the best man win, actually may both win for Arsenal’s sake.
    This is Campbell’s first game with us and he’s only trained with this lads for one week. He’ll get better.

  19. Radio Raheem

    Chamberlain started of slowly until he switched flanks to the right where he has had more impact on the match. Overall, he has been good.

  20. qna

    Dissenter Bellerin is a talent not he finished article. He looked suspect with clearing some headers that was sagnas bread and butter. Debuchy is definately needed foelr 2 or 3 yeard while bellarin takes the next step. Hopefully he takes the no 1 spot from debucy.

  21. Roaaary

    Bellerin looks great going forward but a little naive defensively. That’s being harsh, but I just felt the winger has had a few chances to get past him and whip a cross in – crosses have just been poor

  22. Bergkamp63

    Not convinced yet by Campbell (dreadful at the world cup) or Sanogo even though they have scored all 4 between them, they look like they would struggle against decent opposition ?

    Bellerin looks ok though & chambers did ok too

  23. Dimitri

    Sanogo is literally like Adebayor when he first joined all over again. Bellerin I’d calm down over he hasn’t been relentlessly challenged yet like he would in a competitive game, Chambers has great positional sense and all the physical tools to be an excellent rb/cb. Campbell reminds me a bit of Ian Wright when it comes to his positioning around the box.

  24. kwik fit

    His potential is immense Gooner Girl and he has almost gone under the radar with the Sanchez signing. Really hope he kicks on this year.

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Ozy: Let’s not get carried away with this game, though. Benfica have completely forgotten how to defend.


  26. NYCgooner

    Where did this guy Bellerin come from?

    It’s only a preseason game but my goodness, he looks like he’s being doing this for years.

  27. DaleDaGooner

    If I had to trim current striking options for the sake if not buying, Campbell stays and Sanogo loaned, but doubt Wenger would do this. I say keep all including Podolski and focus on defensive side. Add a top cb and dmf and we should be ok

  28. Dissenter

    Arsene’s nurse,
    “Unfortunately there are going to be people who are going to go mad for him because he scored a hat-trick against a very poor side who are being over-run in MF and on the wings”

    Benefica are a poor side.
    Portuguese champions and finalist for past two Europa leagues?

    Sometimes you have to just eat the humble pie and admit that maybe we were all wrong about Sanogo.

  29. Paulinho

    AN – Yep, it’s a all big laugh now and good for him that he scored three goals, but you just know a large section of fans are now going to think he’s a serious option.

    Unfortunately against teams with a pulse you need some basic fundamentals in place, which he doesn’t have.

    To be fair, he has decent vision and a can see a picture, which kind of takes me aback at times.

  30. DaleDaGooner

    I’d hate to lose Bellerin for lack of game time. He’s a top talent ready to be in first team squad

  31. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    You’re right.
    My post was spell- checked into oblivion even I don’t understand it.
    I was just saying that the likes of Ox will face competition this season. If Campbell stays, Ox will have to win his spot ahead of him.
    The competition will be crazy and Arsenal will be better for it.

  32. Marc

    These TV5 rumours to ManU are bothering me. Van Gaal is no fool if he has identified him as a player he wants as a replacement for either Ferdinand or Vidic then there is a good reason for it. Take sentimentality out of it Vermaelen is 28 and a full international for a pretty good team. His value on the market is £20 plus million, with one year left on his contract that might reduce but we don’t need the money. If he wants out we need to tout him round Europe at £7 – £10 million and tell ManU it’s £25 million or fuck off. They’re desperate for players and are boasting how much money they have let’s ram that down their throats. When Barca were listening to offers for Villa PL clubs were quoted £12 odd millon he moved to AM for about £2.

  33. Paulinho

    “Sanogo is literally like Adebayor when he first joined all over again”

    Yep, I wonder how hard he will work when he thinks he has made it?

  34. kwik fit

    Lol I can’t watch those dance moves again. They’re really bad.


    Bad means good gooner girl 😉

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Sanogo gives your pace, Giroud won’t have scored 4, he doesn’t react fast enough to get those second chances at open net

  36. Marc

    Cue Marble: Pre season friendlies don’t count. We lose tomorrow and all of a sudden pre season is a measure of how we will perform this season.

  37. Dissenter

    Gooner girl,
    “KwikLol I can’t watch those dance moves again. They’re really bad.”

    I won’t be surprised if that dance routine becomes mainstreamed and patented after Sanogo scores 25 goals this season.

  38. Bankz

    Arsene’s Vet
    August 2, 2014 16:14:20

    Bet Sanogo is still finding his feet, but if Wenger is gonna stick with Giroud and Sanogo, guess it won’t be long before those of us that thinks Sanogo at least tries to do something will starr saying we told you so. Didn’t see d first, but the third goal is definitely not an easy one to execute.

    It would Still Be gross mismanagement on the path of Wenger if he doesn’t get a loan deal for Sanogo.
    No way is he ready for competitive games.
    By the way, hope y’all know this is a preseason match.
    Let’s us watch him score 1st in a EPL/FAcup Game..

  39. Thomas

    DaleDaGooner August 2, 2014 16:25:09

    Be fair, Campbell more talented than Ox in a wide attacking……Yaya!!! Eat your hearts haters


    Yeah some tap in goals against a jet lagged shit Benfica isn’t going to change a lot though…

  40. DaleDaGooner

    Post moving….he was missing goals in this game and all said he still hadn’t scored and can’t score….he’s scoring and he still can’t get a break, rightly so, he isn’t ready for first team

  41. Harry Redknapp

    as bad as his dance moves are, they could become one of footballs most beautiful sites if we see them regular. altho the trip was legendary

  42. Jake

    We play two of the other three teams. 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 1 for every goal you score. If it stays as it is then Monaco and Valencia will be on 3 and we’ll be on 8.

  43. Leedsgunner

    At least we have our Carling Cup (is it still called that?) line up sorted, and we can give our strongest XI a rest like the other teams. I’m just hoping and praying that Wenger doesn’t delude himself into thinking he doesn’t need a proper striker. If Wenger points to this game as a reason not to buy… BOOO! No lessons will have been really learnt.

  44. DaleDaGooner

    Irate, yep le grove will be upset that an arsenal player they don’t rate is doing well, anything to be in the doom

  45. Thomas

    irate August 2, 2014 16:29:14

    seems quite a bit of people here are upset sanogo is scoring


    Nah it’s more about some exaggerating. It’s a friendly.

  46. Harry Redknapp

    ozy id imagine quite a few youngsters would opt to leave, their gonna be so limited over the next few years

  47. Craigy

    My stomach turns whenever I see arteta! I really ain’t looking forward to watching him slow everything down this season, I like the fella but he’s not up to it physically, hope he’s replaced with a more natural player in that position

  48. Marc


    Just imagine if we managed to bring in a CM/DCM like Khedira and Reus? The Emirates would be stony silent for the opening game. 57,000 Arsenal fans all stunned into silence after years of no transfer activity.