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So the Reus story I told you about in June has reared it’s sexy head again with a number of key people have started talking about it. It’s quite interesting hearing it from different places because I only had a loose understanding of the initial agreed deal.

But anyway, just to go back to it. The clubs agreed a fee way back when, thenthe player picked up an injury and it felt promising, then it went quiet. The assumption is that he rejected Arsenal.

Arsenal apparently going hard for Reus as a striker (which is why I think Sanchez will play there for us). He has it all, pace, spectacular vision as well as versatility across the front line. The club also opened talks with Sanchez at the same time. The reason that Dortmund were keen to do business is the very public buyout clause the German has in his deal for £35m. Not very high for a superstar. They’d already lost Gotze, World Cup goal winner, the season before.

Now, my assumption was that Bayern would take him next year. I’ve been told this is an impossibility by loads of people who know more about German football than me, however,  I don’t believe this regardless of his affiliations as a fan. All his pals will be at Bayern, Pep is every young players dream manager and they’re the pride of Germany armed with mega cash. If Sol Campbell can move to Arsenal, Reus can move to Bayern.

Another premise for him rejecting us is that he thought he was going to be Barcelona’s hero signing of the summer. Then they moved for the disgraced Suarez, which left him up Dortmund creek without an option. And remember, Arsenal are a very good option as half the national the are with us. The German guys love London apparently. Who wouldn’t, a Chicken Cottage on every corner.

If the Barca story is the right line of fire, it’s clear Dortmund are selling because they can get £45-50m for him now opposed to £35m next year. Which means we were going very big. If the Bayern rumour is true, they’ll want to dump him this summer and very soon to stop him moving the way of so many others.

Now, I mentioned the other day that if we received bids for late twenties pairing Lukas or Cazorla, we’d probably accept. Both don’t have it physically anymore to beast the league. Now, just a total speculative guess here, but if we pick up a nice fee for either of them, say £17m, free up  £100k a week in wages, it’s probably not beyond the pale to suggest we’d push for Reus again if he’s available.

Just a guess, so don’t take your clothes off and share the excitement on the tube. It’s just a guess. Such an attractive guess. So attractive, I’ve just dropped my trousers in an staff members review.

Anyway, it’s good to know, that when armed with cash, Wenger goes big on talent, not reputation. Reus is one of the best on the planet. He’d be an incredible snare for us.

I’ve been doing some more digging around on Shad Forsythe. He’s an interesting signing. I’m quite interested to understand how Arsenal picked him up in the role. I’m assuming he clearly wasn’t brought in by Arsene Wenger because he’s not qualified to make such a decision. Nor is he a fan of usurping his team of merry men. So was it Colin Lewin or Gary O’Driscoll who interviewed him / chose him? Was it the shady assistant Gazidis has from America you never see mention of anywhere? Was it one of the tech providers like Prozone? How do you go about recruiting for a role like this and what were the checklists? I mean, bar being American which must have checked a few ‘boys club’ boxes. Who is in charge at the club of making sure we’re at the forefront of tech and talent?

Still, what is apparent is that, as one of the Grovers pointed out yesterday, is he can work with fatigued players. He’s taken a group of men who’ve collectively all played about 50 games. They’re all going to be totally ruined after a season of heartache. They’re all playing in disgusting heat. They’re all firing on all cylinders. The German strategy was to blast teams hard and direct and fast… you need to fuel players correctly to achieve that. So regardless of club experience, he’s taken on the hardest 6 weeks in international football and he’s owned it with limited injuries.

Reading up about how entrenched in tech the German national team were, it’d interesting to see what Shad’s thoughts are on our current providers. Are there enough of them? Are they the right ones? Do we need more?

Igor Guryashkin sent me an article I can’t sure because it’s PDF (LIES, here is ARTICLE), but he wrote about the study into cortisol levels in sport and how it affects fatigue. Apparently when the body is stressed, in weaker players, more cortisol is produced which causes fatigue. They measure it in saliva. What they’re getting to is this..

The task for Hudy and the coaching staff would then be to manage the external stress factors, either through herself, the sports psychologist they have on staff or even Self, who Hudy stresses “is hard on players but the first to slap them on their ass after practice.” She explains: “We looked at biological stiffness and environmental stiffness. Biological stiffness would be from strength training and what you have genetically. That’s affected by what we can prescribe and increase or decrease for you. But then we looked at their environmental stiffness—psychological fatigue, stress, things we could control. It was the big thing I got out of the cortisol study: What psychological work can we do in that time frame so the players don’t get stressed?”

So basically, physical workouts affect your recovery  as well as psychological stresses. Really interesting. Which drives back to the point I made about Austria. Why take players to another country, with poorer facilities in a hotel room… well, there’s your answer. Kind of. Just goes to show you how far the game is moving. Imagine where we’ll be in 5 years?


Anyway, that’s all you’re getting today you buggers. Have fun and keep your clothes on.

P.S. Mascharano: ‘Alexis Sanchez asked me should I move to Liverpool, I told him “they aren’t the team they used to be. Join Arsenal.”‘

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  1. southernpeople


    is not only qatar: the entire Gulf countries are run by corrupted people who don’t care about their own people.

    When a club is run by an Emir who has shares in Qatar nation’s wealth to buy a foreign club with that money, then to zigzag the FFP asks his cousin – who also owns his own shares in the country’s wealth – to get him out of trouble and sign a sponsorship deal with him, that’s the ultimate corruption.

    As wenger said clubs have to compete with nations and not clubs!

  2. Dark Hei


    L’Oreal just know how to do things like assist for the goal of the season. Or assist for the winning goal for the FA Cup. Or assist for that away goal vs Dortmund.

  3. southernpeople


    What makes you think Monac dream is over?

    fanbase ?

    Taarabt is some player; extremely entertaining, with great coach he could go to new heights.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    I don’t often disagree with what you say, but in case of Chelsea I see no legacy.
    They are a very rich man’s personal toy and everything they do is designed to
    boost his personal ego and ambition.

    When he goes the club will revert to type. It may be bought by another rich man but I don’t see anyone else making the level of investment in the club that he has done. The club itself is not worth much when you discount the
    level of debt it has accumulated albeit converted into shares.

    Do you believe that his beneficiaries will continue the legacy?

    In the case of Giroud I am afraid that I am out of step with most people on this
    website. First he cost very little money for a striker today and certainly for one
    who is scoring 20+ goals a season. Giroud was not brought into the club as a
    first choice striker.

    Second there are very few strikers on the market who are frankly better than
    he is and will not cost a n inflated price. Most of the players mentioned in EPL
    are often one year wonders who cost a lot of money and then vanish without
    a trace. Just take a look at what players like Bent, Carroll and even Torres cost.

    Costa cost 3x as much as Giroud based on scoring 30 goals last season, but before that he was nothing more than a journeyman in Spanish Football.

    It is quite clear that there are very few strikers in world football who are affordable at realistic price. The option is that you gamble on second tier and
    pay also an inflated price of £30-40 million or you buy world class players in
    other positions and pay a similar amount of money as we have done with Sanchez and Ozil.

    I am a supporter of second option so long as the team overall is scoring consistently goals and winning matches.

  5. Wallace

    “The option is that you gamble on second tier and
    pay also an inflated price of £30-40 million or you buy world class players in
    other positions and pay a similar amount of money as we have done with Sanchez and Ozil.”


  6. Nasri's Mouth


    Fanbase both locally and worldwide. They’re going to struggle to increase their commercial income to a point where they’re not going to get slaughtered by FFP.

    There were plans to redevelop the stadium, but that’s come to nothing

    While they made a profit selling Rodriguez was good business, it’s not the best way to build themselves into a super-club. With rumours of Falcao on his way too it seems as though they’ve realised they wont be able to compete with PSG who have a head start AND an inherent advantage

    I read something that other that was suggesting the owners are reining in their previous spending plans. Will see if I can find it.

    I could be wrong, maybe they’ll spend big this summer, but there aren’t many rumours about them buying big talent

  7. southernpeople


    totally agree with your statements about costly second tier strikers and costa is in definitely in that category IMO.

  8. andy1886

    Djourou was on loan to Hamburg last season with an option to buy. They took up the option so no negotiations were necessary.

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    A new owner doesn’t need to make the same level of investment in Chelsea though. Abramovich has paid off the vast majority of the debt. The revenue stream is no longer dependent on his personal fortune.

  10. southernpeople

    you’re right about local fanbase and inherent PSG advantage. However, selling James Rodriguez won’t affect them, they still have a very good group of players and they have their own expensive sponsors. Intertionally they can increase their fanbase with big names like Falcao and other Latin America high profile players.

    The only problem is the stadium and weak local fanbase. But, you the French fan market is increasing year by year since that famous wc and euro wins and boosted by the recent big name signatures.

  11. Nasri's Mouth


    I kinda agree with you over Giroud. He’s not brilliant, but he’s not dogshit, useless, or an oaf as he’s been described on here, and at £10m he was good value for money.

    The argument should be about whether we should be looking for value for money at THAT level though

  12. andy1886

    Any club will have to be self sufficient because of FFP so the days of sugar daddies are over. Chelsea with or without Roman will be competing on a more level playing field with us and City, United of course will still have superior revenue streams so will still have an advantage over everyone else. So basically we’re back to the late 90’s again and managerial nous will become critical again. Make of that what you will….

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Monaco will struggle to attract and keep those big name players when they’re playing in front of a few thousands every week, teams like RM, Barca, ManU, BM will always seem more attractive.

    Their income from the stadium is always going to be significantly lower than other big teams in Europe.Their income from TV deals will be significantly lower too, and their income from commercial deals is going to be significantly lower for at least the short term. Possibly they can increase that, but it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

    Still, we’ll soon see

  14. Simon

    Bergkamp legend

    Chamakh was only signed as a 2nd choice striker to RvP. I also do believe that Bendtner is a more talented footballer than Giroud, it’s just he didn’t have a good attitude or any desire. I’m not “clearly stupid”. It’s just my opinion. The team has been built around Giroud for the last 2 years in such a way that whenever he goes down there is a collective holding of breath in case of injury. And for a team like Arsenal to be relying on a player as limited as Giroud for so long is shameful. It is totally bizarre that Wenger used to be obsessed with pace and Giroud must be one of the slowest players I’ve ever seen. He’d make a decent 3rd choice striker but to be going into our 3rd season with him “leading the line” is shocking.

  15. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Yes Abramovich has converted debt into shares, but the money is still owed to
    the shareholders. Once Abramovich has gone I am fairly certain that his beneficiaries will want to realise the maximum for sale of club. They are not going to sell it for zippo.

    That will impact on whoever buys the club, because they will need to keep on spending a fortune to maintain status.

    This is very different to when Abramovitch bought club from Bates. It was bankrupt and cost zippo. Abramovitch could therefore spend money on
    players. Chelsea is not at moment a self sustaining business model and I doubt that it has cudos for being so.

  16. leon

    I can’t see wenger getting Sami Khedira because of the huge wage demands plus there are other dm players around. I’m really hopying to see joel cambell