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So here we go people, the summer of change continued at pace. Yes people, the reign of Tony Colbert has come to an end. The biggest, most important signing of the summer has taken his up his new role in Austria.

Shad Forsythe, take a bow son. The crowd haven’t gone wild, but fear not, they will when they see what having a proper fitness philosophy can bring.

Now, let’s lay the foundations, you can bring Jonny Ive in to help you design your new mobile phone device, but if the CEO still wants to be involved in the size of the logo, you’re going to have problems (unless the CEO is Steve Jobs. Kind of killed that analogy didn’t i?). So Shad can affect many things, but he’ll need collaboration to make things work to best effect. So in short, if Arsene doesn’t adopt his advice, we’ll still be in trouble.

However, let’s look at best case scenario, because I’m noted for being a positive blogger. Shad is a strength and conditioning expert. So the widely held view Arsene had around bulky players losing pace is one that’s going to be cast to the kerb. Shad will build players up, make them stronger and make them more robust. It’s true, within a year, we’ll have a team of Ronaldo like gladiators.

Where he’s not the ideal candidate is the area that’s the most important. Managing the players work load. Arsene Wenger and Tony Colbert had the philosophy that you train players to match fitness 2-3 times a week, that way, you have the fittest players which is advantageous in the last 10 of a game. That’s not insider info, that’s something he’s said on This was ok in the early days, but as the game increased in pace; players sprint 80% more now than they did 8 years ago, it caused massive fatigue problems which led to major soft tissue injury melt down.

Remember, all soft tissue injuries are preventable to some degree. Our injuries, despite protestations and general ignorance in the media, were not an accident. They were down to incompetence. But incompetence that was derived from a lack of education and a lack of expertise.

So first thing on the agenda will be working out how often and how hard players train. A major breakthrough if he can bring those numbers down. Big clubs hardly train over Christmas, Arsenal are out across the whole period.

He’ll also work on tailored programmes for players. Every individual has differing circumstances. Young players, settled in a St Albans flat will require a different programme to a 31 year old player returning from a hamstring injury who also has a newborn to contend with. Players will all be given different regimes to work to. Just like at other top clubs. United were excellent at this, preserving their old guard for years beyond their sell by dates. This article from Ryland Morgans gives great insight into how you work with a modern manager when you’re one of the most important people at a club.

The major one for me is game time. Playing your best 11 in every game isn’t a sharp way to get the best out of a squad. Psychologically, is self defeating. You’ve seen how Vermaelen (injured, so may have to stay) has been totally destroyed by a lack of rotation. Physically, it’s crazy. Hopefully, we won’t see Ozil lining up against Coventry for 90mins this season. Rotate for freshness. Rotate with the consideration of having the freshest most competitive team for the last 10 games of the year. That was a Ferguson trick he consistently pulled. United were, under him, the best in the world at recovery and rotation.

Other areas he’ll have to look at is prematch preparation. So, how is the warm up being run. I mean, I’ve seen how they do it at the training ground. How can you run warm up sessions with guys too old to execute the moves! He’ll also have to pay close attention to post game recovery. Shad Forsythe will be in charge of so many marginal gains opportunities. He’s as important as Steve Bould in the set up. As he should be. The fittest teams prevail these days. Dortmund of 3 years ago, Barcelona under pep, the most average United of all time in Fergies last year… Liverpool last season.

What I like about him is he’s not the best candidate, that’s going to play it one of two ways, it’ll take him two seasons to get it right… Or, he’ll speak to his mates in the game for support and nail it first time round. Because that’s how dynamic people operate. Arsenal are king maker here. With some people, that works a treat, with some, they crash and burn. It’s basically like taking Joachim Lowe on as manager. Could be incredible, could be disappointment central.

No, actually, it can’t be disappointing because Tony Colbert is that bad. This is a success regardless.

For me, it’s been an emotional day. So much bitching, so much moaning… it’s all culminated into a moment where I’m genuinely more excited about this than I am about Sanchez. I think this is a step in the right direction. It’s chipping away at Wenger’s harem of under-achievers and it’s installing a world class infrastructure that the club control.

Where will the club look next? My guess? The scouting network. Again, another area of our set up that is dated, expensive and not producing the goods. We need a fresh approach to bringing in the worlds best talent. Clubs like Dortmund are leading the way, heading into new territories, digging out super players that have all the modern day attributes needed to succeed in Europe.

Still, let’s take it one step at a time… today is success. Today is progress. Today could be the most important summer celebration in the whole 7 years we’ve been writing this blog.


P.S. Shad likes blogging too, read some of his stuff here. He’s not as good as me though, right? Right guys, tell me he’s not that good?

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  1. Nasri's Mouth


    But Dortmund don’t want to sell Hummels. Reus more than likely wants to go to Bayern or Barca, we wouldn’t get 20m Euros for TV5, and Cazorla says he’s happy

  2. Ramsinho

    Those carvahlo articles are interesting. He does seem good. I wouldn’t mind him at all and seems like his style would compliment ramseys well. As great as khedira, vidal and pogba sound I wouldn’t mind carvahlo and then breaking bank on reus. Thus concluding a terrific summer at AFC. The best ive ever seen

  3. qna

    Nasri of course all of your points could be right. But then again

    1) Dortmund don’t want to sell Hummels.

    Wages and ambition may leave them little choice

    2) Reus more than likely wants to go to Bayern or Barca,

    Story was he wad furious that barca broke a promise to sign him this window. Right now for the next 32 days he is for the taking IMO.

    3) We wouldn’t get 20m Euros for TV5

    Ok. What were barca and Man U rumoured to be offering then. The difference in my estimates could easily be made up.

    4) Cazorla says he’s happy

    Maybe. But what else is he going to say. I remember direct quotes from him before the world cup suggesting his future world be decided after the world cup. He could have said then and there he loves us and hes going nowhere.

  4. Ramsinho

    completely agree with nasris mouth.

    As arsenal fans, we are slightly delusional and our immense love for the club clouds our judgement, making us believe that we are the dream destination for the top players. Im sure the Liverpool fansite is going on about why reus would definitely want to move to Liverpool (same goes for other clubs). At the end of the day, barca, Madrid, Bayern are the only real clubs that most players ultimately dream of ending up at (with Madrid at the top of that list).

    Now it is true that he complimented wilshere, loves rosicky and will have all of our germans in the best city in the world. I also don’t see how barca or Madrid or Bayern would even use him, he is too good to be on the bench. Therefore there is a possibility that we make the most sense for him. But I agree with narsris mouth that there are other clubs that are obviously hhigher up his list. We got ozil, we got sanchez, but only after they had played for these clubs.

    With regards to vermalean, there is now way Dortmund would value him at 20 million and actually pay it. A team that is known for finding bargains will never spend an absurd sum for a player struggling to find any form, unable to start in his current team.

    Finally, people going on about selling cazorla…he is absolute class. He could prove very useful for years to come still. His still of play isn’t very demanding athletically and he has blossomed fairly late on in his career. NO rush to sell him at all. He is the one who stood up and scored that absurd freekick in the cup final. We need those type of players.

  5. monty

    Wenger would never buy reus imagine if he had ozil,sanchez,reus and not winning the league media would turn against him big time calling for his head.

  6. Ramsinho

    wow monty.

    Ive only realised that we are one reus away from having ozil, sanchez and reus.

    This sounds obvious but just the realization that those are the players we have at arsenal is fantastic

  7. jwl

    Has Shad Forsyhte even been hired yet? He does not appear on Arsenal website or anywhere else. Tony Colbert is still listed as staff on Arsenal website and Forsythe not listed.

    For years, I thought ManU’s advantage was their ability to finish the season strong. ManU under fergie were relentless after christmas, totally efficient. Wenger is focused on matches, not season as whole, and by Christmas our squad is knackered.

    Hopefully Forsythe is given some power over players fitness and he doesn’t have to obey Wenger’s wishes. I have read that Wenger doesn’t approve of much weight training and Colbert had to work around that. Arsenal need trainer who has power to help Wenger with fitness, training, squad rotation and other things he doesn’t know about.

  8. qna

    Ramsihno dortmund would take a loss rather than have their thued consecutive superstar end up at bayern. Barca reneged on a verbal agreement to take Reus ans Madrid are not interested.

    Cazorla is a gun and I dont want to lose him. But he is 30 in 4 months and a huge fee is being rumoured to be available for him. It gets us half way to Marco Reus who is better than even Sanchez IMO and gives us the best attack in england. Sacrifices need to be made. We would also need to make room for Reus’s wages and Santi’s would go some way.

  9. bergkamplegend

    “and by Christmas our squad is knackered”

    Yes but there’s no problem as long as we can get kallstrom on loan.

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    Sorry, but I just don’t see any of it happening. Hummels hasn’t pushed for a move at all, the idea of him moving made Klopp burst out laughing, the Reus/Suarez story is media BS by the looks of it. We’d get about £10m for TV5.

    And all of this assumes that Reus would want to join us, when Pedro says he doesn’t.

    Basically we ain’t signing Reus.

  11. nigel tufnel


    it all makes sense now. you told us from the beginning that we were after Reus or Sanchez, and that we were going to smash our transfer record.
    yesterday you said the fee was agreed with Dortmund, bid accepted , but that Reus turned us down.

    that together with what I have heard elsewhere,ALSO that Reus was told by Barcelona that they would buy him, but dropped out after his injury.
    word is that he was furious when they went for Suarez instead . Also heard that he turned down a club that he LIKED because he was waiting for Barca.

    that would have been Arsenal offering 45-50 mil im sure. No doubt in my mind, you were on the money, and our team were ready to make another huge splash after Ozil last year.

    im very happy with Sanchez anyway. I see him as our future Aguero, almost Suarez. Maybe it will turn out for the best, considering that we spent 15-20 m less. Different type of player, but very high ceiling also.

    the point is— we were working early , and we were going for the best young player available. We were going HUGE.

    I trusted your info, your source is excellent. or your source’s source.

    this is why I have a lot of faith in Wenger and Gazidis. They may not be doing everything we like, or perfectly, but they mean BUSINESS.

    those people criticizing have NO idea how hard it is to pull off some of these moves, especially on a budget (not unlimited cash like some clubs)..

    I have my wish list like everyone else, with javi martinez, Cavani etc.
    I worry about Vermaelens replacement.
    But I also trust Wenger because only the manager knows who he wants, and how he might use them. As you see, Wenger/Gazidis are even trying to address the fitness issue. That’s again, Arsenal adding class to improve the club. Best stadium, best supporters 🙂 trying to have the best club.

    Arsenal, under Wenger and because of him, are now able to compete in a sick marketplace. We finally have some REAL cash, and are trying to use it well.
    We stayed relevant and miraculously in the champions league money on a tiny budget for years, despite what some of you believe .

    The evidence is simple, and in front of your eyes. As soon as we had a comfortable amount, we bought Ozil, won a trophy that we all have been crying for, and tried to smash our transfer record AGAIN. and we are still doing our business.

    Let’s all just admit it, Wenger and Gazidis are trying to keep their promises, and the owner , surprisingly, to his credit, is NOT standing in their way either.

  12. qna

    Nasri “cant see it happening”

    Of couse you could apply that logic to all the top players we are linked with. I dont see it happening either. But I think we should make it happen. We SHOULD sign in priority order one of Reus, Cavani, Benzema, or Balotelli and one of Pogba, Vidal, Khedira, Matuidi, Martinez or Cavalho.

    We keep speculating how serious Arsenal are now compared to the austerity years. If we sign one from each list above then we can finally yead we are back. Otherwise, no we cant say that yet as we will still only be fighting for top 4 and that is not good enough.

    All I am saying is that right now our two unsettled players are Verm and Santi. We absolutely cannot lose Cazorla unless we replace with an AM who is equal or better. Isco and Reus are the only 2 available that would satisfy me. Douglas Costa can go to spuds with Schneiderlain.

    We also need a solution for TV5 that is not Man U. Dortmund also makes sense for us and for them if they cant keep Hummels.

  13. bergkamplegend

    qna, it’s perfectly normal that the likes of Benzema, Pogba, Cavani or Vidal don’t want to join us.
    In terms of reputation and prize list we’re still far behind yoonited, Madrid, Barça or Bayern.

    It’s something we can’t deny.

    Now you must ask yourself : whose fault it is ??
    I guess we have the answer… Yes we have a new and beautiful stadium, and our financial balance is perfect, but the fact to not spend cash during so many years has cost us, badly.

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: Of couse you could apply that logic to all the top players we are linked with.

    not really. Sanchez became a distinct possibility once Barca were signing Suarez because they no longer needed him.

    Similar thing with Ozil really too.

    It’s supply and demand really

  15. Dorobucci

    Please God dont bring reus to arsenal, it will make wanking an annual festival for grovers. And I wont be having the under dog feeling that I enjoy having when we beat the bigger teams. I want my arsenal to always have a visibly lacking position, so that wenger dont get crucified here if he doesn’t get us the CL.
    dont call me names,of course im joking

  16. Ozy

    I don’t know much about Carvahlo. I didn’t care for our links with him – I can’t rate a young player plying his trade in the Portuguese league without actually seeing him play.

    At this point, though, I’d take him. I’d take just about any natural DM at this point. Seeing Coquelin play in preseason, after a horrid season in Germany and being so bad in that position he was moved to the wings, worries me.

    Khedira seems like the only attainable target, really. And even he seems out of our price range wage-wise. I don’t think Wenger would spend what they’re asking for Carvalho. Idk. I’m just worried.

    We’re already short on CBs, STs and we need a DM. The signings so far have done enough for their positions but we’re so, so far away from a league winning squad, it’s sad. I’m not being negative. I’m just being worried.

  17. Pedro

    Cheers Nigel, thanks for the comment.

    I didn’t really piece together the Suarez thing… I’d heard he was sounding out Bayern because that’s where he wants to go.

  18. qna

    Nasri so your saying it was reasonable to forsee Ozil and Sanchez but Reus situation means he is unlikely???

    By your logic we are right now a huge chance to sign Cavani, Reus and Balotelli. All have clear arguments as to why their clubs wills sell now. And whenever Falcao to Real eventuates, Benzema as well.

  19. Pedro

    Doro, no, I don’t know of anyone else. Think we’re set. The Carvahlo rumours are apparently hot… but not had that from anyone I know at the club.

    If there is someone amazing available, we’ll move for them.

  20. Radio Raheem

    £24m for Lukaku is decent value I think. He moved to Chelsea for £18m. He could be worth £50m in 2 to 3 years if he improves. Everton could re-develop their stadium off Lukaku’s sale.

  21. Dorobucci

    The truth is we are really under estimating the impact sanchez is gonna make, suarez was not as good as sanchez when he came to england. even aguero doesn’t have the kind of finishing I ve seen from sanchez, their last league game against athletico madrid comes to mind where he scored an absolute stunner from the corner of the post.
    Fingers crossed barca are gonna regret letting him go when suarez bites CR7

  22. qna

    Berkamp you are right. The only way to change that is on feild success. The only way to acheive that is to spend on quality players when they are available. Right now Pogba and Reus would do nicely.

    But the potential Arsenal has is actually huge. We cant match Real and Barcas television deals. Even though 90% of interest is on the top 5 teams in epl, the money gets split so the top 5 teams get roughly 10% each.

    BUT the EPL has the most potential on the world as a league so global brand development has more potential than even Real or Barca. Think China, US, the rest of asia. So if we can get close to parity in terms of player spending the brand advantage that real and barca have because of ronaldos and messis will quickly flow to the new spenders. Now having 5 strong clubs also helps brand development. Now within england united are kings. But Arsenal has more potential as it is a London club. We can match United on matchday revenue. So all that is left is to match their brand to take over from them in commercial revenue. We can do this only by winning champions league every 5 years and winning more leagues than anybody else.

    The way forward is to spend, but wisely.

  23. Radio Raheem

    Cesc (27) + Costa (32) + Luis (16) = £83m

    Luiz (42) + Lukaku (24) + Demba Ba (4.7) = £80.7m

    Not bad going

  24. nigel tufnel

    btw, im sure that the Reus ship has sailed. im just hoping for the same as most of you.

    A good strong mf/dm and maybe a surprise or something as a bonus.

    Some people need to calm down with their expectations ! some of us are ridiculous, and will never be satisfied.

    we’re doing pretty well, and there’s still time left. We are dealing with many competitors, in a crazy market.

    everyone thinks it’s so easy, and they can do a better job.
    Sure, and you can hit that Ronaldo free kick also. Grow up.

  25. Zoran

    Everybody speaking only about Carvalho, Schneiderlin, Khedira or Bender for solving our problem at CMD position.

    What about Wanyama? Imo a better player than Schneiderlin , both from same club, one could be surplus for them.
    An offer of about £m 10-12 for Wanyama would land us a more than just a squad player.

    Unless Wenger wants to play Chambers at that position.

  26. Dorobucci

    Chelsea are making so much money from players that didn’t even contribute anything to them. buying young classy players and selling the ones they dont need, kevin de brune and lukaku,sturridge, all our young players either make it or they disappear into oblivion ala denilson and their likes ….. hmmmm

  27. Dan Ahern

    We’re… set? 🙁

    You have to think we’re in for a midfielder still. The players we’ve added are fantastic but none of them stops us from getting burned on the counter.

    I could see us deciding we’re good up top. We may look back and see Giroud was really only awful after Theo died. And then decide Joel Campbell is a suitable change-of-pace backup. (I disagree; just stating what the thought process might be.)

    But I don’t think they’ll be satisfied with Arteta and Flamini as our deepest mids.

  28. WengerEagle

    Chelsea’s squad is huge, they still need to get rid of Victor Moses, Christian Atsu, Marko Marin and Bertrand. None of these 4 players are at all needed.

    From those 4 sales you’d expect them to recoup at least £20 million.

  29. follow the money

    @nigel tufnel I agree with you. BUT. We have yet to see if Wenger will spend ALL of the money he has at his disposal, or if he will continue to do less to prove he can do it “the right way”. I have my doubts. If Wenger suddenly went all in and spent everything available the pressure would be immense for him to win everything considering how well he did with somewhat limited funds. Not sure he wants to go take that risk

  30. Alexanderhenry

    Silly article Pedro. The only thing it proves is the lenghths you’re willing to go to , to discredit wenger. Cutting and pasting a load of technical fitness stuff doesn’t give your argument any more credibility. Look , as far as fitness is concerned, the most important factor is squad depth. If you have a massive squad packed with quality players like man city or Chelsea you can rotate more often thus lessening the chance of injuries. If you have a smaller squad with far fewer options for rotation and – this is the key point so pay attention Pedro- you have to play the same amount of games because of the CL, it is far more likely the team will sustain injuries and suffer from fatigue. Next season , because we have added quality to the squad as a result of spending some money for the first time in 8 years, I expect us to suffer from fewer injuries. It’s not rocket

  31. nigel tufnel

    follow the money

    im not sure I need him to spend ALL of it. What makes that the wisest course?

    I think people who hate Wenger want to say he hasn’t changed, so they raise the bar to an impossible level, like spending all the cash available.

    I think that’s foolish. We should seek out good deals, and judge by the quality of players brought in, and then, of course, on team success.

    Last year, sent big on a world class player, next, won a trophy. Now we’re adding quality (hopefully more to come, yes)

    Something that the spend it all crowd forget. — what we don’t spend at this moment is still available tomorrow, if a great player becomes available, maybe we can snap him up.. Also in future windows.
    There’s nothing wrong with being smart with our money. Wenger/Gazidis are not pocketing it. It doesn’t seem as though Kroenke is taking any unreasonable amount either.
    And I was very anti -Kroenke. Now maybe I have reconsider. We will see.

  32. Pedro

    Alex, again mate, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    So you should really give this botched football intellectualism a rest. Your comments are consistently ill-informed and embarrassingly wide of the mark.

  33. follow the money

    Alexanderhenry why do you keep harping on that chestnut? Wenger HAS had money available the last 8 years. Swiss Ramble proved it, and Wenger and Ivan both said it. Wenger did not use all the funds available because he is obsessed with winning something without spending money like every other top club. He could have bought Ozil 6 years ago. Could have bought Sanchez 4 years ago. It wouldn’t have put the club in the red. He just didn’t want to. The only reason he has started to spend now is because due to the other clubs strengthening so much he knows his beloved fourth place trophy is under threat. I have yet to see him buy enough top quality players to be considered favorites for the title which is totally within our means right now.

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    nigel tufnel: There’s nothing wrong with being smart with our money

    Agreed. If we’re going to compete with the bigger boys there’s everything right with being smart with our money.

    Whether people like it nor, Wenger and Gazidis et al wont just be planning for this season, but for several seasons to come. If they think it’s beneficial not to spend this season so they can spend next season that’s what they’ll do.

  35. Thomas

    Lol you suck at math. Also Luiz was 50m not 42.

    Chelsea now has a – 5m net spend. Great business this summer.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    I believe that there is a pattern evolving in the way that Arsenal are conducting their transfer business this season.

    1. They announced early on that they had a budget of £100 Million to spend. Based on previous experience that would be taken with a pinch of salt. However, we know that the Puma Sponsorship deal came into force at beginning of July and it is PERFORMANCE RELATED.

    2. Fabregas came up for sale at a fairly modest price yet Arsenal turned
    it down. Personally I believe that Mourinho’s remarks are pure bullshit. Arsenal turned him down, because for a change Arsenal have been buying players this Summer which are needed and not because
    of sentimentality.

    3. The Vela negotiations were designed to trigger a conclusion of business with Real Sociedad. He was neither needed nor was it likely that
    he was a bargaining tool for Griezmann who was clearly available at
    right price.

    4. We bought Sanchez, because he can play all along front line and he
    is a 20 goal a season player, which is what we needed taking into account that there are no 30 goal a season players available this summer
    who were buyable within our price range.

    5. Debuchy is a like for like replacement for Sagna and a safe pair of

    6. Chambers is an English player with considerable potential and can
    play in a range of positions not least as a fourth choice centre back. He
    is certainly better than Jenkinson and probably more gifted than either Johnson or Walker and therefore likely to play for full England side in near future.

    7. Ospina is a sound Goalkeeper. Despite smokescreens this was clearly Arsenal’s choice for a long time not least because Arsenal have longstanding relationship with Nice.

    8. Wenger announced during World Cup that he wanted to assess Campbell pre-season. There is absolutely no likelihood that we will buy a striker until that process is completed. He will be given the chance to prove himself.

    9. Vermaelen will leave if Arsenal find a player of comparable or better
    quality and at right price. If they don’t then he will stay until end of his
    contract. The idea that Man Utd will exchange him for Nani is I am sure pure fiction. If Arsenal were to consider an exchange it would be
    more likely for Smalling or Jones.

    10. I don’t believe that Cazorla will leave this summer and certainly not for £15 million. Comporable players of his quality will cost at least £30
    million + and I don’t believe that Arsenal will be spending such a figure in this transfer window on a second player.

    11. I still believe that Arsenal will be buying a DMF/HMF player. This
    will be most likely Khedira. The story about Bayern is I believe a
    smokescreen. Real will not allow him to leave next summer on a freebie. Ask yourself the question where would he play if went to Bayern
    this summer? Arsenal will bide their time on negotiations, because
    realistically Khedira has absolutely nowhere else to go this summer.
    Chelsea don’t need him.

  37. nigel tufnel

    alexanderhenry, I’m a Wenger fan, but i’m not sure it was only about squad depth.

    I remember many times against weaker opponents and cap one cup matches that I was annoyed that he didn’t rotate our most important players. We had players like vermaelen, Gnabry, jenkinson, monreal, rosicky, that were overly rested, and needed some minutes. just resting one of our top players in winnable games, shouldn’t kill our chances of victory, and if we fall behind, they can be brought on to help… but wait, never before 70th minute. ( that’s another issue I have with him) I would LOVE to see Ozil or Ramsey occasionally play less than 90 minutes, to preserve them a little.

    I think he just doesn’t believe in rotating enough, or early subs. It will be hard to change his ways on this.

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d agree with most of that.

    I was surprised by Ospina though, honestly didn’t think we’d buy direct competition to Szczesny. Interesting to see.

    I think with the signing of Chambers the swop deal for Smalling/Jones (players who can cover RB/CB) has gone out the window.

    The Khedira deal might go to the wire, or he might just decide that he’s happy to sit on the RM bench for a season and get a huge pay day next summer. Realistically he could pocket millions and STILL sign for a top club in 2015

  39. qna

    E stroller good post. So if we had £100m to spend why wouldnt we spend it all. So do we get to spend that too.We have done about £56m (32+10+3+11). Lets round up to £60. So we have another £40m to go. Your DM might cost £24m tops. That leaves £16m. What about any cash we bring in. Vela, Fabregas, maybe Jenks. Are we up to around £30m yet?

    Arsenal can afford to add the quality needed to be honest to god contenders this year. But we need either another 20+ goals striker like Reus or a 30 goal striker like cavani. Cavani should be avilable as PSG have just bought Di Maria for €75m and are already under UCL restrictions.

  40. london gunner

    The question is why did we not buy lukaku?

    Everton bought him for 24 million

    We should and could have offered 27-30 million.

    Chelsea want the money these days they would of sold to us and Jose doesn’t rate lukuka so I don’t think he would of cared to much if we bought him.

    Even so Abramo wants to come in line for FFP and so recouping more money to be spent later on other players… well 6 mill extra is nothing to sniff about…

  41. Wallace

    Nasri’s Mouth

    not sure about Khedira being happy to sit the season out. missed most of the last one, and as a WC winner i reckon he’ll be keen to be strutting his stuff.

  42. Ozy

    There’s no way Chelsea would have sold Lukaku to us. He’d rather stick him in the reserves all season. His hate for Wenger and Arsenal is that strong.

    There are a lot of young strikers we can bring in but Wenger’s done there – what with Sanogo the postman taking up a space in the squad. Son, Destro, Muriel, Icardi, etc. None of those would cost over 20 and they’d guarantee you a few goals, Icardi and Destro having the potential to become greats.

    Same goes for DM.

  43. Alexanderhenry

    Follow the money, no he has not had any money. Gazidis himself referred to arsenal pursuing the ‘self sustainable’ model. Self sustainable is just a PR friendly way of saying ‘we’ve got no budget’.

  44. Bamford13


    Pointing out that there is something we call “the burden of proof” in various disputes doesn’t advance the conversation one bit. The question is who has the burden of proof in any given dispute. For example, in any philosophical discussion regarding the existence or non-existence of God, it is the believer or theist who has “the burden of proof,” because it is the believer who is claiming that something exists in addition to the observable world.

    Simply pointing out, as you did above, that something called “the burden of proof” exists is meaningless. The relevant question is who has it in any given discussion.

    Are you suggesting that I have the burden of proof with respect to either (i) Myles Palmer’s credibility or (ii) the claim that something has changed behind the scenes in the way that Arsenal handle signings? If so, you might be right, but you’d actually have to make an argument as to why I — and not my opponent — have the burden of proof. You haven’t done that, and simply asserting that I do doesn’t make it so.

    Good luck!

  45. Bamford13

    While I’d prefer Lukaku to Giroud, I’m actually not too bothered that we didn’t sign him. Benteke is better than Lukaku and there are of course others out there who are better than Lukaku as well.

    If Benzema were to become available at the end of the window, I would be thrilled for us to go after him. Cavani a bit too expensive, I think, given that he hasn’t looked the part for some time now. Although he is of course worlds better than Giroud.

  46. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t know either way, I don’t know the bloke, but it’s not outside the realms of possibility that with a WC medal round his neck he’s happy to sit on his laurels* for a bit for the sake of an extra £10m. Clearly money was an issue when joining us came up.
    Still if RM really don’t want him, then maybe they’ll knock the price down to £10m and we can give him a nice pile of cash upfront.

    *I think he’d have to be quite flexible to have the medal round his neck AND sit on the laurels

  47. Alexanderhenry

    Point taken Nigel, but it makes a hell of a difference if you’ve got a bigger squad with better players. We’ve already got that and with a couple more to come in I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about next season.

  48. Bamford13


    Gazidis said two summers ago that we had ample money to spend, and we’ve had some 100m in cash reserves for two years now. Simply asserting over and over again that Wenger ‘hasn’t had the money’ isn’t going to cut it.

    Further, you never respond to your opponents’ arguments/questions. I asked you to tell us specifically:

    – how our debt payments on the stadium are different today than they were, say, five years ago

    – how our commercial revenues are different today from five years ago

    – why we shouldn’t think the more than 100m in cash reserves is money Wenger has available to him to spend

  49. afturburn

    I’ve been wanting to say this for days now.

    Alfie is the most obnoxious poster on this blog, god I hate his posts. He seems like a bright enough kid but I dunno why he persists with that cuntish humour everyday. All his posts grate at me so much argh, He reminds me of that kid that tried too hard to be funny in secondary but never realized he wasn’t. : / Sorry for the rant, I will disappear again.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    That pitch is glorious though.

    Every time I go to the Emirates it looks like a carpet, I almost wince when people slide all over it.

  51. london gunner


    Are you personally friends with Mourinho do you lunch brunch or spend evenings chatting to him?

    Nope so you have no proof there is no chance.

    What we do know is that Morunho has never rated Lukuka
    That Chelsea are interested in making profits (as in making back as much money as possible on transfers)

    Offer them 6 mill more and there is a fairly decent chance they will say yes please.

  52. andy1886

    “Are you seriously suggesting that squad depth has no impact on player fitness?”

    AH – are you familiar with the squad system at all? We have the same restrictions and boundaries that all the other teams do: 25 man squad of which 8 must be ‘home grown’ plus unlimited U21’s.

    Every other team manages to produce a squad to compete under those conditions without incurring the number of injuries that we do. Every season we top the injury lists, why is that? Well, if you’re claiming it’s because we have a limited squad then you have to ask who is responsible for putting that squad together. A 25 man squad that includes or has included:

    Abou Diaby

    That’s six players from 25 that had almost zero use last season. Is it a surprise that when resources are wasted on the likes of these we struggle to find options and overplay players leading to injuries?

    Squad depth is the result of the managers choices, making bad signings is what limits your options.

  53. Nasri's Mouth

    @london gunner

    Unless he thinks Lukaku is worse than Ba, he’s not going to sell him to us.

    Do you think he rates Lukau less than Ba ?

  54. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    Good point. I happen to think so.
    Jose may not of been fond of Demba Ba or even rated him to highly but he still gave him playing time in some of their crunch/super important games.

    Whilst with Lukuka his never rated him did not rate him enough to even keep him the squad. It could be a mixture of things such a personality clash but I have a feeling he just doesn’t rate Lukuka at all as hence his refusal to even give him a chance.

  55. gambon

    Hello people

    As has been said Reus isn’t happening. I’ve no doubt Wenger likes him but I’ve a feeling it was Reus or Sanchez rather than ‘and’.

    It would probably cause some balance issues anyway. Would be impossible to play Walcott, Sanchez, Reus and Ozil – not to mention Wengers favourite Giroud.

    Totally behind the idea of selling Cazorla though

    Sentimentality is wasted in football. We could get £40m for Cax, Poldi and Campbell and not miss any of them if we brought a world class player in.

  56. gambon

    “Unless he thinks Lukaku is worse than Ba, he’s not going to sell him to us.”

    Doubt this is true

  57. Goonergirl

    Hello everyone

    I think for the right price Chelsea would have sold us Lukaku. There’s a difference between loaning a player and buying one.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Before we sink a large amount into a striker I desperately want to see us sign a CDM. Position of utmost importance.

  59. london gunner

    Look we all know there is no better manager on the market right now than Wenger

    If we are being honest worlds top managers

    1 Carlo Ancellotti
    2 Diego Simeone
    3 Jose Moaner
    4 Pep the overrated one
    5 Antonio Conte
    6 Wenger/Louis Van G
    7Louis Van G/ Wenger
    8 Klopp

  60. gambon

    “Self sustainable is just a PR friendly way of saying ‘we’ve got no budget’.”

    Erm wrong

    You may see we have £150m on the bank

    Well if we had £30 in the bank we would still be self sustainable

    Only difference is we would have £149,999,970 of extra quality in the squad.

  61. london gunner


    “I think for the right price Chelsea would have sold us Lukaku. There’s a difference between loaning a player and buying one.”

    That’s a very good point . That’s what I meant when I said we could and maybe should have outbid Everton.

  62. Ozy

    Yeah, I agree – a CDM is of a higher priority than a ST. There are plenty of goals in our team and although we desperately need a striker, although Giroud isn’t good enough, I have a feeling a great CDM can push us to the next level. We’ve been missing that for years.

  63. gambon

    Great deal for Everton

    Signing of the summer for me

    With Coleman, Barkley, Mirralas and Lukaku they are going places.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    I’m by no means a Giroud fan, think that’s pretty clear 😉 but he’s okay, not terrible but not really Arsenal level. However I think Sanchez will be deployed there and could potentially be really good for us.

    When you look at CDM we’re bereft of talent, totally, no one anywhere near good enough to be a starter for us. Really we have one player (Flamini) who is actually a CDM. That might indicate Wenger doesn’t really regard the position of any importance – I hope not.

    Club have shocked me this summer as they seem to have realised how to pull their thumbs out of their backsides. So I’m prepared to be patient on this one.

  65. Wallace

    Lukaku’s a good signing, but wouldn’t call him the signing of the summer. the world cup showed he’s still got a lot to learn. at 24m a lot of what you’re buying is still potential.

  66. Goonergirl


    Yeah I’m with you there. Giroud is quite average but I’d be willing to wait until Jan or next summer to fix the striker problem provided we sign a great CDM in this transfer window.

    I’m surprised too that we’ve done business so early but it does feel good. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that CDM signing.

  67. BacaryisGone

    Where exactly are Everton going? They paid a fortune (for Everton) for a loan player last season. They probably can’t afford too many new additions and everyone around them has strengthened. They’ll be battling it out with Spurs for 6th.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s more likely we will get one than won’t right now.

    Still a lot of time left, still a lot of rumours about us in for Khedira and sniffing around Carvalho.

    Chambers as well is good evidence of the club just getting on with things behind closed doors as well and it only hitting the press when it’s close to coming off.

    At least as well we know right up until the death Arsenal are always active as well.

  69. BacaryisGone

    I think Pedro’s right about us now being in opportunistic rather than predatory transfer mode. If someone falls into our lap, we’ll move forward. As it is, it’s looking like it’ll be Arteta starting again.

  70. gambon


    And what do you expect

    Everton have a budget 50% of the team that come 4th every year (us)

    Of course they can’t challenge consistently for top 4

    But the fact they have a world class talent, and a better centre forward than Arsenal, is important

    It reflects both well on Everton and badly on Wenger, who just won’t accept that his 2 trading places style projects (Giroud and Sirnogoals) aren’t good enough.

  71. afturburn

    The thing that upsets me most about the way Arsenal have functioned over the past decade is that, it has caused an irreparable division amongst the fans.

    Some fans will accept the reasons/excuses why they needed to operate in the manner they did, but for some of us there will never be another instance where we are “satisfied” with the transfer window because we’ve been conditioned to second guess everything.

    Based on recent events, what’s happened so far this summer isn’t anything short of remarkable. But fans will still bicker about money, how it’s spent, Wenger, etc. I don’t think it will go away until Arsenal land a major trophy. It’s unfortunate as I hate how we fight amongst each other, but I really think that it’s due to the club’s missteps.

  72. Marc


    It’s crazy there are a load of teams who all think they are in contention for CL football or can reach that level. Everton, the Spud’s even Southampton’s chairman was on Talkshite this morning and mentioned that’s what they are striving for. Completely delusional there are 5 teams competing for CL positions this coming season and unless FFP goes into overdrive or a major team has a long term meltdown that’s pretty much the way it will stay.

    Any team that hoped to assert themselves needed to do it while we weren’t spending and weakened that’s over now, there’s no guarantee we’ll get it but if we don’t we’ll be 5th with the usual suspects above us.

  73. Marc


    Are you saying the FA cup isn’t a major trophy?

    If the Spud’s have to go through a similar period it might change some minds as well.

  74. Goonergirl


    I hope you wrong mate. Arteta should definitely not be starting games. Otherwise last season would just be repeated.

  75. afturburn


    Don’t get me wrong, I will take an FA Cup all day everyday of the week.

    But obviously it hasn’t created the kind of unity and trust in the Arsenal regime that an EPL or CL title would.

    We’re not really close to that right now, I don’t think.

  76. Dissenter

    Khedira to Arsenal will happen in the last hours of the window.
    It is not in Real’s interest to leave him unsold this window.

    I expect us to get him for 10-15 million.

    Madrid have to sell, they cant afford to let him leave on a free transfer.
    Unfortunately, Khedira will want to stay at Madrid so that he can get his last hurray pay deal with Bayern.

  77. Bamford13

    For spending 50% of what we spend, the XI below is pretty darn good—


    You could argue that there better at the following four spots:
    Howard > Szczesny
    Coleman > Debuchy
    McCarthy > Arteta
    Lukaku > Giroud

    And some would of course argue that their manager is better than ours as well.

    They definitely looked the better side — and the better-managed side — when they put on that convincing, 3-0 passing clinic victory in April.

  78. Dan Ahern

    Lukaku signing of the summer? Think not. Fabregas, Costa, Sanchez all bigger moves.

    Good work from Everton though keeping their team intact and momentum going.

  79. Bamford13


    I’m afraid I don’t agree. This summer window will not be a good one — and certainly not a “remarkable” one — unless we sign a quality CDM and CF. Aside from filling holes, those are the spots where we need to improve, and we’ve known that for two years now.

    That we’ve signed Sanchez is fantastic, but he’s really more a wide player than a CF, and we’ve done nothing as of yet re a new CDM.

    The only way in which this summer has been “remarkable” is if you compare it to the last few summer windows, most of which, if not all of which, have been woeful. Sure, it’s better than those, but that doesn’t make it a good window. It just makes it a better window than the previous woeful ones.

    This is plain and simple objective analysis. A starting XI with Arteta and Giroud in it is not going to finish above fourth. Given that we have had the money and opportunity to sign players better than them for some time now, how could anyone call a a window in which we didn’t do so a “good” window? It can’t be.

    As I’ve said before, we’re like a man who has a fancy cocktail party to attend this weekend and is badly in need of a new pair of shoes and a new belt. At the moment, we’re at the stores and have purchased a new shirt and tie, but if we return home from the stores without new shoes and a belt, we will have failed to accomplish what we needed to accomplish.

  80. afturburn


    This is what I meant earlier about a divide in the fans. We are talking about the same transactions, but some compare it the the Real/Barca/PSGs of the world, while some compare it to our own frugal dealings of the past few years. Compared to the recent past though, I would say it’s remarkable. In my eyes, at least.

  81. goonpharm

    AshJuly 30, 2014 12:07:55
    Thrashings aside Bould absolutely solidified our defence against the lower clubs.So back the fuck up.
    AshJuly 30, 2014 12:09:50
    Also, in comparison to players on the wing and midfield, do you really think Mertersacker and Koz bomb up and down the field all day?Are you that stupid?


    Was going to post a witty comment and try to make you look silly. Then I read your posts again and thought I’d just copy and paste it as it did the job for me.

    P. S. What does “back the fuck up” actually mean?

  82. afturburn

    I was expecting an egg but received a chicken. It seems greedy to ask for turkey right after all that. That’s if you adhere to egg > chicken > turkey.

    I am not disagreeing with you, though. It’s only remarkable if it continues, otherwise the only difference would be the deals being completed in July rather than late August.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

  83. goonpharm

    SavageJuly 30, 2014 19:25:45
    Nice. spray solves several issues and doesn’t seem to have any drawbacks. Maybe we’ll score from freekicks a little more often? Like more than once per season?

    Lol. Speaking of free kicks there’s one thing I hope we don’t ever see this season; Walcott standing over any deadball situation.

    Scored once in preseason then thought he was Sinsa Mihijlovic in this prime. Love the kid and thing he is brilliant for us but leave it to the experts.

  84. nigel tufnel

    agreed with Gambon.

    To get a great player in—- i’d sell Cazorla (get something now while he’s worth a good amount), i’d also sell podolski and Campbell. I wish we were more wheeler dealers sometimes…because Cazorla’s and Podolskis value is only going down with age.

    but unfortunately Wenger doesn’t like big shake-ups.

    BUT REALLY, lukaku signing of he summer??????

    think about that again, include in your thinking James(overpriced, but much more interesting prospect.)

    Suarez ????? incredible talent, and produces goals galore. Even with a crap midfield at pool.

    EVEN IF you meant DEAL or VALUE of the summer, we are way better with OUR Alexis… it’s not even close really.

    Maybe we shouldn’t rule out OUR clubs good moves from our comparisons or thinking.

    Did you forget these signings?

  85. goonpharm

    A starting XI with Arteta and Giroud in it is not going to finish above fourth.

    Bloody hell!!! You still banging that drum? Saw your post earlier for moaning why everyone is pining for Pogba when it isn’t going to happen and asking everyone to move on. Yet you still belaying on about 2 players that WILL be in the first XI come charity shield.

    Take your own advice mate. Let it go.

  86. Keyser

    “I was expecting an egg but received a chicken. It seems greedy to ask for turkey right after all that”

    Thank You, seriously Thank You, it’s been annoying me that Sanchez has already been forgotten and the people who’ve spent years on here moaning were strating to mention Reus or Cavani.

  87. Marko

    How went the holiday gambon? Also massively surprised Lukaku went to Everton he’ll only be there 2 years before he’ll kick up some and want to move. Alsowe had no chance of signing him anyone who thinks we did doesn’t know Mourinho

  88. goonpharm


    Lukaku could have been had IMHO. Maureen has said they are wary of FFP and would have sold. Missed a trick there. Would have solved a lot of problems for us.

    Giroud could then be what he was originally meant to be; the back up to a main striker.

  89. daniel

    Ridiculous post,so Southampton is better than ma chitty Kos they won them.
    Yesterday U claimed Madrid made a third of rodrigos money.

    All your talk are always based on ignorance

  90. Marko

    Signing of the summer? For me it’s eithergonna be LLewandowski for Bayern. James Rodriguez for Madrid or Alexis Sanchez for us. Or possibly Diego Costa

  91. Keyser

    This year we’ll have spent a pretty hefty amount, NET, and people need to appreciate that 2 of those signings were for players we’ve simply let go on a Free, so we turned a loss replacing them, next year we’re going to have similar situations in terms of older players, or if some of the others don’t work out.

    It’s pretty obvious that we need to be far smarter with the money we have than simply spending all the surplus this year, if we can’t find the right players I’d rather we waited now and see how far we can develop the team we have.

  92. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Real are not going to allow Khedira to remain if they want to offload him AND they have a deal with Arsenal. They will want him off payroll.

    You have also to ask the question if Real were genuinely interested in Khedira why was it not part of the negotiation when they sold Kroos to Real. This sounds like a similar story to Sanchez. Liverpool wanted him but did not get him as part of deal for Suarez.


    The budget includes agents fees and increase in wages as well. I think that you need to factor in £10-15 million for these.

  93. afturburn


    Please dont compliment my posts too much, otherwise I will get a negative label on this place lol

    Just kidding. I get a bit annoyed too. In this world that’s totally forgotten what “delayed gratification” means, though, I guess people are expecting everything now now now.

  94. Arsene's Nurse

    Woohoo, vanishing spray used in WC will be used on PL this year. And that means you too Howard Webb.

  95. Keyser

    Exactly, it’s weird, I’m still excited to see the first Sanchez in training pics, and he hasn’t even kicked his first ball for us.

  96. Nasri's Mouth


    IMO these are the 4 options

    Real Madrid accept a cut price deal at the last minute to make some money on ‘deadwood’

    Khedira decides he’s happy to take 1 year on the bench for a multi-million pile of cash

    Wenger gets the feeling Khedira is only coming for the money and gets cold feet

    Real Madrid sell Di Maria and decide to keep Khedira, (who it turns out never really wanted to leave and was just using us as a bargaining tool)

    I’d like to hope it’s the first one, but I wouldn’t be surprised by any of them

  97. gunnergetyou


    No way Tim Howard is better than Sczesney for me and even though they might have signed Lukaku that doesn’t improve Everton from last year.

    Coleman and Lukaku would get into our team as things currently stand but even then I’d still have Sanchez over lukaku all day long and I’d like to see what he can offer upfront.

    Not sure why you compare McCarthy to Arteta when the general opinion is that he will be little more than a squad player for us this season. I think its significant that he’s heading for his final year and hasn’t been offered a new contract.

    We need to see how things pan out but still a long way to go in this window.

  98. nigel tufnel

    yes, even I forgot —Costa at 32 mil was pretty good, not prem proven , but has the right physical build and style… ———– and Lewandowski of course…
    great signings and DEALS and values along with Alexis.

  99. Ozy

    By retaining Lukaku and Barry, Everton are in the exact position of last year – some might even say at a worse position since they lost a game changer in Delofeu – someone I doubt they’ll be able to replace. Not really going places at all but good for their stability.

  100. Paulinho

    Would actually prefer Carvalho to Khedira. With Carvalho there is a risk that he is too raw on the ball at this stage but in the long term he could be special. Khedira will probably slot in well and look great from the get go but I think he lacks genuine class in a few key areas(final ball, genuine defensive prowess, mentality) that will tell as the season goes on.

  101. Nasri's Mouth


    Firmino seems to have died down, Costa chat still bubbling away. Honestly think it’s agent chat because their client wants to move

  102. gambon


    I mean relatively speaking its the signing of the summer (Lukaku)

    I was only speaking PL transfers in

    Everton have punched well above their weight.

    When you consider a club wth a history of having no money have spent £28m on one of the worlds best young players, its very impressive.

    This is a guy thats still only 21, younger than SirNoGoals, and has 32 PL goals in 76 PL games, as well as 32 caps for a very good International team.

    Theyve signed a CF thats better than anything Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs have.

    Its impressive.

    When you consider Martinez has signed McCarthy, Barry, Lukaku – and they have Mirrallas, Coleman, Baines – they are being excellently managed.

  103. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m intrigued to see how Everton do. I just have this idea that sooner or later they’ll forget the Moyes lessons on how to defend.

    (I have no evidence at all for this, it’s purely a thought)

  104. Nasri's Mouth

    Paulinho: Would actually prefer Carvalho to Khedira

    Agreed. Carvalho is the more ‘sensible’ signing IMO, both from a playing POV and a financial one