Biggest signing of the summer

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So here we go people, the summer of change continued at pace. Yes people, the reign of Tony Colbert has come to an end. The biggest, most important signing of the summer has taken his up his new role in Austria.

Shad Forsythe, take a bow son. The crowd haven’t gone wild, but fear not, they will when they see what having a proper fitness philosophy can bring.

Now, let’s lay the foundations, you can bring Jonny Ive in to help you design your new mobile phone device, but if the CEO still wants to be involved in the size of the logo, you’re going to have problems (unless the CEO is Steve Jobs. Kind of killed that analogy didn’t i?). So Shad can affect many things, but he’ll need collaboration to make things work to best effect. So in short, if Arsene doesn’t adopt his advice, we’ll still be in trouble.

However, let’s look at best case scenario, because I’m noted for being a positive blogger. Shad is a strength and conditioning expert. So the widely held view Arsene had around bulky players losing pace is one that’s going to be cast to the kerb. Shad will build players up, make them stronger and make them more robust. It’s true, within a year, we’ll have a team of Ronaldo like gladiators.

Where he’s not the ideal candidate is the area that’s the most important. Managing the players work load. Arsene Wenger and Tony Colbert had the philosophy that you train players to match fitness 2-3 times a week, that way, you have the fittest players which is advantageous in the last 10 of a game. That’s not insider info, that’s something he’s said on This was ok in the early days, but as the game increased in pace; players sprint 80% more now than they did 8 years ago, it caused massive fatigue problems which led to major soft tissue injury melt down.

Remember, all soft tissue injuries are preventable to some degree. Our injuries, despite protestations and general ignorance in the media, were not an accident. They were down to incompetence. But incompetence that was derived from a lack of education and a lack of expertise.

So first thing on the agenda will be working out how often and how hard players train. A major breakthrough if he can bring those numbers down. Big clubs hardly train over Christmas, Arsenal are out across the whole period.

He’ll also work on tailored programmes for players. Every individual has differing circumstances. Young players, settled in a St Albans flat will require a different programme to a 31 year old player returning from a hamstring injury who also has a newborn to contend with. Players will all be given different regimes to work to. Just like at other top clubs. United were excellent at this, preserving their old guard for years beyond their sell by dates. This article from Ryland Morgans gives great insight into how you work with a modern manager when you’re one of the most important people at a club.

The major one for me is game time. Playing your best 11 in every game isn’t a sharp way to get the best out of a squad. Psychologically, is self defeating. You’ve seen how Vermaelen (injured, so may have to stay) has been totally destroyed by a lack of rotation. Physically, it’s crazy. Hopefully, we won’t see Ozil lining up against Coventry for 90mins this season. Rotate for freshness. Rotate with the consideration of having the freshest most competitive team for the last 10 games of the year. That was a Ferguson trick he consistently pulled. United were, under him, the best in the world at recovery and rotation.

Other areas he’ll have to look at is prematch preparation. So, how is the warm up being run. I mean, I’ve seen how they do it at the training ground. How can you run warm up sessions with guys too old to execute the moves! He’ll also have to pay close attention to post game recovery. Shad Forsythe will be in charge of so many marginal gains opportunities. He’s as important as Steve Bould in the set up. As he should be. The fittest teams prevail these days. Dortmund of 3 years ago, Barcelona under pep, the most average United of all time in Fergies last year… Liverpool last season.

What I like about him is he’s not the best candidate, that’s going to play it one of two ways, it’ll take him two seasons to get it right… Or, he’ll speak to his mates in the game for support and nail it first time round. Because that’s how dynamic people operate. Arsenal are king maker here. With some people, that works a treat, with some, they crash and burn. It’s basically like taking Joachim Lowe on as manager. Could be incredible, could be disappointment central.

No, actually, it can’t be disappointing because Tony Colbert is that bad. This is a success regardless.

For me, it’s been an emotional day. So much bitching, so much moaning… it’s all culminated into a moment where I’m genuinely more excited about this than I am about Sanchez. I think this is a step in the right direction. It’s chipping away at Wenger’s harem of under-achievers and it’s installing a world class infrastructure that the club control.

Where will the club look next? My guess? The scouting network. Again, another area of our set up that is dated, expensive and not producing the goods. We need a fresh approach to bringing in the worlds best talent. Clubs like Dortmund are leading the way, heading into new territories, digging out super players that have all the modern day attributes needed to succeed in Europe.

Still, let’s take it one step at a time… today is success. Today is progress. Today could be the most important summer celebration in the whole 7 years we’ve been writing this blog.


P.S. Shad likes blogging too, read some of his stuff here. He’s not as good as me though, right? Right guys, tell me he’s not that good?

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  1. Bamford13

    Why do people keep talking about Pogba? Of all the things that are not going to happen, this might be the most certain.

    Simply not going to happen.

    One, Pogba is a B2B CM and would compete with Ramsey. Two, no, you cannot play them at the same time behind a CAM because neither is defensive or holding in the least. Three, he would probably cost more than 50m.

    Never going to happen. Move on to other names, please.

  2. HumAnimal

    highly doubt that we’ll sign reus, cavani,or pogba. i know we got alexis sanchez but these are three of the most sought after players in the world, we won’t play ball when the 60-70m offers start flying around.

    why is everyone only talking about players from the countries that played in the world cup… u’d think that there were only about 10 or so players worth signing in the market.

    does anyone have any original suggestions as to who could help us in that DM role

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are not going to make wholesale acquisitions or disposals this summer.

    1. Vermaelen may well leave, but not because Chambers was seen wearing Number 5 shirt. Chambers has been brought in to replace Jenkinson to compete for RB position. If he plays CB it will be as fourth string. If Vermaelen leaves then for sure club will buy specialist CB.

    2. I cannot see Cazorla leaving. If that was on agenda Arsenal might well have
    bought Fabregas. Cazorla is a valuable asset if we are playing 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2
    formation, because of his versatility. He is also probably the most prolific goalscorer in midfield. He is training in Austria and in recent interview was
    looking forward to playing at club.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Chambers wearing number 5 means nothing, remember when Mertesacker was wearing number 2 last summer in Asia and everyone thought he was freeing up 4 for Fabregas?

    I don’t think we need to read into that, Chambers official photo was with number 21.

  5. Gregg


    Agreed, Pogba is another Yaya and as good as yaya is on his day, it’s no coincidence that every season Man City buy yet another player to play behind him.

  6. Gregg


    Not really, although he won’t be entitled to any of the signing fee, normally about 10% (that’s what it used to be)

    It could cause a stand-of between player and club and they may well think that Spurs are orchestrating it. I think he’ll go but I don’t think he’ll go to Spurs now.

  7. bergkamplegend

    “Why do people keep talking about Pogba?”

    Because they don’t know who is in charge of the transfers at Arsenal ?? lol

  8. Leedsgunner


    I’m not.

    Surely he needs to have a better season than last to earn himself a new contract?! 22 goals on paper sounds good until you realise he was the only striker at the club. With the playmakers he had behind him, he should have had at least 30 in my opinion. Plus can anyone tell me how many goals he scored against our main rivals for the title?


  9. Cesc Appeal

    My sauces are split on whether we’re in for Khedira, Tomato says we are, Brown says we’re not and and Sweet Chili says he’s Munich bound.

    Mayonnaise is staying oddly silent and I think he’s in cahoots with BBQ and Tomato’s cousin purée who has connections in Italy suggesting a Vidal deal.

    You just do not know what sauces to trust out there.

  10. Wallace


    nice comment.


    also with you on Messi not having long left at his current level. whether you start at 17 or 21 i think you’ve got 10yrs tops at your best before the wear and tear drops you a few notches physically.

  11. Wallace


    yeah, Owen at 18 was something, although always loved watching Fowler a lot more. also thought Giggs was never more devastating than at 18/19. developed his game a lot as he got older, but his first few years he was pretty much unstoppable.

  12. bergkamplegend

    Just for your information dear snoekrats, Bayern just made an offer for Khedira.
    == >> He finish his last year at Madrid, and Munich sign him next summer, with indecent wages and other “primes”…

  13. Bamford13


    “Does this summer not go some way to prove he is not ‘obsessed with cheap players’ he simply didn’t have the means and support to sign the top talent we crave?”

    No, it doesn’t. One, he had the same money to spend last summer but other than signing Ozil, he signed two free mediocrities in Sanogo and Flamini. He then gave us Kim Kallstrom in January. Of the four players he signed last season — when we had both money and pressing needs — three were cheap mediocrities. Two, there is reason to believe this new assertiveness this summer comes not from Wenger but from Gazidis and from new situation re how signings are done. See previous discussions of this, Pedro’s comments and Myles Palmer. Three, if we don’t sign a class CDM and CF this summer, all the signings we’ve made will be for nought. We’ll still finish fourth, as neither Arteta or Giroud is good enough.


    “After 10 years of waiting I can finally dream about us beeing up there with the elite of clubs.”

    At the moment, DREAMING is all this is, because we’re still looking at a starting XI with Arteta and Giroud in it. Neither of these players is elite, and both will keep us from being elite.


    “why would anyone go to united?”

    Well, probably because they have more money than we do, have been the best club in England for twenty years, have an excellent new manager loaded with ambition and ideas, and have two of the world’s marquee names in RVP and Rooney. Just a few reasons.

  14. Leedsgunner

    The papers say we were keen to take on Reus before he injured his ankle.

    Shame. Afer all, what happened to Wenger’s bottle? He was more than happy to take on Fat Kimmy Kallstrom with a broken back… what’s a measly ankle? 😉

  15. Wallace


    you can’t use Myles Palmer to back up your arguments. you might as well reference Alvin, the Chipmunk.

  16. N5

    I’ve just run out of sauce as I put some on my bacon sandwich. But as that last bit was falling out all over my sizzling bacon I heard it mention something about Khedera! I just couldn’t work out what club!!

    I’m off to by some HP, if anyone knows the score, Daddies sauce does!!

  17. Ramsinho


    when I say statements like that im not looking for a response. Its a silly statement don’t bother explaining. clearly there are incentives in joining united.

  18. Keyser

    So Shad Forsythe added to Tony Colbert, key word there being ‘added’, the addition in simple terms means more money equals greater control. At one point I actually remember people moaning about how many support staff we had.

    Liverpool last year played the fewest games they’d played for probably more than a decade, not to mention that they hadn’t appeared in the Champions League for four consecutive years and kept their best player fit because he’d get himself banned for significant proportions of a season.

    Or there’s Dortmund, who’ve managed to finish an average of 22 points from the winners of their league the past two years and have been ravaged by injury, this in a two horse race for the league. Not exactly the best of examples.

    Especially last year when Rodgers and Liverpool were crowned Premier League Champions 3 weeks before the end and ahem *cough* people who had made claims about Rodgers revolutionising the game, tactics and fitness methods *cough* hashtag, actual #, ‘Modern’ manager extra-ordinaire cocked up Liverpools best chance at a League title for 24 years, because you guessed it he wanted to stick to his ‘Principles’.

  19. Keyser

    Bamford13 – You seem fixated on us having money last year, we did buy Ozil, and spent half the summer chasing Suarez, it’s not good for someone coming out of the desert, suffering from de-hydration to suddenly drink as much water as he can.

  20. Ashwin Gunner


    My friend. i agree with every bit of what you said 😀

    This is ridiculous.. Giroud being offered to stay at the club till 2018… to do what.
    1) sleep with models before the match..
    2) miss open chances.
    3) tumble down after stepping on the ball
    4) miss an absolute sitter and make faces as if he could have done any better

    damn it….

    Giroud is as bad a striker as Wenger a tactician… Oh yes.. i said this..

  21. Bamford13


    Palmer is not the only support for the claim that something has changed behind the scenes re signings. See Wenger’s drawn out contract negotiation and Pedro’s previous comments.

    Further, could you please explain why Palmer has no credibility, in your opinion?

  22. Keyser

    He’s started or is starting today or tomorrow, but he’ll be training back at London Colney on his own.

  23. goonpharm

    So Shad has joined up eh? He’s really going to shake shit up eh? Like Bould did hey Pedro? Wasn’t he the signing of the summer a couple of seasons ago?

    Lol. This is how it’ll probably pan out. We’ll probably smash a few teams out of sight early doors and play a high energy pressing game. We will look like Barca a few years back. We’ll be top of the league after 4 games and then it’ll be all down to “The Shad Effect”. Next we’ll have our annual glut of injuries and it’ll be because “Wenger got jealous of the all the attention Shad is getting so stopped him doing his job”.

    Then we will proceed to bash Wenger again as we capitulate. Pretty much copy and paste and change Shad to Bould.

    Here’s a theory right – could it be luck? I mean Per and Kos played almost the whole season with no big injury. Per is hardly the perfect example of a modern day athlete is he? How did they manage his training? Over at Chelsea I remember Oscar and Mata playing pretty much non stop for 2 years and they did ok. At West Ham we have heard news Andy Carroll is out for 4 months. How much football did he pay over ten summer?

    Lallana is out for Pool will miss the first few games I think. How much ball did he play in Brazil? Super Coach extraordinaire Rodgers couldn’t stop that? What? Get the fuck out of here!!!!!

  24. Ash

    Also, in comparison to players on the wing and midfield, do you really think Mertersacker and Koz bomb up and down the field all day?

    Are you that stupid?

  25. Gregg

    The defence looked more solid at times for sure. A lot of this was down to Sagna protecting Mert and at times coming in and appearing to play as a three. He rarely left him isolated.

    This is something that Debuchy is going to have to take on board straight away.

  26. Wallace


    yeah, Gregg’s link pretty much nails it. but in all truth i don’t know how anyone who has read Palmer’s blog more than once can take the man seriously.


    sorry, man. didn’t think i’d find any snoot’s on a football blog. in the future i’ll be more careful.

  27. Keyser

    – Wenger on new signings :

    Arsene it’s been a pre-emptive summer this year in terms of transfers, are there any plans for any more ? Khedira has been heavily linked.

    “At the moment, No, Look I have Arteta, Flamini and Coquelin who I can rely on, Coquelin has a big future, of course you always want to be stronger, but whats important now is working on fitness”

  28. Cesc Appeal


    There was an excellent article I posted on here in the middle of the season, I’ll try and find it again but it showed that we have since 2002 regularly been top of the injury rankings, if not top close, sometimes we win by double the injuries of the team in second.

    We do have a problem with it. Hopefully it can get solved. It’s not a luck thing.

    I mean of course some things are luck. But not when you look at the constant stream on injuries we get, the fact that players are regularly out for a lot longer than Arsenal staff first predict, regular recurrence of injuries etc

  29. freddylekgunner

    Afternoon all… Looking at the transfer window so far, which premiership team has done the best business so far? I’ll say its us.

  30. DUIFG

    I agree with bamford that this sumer rests on a DM being purchased otherwise we have not adressed squad weakness adequately.

    Im not goingt o target CF as i am giving wenger the benefit of the doubt that sanchez will play centrally. otherwise we have failed to delver in that area as well.

    Its al about khedeira for me.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Chelsea for me.

    Sold Luis for £50 Million,

    But for £10 Million that paid for Fabregas and Costa. Got Filipe Luis in AND will have Courtois coming back and I’d imagine Zouma.

    Great business, very strong squad.

  32. Keyser

    – Wenger on new fitness coach :

    How is Shad Forsythe getting on ?

    “Right now Chad is learning to adapt, he’s only on trial at the moment, but I spoke with Tony and he likes what he’s done before, so theres high hopes”

    On trial wtf ?

  33. Cesc Appeal

    I will add if Arsenal get in a quality CDM then we’ll be up there with having had one of the best summers.

  34. DUIFG

    WE pretty much have two good but average jounrneymen in cdm with coq who is decent but again never going to cut it at the very top level.

    Ikm confident wenger sees this, getting spanked for 5+ multiple times must surely make him think there is some form of issue to sort out.

  35. Gregg

    Whether we win the league or not isn’t the issue. For me it’s about giving yourself the best opportunity to compete, using the resources at your disposal.

    If Arsenal go into the season with Arteta, Flamini and Coquelin as their holding players, then quite simply the fans will be short-changed.

  36. Bamford13


    Are you kidding? Surely you can do better than that piece, which is little more than some random AKB blogger saying over and over again that Palmer is a fraud, without providing much evidence or argument in support.

    And the arguments he does make are pretty lame. So last summer Palmer said he heard that Cesc might re-sign with us? Given what we know now, it seems reasonable that this WAS being talked about on the inside last summer. As for his saying mid-summer that Ozil was unlikely, his reasoning was totally sound and in line with the reality at that point. He simply said it was unlikely that Ozil would want to leave Madrid — which was correct btw, Ozil didn’t want to leave.

    Do you think there’s any chance Palmer has made contacts in the course of writing a book on Wenger that do in fact give him inside info at times? I’d say it’s pretty likely.

    He certainly has more credibility than whatever amateur wrote the piece you sent me. Good God.

    I’m sure there are better arguments against Palmer than that. Pass them along if you like. But that piece does nothing. Indeed it sort of bolsters his credibility as I’m getting the sense that the animus toward Palmer has to do with his criticisms of Wenger, not with any real lack of credibility.

  37. Keyser

    37 of the injuries on these tables will have been added by Diaby, the luck element will be down to how many impact injuries we’ve had.

    We’re pretty much the only team that’s pushed it’s squad as far as we have as consistently we have, we’ve constantly straddled the line between 4th and the chasm below, there’s been little fluctuation, with a smaller squad in terms of depth than our competitors and for years on end relying on younger and younger players to make the grade.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I just don’t think we have anything in CDM of note.

    Flamini really is the only proper CDM and he’s not really good enough. Great to have in the squad, but starting, having to hold down the middle in the big games? Not so sure.

    If Coquelin is staying he’s another, but I don’t think he’s making it at Arsenal.

    Arteta is getting on, starting to show. His passing is still there but physically he can’t play that role, plus it’s not actually his role – was sort of asked to do it.

    Wilshere. No way. Please no.

    Diaby. Not his role again. Plus people thought I was optimistic saying he might string 10 games together.

    NEED that CDM, big time.

  39. freddylekgunner

    Well probably Chelsea but knowing ‘the arrogant one’ I don’t think Fabregas will make much impact there and Costa for me is still a suspect

  40. DUIFG

    We’re pretty much the only team that’s pushed it’s squad as far as we have as consistently we have, we’ve constantly straddled the line between 4th and the chasm below, there’s been little fluctuation, with a smaller squad in terms of depth than our competitors and for years on end relying on younger and younger players to make the grade.

    Might this be because he put himsefl in the shit so many times buying turd back ups that he had to play the same squad every week to avoid the “chasm” as you claim. Its all inter connected

  41. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Have always said that. If by May we’ve come up short but you can honestly say the club did everything in it’s power to achieve the highest standard it could, no problem at all.

    If the window closes and Arteta is playing next to Ramsey again as you say I’ll feel “short changed” on the season because I’d write our chances off of major honours there and then. No matter how exciting I think well be to watch this year with Sanchez.

  42. Keyser

    “Indeed it sort of bolsters his credibility as I’m getting the sense that the animus toward Palmer has to do with his criticisms of Wenger, not with any real lack of credibility.”

    Lol that’s just as bad, because Myles Palmer animus towards Wenger couldn’t be because no-one wants to buy his book anymore.

    There are examples, I think Alonso was one, but mostly there’s fuckall to back up that he has any credibility to begin with.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    Myles Palmer spouts a load of reactionary rubbish these days. Ever since Dein left his ‘knowledge’ has gone down the pan.

  44. Relieable sauce

    were trialing the world cup winners fitness coach…WOW!

    What purpose does that serve, other than to insult the man.

    Definately not a wenger sighning then. Actually an encouraging sign then id say.

  45. Wallace

    “Do you think there’s any chance Palmer has made contacts in the course of writing a book on Wenger that do in fact give him inside info at times? I’d say it’s pretty likely.”

    if it was an authorised book, then yeah, of course. but we’re not talking Philippe Auclair here. Palmer’s a buffoon. nobody takes him seriously.

  46. DUIFG

    I fully agree cesc, all our supposed cdm’s are ok but not the full package. I actually hate slagging arteta as he has manfully done a job that he was never designed to play. He has killed himself time and time again to the point until last year DM wasnt really a issue for us.

    for that he will always be one of my favourite players and he should be captain when he is on the field, he really has bled for us.

    a prime arteta with fabregas would have been enough for us to think about some silverware, so is life.

  47. Keyser

    DUIFQ – Lol you mean like him not having the money to buy qualiteh back-ups.

    In 2008 we had Adebayor who scored 30, Van Persie, Bendtner, and then Eduardo had his leg broken, we pushed that squad, as a whole, as far as we could until breaking point literally, what other team in a similar position, compares ?

  48. Bamford13

    Wenger on Khedira:

    “At the moment, No. Look I have Arteta, Flamini and Coquelin who I can rely on. Coquelin has a big future, of course you always want to be stronger, but whats important now is working on fitness.”

    There you have it, folks. No new CDM, no new CF.

    Wenger hasn’t changed one iota. What a complete dipshit. Coquelin has a big future! What a farce.

    Cue the claims that Wenger is just being cagey here so as not to drive up CDM prices. What a joke.

    [Emits primal scream out of frustration with his lot as an Arsenal supporter.]

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Always waned to see Fabregas and Alonso in the middle, that would have been something. One of those rumours, not sure how true that Fabregas begged Wenger to sign him; or try to at least.

    Like Flamini for me, Arteta is not good enough to be a starter but great to have in the “camp.” With his contract up in June we can have his influence for another season before he jumps to the MLS or something. But we need to find a solid partner for Ramsey.

    That should be the focus for the club now. Sanchez was a fantastic top signing, need to make one more in the central midfield role.

  50. DUIFG

    Im not reading anything into that comment wenger has made. we had those guys last year yet he brought in Kim fucking Kallstrom.

    If its wenger deluding himsefl that he has enough options then we are all fkd.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Good news if true.

    Sounds as if we can get him for £24 Million as well, couple it with the story in the Portuguese press about the dispute with us and them being our preference for two lump sum payments and them wanting it in one whack due to third party ownership.

    Would be a hard choice, him and Khedira. But I think I’d go with him, younger, more of a proper CDM than Khedira is. Probably a lot less on the wages front as well. Anyone know what his injury record is like?

  52. Gregg


    Really don’t know anything about the kid to be honest, aside from a piece in the paper a few months ago saying Utd were supposed to be all over him.

  53. DUIFG

    Keyser I know its hard for you to understand but there was more money available to spend, and it could certanily have been better spent on back ups than the period he was spending 450k a week on players he had no faith in whatsoever. its about using what you have efficently, not maoning about absolute figures.

    Wenger has historiclly been poor at producing and managing his pool of resources. the purchase of chambers will hopefully alleviate many of our back up issues this year

  54. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal / Gregg

    follows on nicely from the previous story about us making a bid for him, but IMO it’s more the club trying to find any buyer for him, rather than us pushing the deal. Lets see what happens

  55. Childish Gambino

    I wonder what Wenger is doing with regards to DM as Coquelin, Diaby, Arterta and Flamini’s contratcs all expire at the end this coming season. Ideally none of them should get any extensions…freeing up £210,000pw in wages.

  56. Keyser

    DUIFQ – If only any of what you just said was true.

    You can only claim inefficiency by comparing us to other teams, and by that standard we’ve done well.

  57. Gregg

    NM / Cesc

    I’m sure you’re right. Sporting probably wanting to get it out in the open. Like I say I’ve never seen him play so don’t have an opinion on him.

  58. Alfie

    I just think if anyone is going to make Chipmunk references than they need to be reliable.

    Does anyone know whats happened to David “Dave” Seville? I mean the best I can describe him would be a quick-tempered yet kind and somewhat insecure songwriter for the musical trio and Chipmunks’ adoptive father and confidant but who knows what happened once the ‘Munks’ hit the big time?

    Only time will tell I guess.

  59. Bamford13


    Please confirm that your quote above was fictional (or not).


    “Palmer’s a buffoon. nobody takes him seriously.”

    This isn’t an argument, Gregg. Please provide evidence or argument for his non-credibility. Otherwise all you have is the AKB’s animus toward a Wenger critic.


    The “animus” I referred to was that of the AKB toward Palmer, not Palmer toward Wenger.

  60. moray

    “At the moment, No. Look I have Arteta, Flamini and Coquelin who I can rely on.”

    The first two are has-beens and the last a never-will-be.

    Yup. The old Wenger is still there. If we rely on any of these this year we are in big trouble.

  61. salparadisenyc

    Afternoon boys.
    I’m expecting a season without injury, Shad you bad boy lead us to glory.

    Lukaku on a 5 year deal to Everton, thats a fantastic piece of business.

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    moray: Yup. The old Wenger is still there. If we rely on any of these this year we are in big trouble.

    Oh dear…

  63. Bamford13

    Well I can’t find that quote elsewhere, so I guess Keyser did make it up. Which is frightening, actually. Keyser has so well absorbed Wenger’s bullshit-speak over the years that he can produce a perfect facsimile of it.

    I won’t be shocked if Keyser’s “quote” ends up reflecting Wenger’s thinking at moment perfectly.

  64. bergkamplegend

    Gregg : “Oh well, no mention of Chambers playing DM then !”

    No need to mention something when it’s so obvious lol

  65. Keyser

    Bamford13 – It doesn’t really matter, you’re implying bias, Palmer has a pretty obvious vested interest.

    Wait a while the quotes may come true afterall.

    The media has little access to Wenger and the players in Austria and it takes time for quotes and interviews to filter through.

  66. Paulinho

    Everton signed Besic as well didn’t they. Another very good defensive midfielder we could have snapped up for pittance.

  67. gunnergetyou

    Chelsea selling Lukaku is just another example of Mourinho’s idiotic arrogance. Chelsea only have 1 decent striker, Drogba is too old, Torres is a joke and Costa could struggle with injuries or might not settle straight away. I think this could be good news for us.

  68. Nasri's Mouth


    Mourinho has never really treated Lukaku like he valued or rated him, and Lukaku has never fallen under ‘the special one’s’ spell

    It shouldn’t have been a surprise he’s left

  69. Bamford13


    One, perspective and bias are two different things. Perspective is a point of view arrived at through a reasoned evaluation of evidence. Bias, on the other hand, is an unexamined pov that prevents one from objectively assessing evidence and facts.

    One can have a perspective without having a bias. The latter must be demonstrated.

    Also, you’re being awfully mysterious about your (fictional) Wenger quote. What are you on about?

  70. Childish Gambino

    Wenger shouldve gotten lukaku. He’s better than (Sanogo + Bendtner) and in two seasons he’ll be better than Giroud

  71. Keyser

    Bamford13 – You think Myles Palmer shows perspective rather than any sort of bias ? Lol could say a fair bit about your own perspective.

  72. Childish Gambino

    Here’s sth for you guys:


    Lukaku – 65
    Aguero – 65
    Neymar – 54
    Rooney – 44
    Messi – 42
    Suarez – 28
    Balo – 26
    Huntelaar – 26
    Eto’o – 26
    Zlatan – 26
    Costa – 21
    Van Pursesrtings – 15
    C.Ronaldo – 15
    Falcao -10

  73. Keyser

    You’d have to wonder why Chelsea are selling him, they bought him for 18 million, sent him on loan for a few years and are now selling him for 18 million.

    Also how Everton have aquired him, you’d have to guess the tv money means he can get himself a decent wage or he would’ve had more clubs after him.

    Is it even official ? Nothing’s come through on the old Ticker yet.

  74. Nasri's Mouth


    Personality issues between him and Mourinho one reason. Mourinho’s a bit* of a nutter, I’d guess anyone that questions him is persona non grata

    * well, quite a lot actually

  75. Nasri's Mouth

    WengerEagle: Actually it was even more, he’d scored 78 club goals by 21.

    Don’t rush it, give it another 20 mins and he’ll be up to 100

  76. Bamford13


    I don’t claim to know whether he has a perspective or a bias. From what I’ve seen, I’d call it a perspective. My point is that his critics need to PROVE he has a bias as opposed to a perspective and that he lacks credibility; the piece Gregg sent to me does nothing of the sort.

  77. bergkamplegend

    “Reus and Carvalho? I’d kill my family to see that”

    My family ?? Certainly not, but arsène … who knows ?? lol

  78. Nasri's Mouth


    Sorry, rubbish joke. The number seemed to be going up and up with each passing minute 🙂

  79. Keyser

    Bamford13 – “Two, there is reason to believe this new assertiveness this summer comes not from Wenger but from Gazidis and from new situation re how signings are done. See previous discussions of this, Pedro’s comments and Myles Palmer.”

    Mate, you wrote this, like this somehow backed up your claim, you’re just as culpable here.

  80. qna

    GGY: “Sell cazorla bring reus in” Wow now why didnt anyone else think of that because it really is that simple right?

    Nothing is straight forward. But right now Dortmund and Arsenal can do a deal that is win-win. Needs and wants.

    Dortmund: Reus and Hummels will move in the next 13 months.

    Arsenal: Cazorla and Vermaelen are unsettled at being bench players. Both have a rumoured fee of around €20m each. Reus has a fee of about €40m.

    Dortmund can take the €20m we get from Athletico and TV5 and sell Hummels to tge highest bidder.

    Our net outlay will be the cost of a new CB that we need anyway.