Biggest signing of the summer

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So here we go people, the summer of change continued at pace. Yes people, the reign of Tony Colbert has come to an end. The biggest, most important signing of the summer has taken his up his new role in Austria.

Shad Forsythe, take a bow son. The crowd haven’t gone wild, but fear not, they will when they see what having a proper fitness philosophy can bring.

Now, let’s lay the foundations, you can bring Jonny Ive in to help you design your new mobile phone device, but if the CEO still wants to be involved in the size of the logo, you’re going to have problems (unless the CEO is Steve Jobs. Kind of killed that analogy didn’t i?). So Shad can affect many things, but he’ll need collaboration to make things work to best effect. So in short, if Arsene doesn’t adopt his advice, we’ll still be in trouble.

However, let’s look at best case scenario, because I’m noted for being a positive blogger. Shad is a strength and conditioning expert. So the widely held view Arsene had around bulky players losing pace is one that’s going to be cast to the kerb. Shad will build players up, make them stronger and make them more robust. It’s true, within a year, we’ll have a team of Ronaldo like gladiators.

Where he’s not the ideal candidate is the area that’s the most important. Managing the players work load. Arsene Wenger and Tony Colbert had the philosophy that you train players to match fitness 2-3 times a week, that way, you have the fittest players which is advantageous in the last 10 of a game. That’s not insider info, that’s something he’s said on This was ok in the early days, but as the game increased in pace; players sprint 80% more now than they did 8 years ago, it caused massive fatigue problems which led to major soft tissue injury melt down.

Remember, all soft tissue injuries are preventable to some degree. Our injuries, despite protestations and general ignorance in the media, were not an accident. They were down to incompetence. But incompetence that was derived from a lack of education and a lack of expertise.

So first thing on the agenda will be working out how often and how hard players train. A major breakthrough if he can bring those numbers down. Big clubs hardly train over Christmas, Arsenal are out across the whole period.

He’ll also work on tailored programmes for players. Every individual has differing circumstances. Young players, settled in a St Albans flat will require a different programme to a 31 year old player returning from a hamstring injury who also has a newborn to contend with. Players will all be given different regimes to work to. Just like at other top clubs. United were excellent at this, preserving their old guard for years beyond their sell by dates. This article from Ryland Morgans gives great insight into how you work with a modern manager when you’re one of the most important people at a club.

The major one for me is game time. Playing your best 11 in every game isn’t a sharp way to get the best out of a squad. Psychologically, is self defeating. You’ve seen how Vermaelen (injured, so may have to stay) has been totally destroyed by a lack of rotation. Physically, it’s crazy. Hopefully, we won’t see Ozil lining up against Coventry for 90mins this season. Rotate for freshness. Rotate with the consideration of having the freshest most competitive team for the last 10 games of the year. That was a Ferguson trick he consistently pulled. United were, under him, the best in the world at recovery and rotation.

Other areas he’ll have to look at is prematch preparation. So, how is the warm up being run. I mean, I’ve seen how they do it at the training ground. How can you run warm up sessions with guys too old to execute the moves! He’ll also have to pay close attention to post game recovery. Shad Forsythe will be in charge of so many marginal gains opportunities. He’s as important as Steve Bould in the set up. As he should be. The fittest teams prevail these days. Dortmund of 3 years ago, Barcelona under pep, the most average United of all time in Fergies last year… Liverpool last season.

What I like about him is he’s not the best candidate, that’s going to play it one of two ways, it’ll take him two seasons to get it right… Or, he’ll speak to his mates in the game for support and nail it first time round. Because that’s how dynamic people operate. Arsenal are king maker here. With some people, that works a treat, with some, they crash and burn. It’s basically like taking Joachim Lowe on as manager. Could be incredible, could be disappointment central.

No, actually, it can’t be disappointing because Tony Colbert is that bad. This is a success regardless.

For me, it’s been an emotional day. So much bitching, so much moaning… it’s all culminated into a moment where I’m genuinely more excited about this than I am about Sanchez. I think this is a step in the right direction. It’s chipping away at Wenger’s harem of under-achievers and it’s installing a world class infrastructure that the club control.

Where will the club look next? My guess? The scouting network. Again, another area of our set up that is dated, expensive and not producing the goods. We need a fresh approach to bringing in the worlds best talent. Clubs like Dortmund are leading the way, heading into new territories, digging out super players that have all the modern day attributes needed to succeed in Europe.

Still, let’s take it one step at a time… today is success. Today is progress. Today could be the most important summer celebration in the whole 7 years we’ve been writing this blog.


P.S. Shad likes blogging too, read some of his stuff here. He’s not as good as me though, right? Right guys, tell me he’s not that good?

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  1. Ramsinho

    good morning all. Benzema might be coming our way late on. Falcao started following a shit ton of Madrid players on instagram (similar to sanchez agent with arsenal players). Can see benzema becoming available late on

  2. Berkaap

    You already know what the fitness coach will do! Wow I think arsenal should’ve signed you. Managerial expert and fitness coach in one! Your comment that you “hope” wenger listens to him Is a joke. That’s like saying wenger signs debuchy but I “hope” wenger doesn’t play at right back. Germany hardly looks bulked up so I don’t know where you get that idea from either. I think each player would probably have the type of build and fitness their position requires, obviously taking their natural structure into account. I doubt mertasacker would ever look like Ronaldo.

  3. The Poldi Prince

    Good post mate

    Lots of khedira talk heating up again.

    Me thinks something big is in the works. Rumours are real are so keen to get rid of him, they will sell cheaper to offset wage demands. Coupled with rumours of Sami dropping his price, we could take home a bargain.

  4. Wallace

    i don’t understand this bulking up thing. we are a relatively small squad height-wise, but we’re no skinnier than anyone else. the Ronaldo comparison is unfair. he’s just a freak physically.

  5. Max85

    Di Maria off to PSG, AS quoting the price as 75m euros.

    Cavani seems to be desperate for an exit and PSG need to sell him to recoup some funds. We’re the only realistic option in the prem who need a striker and can afford him, and SSN mentioned he’s looking for a move to the prem. We also know Wenger likes him – I can see this one happening late in the window.

  6. FB

    I normally like your articles, but today I think you should look again at your reasoning. Here’s why:

    “Remember, all soft tissue injuries are preventable to some degree. Our injuries, despite protestations and general ignorance in the media, were not an accident. They were down to incompetence. But incompetence that was derived from a lack of education and a lack of expertise.”

    You first rightly qualify the premise of your argument (preventable to SOME DEGREE) but then you’re categorical with all your “conclusions” (not an accident, down to incompetence, derived from a lack of education/expertise).

    At the risk of sounding like a grammar school logic teacher, you should know that a qualified and equivocal premise cannot lead to unambiguously explicit and direct conclusions such as the ones above. So due to that particular logical fallacy your argument is not very convincing.

  7. Gregg

    Not the Vermaelen rotation argument again. Pedro, mate the guy has been broken since his achiles/back injuries of previous years. In order to be given game time, he needs to be available for selection. Simple truth is, he’s never available.

    Other valid points though so hopefully we’ll start to se some improvements on the niggly injury front.

  8. wenker-wanger

    I will be a tad disappointed if. Tv5 goes…. Dont be surprised if he reinvents his career as a defensive midfielder… What happened to a quality player like him ? Perhaps he lost heart in a club that were selling their best players?

  9. Ashwin Gunner


    you are in tears.. arent ya??? 🙂

    Fitness is one of those issues which has always pulled us back. We could have won the title last year had it not been for some irresponsible player management by Arsene.

    its better late the never. Lets see what this new recuit does..

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    wenker-wanker: Dont be surprised if he reinvents his career as a defensive midfielder…

    I’d be amazed if he did

  11. Rich

    Our finances are there in black and white, that sort of splash is very much within our rescources.
    Arsene spoke about the 30+ goal deficit between ourselves city and Liverpool, Sanchez alone won’t do that.
    He also mentioned 3 players, not including departures
    Defensive mid
    Left Midfielder

  12. brdgunner

    I think your endless critique of Arsene is unfair. If like you say and have said he is void of tactics, analytics, fitness ideas, motivation and the ability to find good players, throw in the cost of the team he assembles then he is surely due credit for finishing 4th?

    Because with all those issues he has he does a good job to get 4th.

    Throw in that other managers he competes with do have, without doubt, access to bigger squads with bigger budgets. Then again he deserves more respect.

    This constant referring to him as if he is a dinosaur holding back the club is a bit ridiculous.

    The man had a chance to leave us in 2005 and go on to any club, spend whatever he wants and win the CL just because he had the players and club backing.

    He stood by us and deserves more respect from fans as a result.

    He not perfect or above critique, but this is ridiculous.

    This is turning into a red top rag.

  13. True Nutrition

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  14. Wallace

    “The Italian view is that Pogba is about to sign a 5 year extension with Juventus.”

    but after their unrelenting pursuit of Vieira way back i’m liking that these days all of Juve’s best players are being linked with moves to other clubs. next up Barca?

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d be pretty damn happy with one of those, to be honest I can’t see us getting 2.

    With the exception of Khedira any of those would effectively cost what money we’ve got left in the pot.

  16. Rich

    Not sure about Khedira and Cavani but Pogba/Vidal
    Would put us amongst Europe’s elite
    If city sign Mangala and we could get Nastasic we could dominate the league

  17. Wallace

    re Falcao – can’t remember where, but i read that the move to Monaco was always going to be a 1yr thing. Atletico couldn’t sell him directly to local rivals Real and so they dreamed up this via Monaco deal. makes sense…kinda.

  18. Nasri's Mouth


    It wouldn’t surprise me if Khedira or Carvalho turned up right near the end of the window, but then again it wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t sign anyone else now.

    Fingers crossed hey 😀

  19. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that rotation of a squad is vital in today’s high intensity games, but it makes sense only if you have the calibre of players required.

    Arsenal need now between 18-20 outfield players of a good enough standard to play games without diminishing performance. That has not been the case in recent seasons.

    Looking at our current squad it looks on paper fairly decent particularly in midfield. Yet I do have serious concerns. We have now 4 players who will be
    aged 30+ in current season [Arteta,Flamini,Rosicky,Cazorla] plus another who
    is habitually injured [Diaby]. All these players apart from Cazorla conclude their contracts in Summer 2015.

    That is a big hole to fill next summer requiring quite a large rebuilding job. It
    is perhaps a strong case for at least one replacement this summer preferably
    in more withdrawn midfield position. Both Ramsey and Wilshire are also injury prone if played too much.

  20. Gregg

    Well if rumours are to be believed it looks like Madrid will receive more in selling Di-Maria and Khedira than they’ve spent on Kroos and James. The Falcao rumour may well have legs.

  21. Ramsinho

    I think realistic targets are khedira and benzema. Which is already fantastic, not the best but its a move forward. I just cant see real selling two starters to us after ozil sale. We buy there leftovers. Which I don’t really mind seeing as their leftovers are still pretty fantastic. Vidal/pogba and reus would be the two ideal signings for me. Probably vidal over pogba due to the fact that he addressed squad problems more but I would love to watch pogba grow in an arsenal shirt

  22. Gregg

    If we go back this time last year, all the comments were about us needing, urgently a CDM and a Forward. Roll on a year and we’re still crying out for those same two positions.

    Unfortunately I think we’re going to bypass it again and go with what we have. Like everyone I’m hoping we can at least add the CDM this summer.

  23. Ramsinho

    I know squad rotation is key, but I want to see ozil getting 20+ assists in the league this season and 10 goals. Play him against shitty teams and let him go wild innit

  24. Rhys Jaggar

    Look, mate: some girls like shagging Shad and some like shagging you.

    If people have read you for 5 years, they probably like shagging you.

    If they don’t, maybe they’d prefer to shag Shad.

    I don’t think you go short of click-thru shags myself, mate……..but it you think they’re all a bunch of slags, you might get a few verbal fisticuffs in the comments!!

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Emiratesstroller: Yet I do have serious concerns. We have now 4 players who will be
    aged 30+ in current season [Arteta,Flamini,Rosicky,Cazorla] plus another who
    is habitually injured [Diaby]. All these players apart from Cazorla conclude their contracts in Summer 2015.

    With Chamberlain and Gnbry coming through, we realistically need just 1 defensive midfielder to fill that hole though. If we signed a player like Carvalho we’d be sorted for a while

  26. Rich

    We have £320million in surplus revenue over the next 4years with roughly £150million in the bank of which £120million is available.
    If we can convince the selling clubs and the players then nothing would surprise me
    If Mourinho’s comments and the sight of Cesc in a Chelsea shirt can’t kick Arsene into serious action we’re in tr

  27. qna

    To me our best possible sigbing combination would be Reus and Pogba. Next would be Cavani and Vidal. Next would be Benzema and Khedira. After that give me Balotelli and Cavalho. Of course I would take alternate comvinations.

    Poor mans (4th place) combination would be Remy and Schneiderlain. The latter would DESTROY my dreams.

  28. Jez

    You really do have a thing for Dortmund don’t you? Yes they’re good but didn’t they finish way off the pace behind Bayern last year due to a load of injuries. We’re not that different. Having said that I hope Klopp is our next manager but only after Arsene retires in a blaze of Champions league glory.

  29. Ashwin Gunner

    Get in Reus and a DMF.. and we are laughing..

    With Reus we can have Sanchez lead the line. It would be pacey affair

    Walcott Ozil Reus

    this line can break up the best defence in the world.

  30. Ramsinho

    qna. couldn’t agree more.

    However maybe mix the two to have one experienced and one youngster rather than two old players and two youngsters if you see what I mean.

    I feel like we are being delusional. But at the same time, after seeing ozil arrive on deadline day last year, it seems to be within the real of possibility. I just want to fastforward and see who we have come the the end of august.

  31. Ramsinho


    please give us an inside scoop, who are we getting? Are you still mates with khedira’s best friend? Ask him to check that situation as well as his mate benzema.

  32. Wallace

    i’d be very happy with Khedira or Carvalho. i think we’ll also replace Vermaelen, but anyone expecting another forward is going to be disappointed, i think.

  33. Dark Hei

    Pedro this bitching on Wenger is kind of unfair. Maybe you have some insider knowledge that we don’t.

    You make it sound as if Wenger is the dinosaur, that he didn’t want any changes, that he was forced to let go of signing players. I don’t know about you but if all these changes are forced upon me, I will be terribly upset.

    But he didn’t look upset. He was quoted as being very happy with Debuchy and Sanchez signings during the world cup. And the appointment of Shad Forsyth is probably with his agreement as well. I mean just look how serene he looked on the beach.

    If the board of directors, according to your insinuations, see fit to coach Wenger how to do football by forcing a new fitness coach and teaching him 21st century transfer strategy, wouldn’t the logical thing be to get rid of the very person holding everything back?

    Why would the board be so progressive and yet so backward at the same time?

    BTW, nobody thinks that you are a positive blogger.

  34. Ashwin Gunner

    frankly i dont see Wenger going in for two more playesr at 40m each.. so lets be realistic and get in Reus and Bender.


    This would be title winning team.. it will rain goals..

  35. qna

    Ramshinho of course we are being dellusional. But thats what makes the off season fun and sends the click counts on all these football blog and news sites through the roof. It was not even a year ago that I wouldnt have even been bothered typing up that dellusion. But for the first time after a long time its exciting enough to even dream.

    Ashwin thats a front four that could win a champions league final. Just need a squad to get us to the final.

  36. Ashwin Gunner

    RichJuly 30, 2014 09:13:57

    Wenger is never going to pay 60m (may be more) for Pogba…….. and frankly its not even worth.. I know he is WC player. but 60m is too much for a mid fielder.

  37. Ramsinho

    seeing as we have already spent upwards of 60 million quid, I fail to see how he could sign two players in the pogba/reus category. Those two would cost around 100 million….taking our summer transfer activity above 160 million quid…..just seems too outrageous. Last year we bought ozil for 42 but that’s all we did. We have already spent 20 million more than that. Bring in usmanov!

  38. qna

    Ashwin if I am dreaming I might as well have my preference Pogba.


  39. Pedro

    Dark Hei, he is a dinosaur. I’ve detailed how this is so quite consistently over the years.

    This appointment has been made by the club, not the manager.

  40. Jaygor1

    Fair play to you. You’ve got it all worked out. If only you’d gotten the managers job after 2006, we’d probably have won several champions leagues, premierships , FA cups. Your a wasted talent.

  41. Ramsinho


    he has been heard on French tv singing his praises. Young French prospect/project…right up wengers ally. Although he usually likes to discover them himself. Sanogo should get the pogba haircut, maybe he will start playing better

  42. Ramsinho

    and ashwin,

    that team….jesus I don’t know what I would do. Makes me sad even thinking about it.

    We can then rest them and bring in wilshere. rosicky, cazorla, podolsi, giroud, chamberlain against weaker teams….wow that is fantastic

  43. Ashwin Gunner

    “just saw reus being linked with us on caughtoffside…all hope is lost. damn”

    or may be this is the time when Caughtoffiside will say “See, I told you” 😀

  44. Dark Hei


    I don’t understand this. If he is so awful, why give him a new contract? I mean by your description there is no saving Wenger. He has zero qualities.

    He is backward in technology. Backward in tactics. Can’t coach. Can’t do transfer. Can’t do strategy.

  45. Wallace

    “Sanogo should get the Pogba haircut, maybe he will start playing better.”

    i think they are pretty good friends. wonder what Pogba makes of all the shit Sanogo takes…

  46. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    I agree DMF/HMF should be priority this summer. Basically we have three central midfield players supposedly in their prime namely Ozil,Ramsey and Wilshire. The other 5 are either over 30 this season or a crock like Diaby. None of the 5 apart from perhaps Cazorla is capable of playing 2 games a week and maintaining performance.

    4 players with our schedule is not good enough.

  47. Gregg

    Cavani would be a dream. Hasn’t enjoyed the best season at PSG and a poor world cup, he needs a bit of love, just like Ozil needed it. However lets be realistic, if we don’t match Khedira’s wages we certainly wont match Cavani’s.

  48. Jim Lahey

    I don’t think we would ever pay £70m for anyone.

    What is a realistic price we could pay Juve and have them except the bid? 45-50m?

    Also would love to see us take Pogba away from them as they did Vieira back in the so called “day”.

    Isn’t Pogba a bit of an Arsenal fan too?

  49. qna

    Ashwin. Putting a price on pogba.

    Vidal at 27 is priced at ~£40m. 5 yr contract that is £8m/yr. At 32 he will have no resale value.

    Khedira at 27 is priced at ~£23m. 5 yr contract that is £4.6m/yr. At 32 he will have no resale value. Also with his injury record he may be a liability in latter years.

    Pogba at 21 is priced at ~£60m. 5 yr contract that is £12m/yr. At 26 he will be younger than Khedira or Vidal now. If we extend his contract enough so he can be sold after 5 he will get at least £40m at todays prices, more if prices keep going up. So he would actually cost £4m/yr.

    Can we afford it. We have cash balances of 100m. If we buy Pogba. We convert that to an asset. As long as he doent get injured we can sell him at any time for a calculated loss. Not many clubs can pay 60m in cash. We could probably make the deal for a lot less. Especially now PSG is out of the race for this year having taken di maria for about the same. PSG will probably buy him off us when wenger is their coach in 3 years time anyway.

  50. Ashwin Gunner

    “I genuinely don’t think pogba is even aware of any sanogo criticism. Hes too busy enjoying life down in turin”

    I dont think even Sanogo is aware of his criticism.. He is too busy spending time with Diaby on the treatment table. 😀

  51. Rich

    I don’t see why Pogba+Reus is so unrealistic?
    Put a side in place to win major trophy’s now, so when our new commercials come up again in 4 years we can negotiate Utd type deals.
    We have surplus revenue of around £320 million over the next 4 years not including the money already in bank at our disposal.
    Unless the board plan on taking a dividend? What are we going to do add another £200 million to our bank balance? There’s absolutely no reason not to spend.
    I still think if we can get 2 more top signing we will go again

  52. arsenal tom

    Dont think we’re even interested in Rues anymore. It would have been him or Sanchez at the start of the summer and because he was crocked we went and got Alexis.

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    The over 30 thing can be an issue but it’s lessened considerably if they’re only used as a back up.

    Rosicky is never going to play 40 games a season, but 10-15 games means that he’s giving someone else a good enough rest.

    Even Diaby could have a positive impact if he plays half a dozen games instead of Ramsey.

  54. wenker-wanger

    i hope you guys that are speculating on cavani etc have some real tangible evidence to suggest wankger would be serious enough to spend seriously big money. One thing for sure is we need 2 world class players upfront and in midfield.Cavani would score 40 goals in a season at arsenal with the supply from ozil and sanchez. Proper striker, not a big average lump or a total rookie that looks like he is about to trip over like a gangling young giraffe. Sign him and i will quietly give wankger an amnesty!

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    Rich: I don’t see why Pogba+Reus is so unrealistic?

    1) because the clubs don’t want to sell
    2) because the players might not want to join
    3) because between them they’d probably cost more than we have left to spend

    As for getting ManU new deals in 5 years time, no doubt we’ll be looking for an upgrade, but ManU have a much bigger brand than anyone else in the PL and we’re not going to catch them in such short a time period

  56. Nasri's Mouth


    Because I don’t think Vermaelen would make a good DM. It’s a ridiculous idea IMO

    Still, rather than bothering about arguing about it, lets just wait a couple of years and see which position he ends up in.

  57. arsenal tom

    Is Khedira’s injury record really that bad? one big one but apart from that cant see much else thats gone wrong for him to be honest…

    start end

    MCL Knee Ligament Injury 15/11/13 01/05/14
    Knee Injury 18/08/13 29/08/13
    Suspended 26/05/13 01/06/13
    Hamstring 24/10/12 12/11/12

    thats from soccerway so might be more but that record there is nothing to worry about

  58. Gregg


    I think that’s the point. The likes of Diaby / Rosicky can give us a decent option as squad players, coming off the bench etc. You don’t want to rely on them for anymore than that and I’m sure they both accept that this is their primary role now.

  59. Inter YourGran

    I think Vermaelen is off and we’re going to promote Hayden to the 4th spot. Schar might be a late goer if another club has a decent/low bid considered by Basel, but i expect Chambers to play quite a lot next season at right back and centre half.

    As someone has already said, thought Pogba was signing a new deal at Juve. I can’t see us shelling out between £45 – 60m anyway. The Reus transfer at £35m with the Puma link and rosicky hero story means it’s a clever premise for a story but the kids worth £50m in this market.

    Benzema has signed a new mega money deal at Madrid so Falcao or not, we’re priced out on wages alone even if he did become available very late on.

    Jenkinson to west ham on a season long loan looking more or less done.

    Still think one of Cazorla, Podolski or Arteta will be sold very late on if we sign any central or wide midfield player.

  60. arsenal tom


    MCL Knee Ligament Injury—15/11/13—-01/05/14
    Knee Injury———————- 18/08/13—29/08/13
    Suspended———————– 26/05/13—01/06/13
    Hamstring———————— 24/10/12—12/11/12

  61. DUIFG

    If reus is going anywhere its united, we need to sort out our DM not get carried away with fairly tale signings

  62. wenker-wanger

    @brdgunner…..fair play that you make some valid points about wenger getting 4th when injuries and other setbacks seemed to have affected our fortunes, however you do not rememver its wengers fault he doesnt assemble a good enough squad in the first place and has an obsession for cheap, unusable duds that offer no benefit and inflate the wage bill. You may not agree, but he is short of tactical nous, particularly defensively and seems like a waste of time on the touchline.For me a total CHARLATAN

  63. Jim Lahey

    Love this!

    “Southampton aren’t exactly the first people to come back from a summer break to find their valuables were taken by someone from Liverpool”

  64. qna

    Reus is actually very realostic right now. Timing is everything.

    He has buyout of €35m next summer and looks certain to join Bayern. Dortmund want to avoid this badly. They will take €35m plus something on top. Dont know what that is.

    Right now Arsenal dont need another AM. But Cazorla is unsettled and the word is Athletico is willing to give us €20m for him. So we need to find €15m plus that unknown, which might be €5m to max €10m.

    We can do this in either cash or part cash and player. Players we can offer to sell or loan that may interest them include Gnarbry, Podolski and Vermaelen.

    Its easily doable. Pedro suggested he doesnt want to come here which may actually be the only stumbling block stopping a deal.

  65. Arsene's Nurse

    Inter YourGran July 30, 2014 09:29:45

    Reus & Pogba? 😆

    Some have been on the golden lucky charms for breakfast.
    New Golden Lucky Charms, now with 50% more LSD! Why not enhance your cereal and instead of adding fruit simply sprinkle on a teaspoon of cocaine!

    Lucky Charms, for all your football fantasy needs!

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    DUIFG: If reus is going anywhere its united, we need to sort out our DM not get carried away with fairly tale signings

    I can’t see past Bayern next summer to be honest

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: Its easily doable. Pedro suggested he doesnt want to come here which may actually be the only stumbling block stopping a deal.

    If he doesn’t want to come, the deal’s off, whatever the economics.

  68. Sir Chips

    Admittedly I have only watched Cavani for a full 90 minutes about 7-8 times, but he was dreadful in every single game.

    I simply don’t see us signing another attacking player. Possibly a CB if TV5 leaves and very hopefully a powerful centre-mid. Wenger has previously said that he wouldn’t sign more than 3 players in any window as it would destabilise the squad;

    “But in our job there is a technical risk when you buy more than three players because you unbalance a little bit the stability of your squad.”

    This summer he has already signed 4 players (2 of which are direct replacements for departing players). A clear change of ethos by Wenger (or by Gazidis according to Pedro)!

  69. wenker-wanger

    @nasri……because he wouldn’t make a good one….IS THAT IT?…. i will give you the benefit of some pure football analysis: (some) attributes of a defensive midfielder….strong, good tackler,mobile,hard,durable, good passer….TV5 posesses these and is a fairly skilfull player with a powerful shot as well. He also has a great spirit and could be a good leader.
    If Man Utd want him its no surprise…

  70. Ashwin Gunner


    i agree with your timing thing.. Cazrola doesnt seem to be settled and his heart is out Athletico. lets sell him for 20 and get in Reus..

    but do you think Reus is willing to come. He seems to like Utd more than us..

  71. qna

    Nasri I believe that is when he was promised by barca they would vome from him. Remember a few weeks ago there were storys he was dirty with them. Think its understandable to hold out for an iminent move to real or barca. Now thats off the table, we are a pretty good option for him.

  72. Gregg

    My understanding was the buyout drops to 27m next year. To be fair to Dortmund, they rarely get bullied into things. Bottom line is, would he want to come here ? He’ll have most the big boys after him.

  73. Rich

    They definitely don’t cost more than we can afford.
    Last accounts showed roughly £15million operational loss.
    New Emirates shirt sponsorship +. £24.5mill P/A
    Puma deal + £18.5mill P/A
    New PL broadcasting deal + £30mill P/A
    Extended Stadium naming right + £12mill
    Cash at bank available £120million, does not include cash held at bank for security against bonds secured for financing of the Emirates stadium.
    We’re still owed £40million for the Queensland rd site apparently to be paid in 2 instalments
    Gazidis mentioned £70million this summer and every summer last yr, and he wasn’t joking, make no mistake we’re stinking of money, this doesn’t include player sales and minor sponsorship partners and increased CL money again this season.
    We might have to convince the players to join, and the clubs to sell, but make no mistake we’re in a fantastic place to do just that, dare to dream, I’m confident

  74. Bero

    Southampton chairman Ralph Krueger might have said Morgan Schneiderlin and striker Jay Rodriguez will not be sold this summer, but after the French international tweeted: “6 years of an amazing journey #saintsfc DESTROYED in 1 hour !!!” it would seem all is not as happy as it should be.

    Looks to me like schneiderlin will force a move somewhere before end of window.

  75. Gregg

    I guess Morgan will have to hand in a transfer request to try and force the issue. I doubt however that he will go to Spurs.

  76. Cesc Appeal

    Some reports now Munich will sign Khedira next summer on a free after the German spoke to Guardiola.

    That would be Lewnadowski and Khedira for free in the space of 12 months. Not bad, especially if they were to get Reus next summer as well.

  77. PK

    What Arsenal have done this summer is to make is dream again!

    After 10 years of waiting I can finally dream about us beeing up there with the elite of clubs.

  78. Gregg

    I can understand Scneiderlein’s annoyance a little bit. He played throughout the lower leagues with them and probably deserves a shot at going higher. They’ve allowed others who were less ‘loyal’ to them to leave. Afterall, Lovren only been there one season.

  79. Arsenal2174

    Wenger must not let Liverhampton sign Rues pay $30 odd million sell Santi to Atletico for $20 million and give him the same wage as Sanchez and Ozil or not far off forget all about Draxler Rues is the man Sign him up Wenger

  80. Cesc Appeal

    I’ll be amazed if Liverpool sign Reus.

    He’s got some of the best clubs in the world after him – best cities in the world with the best players in the world to play with.

    Cannot see Liverpool getting him, with respect…not really

    Liverpool’s best signing for me so far is Lovren – impressed with how fast they were out of the traps but I thought they’d have had something a bit better in by now, not the greatest team when you look at it. BUT, there’s still a good 4 weeks left and they’ve got cash.

  81. qna

    Gregg your correct £28 ~= €35

    Assuming they will take an extra €7m to do a deal now and we get €20 for Cazorla. That is €22 required.

    Offer them cash plus any of
    Podolski – €8m
    Vermaelan – €20m
    Gnarbry €20m or €1m loan

  82. GTID

    Metro Sport @Metro_Sport
    Arsenal were set to sign Marco Reus this summer – before he got injured: #afc

    what could have been. Alexis Sanchez was plan B… Good to know we are looking at WC players

  83. GTID

    Arsenal News @_arsenal__news
    Fernando Torres for Chelsea FC:
    20 goals in 110 games.
    Nicklas Bendtner for Arsenal FC:
    24 goals in 106 games.

    How could a player like Torres just become mediocre like that.

  84. qna

    GTID. Bring plans A and B together and we are genuine again. 4-4-2 with Sanchez and Reus better than any other combination in EPL. Closest is Aguero + Dzeko, but Aguero’s body looks to be gone.

  85. Gregg

    Aye, nice idea.

    I do think there may well be a deal trying to be struck with Reus/Draxler type player, with Cazorla possibly going. Athletico have snapped up Greizman so not so sure Cazorla would be wanted there anymore, unless they sell Turan. I’d take him in a hearbeat.

    I really don’t see Podolski going anywhere this year. he enjoys it here too much, that I think is half his problem. Like Balotelli, but different characters obviously, I don’t think either love the game enough.

  86. Gregg


    Torres has played a huge amount of Football from 17, as has Aguero. It’s no surprise to me that Aguero’s body looks so fragile and Torres has passed his peak too early. It’s interesting to see just how many more injuries Messi picks up these days aswell and I can see that increasing over the next two seasons. Enjoy him while we can because I don’t think he has more than 2 years at the level we’re used to seeing him, left.

  87. Bero

    How come we haven’t had any talk of draxler this summer… I’ve seen people saying next summer…. Is there some reason I don’t know about?

  88. brdgunner


    Does this summer not go some way to prove he is not ‘obsessed with cheap players’ he simply didn’t have the means and support to sign the top talent we crave?

    Our last two big signings are fantastic. Sanchez and Ozil – when in our history have we signed players like that?

    I am Arsenal before Arsene, I just feel the guy has stood in the firing line for what has been a club wide issue. Income being the main one. Income and outgoings being the main one. The primary outgoing that is of concern is the stadium debt.

    I would have been happiest if he signed a two year deal, I feel he still has to prove he can use these players effective in big games against defensive or tactical managers. However, Arsenal, at full strength, is a nightmare prospect to face for anyone this year. Again I ask, when in our history has that been any better? When have we been this monster that buys whoever it wants?

    Until we win the CL we will always just below the top, top teams of Barca, Real, Juve, Man U and Bayern.

    We are closest to winning that trophy with Arsene and in the future because of Arsene.

    I am confident his final contract will be a successful one and we will be back to winning well and playing well. I don’t think we will be part of a super-two like the early Wenger years, however, who will?

    Chavs have signed Drogba. Why? Because they can’t afford better without selling another player.

    I think we are gong to see a strong Arsenal, and for all his faults, Arsene is part of that.

    I will be forever grateful to Arsene for his work for our club. And I find the constant disrespect to him difficult to swallow sometimes.

    Whatever happens


  89. Emiratesstroller

    I think that the Bayern story is absolute rubbish. Borussia Dortmund may have been benevolent in allowing Lewandowski to go on a freebie, but I don’t believe that Real will allow Khedira to do same.

    Borussia had no choice, because Lewandowski was still of value for the 12 months remaining on his contract.

    Real will be far more ruthless. They will not allow a player aged 27 with a value
    of £20 million leave on a freebie to one of their European rivals. The situation
    is exactly same as Kroos who was in final year.

    The player will be offered either a new contract or sold. It may well be that Arsenal are delaying further negotiations not so much to reduce transfer fee but
    player’s wages which are exorbitant.

  90. Byo

    Talk about scouting and gems, I’ve always wondered how the Portuguese clubs(Benfica, Porto) seem to find them regularly.

    And the E.European clubs seem to find good attacking players out of S.America.

  91. Leedsgunner


    I was intrigued to hear that Reus has already rejected us, what’s your source for that?

    I would have thought out of all the English teams we would be the destination club for any German players because of our strong German core… plus Reus is on record praising Tomas Rosicky as one of his favourite players… Surely with players like Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey in the side we would be an attractive proposition.

  92. Gregg


    Brazilians favour Portugal for obvious reasons. The other thing though is a lot of the players are tied up in 3rd party ownership. After the Tevez / Mascherano West Ham debacle, the premiership banned 3rd party ownership.

    Athletico Madrid for example sold Falcao for £50m odd, however received very little of that as they ownly owned part of him and had to basically pay ‘rent’ on him while he was there. It cost them a fortune.

  93. Leedsgunner

    I perhaps could have seen Reus going to Reus going to Liverpool with Suarez in the side — but now? Nah…. it would be a stupid decision. Sure they’ve added players, but are they good enough? I have my doubts.

  94. Gregg

    Reus to Liverpool ?

    Dortmund are a better side, wouldn’t make sense unless he’s desperate to improve his wages. he will have far better options available than Liverpool.