Chambers drops for £16m… brilliant business

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Some things make me sad. You know, seeing an old lady give away all her savings to a con artist, seeing a kid give lose his sweets to the bigger kids in a playground… those are sad things right? Yeah, they are.

In the world of football, things that make me sad are those moments that the fans can do nothing about. Southampton, on a long term plan to maintain success, break into the Premier League, have a couple of seasons of success. Owner dies. Daughter takes over. Does not approve of fathers wasteful pass time. Cuts off funding. Pushes out inspirational CEO.


I mean, honestly, what the hell is going on over there this summer? Lovren, Lallana, Lambert, Shaw and now, according to rumours, they’ve sold Chambers to Arsenal for £16m. Quite an amazing summer of sale.

I don’t know much about Chambers. I know that price, for a young talent, is steep. But I think he’s a necessary acquisition and the move for him makes total sense to me. Debuchy is there as a stock gap, Arsene Wenger clearly believes that long term, Chambers is a future England star. If there’s a sniff of being an England star, you come with a Premium. £16m, if he works out, is a drop in the ocean. I’m pleased that we’re actually batting in those leagues these days. Arsene is building out the squad. I’m not sure why people don’t think we need a back up right back who is quality. He’s a total necessity.

It’s good news. We have our full backs sorted for the season. Now we need to kick on an sort out a holding midfielder and at least two centre backs. I’d argue we need a strikers, but I think we’re set there with Sanogo, Sanchez and Giroud. I’d still like to see some action up top, whether that’s a players like Griezman.

There was a rumour on the web that said we were interested in Paul Pogba. I was a bit like this guy…

Then I had a think about it, and I was a bit like…

I mean, you have to get some perspective here. I mean, I’d absolutely love to have someone of that talent at Arsenal, but you really would be hard pressed to imagine he’d consider a move to us. He could go anywhere in the world and earn any amount of money he dreamed of. Are we really going to shell out £60m for him and pay him £250k a week? I’d be really surprised.

But… I’d be really surprised, but damn, I’d be excited. Excited like…

Jeez, the use of gifs has really brought a lot to my web game.

Arsenal are in New York, I’ve had pals sending me pictures of stuff popping up all over the city this week. Looks like the fans are losing their minds with all the Arsenal attention. We’re making a major splash in the states. They’re taking over the tube, they’re playing 5 aside games in Grand Central stations and it seems to be going down and absolute dream.

Arsenal, for me, are a team for New Yorker’s. They’re into the finer things and the whole class things resonates well over there. The Brooklyn Nets have totally rebranded and it’s all about the finer things over there. It’s all about the brand. Arsenal offer something unique. Now we’re signing top players, we also have a top player angle as well. We’re a pretty sexy team as well. Everyone buys into sexy.


So Arsenal take on the Rebulls today, should be fun. What will be alarming is the massive issue we’ll have at centre back. If Koscielny is rested due to international duty, we’ll have Miquel and Hayden at the back. Scary times. We need to sort the centre back issue pronto.

If Wenger sorts that out, which the club will be doing as a priority, and he sorts it well, then we’ll have had a pretty spectacular summer. If he does decide to bring in a central midfielder and a striker, well, I might explode.

Anyway, things are back on track. My midweek panic can pass. I’m over the moon about Chambers, I think we’ll be having one of those… ‘United paid what for Shaw and we paid what for Chambers’ memes going by the end of the season.

So all in all, we’re feeling satisfied.

Also, this is how I’m hitting up newsnow at the moment. Have a great day.


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  1. travis

    Maybe that’s why Wenger never went hard for Remy because he knew of the injury, you can bet your balls he would have signed him if he was fit, the price is right

  2. travis

    Joe I have supported this club probably longer than you have been alive, I will say what I like, I don’t tell you to piss off to another club,I do not support anything Wenger, nothing, and I am within my rights to protest just as you are in your rights to support him, to each his own, so do not tell me to piss of you shag sack, if you find my posts over the top, pass them by, I don’t comment on yours, so fuck yourself son

  3. travis

    Good old Arsene, Chambers is one for the future he boasts, how about one for the present Arsene, I recall Cesc was the future, well he was just not Arsenal’s, Ashley Cole was the future, ask yourself, why doesn’t any of our great players retire at this club, because Arsene wants to make profit on everybody, Wenger demands loyalty from the players, but gives none in return,every captain sold for profit, all our juniors sold for profit, this is not a football club, it is a meat market masquerading as a football club, where 4th is a trophy, and making millions of pounds is more important than winning things, the fans have been duped, you bunch of fucking sheep

  4. travis

    This club could buy Khedira, Balotelli, Buffon, Varane, and the result would be the same, 4th, the style those players would be asked to play would be the same as they played 10 years ago, this manager is past it, gone finished kaput, when will you realise this, he cannot manage anyone to win the title or Champs League, its style, stale over used sameness about it, nothing new and exciting, every club knows what to expect and plays accordingly, I cannot wait for this has been to leave this place, they have a new stadium, thank you ARsene, her’es your golden handshake now please fuck off,this club needs to let go of this relic and forge ahead into new territory a new beginning

    And what do we get, 3 more fucking years of the same stale piss

  5. travis

    What you see here is a guy who is obviously past it given 3 more years to try and win his holy grail, the Champions League, not going to happen, the fans will suffer the same they have suffered for the last 10 years, with an FA Cup to keep them interested, to keep them believing, it’s just a sham just

    What this club needs is a top striker, top keeper, top cdm,and top central defender 4 players in our spine, 4 players, that’s all the most important players on the pitch the SPINE, and we have none, instead this manager buys more wide midfielders, fullbacks and players we can all do without, not to mention two kids, 15 and 17 year olds, this is fucking maddening

  6. NewCo Arsenal PLC


    Apologies for the delay getting back to you.
    Do I think Tottenham fans sit around in huddles remembering the good old days when they finished a point behind Arsenal, and saved £50 million?
    And you think I’d reserve that criticism to laugh at Arsenal fans using the same excuse.
    I don’t think about Tottenham fans, they’re annoying.
    Tottenham didn’t save £50 million, that is an example of Arsenal’s huge financial advantage over them.
    Arsenal have a manager with a Degree in Economics, yet it cost Arsenal £50 million more than their sworn enemy to finish one point ahead of them.
    That isn’t clever accounting, it is gross mis-management. The reality is that we could have had a wage-bill £40-45 million higher and finished below them.
    It doesn’t qualify as an achievement.
    I don’t know what Arsenal represent to you, but for me, the spirit of Arsenal came to fruition under Chapman. Wenger is nowhere near the same quality of manager, Chapman is up there with the very best. He completely revolutionised the club in a way that no other Arsenal manager has done. Chapman made Arsenal the biggest, most feared club in the world.
    The dynamics and energy that Chapman instilled in the club was lost, and instead of capitalising on their superiority, the new owners retreated so much, Arsenal aren’t even the biggest, most feared club in London.,
    Chapman’s Arsenal was all about winning trophies and being the best, and as a direct consequence of this the club had more money than all their rivals put together.
    After WWII, Samson had a hair-cut. The swash-buckling all-conquering Arsenal was gone, and replaced by Old Etonians who are all about protecting their investment, and whose safety-first strategy has often severely handicapped the club with their lack of football acumen. That’s the reason Wenger is thought of so highly by the Board. Wenger isn’t at Arsenal because he’s perceived to be the best football manager – or at least I hope not – he’s there because he makes them money.
    There is a big contrast in the Arsenal that Chapman managed to the present day model managed by Wenger, maybe you can see it, perhaps you’re happier ignoring it, I think most Arsenal fans do. This is the only version that the fans know, so the past is confined to the dustbin, and no-one acknowledges the monumental shift in policy because they’re not even aware of it happening.
    But I’m very aware, and that is my barometer for measuring Arsenal. Anything that falls short of the standards laid down by Herbert Chapman is not good enough, and that includes Arsene Wenger.