Chambers drops for £16m… brilliant business

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Some things make me sad. You know, seeing an old lady give away all her savings to a con artist, seeing a kid give lose his sweets to the bigger kids in a playground… those are sad things right? Yeah, they are.

In the world of football, things that make me sad are those moments that the fans can do nothing about. Southampton, on a long term plan to maintain success, break into the Premier League, have a couple of seasons of success. Owner dies. Daughter takes over. Does not approve of fathers wasteful pass time. Cuts off funding. Pushes out inspirational CEO.


I mean, honestly, what the hell is going on over there this summer? Lovren, Lallana, Lambert, Shaw and now, according to rumours, they’ve sold Chambers to Arsenal for £16m. Quite an amazing summer of sale.

I don’t know much about Chambers. I know that price, for a young talent, is steep. But I think he’s a necessary acquisition and the move for him makes total sense to me. Debuchy is there as a stock gap, Arsene Wenger clearly believes that long term, Chambers is a future England star. If there’s a sniff of being an England star, you come with a Premium. £16m, if he works out, is a drop in the ocean. I’m pleased that we’re actually batting in those leagues these days. Arsene is building out the squad. I’m not sure why people don’t think we need a back up right back who is quality. He’s a total necessity.

It’s good news. We have our full backs sorted for the season. Now we need to kick on an sort out a holding midfielder and at least two centre backs. I’d argue we need a strikers, but I think we’re set there with Sanogo, Sanchez and Giroud. I’d still like to see some action up top, whether that’s a players like Griezman.

There was a rumour on the web that said we were interested in Paul Pogba. I was a bit like this guy…

Then I had a think about it, and I was a bit like…

I mean, you have to get some perspective here. I mean, I’d absolutely love to have someone of that talent at Arsenal, but you really would be hard pressed to imagine he’d consider a move to us. He could go anywhere in the world and earn any amount of money he dreamed of. Are we really going to shell out £60m for him and pay him £250k a week? I’d be really surprised.

But… I’d be really surprised, but damn, I’d be excited. Excited like…

Jeez, the use of gifs has really brought a lot to my web game.

Arsenal are in New York, I’ve had pals sending me pictures of stuff popping up all over the city this week. Looks like the fans are losing their minds with all the Arsenal attention. We’re making a major splash in the states. They’re taking over the tube, they’re playing 5 aside games in Grand Central stations and it seems to be going down and absolute dream.

Arsenal, for me, are a team for New Yorker’s. They’re into the finer things and the whole class things resonates well over there. The Brooklyn Nets have totally rebranded and it’s all about the finer things over there. It’s all about the brand. Arsenal offer something unique. Now we’re signing top players, we also have a top player angle as well. We’re a pretty sexy team as well. Everyone buys into sexy.


So Arsenal take on the Rebulls today, should be fun. What will be alarming is the massive issue we’ll have at centre back. If Koscielny is rested due to international duty, we’ll have Miquel and Hayden at the back. Scary times. We need to sort the centre back issue pronto.

If Wenger sorts that out, which the club will be doing as a priority, and he sorts it well, then we’ll have had a pretty spectacular summer. If he does decide to bring in a central midfielder and a striker, well, I might explode.

Anyway, things are back on track. My midweek panic can pass. I’m over the moon about Chambers, I think we’ll be having one of those… ‘United paid what for Shaw and we paid what for Chambers’ memes going by the end of the season.

So all in all, we’re feeling satisfied.

Also, this is how I’m hitting up newsnow at the moment. Have a great day.


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  1. Keyser

    london_gunner – Lol mate, you were wondering about Akpom, then went a bit quiet, how fair do you think it would be to draw conclusions on him from this game ?

  2. WengerEagle


    What’s your take on Arsene Wenger as a manager?

    Not trying to antagonise you, am genuinely just curious as I’ve never really been 100% sure on your opinion of him.

  3. london gunner


    Akpom showed some great potential? Aside from his finishing he had some great runs and even put through diaby with a perfectly weighted through ball. A shame diaby bollocksed it up with the poor timing of his run. Oh he won us some freekicks in key areas with his dangerous positioning.

    He didn’t really have any service because we struggle to get the ball anywhere near the final third.

    But by and large once again proves his a much greater talent than Sanago who would of spent more time trying to get the ball under control

  4. southernpeople


    “That you or Southern or Keyser or anyone else is not bothered by just how tawdry of a showing Arsenal just made of itself, that you can rationalize the garbage we just witnessed, well, that’s between you and God, I guess. I can’t understand it for a second.”

    there isn’t a rational in winning a meaningless friendly therefore no for rationalisation!!

    if you want or believe wenger should blamed for that your free to think so but for me IT IS a no story.

  5. WengerEagle

    ‘Few of our players could hit 25-30 yard bombs, even if they wanted to.’

    Tbh I couldn’t give a shit whether or not our goals come from 30 yards or 6 yards, a goal is a goal.

    Podolski and Sanchez are well capable of scoring from distance along with Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla (when his shots aren’t blocked) and Joel Campbell all are also decent distance-shooters.

  6. Bamford13


    So you think it would be reasonable for Wenger to begin yet another year with Arteta and Giroud in the starting XI, despite long having had the money to replace these average and inadequate squad players?

    You think he should keep his job if he goes another year with these two in the XI, despite having the resources to sign better?

    I don’t, and I fail to see how my position is “childish”. Indeed, I think most people on here agree with me. Are they all, too, “childish”?

  7. travis

    Money has never been a problem for this club as far as buying players, pre Emirates, the going amount for a player bought by Wenger was in the 8-10 million pound range, there were others bought in for less, but that seemed the standard, even though the manager had access to more funding, his MO was buy low, sell high, the stadium cannot be used as an excuse by anyone, it was the manager who chose to have this transfer policy, not the club

    What you are seeing now is Gazidis coming out in public and telling the fans what we knew all along, money is there, we can afford Rooney type wages


  8. Keyser

    london_gunner – Lol, mate and that’s why people get defensive, surely you were taking the biscuit with that assessment ?

  9. Relieable sauce

    haha i wonder when it will be fair to draw some conclusions on wenger…
    will it be 25yrs failing to win ecl…20 failed attepts to beat jm…a 1500 game anniversary spanking…selling another captain to a rival…or are we waiting for fossil fuels to run out…


  10. Keyser

    Bamford13 – Seriously I’m going to start putting you down as a troll, yeah they are childish, we spent 42.5 million on a player last year, and another 30+ million on a Striker/wide forward this year.

    Use your head, the only reason we’ve got money is because we’ve sold players we’ve taken years to develop, and/or waited X amount of years to re-new sponsorship deals, because we tied ourselves into long-term deals to help build a new stadium.

    Lol and stop with this ‘money long time’ rubbish. Considering we signed these deals this year.

    Think about this we took 3.5 million Van Persie, developed his game, or allowed him to, over 8 years, selling him for 24 million, how likely do you think we were going to find an ideal replacement for a similar amount ?

  11. travis

    The trouble is, this trip to the USA has nothing to do with football, it is about selling shirts/merchandise, getting people to part with their money for all things Arsenal, I can just see the yanks walking around with Akpom on their shirts, or Martinez, how about this beauty, Bellerin, Toral, I can see them lining up to buy those, if this was supposed to be a marketing exercise, it failed miserably

  12. london gunner


    So I take it your thought he played poorly?

    Lets just put it into perspective. Its a match where everyone played poorly.. There were few highlights if any from the Arsenal team.

    We have very little chances not much happened it was an all round drab affair.

    But one highlight was the fact Akpom created the best chance of the match with a through ball that was one of the better attacking passes of the game. The other one being cazorla’s through ball to Ramsey (ramsey was also offside)

    That’s how drab the game was,

    The best opportunity to score for us came down to Akpom who fluffed his lines.. Difference is he had zero service all game and one opportunity. He did well he controlled the ball and used his pace as an asset but when it came down to it he hesitated i imagine that is down to a lack of ocmpusre and experience.

    Problem is what I have seen of Sanago every match he gets a lot of chances not just one he will get three and each time he will mess up and his 4 years older than akpom.

    So its not hard to understand why people rate akpom more highly because he has more skill more technical ability is faster and is usually a better finisher.

    He played as well as the rest of the team whilst Sanago regularly plays worse than the rest of the team.

    I am not going to sugar coat it for you it is what is

  13. southernpeople


    “Podolski and Sanchez are well capable of scoring from distance along with Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla (when his shots aren’t blocked) and Joel Campbell all are also decent distance-shooters.”

    you touched on question to which I always sought an answer: why caz shots are always blocked especially last season?

    I mean you timidly remarked but is a real problem thathas lingered on my mind for a long time.

    my take is that despite his general play based on cognitive side of his brain – passing. dribbling,.distribution, caz’s emotive side dominate his shooting for he’s well capable skill-technique wise.

  14. Joe

    Ospina. A back up keeper.
    2 right backs. None better than sagna.

    Sanchez. Quality
    Ozil quality.

    Ozil needs a proper CF to play his game effectively.

    And a DM should of been top priority.

    Sorry if a back up keeper and 2 rb’s don’t excite me.

    Sanchez is great. But he will not stop Chelsea, city, united, Everton slicing us apart.

  15. Keyser

    WE – For me the answer goes along the lines of finding similar examples to compare Wenger to, how do you judge him accurately when there are soo few examples to compare what he’s had to do, along with what we’ve done as a club.

    So the question becomes a vague one, for example the last 10 years or since Dein left, and if you read half the opinions on here in between, you’re not really judging a manager anymore are you, it’d be someone they think is supposedly running the whole thing.

  16. JJ

    Kevin – Diaby may be fit but he has been fairly average in games I’ve watched recently. I can’t work out where Wenger is trying to play him. There were so many players playing out of their normal positions today. That is Wenger’s trademark.

  17. Keyser

    london_gunner – No, I think it’d be unfair to judge him on this game,but it highlights your bias, and why I can’t understand why people critcise Sanogo yet seem to think Akpom actually merits a place, he doesn’t.

    I have no problem with criticism of Sanogo really, I can state reasons why he deserves some leniency, but then Akpom is nowhere near ready.

    Diaby for example was waiting for the pass, and remember I don’t think it’s necessarily fair, but players who are ready to make the step up would’ve played it earlier, Diaby waits and is still waiting before Akpom finally makes the pass.

    Players like Wilshere, or Gnabry at that age or even younger at that age group stood out, or stand out, Afobe stood out, they make things happen, or take the 1 in 10 chance you won’t almost expect them to make.

    Akpom did nothing really, but it highlights how skewed peopls opinions are.

  18. Joe

    We are the arsenal. Highest ticket prices in Europe. If not the world. Why do have to find cheap deals and sell them at high prices to keep afloat.

    And southern, improving to 79 points and still finishing 4th is not an progression when you lose 6-0,6-3,5-1, 3-0 to our closest rivals. And be the only team in top 11?? to not beat Man U this season.

    A FA cup is great and stops the no trophy for 9 years stuff but it does not paint over the failures of last season. Wigan won it and got relegated. Did it change the fact that they got relegated? No. Same with Portsmouth.

    So sorry if I don’t wear the same wenger rose tinted glasses you do.

    Everyone can see that we need a proper DM and a WC striker. DM has been needed for ages. Arteta is not the answer.

    We have bought one player kyat improves the squad. Sanchez. Debuchy is like for like. As is Ospina. Debuchy, Ospina and chambers are not title winning purchases.

  19. Joe

    Everyone thinks Diaby is some WC player that is going to save the day for arsenal. He has not proved a thing. Absence sure does make the heart grow fonder in this situation. Cut ties and our losses and bring someone else in. He is a waste of resources.

  20. WengerEagle


    Ok in terms of the bad patch (2006-2013) because I think that everyone is in agreement that the first half of his tenure was exceptional.

    A couple of questions about 2006-2013:

    1) Do you think that he made a mistake breaking up the entire Invincibles team (barring Kolo Toure) between 2005-2008?

    2) Do you think that in that time frame (2006-2013) he should have bought better than he did?

    3) What is your take on him paying the likes of Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner, Chamakh, Squillaci, Almunia, Park, Santos, etc high wages in his self-proclaimed socialist club policy while refusing to pay top wages for the best players?

    4) In your opinion did he do everything in his power to try to ensure Arsenal won trophies during these years? Or did he sacrifice silverware for success in the future with better financial resources?

  21. Keyser

    WE – See you’ve just said it’s a bad patch, we moved stadiums after about 90 odd years at Highbury, you’d need some sort of comparison to call it a ‘bad patch’. All of these questions should be tempered against the fact that the club were now planning years down the line, they’d wanted to move stadiums or increase capacity, without success, for decades, before they’d even appointed Wenger.

    1. Bergkamp was 36 when he retired, Pires 33, Ljungberg, Gilberto,Lauren around 30, but there were marked drop-offs if not in their game but from their athletic side.

    I’d say no, I wouldn’t have minded keeping Vieira and Henry, but they were hardly short of options and/or actively wanted to explore them.

    If you look at how Wenger pieced them all together to begin with, from all manner of places, and how much he got out of them, I would hardly say we were left wanting.

    2. I think Wenger during this period wasn’t half as decisive as he might’ve wanted to be, Grimandi and Wenger mention players like Ribery, 24 million on him was pretty much all of our spare cash I think at the time, but that’s the decision Wenger would’ve had to make.

    It’s like when we bought Nasri, Nasri had just spent most of the previous ? Season out through illness, it was a choice between him and Ben Arfa, there was a lot of support for Ben Arfa and maybe he would’ve progressed differently playing for us, but in 3 years Nasri turned into a pretty reliable and consistent player for us, and we turned a profit selling him.

    3. This is tied in to (2), the Socialist policy was Wenger describing our wagebill at the time, not just what he thought was right, Nasri, Fabregas, Van Persie, Song, whoever else were on the verge of their next contract before they were sold, they would’ve got the top wages they deserved, but rather than us doubling Nasri’s salary, Citeh were willing to quadruple it.

    Not really bothered by what those players were earning, as a whole we turned massive profits on players and our wagebill was significantly lower than our competitors.

    4. It’s a loaded question, you could say all of them are really, I think the answer comes over the next few years, we’re spending the money we’ve saved over the past X amount of years, if Wenger wins things now, it’s likely if he’d punted everything we had on one of more players, we might’ve edged ourselves over a line or two, obviously you can’t say that for certain.

    In the end the club as a whole stuck ridgedly to their long term goals, I’m not sure our chances have improved exactly, but they have to start repaying the faith the fans have had in them over all those years.

  22. Keyser

    Sorry for 1. Henry is a good example.

    When Abramovich took over even back in 2004 he was willing to bid something like 50-60 million for Henry, we refused, the year before he left Barcelona were offering I think 25-30 million for him, we refused, increased his wages to 200k a year and made sure as Captain he’d play at least one year at the new stadium.

    In the end after spending long periods out injured that year and with his marraige breaking up, he left after 8 years and as our all-time top scorer.

    Saying he broke up the Invincibles too early a bit like the ‘Socialist wage policy’ thing is pretty unfair.

  23. Jeff

    @Joe “Sorry if a back up keeper and 2 rb’s don’t excite me.”

    It’s a fair assessment. We may not be done yet in this transfer window. Wenger has already exceeded my expectations so for me anything after this is a bonus and I’ve been one of his biggest critics.

    Will we win the league with the current squad? I would still say 70% no and 30% yes. For that to be reversed, I agree with your assessment of what additional personnel we need. Whether we will get them or not is of course another question – but there is hope; probably more than last season and definitely more than the previous one to that.

  24. WengerEagle


    Cheers, interesting answers which makes a pleasant change from some of the shite that gets talked on here.

    I don’t disagree with you on all these points, was just playing Devil’s advocate.

    In relation to the Invincibles side I think that selling Cole in 2006 was a big mistake. Also felt that we should have kept Pires and Gilberto Silva for a year or two longer, not as first team players but as squad players.

    Vieira and Henry to be fair were probably both sold at the right time, Vieira was on the wane and TH14 was becoming a bit of a hindrance on our overall team performances with everything going through him despite him not being the player that he was the year previously.

    I definitely think that Wenger should have bought better though. He bought a lot of duds in that timeframe, so many that they probably outweighed the successes. Occasions where a few more million would have got him Xabi Alonso, Mark Schwarzer when we were in dire need of a GK and Juan Mata to name a few were very frustrating.

    In relation to the wages I understand what you’re saying but it still doesn’t excuse Wenger pissing hundreds of thousands of punds up the wall on average/squad players who weren’t even part of his plans like Park and Bendtner for example.

    If these players were flogged off the wagebill earlier we might have had a better shot of offering the better players in Europe salary’s to compete with our rivals.

    Agree on the long-term vision of the club, the only problem is that the market has become a ridiculous place to try to conduct business with your David Luiz’s going for €50 million so now all of this money we’ve saved up will go relatively quick if we’re not careful with it. The reality of the market nowadays with competition from around Europe is that you have to overpay to land the top players.

  25. Keyser

    WE – Lol, no-one wants to read the middle ground answers anymore, and I think that’s something the club has to answer for, and now have to pay to rectify, Ozil and Sanchez are a start.

    For me the summer of 2012 said it all in terms of the difference between what Wenger wanted and what the club were planning, it’s probably one of the few examples where Wenger’s basically said anything against the club with his ‘Not a big club’ comment about the possible sales of Fabregas and Nasri, I think if he had his way he wouldn’t have bought half the players he did and simply tried to rebuild everything properly again.

    In turn there must’ve been some acknowlegdment that two years further down the line we’d have the money to try and replace the players we’d lost.

    There was probably more value in keeping Vieira and Henry as players, I think in the cases of Pires and Gilberto what makes Wenger liked by his players is what also let them leave.

    He could’ve just promised game-time to get them to hang around, but instead they got to carry on playing, albeit at a lower level, for a few more years than they would’ve with us.

    People say a few million, Alonso eventually sold for 30 million, like they say we wasted soo much money on wages, when our wagebill simply didn’t exceed that of the teams above us. That’s the only real tangible thing you can use, the rest is conjecture.

    Football’s a pretty silly world right now, it’s weird, the Emirates Cup is next week-end, the week after it’s the Charity Shield, the week after the new season starts, and we’ve already got fixture congestion.

  26. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    I agree with just about everything you said there WengerEagle.
    Selling Ashley Cole sent out completely the wrong message, and Wenger has wasted millions.
    To finish one point ahead of Tottenham in 2013 with a £50m higher wage-bill is a perfect illustration of this.

  27. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    In reality, Tottenham’s achievement in getting so close was a better one than Arsenal’s, but naturally it was glossed over because most have become hypnotically obsessed with CL qualification.
    Effectively it is the equivalent of someone spending half a million on the Lotto, winning it, and then laughing at someone else who spent £2 and didn’t win.
    Wildly celebrating fourth place is embarrassing.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    The point I was trying to make was that we put out a team in first half which contained just one centre back and no strikers or wingers. The centre back who played last season in U21 midfield was clearly struggling and a team without strikers and wingers is supposed to score!

    Frankly I would have preferred to have sent out a balanced U21 team than what
    we put on show even if they lost.

  29. andy1886

    Okay it was only a friendly, so I’m not bothered about the result per se. What some people seem to forget is that plenty of US Arsenal fans were getting their first look at the team in the flesh and they’re going to have been pretty disappointed. That added to Wenger’s complaint about the pre-season isn’t exactly going to help cement their allegiance.

    Never mind the result as a pointer to the new season but it’s a shame that the players couldn’t have given the paying fans a better performance than that.

  30. Harry Redknapp

    arsene prefers playin bus drivers in austria so when the team win 5-1 he can talk about how ready they are, these US teams are competitive if your not up for it they will take advantage. wenger sends all the wrong messages. going with 1 forward was a joke and a disrespect to the fans. i like chuba but he scored no goals for brentford or coventry, surely the system has another forward somewhere. were far too light.

  31. Dorobucci

    💭💭💭 Might have to rob this number off
    Wilsh soon…. @JackWilshere tell me suttin….
    😂😂👀 #No10 #Arsenal http://
    Yes please

  32. Leedsgunner

    “Okay it was only a friendly, so I’m not bothered about the result per se.”

    I’m sure Wenger and his henchmen Gazidas are counting on that indifference to cover their inaction over the positions we have failed to address these past TWs. If the game yesterday proved anything it proved WE NEED A STRIKER. Let’s stop beating around the block and get Balotelli who by all accounts is desperate to come to London and AC MILAN is happy to sell.

  33. travis

    After that riveting performance, they would be lucky to sell any shirts, who wants Akpom, Toral, Diaby Martinez on the back of their shirt, really, how many could they possibly hope to sell after that fiasco

  34. travis

    I’m betting if Mourinho was manager of AFC and he spent 150 million quid a year on wages ,he would finish higher than 4th

  35. travis

    Just browsing our goalkeepers of the past, Mannone cost 350,000, Almunia, 2.5 million, Lehmann, 2 million, Fabianski, 2 million, and now Ospina 3.5 million, why won’t this skinflint spend real money on a real keeper, is it any wonder we get smashed 6-0 6-3 5-1, and for the record George Graham signed Seaman for a record at the time of 1.3 million quid in 1990, since Wenger took charge goalkeeping has been put on hold, Wenger thinks if the 10 outfield players can’t stop the opposition from scoring, how in hell is the fucking keeper going to, hence no need to get a proper keeper, eh!

  36. travis

    Richard Wright, Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, that is Wenger’s attempt at getting a keeper, fucking pathetic, oh I forgot Szczesny, another useless arse

  37. travis

    i wish I could find some positives, we spent 42.5 million quid on one player and in all reality should have finished 5th to Everton, if they as well as United don’t implode we finish 6th, that’s the reality of life under Wenger, lucky bastard, Spurs implode a few seasons back to hand Wenger 4th, keep praising Wenger you demented cock heads

  38. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Wenger could have had Van der Sar in 2005, for £2m already a CL winner, but Man Utd took him and he won another CL in 2008.
    A lot of Wenger’s big decisions have held the club back.

  39. Gregg

    Pedro doing a bit of moonlighting for the ‘metro’

    Points are valid, we are building a squad. Another striker and an industrious midfielder would put us right amongst it. I think that might wait until next summer though, unfortunately. Though Baloteli on loan would not surprise e as he window draws to a close.

  40. andy1886

    Leeds, if they only care about getting away with a shoddy performance and haven’t even thought about losing thousands of US fans (and the merchandise sales that go with them) then they really are thick.

    Even with the team we put out we should have enough to win the game. I think that it has more to do with the managers attitude permeating down to the players – he didn’t want to be there and it showed with the team selection.

  41. Wallace

    everyone getting all het up about losing a pre-season game when most of our best players are still on holiday? makes sense…

  42. Revving Kevin

    Legrove is back in all it’s glory.

    What did it take? A one nil friendly defeat in the USA with fringe players.

    You couldn’t make it up. The agenda never let’s common sense prevail. We even have some Vu at talking up Spurs and Maureen. Unbelievable. Only on Legrove.

    Some of the naive bollox is getting hard to take. The friendly defeat is just another convenient excuse to continue bashing the club, players and manager. We have some terrible fans in here. Sorry but it’s true.

  43. Gregg


    In fairness most of the shit is from a resident wind up merchant that keeps changing his / her name. Not worth ever replying to that particular bollox.

    For the most part I think there are some decent posters on here, capable of reasoned argument. The whole AKB or Arsene out shit really does irritate me though.

  44. captain pigeon

    So negative travis get a life i might not talk much on here being busy with a mentally and physically disabled wife but i read your crap all too much reality check mate pinch yourself see if its all real bloody prat . I live in the real world !!

  45. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Are you reading something that isn’t there Gregg?
    I mentioned a WC Goalkeeper who was far more accomplished than Jens Lehmann, and available for £2m.
    Wenger won’t have picked many bargains better than that throughout his career.

  46. Gregg


    Lehman was a quality keeper at the time. Our need wasn’t for a keeper. The season Van der sarr went to Utd Lehman was voted Uefa keeper of the season. Timing issue. Don’t get me wrong, if it’d been a couple of years after then I’d have snapped up VDS but at the time it wasn’t necessary. IMO.

  47. Wallace

    Nice manager very complimentary about Ospina. sounds like a definite challenger for the no. 1 spot rather than a back-up.

  48. rollen

    Kevin u mate are plain twat.
    Some ppl in states waited months to see arsenal live and they got this crap.
    Simple fact.

  49. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Lehmann was a flawed character as he proved on the biggest club stage in Paris.
    Given that our back-up at the time was Almunia, I’d say there was every need.
    And whether he was UEFA Goalkeeper of the year or not, Van der Sar ended his career with two CL winners medals against Lehmann who has none.
    It’s those decisions that set managers apart.

  50. Gregg

    Lets agree to disagree on that one.

    Van der Sar got himself sent off for a punch in the opponents face in a WC98 Qtr Final, quite a big stage too. They both had a ‘side’ to them and I maintain a replacement keeper wasn’t priority and given both keepers ego’s, neither would accept playing second fiddle to each other. A lovely thought to have two keepers of that quality at your club at the same time, but during those years that simply did not happen, at any team. Almunia would still have been number two.

  51. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    By the way Kevin, I wasn’t ‘talking up’ Spurs, I was saying that it’s hardly cause for celebration that Arsenal managed to finish a point ahead of them with a £50m bigger wage-bill. I see that as more of a failure than a success.
    I suppose it depends on your ambition. For me, personally, I think Wenger is a serial under-achiever with the best job in the world.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    I think that we have actually done some excellent business in this transfer window. Sanchez is a class player and Ospina by all accounts is highly rated as a goalkeeper. Frankly that there are posters who equate the quality of a player because of the size of his transfer fee are being stupid.

    Debuchy is a like for like replacement for Sagna who wanted to leave and Chambers is an improvement on Jenkinson albeit he costs a lot of money.

    What is clear is that Arsenal are keeping their transfer strategy under
    wraps until it is concluded.All those concerned including myself should not be negative or critical until it is concluded.

    My criticism of yesterday’s game was not about our squad but the makeup of the team. It was ridiculous to play the first half without two
    centre backs and no forwards. We were defensively weak and toothless in front of goal.

    If you cannot put out a decent team then you should not play the game, because it is our club’s reputation at stake.

  53. Gregg

    Oops, yep it was Ortega. It’s my age folks !

    Newco, I get what you’re saying with the wage bill, 4th with the 4th biggest wage bill is pretty much where we’d expect to finish, bare minimum.

  54. Wallace


    so we should finish streets ahead of Spurs, but by the same token finishing 3pts behind a Chelsea side who have spent maybe 700m more than us over the last 8/10yrs is what…also a tale of shocking underachievement?

  55. Charlie Boy


    So true mate! That’s why I don’t bother venturing here that often. The tripe peddled is beyond crass.

    Pedro needs to be more selective about whom he allows access to.

  56. Revving Kevin

    Cheers Gregg.
    Yes I know this site is a feeding ground fur the trolls, most of which have multiple personality disorders and a chief ring leader. Who’s a Manc. However, mixed in with them are some pretty poor excuses fur fans who prefer siding with trolls than genuine fans.

    Jens Lehmann was a great keeper. He gets the blame for our CL final defeat 20 minutes into the game but TH14 missed two sitters and we still nearly won.

  57. Revving Kevin

    Cheers for calling me a twat, as that’s from someone like you I take it as a huge compliment. 🙂

    Perhaps one day you will contribute sensibky, instead of just popping your head up after a defeat.

  58. Thank you and goodnight

    Who cares about chelsea mate? Or United or shitty for that matter. What Newco is trying to say is everyone hails wenger as some managerial genius, yet reality is since 2006 he’s done the bare minimum required of him.

  59. andy1886

    Kev, If you were one o f our US fans and watched that performance (knowing that it may be the only time you will ever be able to watch them live) would you be happy with that?

    If you want a different analogy say you were a huge Springsteen fan, you’d heard what a great set he usually does, you spend a large sum of money to see him for the first time. He comes on stage, splutters out Born in the USA, The River, Born to Run and a couple that even you struggle to remember, mutters ‘cheers’ then walks off after 45 minutes. Suddenly you’re not so much of a fan right? Next time he releases something you think twice about buying it. If he’s doing a gig nearby in a couple of years you think ‘sod that’ and don’t bother.

    It’s not about the result, it’s about respect for the paying public.

  60. Wallace


    i think this last 8yrs has mostly been about people taking a pop at him, not calling him a genius.

  61. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    It might have been Wallace, but for the saving grace of adding another couple of European trophies to their CV, including Ol’ Big Ears. And that’s without the stability of a long-term manager.
    Their record in Europe puts Arsenal’s to shame, and Wenger had a decent few years head-start in the CL.

  62. Gregg

    Timing of trying to crack USA in world cup year was always going to be tricky. You pay to watch these things because you want to see the likes of Ozil, Sanchez and co.

    What we sent over there was poor, very, very poor.

    If you spent a wad of money to watch a NFL side of yours over here and they sent the type of squadwe sent, you’d be bloody fuming.

  63. Wallace


    i appreciate your point, but would you rather he dragged Ozil, Mertesacker, Sanchez and the others back early just so you could see them? it was a WC year, it’s pre-season…i’m not exactly sure what kind of team you thought he’d be putting out.

  64. Wallace


    of course he’s made mistakes in that time, but he takes far more abuse than he deserves. not buying a striker in January still bugs me, but would we have gotten Sanchez if he had bought Bony or someone then?

  65. andy1886

    Wallace, I’m sure he could have put out a better side than that even without our German contingent (although Poldi barely played remember). Even a ten minute cameo by the likes of Giroud, or Kos wouldn’t kill them. No recognised striker for 45 mins, makeshift CD partnership, it isn’t great is it?

    You must have noted other premiership sides flying out new signings to join their new clubs on tour recently? Why couldn’t we do that instead of having AW moan about jet lag? It just smacks of not giving a flying f*ck about the people that pay to watch these games. It’s an attitude the club seems to have towards their ‘customers’ these days, as long as the cash keeps rolling in it’s not going to change either. Sad really.

  66. Wallace

    i’d like to think that with the money we’re splashing this summer, and the Ozil buy last summer that people will come around to the idea that Wenger does spend when the money’s there to spend.

  67. Keyser

    andy1886 – Mate, how does that analogy even work, what’s the World Cup equivalent for Springsteen ? Who’s American anyway, so he should be represented by the Red Bulls really ? Is Mertesacker his drummer ? Does he turn up and say ‘Sorry folks my drummer’s on holiday, but he’s sent his little brother’.

    What’s pre-season for Springsteen ? A few pub gardens ? Before he gets his fitness up ?!

  68. Wallace


    i don’t know, i remember Ferguson a few years ago having to recall some players when he was criticised for fielding crap sides. that was also in the US, i believe. i went to the Emirates Cup a few years back, and left feeling a little underwhelmed/burned. but i think you just have to factor that in before deciding if you want to go or not.

  69. Arsene's Nurse

    Didn’t watch the game last night but having looked at I see an utterly bizarre line up.

    Szczesny 45
    Jenkinson 45
    Hayden 45
    Wilshere 45
    Ramsey 45
    Arteta 45
    Rosicky 71
    Zelalem 45
    Cazorla 71


    Martinez 45
    Bellerin 45
    Miquel 45
    Toral 71
    Olsson 71
    Diaby 45
    Flamini 45
    Coquelin 45
    Akpom 45

    Who partnered Hayden at CB?
    Who played up front in the first half?
    No Sanogo?

  70. Keyser

    As much as I’d want all the American posters on here to have a good experience, and I even feel bad saying this, but it’s hardly unexpected, it’s only really the second season we’ve even tried to reach out and it just happened to be in a World Cup year, where 13 days earlier, our 42.5 million pound signing was busy playing 120 minutes.

    A year before, 15 million was our record transfer fee, it also just happens that Sanogo, Walcott and Ox were injured.

    Not sure how many teams are shipping out players to America just for appearances sake, can’t remember many stars playing Citeh, not sure but I don’t think Aguero and Zabayleta made the trip.

    I’d even let it go, but at some point I think if we had sent players out, and they’d got injured later on, or suffered because of it, the same people would be on here moaning about why we’d been pandering to American fanbases.

    Not to mention how important the World Cup seemed to be for the American public anyway, and to play these pre-season friendlies during their own League competition it’s hardly the best of things to do.

  71. Charlie Boy

    I can understand the criticism aimed at Arsenal for fielding a lesser team – but given the fact that this was a promotional friendly, why not give the young guns a run as well?

    Clearly, they couldn’t take the majority of World Cup players to NY – so I’m not sure what the fuss is about.

  72. Keyser

    You want to moan, fine, but come on there has to be some give, like NewCo talking about Tottenham, I wonder if he thinks Tottenham fans sit around in huddles remembering the good old days where ‘We only finished a point behind the scum’, ‘Remember we saved 50 million on wages that year, mugs’ at the same time I bet that’d be a criticism he’d have laughed at any Arsenal fan for using.

  73. goonpharm

    So we lost to New York Red Bulls last night and the world has ended. Got it laugh really.

    I get that some American fans have waited eons for Arsenal to play there and are disappointed with the result. But let’s get a bit of perspective here shall we?

    We rocked up in NYC after a major summer tournament without essentially 2 thirds of our first XI. Now even with our first XI I doubt we’ll be ripping up trees.

    Surely the anger should be directed at senior management? Aren’t they the idiots that arranged this friendly at a ridiculously stupid time?

    Anyway even if we smashed them last night I’m sure the posts would be along the lines of “yeah it was only Red Bulls” or “friendlies don’t count” or even ” we smashed all of Asia last summer and look what happened against Liverpool, Chelsea and City”.

    Dammed if we win and dammed if we don’t.

  74. goonpharm

    I’d even let it go, but at some point I think if we had sent players out, and they’d got injured later on, or suffered because of it, the same people would be on here moaning about why we’d been pandering to American fanbases.



  75. Arsene's Nurse

    Wallace July 27, 2014 10:16:22

    Arsene’s Nurse

    Sanogo has a thigh injury, Wenger mentioned it on the Arsenal website.
    Thanks. I haven’t been keeping up with things recently.

  76. Keyser

    I feel bad for the fans that made the trip, I’m really not sure that I should, and I’d really hoped that we could’ve put in a better performance, at the same time It wasn’t unexpected.

    I’d love the American viewpoint especially if people watch the MLS regularly are upset or not at how their seasons’ been disrupted basically for completely cynical commercial gain, especially soo quickly after a World Cup that supposedly captured the nation.

    I’m pretty sure now that we’ve started touring we’ll end up back in America soon enough.

  77. Charlie Boy


    Here are the players who weren’t in New York:


    And possibly:


    How can you say the squad hasn’t improved?

    Agreed, we are still lacking a couple of CBs and an out and out striker – but come on.

  78. Emiratesstroller

    The real point is that it was the first time apparently that a team from EPL [not
    just top 4] had lost to a US Club.

    If you want to showcase our club for promotional purposes you put out a balanced and decent team who does credit to Arsenal.

    I was not bothered whether we creamed New York or for that matter drew with them as a goodwill gesture, but being the first club to lose, because we
    put out a poor team is of concern.

  79. Keyser

    Ospina, Chambers, Debuchy.

    Fuck, really hoped we’d add to the attacking side, maybe Remy’s available, he can run the channel from France.

  80. Paulinho

    “I feel bad for the fans that made the trip, I’m really not sure that I should, and I’d really hoped that we could’ve put in a better performance, at the same time It wasn’t unexpected.”

    I wouldn’t worry too much mate, our away fans over here are used to it as well.

  81. Gregg


    I’d say we’ve got 15 / 16 good enough for where we need to be, if we can add 2 or 3 more if Vermaelen goes, then we’ll be close. A top class forward and Industrious midfielder being the key two additions required.

  82. Paulinho

    Keyser – I was going to say that. When I mentioned Remy running the channels, you probably thought I was talking about Dynamo’s next TV program. Might explain your inability to comprehend the concept.

  83. Gregg

    Charlie Boy

    Fair point, I guess out of the squad we took, only 5 or 6 will be listed in our squad of 25 for upcoming season and out of that 5/6 only Ramsey and Wilshere are likely to be regulars

  84. Keyser

    I doubt you were, not sure you understand the concept either, or A. you wouldn’t give it such importance and B. You’d know Remy’s hardly that good at it anyway.

    I wonder if Wenger will sign anyone apart from a reserve goalie and a couple of uninspiring right backs.

  85. Gregg


    Agreed but our rivals, both here and in Europe all have one. Hopefully Sanchez can turn into the next Henry. Similar attributes, height aside both are strong, power dribblers that operate as an unorthodox forward. Time will tell but one things for sure, he will need time.

  86. Wallace


    i think Sanchez can hit the ground running. as long as we sign a midfielder i’m really looking forward to this season.

  87. Paulinho

    Ha ha the irony. You didn’t even what running the channels meant – literally no idea. You thought Oxalade running the down the wing was the long and short of it. You’re not really in a position to determine the importance of it. Maybe watch some football next season, look for it, and it will register. Wouldn’t bank on it though.

  88. Paulinho

    As for transfers, so far has backed up what I always said. Money or no money, Wenger doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

  89. Keyser

    Lol what’s funny is you still holding on to the pretence that it was important or that I didn’t follow what you mean’t, because Ox doesn’t run in a channel, because Sanchez, Theo, or Podolski have never attempted it, because Remy is the only one allowed to, the only one who knows what a ‘channel’ is and that he has to run within it.

    Is this really how low you’ve finally sunk ?

  90. Gregg


    Agree mate. Looking forward to seeing us play a quicker, slicker game this season and if we can get some more industry in midfield then it should be a decent watch.

  91. Phil


    You are the sole reason I come on here to vent my spleen at the rottenness of this fucking club….just reading your posts makes me want to slaughter…..

  92. Paulinho

    It pretty’s clear you didn’t know what I meant – you still don’t by the looks of it.

    And attempting to trivialise something you don’t even understand is a sure fire way to sink to the depths.

  93. docnuges

    Just compared scneiderlin and khedira with the squawka comparison matrix,we need to forget about khedira ,who we need is schneiderlin,we need him cos he is an actual DM not a signing to make us feel good as fans but one that will address what the team needs

  94. Charlie Boy

    I hope Diaby gets a good (injury free) run this season. I still think he’s got a lot to offer and what a cracking (marginally offside) goal he scored last night.

  95. Keyser

    Yeah, cling on to it, you haven’t managed to explain what you think it is, or why it’s the most important thing you’ve ever been entrusted with the knowledge of, all we know is Remy is the greatest at it, and that makes him better than any player we have, any player playing today anywhere in football, or has ever played the game.

    Hang on it, desperately pretending you’ve got any idea what you’re talking about, typical.

  96. Charlie Boy


    That’s the thing about LeGrove – sadly it brings out the offensive in some people.

    Personally, everyone’s opinion should be respected, not berated – and whilst we may not agree with each other, there’s no need for vitriol.

  97. Paulinho

    Nice self-projection there Keyser. Get it all out son, go on.

    Say hello to Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio down there as well. Always had a thing for her…..

  98. NYCgooner

    More moaning goes on around here than Friday nights at a cheap Mexican brothel. Only here I assume it’s grown men making all the noise.

    Pull your panties up ladies.

  99. Keyser

    Still nothing, you’re like a demented version of Robert Eddison this time protecting a secret only you care about and no-one else is looking for.

  100. Marko

    Not even August and we’ve signed a worldie in Sanchez, a solid right back in Debuchy, a most promising right back (eat your heart out Jenks) in Chambers and a genuine threat to our number 1 keeper in Ospina. AND are still being linked to a top DM and still links to strikers. Yep the doomers are right shocking window really everyone’s a cunt except Mourinho. Who they love

  101. Dissenter


    “Pull your panties up ladies.”

    I believe your message was lost in the trans-Atlantic translation.

    Should have been “Pull your trousers up ladies”

    You wearing any trousers?