Chambers drops for £16m… brilliant business

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Some things make me sad. You know, seeing an old lady give away all her savings to a con artist, seeing a kid give lose his sweets to the bigger kids in a playground… those are sad things right? Yeah, they are.

In the world of football, things that make me sad are those moments that the fans can do nothing about. Southampton, on a long term plan to maintain success, break into the Premier League, have a couple of seasons of success. Owner dies. Daughter takes over. Does not approve of fathers wasteful pass time. Cuts off funding. Pushes out inspirational CEO.


I mean, honestly, what the hell is going on over there this summer? Lovren, Lallana, Lambert, Shaw and now, according to rumours, they’ve sold Chambers to Arsenal for £16m. Quite an amazing summer of sale.

I don’t know much about Chambers. I know that price, for a young talent, is steep. But I think he’s a necessary acquisition and the move for him makes total sense to me. Debuchy is there as a stock gap, Arsene Wenger clearly believes that long term, Chambers is a future England star. If there’s a sniff of being an England star, you come with a Premium. £16m, if he works out, is a drop in the ocean. I’m pleased that we’re actually batting in those leagues these days. Arsene is building out the squad. I’m not sure why people don’t think we need a back up right back who is quality. He’s a total necessity.

It’s good news. We have our full backs sorted for the season. Now we need to kick on an sort out a holding midfielder and at least two centre backs. I’d argue we need a strikers, but I think we’re set there with Sanogo, Sanchez and Giroud. I’d still like to see some action up top, whether that’s a players like Griezman.

There was a rumour on the web that said we were interested in Paul Pogba. I was a bit like this guy…

Then I had a think about it, and I was a bit like…

I mean, you have to get some perspective here. I mean, I’d absolutely love to have someone of that talent at Arsenal, but you really would be hard pressed to imagine he’d consider a move to us. He could go anywhere in the world and earn any amount of money he dreamed of. Are we really going to shell out £60m for him and pay him £250k a week? I’d be really surprised.

But… I’d be really surprised, but damn, I’d be excited. Excited like…

Jeez, the use of gifs has really brought a lot to my web game.

Arsenal are in New York, I’ve had pals sending me pictures of stuff popping up all over the city this week. Looks like the fans are losing their minds with all the Arsenal attention. We’re making a major splash in the states. They’re taking over the tube, they’re playing 5 aside games in Grand Central stations and it seems to be going down and absolute dream.

Arsenal, for me, are a team for New Yorker’s. They’re into the finer things and the whole class things resonates well over there. The Brooklyn Nets have totally rebranded and it’s all about the finer things over there. It’s all about the brand. Arsenal offer something unique. Now we’re signing top players, we also have a top player angle as well. We’re a pretty sexy team as well. Everyone buys into sexy.


So Arsenal take on the Rebulls today, should be fun. What will be alarming is the massive issue we’ll have at centre back. If Koscielny is rested due to international duty, we’ll have Miquel and Hayden at the back. Scary times. We need to sort the centre back issue pronto.

If Wenger sorts that out, which the club will be doing as a priority, and he sorts it well, then we’ll have had a pretty spectacular summer. If he does decide to bring in a central midfielder and a striker, well, I might explode.

Anyway, things are back on track. My midweek panic can pass. I’m over the moon about Chambers, I think we’ll be having one of those… ‘United paid what for Shaw and we paid what for Chambers’ memes going by the end of the season.

So all in all, we’re feeling satisfied.

Also, this is how I’m hitting up newsnow at the moment. Have a great day.


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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I remember being sad when john smith passed ….
    Then I got happy when Blair got the gig, he wasn’t favourite but he was young , fresh had great potential….

    Classic case of dream turning to nightmare ..

    I despise the fella so much now.

    You know what , I reckon Harriet may be the best person to take labour forward , but she has skeletons I reckon chucks umunana could be the next leader.

  2. Goongoonergone

    Watched Zelalem thus far. Even at seventeen surely he can at least make one tackle. He has been pants the entire half. I don’t see what the hype is all about. He needs years of proper training and hard work, at this rate, if he hopes to cut it in the premier league.
    What is it about all these supposed wonder kids we sign year in and year out only for them to disappear into obscurity.
    Wilshere is merely cloning last season and merely playing with his left foot has seriously hampered his game, his ability to score and his development. I can’t see him getting any better.
    Wilshere just doesn’t cut it for Arsenal anymore, I’m sad to say though I would love him to succeed.
    Younger players like Barkley are now overtaking him.

  3. WengerEagle

    Firmino for me has a higher ceiling than Jovetic but tbh I’d snap your hand off for either at this point.

    Both could play CF for us well.

    Firmino’s just an outrageously talented player. At 5 foot 11 too he’s far from another technical midget.

  4. Salvage

    I agree Zalalem needs some more maturing and growing up to do. It would be a joke to put him in the first team at this point.

  5. london gunner


    I think we are literally going for Diaby/Arteta/Flamini for one spot

    Ramsey and Jack will fight for the other.

    I think relying in Diaby/Arteta and Flamini is a cluster fuck tbh

    (good finish though hahah :))

  6. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    Agree on Jovetic.

    Firmino can play literally anywhere along the forward line though, as a CAM, LW-RW, LF-RF or even as a CF.

    Extremely versatile attacking threat.

  7. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    Pjanic is the better CAM and if we needed a CAM I’d take Pjanic over Firmino.

    For what we need right now though Firmino is much better suited.

  8. WengerEagle

    Sky are reporting that Nice have said Ospina is now officially an Arsenal player.

    Very good signing and should push Szczesny all the way for a starting spot.

  9. london gunner


    Pjanic for me could be a deeplying playmaker

    As good as Pirlo… The way he played his game in the world cup his ball control. his vision his ability under pressure to never lose the ball to dictate the play and tempo of the game and his WC vision… and he was playing for Bosnia…

    But yeah Firmino is deffo more of what we need.

  10. london gunner


    Lol insane coz it wasn’t even a moment of madness or catching in on the bounce aka Wayne Rooneys goal..

    It was like Beckhams in it was completely planned ahead of just the natural split second instinct to strike a ball and see what happens

  11. Dorobucci

    enjoy a preseason friendly guys and quit moaning. lets no get ourselves all worked up over signings.
    we are being arrogant and ungrateful to Lord Wenger. ffs we used to start buying when the big teams where through with theirs but now we are getting it right, slowly and steadily.
    God bless Le-grovers

  12. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    Yeah Pjanic does remind me of Pirlo, his vision and range of passing is very similar.

    Due to his age though he still has a lot about him going forward so he should wait to drop into the Pirlo position when his pace drops post-30 IMO. For now as a no.10 he’s a boss.

  13. london gunner


    We need better but I would presently have him over Arteta and Flamini

    That is obviously not me stating we shouldn’t sign a quality DM as that’s my main desire tbh

    But I doubt Wenger will and if that is the case coq is lesser of three evils

  14. london gunner

    “Due to his age though he still has a lot about him going forward so he should wait to drop into the Pirlo position when his pace drops post-30 IMO. For now as a no.10 he’s a boss.”

    I agree 100

  15. london gunner

    Gibbs really does lack quality in the final third

    I know this is only preseason but I am quite disappointed

    If Ozil or Sanchez pick up an injury we are screwed

    Walcott is going to take time to get back into form

    Sanchez will take time to adjust

    This squad isn’t as strong as people think when considered to our direct rivals aka Chelsea City and Man United may potentially be stronger

    I think the best we can hope for is a third place finish

  16. london gunner

    Actually I retract somewhat what I said about Gibbs

    He may lack a certain amount of quality in the final third but his not helped when his left isolated

    I often see him get the ball his forced wide and then is no one else around for the over lap or lay off.

    This forces Gibbs to just swing the ball in with a cross on a hope and prayer

    Santi when he was on was not combining well or indeed seeking to work with Gibbs

  17. Bamford13


    I wish I could agree, but I think Coquelin makes almost as many bad decisions with the ball as good ones.

    Each of the three CDMs is inadequate in his own way. If you combined the best in all three into a single player, you’d have a pretty good CDM.

  18. Dissenter

    It shows how thin our squad is.
    We can’t even rally two quality back-up CBs to play an exhibition game.
    How in the world does Wenger think Monreal can cope as CB?

  19. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Well that was pretty awful to watch, and what was interesting was hearing that Zelalem can play for either Germany, the US or Ethipoia, Ethiopia it is then from the youth and reserve games i have watched him in.

  20. london gunner

    To be fair OX Walcott Ozil and Sanchez ramsey

    I think we need that starting 11 to be an attacking force

    Really have had enough of this redundant tikka shit, you can see some of the young player have a bit of quality but they have been taught to play Wenger ball for to

    No more tikka we need to be more direct

  21. Cesc Appeal

    What sort of team did United have out when they smashed La Galaxy 7-0? Genuine question, didn’t see the game.

  22. WengerEagle

    Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina and Chambers all signed.

    I still think that if we signed a quality CDM, a LW/CF in the mould of Firmino or Jovetic and a CB depending on if Vermaelen does leave that we’d have a fighter’s chance at winning the BPL.

  23. Bamford13


    Ha! Can I change my number as well? Without a new CDM, I’m with you: 5% chance we win the league.

    Arteta, Flamini and Coq are pretty dire.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Bloody hell guys it’s a bloody friendly with huge swathes of our squad missjng yet you’re analysing it like it was a CL game. Take it for what it was for god’s sake.

  25. london gunner

    Wenger needs to give Ox game time over both santi and podolski

    Sanchez will be on the right while Theo is on the mend

    Then Theo or Sanchez to battle for striker with the loser taking the right wing.

    I think theo could work as striker against teams with a high line

    Sanchez is far more skillful so he would work against the park the bus types.

  26. Danish Gooner

    listless and pathetic why on earth does he insists on us playing through the middle when they continue to suffocate us through the middle.Wenger havnt once during his 18 years as a manager changed the way we play,dame sideways ineffective nonsense,this manager is for the scrap heap.So outdated !!!!

  27. travis

    I particularly liked the part where we were in their 18 yard box and continued to pass back and forth to each other, making about 4 passes before losing the ball,this is Wenger ball, it will not change, we don’t need new players, because you will get the same shit, we need a new manager

  28. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    Question is OX or Firmino

    I know right now its obvious to say Firmino but Ox is 3 years young in the next season or two he may be capable of Firmino levels of performance

    Ox and Walcott on either wing is a very different Arsenal though its a lot more pacey and direct but not as intricate

  29. Phil

    Lmfao ….beaten by a team of amateurs

    Bodes well irrespective…

    Expect more shit this season …wenger wankers..

    You probably love it though

    Oh dear

  30. Phil

    In wenger we truly rust….

    Doesn’t matter who we buy

    The manager is still a cunt and needs fucking wenger ball lovers……divs

  31. Phil

    The fucking knobs on this site gave supported arsenal since the inception of arsene FC and see him as the bastion of all that’s good about football..

    He is a fucking money grabbing fraud..

    8 mill a year for one fa cup

    Bravo…fucking bravo!

  32. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    See that’s the thing, while Ox is an excellent youngster and is already a very good player he’s quite direct, he’s not your wide playmaker whereas Firmino can play as a wide playmaker due to his creativity and vision.

    Ox or Theo on the right providing the direct wide outlet with Firmino on the left interchanging with Ozil behind Sanchez would work a treat.

    Ox could even play in the B2B role if we got in a proper CDM. Was excellent there in the Champions League against Milan a couple of years ago.

  33. travis

    Even Wigan and Portsmouth won the FA Cup, that is no big deal, this conman should give his wages to charity

  34. Relieable sauce

    surely that cant impress the yank fans, 90 mim & 1 goal. not even an afc striker in the 1st half ffs. does he know hes on a marketing tour…
    if wonga had an ounce of tactical awareness it might not be so worrying but he doesnt & it is. to me it looks like wenger is going with another weak squad & will hope injury prone & unproven players come good.

  35. travis

    Eagle it doesn’t matter who is where and who is in or out of the team, you could have the best 11 on the planet, it is still back, sideways, across ways, back, across, there is no plan it’s play by numbers, these guys make it up as they go along hoping for an opening, rather than making one, it’s just fucking hopeless, with Wenger in charge, same shit different year, I love the club but cannot support it while this outdated pensioner is in charge

  36. london gunner


    “Ox could even play in the B2B role if we got in a proper CDM. Was excellent there in the Champions League against Milan a couple of years ago.”

    Very interesting point.

    In many aspects he has the box to box kind of feel to his game.

    Surging powerful runs is a physically dominant player. His robust has the pace and the strength.

    his biggest problems in the middle is his passing consistency and stamina. He has one of the lowest pass success rates on the team and his stamina can’t last a full 90 at the tempo he likes to play at. But I think If he works on that passing I can see him being a box to box as long as like you stated we have a true DM holding house and we can rotate when his stamina dips.

  37. Phil

    Good shit bamford

    Just fucked off with a fella who thinks he has dictat on this club….like I have said..supported the club since 78 ….long before this French fuck descended on our shores…

    It’s time he left…then thy spleen no longer I would vent…..

  38. southernpeople

    Arsenal lost a game so wenger should be sacked!!

    what a wonderful story for cyber hyper-writers!!

  39. travis

    Fancy trying to market Akpom and the rest of that squad that took part in a passing exhibition, that’s what it was, a passing exhibition, these guys travelled thousands of miles to sell a few shirts, good luck chaps

  40. tunnygriffboy


    Certain posters have been waiting for an excuse to come on here and hurl abuse. No insightful analysis but this is ‘shit ‘ and that is ‘shit ‘ all over a meaningless friendly. It ‘s got to the point where it’s not worth posting. Analysis is fine but with this lot it’s not possible to debate.

  41. Joe


    Do you not remember the last 9 seasons?

    Do you know enjoy watching the same crap from wenger year after year or do you actually want progress?

  42. Revving Kevin

    Oh dear. Normal service has resumed, the trolls have landed and it’s a moan a thon. Moan. Bitch, whine, etc etc.

    This was simply A friendly game that was arranged as a PR exercise. It allowed fringe players to show their ability and the multiple subs gave players some match time. The result was largely irrelevant, as anyone with half a brain knows. Good to see Abou Diaby back playing, feel for the lad. Good finish.

    Always great to see the legend that is TH14 , the best player ever to grace the premier League.

    Looking forward to seeing our actual team When the season starts, as that’s the time to judge.

  43. travis

    Southernpeople, you are right, he should be sacked, but it’s too late you have another 3 years of this dire fucking bilge, what you got in 2006 you got in 2007, and you are getting the same drivel served up in 2014

  44. Joe

    It’s fair enough if this was a one-off. Wenger shows over and over and over again he is clueless.

    First team to lose in the USA. Another trophy for wenger.

    A 36 year old Thierry bossed us tonight

  45. travis

    Fuck me, if it didn’t work then how on earth will it work now, if it hasn’t worked for 10 years what is going to make it work now, nothings changed, nothing

  46. Joe

    Cazorla,wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, rosicky, Gibbs A lot of possible starters there Kevin. Still no excuse to lose to a mls team.

  47. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Zelalem will never be fit to lace the boots of Cesc, he will be another play sneaking out of the back door in 3-4 years time.

    But the main worry for me has been the regression of the younger players, the tippy tappy nonsense seems to be endemic throughout the club when it seems other clubs and countries style of football has progressed onto pace, power and a more direct approach.
    It is not so much personnel that worries me but the tactics and style we play, and this is not a knee jerk reaction to a meaningless friendly, although Stan and Puma will be thinking differently, but our whole approach of recent years.

    We always seem to be playing catch up.

  48. Joe

    Wenger has won 3 titles in 17 seasons. And all when it was only between us and Man U. A two team league. How’s he done since some competition has come around. A true manager would of won more than 1 FA cup in 10 seasons with what wenger has had at his disposal. A FA cup even Wigan and Portsmouth have won recently.

    Man U just beat the galaxy 7-0. We lose 1-0 with 5 regulars. Not acceptable

  49. travis

    It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, whoever comes into this club plays the same way as they did in 2006-2014, the system does not work, it’s been proven, here’s an idea Arsene, try something different, surprise us all as well as your opponents ,who know exactly what to expect when facing Arsenal, Stoke have you figured, no heart, no courage, no balls, no idea, thanks Arsene

  50. Emiratesstroller

    The game was fairly meaningless, but we should at least put out a side
    which was reasonably competitive. I could have accepted that we at least produced a draw.

    When I saw the starting line up with a ‘rookie centre back’ and no striker it said everything about the club’s current resources.

    If we don’t have experienced players for those positions available why
    are we playing the game in first place? It just diminishes our reputation.

    What concerns me now is that Wenger announces that we will start
    next season without our German players.

    If Mertesacker does not play who exactly does he plan to play in the
    Centre Back Role?

  51. Revving Kevin

    Spot on.

    Win and they moan, lose and they moan even louder. These are either trolls, sad individuals or the type of shit fickle fans that now forget the meaning of the word supporter.

    Had we won it would be ‘it’s only a friendly don’t yet carried away’ lose and it’s all doom and gloom.

    They moan about no trophies but when we get one they moan and pick holes in it’s value.

    It’s a shame the internet provides anonymity for idiots. Half of these nut jobs wouldn’t know what having a life was if it smacked them in the mouth.

  52. Joe

    He did try something different tonight. A false 9 with rosicky. God help us haha

    Only 3 more long agoniZing seasons with the fraud

  53. Bamford13


    But that WAS shit. Even for a club missing players.

    What didn’t make sense to me was Phil talking to Le Grove like it’s a bunch of people who believe in Wenger. We’re not.


    Other clubs are putting on decent performances here in the US right now. Arsenal are the only club I’ve seen put out a crap product. That was crap. Not moaning, just telling the truth.

  54. Joe

    LAst 2 seasons with giroud hasn’t made him buy a striker. I don’t think losing to NY will make him buy a DM. But hrs manganed a trillion matches so wenger knows

  55. southernpeople


    “Do you not remember the last 9 seasons?”

    Yes, i do and i do remember a trophy; reached CL final, qualified for CL every year, weathered financial crisis and paid almost half of our debt [Emirates] which was more than £400m, and compete the league on 2 occasions.

    So unless you consider finance irrelevant – in that case you don’t live in the real world – or you ignored, rather are in denial that bigger players came to british football market you must acknowledge the great achievements of Mr. Wenger.

    “Do you know enjoy watching the same crap from wenger year after year or do you actually want progress?”

    Yes, I do want progress but I don’t know how I trust the progress someone like you is trying to sell me.

    Should I trust your vision of progress or Mr. Wenger’s? I definitely know which one I should chose.

    Should I trust my judgement built on facts and the reality of the world football and the reality of what has been achieved by this clap and the man you constantly deriding, or shall I trust a bimbo like you who throws insults to respected people??

    I know what’s has been achieved by this club and by Wenger and I respect that.

    I also believe that without Mr. Wenger we wouldn’t be this massive club that even the most respected and gifted footballer in the world Messi dreamed to join.

  56. Revving Kevin

    Players on holiday mate.

    Last thing we want to do is overplay or risk injury to our best players in a meaningless friendly. The World Cup boys need a break, so great decision to give them that. Good test for the fringe players to get some game time. I don’t get the moaning, it’s a bit pathetic.

  57. tunnygriffboy


    It wasn’t a great prformance. It was a friendly. Vast majority of our main players still away. The level of abuse after what is in effect a training game and a chance for young players to have a run out is way OTT in my opinion

  58. Revving Kevin

    Bamford, what did you expect?

    It’s a PR game. Players on holiday. Not familiar with each other and loads of subs. Fucking whinging is pointless.had we won 5-0 it would have been equally irrelevant. It seems that some of you are unable to do anything other than moan and find fault.i accept it from trolls but seriously? It’s not even funny anymore reading the same old negative crap.

  59. El Tel 1

    Fucking hell.

    Bitch time returns.

    We were spanking everyone in pre season a few years ago and won nothing.

    The Lads had a freebie holiday in NY. Come in give them a break.

    Already the Manc twat is getting things cranked up on MUTV (SKY)

    I have a feeling he will fail too just like Moyes. The Govan Gob left them in a mess to serve his own purpose.

    We will do better when everyone returns and are at full match fitness.

    Lucky for me I am off for some shut eye.

    So here goes, Boooooom for the Doomers

  60. tunnygriffboy

    Last season we never rotated players, they were knackered so got injured

    Now players are given time out to holiday and recover from the later stages of the WC and it’s a disgrace.

    Sheesh, make your minds up.

  61. Revving Kevin

    I’m off too and I won’t bother reading the shit from some of the terrible ‘supporters’ we have on here and the trolls. It’s embarrassing to read some of this crap from people who act like they understand football but clearly don’t. It’s unbelievable and really poor.

  62. Joe


    We spend the 4th most in wages, are top 5 in richest clubs in the world. Making the CL in 4 th place is no achievement. It’s bare minimum. A manager making 8 million a season should be achieving more than bare minimum.

    We have no chance to win the CL under wenger. He’s to useless tactically. So 17 seasons in a competition we have no chance of winning is an exercise in money making. Money we don’t spend on players we need. Like a cf and a DM. Great purchase in Sanchez, but I’m sorry he alone will not get us above 4th. Especially with wenger in charge

  63. Keyser

    tunny/revvin/southern – Replying to these one-name trolling cunts is pointless, they achieve their goal simply by getting you to interact with them.

  64. Joe


    You’re hilarious. Anyone with an opinion that is against yours and against wenger is all these different things. Yet you support blindly and are just as bad as you say “us fans” are.

  65. london gunner

    I think people are feeling negative not because we lost but because how we lost.,

    If we look at the game there was no real positives to take from it.

    We were poor, unispired all over the field and should of been more competitive against a MLS team (no offence meant)

    This match was of some importance it was more than “just a holiday”

    As this was an important game for the second string players and the youngsters to prove their worth, these players make up our first team back up so its worrying to see that with out major players out the drop in quality is so dramatic.

    As a club that gets a huge amount of injuries per season that worry is compounded even more.

  66. southernpeople

    El Tel

    not only Man twat the whole media are gonna to make a negative story out of this meaningless game with entertainment objective to knock down Arsenal even before they begin the season.

  67. Revving Kevin

    A couple of well known trolls have popped by who you never see until we lose a game. Ignore them.

    As you say, it’s great that our World Cup players are getting a well earned rest. Only a hypocritical plank would want them to play in this game and risk injury.

  68. Bamford13


    With all due respect, mate, you’ve been coming on here for six months or so, yet somehow you are always shocked, dismayed and perplexed to find people on here criticizing the club and manager. Umm, when is it going to sink in with you that that’s how things work around here. We have lots of people here who are not happy with where the club is, with the quality of the squad, or with the manager. If you want to only read comments from people, like yourself, who only have praise for the club and its manager, then there are probably better blogs for you.

    Further, as I said above, many top clubs are playing exhibition games in the US right now, and many are missing players. No one has put out a product as crap as what we were just treated to. Why are Arsenal the only club here in the States right now that looked so shabby? That was pathetic. Honestly.


    When are you going to stop using the stadium to excuse Wenger’s failings? The club has had more than 100m in cash reserves for a couple of years now, yes? Then why is our squad still so underwhelming?

  69. Joe

    Fringe players. Like wilshere, Ramsey, cazorla, Arteta, rosicky, Gibbs. All who play a huge part in our seaso. Right.

    Easy to call people idiots on line Kevin

    I think you’re an idiot for your blind loyalty to a has been manager.

    And messi? You’ll believe everything you read in the daily mail

  70. Keyser

    The only thing thats worrying about the game, well not soo much the game, but the pre-season is that last year to get as far as we did we had a complete pre-season, with the touring to Asia built in, we’ve barely got any players back, and we’re going to have to play a Champions League a week after or the mid-week after the German players are supposedly pencilled in to return.

  71. Revving Kevin

    You are wrong mate. You would never play your entire second or third string in the PL.

    You don’t make a team by throwing 16 blokes who rarely, if ever play together and expect them to gel. This was a red bull team that played together against a team of fringe boys. Fact.

    So expecting us to perform and win well is ridiculous. It was what it was, a PR game and a chance to see fringe players. It was not our second team as you seem to suggest.

    It’s irrelevant. Totally meaningless other than to give some if the lads a run out.

    The good news is that we have no injuries and got to see some players we don’t normally see. And Abou Diaby seems fit

  72. Joe

    I support arsenal. I do not live and die with wenger as our manager as I know 4th place could be achieved by anyone WE bring in

  73. Keyser

    Bamford13 – Not sure how long you’ve been coming on here, and it goes for the others aswell, but last year this site was a fucking joke even by Le Groves pessimistic standards, which is why you going on about Bendtner was annoying because if the more reasoned posters were busy trolling than there was little hope for anyone else.

    Secondly 100m is what United have spent on Fellaini, Mata, and Herrera, Citeh spent it in one window last summer, it’s a bit of a silly point.

  74. Joe

    I could care less who manages as long as there is progress from year to year. And in 9-10 seasons there has not been.

    Another 3 years. We shall see how this turns out

  75. southernpeople


    if we were to blame Mr. wenger it would that he seems to prepare his team for the season whether it’s the lack of early purchase or real preparation.

    in the previous seasons we had restricted finances, we still have that to some degree but is much better, and had to negotiate hard and wait for the bargain but this season, to a lesser extent last season, we should have make all our buys, or at least the essentials, like striker and DM early so they can prepare with the team.

    It’s a really hard to imagine that new players adapting to our style of play and familiarise with other players a weak or less before the start of the season.

  76. london gunner


    You are wrong mate. You would never play your entire second or third string in the PL. You don’t make a team by throwing 16 blokes who rarely, if ever play together and expect them to gel”

    Sorry mate your wrong on both accunts
    You are wrong mate. You would never play your entire second or third string in the PL. You don’t make a team by throwing 16 blokes who rarely, if ever play together and expect them to gel”

    It wasn’t a whole team of second string was it? Did you not see Gibbs Ramsey Wilshere Rosiscky and Cazorla, Szchney arteta

    That’s over half our first team LOL!

    As for rarely play together? What you on about they train together nearly every day.
    Yes Akpom, Zalalem, jenks and monreal regularly will train with the first team

  77. Keyser

    Sorry, to be fair of course you could put down the trophy monkey and the nature of some of the defeats as warranted reasons for negativity.

  78. Joe

    Winning breeds winning. No matter who you play. So don’t say this is a mean nothing game. It’s shows complacency. Top motivated managers and players never want to lose. No matter how “meaningless”.

    That’s a bollocks excuse.

  79. london gunner

    Last comment is unclear I fucking hate the new touchpads on laptop keyboards.

    Look over half our first team were playing


    We lost to Red Bull

    Should a squad with majority of our first team players lose to Redbull the answer is no.

    Its not the end of the world but at the same time fans have the right to be a little disappointed this isn’t about blowing this out of proportion but just understanding that we should have done better so we need to at least learn some lessons

    PS if this is a PR exercise its a failed one its embarrassing that we lost it hardly adds prestige to the Arsenal name

  80. Joe

    Money is not an excuse. Betdner Denilson etc were all on 60k plus. Wasted.

    We’ve have over 100m in the bank for years. It’s in the reports. Online for everyone to see.

    Mortgage payments for the stadium are still there for another 25. No money excuse.

  81. Hitman

    Its just a friendly bla bla bla.

    The sad truth is that there is zero quality beyond 1st XI. That is what is painful to watch.
    For the salary we pay AW and the squad as a whole, this is a true indictment of the wastefulness of the last 8 years.

    We pay a king’s ransome for some below average players, manager, directors.

  82. southernpeople


    last season we had this:

    79 points – we had never reached that point tally in the last before last season

    FA cup – first time in 8 years

    Isn’t a progress albeit not impressive one?

    all that with 3 bigger clubs competing for all trophies. Chelsea by the way won nothing despite having a huge squad and the most expensive one.

  83. Revving Kevin

    6 months?!! Don’t be so damn rude and patronising. I have been on here fir a couple of years.

    You are one of the most negative posters, you are always moaning about something. Last season leGrove was embarrassing for Gooners, the level of moaning was ridiculous. The hypocrisy was outstanding and you were telling us all how great Bendtner was.

    You talk about 6 months as if I have no right to an opinion. I go to games, stood on the Highbury terraces since the 1970’s and yet I have to justify my opinion to you!!

    This is the problem. We have too many arrogant posters, consumed by an agenda who refuse to accept anyone else may have a point.

    Well not all if us want to moaning girls. Not a of us want to read constant negative shit about our club or see all our players cunted off. If we did, we would go to a rival blog.

    Thanks for patronising me and pointing out the irrelevance of my opinion. Sorry I dared question you. How long do I need to be on here before I can comment?

  84. Hitman

    The youth set up is a disgrace if this is the shit coming through.

    thank goodness AW no longer in control.

    nothing to do with money. Just a piss poor outdated coach and weak CEO.

  85. southernpeople

    Rev Kev

    “We have too many arrogant posters, consumed by an agenda who refuse to accept anyone else may have a point.”

    and more importantly they hate facts and the reality.

  86. Bamford13


    I’ve been on here for years now, so I’m not sure what your point is. We have many, many critics here. Pedro himself is a critic. Why Kevin would come on here constantly for six months and yet be shocked each time to find people criticizing the players or the manager is beyond me. That’s part of what goes on here. You know this. He should know this.

    Further, some of the rationalizations/justifications being given for the garbage we just saw are completely bogus. There are like ten European teams in the US right now and all have put on quality performances — even when playing something like their C team. I have been watching these games. I can assure you, if someone here knew nothing about these clubs but watched all of these games they would conclude that Arsenal are the worst — and the worst-managed — of all the European squads here this summer.

    Obviously we’ll be a better squad when all return, but that was just another example of how shabby things are under Wenger.

    As for United spending more than us, well, that’s why we need to spend the money we do have — rather than keeping it in cash reserves — and why we need to spend it more wisely. For me, Wenger has not done nearly well enough with the resources he has had.

    And if he goes into this season with Arteta as the starting CDM and Giroud the starting CF, well, he deserves to be binned before the first game.

  87. london gunner


    I have zero agenda. I actually want to be proven wrong about Wenger because I care more about the team than I do whose right or wrong.

    When we initially signed Sanchez and it looked as if we were to sign khedira I was over the moon I honestly thought either Wenger had changed his ways or that Wenger in fact had truly been held back by the board/financial restraints,

    But if we finish this summer without signing a quality DM then I will ask you why not what have we not signed that player?

    Fact is we have the money a couple more WC/Very good player signings and we can compete with the best of them.

    So why rely on legless arteta a flawed flamini and injury perma crock diaby

    There is no reason now to be so stingy with money.

    I am not saying sign a whole rooster of WC players simply a WC man in the middle a dm/powerhouse and competition for striker.

    Other teams strengthen when they have weakness’s why don’t we?

  88. southernpeople


    I’ve been around for a quite long time and I believe Rev. Keving’s been blogging for quite a long time!!

  89. Revving Kevin

    Mate neither if us work in the game not know what us going in. We all think we are experts but we aren’t.

    I am not at all bothered about today’s game. Zero bothered. The fact a complete mish mash of a team playing a full red bull team lost one nil is nothing to be worried about. Look at all the World Cup players we were missing and asked yourself would they have made a difference. Of course they would.

    It’s a pre season game that has no bearing on the PL whatsoever. Loads if subs, it’s just game tine.that’s my point really. Getting worked up over absolutely nothing is a waste of evergy

  90. southernpeople

    If Wenger doesn’t sign a DM I will think he’s rubbish, if wenger doesn’t sign a wc striker I will tear him apart, if wenger doesn’t buy a wc defender better than Mert and 2 others as capable as Mert I will not think less of wenger, If he doesn’t buy a true winger a la Di Maria I will not renew my season ticket, If he doesn’t a goalkeeper I will boycott wenger. blah blah blah

    Everyone here has their opinions about whats needed and what are the priorities and we all know that, if we had choice and many we would buy at least 6 wc players. But the reality is that Arsenal has limited finances and priorities in terms of who to buy.

    Do not think you’re clever than, or know better than wenger about his own team or that you know about club finances than Gazidis!

  91. Revving Kevin

    Ospina is a good addition. So that is Ozil, Sanchez, Debuchy and Ospina in last 12 months Plus rumours of Khedira, Chambers and one or two others.

    Are we really moaning that nothing’s changed? Because that’s just plain wrong!!

  92. london gunner


    Look Southern your not listening and your being foolish

    I want to be proven right I am a balanced poster when Arsenal do well I am happy and congratulate the team and the manager

    There was a poor game to day so criticism is to be expected

    If I have done poorly at work I expect a certain level of critizism and feedback its actually helpful if you use it to better your performance

    We need a DM/Powerhouse I know this not because I am a tactical master not because I am saying I am better than Wenger its because we have lack that kind of our player in our team since viera and gilberto and that was the last time we won the title.

    Look its quite obvious arteta doesn’t have the legs he was really struggling to day, Jack has great potential but you don’t need to be an expect/master to udnerstand he is no way a defensive midfielder so who does that leave us with? Flamini

    Is he good enough for first team football? Not when you look at City Chelsea’s options matic/fernandinho

    all finances are limited but we have another 100 million what’s so wrong with spending 20-25 million pounds of that? If anything its money will spent because it will increase our chances of CL football so therefore future income and indeed if we progress further in the CL tournament because of that outlay we will reap even greater financial rewards

    I have not asked to sign 6 WC players don’t try and exaggerate my argument

    We could easily buy one or two players and go nowhere near are financial limits

  93. Bamford13


    Are we conversing in the same language? If you’ve been posting here for longer than six months or a year, I don’t know how I missed your posts prior to that. They stand out, and I don’t remember your posts prior to last season.

    My point, however, was not that you had no right to speak because you’ve only been here for a certain period of time — I would never say something so ridiculous — but that it is perplexing to me that you’ve been coming here for so long and are nonetheless perpetually shocked and dismayed to find people on here criticizing the manager and players. How could this possibly be surprising or dismaying to you, given that that’s what goes on here all of the time and that this has been going on here for years? Why are you always so shocked to find such comments here? I don’t get it.

    That you or Southern or Keyser or anyone else is not bothered by just how tawdry of a showing Arsenal just made of itself, that you can rationalize the garbage we just witnessed, well, that’s between you and God, I guess. I can’t understand it for a second.

    But the majority of posters above, you’ll note, are a bit disgusted with what we just saw, and they don’t buy any of your rationalizations.

  94. london gunner


    you run a business right?

    Well if you were to fuck up a job you have with one of your clients… even if its a small time job compared to the normal work you do.

    Do you expect them to say nothing? Of course they will be entitled to give some criticism and feedback am I right?

    Look its not the end of the world losing today but at the same time in life when someone or something does badly criticism is a completely human normal reaction its not being a doomer its just assessing/observing something that’s happened and then commenting on it

    Some of the posters take things to far and get extreme tbh I don’t think I have said anything extreme I said we played poorly and if have to rely on some of these players because of injuries to our first option players we will likely suffer problems

    Is that incorrect is that extreme no?

    But then you get southern people coming on and getting over defensive when all I have done is state an obvious truth

  95. Bamford13


    Are you saying that you don’t have enough football knowledge to determine that Arteta and Giroud are not good enough for us to win the EPL title with them in the starting XI? If so, I can only feel badly for you, because it really doesn’t take a lot of insight to see that.

  96. travis

    These players are told do not shoot from outside the 18 yard box, if you do, it’s 20 push ups, sometimes players look up and see the opportunity to shoot, and you know what, they score, even though they have been drilled not to, I saw Bendtner 6 yards out from goal, pass to someone else who was 4 yards out, can you recall a few years back against Man. City, we won 1-0, Arteta about 25 yards out had a crack, and we won the game, Wenger was livid, because it was not aesthetic enough, there was not 32 passes before we walked it into the net

  97. Keyser

    Bamford13 – If you’ve been here that long, then you’d know that even by Le Groves pretty low standards for positivity, last year was a joke, partly justified, but mostly just inane, abusive, bollocks. So for anyone relatively new it would be a wtf moment.

    I could easily, and I mean easily, make excuses for us, for numerous reasons, but then we’ve got 2 big games in the Champions League qualifiers that will disrupt our already pretty screwed up pre-season and start to the new season.

    I’d worry more about that.

    Other teams have more money than us, they’ve had it for years, and have made obvious mistakes and losses on numerous players, mistakes that after 7 years of accumulating money toget to this point we can’t really afford to make, but still we’ve sold no-one of any real note, and we bought Ozil last year and Sanchez this year.

    The last bit and general proclaimations is a bit childish.

  98. Bamford13


    Except that 25-yard bombs — like the one Rooney hit today — are one of the prettiest (most aesthetic) parts of the game. A shame Wenger doesn’t appreciate them more, though I think this is also connected to fact that he doesn’t emphasize power or athleticism in his players or his training program. Few of our players could hit 25-30 yard bombs, even if they wanted to.