Chambers drops for £16m… brilliant business

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Some things make me sad. You know, seeing an old lady give away all her savings to a con artist, seeing a kid give lose his sweets to the bigger kids in a playground… those are sad things right? Yeah, they are.

In the world of football, things that make me sad are those moments that the fans can do nothing about. Southampton, on a long term plan to maintain success, break into the Premier League, have a couple of seasons of success. Owner dies. Daughter takes over. Does not approve of fathers wasteful pass time. Cuts off funding. Pushes out inspirational CEO.


I mean, honestly, what the hell is going on over there this summer? Lovren, Lallana, Lambert, Shaw and now, according to rumours, they’ve sold Chambers to Arsenal for £16m. Quite an amazing summer of sale.

I don’t know much about Chambers. I know that price, for a young talent, is steep. But I think he’s a necessary acquisition and the move for him makes total sense to me. Debuchy is there as a stock gap, Arsene Wenger clearly believes that long term, Chambers is a future England star. If there’s a sniff of being an England star, you come with a Premium. £16m, if he works out, is a drop in the ocean. I’m pleased that we’re actually batting in those leagues these days. Arsene is building out the squad. I’m not sure why people don’t think we need a back up right back who is quality. He’s a total necessity.

It’s good news. We have our full backs sorted for the season. Now we need to kick on an sort out a holding midfielder and at least two centre backs. I’d argue we need a strikers, but I think we’re set there with Sanogo, Sanchez and Giroud. I’d still like to see some action up top, whether that’s a players like Griezman.

There was a rumour on the web that said we were interested in Paul Pogba. I was a bit like this guy…

Then I had a think about it, and I was a bit like…

I mean, you have to get some perspective here. I mean, I’d absolutely love to have someone of that talent at Arsenal, but you really would be hard pressed to imagine he’d consider a move to us. He could go anywhere in the world and earn any amount of money he dreamed of. Are we really going to shell out £60m for him and pay him £250k a week? I’d be really surprised.

But… I’d be really surprised, but damn, I’d be excited. Excited like…

Jeez, the use of gifs has really brought a lot to my web game.

Arsenal are in New York, I’ve had pals sending me pictures of stuff popping up all over the city this week. Looks like the fans are losing their minds with all the Arsenal attention. We’re making a major splash in the states. They’re taking over the tube, they’re playing 5 aside games in Grand Central stations and it seems to be going down and absolute dream.

Arsenal, for me, are a team for New Yorker’s. They’re into the finer things and the whole class things resonates well over there. The Brooklyn Nets have totally rebranded and it’s all about the finer things over there. It’s all about the brand. Arsenal offer something unique. Now we’re signing top players, we also have a top player angle as well. We’re a pretty sexy team as well. Everyone buys into sexy.


So Arsenal take on the Rebulls today, should be fun. What will be alarming is the massive issue we’ll have at centre back. If Koscielny is rested due to international duty, we’ll have Miquel and Hayden at the back. Scary times. We need to sort the centre back issue pronto.

If Wenger sorts that out, which the club will be doing as a priority, and he sorts it well, then we’ll have had a pretty spectacular summer. If he does decide to bring in a central midfielder and a striker, well, I might explode.

Anyway, things are back on track. My midweek panic can pass. I’m over the moon about Chambers, I think we’ll be having one of those… ‘United paid what for Shaw and we paid what for Chambers’ memes going by the end of the season.

So all in all, we’re feeling satisfied.

Also, this is how I’m hitting up newsnow at the moment. Have a great day.


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  1. gats

    Paying £16m for a 19 year old with very limited experience, and wont pay the price for a world class player like khedira. Boggles the mind.

  2. MrT

    8th for Hamas to stop firing rockets at Isreal and stop inviting trouble by kidnapping and killing innocent Israelies ….

  3. MrT

    10th for everyone to come to the negotiation table and stop being bitches. Sign the motherfucking peace deal. They also wanna watch Arsenal in Gaza

  4. Bamford13

    I think I like the Chambers signing. Versatile, technical, highly-rated defender who can play across the back four, maybe even CDM someday.

    As long as we sign a quality CDM, I can be happy about this window.

    However, until we replace Giroud at CF — and I remain unconvinced that Sanchez is a lone CF — we won’t be competing for the title.

    Chambers makes me happy, though, perhaps irrationally so.

  5. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp)

    ” according to rumour he’s been sold to Arsenal ” Who the fuck listens to rumour?

    Nothing anywhere about this. Drgba will score against us again, I know that

  6. kiblib

    Chambers’ price has a huge variance on it.
    Mirror -£7m
    Telegraph -£10m
    Daily Star -£12m
    BBC -£16m

    I know the BBC is seen as a more reputable source but still. Good signing imo.

  7. Bamford13

    Mr. T

    Hamas will stop firing rockets when Israel ends its illegal and criminal blockade on Gaza. Beyond that, Israel needs to end the brutal and criminal occupation of the West Bank, along with removing all settlements from the West Bank.

    And by the way, this latest flare up began — not with the kidnap-murders or with Hamas rockets, as the pro-Israel media would have you believe — but with Israeli provocations, arrests, assassinations of Hamas officials in the West Bank.

    The IDF has killed more than 600 Palestinian civilians, including some 150 children in the past 17 days — including the 15 women and children they killed two days ago when they shelled the UN school and refugee center, a clear war crime.

    On the other side, Hamas rockets have killed three Israelis. Three.

    That’s enough on the topic for me. Cheers.

  8. Scravaldio

    11th for there is a clear misunderstanding of the current situation and that this is a massive gas grab by a state going through an energy crisis and people should stop beleiving the bullshit that the mainstream media is feeding you about rockets and kidnapped kids, religion, politics. Its all bollocks its about the 4 billion dollars worth of gas off the coast of the Gaza that israel wants the british gas group to extract. So next time you turn on your gas oven or cash in your pension just remember who’s blood is all over it. Ahh so proud to be british. Educate yourselves fools.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Khedira would cost another £5m a year, will have less re-sale value in 3 years time and isn’t a DM

  10. TonyGunner

    Remember where we were last year this time? The club is doing business which for all of us is that rare happiness we all hope for. Now go get Martinez and Bender and the spine is sorted

  11. Max85

    Can’t see that we would have paid more than £10m up front for Chambers, with the rest of the payment being conditional clause based (e.g. after x appearances, x trophies, x international caps etc). Pretty standard for a young prospect. Very happy with this business, class act.

    Also means as things stand we’re set for CBs, as Chambers is a more than capable 4th choice. If TV leaves, can see us grabbing Winston Reid who is entering last year of his contract at West Ham and refusing to sign a new one. It would mean for the first time in ages we can fully rotate the defence for cup games to give both Kos and Mert a rest.

  12. daniel

    Is this not a sport blog so y talking about Hamas or Israel
    Do that on BBC or any other .
    dnt divide fans with such sensitive issues

  13. Bamford13


    Thanks for your input, Daniel. It’s the most important thing going on in the world at moment, so I don’t think it hurts anyone for people to shout a few things out.

    Plus, I’m not sure you’ve noticed, but we’re pretty divided on here as it is. That’s the nature of this blog. Not just difference of opinion, but fierce division of opinion.

  14. Phil

    No striker…no defensive midfielder, no recognised centre half…arsene knows….I agree drogba at 36 will have a field day …fucking useless if you ask me….

  15. Bamford13

    Pedro on Twitter—

    “Amazing how many are moaning about Chambers. A £16m exciting back up right back. What a progressive move.”

    People are really moaning about this signing? I honestly don’t get that — and I love to moan.

  16. GiveMeWhatWengerSmoking

    Apparently Chambers can play centre half, so that may be the plan.

    @MrT – please shut your mouth, you have no clue what you’re talking about. Go spread your zionazi propaganda somewhere else.

  17. MrT

    @Bamford13 was just trying to let you know that there is always two sides to an argument. Palestinians are not saints either. Yes people are dying (they are at war). It is not an ideal situation. I don’t consider the life of a Palestinian less than that of an Isreali (I place equal premium on all human life ) which is why I also don’t consider an Isreali life inferior to a Palestinian life. The Israelis have their own argument too.
    Plus you are wrong on what started the violence. It started with the kidnapp of three Jewish kids that were hicking back home. I believe there should be peace in Gaza but there are two sides to a story.
    Finally you can’t comment and not expect a reply on a forum. So I refuse to accept your suggested closure after your comment. If u so choose to end it at my comment fine 🙂

  18. daniel

    Chambers wild cover the centre back spot and right back if Carl goes on loan.
    The fees are 8mil plus appearance related add-on around 2mil

  19. shad

    £16m for an unproven youngster is steep. Over-priced as usual because he is English.Has Ox or Theo justified the money we bought them for yet? None has had a consistent run of good form while keeping off the treatment table.

    For that money we should have been #balosdeep in Fanny (see what I did there?)

  20. MrT

    @givemewhatwengerissmoking and I guess you are commenting from Gaza ….why not educate my simple mind since you know what you are talking about. Plus I am not speaking.

  21. Bamford13

    Mr. T

    I wasn’t closing down your comments on the topic, just my own. You are welcome, of course, to say what you like.

    You are mistaken, however, regarding how this latest flare up began, but I have already said my piece, so I will leave it there.

  22. DUIFG

    Big signing chambers. Lots if money. Really hope it has not come at the expense of a dm. If not I take my hat off to the club

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    This is how I think Wenger sees it.

    1st choice striker, signed
    1st choice RB, signed
    Back up keeper, signed
    4th choice CB, signed
    3rd choice CB, not signed, but TV5 still here
    DM not signed, interest in Carvalho / Schnerdeirlin

  24. ikon

    biggest loosers are liverpool in this window.. they have defensive issues which no one is apparently looking at… you cannot outscore opponents always without Suarez in your side.

    As of now Arsenal are winning the transfer season comfortably…

  25. Bamford13

    Would like to stir things up again this morning. If the two sides below meet on 11/22 — at Old Trafford, I think — what do you think the result will be?

    _________________De Gea



    Sorry to say, but I think I would have United winning 2-1 or 3-1.

    Whereas if Arsenal were to add — just for the purposes of discussion — the likes of Schneiderlin and Benzema, giving us—-


    I would have Arsenal beating United 4-2 in a match for the ages.

    Ah, to dream.

    * assumes they sign Daley Blind

  26. GunnerPete`

    Oh how the worm has turned , Arsene now is it? It has been Wenger for too long whilst he has performed the miracle of keeping my unique club in the top four without funding since we built the best stadium in Europe. You did not listen then but I always hope Arsene would still be in charge when the funds came back. He has nothing to prove to true Gunners like me (72 years of age and loyal).

    As for Chambers…..don’t forget that Arsene had a bid od nearly £8 mill rejected last year for Shaw and that would have been as good deal, but this lad has it all and his English and he is U21 captain and he is a possible CB! Only AW can do that mate. He shows up the Moanrihnos and City buyers of trophies by building squads without funds…something the Chelski berk cannot do.

    My buddy who is quite well know at AFC….tells me the fee was near £7 mill up front with add- ons for appearances over 4 years .

    Hopefully you and your cynical mates will start to appreciate how lucky we are with AW and that the rest of us supported him.

  27. silentstan

    when we dont sign Remy for 8m but prepared for 16m for a BACK UP rb, I think priorities are wrong. Jenko and Bellerin are back ups.
    Heres to Israel wiping Hamas off the face of the earth.

  28. Bamford13


    Agreed we’re having a nice window so far, but can’t say we’ve had a good window if we don’t replace Arteta. And we can’t have a great window if we don’t replace Giroud.

    For me the window has to be judged based on the team’s needs and its ability/inability to win the EPL title this season.

  29. Jeff

    “Agreed we’re having a nice window so far, but can’t say we’ve had a good window if we don’t replace Arteta. And we can’t have a great window if we don’t replace Giroud.”

    Well put.

  30. Mo

    Happy with Chambers, good positive signing if it’s true. As for Israel/Gaza…both let down by appalling leadership on both sides. Their leaders should be have “I’m a complete cunt” painted on their bodes and made to parade round.

  31. daniel

    U re so ignorant of many things,@bamford so you think futball is maths?
    You dnt even ave a clear pica of who wild play(injuries,form).
    It simply is too far away to determine the winner

  32. Emiratesstroller

    I have one concern about acquisition of Chambers and that was it is not a PRIORITY. Personally I think that there is a lot of guesswork about transfer fee reflected in variation. Arsenal do not usually offer disclosure. However, he will not come cheap because he is English.

    He is young and clearly a good player in a position [RFB] where frankly England are rubbish with Johnson [Liverpool] and Walker [Spurs] as current options.

    My main concern is not so much Jenkinson who does have limitations, but rather Bellerin who is also 19 who is considered one of best prospects in our U21 squad. What is to become of him?

  33. Fufina

    The huge plus that Chambers gives is how the squad rules work for the EPL and CL. Being 19 and home grown he does not need to count towards those rosters now, and in 3 years time he will be one of our 8 home grown players. It is good business for a talented young player.

    Think we are paying 7mil up front (mail price) going up to 16mil (bbc) if every single clause is hit in the contract.

  34. kwik fit


    Blind is very much a left sided player. No chance he’ll be bought to play on the united right.


    You pretty much nailed it in terms of Wengers thought process.
    Still feel we need an additional striker. This Firmino guy seems interesting. Can play wide and up front. Pacey , so could complement Giroud. Not too expensive either.

  35. Bamford13


    You really are a piece of work. It’s a thought experiment. It’s for discussion. Looking at those sides, knowing what one knows about these teams, managers, players, what does one think will happen?

    For me this kind of thing is interesting. If it isn’t for you, you’re welcome to ignore it. To say it can’t be done, however, is to miss the point.

  36. Fufina

    I also think Wenger must see Chambers or Jenkinson as a future CB or is planning to move Bellerin into mid field, because we do have an overload at RB now, even if Jenkinson goes out on loan

  37. karim

    Hamas don t represent Palestine as a country, well not anymore since Israel killed Yasser Arafat leading to the end of calm negociations

    On the other hand, Israel is a country and leads a war by destroying entire neighborhoods because they ” think ” some Hamas representative might be there……
    Do the maths

  38. DUIFG

    Sign a quality rb and people concerned about the status of our 3rd and 4th voice rb’s . Only at arsenal,ha. Somebody yesterday was claiming Hayden or coqulain could be our DM answer!

  39. Bamford13


    And further, what did I say above that implies that I think football is merely “maths”? Nothing.

    I couldn’t possibly think more differently about the game. I’m one of the folks on here who is constantly telling people not to try to reduce player or game analysis to statistics, to always see players in combination rather than isolation, to account for chemistry, understanding, tactics, etc.

    So I’m not sure what you’re on about.

  40. WengerEagle

    I’m happy with the Chambers signing, from the little I’ve seen of him he looks a very good young player. A Southampton mate of mine reckons he’s a very good player and comparable with Shaw.

    Tbh on the one hand £16 million seems steep but then you have to remember that’s what we paid for Ox in 2011, it’s what United paid for Phil Jones and Chris Smalling and in a market where David Luiz is sold for €50 million it’s decent business.

    Well done to the club, now let’s crack on and wrap up the Ospina signing along with signing a CDM and maybe a striker.

    Also if Vermaelen leaves we’ll need another CB.

  41. Daniel2160

    I remain slightly unconvinced with ‘Wenger’ and won’t buy into him fully again unless we a) buy a defensive midfielder than can stay uninjured for more than two months at a time, doesn’t get booked every time he plays, and run reasonably quickly, b) get in another decent quality centre back pronto, and c) ups our game when it comes to tactics and training.

    The would be a d) as well – play eithe Akpom or Campbell over Sanago, but I don’t think that will happen; Arsene obviously has a thing for lanky postmen that takes 10 chances to score 1 goal.

  42. kwik fit

    Charlie Boy

    If he plays like The Gerv then I think we should pass.
    He won the newcomer of the year award in Germany , plays wide is pacey and has scored plenty of goals. Could be worth a punt if we’re putting big money into the DM position.

  43. qna

    Time will tell if its a good signing or not. But like pedro says, if there is a sniff of a player being an english superstar a premium is there. Its well worth ithe risk Now we should sell Jenks and consider the matter closed and keep building up. Still have hope of khedira and balotelli. That would send me over the moon.

  44. Emiratesstroller

    I cannot see either Jenkinson or Chambers being considered as even a fourth
    string centre back option.

    Jenkinson may have the size, but does he have the discipline and concentration? On past performance I am doubtful

    Chambers spec on transfer markt is that he is right back with right midfield and right wing as alternative positions. There is no mention of CB. Is he big
    or strong enough to play there?

    As I have already said Arsenal need a first string DMF as a priority. They cannot afford to go into season with option of Arteta and Flamini play against top

    If they manage this and hold onto Vermaelen as third string CB that is okay by

    Personally I don’t like idea of wholesale changes in squad. It seldom works particularly at start of season. 5 new players is for me an absolute maximum.

  45. Gunned Puma


    Re: Giroud vs Campbell.

    Giroud isn’t going to get much better from his current form. He had an OK WC and he still managed to miss a lot of chances.

    Campbell on the other hand hasn’t played for a team that creates many chances for him. From what I’ve seen, he has better shot and calmness than Grioud. If he stays at Arsenal it will be the first time, I think, he has the creative talent around him. What he did in Greece doesn’t really compare Re: Vela at Arsenal and Socied is a different player.

    But yes Giroud is our #1 striker no doubt. Then Campbell and then SoooNogoal (Unless Chuba gets promoted to the first team as well)

  46. WengerEagle

    Firmino was in the top 10 most productive attackers in ALL of Europe’s top 5 leagues last season with 22 goals and 15 assists in 37 league + cup matches.

    He’s 22 years old.

    That answer your question?

  47. N5

    Bamford, Bade’s comment was about Travis last night I think.

    “Hopefully you and your cynical mates will start to appreciate how lucky we are with AW and that the rest of us supported him.”


  48. ricky

    Sorry but I have to say…..

    Some here want us to evaluate the justice of the Palestinian cause based on excerpts from Hamas documents. We should do the same with the Israeli Likud party. This was their platform in 1999:

    “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”

    “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river. The Palestinians can run their lives freely in the framework of self-rule, but not as an independent and sovereign state. Thus, for example, in matters of foreign affairs, security, immigration and ecology, their activity shall be limited in accordance with imperatives of Israel’s existence, security and national need.”

    Boiled down:
    – We shall continue our illegal theft of Palestinian lands because we have a god-given right to.
    – Palestinians will remain unequal forever.

    Some may find Likud statements more palatable than Hamas’ as they appeal to Jewish religious values rather than Islamic ones.

  49. thehjb

    @MrT @Bamford13 Hey Guys, the only Gaza news I want to read in the comment section is Balotelli’s tweet hinting he is close to a move to Arsenal. Thank you 🙂

  50. Ben

    If United are to buy Blind, it would be to play CDM not RWB. He is left footed and his right not that great tbh.

  51. ricky

    Do some posters have serious concerns though about confining human beings to a Gaza Zoo?

    Have we learned nothing from observing confined lions, tigers and bears that suddenly turn on their keepers? Have we learned nothing about how confined animals react when constantly teased and harassed?
    I think that best illustrates the pliight of the palestinians since 1948.

  52. WengerEagle

    Last season in the Bundesliga Roberto Firmino created 70 chances which was the second highest in the league only after Marco Reus (72).

    …Ok I’ll stop now.

  53. DBlock

    @ Bamford13 well said regarding Palestine and Israel conflict, very constructive and objective. Glad you’re not shy to discuss this in public.

  54. qna

    Gunned. Havent seen any of campbell other than world cup. I am wary of players having great world cups but then not great in epl.

    Like i said, I want to give hime a chance. Unlike sonogo he earnt it on the pitch rather than wengers pride at proving he can make a star out of a reject postman. But even sonogo has looked kike potential on a fee occasions and already proven my initial thoughts on him wrong.

    My main point wad that Giroud is not on the same level as benzema, rvp etc and yet he put in a season last year that earns respect. I would ideally love him to be our 2nd choice. BUT we DESERVE a cavani or at least a balotelli as 1st choice. This year give campbell a chance at 3rd or 4th choice depending on if we keep podolski as well.

    For me sanchez is perfect on LW or RW to support a top striker.

  55. GiveMeWhatWengerSmoking

    @N5 – The pro zionist supporters decided to drop their comments here, so they should be answered with the facts.
    @Ricky @karim – Keep up the good work

    As things stand – the battle against ‘terrorists’ has cost 900+ Palestinian lives, mostly civilians, with women and children.

    Makes you wonder who the real terrorists are.

  56. Pedro

    Ricky, I don’t get how there isn’t global condemnation.

    It’s fucking disgusting.

    ‘I don’t know enough about it to comment’

    Innocent kids and women being massacred as they sit at home in a country that doesn’t have an army. That’s all you need to know.

    I’ll leave it there.

  57. gunnergetyou

    I don’t have a problem with the Chambers signing as things stand but at the same it seems a bit strange that we’ve paid £12m for a 29 year old stop gap, now reportedly about to spend £16m on his longterm successor. That’s a combined £28m when all we had to do was sign Aurier for just £8m and we would’ve been sorted at RB for the next 10 years. That means the £20m we would’ve saved could’ve gone towards signing a world class CDM.

  58. N5

    @GiveMeWhatWengerSmoking There are sites for this type of discussion and although I understand why people are talking about it and I have my own views on the matter, it is a hugely divided sensitive subject that shouldn’t be argued on Le Grove.

    Some posters like Ozy have/are living through it and the Grove should be for escapism and Tottenham bashing, not trying to sort out the Gaza.

  59. Gregg

    Ok so right back slot adequately covered, replacement keeper covered. Difficult to say whether significant upgrades or not but then again we were strong in these areas last year so like for like is good business.

    Sanchez a huge upgrade on Bendtner so big improvement there and options.

    Central midfield hasn’t weakened and could be considered stronger if we keep players fit. Wilshere/Chamberlain and yes I will say it, Diaby.

    I’ve got a feeling Wenger will be very calm now and wait for an opportunity. late on players become available and I reckon he’ll bring in another forward, even if it’s a loan deal. That wont be until late August though.

  60. anon

    to those moaning about the chambers deal

    1. i really doubt we paid 16M upfront, we always have all sorts of clauses in our transfers…

    2. he’s english, talented player with a great potential, he can also play as a CB and from what i’ve read he used to play in midfield early on, so its clear to see he’s also very versatile,

    3. jenkinson has improved but he’s still not good enough, same as monreal (and arteta) so i’m happy to see someone new brought in, i wouldn’t write jenks off just yet, a loan could do wonders for his career.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    I love blanket statements.

    Zionist terrorist.

    Hamas terrorist.

    Go back and read the history of the construction of the Israeli state. You gain some perspective as to why Israel are so aggressive in the region.

    Equally, the suffering in Gaza is horrific but when you see some people out there try to defend Hamas or say “Hamas rockets only killed 3 people” Ohhhhhh that’s alright then isn’t it?!

    Hamas fired rockets during a UN brokered ceasefire…but they didn’t kill anyone…ohhhhhh that’s alright then!

    I’m not defending Israel, but I’m not going to defend Hamas. and THAT is the problem, who’s defending the people of Gaza. Israel are far too aggressive and far too harsh, and sadly it’s always the poor little children who get caught wherever conflict is in the world.

    But Hamas aren’t for the people of Gaza any more than Israel are.

    Some of the stuff in the media and social media borders on anti-Semitism and it’s disgusting. Where was this indignation when Assad killed 10 000 Palestinians?! No, no one was interested.

  62. Danny

    If you’re happy with Wenger as our manager then that’s cool, but for a lot of us it’s complete hell.
    Just like Hamas are for the people of Gaza.

  63. WengerEagle

    ‘That’s a combined £28m when all we had to do was sign Aurier for just £8m and we would’ve been sorted at RB for the next 10 years.’

    I like the look of Aurier too and do think that it’s a bit of a shame that we didn’t go for him but in Debuchy and Chambers we got 2 BPL experienced RB’s, one that can slot right in as Sagna’s replacement and the other who could potentially be our starting RB for a decade and can also play CB.

    Cons with Aurier:

    – No BPL experience.
    – 5 foot 9 (Chambers is 6 foot)
    – Would have had to go to the African Cup of Nations every other year (including the upcoming season).

  64. Marc

    Why are people complaining about what we’ve spent (reportedly) on Chambers? Providing we get the other players we need so what. Now if Wenger were to come out and say we can’t sign a CM, wide player or Striker because we’ve blown our transfer budget then fine but we still have £100 million in the bank.

    Also on the Gaza thing – really not the place to discuss. I’m sure we all agree on the humanitarian crises but this is a subject that divides people into black and white opinions. We’d be here all day and no one would have changed their minds.

  65. qna

    GGY: interesting and valid question. I guees time will telk how good Aurier will be. 10 years? Is he that good. I heard some fellow grovers suggest his positional play isnt up to it. But you do make a valid point.

    Looks like chambers fee might be closer to 7m. Also u have to factor in the following. There is a valid and genuine need for 1st team english talent. But its rare to find english talent worthy of a top club (lets define it as a team that consistently makes UCL semis). So when they become available its good to jump on that. Note we are competing with other rich clubs for this rare comodity. The move for chambers cannot be questioned by all accounts. I recently posted the same justification for luke shaws 32m price. Jenks is not world class and should be moved on now.

    Question is would Aurier/chambers or debuchy/chambers be better. I know the latter cost more, but I am happier with what we got. Read my posts I am a hard man to please.

  66. Cesc Appeal


    Exactly, I said that the other day it isn’t a black and white issue at all, it’s grey as grey can be.

    But, I had to say something then because it seemed there was a shy little defence of Hamas which cannot be tolerated, at all. They are a terrorist organisation and they do nothing for the poor people of Gaza.

    But as I say that was my only point, obviously the suffering is horrendous.

    And yeah, Chambers to me is a good bit of business, like the look of him.

  67. Gregg

    Someone mentioned earlier about a potential signing of Winston Reid. It got me thinking, in the 40+ years I’ve supported Arsenal, I have never known us sign anyone from West Ham.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Reid’s name was thrown about in January I think as well? I know a few people who really rate him.

  69. sheriffdeen

    I am happy having Wenger as our coach but I’m unhappy with his approach to players acquisition. if that is sorted out as we ongoing then I’m with Wenger.

  70. Gunned Puma


    Yeah, I hear you, and I didn’t mean Campbell should replace Giroud. He hasn’t done anything remotely close to warrant that. Hence Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott should be our first striking options.

    What I was saying is Campbell has a few things that Giroud lacks and will probably never develop and his age. Given chances + working with Sanchez, Ozil, Rosicky, etc. could push him to the level we require our first choice CF to be. Same for Chuba (and if you say so, Sanogo 😉 ).

  71. Marc


    Agree mate – but you just get pulled into a never ending cycle. There’s a great quote by an Israeli leader, can’t remember who or exact quote but it goes something along the lines of “Until you learn to love your children more than you hate Israel there will never be peace”. Honest to God you’d hope they could learn to chill out have a beer and watch the football.

  72. Cesc Appeal

    The amount of people out there saying “feel bad for Jenkinson” but then saying “because his Dad did a dance when he signed for us,” or “because of that celebration at Norwich,” or “because he’s a proper Gooner.” Is that how we’re measuring player ability?

    Football fans. Scream for quality signings, Wenger adds quality in depth and they start pandering for a below par footballer because he’s a gooner.

  73. qna

    Cesc: some of the stuff in media borders on anti-semitism.???

    Which media do you watch/read.

    No main stream media is anti semetic. Few like RT might be anti-zionist, but are essentially anti-USA.

    Muslims and jews lived together peacefully for hundreds of years before zionists moved in.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    It’s a disgrace it’s 2014 and you still see scenes like that, take blame and the players out of it – to see mangled children’s bodies. So unnatural. Israel have had children’s discos suicide bombed as well, school buses hit with anti-tank missiles.

    That’s a great quote and so true. How can you hate someone so much based on their religion or some other silly factor that you’re willing to do something like that.

    But there’s no answer to the conflict. There really isn’t, what do you do? Better minds have tried and failed that’s why I say it just turns into a slinging match on a board like this. None of us are political experts or humanitarian workers.

    I just hope the least that can happen is a UN ceasefire so aid agencies can get in there and make sure kids and mothers have food, water and medical supplies. Let the men go fight each other, get the mothers and children out of the way!

  75. Danny

    Muslims and jews lived together peacefully for hundreds of years before zionists moved in.

    Where exactly? Stamford Hill?

  76. Marc


    Why biased? As for the idea that people should stop killing each other being stupid – think we’ll differ on opinion there.

  77. Cesc Appeal


    My anti-Semitism comment was more about where was your indignation during Assad’s reign of terror? I don’t mean “your” and in you personally, I mean I never saw it mentioned on here – didn’t see Twitter blow up. Hmmm.

    I don’t want to get drawn on it, really don’t because it’s an issue we’ll spend all day going around and around.

    Bottom line is the world should be focused on trying to help the children of Gaza however they can. The conflict isn’t going anywhere for a whole variety of reasons and no one party is to blame.

    Humans like nice black and white issues, everything fits nicely into it’s nice little box – but Gaza/Israel is a convoluted, twisted, horrid issue with both sides producing reasons to not back down and unfortunately in the midst of that are poor innocent people who take the brunt on both sides.

  78. GoonerInNY

    I started to read the comments, but there was too much Israel/Hammas, so I am out after making two comments.

    1) While I fully support Israel, I don’t understand how anyone could argue either side has acted cometely correct. Bamford’s long comment above is so one-sided. And Pedro’s comment about the start of the current flare-up is over simified and, frankly, wrong. This is a 66-year-old war, and to take the last month out of context makes no sense.

    2) I was at Yankee Stadium last night, and I saw a guy wearing an Arsenal practice jersey. Gave him the thumbs up. I am sure 99 percent of my fellow Yankee fans had no idea what the shirt was (it didn’t say Arsenal anywhere, just the big Fly Emirates and the badge). But it gave me a big smile. The trip to NY hasn’t been as high-profile here as Pedro’s description might lead you to think (stuff goes on at Grand Central all the time). But it has made more of an impact than it would have five years ago.

    I will be back tomorrow to try and talk Arsenal. If it is all Israel-Hamas again, I will try again on Monday.

  79. karim

    the quote you refer to suggests Palestinians are the ones that hate.
    biased to me
    it also suggests they shoud have a good beer
    Muslims drinking beer ?
    Stupid to me
    Even though I do drink beer

  80. Arsene's Nurse

    Don’t understand why we are cocking about at RB when we need CB, DM and CF. Smacks of Wenger’s fiddling and project youth.

  81. Cesc Appeal


    Your point 1, abso-bloody-exactly! That’s what I was trying to say! Ha.

    The UN Armistice in 1949 (I think) the 1967 war, 1973, the Munich attack etc etc…you can’t just look at this as “fucking Israel” or “fucking Hamas.”

    No blanket statements, no one sided posts please.

  82. El Tel 1

    Just cant win can we. Signing 2 decent RB’s and letting them work for the place. 2 decent Keepers. In fact we have five forwards, Not one forward and a postman.

    If somebody had signed Chambers, Wenger would have been slaughtered. He is now getting cained by some because He has signed Chambers.

    If we want to beat the Money launderers we need to behave like them.

    When we brought Henry back Wenger gets slaughtered. That prick Moaninhio brings back DogShit and He is lauded for it.

    Come on Guys. Lets ALL big up the Arsenal, just for once.

  83. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    That really annoyed me, £16 Million would have been a record signing (if he does indeed go for that much) just prior to Ozil. Now Wenger is paying that for a back up RB…good! At bloody last!

    Get a CDM and we’re starting to cook, replacing Giroud can wait till next summer if we do that!

    Oh, come on Lewis!

  84. qna

    @Danny if you dont know what your talking about. Dont talk about it mate.

    @Marc leftist does not equal anti semetic

    @Cesc please consider if you use the word anti semetic corectly. I am anti zionist but have nothing against
    jewish people. Many jewish people are also anti zionist.

  85. TitsMcgee

    I think Wenger is going to dig in and not budge on the prices being touted for the midfielders he’s considering.

    So unless something drops into his lap at the last second he’s probably going to roll the dice with Arteta/Flam/Glassiaby.

    Would be a shame because it will basically write off another season.

  86. Samir

    Personally, I think Wenger and co have done a splendid job so far this transfer window.

    CDM – A must.
    Replacement for Vermy if he leaves. – A must.
    Firmino? – We’d be spoiled.
    ST?- We’d be spoiled.

    I’d be very happy indeed.

  87. Cesc Appeal


    I really hope not.

    Because all that good work, Sanchez, Debuchy, Chambers, Ospina will be undone by not getting a CDM. Though the BBC say we’re still very keen on Schniederlin…Wenger MUST know that defensive middle is a problem.

  88. WengerEagle

    I don’t see us keeping Vermaelen, he’s 29 soon and I can’t see jhim being content as a back-up CB for another season at his age. Wenger pretty much confirmed that he’s thinking about leaving too.

    If he does leave we must sign a replacement. Chambers should only be our back up RB/4th choice CB if needed, we absolutely need an experienced CB back-up to Mert and Kos in case one or both get injured.

    Also hope we don’t sell Vermaelen to United, have a feeling that would come back to bite us. Someone like Napoli would be ideal if he was dead set on leaving.

  89. Cesc Appeal


    Well, don’t know about spoiled for a striker because we need one badly, but in terms of how poor summers have been before and well (touch wood) this one is going then yeah, we’d be spoiled.

    If we get a CDM and replace Vermaelen if he leaves then I’ll happily wait until the Summer to get our proper striker

  90. DUIFG

    WE no way is chambers replacing mert, it looks like a smalling type purchase to supplement the squad not a first team guy weekly

  91. El Tel 1


    I love Jenks because he is living his dream. I agree he isnt the best RB going but He could have done a better job for England than Glenn fucking Johnson.

    Come on. jenks is one of us. He is also not as bad a player as some on here are suggesting. In fact I would rather him play than Sgnesseker the last couple of years.

    He would be a more complete player by now.

    We put up with Sagnesseker for way too long.

    If you want to know what Sagnesser means it is this. the ball in midfield gets passed to Sagna. Sagna out wide has one defender to. Beat or Theo in front of him. Sagna chooses the lazy and easy option of passing b ack to BFG.

    I loved Sagan as a bloke and fancy his wife rotten but he very rarely beat his opponent or made that telling cross. He got caught in midfield time after time and passed teh ball to BFG almost constantly. I am not saying this because he has left as I have been saying this on here for years.

    Cant wait to see if our new RB can speed down the wing and go past opponents.

  92. qna

    WengerEagle i am sure selling verm to united will bite us. He is ideal on the left in a back 3. Its stupidity to do that.

  93. Savage

    Thought it was a bit funny how Pedro moaned about the Gaza debate and then dived right in 🙂

    Obviously it’s a mess, but nobody must underestimate the Muslim hatred for Israel. It’s a bit weird though how Hamas rockets are so useless? Unless that’s because Israel don’t plant their military operations in synagogues, schools and hospitals…

  94. Marc


    1) I think there’s enough blame to go all round, neither side can claim the moral high ground but that quote just demonstrates some of the mind set in that part of the world.

    2) You can get alcohol free beer otherwise I would have suggested chill out have a beer, a bacon sandwich and watch the football.

  95. Byo

    I’ll preface my comment with “I think”:

    Jenkinson/Chambers may be groomed as RB/CB combo.
    Even though all the papers say Jenks is out, I just don’t see it, he was bought for the future too.

    P.S. Is this a football blog, or a political commentary site?

  96. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    Can’t agree. I don’t care he’s one of “us,” he gets £25 000 a week and is a footballer and is taking a place in out squad – he’s not god enough. Tries, put effort in but just looks a level way below Arsenal, drops clangers all the time.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Chambers, that’s proper back up material, real, real potential there. Such an athletic lad already and only 19. Potential future England RB there. Was saying to Nasri’s Mouth have a mate who’s a Saints fanatic and rates him highly, on the same sort of level as Shaw. Says he’s very, very good.

  97. Savage

    Even if Jenkinson ends up leaving the club, he’ll still spend his career fighting Chambers for the RB spot for England. Unless Wenger wants to convert either of them into a CB.