Summer going down the pan…

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… it was too good to be true! God damn it was just too good.

Now, it’s only reports, but as a transfer battered Arsenal fan, it’s the dreaded news you expect after Arsenal fail on a couple of transfer target.

‘I have an internal solution’


The Mirror are reporting that Arsene, after failing with bids for Schnederlin and Carvahlo, is now kicking about the idea that Jack Wilshere can drop in and play that deep lying anchor man.

Oh dear…

Not because he can’t hack it. He’s a talented boy. Mainly because Jack is being rewarded for bad behaviour. His form has been erratic, his discipline has been pretty woeful off the pitch and he’s not actually an anchorman.

Round peg > Square hole

Eboue right midfield, Nik Bendtner right midfield, Andrey on the left wing…

If there was a requirement for an anchorman last week, there is still one this week. We shouldn’t be gambling on square pegs with a player who is constantly injured. It seems an outrageous risk to take.

Also, this is a familiar issue when we don’t get our targets. Instead of getting someone else, we wait at the detriment of our title challenge. We can’t get Schnederlin now, so we’re putting it off until next season when it’s more likely Southampton will let him go. Just like with Chamakh and Cazorla.


If Arsene thinks our squad was basically one player away from being competitive, I feel he’s badly misjudged things. I also think he’s probably found himself caught up on the Diaby is for headlights. Sure he’s fit, but we all know that has a ten game shelf life…

I’ve got to brace you for it, but I think the summer is going south right now. We have no back up centre back despite having a pretty good idea that Thoma Vermaelen wants to leave and that Arsene has no time for him, we have no centre midfielder despite us being desperately short of a high impact power house there and we’re short a right back as our first choice has gone to Liverpool.

Feels like a mess is brewing…

I’m also not sure why people are getting so bogged down in a new striker. I’m pretty sure Sanchez is our new striker. I really don’t see him moving for anyone else. Mario would be immense, but he’s not going to go there. I certainly hope we’re not looking to loan Douglas Costa. We have £100m in the bank. Why would a club of our size out someone else’s striker in a better shop window for a year?

I have to say though, a leopard rarely changes his spots. Especially an old one. Even if the fitness coach issue is a compromise… He hasn’t shit canned Tony Colbert. He’s still there.

Sherlock Frustrated

In other news, we saw Thomas Eisfeld leave for Fulham. I liked the young lad, but said at the time of his signing the likelihood of him coming to anything was slim. He joins the scrap heap of Arsenal youth development failures. Hopefully this new Dutch guy coming in will give us a bit more success, because really, our youth system has been a pretty tremendous failure over the last 20 years. Not good, when you consider the catchment area is London, one of the most densely populated areas in the UK.

We’ve managed to get a 15 year old in. Georgios Spanoudakis who is Greek / German joins our set up. I really don’t care. Youth products at Arsenal are like cattle. Don’t name them, don’t pay them any interest and you won’t get hurt when Arsene Wenger takes the bolt gun out in three years time. My concern with this chap is that he moved from Frankfurt 4 years ago, now he’s moved again… even if he does.

Brace yourselves people, I think our dreams of something spectacular happening on the transfer front are about to hit a juddering half. The train has derailed… good luck with deeper changes happening on the preparation front.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Ashwin Gunner


    Ox has what it takes to peform at the highest level. He played very well in teh friendly before WC. sad that he got injured. he could have had a decisive impact on England’s campaign, had he been fit..

    With Walcott not fully fit, i think OX may be given a run on the wings.. I would also like Gnabry to have more game time. we have a big squad with lots of quality. I would expect Wenger to start rotating…

    The good thing about Old Red nose was, he used to rotate his players. there has only been 2 instances in his entire career as a manager, where he has played the same 11 players in two consecutive matches.. Wenger should learn from him..

  2. Savage

    @wengers gigolo, if he’s frustrated with the bench at RM, why join us? I would prefer Chezzer to continue, because he’s built an understanding with our back 4, and I actually think he’s a top keeper, who only needs a few more seasons of consistency to move into the world class bracket.

    So Ospina is a better bet for me, somebody moving up the ladder, with new things to achieve, rather than down.

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Ashwin gunner: there has only been 2 instances in his entire career as a manager, where he has played the same 11 players in two consecutive matches.

    Really? Amazing if true

  4. Bergkamplegend

    Hello guys!!

    PLEASE don’t tell me that le senile one agree to pay the indecent wages for casillas, as we need a fucking DM…
    Hopefully for us, spanish newspapers are full of shit.

  5. Savage

    I don’t believe it at all, but we’re all agreed Wenger needs to rotate more. There was a school of thought a few a seasons ago, even here on LG, that one core XI should be winning the league, as in 30 years ago, but that thinking has gone now.

    I think it’s a bit of both. I do think you have a core 7 or 8 that carry you through most games. Keeper and CB pair for starters.

  6. Savage

    @Bergkamplegend, we’re going to sign a keeper regardless of what happens at DM. If I had told you Casillas would be our backup, you’d have signed for it no question. Still, Ospina for me.

  7. Gregg

    The spine of your team needs to remain consistent, other than that, injury aside you rotate the flair players around it.

  8. Alfie

    “Bergkamplegend July 25, 2014 08:32:26
    So Milan wants €10M + Campbell in exchange of super mario…”

    Where’d you get your info from buddy?

  9. Bergkamplegend

    Yep, but I don’t know if the italians papers are more reliable sources than the spanish ones lol