Summer going down the pan…

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… it was too good to be true! God damn it was just too good.

Now, it’s only reports, but as a transfer battered Arsenal fan, it’s the dreaded news you expect after Arsenal fail on a couple of transfer target.

‘I have an internal solution’


The Mirror are reporting that Arsene, after failing with bids for Schnederlin and Carvahlo, is now kicking about the idea that Jack Wilshere can drop in and play that deep lying anchor man.

Oh dear…

Not because he can’t hack it. He’s a talented boy. Mainly because Jack is being rewarded for bad behaviour. His form has been erratic, his discipline has been pretty woeful off the pitch and he’s not actually an anchorman.

Round peg > Square hole

Eboue right midfield, Nik Bendtner right midfield, Andrey on the left wing…

If there was a requirement for an anchorman last week, there is still one this week. We shouldn’t be gambling on square pegs with a player who is constantly injured. It seems an outrageous risk to take.

Also, this is a familiar issue when we don’t get our targets. Instead of getting someone else, we wait at the detriment of our title challenge. We can’t get Schnederlin now, so we’re putting it off until next season when it’s more likely Southampton will let him go. Just like with Chamakh and Cazorla.


If Arsene thinks our squad was basically one player away from being competitive, I feel he’s badly misjudged things. I also think he’s probably found himself caught up on the Diaby is for headlights. Sure he’s fit, but we all know that has a ten game shelf life…

I’ve got to brace you for it, but I think the summer is going south right now. We have no back up centre back despite having a pretty good idea that Thoma Vermaelen wants to leave and that Arsene has no time for him, we have no centre midfielder despite us being desperately short of a high impact power house there and we’re short a right back as our first choice has gone to Liverpool.

Feels like a mess is brewing…

I’m also not sure why people are getting so bogged down in a new striker. I’m pretty sure Sanchez is our new striker. I really don’t see him moving for anyone else. Mario would be immense, but he’s not going to go there. I certainly hope we’re not looking to loan Douglas Costa. We have £100m in the bank. Why would a club of our size out someone else’s striker in a better shop window for a year?

I have to say though, a leopard rarely changes his spots. Especially an old one. Even if the fitness coach issue is a compromise… He hasn’t shit canned Tony Colbert. He’s still there.

Sherlock Frustrated

In other news, we saw Thomas Eisfeld leave for Fulham. I liked the young lad, but said at the time of his signing the likelihood of him coming to anything was slim. He joins the scrap heap of Arsenal youth development failures. Hopefully this new Dutch guy coming in will give us a bit more success, because really, our youth system has been a pretty tremendous failure over the last 20 years. Not good, when you consider the catchment area is London, one of the most densely populated areas in the UK.

We’ve managed to get a 15 year old in. Georgios Spanoudakis who is Greek / German joins our set up. I really don’t care. Youth products at Arsenal are like cattle. Don’t name them, don’t pay them any interest and you won’t get hurt when Arsene Wenger takes the bolt gun out in three years time. My concern with this chap is that he moved from Frankfurt 4 years ago, now he’s moved again… even if he does.

Brace yourselves people, I think our dreams of something spectacular happening on the transfer front are about to hit a juddering half. The train has derailed… good luck with deeper changes happening on the preparation front.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Madrid are looking for £44 Million for Di Maria apparently, so United would have to stump up some serious cash to snatch him. Though Woodward did talk a good fight about smashing transfer records and doing whatever it takes to win the league so, we’ll see I suppose.

  2. london gunner


    Mate your arrogance knows no bounds lol. Your now saying you have a better outside of foot curl than theo walcott a premier league arsenal star,,, I highly doubt it.

    “There’s a pretty big difference in Theo’s shooting from one side to the other, whenever I play from the right I can get almost as much curl with the outside of my right as I can from the opposing side, with my instep.Theo is able to open his body up completely from the left, Henry-esque, but really struggles to hit the other corner cutting in from the right, almost always curling the ball away from the keeper, it might be too late technique-wise”

  3. NYCgooner


    I haven’t seen Cavalho other than highlight videos and he does seem skilled but a little slow. Romford thinks highly of him and I do trust his judgement but i can’t say i’m convinced. If there is one DM i could have out of all, it would be Vidal but i know that’s not happening. I do like what i’ve seen of Kramer though. Has a huge future ahead of him. I also think highly of Schneiderlin, he’s one of the most underrated players in the PL. Incredible stats for someone you hardly heard about before this TW.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Think they’ve got a steadier pair of hands on the wheel now with Van Gaal, more experienced, think he knows what he wants – sounds like he does anyway!

    Could be wrong but it sounds like Van Gaal is more concerned with the team, the squad as opposed to this star name, or that star name. It’s more are you what we want? Be very interested to see what he does in the market, I still think Vidal will end up there, be a great buy!

  5. Keyser

    Hard to tell with Manchester United, they signed Nani to a new 5 year deal I think, and I think Evra got a new deal to along with a few other players, Herrera they wanted last year, fluffed it and have now bought him this year, doubt Van Gaal had much input into that.

    Despite what people ere saying United had the makings of a strong team/squad last year, shouldn’t be too difficult for Van Gaal to sort something out even if he doesn’t have complete control.

  6. Marc


    PSG are after Pogba in a big way and I can’t see Juve selling both this TW. The lack of CL football will also make it harder for them to attract players unless they pay over the odds on wages. I’ll be honest I’m surprised that they haven’t signed more players already while thinking at the same time they will struggle more than ManU fans and the media would have had you believe.

    We’re complaining but they’ve paid way over the odds for an unproven young LB and and a young Spanish MF who hasn’t played for the senior team.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Surely if AC MILAN are genuinely interested in Campbell let’s use him as a makeweight (with a reasonable buy back clause if he does well) for Super Mario! Is that not obvious? Oh yeah I forgot this is Arsenal FC where we do transfers the most protracted convoluted way (if we do them at all!)

  8. Marc


    ManU have had a poor squad for a few seasons. The only reason they got away with it was because of Fergie. They need 2-3 CB’s, a RB and at least 1 CM plus a winger and that’s assuming that the 2 they’ve brought in will work.

  9. Savage

    Even if United fill out their squad with good players, they might not even be able to play with each other. Ask Spurs and QPR fans how this works.

  10. Keyser

    It’s not a poor squad/team, it’s just been poorly assembled.

    Fergies been relying on increasingly ageing veterans rather than actually buying and developing what they needed, it just coninued with Moyes.

    They’ve bought, Fellaini, Mata and Herrera, on their own as individuals they’re qualiteh players, but how well did they fit in last year ? It just makes you wonder who’s making the decisions.

  11. qna

    NYC I would love Vidal too. And he would add that beast that we need to boss the midfield. The worst part is that we can afford him in terms of transfer and wages, but I dont think that will happen under Wenger.

    The point about Cavalho is noted. I am not convinced about Schnederlain. I have seen him play and I dont see him as being that good. If he was that good, he would be priced at 45m too. Times have changed, Arsene Wenger doesnt have a magic blanket that hides valuable talent to all the world but him anymore.

  12. Savage

    Keyser, and the new additions might also be misfits. Just because they get a string of big names (Vidal, Di Maria, Hummels, Reus, etc), there is not much guarantee they’ll have a team.

    Ironically, the bigger the names, the harder it is to force them into a system, and as we know with Van Gaal, when he doesn’t get his way… kaboom.

    RVG already starting the Wenger talk now – “I’ll have a look at the players first and then decide if we need new signings”. I’m sure RepOfMank are going apopletic, Le Grove style.

  13. london gunner


    “Keyser, and the new additions might also be misfits. Just because they get a string of big names (Vidal, Di Maria, Hummels, Reus, etc), there is not much guarantee they’ll have a team.”

    That can apply to any team though.

    You could say the same about Sanchez or ozil

  14. Savage

    Transfer-wise, United’s biggest failing is obviously not who they bought, but who they let go. Erm, Pogba anybody? And how did Pique get to leave?

  15. Savage

    “That can apply to any team though.”

    Absolutely. It could apply to Cesc and Costa, or Mangala and Fernando. Maybe not Southpool/Liverhampton – or will that be a case of schizophrenia?

    I honestly expect Spurs to improve now that their signings have a year behind them, as long as they hold onto guys like Lamela and Soldado (who I think is underrated in England). That is the exact problem over there yonder – after one season they just flush everybody out and start again, starting with the manager.

    The hope is that we’ll continue what we’re doing: adding one or two top players every year, keeping a strong core. It’s what Wenger tried to do with his youth project, but he overestimated the lure of cash and foreign DNA. It took City I while to gel before they started winning things under Mancini.

  16. Johnty79

    Wilshere will never make a dm as never will diaby. The r two weak and fragile.

    Wenger is the greatest manager the world as he knows how to get champs league an nothing else.

  17. Keyser

    Savage – I’d disagree to an extent, there’s a point where the talent just shines through, Van Gaal’s job isn’t really that hard, it’s a bit like Holland, you’ve already got Sneijder, Van Persie and Robbem, he just increased the work rate and efficiency around them.

    I was wondering more about who’s making the decisions, their plan has been pretty odd, through 3 managers now, it’s not soo much that they don’t have the players, it’s just how they’ve gone about integrating them as a team along with their managers wishes.

    Mata isn’t suddenly a poor player, he’s just been under-utilised, like Citeh or Chelsea, United know they have enough money to make it count.

    What works for is if we can bypass that by making sure we get more from the sum of our parts.

  18. Leedsgunner

    “Carvalho actually has a release clause. Pay it and get him so we can go into a season well prepared for once.”

    Dream on Tits, dream on! As long as Wenger is manager we will never to this!

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    “It’s the “silly season,” as we all know. So everyone wants to know, will Arsenal be making any more big signings? We hear Mario Balotelli and other names in the rumor mill?”

    Gazidis: “I never really like the words “big signing.” Because for us, the key is finding the pieces Arsene wants. What may be a big signing for us may not seem so to others. I would say disregard everything you read. It’s very seldom close to what we’re thinking”

    And depending on what side of the fence you sit on, you can interpret that however you like 🙂

  20. kwik fit

    Wenger on Khedira : “Sami knows how much fun he could have with me and Abou in the dressing room at Arsenal.”

  21. kwik fit

    Abou has been the single most important reason Wenger has never invested in a DM. Wenger still harbors some forlorn hope that Diaby will become the type of player he sees in his minds eye. Meanwhile, we never go out to purchase the missing link in the middle.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Astonishing. It is being suggested on several websites that Messrs Ozil, Mertseacker and Podolski will not be ready for start of season.

    Can you see us going into first matches with underweight team and Wenger not recruiting cover. The manager must have known the situation and completed transfer business by now as Chelsea have done.

    It will be interesting to see whether Man City play without their Argentinians.

  23. Gregg

    Diaby’s fitness or non fitness is totally irrelevant, he will not prevent us signing another central midfielder, Wilshere is the one that will, if anyone does.

  24. Dan Ahern

    kwik — Diaby played in the Boreham Wood match and kicked the ball at least 3 times without falling down injured. New record for him. Maybe he got some of that van Persie horse placenta.

  25. kwik fit


    If Diaby stays fit in August and plays well , just watch the pro Abou propaganda go into overdrive. I don’t believe the bullshit in yesterdays mirror suggesting that Jack was going to be deployed as a DM. Even Arsene’s not that stupid.

  26. kwik fit

    Dan LOL . He actually looked quite good but he’s an attacking Mid never a DM, even though he’s got the build of one.

  27. Gregg


    I’m sure you’ll see pro Diaby comments from the manager in a bid to up his confidence but no way will he think that he can do a that some are suggesting Wenger thinks will give him. I think personally that Wenger has CM targets and if he cannot get either then he wont settle for someone else, he’ll use from what he already has. He always has

  28. Dan Ahern

    kwik — Agree, attacking mid or B2B roamer. The entire strength of his game is maintaining possession while walking through defenders. Makes no sense sticking him back there because he’s tall, even though he’s decent at defense. He’d fall apart anyway. The plan for Diaby going forward is to avoid any and all contact.

  29. Marko

    Irrelevant if Diaby stays fit or not. Khedira or Schneiderlin or Bender or Carvalho is gonna join. Simples. And also if a new DM comes in its not to replace Diaby or even Jack it’ll be to replace early 30’s Flamini and 32 years old Arteta

  30. Marko

    Too many links or reports relating to Khedira and now Carvalho coupled with reports of Bilbao and Fiorentina being interested in Arteta. He’ll likely be a squad player at best next season.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    @kwik fit

    Wenger isn’t thinking of Diaby as a DM.

    While he may big him up and say he’s very important to us, blah blah blah he’s not important to us as a DM. Never has been. He’s more attacking than Vieira, and he wasn’t a holding player

    He’ll be looking at Diaby as someone who can help the attack

  32. DieCashleyDie

    so pointless is Abou Diaby that he will be the only player not linked to a Harry Redknapp transfer in the next month…

  33. kwik fit


    If that’s the case then Diaby has no chance of a place as we are very strong in the AM and B2B roles. Perhaps he sees him as a second striker, a role he could play , if he was fit of course.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I can see Arteta going to either Bilbao or the States after his contract ends in June. Maybe New York?

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    @kwik fit

    I’d have Diaby as cover for Ramsey. Not quite the same player but he brings energy and pace changing from defence to attack.

  36. kwik fit


    Yeah that would be his ideal position B2B. Having said that its pointless even speculating because we all know he’ll never stay fit.

  37. travis

    Well if it’s an anchorman your after, I hear Ron Burgundy is available, Wenger in Brazil, two signings, Debuchy and Sanchez, Wenger back in London, two kids signed , this is not a coincidence, this guy is a disaster, I doubt Messi or a lot of the other German’s won’t miss the first game of their seasons, and most pundits are praising this Jack move to defensive midfield, the guy is 5 feet 6 inches, a dwarf in football terms and he is asked to play one of the most important positions on the pitch, they are excited about the money AFC will save in making this outrageous move, it’s always about the money, these people have gpt truck loads of cash, I hope Palace wipe the floor on the first day of the season

    While he’s at it why didn’t Wenger try and turn Gibbs into a keeper, he could have saved the 3.5 million he wasted on Ospina, what a club this is under this deluded ancient has been

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    @kwik fit

    Probably not, but people having a go at Wenger because they think he’s going he’s going to play Diaby as DM. Nah

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    travis: Well if it’s an anchorman your after, I hear Ron Burgundy is available, Wenger in Brazil, two signings, Debuchy and Sanchez, Wenger back in London, two kids signed , this is not a coincidence

    I bet you think the moon landings were faked yeah?

  40. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth aka Wenger mouth piece

    You really do spend all day defending Wenger, pouncing on every criticism of him from every poster.

    We get it already your a wenger fan.

    But dude just chill on it yeah!

  41. travis

    And another trait of Wenger’s, if the club spends 30-40 million on bringing players in to the club, there will be 20-30 million worth of talent leaving

    Take your pick of who is going, Cazorla, Podolski, and what is wrong with Coquelin, a much better defensive mid than Jack will ever be, no player is any good to you on his arse, and that is where Wilshers spends most of his game time

  42. kwik fit


    I agree but we should have ago because Wenger may well rely on an ageing converted AM and an aggressive Utility player when their are a number of quality DM’s available in the market at present.
    Come on Arsene pull out that Wad!!!

  43. travis

    What I meant Dan was just take any player and turn him into something else, there was no malice intended to any player

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    @kwik fit

    I’m not going to worry about it till the end of the transfer window closes. So much BS on both sides

  45. london gunner

    Wengers Mouth

    Chill I can sense the uptightness in you!

    Just learn to relax a bit if people want to criticize wenger you don’t have to rush to his defence at every possible opportunity

    Wengers a big boy!

  46. Gregg

    Ok so Wenger got hammered when it was found out that he was going to be commentating in Brazil. Why he should be at home signing players.

    Then two signings are made whilst he’s away and we’re led to believe that this was done as he was away and couldn’t get in the way ? Wow, quite a theory

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    Gregg: Then two signings are made whilst he’s away and we’re led to believe that this was done as he was away and couldn’t get in the way ? Wow, quite a theory

    It’s ridiculous isn’t it ? And yet, by suggesting that apparently I’m defending Wenger.

  48. N5

    I may be one of the only posters that isn’t opposed to Jack being played as a DM. A clearly defined role might just suit the lad. I’ve seen comments saying he lacks discipline, but just how defined is his current role? is he given freedom to do what he likes?

  49. Dan Ahern

    N5 — Well, I think there are two types of discipline we’re talking about: positional and personal. Regardless of what you think of the former, the latter is an issue. JW still gets into scuffles half the time he’s tackled. (To be fair he gets hacked a lot but he has to expect it at this point.) How would that translate to a position where there’s a constant possibility of getting physically involved? I don’t think he’s level-headed enough. You’re risking him running into rash challenges and going to ground unnecessarily. And probably picking up cards faster than Flamini.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    “I may be one of the only posters that isn’t opposed to Jack being played as a DM.”

    Oh no.

    Not you! Not N5!

    I suppose it’s fitting though, your brother should be the one to kill you, I’ll get in my car, Hastings isn’t that long a drive for me.

  51. leon

    i think Sami Khedira has priced him self out allot of clubs if the rumours are true he is saying for 190 a week. I’m not big on hype have not being following the to much of any tranfer romours which 95% crap.

  52. travis

    Clubs are making big signings all around the globe, spending huge money on huge players, and Arsene is bringing back Campbell, signing two kids and in all probability selling Cazorla, I did notice a young German was sold, Eisfeld to Fulham, The Germans were starting to flood in to the club, I guess we couldn’t have 7 at the club, so one had to go, we had 7 German players at the club, I got an idea, sell, Cazorla, Wilshere, Diaby, and buy Pogba, spend the 50 odd million needed to get this guy

    for Christ sake Arsene, MAKE A STATEMENT OF INTENT, stop pissing around with 8-10 million pound players, you are 65, for once in your life, TAKE A CHANCE

  53. N5

    Strangely Dan I was on here just two days ago saying a very similar thing about Jack, I said his attitude to getting fouled was becoming almost diva like, but other posters were saying how he quite rightly and justifiably reacts in this manner to being fouled.

    I’m fully with you, and I would worry about that part of his game, but surely he can be taught to be more level headed, maybe Wenger could run a course of electroshock treatment?

    He was built up to be something he wasn’t quite ready for and now he has to be brought back down and start again, maybe a new role would be the way forward here.

    Positionally, I think he’d be fine, defensively I think he’d be fine, his only real issue IMO is his attitude.

  54. N5

    Sorry Nasri yes a deep lying playmaker not a DM.

    Cesc if it’s any consolation, he wouldn’t be my choice, I just don’t mind if nothing else is going to happen there, I certainly wouldn’t want that as my preference.

    Also did I tell you about how I would like us to go 442 with Giroud and Sanogo up front!! thoughts? 😀

  55. Cesc Appeal


    “Also did I tell you about how I would like us to go 442 with Giroud and Sanogo up front!! thoughts?”

    Right you’ve made me now turn around the car and get my George Foreman grill!!!

    To sweeten your death I was going to bring the stripper with the huge balls…BUT NOT NOW!!

  56. N5

    Lol Dan, Savage suggested it earlier and the Grove went into meltdown, Cesc was going to stick his testicles in a George Forman grill just to help ease the pain.

  57. Dan Ahern

    Lol, sad I missed that.

    I like that people are desperate to justify Sanogo. I like him just fine personally, but at the moment he’s utterly pointless on the pitch.

  58. kidd

    lol so wenger is back in full control again? I guess the CEO only wrestled back control so he could sign Alexis and debuchy .Hopefully he will relinguish power again so that we could get a DM and possibly a CF before the dead line day :p

  59. travis

    Did I just read that right, N5 wants Jack to be our deep lying defensive type player, a midget at 5 feet 6 inches, protecting the back 4, I thought I had seen it all, give yourself;f an uppercut N5, I am me as you are he and we are all togetheer

  60. travis

    I tell you what marko, fuck you and fuck that other inbred N5, you pair of cock sucking homos, check that cock braeth

  61. Dan Ahern

    THE N5 XI 2014/15

    —————- Martinez —————–




  62. N5

    neiI you sad cunt, you created a new account just so you could come back on and start abusing people. You really need a life.

  63. N5

    Dan, I thought that when typing it, but it always seems patronising saying lad or kid. Also I’m 94.

    I wonder why Sanogo wasn’t taken? isn’t he allowed to fly?

  64. Phil

    N5 to dan ahern

    ..”…ooooh yes …let’s play him on the right wing…ooooh yes let’s have two central midfielders ,
    …….ooooh yes I take it up the poop shoot..ooooh yes….


  65. N5

    Sadly dan, this is one of the resident nutters. He uses insults from the 90s yet acts like he’s 12, it’s a paradox.

  66. N5

    I’d say that’s more his problem than yours Dan. I’m amazed how many words he can successfully type just by slapping his hands onto his keyboard.

    Anyway, night guys

  67. Alexanderhenry

    Goonergone, why shouldn’t wenger mislead the press? They are for the most part ,a bunch of opportunistic ignoramuses . Our manager treats most of them with the contempt they deserve. Wenger keeps his cards close to his chest on transfers quite rightly. Generally speaking, i am optomistic about next season. Our manager now has money to spend for the first time since 2006. So far he has acquired ozil and now Sanchez. Last season we won the fa cup and with a bit more luck could have even won the league. Only a blinkered, ignorant ,anti wenger obsessive would fail to acknowledge the significance of this. Because kroenke and co have finally freed up some cash,we will make more signings before the start of the season and as a result we will be stronger. By all means continue to be a misery, but I’m looking forward to next season. Aren’ t you?

  68. Arsenal 1886-2006

    “The sanctions would stop football clubs Arsenal and Chelsea from buying anything but the lowest-grade homegrown players and reduce the Evening Standard to nothing but a disposable freesheet for hiding commuter erections”.

    We already buy the lowest grade homegrown, great piece from the Mash.
    It has more journalistic credibility than the red tops.

  69. Dark Hei


    I know what you mean. If given clear instructions, Wilshire might be able to fulfil that role properly. But, I think his personality doesn’t suit the role.

    John Cross makes some speculation because the days have been slow on transfers, so he has to make something up. Wilshire never played DM for Wenger. OX, has a better chance of nailing that spot ahead of Wilshire. At least he played there before and did a pretty decent job

  70. andy1886

    “with a bit more luck could have even won the league.”

    Yup, Wenger could’ve been hit by a bus and the new manager may have realised we needed another striker in January…….

  71. andy1886

    Definition of ” ignoramus”

    Someone who cannot even spell ‘optimistic’.

    Seriously though A-H, since the fans need the press to connect with the club by treating them the way you suggest Wenger is insulting his own fans too. Some of his comments are downright insulting – even those of us who have ‘never worked a day in football’ can see that Sanogo was never the answer to anything last season and that Diaby has been a waste of a squad place for years.

  72. peanuts&monkeys

    Offloading Podolski and Arteta were imminent this summer. Any donkey understands that. And, getting in a striker and a DM as respective replacements for them could be a difficult exercise for a club like Arsenal, only if the management is unwilling. Else, it is the easiest transaction which could have got completed in May/ June.

    Wenger is an arrogant bastard. he is ruining the club. he is kicking us fans on our faces. If he needs to be maimed or killed to remove him from Arsenal that should be done.

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    Peanuts&monkeys: Wenger is an arrogant bastard. he is ruining the club. he is kicking us fans on our faces. If he needs to be maimed or killed to remove him from Arsenal that should be done.

    So Classy

  74. Nasri's Mouth

    Gnabry’s injury hasn’t really been mentioned but the length of time that he’s been sidelined by it is worrying

  75. Gregg

    Looking at it we were bloody fortunate on the CB front last year. We had one other CB in vermaelen who was unavailable for more of the time then he was available. I know Pedro thinks we should have rotated but you cant rotate with a guy who isn’t / wasn’t fit for selection. Regardless of whether he stays a reinforcement is an absolute necessity.

  76. Ashwin Gunner

    Morning all

    nothing happening in Arsenal transfer now a days.. Well it is expected because we generally dont sign anybody until after Wenger is back from pre season.

    Barca apprently have launched 16m bid for Vermalaen.. This story could be totally rubbish. but if it true, then Wenger should sell him to Barca rather than Man u.. add to the fact that they are paying more money.

    in other news, AC Milan want 10m + Campbell for Baletolli…… I am not too comfortable seling Campbell. If it were upto me, i would keep him for a season and see how he develops. he is young and with proper training can be the next big thing. just pay 15m and bring in Baletolli….

    Baletolli 15m
    Schnderlin 18m
    Casillas / Ospina 3m
    a RB

    If we do the above purchases we will be very very strong.. just not sure if wenger will actually do it..

  77. Ashwin Gunner

    Wouldn;t this be a nice line up 😀 😀


  78. Gregg


    Vermaelen’s back and Achiles are shot to pieces. For a CB that is not a good combination. He was unavailable last season for 180 plus days, that’s over half the matches played and lasted one game in the World cup.

    Shame for him but he’s broken. If they can get any type of fee from him then they should snap t up. At least one CB is absolutely essential.

  79. Nasri's Mouth


    If Vermaelen goes it’ll be right at the end of the window I’d think.

    Need him until Mertesacker is back

  80. Ashwin Gunner

    GreggJuly 25, 2014 07:51:32

    I agree. I am all for selling Vermalean. It will be good both for the player and the club. just dont want him to goto Man u.. would be better if he is at Barca… Chances are, we may never play against him again. 🙂 🙂

    Looks like Wenger is playing a hard ball. He wants to bring in a replacement before he even thinks of signing off Vermalean.. th

  81. Ashwin Gunner

    SavageJuly 25, 2014 07:57:36

    even i felt bad.. but couldn;t fit him in the above line up.. what about this t


  82. N5

    Well the mad man returned under a new name and here I was thinking we were troll free! Less that 24 hours it lasted.

    How are you mate?

  83. Ashwin Gunner

    Nasri’s MouthJuly 25, 2014 07:52:23

    I think Per will be rushed in to the first team.. Vermalean with his mind on transfer cannot be relied upon.. so Wenger might push Per for the first game..

  84. Nasri's Mouth

    @ashwin Gunner

    I think Wenger’s already said the German players wont be back for Palace, so no Ozil, Pod or Mertesacker

  85. Savage

    Nice Ashwin. I suspect that Ramsey is just about the first name on the sheet right now, until Ozil really starts to find his feet.

    Going to be fascinating seeing if last season was a one-off, or if Ramsey really is a league MVP type.

  86. Savage

    I don’t see OX as a nailed on starter just yet. More of an impact sub. But I will be happy to see him force Wenger’s hands with some stellar performances – these are the healthy problems of a strong squad, which is why Barca ends up releasing players like Thiago, or United releasing Pogba.