Summer going down the pan…

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… it was too good to be true! God damn it was just too good.

Now, it’s only reports, but as a transfer battered Arsenal fan, it’s the dreaded news you expect after Arsenal fail on a couple of transfer target.

‘I have an internal solution’


The Mirror are reporting that Arsene, after failing with bids for Schnederlin and Carvahlo, is now kicking about the idea that Jack Wilshere can drop in and play that deep lying anchor man.

Oh dear…

Not because he can’t hack it. He’s a talented boy. Mainly because Jack is being rewarded for bad behaviour. His form has been erratic, his discipline has been pretty woeful off the pitch and he’s not actually an anchorman.

Round peg > Square hole

Eboue right midfield, Nik Bendtner right midfield, Andrey on the left wing…

If there was a requirement for an anchorman last week, there is still one this week. We shouldn’t be gambling on square pegs with a player who is constantly injured. It seems an outrageous risk to take.

Also, this is a familiar issue when we don’t get our targets. Instead of getting someone else, we wait at the detriment of our title challenge. We can’t get Schnederlin now, so we’re putting it off until next season when it’s more likely Southampton will let him go. Just like with Chamakh and Cazorla.


If Arsene thinks our squad was basically one player away from being competitive, I feel he’s badly misjudged things. I also think he’s probably found himself caught up on the Diaby is for headlights. Sure he’s fit, but we all know that has a ten game shelf life…

I’ve got to brace you for it, but I think the summer is going south right now. We have no back up centre back despite having a pretty good idea that Thoma Vermaelen wants to leave and that Arsene has no time for him, we have no centre midfielder despite us being desperately short of a high impact power house there and we’re short a right back as our first choice has gone to Liverpool.

Feels like a mess is brewing…

I’m also not sure why people are getting so bogged down in a new striker. I’m pretty sure Sanchez is our new striker. I really don’t see him moving for anyone else. Mario would be immense, but he’s not going to go there. I certainly hope we’re not looking to loan Douglas Costa. We have £100m in the bank. Why would a club of our size out someone else’s striker in a better shop window for a year?

I have to say though, a leopard rarely changes his spots. Especially an old one. Even if the fitness coach issue is a compromise… He hasn’t shit canned Tony Colbert. He’s still there.

Sherlock Frustrated

In other news, we saw Thomas Eisfeld leave for Fulham. I liked the young lad, but said at the time of his signing the likelihood of him coming to anything was slim. He joins the scrap heap of Arsenal youth development failures. Hopefully this new Dutch guy coming in will give us a bit more success, because really, our youth system has been a pretty tremendous failure over the last 20 years. Not good, when you consider the catchment area is London, one of the most densely populated areas in the UK.

We’ve managed to get a 15 year old in. Georgios Spanoudakis who is Greek / German joins our set up. I really don’t care. Youth products at Arsenal are like cattle. Don’t name them, don’t pay them any interest and you won’t get hurt when Arsene Wenger takes the bolt gun out in three years time. My concern with this chap is that he moved from Frankfurt 4 years ago, now he’s moved again… even if he does.

Brace yourselves people, I think our dreams of something spectacular happening on the transfer front are about to hit a juddering half. The train has derailed… good luck with deeper changes happening on the preparation front.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Bamford13

    I like the underrated XI, but can’t agree that Di Maria should be on it. He may be less valued at Madrid than he should be, but pretty much the whole world rates him.

  2. Romford Pele

    “Benzema is world class but shadowed by Ronaldo like anyone would be.”

    Benzema is playing for Ronaldo and that’s a shame to see. Has a lot to offer himself.

    “Just seeing Benteke for Aston Villa and the speed of his improvement is hotter than porn. I see Drogba equivalent there.”

    Used to think this of Lukaku but it’s much more attributable to Benteke.

  3. Ben

    Cesc Appeal

    Wilshere as DM is clueless. He is clueless and his conception of a DM would be running around making mindless and often needless tackles. The tactically better and
    more stronger players shrug him off like an annoying gnat
    which what he really is.

  4. Romford Pele

    Roma next season:

    De Sanctis (vom)
    Maicon Benatia Castan Cole
    De Rossi Strootman
    Iturbe Totti Gervinho



  5. WengerEagle


    Interesting to know RE Pelle and I’ll take your word for it because it sounds like you have watched him play a fair bit.

    I’ve never really seen him so can’t say, just surprised that he’s 29.

  6. Bamford13

    Like I’ve said before, we could try to grab Benteke in January. Would be a monster for us.

    Play with Podolski or Giroud as CD until then.

    By the way, Jovetic looked real quality last night and is bigger and stronger than I remembered. Would make a fantastic point man in our system.

    If only we had a manager who wanted to do great and glorious things. 😉

  7. WrightIsGod

    @Romford Pele

    Sorry Romford but you appear to be paraphrasing. Please quote me on where I say we are doing nothing. Whilst you research that you may be able to answer the original question I proposed to you. Please refrain from hallucinations.

    Thank you.

  8. Romford Pele

    Florenzi is another quality player. Would love Roma to win Serie A next season – nice retirement present for Totti!

  9. salparadisenyc

    That Roma side are going to give Juve a run for their money under Garcia.
    Have several friends whom live in Roma and support Giallorossi, absolutely buzzing.

  10. Romford Pele

    WrightIsGod – Your original question was that our transfer activity has slowed down since Wenger has returned from Brazil. How do you know that?

  11. Klauspoppe

    Benatia and Howedes is close call. Was also thinking of Miranda, Badstuber, Subotic, Bonucci.

    I vote for Howedes as he has been rarely if ever mentioned on here apart from starting lb at world cup.

  12. km

    If we really want to compete we need to cut the crap and spend big on quality players in the required positions:

    DM – Carvallho – this boys looks heavy duty, a younger Yaya Toure
    CF – Balotelli – he’s been quoted for around £15m – thats a steal!!!

    LW – Griezman/Isco
    RB – I think Micah Richards is a beast and City do want to get rid of him

    A selection of Sanchez/Balotelli/Giroud for the CF spot is very very good, it would shit any side up

    We need to get rid of players to reduce our wage bill – Flamini/Diaby/Rosicky
    Send Sonogo on loan

  13. WengerEagle


    Absolutely mate no doubt about it. We were so one-paced at times last season it was painful.

    Carvalho and Firmino could be bought for under £40 million. Would love us to sign both but Carvalho’s (or Khedira, Bender, etc) the crucial one.

  14. WrightIsGod


    At least you have reluctantly (and actually not held your hands up) admitted to paraphrasing. The next stage is for you to answer the question.

    In my opinion I believe we appear to be reverting back to old tactics in the transfer market. I base my opinion on past transfer windows.

    Now back to my question. there is no wrong or right, however, have you not seen a difference in our assertiveness and action since Arsene Wenger returned from Brazil?

  15. DUIFG

    This DM purchase really cant be over looked. sort that out and we have a really decent squad for the season.

    got a feeling wenger has conned himself again that diaby will be the answer.

    Lars bender, sort it out.

  16. WengerEagle

    IMO Benteke will never be as good as Drogba was for Chelsea.

    He has the physicality for sure but people seem to forget how technically superb Drogba was.

    The only reason that they are being compared is because Benteke is of a similar height/build and is black.

    *Cue the racism accusations*

  17. Klauspoppe

    Shame missing out on Jovetic. Still remember when he destroyed the pool with Fiorentina in CL at the age of 18 or something. Just destroyed their defence.

  18. Romford Pele

    WrightisGod – To answer your question, not particularly. Both the deals you alluded to were completed once Wenger had returned from Brazil. I see no correlation really. My point is that it’s hard to gauge what’s happening behind the scenes. You’ve got numerous media reports contradicting each other. And i’m not sure this has anything to do with Wenger dithering. Our last two big purchases have been over £30m so money obviously isn’t an issue. Are you expecting a signing each week? I think you’ll be disappointed if so.

  19. WengerEagle

    It’s like Diaby being touted when younger as the new Vieira and being compared to Yaya Toure and Adebayor being touted as the new Kanu back in the day.

    It’s more down to appearance than their abilities IMO.

  20. Romford Pele

    “He has the physicality for sure but people seem to forget how technically superb Drogba was.”

    Ah come on mate that’s a bit harsh. He scoerd a ridiculous scissor kick against Norwich (?) season just gone. In his debut season he scored a beast volley against Liverpool. This is all for a pretty poor Villa team too.

  21. Klauspoppe

    “*Cue the racism accusations*”


    What impressed me last season when he wasn’t injured was his first touch and layoffs improving. Hopefully he’s been practicing this off season.

    His goal where he chested a long ball in the box and struck it on the volley was stunning.

  22. Romford Pele

    “I hope we keep Rosicky until he decides to retire.
    Love the man.”

    Me too. Struggle to see 34 year-olds who play at such a pace.

  23. Bamford13


    Maybe we’ve seen a slowdown since he returned, maybe — but there are too many variables involved, too many things we do not know, too much we are not able to see, for us to judge.

    I don’t trust Wenger at all, but it’s probably going way out on a limb — and might even be a little ridiculous — to suggest that the summer was humming along until he returned to the office and began mucking everything up.

    I mean, there may be some truth to that — possibly, maybe — but it’s really little more than conjecture.

  24. WengerEagle

    ‘Still remember when he destroyed the pool with Fiorentina in CL at the age of 18 or something. Just destroyed their defence.’

    Smashed in 2 goals against Bayern Munich at 20 years of age as well.

  25. Ben

    Have to say this website refreshing and breath of fresh air from Arseblog who are bland uncritical and rationalise anything the club does. Here people say it as it is.

  26. Romford Pele

    Jovetic has always been immense. Unfortunately injuries always seem to be a part of him. I like him cos he’s a number 9 and 10 mixed into one. You can see why Wenger saw a bit of RVP in him. Difference is Jovetic has more mobility and is quicker.

  27. Bamford13


    He may not rise to the level of Drogba, but I think he could be close to that — and can be twice the striker that a Giroud is. Which is to say, he could be a real striker. He honestly has everything. He just needs to become more clinical.

  28. Romford Pele

    “Anyone happen to watch Roma last night?”

    Ashley Cole was pretty solid but the game wasn’t anything to write home about really.

  29. DUIFG

    I genuinley think we play our best stuff when rosicky is deployed in the ramsey postition, his spin and drive is fantastic attribute from there. great hussle without the ball as well.

    think he has been massicvely underused by wenger centrally. I dont like him outwide.

  30. BillikenGooner

    So this is just last summer but with the big signing happening before the season starts….

    I guess that’s a baby step forward.

  31. WengerEagle


    Maybe I’m being a tad harsh on Benteke and to be fair he is only 23 years old so he has many years to possibly improve.

    Drogba was technically much more refined though, he had a better first touch, he was a better dribbler, a better passer, more creative and just was generally an all round better footballer.

    I personally don’t think that he’ll ever reach the Didier Drogba of 2009/10’s level but we’ll have to wait and see.

  32. Goonermanchin

    i dont think our situation is dire, well for now atleast. think about it its not even august and WE, the stingy deadline day bargain hunters of the last 7 or so years (exclude ozil we actually forked out quite abit for that one) have signed 2 1st team players already.

    theres a whole month left in this window – sure chelsea and liverpool are strengthening but common liverpool without suarez are just a bunch of good players none of them are exceptional, chelsea yeah theyre in the pole position to take the league but even with all our flaws last year we topped the table for 128 days so its not like a couple years back when bendtner played right wing with chamack through the middle we actually have a class group of players – wilshere is in my heart i cant disown him yes he needs a kick up the arse but thats fine he will one day become the player we thought he would because his quality is there its discipline the boy really needs but yeah him as DM would be a shame for us and him because he shouldnt be sitting infront of the back four. thats an area we are yet to address; khedira is gone but thats not the end of the world there are still other out there such as the benders and schniderlin (miss-spelt his name but idc) and we have the rest of august to sure up those areas we lack players in.

    i think that for us to be successful we need to stick by wenger hes done it before he brought in all the greats berkamp henry viera pires, for some of you to say he doesnt know what hes doing is beyond stupid. we have chambo whos better and better each year (better than walcott IMO) but i digress – arsenal as a club isnt your chelsea and city of today i dont want a team full of superstars we bought fr extortionate prices i want THE ARSENAL with the briliance of wenger guiding them look at our team; everyone has the back four and keeper the same but once you get to our midfield theres a abundance of choices: iv seen people play ramsey behind the st in the number 10 role thats utter madness imo when we have the best number 10 in the world (dont bullshit me saying hes lazy so what if he doesnt run back he shouldnt you need him up there to mediate be the link his quality shone early on last year.

    so the question is the midfield personally id go either 433 or 442 diamond because iv had enough of 4231 we have the best midfield in the league not necessarily by name but by the quality and understanding we just need a bruiser to clamp people when they come at us;

    (back four)


    Ramsey Wilshere/cazorla


    Giroud (let him sit up higher hes great at holding up play)



    Ramsey Ozil

    Walcot Chambo

    we are an attacking team so we should start our games with that mentality – no buses getting parked at the emirates. end of the day we do need a DM thats something we are missing our front line is devastating with theo, sanches and chambo running in behind defences wow just wow and then we can switch it up to having more men in midfield and all of them are comfortable on the ball.

    lets not lose hope just yet keep the faith in arsene dont get sucked in by the media and sing that famous song we all love….OHHHH ARSENAL WE LOVE YOU

    Goonermanchin out, peace x

  33. Romford Pele

    “Drogba was technically much more refined though, he had a better first touch, he was a better dribbler, a better passer, more creative and just was generally an all round better footballer.”

    True but Drogba at 23 was playing his football in Ligue 2. Didn’t get his move to Chelsea until he was 26 so Benteke is definitely ahead of the curve in that regard. It will of course be hard for Benteke to emulate Drogba but that’s no shame if he doesn’t. Drogba is one of the iconic strikers to grace the English game. It’s always hard to predict but I think if Benteke beasts this season, he’ll get a move to a big club.

  34. Ozy

    Wilshere in CDM is a disaster.

    “Kelechi Iheanacho is brilliant, should already be in the Nigeria side tbh. Has that creativity that they lack so much.”

    Who is this Iheanacho? Literally NOBODY talked about him before his game last night. It was against Sporting KC. Let’s not get carried away.

    And also, Man U, although they won impressively, they are still Man U and it was against Galaxy. Again, let’s not get carried away. It’s the same squad as last season, with only Herrera and Shaw added to it. Carrick’s English, overrated dross, their defense is a shambles, Welbeck? Rooney? Ugh. I think their lack of any European competition will help them, though. Van Gaal isn’t the second coming of Jesus people make him out to be. Chelsea and City are the big threats.

    Also, Firmino would be an excellent signing, even if just to add some pace to our wings. Excellent player. But just a stupid rumor.

    And would anybody here actually pick Ospina over Casillas? Come on.

  35. Romford Pele

    “Who is this Iheanacho? Literally NOBODY talked about him before his game last night. It was against Sporting KC. Let’s not get carried away.”

    People were talking about him last year because everyone was after him, then City snapped him up. Keep up.

  36. Carts

    “Who is this Iheanacho? Literally NOBODY talked about him before his game last night. It was against Sporting KC. Let’s not get carried away.”

    some knew of him prior

  37. andy1886

    “And would anybody here actually pick Ospina over Casillas? Come on.”

    I’d pick Szcz over both, the difference being that Ospina will be cheaper and more likely to be prepared to fight for his place. I expect that Casillas would want to walk in and be no1, he’s 33 and isn’t going to want to sit on the bench.

  38. N5

    You’re not kidding Jim, I feel like I’ve been at work forever. I just want a Peroni and a chill, ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

  39. Bamford13

    “Who is this Iheanacho? ”

    Umm, he was the player of the tourney at the U-17 World Cup. Nobody is saying he’s anything other than a very promising 17-y-o, but he’s f***ing nasty. Why don’t you watch him before judging? He makes Sanogo look like a postman.

  40. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Just want to get out of this office and into a beer garden! A nice frosty Bulmers (you guess call it magners) on another gorgeous evening!

  41. Ozy

    It’s funny that you guys are all his number one fan but let’s not kid ourselves. There’s countless talented 17 year olds that come and go. So he was mentioned like a year ago or he was the best player in a tournament full of kids.


  42. London gunner

    What I don’t get is if we want schniderlin how can we bollocks it up? A move to arsenal for him is a no brainier his a young French man and we have giroud debuchy and koz first team we are a big club in London it’s a win win for him. If his worried about game time then he has zero confidence in his own abilities because it shouldn’t be that hard to displace an ageing arteta and flamini.. Also his possession stats reflect well on him suiting our style.

    I reckon we are either not in for him or wenger’s being a tight arse over the transfer fee

  43. Dan Ahern

    Saw that guy Iheanacho for a few minutes yesterday. Impressive that City were able to attract him, to be honest. They’re overflowing with senior talent so it’s a big deal he still went there. (Not that he’ll stay, mind!)

  44. Dan Ahern

    I can also report that Spurs are still shit. I am a little worried about Lamela though. New Argentine coach to inspire him and he’ll have bedded in by now. He had undeniable talent before he moved, so it could be a matter of time before he tears it up.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    I can see Wenger being interested in Carvalho, still young enough that he gets to shape him as he’d like, can cover multiple positions as well – which is another one of Wenger’s great loves in a player. At £24 Million, with the disagreement rumoured to be a payment plan I think it makes sense.

    For another £20 Million I’d like to see us get Khedira AS WELL. £44 Million is a lot of money, but it’s only £2 Million than we spent on Ozil.

    I’d personally then ship Wilshere out on loan to Everton, or Southampton or somewhere like that.

    Khedira, Carvalho, Ramsey
    Walcott, Sanchez, Ozil

    That’s pretty nice to me, massive improvement in pace and directness but whilst also improving our strength and ability to control a game in midfield. Not many sides would be able to boss a middle of Khedira, Carvalho and Ramsey.

    But to be honest I’d be happy with any one of Khedira, Carvalho, Schniederlin, Bender… orrrrr Vidal 🙂

  46. WengerEagle

    Yeah agree, if Benteke can get anywhere near how good Drogba was then he’ll be a hell of a player.

    In relation to his age Drogba was quite rare in how late he developed, similar to Antonio Di Natale who didn’t ever score 20+ goals in his career until the age of 32.

    Similarly you have early developers like Javier Saviola, Robinho and Jose Antonio Reyes who start off very well but gradually deteriorate as their career goes on.

    You also have players who start off their careers very well but don’t drastically improve throughout their careers, they maintain their level of performance without ever really progressing onto the next phase. These are your Rooney’s, Fabregas’, your Nasri’s, etc.

    Will be interesting to see how Benteke’s career pans out but IMO even with age he’ll never be as good and as gifted a footballer as Drogba was.

  47. Marko

    With the Carvalho situation the silence is deafening which can only be a good thing. We’re likely to be the only team in for him so get it done he’s a gooner too no?

  48. karim

    Anthony Le Tallec was player of the tourney when France won U 17 WC back in the days
    Florent Sinama Pongole was top scorer… guess you have a point

    Having said that I was very very impressed by a U 20 Nigerian guy last year
    Second coming of Okocha ! Guess they have a point too

    Anyway good times for Nigeria lol

  49. Cesc Appeal

    “I didn’t have to [try to convince Khedira to join Arsenal].

    “Sami knows how much fun he could have with me, Mesut [Ozil] and Per [Mertesacker] at Arsenal.

    “We had a great time together at the World Cup and I would like it very much if he comes to London.”

    Good boy Lukas, good boy

  50. Drey

    Ihenacho is a technical player,watching him play just makes u think you are watching Mesut Ozil all over again..he moves with the ball in a way similar to MO11..
    I was very dissapointed Stephen Keshi couldn’t find a place for him in the squad to Brazil,watching Mikel churn out below-par performances for us in the world cup was torture

  51. Savage

    Kind of glad that Vorm is gone and Fabianski will have a real shot. Going to be fun seeing the three Arsenal kids-come-good all competing. After all the faith Wenger had in them, now it’s time for inspection…

  52. azed

    “No, they moan. Not the same thing.”

    But it’s way better than reading
    “Wenger sold Cesc to Barca to bankrupt them”

  53. Cesc Appeal


    Perhaps, but the good thing about having the personnel in a side like that is you can change it up, one substitution, say Carvalho off and Oxlade on, Ozil drops deep into the top of the pyramid of the 4-3-3 and Oxlade goes out onto the left, got your width.

    I have said all along I think we could actual do with two buys in CM/CDM – people talk about our numbers there but can’t really push an argument for our quality! I mean Arteta, Flamini; should we really be talking them still as really crucial first team players? Diaby? He’ll break after a few games. Wilshere? Been poor for a couple of season now, ankles of glass as well.

    In terms of quality I don’t think we’re actually as brimming as the numbers would fool you into thinking. Especially with Arteta and Diaby out of contract in June. Arteta gets replaced by Khedira, Diaby by Carvalho – mother of all upgrades!

    But that’s dream stuff…I mean if I could REALLY get my own way I’d have Emilia Clarke as my bird and we’d sign Khedira, Vidal, Reus and Cavani ! 😉

  54. Marko

    So latest is Firmino bid, interest in Nastasic, Sky still making a habit of mentioning our interest in Khedira and Milan are in for 16 million for Campbell.

  55. karim

    Eagle re : Drogba
    Not sure it s always about development. In France u sometimes see guys like Ribery or Valbuena in lower divisions although they re already very good
    why ? well there are different reasons :
    either the player looks physically unadapted to the top level according to some people
    or he couldn t get noticed if he comes from a shit hole with no top clubs around or has suffered from injuries or was refused a deal at a club academy and the list goes on
    It can be very hard to get noticed if you dont follow the traditionnal path

  56. Alexanderhenry

    This article is 100 per cent heresy. You write as if you have inside info on arsenal but you don’t do you. You have about as much knowledge about arsenal’s transfer dealing as I do. One thing we do know is that wenger never divulges much when talking to the press. In fact he actively misleads them at times. I still think there are a couple of players to come in., and it’s foolish at this point for you to be so smugly negative. A smarter more perceptive football journalist or pundit would wait and see.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    I remember reading that!! Someone actually thought that, then took the time to type it out, then confirmed their idiocy by posting it on the internet.

    I read today that “with a bit of tinkering, Wilshere could be a world class CDM.” Almost as if it was meant to be the Metro then posted an article showing in stats why Wilshere is literally the worst choice you could make for a CDM.

    As you say as much as the hardcore moaners might get annoying and get stick, the hardcore Wenger boys and rose tints are just as bad.

  58. azed

    Cesc Apeal

    Diaby might be a broken man but we still have to respect him. The dude literally kicked John Terry in the head and got away with it.

    In my opinion, that should make him a legend at Arsenal.

  59. WengerEagle


    I like your ideas and agree that we aren’t as stacked in CM as some people think.

    I personally would like to keep our 4-2-3-1 formation though with Ozil behind the striker, for me he’s too good to be shunted out onto the wing.

    Ramsey as first choice B2B with a first team CDM to come in and having Wilshere as Ramsey’s back-up with Arteta/Flamini the CDM’s back up would work well IMO. Arteta and Flamini aren’t terrible players and are very capable of filling in against some of the smaller teams.

    Back off mate, Emilia’s mine. 😀

  60. NYCgooner

    I think i’ve figured out how some people’s mind works when it comes to all things arsenal and wenger.

    Unconfirmed positive rumors = doubt it, just a rumor, wenger’s a cunt.

    Unconfirmed negative rumors = yup, definitely true, wenger’s a cunt

  61. Ramsinho

    who the hell is carvahlo. Has anyone actually seen him play to accept that 20million + is worth it? Portugal looked poor at the world cup and he didn’t particularly stand out.

  62. Savage

    “Wilshere is literally the worst choice you could make for a CDM”

    Sanogo might be worse. Or Park Chu Young. Even Akinbiyi. But no one else. Ok, Almunia.

  63. Marko

    Just reports in Italy WE but there could be something mentioned the next couple of days. Them and the BBC keep quiet till there pretty certain. But Sky have been mentioning our interest in Khedira when talking about how much clubs have spentso far though.

  64. Dan Ahern

    WE — Me too, and with Eriksen feeding him there’s no reason he can’t make the difference. Luckily the rest of the squad is still filled out with frauds. Their only other area of real strength is goalkeeper with two top choices now.

  65. Cesc Appeal


    First off, if you want a fight for Emilia we can throw down…though i think the smarmy bastard Kit Harington is in for her…Kit, what kind of a name is Kit…stupid, it’s a more a sound than a name, Kit. Dick.

    But yeah back into reality and me not Kit Katting all over Kit’s nose and then Emilia professing her undying love for me I think a CDM is a must, got to happen, I do still think Khedira is going to happen. Don’t know why, lots of reasons he’d choose us though.

  66. WengerEagle


    Haven’t seen him much myself but by all accounts of people who watch the Portuguese League on a regular basis he’s an excellent young player. Very powerful, defensively solid and good with the ball at his feet.

    If you’re going by the World Cup then Sergio Aguero is shit and James Rodriguez is the best player in the world.

  67. WrightIsGod

    Bamford / Romford

    I agree there are too many variables and I am perhaps jumping the gun.

    But the moment I start hearing talk about us not needing any players from either the manager or his beloved followers I feel uneasy (whether that be talk about strikers, defenders, midfielders, players coming through etc).

    It’s not about money it’s about common sense and if he wants to throw away another chance at the league then so be it. Just don’t expect those who have grown tired of his circus to stand by.

    Sonogo shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team. That is negligence in itself. Arteta barely has another season in him. Flamini is 2nd rate and Wilshere has a long way to go to regain the faith.

  68. Ramsinho

    wenger eagle
    judging by the world cup and recent developments, rodriguez is the 4th best player of all time, above zinedine zidane in transfer value by the same club who purchased the French icon….

    No but in all seriousness, no one mentioned carvahlo once prior to rumors of a bid. I sometimes feel we arsenal players begin to love whoever we are linked with. 24 million pounds seems excessive…

  69. WengerEagle


    Agree, those are two good examples of top quality players who were spotted relatively late.

    Koscielny’s another one, he was a Ligue 2 CB at 23 years of age.

    Some players slip through the net and aren’t spotted until later into their careers.

    Thiago Silva is another one.

  70. Dan Ahern

    Pedro I wouldn’t worry about RB, there are more pressing issues.

    Debuchy is a good Sagna replacement, and we’ve got Bellerín coming up. Honestly the guy is streets ahead of Jenkinson in skill, although Jenkinson is physically ready. Between them you’ve got decent backup options.

    And let’s not forget our greatest RB of all, Aaron Ramsey.

  71. WengerEagle

    Cheers Marko.

    Yes I would be incredibly smug. 😀

    In all seriousness I would just be delighted that we would have signed an up and coming world class player. He’s only 22, has a ridiculously high ceiling.

  72. Dan Ahern

    Ramsinho — Everybody was talking about Carvalho last year. He’s not flavour of the week. He had been on the radar but nothing happened, and now we’re turning our interest back to him.

  73. WengerEagle


    I say we team up and take care of this ‘Kit’ chap. With him out of the picture you could have Emilia Mon-Thurs I get her Thurs-Mon. 😀

    Also have a strange feeling that Khedira will happen.

  74. Salvage

    The memory of Wilshere falling flat on his bum at Mancity and our other rivals after being brushed aside in the middle of the pack , still haunts me. Wenger is reverting to type. I guess a Leopard cant lose its spots. It was indeed a smoke screen.

    Like I have said all through, we wont get 4th place with only 2 signings. The humiliation and taunting from rivals would be worse because they would tell us we brought Sanchez to make him go trophyless.
    Its a real cause for concern if a person cannot seem to see something through but keeps getting stuck at a particular point (Wenger).
    There is a time to pull all the stops and go ALL OUT to get what you want and need. But Wenger doesnt seem to have the mental strength or will to do that.

  75. salparadisenyc

    Gotta love the world cup.

    Campbell whom we could barely loan to the Turkish league is now rated at £16m after having a decent run.

    James Rodriguez, albeit a very talented player with sky high ceiling was just sold to Madrid for £60+m. Loved Bale’s response… “hope he can maintain that form.”

    Cash in on Campbell now if theirs genuine interest or loan him to either Everton, Swansea or Southhampton and see if he’s able to cut in at this level.
    Personally I don’t see it, take the money.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    All right, but see if we can grab Lena Headey and Carice Van Houten while we’re there.

    Retreat to some mountain hide away and then death by snu-snu!!!

  77. Ramsinho

    yea I agree make 16 mill of Campbell by selling him to Milan. Its funny but we could swap baltoelli for Campbell with Milan and make 1 million extra in cash according to valuations of both players. NOt sure how ladotelli’s ego would take that though…hopefully he would work hard to prove hes worth more.

  78. follow the money

    Hahahahaaa I told you guys. Wenger is looking at Diaby in training and getting a hard on. He’s still obsessed with being Barca lite. Sanchez is not going to be our striker he’s going to be pushed out onto the wing like Arshavin. Wenger will never change. Prepare for some serious hidings again this season

  79. Salvage

    Mancity is getting poised to be the Barca of the future. The team they put out yesterday was filled with new comers and teenagers but they were comfortable winners.
    Do we still have a scouting team?
    There are others like that Iheanacho in the City Academies. His team mate in the under 17 tournament who plays in holding midfield role, was also snapped up by Mancity.
    Zuculini was massive in front and Fernando was calm in the middle.
    I wish I can have such positive observation when we play on Friday.

  80. Goongoonergone

    @ Alexanderhenry who wrote:”One thing we do know is that wenger never divulges much when talking to the press. In fact he actively misleads them at times. I still think there are a couple of players to come in, and it’s foolish at this point for you to be so smugly negative. A smarter more perceptive football journalist or pundit would wait and see.”

    Easy now, sir.
    “One thing we do know is that wenger never divulges much when talking to the press.”
    One thing we Gooners know is that Wenger mostly talks through his arse. He doen’t divulge much to the press because he is a dithering fool who generally has nothing to divulge except his cynical wrinkly face.
    “In fact he actively misleads them (the media) at times.”
    What’s the point of misleading the media when he has no transfer targets or when he gets in world class players like Kalstrom, Park, Sanogo, 14-15 year-olds who eventually come to nothing? Right now, Wengersauraus is up to his old tricks and actively misleading the likes of you who, perhaphs, see him as the new Naopleon Bonaparte.
    “I still think there are a couple of players to come in, and it’s foolish at this point for you to be so smugly negative.”
    At this point, the only smugly negative person is Wenger busy totaling up how much profit he can make for the absent owner, The Wig-Musctashoed Rancher.
    “A smarter more perceptive football journalist or pundit would wait and see.”
    All the smarter, more perceptive football journalist, pundits and Gooners like Pedro and myself have been waiting and seeing now for ten years AND we are still waiting and seeing … THE SAME THING!!!

  81. Goongoonergone

    Gibbs, Szczesny and Flamini apparently replaced AW’s coffee with gravy, & were almost sent home from NYC.
    Is Wenger mad? He should have welcomed the gravy. At 8 million smackeroos a year he is already on the gravy train. All because he has been able to win the Holy Grail, a solitary FA Cup in nine seasons against a crap team in extra time.
    Now pass di gravy on di left hand side mon.

  82. Jeff

    To be honest I thought we did well enough securing Sanchez. I honestly didn’t even expect someone of that calibre. So I think the going rate looks to be one per summer. We’ll compete for major honours in perhaps 2 years time.

  83. follow the money

    I knew this was coming. Wenger has seen Diaby in training and all sense goes out the window. He’s still obsessed with being Barca lite too–no real striker, and Sanchez will be pushed out to the wing like Arshavin/Bendtner. Without Khedira or similar get ready for some more hammerings this season against the big teams. Wenger will always promote some lame-ass from within rather than spend and get what we need to challenge. Always. He’s done nothing in the last ten years to show me he knows what it takes to build a complete team without a few major weak spots

  84. BacaryisGone

    I’m outraged. WrightisGod. That’s a willful violation of the BacaryisGod trademark. So what if it’s currently not in use because Bacary left the club for City scum? Didn’t Wright leave the club (albeit unwanted) for a lesser London team? Who cares that it was originally stolen from an Eric Clapton fan?

    Consider this your cease and desist……

  85. follow the money

    2006-2009 Wenger failed to address our goalkeeper and defensive horror show. He finally fixed that and now we have the worst striker and DM of any of the top teams. We’ll get some hammerings this season and Wenger will eventually address the problem but by then we will have other weaknesses that will take him four seasons to fix. He failure to address these weaknesses has cost us between 9-15 points a season since 2006

  86. alex cutter

    “and it’s foolish at this point for you to be so smugly negative. A smarter more perceptive football journalist or pundit would wait and see.”

    Wait and see over the last nine years or so?

    Is that what you meant?

  87. Nasri's Mouth

    Given the number of players we’ve signed right at the end of the transfer window, I’d say waiting is definitely the best option

    Of course, if venting off on here stops you kicking the dog / girlfriend / boyfriend / car etc.etc. then go for it

  88. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah that’s what I think. I still do think we’ll land Khedira; I’m more confident on that than Carvalho just because there are so many pointers to him coming here.

    Ideally though you would want a player as integral to your side as a CDM in nice and early to bed down, get his relationship with Ramsey right etc.

    As long as it arrives in the window, I’m happy. I’ll be bitterly disappointed if Wenger doesn’t add a CDM.

    But, he took me by surprise with his pro-activeness in Sanchez and then Ospina and Debuchy I feel are the kind of players he wouldn’t have bothered with in years gone by. Martinez and Jenkinson would have got the call.

    So I’m prepared to wait due to us actually having spent before August 31st. But as I say, no CDM I’ll be so disappointed, mainly because I feel we’ll be shooting ourselves in the foot again after doing such good work landing Sanchez.

  89. SpanishDave

    Diaby has hardly played in five years, why o why does Wenger think it will change. Wilshire is a little overpaid tosser. Again Wenger is blind to their little problems.

  90. Cesc Appeal


    I think now that Diaby and Wilshere will be our CDM’s through pre-season and potentially the Emirates Cup – but I do think Khedira will arrive, or at the very least a proper CDM like Carvalho or Bender.

    And I mean I am as critical about Wenger as anyone. But the Sanchez purchase has bought him time in my eyes.

  91. Cesc Appeal


    If she does a photo thing of her in a City strip like she use to do for us – I’ll feel as if she’s slept with somebody else.

    Mandy Capristo needs to take her mantle of pre-season piccy with the new strip.

    Ozil! Sort out your woman! We need to perv.

  92. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m not sure we’ll be playing Wilshere as a DM even if we do play him alongside Ramsey.

    And I honestly don’t get why people bring up Diaby. He’s less of a DM than Wilshere. Just because Wenger says he’s going to be a good bonus to us, people have somehow put him in the holding role… weird

  93. Guy Incognito

    Im not sure i fully understand the complete negativity of this article.. we all know that around transfer time you have to take every article and report with a pinch of salt.. we honestly dont know if there is any truth to the wilshere rumours so theres no sense getting all worked up about it.

    The club have acted much more decisively this transfer window so far bringing in a genuine world class attacker, an experienced keeper and a replacement for sagna without the kind of procrastinating and penny pinching that have seen many deals go wrong in the past, The transfer window is far from over and clearly the manager has identified the DM position as somewhere we need to fill so well just have to see what happens and be patient.

  94. Cesc Appeal

    Only The Express but they are claiming that Southampton are in for Jordie Clasie.

    Really hope they can put a good team together. Supposedly that Tadic is quite a handy player. Never seen this Pelle guy they signed.

  95. Frankie T

    Wilshere had the technique to start attacks from deep but I severely doubt he has the tactical awareness and can see him being a headless chicken running around and ofcourse over a lot.

    Occasionally wenger gets it right I remember him moving lauren to right back when he didn’t buy one, moving kolo to cb. But that was donkey’s years ago and more recently we’ve seen bendtner on the Wing, ramsey on the wing, Wilshere on the bloody wing, diaby on the wing, and gervinho (a winger) as a centre forward.

    He does inexplicable things sometimes I wouldn’t be surprised if he re-signed Quincy owusu abeyie as our 3rd choice centre back

  96. Savage

    Interesting comments from Wenger re Pires’s left-sided vs right-sided vision.

    I play a half winger-striker for my team, and though I’m right footed, I feel like I see the game better on the right side of my vision. The problem first of all is crossing left-footed, but also that right-footed throughballs tend to turn into the keeper rather than back into the striker’s path.

    On the other hand, coming in from the left means you curl around the keeper into the right corner – from the right you have to put laces through it and hit it straight if you’re going across the keeper. Theo now has both techniques nailed I think.

  97. qna

    Summer is going down the pan….

    Summer has already gone down the pan depending on how you look at it. If you were waiting to see how ambitious Arsenal are, the question has been answered. It is only the last week of July, true. But its 3 weeks away from the start of our campaign. All well managed clubs would have identified what was needed, gone out and got done the critical signings. The selling clubs too would need time to replace. A club that relies on last minute deals (aka Ozil) in order to sign their most important team members is a poorly managed club.

    We have seen the club wanted Sanchez and got him. They wanted to replace Sagna. They did it.That is the scope of their ambition. Top 4. No more. They are still fucking around with the keeper FFS.

    If the club wanted a gun deep midfielder they would have gone and done the business. I think they will still get somebody but I doubt he will be the gun we need. Whoever we sign, a well managed club that knew what they wanted would have gone out and done that business already. Whether it was Schnederlain (poor option IMO) or Khedira (good) or Cavalho (what we need IMO), it would have been done by now. To rely on last minute opportunities is playing Russian roulette with our chances of trophies.

  98. Cesc Appeal

    Bleacher saying PSG are trying for a loan deal for Di Maria with obligation to buy at the end of it as they have done with Aurier.

    That way they can get round FFP and buy themselves a season to get their finances in order.

  99. Keyser

    I watched the Liverpool – Roma game, almost fell asleep, Caan looks like a decent dribbler, strong on the ball, other than that, there’s barely anyone back yet for most teams. Coutinho played well, can’t really shoot, but was energetic in midfield.

    Surprised LA Galaxy lost soo heavily, maybe someone who watches the MLS regularly could explain why.

    Also the Citeh game, again no-one really back, Boyata looked powerful and either they need homegrown players or some other technicality or they’re keeping him around because they see something in him, scored a decent header.

    Jovetic was ok, was put clean through towards the end of the first half, fluffed his control and then took an age to even attempt to get a shot off, allowing the defender to get back. I’d put it down to lack of sharpness, but it really was poor.

    Iheanacho was spritely, quick, bit inconsistent, and faded completely after the break, but popped up with a well taken goal.

    At half-time I think Sporting Kansas changed their entire team, 11 subs. So doubt you can read too much into any of it really, Guidetti came on, and looked very disappointing, he’s been around for years, still young but I thought there was more to his game.

  100. qna

    NYCGooner: How much of Cavalho have you seen and do you think he’s worth the asking price?

    I have not seen much of Cavalho and I really should not be saying I want him as my top DM. I am not trusting my own judgement, but the judgement of others. I have read he is quite tough and of all of the names that are being thrown around this window, he fits the bill most closely. When we got turned over away from home last season it was quite pathetic defensive mistakes all over the pitch, so its hard to think one player can change all that. But something has to be done to change that because it was no accident how bad we are away to the best teams. I really rate Khedira but I know we are only going to buy one (if any) and we have already Ramsey.

    Ideally, I would say we should go out and prize away a Javi M from Bayern, but that’s just wasting breath.

  101. Keyser

    Savage – There’s a pretty big difference in Theo’s shooting from one side to the other, whenever I play from the right I can get almost as much curl with the outside of my right as I can from the opposing side, with my instep.

    Theo is able to open his body up completely from the left, Henry-esque, but really struggles to hit the other corner cutting in from the right, almost always curling the ball away from the keeper, it might be too late technique-wise, and he does score with the odd left-footed dribbler to, but it would’ve left him far more balanced as a finisher.

    It’s weird how many footballers aren’t able to do this, reverting to striking across the ball or putting their foot through it.

  102. Marc


    I heard that a couple of days ago. Makes FFP a joke but if it means ManU miss out on another target then there is an upside.

  103. london gunner


    I would not have Cavalho

    His apparently got less pace than Giroud… Yeah hard to believe but apparently his extremely slow

    I just don’t think he will work in Premier league he wont be able to keep up.

    Its like Fellaini he doesn’t work as a DM for me because he just can never get there in time to make that vital interception/tackle.

    We already have a problem with arteta not having enough athleticism I think Calvarho is even slower than him.

    We need a mobile DM like Schnerdlin or Chritoph Kramer who are both much better than bender.

    Kramer was chosen over Bender for WC squad despite being 2 years younger