Summer going down the pan…

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… it was too good to be true! God damn it was just too good.

Now, it’s only reports, but as a transfer battered Arsenal fan, it’s the dreaded news you expect after Arsenal fail on a couple of transfer target.

‘I have an internal solution’


The Mirror are reporting that Arsene, after failing with bids for Schnederlin and Carvahlo, is now kicking about the idea that Jack Wilshere can drop in and play that deep lying anchor man.

Oh dear…

Not because he can’t hack it. He’s a talented boy. Mainly because Jack is being rewarded for bad behaviour. His form has been erratic, his discipline has been pretty woeful off the pitch and he’s not actually an anchorman.

Round peg > Square hole

Eboue right midfield, Nik Bendtner right midfield, Andrey on the left wing…

If there was a requirement for an anchorman last week, there is still one this week. We shouldn’t be gambling on square pegs with a player who is constantly injured. It seems an outrageous risk to take.

Also, this is a familiar issue when we don’t get our targets. Instead of getting someone else, we wait at the detriment of our title challenge. We can’t get Schnederlin now, so we’re putting it off until next season when it’s more likely Southampton will let him go. Just like with Chamakh and Cazorla.


If Arsene thinks our squad was basically one player away from being competitive, I feel he’s badly misjudged things. I also think he’s probably found himself caught up on the Diaby is for headlights. Sure he’s fit, but we all know that has a ten game shelf life…

I’ve got to brace you for it, but I think the summer is going south right now. We have no back up centre back despite having a pretty good idea that Thoma Vermaelen wants to leave and that Arsene has no time for him, we have no centre midfielder despite us being desperately short of a high impact power house there and we’re short a right back as our first choice has gone to Liverpool.

Feels like a mess is brewing…

I’m also not sure why people are getting so bogged down in a new striker. I’m pretty sure Sanchez is our new striker. I really don’t see him moving for anyone else. Mario would be immense, but he’s not going to go there. I certainly hope we’re not looking to loan Douglas Costa. We have £100m in the bank. Why would a club of our size out someone else’s striker in a better shop window for a year?

I have to say though, a leopard rarely changes his spots. Especially an old one. Even if the fitness coach issue is a compromise… He hasn’t shit canned Tony Colbert. He’s still there.

Sherlock Frustrated

In other news, we saw Thomas Eisfeld leave for Fulham. I liked the young lad, but said at the time of his signing the likelihood of him coming to anything was slim. He joins the scrap heap of Arsenal youth development failures. Hopefully this new Dutch guy coming in will give us a bit more success, because really, our youth system has been a pretty tremendous failure over the last 20 years. Not good, when you consider the catchment area is London, one of the most densely populated areas in the UK.

We’ve managed to get a 15 year old in. Georgios Spanoudakis who is Greek / German joins our set up. I really don’t care. Youth products at Arsenal are like cattle. Don’t name them, don’t pay them any interest and you won’t get hurt when Arsene Wenger takes the bolt gun out in three years time. My concern with this chap is that he moved from Frankfurt 4 years ago, now he’s moved again… even if he does.

Brace yourselves people, I think our dreams of something spectacular happening on the transfer front are about to hit a juddering half. The train has derailed… good luck with deeper changes happening on the preparation front.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Paul

    Good piece, but pretty please can you dispense with the gifs? It makes reading the article really difficult!

  2. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp)

    Wilshere has ” potential ” a blog said LOL. He’s about 20 fucking 6. I could be happy to see him sold

  3. Romford Pele

    “cue the Caps Lock”

    Lol true.

    That said, for me a DM is paramount. I’d be upset if we didn’t buy one. I know we have numbers there but none of them are realistically good enough.

  4. qna

    Hate the animated gifs. Feels almost like motion sickness dizzy looking at the page. But the blog title – absolutely spot on.

  5. El Patron

    Calm down… Wenger and Arsenal will get the requisite personnel.

    not even in August and there’s a panic… you’ve been spoilt by early acquisitions lol.

  6. Paulinho

    “I’m also not sure why people are getting so bogged down in a new striker”

    I think most fans will start to feel pretty ‘bogged down’ by it when Wenger picks Sanogo ahead of Sanchez in the central role once the season starts, citing ” a little bit adaptability niggle” for the Chilean.

  7. Romford Pele

    I don’t think the summer is going down the pan though, that’s literally just people having a heart attack.

  8. qna

    I have a theory. I think the club is playing mind games. They have a set budget of how much they are going to spend and what positions. I think a DMF is part of that. But they also know that once they play that hand, it won’t be enough to satisfy many fans (since the ambitions of the club do not match the ambitions of those fans). If they keep holding off and holding off until the last day of the window, we will get so fucking desperate that we will be happy with signing just about anybody. So they buy a bargain basement DMF in order to maximise the number of satisfied fans. The AKBs would be happy anyway. The delusional fans that think we are going to win the league right now, will be over the moon – as it’s a certainty now right?. Finally, the unhappy desperate fans will split, some will say thank god, at least he fucking signed someone, while others will remain pissed. But I think this way, those that will remain pissed will be minimised. Its actually very smart. Those fucking devious evil cunts. 🙂 I tip my hat to you, good sirs…

  9. Ryan


    You blogged about an article that you read in the Metro about Wenger toying with the idea of playing Wilshere in CDM…

    Explain to me exactly how Metro has the ability to get a copy of Wenger’s plan for the season, or rather get inside Wenger’s head and read his thoughts?…

    Ridiculous post. So there are no rumours and therefore we’re not signing anybody.

    This is just as bad as the metro article

  10. Drey

    The Mirror are reporting that
    Arsene, after failing with bids for
    Schnederlin and Carvahlo, is now
    kicking about the idea that Jack
    Wilshere can drop in and play that
    deep lying anchor man.

    Somebody wake me up

  11. Rompey

    95% of what is written in the papers is complete garbage so why bother getting hung up about it.
    Jack as a DMF won’t work and Arsene knows it – the boy can’t really tackle cleanly andwill just be put in more harms way by getting into scraps in the middle of the park – seems like a made up story to get online hits.

  12. karim

    Have a good trip mate and don t forget your left nut
    Mitshy Batshuayi ( sounds Japanese ) scored a nice goal vs Benfica yesterday

  13. Dissenter

    Arsene never does enough for transfers because the will deprive him of all excuses.
    I hope the Jack story is just bonkers it’s just that with Wenger, you just know that the old Leopard will never change.

    The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

  14. Romford Pele

    Have a good trip mate and don t forget your left nut
    Mitshy Batshuayi ( sounds Japanese ) scored a nice goal vs Benfica yesterday”

    Haha, thanks mate. Not until tomorrow. Nice to hear Michy bagging already – gonna keep a keen eye on Marseille next season. Are they in Europe?

  15. Doublegooner

    Still time to go but I didnt nor do I expect Wenger to buy any top players.

    The man is a ditherer. Always was & still is.

    Last year I think he almost surprised himself as well as us with Ozil.

    This year the Sanchez signing is the one that says ‘here it is again’


  16. Norman Hibbert

    I can’t believe Wenger. The best deals happened whilst he was away in Brazil now he’s home he’s resorted to form a dementia ridden trembling wreck who shakes at spending money to give himself the best chance of winning!!
    Gazidis wasn’t sharp and explicit enough when they got him to sign new contract!!!

  17. Romford Pele

    “I didnt nor do I expect Wenger to buy any top players”

    Lol you’ve just contradicted yourself.

  18. Rompey

    Also, why don’t people pick up on the crap spouted by LFC and MUFC, this week alone:

    MUFC said that they would be able to buy a £60m+ player and everyone starts frothing at the mouth thinking that they are actually going to – there is a huge difference between having the money to do it, which is what they implied, and actually wanting to and being able to do it, which they did not imply!

    LFC talks about not wasting the Suarez bounty on huge signings but doesn’t mention the fatc that huge signings don’t want to come there (i.e. Sanchez) so it’s not really their choice that they are not signing these players, but the players choice to not go there!

  19. Dream10

    Lmao some unreal GIFs Pedro. I had that same look that Jason Terry does in the bottom one when Cesc Appeal posted the link to that Mirror article last night smfh. Reverting to type. Not signing a top DM and a top CF is unacceptable.

    Also, have a bad feeling that Walcott may take longer to recover than many anticipate (I said we will not see him till Boxing Day). It is perhaps a reason why we signed Sanchez, who can cover his position and is versatile.

    I still feel Walcott is a better goalscorer than Sanchez because he does not need the ball at his feet and is more of an outlet.

    Wenger seems to prefer the style of equal distribution of goals rather than having two excellent goalscorers and secondary ones. Prefer City’s system who have midfielders who create and high volume goal scorers in Aguero,Dzeko, Toure and Negredo. We depend on our attacking midfielders to score. Flawed system.

  20. Rich

    I’ve been supportive of Arsene through pretty much everything, but he’s on his last legs with me, if he doesn’t fix our glaring squad deficiencies it will be more of the same and there’s no excuses left.
    The PL is as competative as its ever been and we’re still lagging way behind clubs we’re supposed to be competing with, a powerhouse defensive mid and a truly world class left mid are a must

  21. Doyindav

    Typical Wenger. Why he was given three years is beyond me.

    He just had to make sure Wilshere got a starting spot.

    Not saying Wilshere can’t hack it but he hasn’t produced anything for a long while and it’s just based on sentiments.

    It’s this same attitude that left us Trophyless for 9years and not any financial crap.

  22. Radio Raheem

    Not sure the summer is going down the pan. It’s been a great summer. We’ve had the most entertaining WC and for once Arsenal signed two important players pretty early. Also, looks like we’ve signed a back-up goalie. Brilliant.

    I am prepared to wait to the end of the window for a holding midfielder but if we don’t sign one I’ll give the side a chance to see how things go. I’m not expecting us to be title challengers this coming season but the one after.

  23. Kempster

    Since when was the mirror a source of truth when it comes to facts?

    If you’re throwing your tampons out of the pram over that you must be jizzing every time you read a rumour that we’re in for Cavani/Balotelli/Jesus/whoever.

    A couple of weeks ago it was all “I know what’s happening, be cool, just relax it’ll all be good” cos you had a steer on Sanchez. Now, with no knowledge except what’s written in the red tops it’s suicide pill time. And we wonder why the news sites write sucker headlines!

    I’m not saying it’s all going to be ok. Who knows, and we know Arsene likes to play transfer window chicken. But I don’t buy Arsene deciding to share his plans for Jack with the Mirror, do you?

  24. Dissenter

    “Lol, Wilshere 26 you know”

    It’s hard to believe, I had to recheck it before posting this.

    If the latest shitty rumors have any iota of truth then Arsene isn’t helping him because there’s no way Wilshere will excel at DM. He can’t tackle properly, is too emotionally charged and cannot keep the ball.

  25. Rompey


    Agree about the difference in systems but not the fact that they are flawed.

    The premier league has consistently been won (more often than not), by the team that has the highest contribution of goals form either the whole midfiled, or one midfielder in particular:

    Man U – scholes, giggs, beckham
    Arsenal – Pires and Ljungberg
    Chelsea – Lampard
    Man City – Yaya

  26. Romford Pele

    “he hasn’t produced anything for a long while and it’s just based on sentiments.”

    Statistically speaking, Wilshere had his most productive season in an Arsenal shirt. Now this is not to say that he’s been brilliant, because he hasn’t. But you’d think people would learn the lessons from Ramsey. It takes young players time, they develop at different rates. Wilshere shouldn’t be a starter for me, but the notion that he’s ‘shit’, crocked etc is just BS tbh. I think people just love a reason to moan.

  27. karim

    Nope, and that might be a good thing for them if they wanna reach top 3
    Why is the only club interested in Valbuena is Dynamo Moscow ?
    I must have missed an episode there, he keeps saying he wants stg new but he d rather stay where he is in such circumstances
    Mixed team in NYC btw, sounds strange but there still is Ramsey, Rosicky and a few others to represent lol

  28. Romford Pele

    “Since when was the mirror a source of truth when it comes to facts?”

    Exactly. People use the media sources they want to suit their agenda.

  29. Santos


    Good post. So many GIFs. I think it’s a bit early to start panicking but I get your point of view, as we have been here before. We know that the dithering will bring forth nothing or a bargain basement which will make the deluded fans happy.

    We still need to work on the players we need. Real Madrid could still offload players. The players in the smaller clubs could still move, so we have to wait patiently. I understand patience is not our forté on Le Grovee though, lol. So here we are.

  30. DM

    FFS this site is starting to really grate my cheese (I just came up with that one)..

    It’s LG who told us it’s gonna be a good summer. LG fuelling the positivity. Now it’s going down the pan, because LG says it is.. based on the media coming up with an idea that Wilshere is gonna play DM for us. No one believes the media when they link us to the hundreds of players we’re apparently gonna buy, but the second they come up with a story like this, everyone gets mad at Arsene.

    I’m as much of a newsnow addict as anyone else, but ffs, just wait and see what happens before you cast your “typical Arsene” votes. If you don’t believe the ‘positive’ moves in the media, don’t believe the ‘negative’ ones either.


  31. andy1886

    Lol, Pedro are you Bipolar? One minute it’s all sunshine the next you’re reaching for the razor. As always the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, we’ll probably get a DM but not one of the top options. Hell, it could even be Song coming back! As usual we’ll start the season moderately better off but nowhere near what it would take to win the title. Three more years……

  32. Romford Pele

    “Why is the only club interested in Valbuena is Dynamo Moscow ?”

    Maybe cos of his age? But if I was him, i’d stay, looks like Marseille are building an exciting project with some talented young players there.

    “Mixed team in NYC btw, sounds strange but there still is Ramsey, Rosicky and a few others to represent lol”

    A lot of first teamers there – the rest still aren’t back from their holidays. What was interesting to note was that Afobe and Sanogo were left at home and Chuba Akpom is the sole striker to make the trip. Can we read much into that? I’m not sure. But i’d like to see him get the whole game to show what he can do. Hopefully he has a good game. He’s a talent.

  33. Ramsinho

    I agree with rich,

    I have long supported wenger but he is pushing it at the moment. Watch us mess up this season, get thrashed at the other top teams grounds and see ramsey bounce for a bigger team by the end of the summer, promting yet another rebuilding period where we buy lesser quality than what walked out the door. I am so fed up of wengers crap at the moment. When you see the strikers other teams have it is shocking what we are dealing with. There is no debate to be had about sanogo. He may or may not have potential and someday be good but he should not be starting at his current level when the other top teams have several top notch strikers fighting for a place. Wenger needs to fucking stop hoolding on to his beloved players, afraid of hurting their feelings and start signing top players. If you lose your spot because you aren’t good enough, then tough luck and move to west brom. The fans can get emotional but not the manager and the board. Enough of this attachement, start becoming ruthless with players. MAn city have 4 top strikers. JOvetic barely gets a game, dzeko has to struggle, yet when called upon they deliver. This is just absurd. So fed up of hearing that players retunring from injury are new signings. If wilshere accelerates his development nad proves us wrong then great, but righ tnow he hasn’t done anything to prove he deserves a starting spot. SO you sign a top cdm and you make wilshere fight for survival. If he manages then great, play him. If not, tough luck lad, still getting 80k a week aged 22 you wont catch me crying over your lost starting space.

    8 million quid year for wenger to continue treating us like shit. Fuck off

  34. Pedro

    Romford, I agree, we shouldn’t write him off… however, the idea of not buying in a midfielder to experiment with him in a role that’s not his favoured one… well, it smacks of not having a plan again.

    On Schneiderlin, can’t see southampton selling more players.

  35. Dissenter

    Radio Raheem,
    “I am prepared to wait to the end of the window for a holding midfielder but if we don’t sign one I’ll give the side a chance to see how things go. I’m not expecting us to be title challengers this coming season but the one after”

    Don’t you think the same cycle of transfer inertia will occur next summer? What miracle do you think will happen next summer?
    Will City/united/Chelsea and Liverpool all suffer catastrophic bankruptcy?

  36. Jim Lahey

    Now is the winter of our discontent. Made glorious summer by this sun of York.

    (went all dramatic there… )

    Does anyone else think that Rambo and Wilshere as our midfield pairing we would leak goals, and not just in the big away games?

  37. itsdaspecimen

    It’s still early so part of me wishes that this is all a terrible rumour, or a fantastic ploy by the board to regain some bargaining power (i.e. we aren’t going to be held to ransom…….. we have solutions if you aren’t prepared to play ball’)

    We desperately need a DM, and that is clear to see. Man City won the league last season, and still signed Fernando from Porto under the radar for £12m. As such I simply refuse to believe there are not achievable targets on the market. Even Coquelin would be a better option in that role than Jack.

  38. Romford Pele

    “Romford, I agree, we shouldn’t write him off… however, the idea of not buying in a midfielder to experiment with him in a role that’s not his favoured one… well, it smacks of not having a plan again.”

    For sure, I don’t see the Wilshere as a DM working at all. Maybe if he was taller and more combative it could work as he’s a good distributor of the ball. But right now his best position is the one that Ramsey occupies. It’s a case of rotating the two and making sure they get enough game time.

    You may be right on Schneiderlin. Still, would be shocked to see him pick Spurs over us if he did want to leave.

  39. Romford Pele

    “Usual crap from this anti arsenal site the mirrow ? What a joke”

    It’s not anti-Arsenal to have a different view to the one you champion, mate.

  40. Drey

    Alright, knowing Wenger he has probably reverted to type by dithering.. its not hard to see Pedro’s panic.. we’ve all been there before..
    My gut tells me that the more Diaby rakes up man-hours in training,the less inclined Arsene will be to go out and do the necessary..

  41. Ramsinho

    will david Cameron please place massive sanctions on abramovic and let mourinho show how good he is managing a team that doesn’t give him 100s of millions a summer? Specialist in spending shit tons of money. COngrats you bellend

  42. Romford Pele

    “Is Ospina official as the Spanish journos keep saying e have an agreement with San Iker ?”

    Sky Sports News reckon it’ll be concluded this week. We’ve officially announced transfers on the last two Thursdays so maybe today? Can’t believe the Casillas rumours. Would mean us selling Szczesny which Wenger will not do.

  43. itsdaspecimen

    Wenger has little hesitancy in spending vast sums of money on various attacking talents. Understandable, as games are ‘won’ at that end of the field. Unfortunately, it appears that he hasn’t grasped the fact that they are lost at the other end of the field if the balance in the midfield isn’t addressed.

  44. Dream10


    Good point. But those midfields you listed (w/ the exception of Chelsea) had forwards in front of them who scored at decent rates. Man Utd had Cole,Sheringham,Yorke and Solsjkaer then Van Nistelrooy scoring, Arsenal had Henry and City have Aguero,Dzeko and Negredo scoring.

    We need to score at a better rate to win the title. Giroud takes shots but is inefficient. Sanchez and Walcott are not greedy players. We need at least one greedy forward who plays in the box who takes a lot of shots and scores.

    I would have preferred us sigining two proven goalscorers rather bringing in Sanchez

  45. Doyindav


    Not saying Wilshere is shit and I’m not against him actually being in the team.
    Nothing against Jack personally.
    If the story is true then
    1) Wenger has refused to spend to fix a glaring issue with the team leaving us one or two players away from contending Yet again.

    2) He just got back from an injury, played some minutes at the WC and we’re about to give him the new DM role. What if he gets injured again?

    My point is yet again, Wenger’s taking a risk (with the chances of success minimal ) that a top level manager looking to win the league(am I wrong?) shouldn’t be taking.

    I hope I’m proved wrong.

  46. Pedro

    DM, wait and see how it pans out, then come back to me.

    Centre back and Ospina… unless someone outrageous comes onto the market.

  47. Ramsinho

    we better not sign casillas. He single handedly ruined spain at the world cup and almost cost Madrid the champions league. 100k a week for a used up, declining, out of form and out of confidence 3rd keeper? I don’t care what he won he isn’t good enough these days and the money should be spent elsewhere. If you are willing to spend 100k a week on third choice keeper, then put that money towards khedira wages.

  48. WengerEagle

    I can’t believe that Diaby is even being mentioned as a CM option, has the last few years not taught us that the guy cannot be relied upon?

    He’s purely a luxury player if fit (IF), in no way should he even be considered when discussing CM solutions.

    I’d personally cancel his contract without hesitation. I give him 3 weeks maximum after the BPL starts back until his next injury breakdown.

  49. Savage

    Ornstein says we’re chasing a DM – easy to take his word over Cross, who regularly spins.

    Way too early to start crying into your tea.

  50. Radio Raheem


    What transfer ‘inertia’ are you talking about? We’ve signed 2 or 3 players in the last two weeks. We could do the same next summer. From last summer to this it’s blatantly obvious that we have changed tact, if only slightly.

    There’d always be 3 or 4 other top sides to contend with we have to ensure we’re as good as we can be.

  51. Romford Pele

    Doyin – I share your concerns tbh. We have a lot of options in the middle but none combative enough. If Diaby was injury-free I think Wenger would experiment with him and Ramsey. More of the double pivot he likes rather than a pure defensive midfielder. At the end of the day, it’s all speculation. Nobody really knows what’s going on. I fear we may not buy a DM due to the amount of midfielders we have and Wenger doesn’t look like he’s gonna sell any of them. Hope to be proved wrong.

  52. Rich

    See Cazorla is linked with Atletico, I’d happily sell him and Podolski.
    Arsene clearly doesn’t trust Podolski and I’d prefer a left sided midfielder with pace and power, I don’t know why we’ve gone cold on Draxler

  53. Jim Lahey

    @Pedro – Do you think if Arsenal really went for Schneiderlin that he would push Southampton to leave? It has happened to us numerous of times over the years. Could they say no to £20m for a player that doesn’t want to play with them anymore?

  54. Paulinho

    Radio – I can only think you’re trolling. It’s obvious we’ve changed tact, but only slightly?

  55. Savage

    “I can’t believe that Diaby is even being mentioned as a CM option, has the last few years not taught us that the guy cannot be relied upon?”

    Of course he’s an option, he just shouldn’t block other signings. A top notch reservist though.

  56. Ramsinho

    I miss robin van persie. Banging goals in left and right weekly. Now that was a striker. I always felt certain we would get a goal at some stage. Watching him at the world cup for Holland made me all nostalgic. I feel unable to feel sympathy when hes in a man utd shirt. But enjoyed his play over the summer.

  57. Dissenter

    This summer we bought the pact striker we needed last season.
    Next summer, we’ll buy the DM we all know we are lacking.
    We seemed to have started with urgency this season but have entered the reactive mode again. I can understand waiting to pick up the pieces from Madrid or Barcelona but why can’t we just pay Southampton and be done with the drama?

  58. Paulinho

    It’s not even about a DM. just buy someone who can is a good athlete and can close the space well, either high up the pitch like a Khedira or someone who does it in front of the defence.

    Watched Emre Can the other day he looked to have all the attributes, so there are plenty of players out there.

  59. Marko

    All the panic from a fooking Mirror article? Really? John Cross knows less than fuck all. If Ornstein says we dropped our interest in Khedira but are still looking for a DM then I’ll choose to believe him. Clearly we’re waiting to see if someone pops up or if the likes of Sporting or Leverkusen or Southampton soften their stance on letting their player go.

    Also see tuttosport or whatever in Italy have said we’ve bid for Firmino. Wenger Eagle will be chuffed of its true. Might mean Podolski or Santi is off though

  60. TitsMcgee

    Didn’t Wenger say just yesterday or the day before that he is gonna wait to see how his MFs do in preseason before he buys another? Or something to that effect? It would be totally right up Wenger’s alley to roll the dice. He’s done it at CF for the past two years basically writing off seasons.

    Still time left but don’t see how Wenger fcuking about would be anything out of the ordinary.

    Carvalho actually has a release clause. Pay it and get him so we can go into a season well prepared for once.

  61. RJM

    (a) Wenger phoned John Cross up last night and told him – “Unless a remarkable deal crops up, I am now unlikely to sign another midfielder as I believe we have enough already – with Wilshere my choice to be groomed in a deeper-lying role.”


    (b)Wenger did not call John Cross who has nothing to write so manufactures yet another bullshit story that he knows is going to wind Gooners up & get him plenty of hits.

  62. WengerEagle


    You can’t seriously sit there and say that Diaby is an option for us with his injury record?

    We’re pissing £60,000 a week up the wall on him.

  63. finestcuts

    Arsenal’s catchment area is approximately 1% of the entire population of Europe….so there’s plenty of scope for increased recruiting locally.
    My solution is to learn from Ajax who are one of the leaders in youth development. Let’s hire Bergkamp as head of youth development.

  64. Disco Stu

    Haha the Jason Terry stink face gif is hilarious (that’s the last one for all you non basketball fans out there)

  65. NYCgooner

    Web traffic people, it’s all about Web traffic.

    Pedro knows his audience and nothing gets this lot moving like saying something bad about Wenger. A week ago he said Wenger was having a blinder. Today, the TW is going to hell. The neck snapping change of opinion, all in a matter of a few days is starting to wear on your credibility Pedro. Soon we won’t be able to tell the difference between a le grove posting and the sites you often rail against.

  66. Doyindav

    Wenger shouldn’t consider Diaby in his plans. If he stays fit fine, he doesn’t, no qualms.

    The double pivot can work but I don’t think it will with Ramsey and either of Diaby or Wilsere, all a bit similar.

    I saw somewhere that without Henderson or Matic being actual or ‘real’ DMs, their physicality, energy and ability to cover long distances helped their teams last season.
    Would settle for a powerful B2B tbh.

    Anyway we’ll see.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    I hope sincerely that Wenger is not considering on relying on either Wilshere or Diaby to fulfil anchor role in team. Diaby is always one game away from a serious injury and most certainly is not capable of playing two games a week.

    Wilshere lacks the physicality, aerial presence and pace to take on defensive midfield role. Also his propensity will be to attack and leave defence exposed.

    Whilst I do not think that we are far short now of a team to compete at top of
    table that position in team must be filled. Wenger and club needs for once to
    LISTEN to what not only most so-called experts are suggesting but also their
    supporters as well.

    On a different matter I don’t want to see Arsenal offload Cazorla and Monreal
    in this transfer window. We have already offloaded 5 players and probably
    Vermaelen will go as well. That is almost equivalent to 25% of squad from last

    That is more than sufficient changes for this season.

  68. Radio Raheem


    Since Henry when was the time we bought players in their mid-twenties from top clubs? We’ve now done that in two seasons in a row with Ozil and Sanchez

  69. Wallace

    most of us have spent the last week laughing at john cross’s ‘exclusives’, but now we’re supposed to take today’s scoop seriously?

    if only we could take the best bits of Arteta, Flamini & Diaby…that’d be a pretty decent holding mid.

  70. WengerEagle


    Just read that, apparently he’s being quoted for just £8 million.

    An absolute bargain if true. He’s an excellent, excellent young talent that is already producing world class stats.

  71. Dream10

    There were 14 matches last yr where we scored one goal or less.
    We will need to find at least 15goals to have a chance in the top two. Giroud is profligate. Won’t change overnight. Ramsey scored 10 in the league but he may have less goalscoring opportunities w/ Sanchez, Walcott playing.

    Remember that Sanchez is not Falcao like in front of goal. Our only two threats from set pieces are Giroud and Koscielny.

    We need a star #9

  72. Dissenter

    Radio Raheem,
    The inertia I was referring is signing a proper DM, especially after all the spankings we got last year.
    Actually, we’ve signed only Sanchez this summer. The RB and reserve goalie are replacements of players who left.

    I really find it amusing that you’re expecting us to compete for the premier league title next season, why not this one? What’s going to happen next summer to suddenly transform us into real contenders.

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    The link I posted showing that we’ve bid for Schnedeirlin wasn’t really suggesting we actually had, just that there’s so much contradictory info out there right now it’s not worth getting worked up about it.

    John Cross says we’re not buying a DM, Goal says we are. Ornstein says we’re looking for a DM, but not a striker, John Cross says we’re still looking for a striker..


  74. Ramsinho

    Chelsea have their team sorted and can focus on pre season making sure they all gel. We have fuck all and most of our starters aren’t back from world cup holiday. No preparation. We are going to get destroyed in community shield. At which point wneger will say players need to come back and that it isn’t a trophy that matters. OUr team willtake the whole of September to get back to form and fitness playing together by which point our title hopes will be long gone with LVG abosltuely killing his first 6 easy games and JM doing the same for chealsea with their outrageous line-up. I don’t expect man city to mess up either.

    OR Wenger caould get on top of his shit, get the players we need, win the community shield and create a buzz for when our starters return on a high and merk it.


  75. Dream10

    Suarez/Sturridge- 52 league goals

    Toure/Aguero/Dzeko – 53 league goals

    Giroud/Ramsey – 26 league goals

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    Ramsinho: Chelsea have their team sorted and can focus on pre season making sure they all gel. We have fuck all and most of our starters aren’t back from world cup holiday. No preparation. We are going to get destroyed in community shield.

    We’re playing Chelsea in the community shield ?

    Boy are those Man City fans going to pissed

  77. Ramsinho

    exactly dream10.

    And those 10 ramsey goals came out of nowhere. It wasn’t planned for or expected in the same way the other team parternships are expected to deliver.

  78. Nasri's Mouth


    I know, Eisfeld was the only reason we didn’t re-sign Cesc, and now we’ve sold him!!!

  79. Paulinho

    Radio – Yeah but you said this summer to last. Wenger has signed Sanchez early but he signed Koscielny early, he signed Podolski early. He’s just done it on a more grand scale now, that’s the change, wouldn’t say it proves anything has really changed in regards to the nuts and bolts of his thinking, and ultimately that’s what will continue to hold us back.

  80. Romford Pele

    “there’s so much contradictory info out there right now it’s not worth getting worked up about it.”


    It’s like the reports saying Casillas has agreed to sign for us despite the fact an announcement for Ospina is imminent.

  81. Arsene nose best

    They said wengers got his mojo back, LOOOOOOOOOOL, all this money to spend, he isn’t gonna scratch the surface with it… IN ARSENE WE RUST!

  82. Marko

    It’s looking more and more likely to be either Carvalho (after he begs Sporting to accept our offer) or Khedira (who eventually decides to lower his demands to join his mates here) to join for me.

  83. Radio Raheem


    Call it a hunch. Or you could look at the rate at which we are adding top players (i.e. 1/season) and replacing players plus the improvements expected in our younger players. All that should build up to better title challenge all things being equal.

  84. Romford Pele

    “It’s looking more and more likely to be either Carvalho (after he begs Sporting to accept our offer) or Khedira (who eventually decides to lower his demands to join his mates here) to join for me.”

    I’d still include Schneiderlin tbh too.

  85. Romford Pele

    The way some Arsenal fans are flipping their lid over Eisfeld leaving, you would’ve thought we lost a gem.

  86. WengerEagle

    There are no top CF’s on the market though Dream10.

    I agree with your sentiment but I don’t want us to buy a Jackson Martinez for double what he’s worth only to be saddled with him as our CF for the nezt 3-4 years.

    Falcao’s the only top CF that we could buy that might leave his club but even he would be hugely overpriced for a 28 and a half year old. They’d probably want £50-60 million for him.

  87. kapslock

    People using John Cross now for transfer news?
    Has he ever got anything right? He’s full of bullshit.

    I don’t think anything will happen for now apart from a CB but can see there being a late dash for a midfielder.

  88. Bergkamplegend

    Arsenal linked with CASILLAS LOL

    5 years contract == >> € 9 million net per year (not enough LOL)

  89. salparadisenyc

    I’m not going full doom just yet there surely some twists left. I think Khedira comes around in the next couple weeks… Maybe.

    Arteta was a square peg in round hole, Wilshire the same.

    “Diaby a top reservist”

  90. Wallace

    no need to panic yet. if Ospina’s done, we do only need the DM, as fairly hopeful we’ll get Smalling if Vermaelen does head north. that said, DM was the position i’d hoped we’d wrap up early.

  91. Dream10


    agreed. Thing is he more than likely would not have scored 10 goals if Walcott stayed healthy.

    For 14/15 I think Giroud and Sanchez/Walcott will combine for 35-40 league goals. Giroud is doing his best and I don’t blame him. He is who he is.

    But instead of Sanchez we could have bought a striker who scores at least
    20-25 league goals (Cavani,Costa, Dzeko) and one scores 15 goals (Dzeko, Lacazette,Gameiro).

    Overpay if necessary. Goalscorers are expensive and overpaid. But they are necessary.

  92. Goonertone

    I’m also not sure why people are getting so bogged down in a new striker. I’m pretty sure Sanchez is our new striker.

    While Sanchez is a quality player whom i’m delighted we have signed he is also 5ft 7″ tall which probably makes him unsuitable for the main central striker unless our system changes to two up front. Either way we still need another striker because if we play two we need a back up. If Sanchez is not suited to the central role we need back up for Giroud.

    Still need a power house DM if we are to challenge for the title!

  93. DUIFG

    FFS, why do we never do anything beyond the bare minimum. he wil wait for a dm to come up next year while our other big names leave. hallmarks of having fab rvp nasri in the squad while leaving almunia and JD in the starting squad. he took so long to sort out the deficiencies our top players left.

    Players will not wait for you to build.

  94. Radio Raheem


    You acknowledge there has been a change but one that is not fundamental. We are not doing a Chelsea for instance. So, yeah I agree. Hence, why I said
    “It’s obvious we’ve changed tact, but only slightly”.

  95. Doublegooner

    Unless proven otherwise Kroenke just cannot stomach seeing his ‘Cash Mountain’ reduced with spending on players.

  96. Nasri's Mouth

    salparadisenyc: Arteta was a square peg in round hole, Wilshire the same.

    Arteta was pretty suited to that position, it’s just he’s getting on a bit. People looked at the big defeats and thought he wasn’t up to the job but there were other bigger problems in the side

  97. Emiratesstroller

    We are not going to get destroyed in Charity Shield. For the record we beat Man City pre season last year and they put out a strong team.

    However, that is not relevant. We need to have a full complement of players to
    cope with a long season including injuries, loss of form and rotation.

    The club is not far short of a decent squad, but the DM is a critical role in view of the bad defeats in away games last season. Wenger must not delude himself that this was down exclusively to lack of concentration at start of games.

    The three major failings last season were poor defending at set pieces caused
    by zonal marking. Wenger and Howe need to sort that out.

    Second a lack of a top quality defensive minded midfielder. Our midfield has plenty offensive potential, but not enough defensive quality when we play
    physically strong, quick and robust teams.

    We need more goalscoring potential in team. That will be resolved by arrival
    of Sanchez and hopefully Walcott being restored to fitness. If Campbell does
    not make the grade then we need also an additional striker on books.