Squad still depleted as Arsene hints at ‘business closed’

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Oh my days. I’m sitting here, looking at the world outside, desperate to comment, but really, I feel like this should be a place where you can forget about real life for 4 minutes and lose yourself in something totally unimportant.

Needless to say, it’s a savage world out there… I hope everyone who reads Le Grove is safe. Also, the people that don’t read Le Grove, you know, like, the other 20% of the world.

So we’ve hit a bit of a transfer impasse… Khedira stories aren’t hot, quite similar to the Jovetic stories of last summer. Arsenal just let them run while they busied themselves ballsing up other deals.

Lots of fear we won’t move for any more players. I struggle with that idea. We’ll need a back up right back, we need another body in midfield. A top quality body. I’m inclined to believe we are in for a Carvahlo… Late twenties players aren’t really the ticket in a league that is about power pace and stamina. It’d also be nice if we pushed for another forward with pace. Griezsman would be ideal.

If we leave our transfers as they are, welcome to another season of the same. We haven’t actually pushed on the squad if things stay the same. Trusted depth was the issue last season. Hard to see outside of Sanchez (who is a world class) how we’ve pushed the needle… if, of course, that really is it… which I don’t think it is.

Keep the faith, I really don’t think we’re done.

The big rumour from Kike Marin is that we’re now going hard for Schneiderlin. Good times, I think he’s a good player that covers many blades of grass and also boasts better fitness than Arteta and Flamini. The word is that we’ve opened bidding at £15m. A low ball bid if you ask me, but also, probably a bid totally made up by the papers. Simple fact is, we need cover in midfield and we need bodies.

We don’t even need world class bodies. You just need players that can perform a function. Back in the day, what was the point of Giles Grimandi? He was just a bit of spare aggression to bolster our defensive capabilities when we were a goal up. Plenty of clubs have players who serve a purpose, whether it’s speed to peg teams back, whether it’s height to make you dangerous at set plays or a busy player like Flamini to run teams ragged. We don’t have enough differing players to come from the bench to change games up.

In other news, apparently Usmanov is going to have his assets frozen because you know who has been causing civilian catastrophes. I don’t know the details, nor to I believe the veracity as they were penned in The Sun. However, it’s not a long shot to think that sanctions might be coming to the billionaires so entrenched in Putin politics. It doesn’t affect Arsenal, unless the Government seize his Arsenal shares. That would be amusing… Michael Gove, the new Arsenal Secretary. What a LOL.

John Cross and J. Wilson reckon Arsenal would be interested in selling Vermaelen if there’s a player coming the other way. Rumour has it that Smalling and Jones are up for grabs. Now, call me crazy, but I’d take Jones. Arsene Wenger had him at Arsenal’s training ground 6 months before he signed for United. Fergie rated him highly. There’s a player in there somewhere.

I’m struggling with today’s post, so I’ll call it a day before I start fuming at Konoplyanka going to West Ham. I love that beast of a player. Clearly, not many other teams do. He has crazy attributes, just a shame Big Sam will be in charge of polishing them. A bit like letting Wayne Rooney cut an engagement ring diamond with a spoon.

Right, me done. Until tomorrow…

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  1. N5

    What a sad decline for Bojan Krkic, he looked so promising when he started for Barca, but to only score 4 in 24 appearances for Ajax as a forward then its no wonder he ended up at Stoke.

  2. Leedsgunner

    “Manchester City goalkeeper David De Gea posted a photograph of him and David Beckham, with the caption: “With a legend!””

    From the BBC Gossip Page. (When did this transfer happen? Did Pellegrino grow sick of Joe Hart’s shampoo ads too?)

  3. Moray

    In Singapore airport at the moment. They’re showing the legendary 4-3 game with spuds on the big screen. Two things come to mind:
    1. They were shit. Goes to show how derby games can throw up off results
    2. I think our team was better then than now. Vp, nasri, cesc. A pre shit Wilshire on the bench. Hard to see how we won fuck all with them.

  4. peanuts&monkeys

    Where is the DM to replace Arteta? How can Wenger even think of having done what was required? 6-0, 5-1, 6-3….How will we avoid such spankings this season, particularly when every other team has improved their strike force? It either has to be a DM like Bender/Khedira/Tiote OR a goalie like Ochua.

  5. Dark Hei

    If we go by the 25 man squad rules, currently we are maxed out. What you have are usually a 22 man squad + 3 backups.

    GK: Sczh, Ospina (2)
    Def: Gibbs, Monreal, Vermaleen, Kos, Per, Debuchy, Jenkinson (7)
    Mid: Flamini, Arteta, Wilshire, Ramsey, Rosicky, Ox, Ozil, Carzola (8)
    Attackers: Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez, Campbell (5)
    Backups: Diaby, Coquelin, Sanogo (3)

    What this means is that any further additions will have to be balanced by out going players.

  6. Dark Hei

    If we do sign a DM, it will mean bumping Flamini to the Backup section and moving Coquelin on a loan. I think we should keep the Coq since he is potential and with Arteta’s deal expiring next year, it Coq can come back and fit right in.

    If we sign a striker to rotate/upgrade Giroud, the one to make way will be Podolski. Because if you sell Giroud to buy a replacement, well, you will run into rotation issues once more. And while Podolski has a lethal left foot, he is also the least flexible in the line up.

    I wouldn’t recommend a new RB signing as an upgrade over Jenks. I think trying to bed in 2 RBs at the same time is trying our very best to shoot ourselves in the foot. Debuchy will play, when fit, and Jenks is happy to play backup for now. Happy family will result in better results, I think.

  7. Socrates

    “Is James Rodri’s deal worth it? Why was he the 10th highest scorer only with 09 goals in 34 appearances?”

    It’s Real Madrid, if the name’s on everyone’s lips, they’ve got to have it! Doesn’t matter the price or whether he will fit into the team.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    You are not quite right.

    As I wrote previously there is one additional place open in the squad before we have to offload, because Oxlade-Chamberlain is U21 and does not need to be registered.

    Personally I would have thought that Coquelin who is moving into last year of
    contract would be offloaded if we are buying a Defensive/Holding Midfielder.

  9. Gregg

    Ox and Sanogo are U-21 so are additionals in the 25 man squad. However, if you don’t have 8 HG’s in there you can only register 24, the less Hg’s the less you can register. I think in our squad we have 7 HG’s, not sure if Diaby qualifies for that aswell so maybe we have 8. Man City may only be able to register 22 if they only have 6 HG’s, Chelsea the same.

    This is why I think it unlikely that Jenkinson will leave

  10. Gregg

    The point in question with Isco is exactly what Wenger said Saturday, players that you wouldn’t think were available then become available, especially when your talking about the Madrid carousel.

  11. Jim Lahey

    I had a dream last night that we lost 5-2 to United on the opening day of the season… We went 3 down then pulled it back to 3-2 .. then United got another two.. Was a nightmare to say the least!

  12. Bergkamplegend

    I had a dream == >> we had plenty of injuries this season…

    Not a nightmare, just an habit you have to deal with, as a true Gooner.

  13. Dark Hei

    Thanks for the clarification. With that extra slot, I will fill it with, gasp, Ignasi. Sad but true. Think about it, who the hell wants to come and play 4th choice CB, especially if you have ability. Even the potential starter for Untied can’t get games here. And let’s face it, if it boils down to it, we do need 5 CBs.

    You might be right. Sanogo is 21 but not home grown. Man, how do you do the math for the UEFA squad?

  14. Emiratesstroller


    I think that we have currently 8 HG namely

    Flamini may have met criteria. Not sure whether Gnabry has been with club
    3 years. In any event you could add at least one member of U21 squad to list e.g.Martinez, Miquel, Haydn or Akpom.

  15. wenker-wanger

    Window still open but wenger seems to br staring vacantly at the pvc frame wondering if it was made in france. Its possible sanchez is indicative of a new wenger routine, buy one world class player only and a few frenchies. I hope im wrong but I think cynicism is to be expected where wankger is concerned.Hes done his sums and feels the investment in players is enough to keep us on track for 4th, unless he buys 2 more quality necessary players I will be of the opinion that wankger is and always will be an unambitious penny pinching french nationalistic cnut!!!6

  16. abfp


    Yes he will. At least on FM, if the player has spent I think three years in England before his 21st birthday or something, he will count as homegrown in any club. Pogba would also do that, for example.