Spectacular striker news hots up?

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Some very interesting news kicking off today in the press.

Firstly, sad news for Andre Santos of Flamingo. The Brazilian, almost a year to the day he left Arsenal was beaten by his own fans leaving the ground. Quite a horrifying event really. I mean, I know we had our issues with him but thankfully those incidents rarely happen on these shores. Our thoughts are with him at this time.

Secondly, as I mentioned last week, David Ospina is now super close to closing a deal with Arsenal for £5m-ish. The Nice keeper and Colombia number one is over faced with the challenge of usurping Chezzer. A lot of people highlighting the Poles golden glove award last season. Well, put it this way, Alex Song landed 12 assists the season before he moved on (And I told you about problems there). There are similar question marks over Chezzer, so we’ll see how this pans out.

… Wenger isn’t exactly a master when it comes to sourcing keepers. Still
, maybe it’s strategic. If he nabs one Colombian, we might nail some of this incredible talents elsewhere in the national team. That’d be magic. Caudrado and Rodriguez! YES!

Talking of Rodriguez, he’s reportedly joining Madrid along with Kroos. Something tells me they’ll need to be selling some pretty hardcore talent soon. There aren’t enough spaces on the pitch to house their talent! Hopefully we’re sniffing around now…

Apparently we have been trying to broker a deal for Carvalho of Sporting. I know very little about him other than he’s 22, a bit of a monster around the pitch and defensively minded. Would make more sense with my Arsenal hat on that we go for someone expensive and young over 27, injury prone and super expensive in every way. Khedira is rumoured to be off to Monaco. Looks like all he cares about is the pay day. Whatever, as long as there’s a plan in place.

More rumours have surfaced around Mario.


Some people on the web are saying there’s substance… some people say stuff like that to make them see like they have the inside line. Some people say it because they know. Hopefully they know. A big, powerful, fast, slightly off the rails talented beast of a striker really would cap off this summer in spectacular fashion!

It’s clear that Milan are desperate to punt him on, but it’s not clear whether Arsene would put Giroud into third in the pecking order. Well, maybe it’ll be second with Sanchez outwide?

Right, I must finish this as I’m in Paris…


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  1. Steveyj

    Just seen the new BT sport ad . Taking the piss out of our 6 nil thrashing by the Chavs. Well done to the gutless parasites who run our great club which we all love for giving the scrum who hate us the ammo to shame us. Imo with the transfers we have done so far top four is probably safe. Which imo is all they are interested in. If we get a top DM I really think we could win the premiership or at least challenge to the end instead of falling apart in feb/Mar and getting stuffed by our rivals.

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    the ‘advantageous clause’ is that they’re being paid £30m a year, which was right at the top end.

  3. Carts

    Hayden is fucking awful. I wouldn’t pay much attention to our young defenders.

    I’d say we should be pushing to develop Akpom and Olsson

  4. grooveydaddy

    ‘He is first choice on a 4th-6th
    place team.’

    I would say all the teams in the top half of the table last year, bar Stoke, had a better striker than giroud…

    and even a couple of teams in the bottom half (villa, swansea )

  5. Leedsgunner

    As for our little DM problem let’s just buy both Bender bros and be done with it. I know Sven perhaps a little more attack minded than we need right now but Rosicky will need replacing (because let’s face it he last two seasons tops IMO) and I see Sven as a great sucessor.

  6. Roaaary

    Bit off topic but from our troubled youth team who do you think is most likely tools it this year?

    I watched zelalem for the u21s against Chelsea and he looked average. Crowley looks the part but is still a bit too going for a CM spot in a prem team. Jack jebb looks like a fat wilshere and again didn’t impress me at all.

    Up top akpom looks the part but wenger doesn’t rate him. Across the rest of the team I don’t really see anything.

    I remember years ago when our yoof teams were the nuts and we were always pulling stars from nowhere

  7. gnarleygeorge9


    Balotelli sounds too much like a brand of extra virgin olive oil, so I will refer to him as Super Mario then. My feelings over this ‘hot’ rumour is that he would be the cherry on top or if you like Kalamata olive to a serious challenge to the Title. He has a certain Anelka flavour about him IMO, only this time The Arse get him after he has gotten all the silly things out of his nature, whereas with Anelka it was the opposite.

    But something tells me this rumour could just die coz old Frenchie has done his serious purchasing already.

    God I hope I’m wrong 😈

  8. leon

    If the romours ars yrue that wenger is in the market for another striker i feel thats mistake niether podiolski or gorude are level of the player needed at this club dont get me wrong these are good players but far from world class and i dont see remy as world class either

  9. El Tel 1

    Walking down the Hill and seeing the facia of the greatest Stadium in the world. The stalls selling scarves and badges the smell of burgers and strangely cigar smoke. Up to five of us going into the schoolboys to meet Dad at the door that takes us into the mighty North Bank. Dad used to take us up the top right on the side overlooking Avenell road. We sat on a metal rail high above the pitch. We looked down the touchline the same side as the Players entrance. The Police Band came out and walked around the pitch. The Guy at the front holding a long Mace. As he reached the penalty spot he would toss the mace into the air. The crowd would roar. He always caught it bar once when he dropped it. The match played out and Dad would leave ten minutes before the end so we could get back to the car which was double parked up the top of Highbury Hill area. This was a regular thing for many years for me. Those days were hard the team was sometimes rubbish but I would not swap this experience for what you have today for anything.

  10. El Tel 1

    As I reached the teenage years I would stand in the North Bank. Level with the cross bar right in the centre of the goal. There was a crush bar there and I got to the ground an hour before kick off to get this position.

    The peanut man would walk buy shouting “peanuts,peanuts, come and get your peanuts”

    Still the smell of cigar smoke fills the air. The excitement grows. My heroes come out to a mighty roar.

    I loved Supermac, Charlie the king of Highbury, Geordie Armstrong on the wing. The wanky Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope and this is what He said Fuck Off. Your going home in a London ambulance Proper football songs.

    The crush when we scored the crush when we nearly scored. The ABC scoreboard. The Highbury shouter who I think still shouts today.

    The muddy pitch. Frankie with his sleeves rolled up. Bob Wilson running along the goal line one post to the other. Charlie George looking like Jesus Christ with his shirt hanging out. Great days

  11. El Tel 1


    I am a third generation Arsenal fan. My Dad passed away just over 2 years ago and those memories stay with me. I think about those days often.

  12. El Tel 1

    Then came the Paddys era.

    Sammy Nelson,Frankie Stapleton,David O’Leary,Paddy Rice, Big Pat the great Liam Brady.

    Alan Sunderland,Noddy Talbot,Rixy. A great team.

    I am getting older I start to sit in the West stand. Dad still coming with us but not so lften now.

    This team under Terry Neil, and the great Don Howe should have won much more.

  13. El Tel 1

    Got to get some shut eye as work early in the morning but I will look out for anyone elses stories when I wake up.

    Good Ol Arsenal were proud to say that name, while we sing this song well win the game. That 71 team were and still are the best. They broke the long trophyless spell winning the fairs cup a year earlier.

    They were my idols.

    Fantastic players who worked their arses off.

  14. BacaryisGone

    Every season Arsene leaves the fans feeling like we were close to rounding the team out but just not close enough.

    This summer I really thought it might happen. With Sanchez coming, I’m not even fussed if we land a top striker to displace Giroud as it feels as though we have plenty of options now. What I really felt we needed was a commanding defensive-minded partner for Ramsey in midfield. From the papers (Khedira, Bender, Carvalho) it sounds like we’re in for that player. From Wenger, it sounds like we’re not looking in that area.

    I was so hoping that I would be wrong this summer and that my 30-40 million net spend estimate would be blown out of the water. Not feeling that way now….

  15. BacaryisGone

    Looking more closely at the squad, we actually are good with overall numbers. It’s just the talent balance that’s off.

    Going on the cliche of two players for each position,

  16. Emiratesstroller


    I am more than capable of reading accounts as I have a professional background and I have also read both Deloittes and Swiss Ramble Reports in full.

    Arsenal’s main revenue weakness was that its hands were tied in negotiations with sponsors following construction of stadium and also the then CEO was not that clever in negotiations. We did lag far behind the other teams for reasons outlined in your posts.

    I disagree with your analysis of Chelsea. They are not remotely self financing.
    Indeed you can probably count on one finger the occasions that they did not
    make an annual loss. That was probably engineered to avoid breaking UEFA
    Fair Play Rules.

    Chelsea does not have that much pulling power UNLESS they win trophies.
    As I wrote their playing record in recent times is only marginally better than us.

    I sympathise with your criticism of the ticket prices and people like myself will always moan about spending £4k + per year. However, the reality is that
    there is no shortage of applicants and there is a large waiting list.

    What Arsenal does need to do if it wants to improve its brand and revenues
    from that stream is improve consistently its performance on the pitch.

    It has taken a long time for the Board and Manager to understand that. You
    need to invest in team to accumulate and that was neglected.

    Having said that you do not improve a team by making wholesale change or
    paying excessive transfer fees and wages. Arsenal are not the only club who
    have overpaid players.

    Rooney now earns £200,000 pw. That is equivalent to what Prime Minister earns in year including MP salary On current performance he would be very difficult to shift.

  17. BacaryisGone

    Looking more closely at the squad, we actually are good with overall numbers. It’s just the talent balance that’s off.

    Going on the cliche of two players for each position, we are incredibly deep out wide (Ox, Theo, Sanchez, Poldi, Santi) and box-to-box midfield (Ramsey, Wilshere, Diaby, Rosicky) but have little depth in quality at CB, DM and CF.

    Carvalho would actually be a good fit for us. Hopefully the rumours are true. We could replace Vermaelen with a quality 3rd CB and Carvalho could compete with Arteta for the DM role (he would almost certainly win that contest) but still be able to cover at CB.

    Joel Campbell should be brought in as our 2nd CF. If he flops we still have options in Sanchez and even Theo through the middle and our depth out wide means either one could move there without weakening those areas.

    What to do with the leftovers then?

    Podolski (sell)
    Sanogo, Zelalem and Gnabry (send on loan)
    Diaby and Flamini (keep as luxury/emergency 23rd and 24th men. Both in last year of their contracts)
    Miyaichi and Coquelin (does it really matter at this point?)

  18. Emiratesstroller

    Bacary is gone

    I agree with your assessment of weaknesses. We need quality CDM and also
    CB if Vermaelen goes.

    Both Carvalho or Lars Bender would be good recruits, because they could be used as emergency options as fourth string CB if required.

    I would not sell Podolski this season. He is a good player to come off bench and in any event we are short at moment of full complement of registered players. Also Podolski has personality and is popular player.

  19. Moray

    Bacary, we have a lot of bodies in cm so I doubt Wenger will strengthen there. Players like Diaby, Arteta and (less so) flamini are taking up squad spaces. I would love to see some bravery in upgrading some of these players but I can’t see it happening. We will be seeing cm combos of Flamini/Ramsey/jack/Arteta next season I think.

    Only Wenger thinks we don’t need a destroyer in there at dm screening our sometimes shambolical back line.

  20. Ben

    I don’t think we need a DM. Watching Brazil play with a DM they didn’t have a midfield. I don’t like that. DM is pretty much a 5th defender don’t fancy that.

  21. Ben

    Daily mail what an embarassing website they are already wanking over Van Gaal and United while writing anti-arsenal articles.

  22. Dark Hei


    Yes and no regarding the DM. When Spurs played us early last season, they had a bunch of hulks in their midfield. Dembele, Paulinho and some other big bloke. Turns out nobody knew what to do against 2 banks of 4 which we put up in front of them. Having possession means squat when you have no idea what to do with it.

    On the other hand, while Arteta has great positional discipline, he does have trouble winning back possession and dominating the midfield. So when we do win back possession, we are starting from the back and must build up field all over again which is kind of frustrating. Sigh, if only that bloke Verratti is available.

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger has spoken what was in his mind since 2000. He will never sign a striker. A WC striker can be the only person who can pose a threat to Wenger’s iconic Arsenal image. Moment a striker shines for Arsenal the press will start throwing the striker’s pics all around instead of Wenger’s. Wenger cannot let that happen. He will not ever sign a striker.

  24. peanuts&monkeys

    When will the club realize that enough money has been gotten? Now, the club needs to have more fans than money. And, to have fans, you have to have strikers like Suarez, Drogba….

    Fuck me! Drogba is a free agent. Yet Wenger will never approach him. What fuckin egoist is this guy. Fuck you Wenger!!!!

  25. peanuts&monkeys

    Press is carrying news of Arsenal fans expressing disagreement over Cleverly’s signing. I read those tweets too. What a fuckin joke!

    Why cant these fans threaten a greater riot if the bastard manager does not resign and leave????

  26. Ashwin Gunner

    Morning all

    No news today.. Papers are running all sorts of BullSh*t now.. no credible news today..

    And for that matter, if past experience is somethign to go by, now that Wenger is away in US we might not see any signings till the pre season is over.

  27. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that Abou Diaby can be a “major asset” for his team – if the midfielder can maintain his fitness… Diaby lasted just 16 minutes on his one and only Premier League appearance last season.”

    Spot the reason why Arsene is deluded. If he’s STUPID enough to even consider relying on Diaby we’re destined for another frustrating season.

    To do a “Diaby” – to go missing for years on end, to endlessly waste money.

  28. Ashwin Gunner


    I dont think Arsene is relying on Diaby this time. He seems pretty serious in bringing in a DMF.. but honestly dont konw what is happening in that front. Looks like Khedria’s ship has sailed. Schnederlin does not want to come. so we are down to Bender and Cavarlho…

    any addtion would be a welcome. bring in Baletolli, and Ospina with Bender.. it would have been an awesome summer..

  29. Ben

    Diaby is an excellent player. Feel sorry for the lad. Lets hope he has is injury free year. Khedira Lars Bender are hardly better than him anyway.

  30. Gunned Puma


    When fit, Diaby is a deadly player. I still remember the way he demolished L’Pool last year. He’s the only CM we’ve had in recent year to show glimpses of being complete midfilder. Buuuuuutttt…….

    There is just no way he’s going to have an injury free year… I don’t think we’ll have him even for the next three months. For all practical purposes, the leg break he suffered all those years ago ended his footballing carrier.

  31. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Indeed Ben.
    Who among us will forget his wonderful headed winner at Old Trafford….or his selfless sacrifice in helping Newcastle over-turn a four-goal deficit?
    If only he’d made those sorts of positive contributions for the benefit of Arsenal – the club paying his wages .

  32. Evan

    El Tel good work mate, nice read sounds like something to remember.

    I remember my first game and it wasn’t at home, it was away to Ipswich Town. My Uncle Roger Osborne took me to my first game to see the Arsenal at Portman Road, Arsenal won 1-5 and what a game to see

    I remember a mixed bag of everything, I experienced the roar of the ground, the Cigar smoke and passion of Football and unfortunately ignorance of racism, some of the language for a little kid is appalling but as a kid I was mesmerised by the occasion

    The game itself introduced me to Ian Wright who scored a hattrick it was amazing and one of the reasons I love Arsenal COYG

  33. N5

    “Khedira Lars Bender are hardly better than him anyway.”

    You really should take off those rose tinted spectacles.

  34. N5

    TYAG I was thinking the same thing. I’ve seen Diaby play one outstanding game and I bet if I said to any Gooner, which game do you think that was, everyone one of them would say Liverpool and the reason everyone would say that, is because its the only one.

    He’s a good player, no doubt, and he’s been plagued with injury so probably could have been a hell of a lot better. But he’s not as good as Bender or Khedira and it’s a little silly for posters like Ben to suggest so.

    I think they call that Arsenal bias.

  35. N5

    Lol Gunned, and normally I do so please don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t attempting to be insulting to Ben and I do really feel for Diaby. I just think that he isn’t as good as Bender and not because I’m a doomer, but just because he isn’t.


  36. N5

    Lol TYAG, I loved the way he swapped shirts with RvP, he swapped it better than I’ve ever seen a shirt swapped. He put Beckhams WC shirt swap to shame!!

    On the subject of Santos. How badly was he beaten? is he in hospital?

  37. qna

    @Ben/@GPuma, as far as I am concerned, Diaby proved himself as a selfish brainless idiot against Newcastle in the 4-4. He was the catalyst for that result. After all the club and fans put up with, for him to put his pride ahead of the team and lash out knowing full well the consequences was unforgivable given his situation. You can only get away with that type of shit if you can make up for it on the pitch. Diaby already owed the club and the fans and he humiliated us that night. I think that scar still haunts us to this day in our mentality and you see that fear sometimes when we get up a decent lead.

  38. Gunned Puma


    Don’t get me wrong about Diaby… I’m all for making decision that are best for Arsenal as a team and not Diaby or any other single player for that matter. Right now we do need a CDM/DMF and we should go out and get one. Period.

    Now, yes Diaby screwed up. All players screw up from time to time… It could be ocassiaonal own goal(s), giving away needless FK/Penalty, taking an important penalty too casually and miss, etc.

    The important thing is how they recover from that… And judging Diaby on the few (very few) games we saw him last season, he has been playing for the team. There is no need to hold that against him.

  39. qna

    @gunned. I agree with your points. Everybody makes mistakes. But you also have to come to a point and make a decision on a player. That red card was the last straw for me, not the first. I had already become frustrated with his decision making. He gives the ball away in dangerous positions and use to always try to make killer ball passes where there are none to make – and gives the ball away that way as well.

    In any case with Diaby we are kind of stuck with him. We put him on a long contract with huge wages (think he has been on 60k for the past 5 years). So we cant get rid of him anyway. He had the potential, so while he is on our books may as well see if he can step up. Especially in the pre-season.

  40. Bergkamplegend

    Good morning ??
    I put the “??” because I saw that the press say we are targeting some fucking mancs before let Verm go to yoonited.

    Phil Jones the King Moron at Arsenal ??? Are you fucking kidding me ??????

  41. Ben


    I doubt we are interested in Man Us average players. I wouldn’t want any of their players none of them would be good enough for us.

  42. Alfie

    Gunned Puma

    “When fit, Diaby is a deadly player. I still remember the way he demolished L’Pool last year.”

    That one game?

    Hardly constitutes a ‘deadly player’. He is a wasted resource and I cant wait to replace him.

  43. Bergkamplegend

    So it seems like wenger don’t wants to pay the price for Super Mario…
    “Déjà-vu” anyone ?? lol

  44. N5

    Puma, no doubt he’s a good player and I fully agree a string of games would probably show us a Diaby on par with that Liverpool match, every week. But after 8 seasons or whatever it is now and only 1 memorable game isn’t really value for money.

    I wonder what Wenger will do this when the contract ends? will he release regardless of what this year is like or will he offer a new contract with a pay to play salary?

  45. Alfie


    I also remember Hazard saying Gervhinio is the best player he has ever come across so forgive me if I don’t take a national and domestic team mates opinion as gospel.

    If you think he is than that’s your opinion but I just don’t think you can comment on a player who, just for last season as an example played less than 60 minutes over the entire season.

  46. Nasri's Mouth


    I was wondering about this the other day. It has to depend on how this season goes. Wenger will no doubt be saying lots of positive things about him, because god knows Diaby’s confidence is going to need everything he can get, but unless he stays fit I can’t see us offering him anything. If he does stay fit (hahaha!!) then he might think he’s worth a punt

  47. Gunned Puma


    Oh, no doubt, Diaby has been a failure as far as value for money is concern.

    I think it all depends how this year goes. If he can pull a Van Persie, I think Wenger will offer him a multi-year contract. Otherwise it will be a pay-to-play salary at best.

  48. N5

    Nasri/Puma, with the way life can be at times, I expect we’ll release him and then he’ll pull a Drogba and be playing every match until he’s 36!!

    I really hope he has a big year this year, but with his history I just don’t see it. I’ll have everything crossed for him that he get’s some games, as it must be gutting for him. I know people say the money helps, but when your a sportsman and not NB52, I don’t think your mind works like that.

    Pay to play contract sounds about the best he’ll get, if he get’s anything.

  49. Gunned Puma


    The whole point why we’re all here is opinion. Yes Hazard said that and just because Gerv failed at Arsenal it doesn’t make him a bad player. Mata was best player at Chelsea before YouKnowWho arrived but he was jetted outta there faster than Wenger sold Gerv.

    To me, a fit Diaby is a very good player. He’s just not fit enough to justify his salary and spot on the squad.

  50. Gunned Puma


    If it doesn’t work out this year, I hope Diaby retires… It will cruelest of fates if he goes to another team and regain his fitness only to come back and destroy us year after year.

  51. freddylekgunner

    Lol Diaby only played 5 good games for Arsenal? Accepted he’s always injured but when not injured he normally plays well bar some few games with error which happens to every player.

  52. Alfie


    I do get your point and I do think he is a good player but you can say the same thing about Wayne Rooney –

    “Rooney is world class when he is putting in the effort and not being a fat scouse prick”.

  53. Thank you and goodnight

    Diaby for me is to lacksadaisical. Arsenals very own David luiz, capable of looking like a great player, but also capable of dropping us in the shit. I’d rather fuck him off and get someone you know you’ll get minimum 20 games out of a season.

  54. Nasri's Mouth


    I think there’s some truth in that. Diaby has been prone to poor decision making which can be costly depending on the area of the pitch. Some of that is down to lack of match fitness of course, and all players pick the wrong pass etc. from time to time, but he’s not a player you’d like as your DM. He hasn’t got that awareness and vision that Arteta has.
    By playing him further up the pitch in his natural position you negate that problem to a great extent. It was apparent in the game on saturday how much more energy/drive/speed he gave us when he came on, quick passes, running forward and hustling the opposition. Obviously it’s pre-season and it’s Boreham Wood, but his style of play was clear to see. It’s something we’ve missed in recent seasons when we’ve been guilty of playing too slowly and too safe in some games

  55. TOLI83

    Agree on Diaby not being the World Class player everyone says.

    To be world class you need to be consistant, which he has never been or will be. Too many hype him up as the ‘woulda been great player’.

    Who remembers the headed own goal against Man Utd were he just smiled and laughed afterwards.

    Can’t really believe we have stuck with someone who will never justify the amount of time and money we have ploughed into him. If he had any decency he would stop his wages until he plays again.

  56. Alfie

    “Thank you and goodnight July 22, 2014 08:58:38
    I’m bored at work, days bloody dragging. Anyone got any good jokes?”

    Not a joke per se but – What is the only word spelt incorrectly in the dictionary?

  57. Gregg

    Ah Diaby, the perennial crock.

    Could have had a great career had it not been for injuries. Agree wholeheartedly regarding his lack of discipline when decision making. Reagrdless of how many good games he’s had he makes monumental errors in every match, just as Gael Clichy and Kolo did, not always punished but never learnt by their mistakes.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    Diaby is now a luxury player. He has cost us a lot of money, which we will never recoup and loaning him out for effectively the last year of his contract with us is not what the club will do.

    Wenger must know the risk with this player and cannot afford to ‘rely’ on him
    for next season. If he plays in games then it would be from bench.

    What I do know is that the reason we lost so many away games against top teams was the lack of physicality and pace in midfield particularly when Ramsey was injured.

    Arteta is an intelligent player and can compensate in most games for his inadequacies, but not against top teams.

    We may have a lot of midfield players on our books, but at the moment we do
    not have enough bite or pace there.

  59. Blaisehayest

    For anyone thats wanting a replacement for Arteta check this excellent infograph from Statsbomb. I feel Arteta is very capable and if any move is made for a DM it should be a young eventual replacement who can be gradually transitioned into the first team over time, not an immediate replacement. Sami Khedira while an excellent player occupies the same space as Ramsey and to some degree Whilshere as well.