London is great, sorry Liverpool.

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Oh hello Saturday you thundery beast!

The weather, what’s it like? Cray babes, totally cray…

So what’s today like?


Why? Because football is back. The best summer ever eh? One minute, you’re all sad, the next you’re all like, ‘no need for sadness, because the World Cup is here’, then you’re all like sad again because it’s over, then preseason starts… and you’re all like, ‘wow’ and stuff.

So today Arsenal kick of proceedings against a team 56 divisions below them with the added bonus of the game being on Arsenal Player, so no trekking down to Boreham Wood.

Happy days.

What’s not happy about today then?

Well, two things. Jose Mourinho has said it was easy to persuade Cesc to join Chelsea because he never wanted Arsenal.

Who cares? I don’t.

It’s like being told by a randomer off the streets they don’t want to work for your company. So what, we didn’t have an interest in him in the first place. Cesc is now a Chelsea player. He’s lost his picture on the bridge. He’s an erased memory Men In Black style. He’s a nobody. So it’d be nice if Arsenal fans stopped getting up in arms about what’s being said about him.

What is nice is that Jose tends to only pick on clubs he feels threatened by. If Arsenal continue to build at the pace we have been, he’ll be building an absolute dream machine. The Chelsea manage therefore has a vested interest in unsettling us.

The second batch of bitterness has come from the Liverpool camp. Apparently the only reason Sanchez turned down a move to Liverpool, was, errr, Liverpool.

Now, again, who cares?

I’d never leave the greatest City for somewhere like Liverpool. It’s a dump compared to London. We are Arsenal, we are London, so the place is a massive, massive bragging point. I wrote that London was a massive factor for Sanchez at the time… and it is. He’s come from Barcelona, another fantastic City, so he’ll want to be moving somewhere attuned to his tastes. The Beatles Bar is not a draw…

There are also other factors, we have incredible training facilities, we have an amazing stadium, we’re a better bet for consistent Champions League football and we’re on the up. Not that Liverpool aren’t interesting. I know everyone slags off Brendan Rodgers as a manager, but he clearly did something right last season with Liverpool playing some of the most spectacular football in Europe. I wouldn’t say Liverpool aren’t a draw because of the manager… young, exciting with a clear style. I think great money, great City and a great squad that needs a Sanchez are the core reasons for the move.

… but don’t get upset that London is a draw. It absolutely is.

Interesting that Remy has gone to Liverpool, like Arsenal were never interested in him despite repeated articles insisting we were.

Righto, just a short post today. Enjoy the game, back tomorrow with the first match report of the season.

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    He was pressed, especially about Khedira and said something like “I can’t give any names” then something about that we’re still out there but sometimes things don’t come off so he can’t say names and sometimes people you want become available later on.

    So better than the usual “buying is not always the solution, we have to look at what we have and ask is there much out there better and available?” blah blah blah.

  2. N5

    Lol Cesc, when the we’ll only buy if we find top qualidee comment didn’t come out so I’m confident we’ll get someone else in.

    We need at the very least a GK, CDM, CB and a forward.

  3. neil

    Whatever Wenger says, halve it, divide by two, then dismiss it, actions speak louder than his words, and I have had enough of desire, mental strength, character, spirit, all the terms this fraud uses to convince not only himself, but the sheep that follow him, because those qualities above are not to be found in this club, lack of leadership, weakness of character, fragile mindset, injury prone,, pampered to the point of absurdity, this is some of the traits Wenger should be talking about

    Have a look at our last few captains, Henry, Gallas, Cesc, RVP, Vermaelen, good players, but hardly leaders of men

    Henry, a prima donna, Cesc, a kid, Gallas, well sitting down in protest in a game says it all, RVP, not even close to a captain, Vermaelen, can’t get a game in the side for about a year, and this is the club captain, time to fuck off Wenger

  4. Cesc Appeal


    I think well get either Bender, Khedira or Schniederlin for that CM/CDM role.

    He confirmed today in his own words that Vermaelen night leave and then he’d certainly have to buy another centre back. We need one anyway, even though he’s a sick note I wouldn’t mind Richards for his versatility. Though if we can find a younger version like Ginter (gone to BvB though I think) or Schar or something I’d be fine with that.

    Ospina for keeper I think.

    But I don’t think well get another forward. Giroud is his pet project and with Walcott looking like he’s returning ahead of schedule Wenger will probably think in his head (as he does) he’s got TOO MANY strikers: Sanchez, Walcott, Podolski, Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell. When most Arsenal fans know the only ACTUAL full on ST we have there is Giroud who’s at best bang average.

    For me right now I think the summer will be:

    Sanchez, Khedira, Opsina, Debuchy, Young flexible defender (possibly another if Vermaelen goes) and that will be that.

  5. N5

    Cesc, I’d be happy with that for a summers work. It’s an improvement. I don’t think its a title winning side, but it’s certainly much better.

    I can’t believe that Giroud would be the only forward though, unless Campbell, Akpom and Sanogo are this years forward line, with Sanchez coming more central if required as he can play right across the forward line.

  6. Thomas


    Lol what does Costa have to do with Sanogo? One is a proper footballer and the other isn’t so why even compare? Also “I bet you goals according to price tag sanogo will beat him.”

    Well Sanogo would have to learn to actually score goals first.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    We were saying earlier on here it’s a two way thing.

    Reportedly he could be available for a cut price deal of around £14 Million. Now he has the potential to be a great ST. We’d look that geniuses having got the bargain of the century there.

    But, he’s batshit cray.

  8. neil

    Vermaelen, our club captain, can’t get a game ,played a couple in 12 months, how is it possible for Wenger to have this guy as CC, what a shambles this relic is overseeing

  9. neil

    I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with N5 and Wenger,

    I am in fact a diagnosed schizophrenic that darts from one opinion to the other so please forgive me for that as sadly I have no control of it.

    Wenger is so sexy, I have his speedo photo on my bedroom wall.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    As I say I’d be throwing my money at Reus and Khedira. Play a 4-3-1-2 with Khedira, Ramsey and Oxlade behind Ozil who’s in the hole behind Sanchez and Reus.

    Would also give you so many possibilities for potential formations. It’d take a lot of money, like £35 Million + Podolski or something to that effect to land him though.

  11. N5

    Cesc I like the sound of that mate.

    Sadly I think that’s a pipe dream and Sanogo will be our saviour! 🙁

    PS have you seen Midwest about, where has he been?

  12. Roaaary

    @cesc personally I think we have a good team spirit and he would destroy that. He also turns the media spotlight on the team.

    We speak about great value at 14 million which he is…….but do we need great value or great players?

  13. Roaaary

    And with regards to the formation it would be a new age system but I think it would lack true width unfortunately and that’s something that with Walcott and Sanchez we will look to utilise this year.

    Not criticising it as I think it would work. But I know wenger loves wide play to open spaces in tight defences

  14. Roaaary

    @neil do you smash a bottle of whiskey in each night then decide to go on a rampage on an arsenal forum? Your rants literally have no substance

  15. neil

    Well N5 will be glad to hear I’m gone for 3 years, I cannot stomach any more of this fabricated regurgitated bile, Wenger delivers on a weekly basis, when this dithering frail old man leaves the club, it will still thrive, another manager will be found and this conman will be a distant fucking memory, I will give my support to the local women’s netball team, a real bunch of triers, I could no longer support AFC while they have a dictator in charge, a man who takes a dim view of Giroud fucking some moll at 3.00am, or Jack having a smoke, but the same man has no qualms about fucking a 30 something French rap moll and giving her a baby, that’s OK, as the dictator says, DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO,

  16. neil

    Rampage? are you Wenger in disguise,one is never enough, and you know nothing you fraud, Wenger does not like wide open spaces, he likes enclosed spaces so his babies can make small 3-5 yeard passes to ech other before walking the ball into the net, roaaary, do you have a stutter, you are more useless than N5 you are not a complete imbecile though…..nobody’s perfect

  17. neil

    Don’t worry Roaaary, I won’t go anywhere I’m a fucking freak that talks shit everyday. I wish I could stop but I’m so into crack that le grove is all I have left. I have no teeth but I have a keyboard and I hijack my neighbours wifi. I use it for the grove and Harris/

  18. neil

    rooaaaaary thinks we have good team spirit, another fool under the Wenger spell, what you have is a bunch of over paid dorks by a manager who uses high wages to keep the status quo, so no one shouts, no one argues, no one talks back, because they COULD NOT GET THOSE WAGES ANYWHERE ELSE

  19. neil

    Sorry I can’t control the swearing, it’s another on of my many illnesses. Anal warts is by far my worst condition, but schizophrenic tourettes in embarrassing as fuck shit cunt.

  20. neil

    N5 has all the love in the world….self love, poor bastard, he has mrs palmer and her 5 daughters for comfort

  21. neil

    strange how the mind works, all the insults N5 can muster they are all of a sexual nature, cocks anus, balls, just to name a few that this abused boy can come up with quite disturbing really

  22. Roaaary

    I’m sorry Neil but a man posting several times mumbling bollox can’t call me shit for brains.

    You seem a very angry man when you have had a drink.

  23. Roaaary

    Neil n5 isn’t even posting……it’s just you bud. All you are doing is ruining a decent arsenal blog where people discuss football. You don’t discuss you just shout crap which is why no one ever speaks to you

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Will cesc score around the 15 goal mark like lord lamps ?

    Can’t wait to give him a bollocking when he comes to our ground…

    But you know he will have an injury for that game…

    Tosspot slow running twat

  25. Roaaary

    There’s the mythical n5 creature I’ve heard about……Christ he’s a nut.

    @rspc what kind of reception do you think cesc will get overall? Personally I’d boo but I reckon he gets a few cheers. And I reckon he will be an influential player for them. Mourinho will get the most out of his strengths and cover his lack of defence with matic

  26. neil

    I’m still on the floor laughing from the, we have team spirit, and Wenger loves to play open spaces, what a puppet rroooaaaarryyy is think,for yourself you dribbling numbskull you have been brainwashed by Wenger you poor sod

  27. neil

    Roaaary, what on Earth is he going on about, he was addressing me over and over and I wasn’t even commenting. I hadn’t made a comment since I spoke to Cesc. He is insane.

  28. neil

    I was talking to Cesc about us buying the entire Arsenal team and Roaaary just starts on me about drinking whisky!! I think he made 3 comments to me and I was talking to N5 and Cesc.

  29. Roaaary

    Neil I think Wengers shit but he’s here for 3 years so try and enjoy that time rather than being a sad depressed loner.

    I’d say team spirit at the club is high. They clearly enjoy playing and rarely argue on the field. We wouldn’t have won the fa cup last year without spirit you twat.

    If you know anything about wenger and his style of play its about working triangles and drifting into spaces. We play with width to stretch the play across right defences. You wouldn’t see that on match of the day as the highlights aren’t the same as actually being at a game you big Jeffrey

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Said it the other day lad …
    U killed da board

    A World Wide Web
    Indicting people from all corners of the world has been scared off by a a turpy Skag head with a grudge…

    You can coat me all you like ….

    But fella enough is enough …

  31. neil

    @neil do you smash a bottle of whiskey in each night then decide to go on a rampage on an arsenal forum? Your rants literally have no substance

    @neil – you get more than 3 years for paedophilia pal. Lets hope your gone longer

    I’m sorry Neil but a man posting several times mumbling bollox can’t call me shit for brains.

    See there is all your comments, addressing me over and over and I’ve done nothing to you, you’re insane.

  32. N5

    Well said RSPCA, he totally kills the board. Sensible conversation until he’s on here and then nothing. Tonight is the most insane I’ve ever seen him though.

  33. Roaaary

    I remember remy was at one of our games at the end of season. He wanted to be a gooner.

    He’s fast and finishes well but link up play is terrible. Glad we passed

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Not sure what reception …
    All depends on the league at the time…

    Will he be a regular starter for them ? Sure he will
    He has brains but no pace
    Other round him have pace an no brains….

    The only one who may feel put out is hazard?

    But with matic next to him
    They could form a unique partnership , sad to satay .

  35. Roaaary

    I think he is the perfect signing for them to piece it all together between matic and the creative players a la pirlo.

    That said I’d prefer ozil for arsenal.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Not sure how we will do next season

    Ok new Sanchez

    But will be the same old failings… Losing is a mindset
    Not sure the team have their heads reset .
    Want the prem next season

    That’s the true test.

  37. Roaaary

    I still think we are weak defensively. Per or kos get injured and we are truly buggered.

    We really need a strong DM and I think we may get 2nd or 3rd but those chavs are a strong outfit this year.

    I think city will slip. Had a good start last year and they will come unstuck without yaya firing on all cylinders

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Should have brought caulker,,,,
    Classy defender

    Was optermistic then remembered that we all thought we had signed Cahill
    Even a photo on this blog
    So nothing surprises with the club

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    See Neil

    While your sleeping off your excess … Stomach an arms burning from the night fun….
    The board killed…

    Go back to your previous nightly fun harassing nighttime tube or bus workers …!

    Nah didn’t think u would this MF will have it captured on CCTV ….

    Will say tho some of your point true …ish

    It’s the watch yer tell em ,

    Rip frank

    Good arsenal supporter
    Former season ticket holder west upper

  40. neil

    Look at the 3 wise men, posting as much as me, all talking fantasy football bilge about who we will sign, time wasting drones, N5 rspc and the one who stutters, a fine bunch of know alls, fuck the 3 if you I’m off to find another bottle, oh, and by the way, there was a knock at the door before, it was your sister, that’s why I was gone a while, not like the premature ejaculate N5 who is over and done by in 1.30 minutes, haha Mr lover boy and there is the stutterer talking about buggering, he looked into his crystal ball, thinks chavs will be strong, thinks city will slip, a regular nostra fucking damus

  41. neil

    Its funny how I say you are all know it alls and yet I said we would buy Sanchez and we’d get Remy, We did buy Sanchez and Remy went to Liverpool so I am such a dick it’s unreal. I really wish I could get a job!

    Skag is so expensive.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Relax fella

    Control your anger over the club…

    Most will agree regarding certain points on wenger …

    But jack all we can do he is here for three years …..

    Let get together in 2017 ….

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Neil I’m sure your jestin ..

    Who would you say in past years has given you most satisfaction wearing the shirt ,?
    Sir Michael Thomas
    Ian Allison

    You decide

    Then we can form a picture

  44. neil

    I’m not jesting RSPCA, I live in Nigeria. I’m only angry all the time because I’m missing the glory years. I only support Arsenal because of the invincibles and now we don’t win trophies like that my friends take the piss and often bring me to tears! I blame Wenger for that!! I hate being made to cry!

    My favourite pre-wenger player baring in mind I’ve only ever supported Wenger Arsenal is Dennis Bergkamp.

  45. Roaaary

    Right I’m off to kip. Neil how old are you? Having to resort to family shagging and crap in bed insults shows how fucking dim you are. And again you look ridiculous ranting about absolutely nothing as usual.

    And if u scroll up we weren’t talking fantasy football, we were talking about how cesc will fit in at Chelsea.

    Lastly how do you know n5 lasts exactly 1:30 in bed. That’s quite precise

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good on yer fella

    Still argue his overhead goal against Leicester in the 3-3 draw was better than his World Cup goal in 2002?

    Still a fine player

    That’s me

  47. neil

    Night RSPCA and your kindness had brought tears to my eyes again. Even after being a dick you’ve been nice to me. Sorry for everything I’ve said. Now I’m in tears!!

    Roaaary I’m 50 but I act 15 or so because I am always drunk or on drugs!!

  48. neil

    Wenger I am so sorry for everything I’ve said about you. I just hate not being able to gloat about trophies! my friends can boast about trophies because they support City and Chelsea but I’ve not had anything for years and I’m so sick of being made to cry! I’m 50 ffs and crying in a bar makes people laugh at me and this might be why I can find a wife. Crying neil they call me, although my real name is Femi, neil is just the name of my favourite actor. Neil Patrick Harris. He’s the gay guy who plays a straight guy in How I met your mother. He’s so handsome.

  49. Scott

    No top ST signing no cdm signing no cb signing another season of Arteta Giroud Mertesacker paceless donkeys as starters this shit team wont finish top 4 look at Liverpool a club with ambition signing players to challenge for the league I hate Wenger what a cunt deliberately not signing players tp

  50. Scott

    No top ST signing no cdm signing no cb signing another season of Arteta Giroud Mertesacker paceless donkeys as starters this shit team wont finish top 4 look at Liverpool a club with ambition signing players to challenge for the league I hate Wenger what a cunt deliberately not signing players to not make us compete what an absolute scumbag of a man cant wait for the end of thid sc

  51. Scott

    Just sign Benatia Gustavo and Bacca but Wenger wont he will deliberately he will persist with shit like Mertesacker Arteta and Giroud so we wont challenge cunt these 3 wankers and Wenger are the reason for trashings. Wish all these wankers would fuck off

  52. Scott

    Conte a real winner and a top manager is available. Just sack this cunt and get him lets have a proper manager for once.

  53. Scott

    Conte built a top squad with fuck all money with twice the money he had he will make us a top side again

  54. gonsterous

    Good morning to u too Scott !!!

    I have a feeling u just had a nightmare abt the following season to come !! 🙂

  55. Scott

    Stating facts arent trolling fuck you bamford you are the one trolling saying posters who say facts are trolls Pedro should ban you

  56. Moray

    Bamford, Haha the witching hour..

    I think the trolls are from a competitor blog like untold. They are trying to kill off le grove so don’t for them the pleasure…they post at night as they know Pedro won’t be here to bin em.

  57. Scott

    You are the troll moray

    Wenger the cunt has destroyed Akpom by choosing that cunt Sanago over him a proming english player destroyed how many english talent has he destroyed sanago is french mafia taking care its own what a scum Wenger destroying local talent for some french cunt we are an english club you cunt

  58. Scott

    Big signing Moray are you deluded Wenger is finished this window delibrately to not make us compete because he challenge for fourth with the squad thats Wengers ambition 4th not 1st what a scum

  59. neil

    Wenger is almost 65, he has fuck all left in him, what you see is what you got, Chips would have had a hand in the Sanchez transfer, if not him, it would be Gazidis, Wenger don’t spend 30 million on anyone, period, not unless there is a gun to his head

  60. Moray

    On another note, do we know if courtois will be rejoining chelski this year, or is he out on loan again?

    I hope he puts in a transfer request.

  61. neil

    Ask yourself this question, Wenger waits until the last day to sign Ozil, because he was never going to sign him, he was ordered by Keswick to make the transfer, now he is signing Debuchy and Sanchez in July, seems to me someone is pulling the strings at AFC other than the relic pensioner

  62. neil


    didn’t your mother tell you not to tell tales, you cry baby child why don’t you piss off if you don’t like it, you fucking whinger

  63. Moray

    Neil, of course Wenger didn’t buy Ozil. He didnt buy Arshavin either. Anything between 0 and about 12 million is probably his. He doesn’t want anyone on a higher wage than him and he certainly won’t feel he has achieved a bargain if he pays over that amount.

    All we can do is hope that the Board have somehow managed to claw back some power during the contract negotiations so that Wengers influence over the club has diminished. I am no big fan over the guy any more but if we have him for another few years then we have to eat it up and support the club until he fucks off. In the meantime our global standing gets stronger and maybe we close the gap somewhat on man utd and their sponsorship advantage..

  64. Emiratesstroller


    This website is deteriorating dramatically.

    It is getting bombarded by nut cases! If you want some serious dialogue then please do something about it.

    I for one will stop using it if there is not a dramatic improvement.

  65. neil

    And I’m sure you will be missed stroller, serious dialogue, on here, what a nutter, which asylum are you connecting from, if you want serious dialogue try the parliament hot lines

  66. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @ scott phil neil

    Cud u list 23 players wenger shud buy to make his squad top of the line to compete CL and PL

    Will wait for your reply

  67. Scott

    Good riddance one less Akb to deal with what a nutter he was saying Giroud should be our striker. Neil youre hilarious mate.

  68. Rosicky@Arsenal


    If wenger shud resign

    Pls keep your criticsim towards wenger do not criticise every player being discussed on this site.

  69. Scott


    The entire squad is an average lot who get trashed against every good team of course I will critisce them

  70. london gunner


    Guys get a hobby.

    Honestly get a girlfriend fuck her loads/fall in love.

    Or if you have a girlfriend show her a bit more attention.. take her out have a nice time enjoy each others company

    if she’s a bitch dump her in and look for a new one.

    pick up a hobby i go gym yours could be anything.. martial arts.. kayaking or read more

    this trolling is no good. you will look back on your life and think i wasted hours by wasting other peoples time people I didnt even know or should even care about.

    I am not saying you should care about other posters but care about yourselves, think about of instead of donating those hours to trolling you instead could use them to developing a talent/interest or a relationship or just enjoying yourself that is a much better use of time

  71. Scott

    Highlighting Wenger and Arsenals ineptness is not trolling but what is trolling is defending that diving cunt Robben. What a cunt cheated Mexico out of the world cup.

  72. Emiratesstroller

    Neil and Scott

    Well you recognise at least that the reference is directed to both of you.

    Collectively you have managed to produce almost 100 posts of bile and tripe
    on this thread alone.

    As I said it makes it rather difficult for anyone else to want to get involved.

  73. Reggie 57

    I thought it was a blog where every one can have a opinion? if you don’t like it don’t read it!!

  74. Emiratesstroller

    Reggie 57

    This is no longer opinion. It is just a long tirade with absolutely no rationality.

    You don’t have to agree with everyone’s opinion, but that does not mean that
    you have to be constantly abusive.

    I have been critical in recent times of Wenger. This is not about like or dislike.
    I recognise that he has been a great servant of club, but there comes a point where you reach your sell by date. This does not mean that you should abuse
    him constantly.

    I don’t consider Giroud the greatest striker to have played for Arsenal, but he
    is certainly not the worst we have had. He works hard, uses what ability he has
    to best advantage and he scored last season over 20 goals.

  75. Reggie 57

    Yes agree about the personal shit about N5 that’s out of order he’s a decent fella!! but as far as slagging off the players and Wenger that’s fair game as far as I’m concerned.

    You can’t say that Wenger has been doing his job for the salary we have been paying him he should have been sacked after that 8-2 trashing!! everyone says we have had no money but still managed to pay the wages for a dictator to do as he p!eases !!so no I think Arsene is there to be shot at and don’t begrudge anyone else’s opinion.

  76. Emiratesstroller

    Reggie 57

    As I said I do think that Wenger has reached his sell by date. Winning the FA
    Cup last season does not change my view that he should have retired 5 years ago.

    The responsibility for keeping Wenger is down to major shareholder and Board.

    Personally I consider all wages paid in Football to be obscene not just Wenger’s.

  77. Scott

    Stroller just fuck off if you cant stand other opinions Wenger deserves ever abuse he gets he is a scum who won fuck all in a decade yet signed a new contract with a payrise what a cunt. And Giroud is shit .

  78. Scott

    Anyone who thinks Wenger doesnt deserve abuse is a cunt as well he deserves to be booed abused and kicked out of emirates and never allowed anywhere near it

  79. Gregg

    Yeah Wenger is a cunt; I saw him on that grassy knoll in Dallas yet Lee Harvey Oswald carried the can for it. £8m a year, what a fucking joke. I reckon the French Cunt took down MH370 aswell. Yeah, yeah, Wenger is a cunt.

  80. Goonergirl

    I can’t believe Scott and Neil are still allowed on Le-Grove. They honestly add nothing to the conversation and just moan about the same shit over and over again. They’re honestly killing the blog with their monotonous rants.

  81. OzilOzilOzil

    A suggestion for all. Let’s just completely ignore this Scott troll. Let the nut case have conversations with himself.
    It’s one thing to have an opinion, but to continuously badger others through abuse and crass language is completely unacceptable. Let’s not fall prey to this guy’s rubbish.

  82. Gregg

    Goonergirl & Ozil

    Agreed, they’re both extremely irritating and the fact they’ve not been banned, especially Scott, is beyond me.

  83. qna

    @neil and @scott, enough hijacking of LeGrove. Everyone has a right to an opinion. But that doesnt give the right to hijack this place so its not worth even reading through the comments anymore.

    @neil, I have even commented in the past that I find some of your rants amusing. Withdrawn…. Its beyond boring now. @scott is a fool, we all know that.

    I am not an AKB. I did not support a new contract for Wenger. But since he has the contract, I will do my best to support him as he is part of the team.

  84. Roaaary

    Haha I told you Neil would be up all night having a drunken rant. I then see his partner in bullshit Scott arrived for some late night screaming.

    You guys are literally special I have never known people rant with so little substance.