Mario wants Arsenal

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Not much in the world of Arsenal story telling to hit you up with on this fine summers morning.

Debuchy signed officially yesterday. Not sure why that took so damn long to announce, but it was nice to see him finally rocking an Arsenal shirt. He’s certainly upped sexy on the right side of the park. I mean, I don’t mean to perve on our players, but jeez, you don’t need to look far to find a man crush these days!

So, right back sorted.

To sort:

  • Holding midfielder
  • Back up right back
  • Back up keeper
  • Wide player with mad pace bro

First game is against Boreham Wood on Saturday. I’d imagine that’ll be a packed house, Wenger says he’s picking a strong side. Arsenal are streaming it live on Arsenal player.

Sammy Khedira stories seem to be dying down a bit, I’d not heard anything too strong on him, I think that might be because he’s very expensive. I mean, he’d be a fabulous signings, but I don’t think he’s worth £180k a week. He’ll want a ‘I’m in my prime’ contract. We’ll want to keep squad harmony. I’d imagine we might look elsewhere. Maybe Bender? Maybe someone else?


What about the below picture. I know what you’re thinking, that girls sparkly handbag is a spectacular blend of casual chic? I’m really loving the look. Thanks to whoever sent that picture in.



Jokes aside, this come and get me plea is about as subtle as a naked star jump at a Christening. He’s such a great player and he was in the top 5 fastest players at the world cup.

Go on Wenger, take a punt… you know you want to!



In sadder news, it appears that the much revered fanshare scheme has lost its backing from Stan Kroenke. The scheme where you cold buy a piece a share and have a stake in the club has hit the buffers because there aren’t many shares floating around.

My take on it is that Stan Kroenke just can’t be arsed with the aggro of 400 people nosing around his shit at the AGM. It’s a minor bother, but he’s clearly not comfortable being grilled.

My take on it is that it’s a shame. It’s a small gesture in the grand scheme of things. However, what I would say is this… I think Arsenal are pretty open in general. They’ve taken a strategy of integrating with fans as much as they can. They invited fans to open days, they have fan committees, they use social media to connect with a global audience through bloggers and super fans.

I think Fanshare to most was just about getting close to the clubs. As long as the club keep the communication channels open with the various fan groups, I’ll be happy. There are a lot of plonkers online who don’t understand the importance of those groups.

‘What are they moaning about this time?’

Fan interests. You should be grateful people volunteer their time to fight for them.

Also, Le Grove still has a share in the club, so I’ll still get to go to the AGMs. I’ll be fighting your corner on the hot dogs… never forget, I’ll always fight for your catering needs.

Finally, if anyone has two tickets spare for the game in NYC, let me know. I have a pal over there in need.

I’m doing a Podcast next week with Alex, we’ll get something regular going. We’ll have a catchy strapline, like, ‘for the fans, by the fans’, and we’ll be having mad bantz for a full thirty minutes as I destroy all my pod partners opinions.

‘Le Grove, a podcast where only Pedro can have an opinion’

What a fucking show this is going to be…

Have a great day and remember, it’s Friday, it’s hot… if Arsene Wenger can rock Speedos to work, so can you. So get down to your tiny Electric Blue speedos, pour yourself a Southern Comfort on the rocks, march down the office, bust open the CEOs door and tell him who’s running the show. You, because Le Grove empowered you.


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  1. tunnygriffboy


    He also said that Wilshere was setting a poor example and should be concentrating on his football.

    This from a guy who ran up behind Vilanovva and poked him in the eye, continually runs on the pitch and has Terry as his captain.

    Fuck off Mourinho !

  2. neil

    It was a first refusal, not sure it was an actual buy back clause, but most clubs do that with their best players, they don’t want them going anywhere on the cheap if they don’t come back to their original club, Wenger never intended to buy him back, he felt betrayed when he left, Wenger is a proud stubborn man, he would never buy and lose his profit, of that I’m sure, anyway I think we have seen the best of Cesc

  3. gunnergetyou


    No point in posting that here at this time, some of Mourinho’s most loyal followers are on this site they seem to come on here for the nightshift with their mindless negative rants. Sad weirdo’s need to really get out more

  4. bergkamplegend

    @gunnergetyou : agree with your point, it’s just the kind of things who really annoy you when you woke up in the morning…
    I really wish to see him dead.

  5. neil

    How much did the stupid one in charge of Chelsea spend last year, well it was around 110 million quid, that’s how much the grey haired greasy one spent trying to buy the title, he came up a little short, so he is going to spend more of his bosses money this season to try and buy this title, that does not include wages for these duds, this poor excuse for a human being won absolutely nothing last year, and has the nerve to call the Arsenal manager a specialist in failure, Mourinho has managed the top clubs in Europe that allow him to buy titles, Inter, Real, Chelsea, let him go manage Sunderland and see how he goes, I would back myself to manage Real Madrid to win something with the money they have

    Mourinho is a specialist in, petulance, it is rumoured he has mirrors strategically placed around his house, so no matter where he goes he can look at himself, such a self absorbed cunt if there ever was one, he is also a great sprinter, he holds the record time for sprints down the touchline when his team scores a goal, gloating is also high on this mans CV, if there was a bigger cunt that came into English football, I haven’t seen him