Arsenal close to two more squad players…

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This has to be quick, so quick, I feel like I’ve wasted too much time writing this part.

So, the news I have is that the players we’re closest to are Maquillo, the right back and Ospina, the Colombian goalkeeper. The signing of the right back is as back up, not instead of Debuchy, who was a done deal as far as I was aware last week.

I don’t know anything about Khedira other than what’s going off in the press. I think we might be in trouble if he wants £180k a week. It’s a monster salary and considering he’s not quite a mega star like Ramsey, Sanchez and Ozil… well, you’d have to wonder whether the club could sanction those sort of wages because you’d have at least 4 other players asking for another £2m a year.

That’d be bad for the balance sheet. Not that I care, but I do care. It’s ingrained in me. Beaten down by the sustainable business model for so many years. At least when I start my own business, I’ll be sharp as f*ck on the finances…


In other news, Arsenal have altered their customer charter to change all their kit every year. Now look, I really do get it, parents have to buy kits and it’s a ball ache changing them all the time… but this is the modern world and this is a game that will NEVER care for the consumer unless they’re shelling out masses of cash.

You can’t fight consumerism in football. If you want mega players and good times, you’ll have to accept the realities of new kits and getting stung as parents. There’s literally nothing you can do, bar fatten your kids up so they look disgusting in the kits…

Fattening your kids up should never be the solution…

One thing that slightly grates me is that, sure, a football kit costs some cash. But so do computer games. You never hear parents saying, ‘fuck me, Xbox are releasing more games next year. Who is thinking about the parents?’… what do games cost? £60?

Ozil has been spending him money on better things that football kits. He’s supported operations on 23 Brazilian kids. Very sweet. Quite grotesque though, when you consider how much Brazil spent on World Cup stadia and infrastructure… shouldn’t a country as prosperous (well, it was getting prosperous) as Brazil be able to look after it’s sick kids? Wrong, wrong, wrong…

We bitch about the NHS over here… but it’s a beacon of goodness compared to some places.

On that fine note, I’ll tap out… have a great day. x

P.S. Geoff liked the below. Puma working it…

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  1. Baba

    The site is more entertaining today as for Sanmi i can guarantee you guys he made up that story,except he is not residing in Nigeria,there is rival fan here that will do that shit.,he made it up maybe to calm the site abit,the negativity is alarming,but lets see the few positives

  2. Emiratesstroller

    I find it disappointing that I have to keep on reading the same rubbish every morning from Neil and a few others. It is becoming like an old record.

    It is bad enough when I read the stupid comments of Thompson and Owen two former Liverpool players with ‘no brain above the waist’.

    Yesterday Mourinho opened his stupid mouth and suggested that Fabregas did not want to return to Arsenal. That is of course par for the course from
    the worst wind up merchant in the game. Last season Mourinho won NOTHING. Frankly he has done Fabregas absolutely no favours, which is a shame for
    the player.

    Let us look at hard facts and not fiction.

    1. We won the FA Cup last season.
    2. We were top of the league more weeks than any other club in EPL.
    3. We finished 7 points behind Man City and just 3 points behind Chelsea.
    4. We finished 15 points ahead of Man Utd.

    We are now in the middle of a Transfer Window. You judge the merits of each
    team when the season starts and not now.

    Everyone knows why we came up short last season. It was primarily because we failed to invest in a quality defensive midfielder and additional striker. Also
    our injury problems.

    The major problem was our poor away record against 4 teams and that needs
    to be addressed. Personally I cannot conceive that we will go into the new season without redressing those problems.

    Our defence is not bad. Debuchy is a decent replacement for Sagna and perhaps we need an additional centre back.

    Our midfield is offensively as good as anyone in League, but it needs more
    defensive bite. Hopefully that problem will be resolved.

    Our forward line has now been strengthened with addition of Sanchez. We
    have 4 players on our books who have scored 20+ goals in at least one season
    in past 3 years. Hopefully Walcott will return to full fitness in a relatively short time.

    When I look at the opposition I recognise that Chelsea have improved their
    squad. However, I see sofar very little material change to the others.

    Man City have brought in a couple of experienced players, but significantly
    their squad is not getting younger!

    Liverpool have beefed up their squad, but can anyone say that they are better
    following departure of Suarez. Let’s see how they cope with playing two games
    a week. So far they have not invested a penny in the back line which conceded
    50 goals in EPL last season.

    Manchester United are in my view a long way short of a top 4 let alone title winning team. They finished 22 points behind Man City and 15 points behind
    us. Even with arrival of new Manager that is a huge gap to fill. So far they have
    bought two new players including a promising young but grossly overpriced
    left back. I doubt that will make a significant difference.

    Personally I am reasonably optimistic about next season provided that Wenger addresses the defensive midfield problem and we do not suffer an
    excessive number of injuries.