Mertesacker busting smooth moves | Lukas Podolski confirms signing

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Theo buying my mother a football shirt... ?!

Theo buying my mother a football shirt… ?!

“Arsenal haven’t had any real stand out players in the last few years, like Thierry Henry. They have just lagged a step behind.”

Michael Owen my dear boy, what are you doing to yourself?

That comment above is another pearler in one of the former England strikers portfolio of shockers. It’s quite staggering to say we haven’t have stand out players over the last few years. I mean, admittedly, we’ve not exactly been pulling up trees, but in the main, bar poor management, that’s because our main players have been sold to our main rivals.

Adebayor, Nasri, Clichy, Cesc, Robin Van Persie… I mean seriously, the list goes on.

To say we don’t have any stand out players right now is pretty crazy as well. We’ve got Aaron Ramsey, one of the best midfielders on the planet at the moment, we have the best number ten in the world according to Mourinho, we’ve just nailed Alexis Sanchez, Per Mertesacker and Koscielny are two of the Premierships better centre backs and we’ll have picked up Debuchy and Khedira.

Not quite sure what he’s going on about. I think he’s angry because Liverpool are the most likely side to drop out of the top four this year. I don’t think he quite gets how hard it is to transition from 40 odd games to 55-60, whilst losing your best player to Barcelona.

Also, let’s not get too head of ourselves with United. They haven’t signed Vidal yet. Herrera and Luke Shaw aren’t turning around that absolute shit show of a squad… even if LVG turns on the magic. Which, a lot of people I speak to in the game, are not sure about based on his horrendous approach to man management and football in general.

In other news Sammy Khedira was asked where he was playing football next season, Lukas shouted over the top of him ‘ARSENAL’, that’s either superb trolling from our wide man, or it’s a bit of nailed on ITK information. It really does sound like we’re going hard for the German, the only concern I have is over his fitness record. Still, get him on track and we’re title contenders… simple as that really.

It will have been a bit of a mad summer. So mad, that I’ll no longer have a USP… I’ve got nothing to complain about.

… don’t worry though kids, I’ll find something, no doubt the catering is still total shite.

What’s with the hot dogs Ivan? Tell me? I’ll march… I’ll march with the hoardes and I’ll throw out my…


… banner. Then you’ll know the wrath of social media.

In other news, Ashley Cole has done one to Italy. It’s a good move, apparently he’ll get £35k a week made up to £70k on appearance fees. I’m not sure why more English players don’t make the move. I’d be all over heading to a different country. I’d have to find out if Italian women find English men as exotic as New Yorkers do… but if that was the case, I’d be all over it. Hot weather, great food, less intrusive press, mad nights out with Pirlo… what a life.

I’ve seen some stories on the web about Jack heading to Liverpool. I’ve not heard anything about this, would seem crazy to sell a young talent to them because we don’t need to be shifting on home grown talent and he could become a very good player if he cans all the badness in.

Not hearing too much on Loic Remy. He just took a ban for drink driving. Combine that with the mucky allegations last year, well, he doesn’t feel like an Arsene signing. Really think we’re done in the striking department from a gut feel perspective.

When you have a summer, like the one we’re having, you don’t mind paying a premium ticket price because you’re hopefully paying for a premium product.

Just to finish… Per Mertesacker, being a total boy. This should be the ONLY way to enter a night club with the lads.

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  1. Phil


    Wenger is a fucking fraud cunt…….simples

    Ooo let me take 8 mill a year for nowt,Nish,nothing, nada non comprende, nein, you fucking AKBs

    You are the devil inside.
    Exercise the devil in my mind……der der de der der

  2. LJB

    Fuck off Neil you boring bastard.We get it,you hate Wenger.Well hes not going anywhere so go back to your memories of Sunderland,Brady etc when Arsenal played some fuckin shit football and usually finished mid table. Apart from a few FA cup wins but they don’t count do they ? As for the Top 4 well you can forget signing players like Sanchez if you are not in the top 4 and not Man United.Even with all City and PSG’s billions they could not sign the real elite players until they got CL football. And the REAL superstars only want Real or Barca; even winning Leagues and CLs was not enough for Cristiano. I am not Wengers biggest fan and I didn’t want him to sign a new deal but unless the fanbase stops going to the Emirates or has proper protests he is going nowhere. And face it, the fans have put up with regular tonkings by the big boys, the sale of our best players ,shopping in Lidl and ever increasing ticket prices without much protest so I doubt that many are going to complain when we are signing players like Ozil and Sanchez and have won a trophy. The PL gets more competitive all the time; the halcyon years when it was just us and United going for the Title belong to another era. Liverpool with their 5 European Cups have never won the PL. Spurs and Everton are desperate to get in the top 4. Realistically there are 7 teams, maybe 8 if the Geordies have one of their good seasons, going for 4 spots. I tell you when we finish outside the top 4 with the implications that means in terms of buying and retaining players ,then moan. Until then can’t you think of something a bit more interesting to say than Wenger is a cunt?

  3. tunnygriffboy


    He’s one of the best managers in the world. We’re lucky to have him. We will rise like the phoenix from the ashes under him and when he leaves his statue will be huge !

  4. neil

    LJB, if you check, you will see we have won about 18 trophies for finishing 4th, and while you are checking that little stat, give yourself an uppercut, the stick your head down the toilet, where it belongs, cock breath

  5. klauspoppe

    ‘All this fantasy shit like football manager and FIFA games is the reason we have so many deluded fucking know it alls on blogs.’

    Another opportunity to flaunt your ignorance it seems. These games go a lot into development process and player research than your average pundit on telly or your amateur eyes.

    I trust the guys in statistics who are given millions in their budget to record player stats and project the optimal variations to exhibit the players overall rating.

    There is some variance in allocating stats to each players ability but still more accurate and sensible than people who jeez over the world cup.

  6. neil

    I think Puma have ballsed up the red colour on the new shirts, it is bordering on orange, not a rich red like before, go back and have another try Puma

  7. neil

    Stats, over rated pieces of useless information, they are there to keep someone in a job, who cares if you have 64% possession if you get beat 3-1, who cares if you run 9.6 miles in a game, who cares about heat signatures, if you get smashed 5-1, who cares if you made 699 passes in the game, if 600 of those were made in your own half of the field, a player can have lousy stats, touch the ball 3 times in the game, and score 2 goals, what does his stats tell you besides he scored 2 goals

    I wonder what the stats in the 3 games Arsenal got smashed in told people, what use could they possibly be, just keep the ball out of your net, is the critical stat

  8. neil

    The team ran a total of 115 miles, had 18 shots on goal, 3 on target, conceded 12 free kicks. received 4 yellow cards and 1 red card, had 10 corner kicks, conceded 5 corner kicks, had 69% possession, what does that heap of shit tell you about the game, does it tell you there was 2 own goals, does it say if any goals were scored at all, as I said waste of millions of pounds having some data base full of useless tripe, and pray tell how did collecting that crap help any club, it’s a simple game put the ball in the net any way you can, it matters not how you do it, as nike say, JUST DO IT

  9. neil

    klaus, that was the most dumbest piece of writing I have the displeasure to read, what the fuck was it supposed to mean, allocating stats to each players ability, haha what the fuck is that drivel

  10. Dark Hei


    Better late than never. And you are absolutely right. RVP and Adebayor are both upgrades over Giroud.

    Herein lies the problem. RVP is unavailable and Adebayor 2014 is useless.

    The only target men around available are guys like Lukaku, Bony, Mandzukic and perhaps Jackson Martinez or Huntelaar (who is probably unavailable). I do not think any of them are a definite upgrade simply because nobody has Giroud’s assist stats. Sure he isn’t the most gifted finisher; he has a shot that has too much backlift, but he brings other attributes to the table.

    Which brings the point which many are trying to make. Giroud might be playing in the CF position, but he isn’t our main goal scoring threat. He is a squad player. If he is playing in a 4-4-2 alongside Theo Walcott, everyone will be raving on how good he is as a target man and a support striker. This is a perception problem.

    I give you another example. Dennis Bergkamp and his hollowed reputation. He is forever remembered as an excellent link man but can anyone remember being terribly frustrated with him for lacking goals? I could. 2009 and 2010. Until Henry came about and rewrote history. Bergkamp turned from a guy that can’t score to a guy with a cerebral reputation.

    Final point. Ian Wright is no Wenger fan. He is a big critic. But, he is full of support for Giroud.

  11. neil

    I remember United in one game last season, they put in 81 crosses into the box against Fulham, do you know the score 2-2, A record in the Premier League, 81 crosses, if you never knew the score you would have thought maybe United scored 6 goals, that stat tells you absolutely NOTHING,

  12. neil

    Messi one of the highest paid players in the world, earns over 12 million quid a year, 242,921 quid a week, and his dad and him are avoiding tax in Spain, and then there’s us, earning fuck all, and getting taxed to the limit on our pathetic salaries, yea, I’m supporting Messi by buying his shirts and wearing boots with his name on the side, fuck people are so fucking gullible, sheep being fleeced

  13. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Maybe not the most articulate of speakers -(only to be expected for someone from Walsall), but certainly one of the most prophetic – the legendary Enoch Powell for his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in Westminster.
    The reason England are a million miles away from winning a World Cup is because our culture is so diluted there is no sense of shared national pride.
    Germany and Scotland have bucket-loads of it (Scotland is too small to fully capitalise, plus they’re ruled by Westminster), but the stark contrast between the passion that Angela Merkel shows and our own aristocratic (unelected) Prime Minister is there for all to see.
    England will never win another World Cup for that very reason.

  14. qna

    @NewCo thats dont agree at all. England are just as patriotic as Germany. That’s not the reason they are never going to win anything. My 2 cents on the reasons they will not win anything are:

    1) The first reason is that England dont produce enough quality footballers. At no point in the last 40 years has England had the best group of players. They often think they do, which is part of the problem, they love to self-delude themselves into thinking English players are better than they actually are.

    2) Player education. English football is for some reason very poor in terms of tactical awareness. Looking at the lower leagues and amateur football the style of football is distinctive. Smash, bang, full speed ahead. They also self-delude themselves into thinking they do have tactical awareness. Players usually also have poor technical abilities compared to what they should, especially in tight control situations.

    3) Management. Just like tactical awareness in players, tactical awareness in managers is limited. Management is chosen to play to its player strengths (which does make sense), but the result is that you choose British managers who cannot out think their bigger country counterparts. England fans also self-delude themselves into thinking their managers are good (for a short while – and then once they decide they are not, they quickly turn hostile on them). Sven was a poor choice in the end, but that was the right track.

    4) Media. The media reinforces the above self-delusions on stature of the team, quality of the players etc. Players also buy into media too much, which results in over confidence when the media is with them and lack of confidence when the media turns. This also results in super performances at times and dreadful performances at others. The team can become bi-polar like.

    Your welcome.

  15. Moray

    NewCo: it has nothing to do with national pride but national ability, attitude and application. Equally national pride is not linked to “cultural dilution” as you put it. Brazil had national pride in spades bu got whipped by Germany. Equally, France won the World Cup recently with one of the most ethnically diverse squads in international football. Moreover, for all their national pride. Scotland haven’t been pulling up daisies on the pitch.

    The solution to England’s woes is not so simple, I’m afraid. Back to the drawing board for you…

  16. Henry Root

    Dark Hei
    2009/10? Bergkamp retired in 2006 so wouldn’t have got many goals. Henry left us in 2007 so I think you have got your dates wrong.
    I don’t remember being frustrated by DB10 when he was our leading scorer when we won the double in 1998

  17. Moray

    Dark: “If he is playing in a 4-4-2 alongside Theo Walcott, everyone will be raving on how good he is as a target man and a support striker. This is a perception problem.”

    Not sure about this…he didn’t exactly cover himself in glory for France playing alongside another striker. The reality is he is just not good enough a player. Arguably worth what we paid for him but no more. If you notice he is always just short of connecting with the ball or just let down by some poor control.

    In any case, I we don’t play 4-4-2 then why did Wenger buy him? To groom him for France at the wc? Or because he was cheap? Manager fail either way…

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    Yeah that’s right…..its Johnny foreigners fault as is everything in Britain that’s bad. What a load of shit. The reason we lag so far behind rest of world at football is because our scouting networks, training methods etc etc are so far behind everyone else. For example look at wilshere, he can trap a ball and pass it and ssuddenly he’s messi, ronaldo, Pele and Maradona rolled into 1. JW would struggle to get into the Iranian side at the moment, he is playing that poorly. When Pep commented that he had 20 JW’S at la masia, the English media went mental. Then again our only so called WC player Rooney has scored 1 goal in 3 WC tournaments……..Joel campbell has scored 1 in 1 WC tournament… he WC? English people and media need to stop being arrogant and full of their own shit and look to find out why our boys are so shit, and what we can do to improve it……rather than constantly blaming foreigners for their failings. Christ I’m surprised the media hasn’t blamed the big bad muslims for the failures.

  19. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    qna, Moray,
    I don’t disagree with your points, but I stand by my own too.
    We live in a country where greed is king, and 90% of the population are enslaved to maintain the status quo i.e. the top 10% own everything.
    The same people who force-feed us all the pointless out-dated pageantry are running our national game. Suits, the schoolboy network of Old Etonians.
    Our system isn’t administered on the basis of intelligence, it is monied people looking after their own, which in most cases means forcing square-pegs in round holes. That’s why so many failed Football managers keep getting top jobs.
    Every major city in England has essentially been taken from the English. Why?
    Because of our institutionalised Imperialism when the aristocrats were bullying and robbing Africa and India, buying and selling people as slaves.
    There are approximately 20m Muslims in England, most of whom hate everything our past represents. They are here to reclaim the Crown Jewels and eventually the land. Westminster don’t care because they’re multi-millionaires who have long-since disenfranchised the electorate.
    And of course people don’t see the direct impact, we’re not meant to.
    Zinedine Zidane’s sheer quality won France their World Cup with a decent supporting cast. But France don’t have the same internal problems as us either. They sorted their biggest problem out over 300 years ago, whereas ours has just been allowed to fester and rot.
    Germany don’t have anywhere near the same level of infra-structure problems England has, nor do they suffer with an identity crisis, like we do.
    Scotland haven’t pulled up any trees on the football field? Have you measured their population against ours? And they’re breaking their necks to get away from us!
    As for Brazil’s national pride, most of them were rioting before the World Cup because they didn’t want it due to bigger, more important issues that their Government ignored.
    England is such a mess that Cameron and Hodgson could swap jobs and no-one would notice the difference. Well, apart from Durham at TalkSPORT, but nobody listens to his bile anyway.

  20. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha ha 20 million muslims here to reclaim our land ha ha ha ha. Hello Nick Griffin, never had you down as a gooner ha ha ha. So just how are they going to reclaim our land?????? With Halal chicken as weapons? Oh now I see….The burka clad women are actually trainee ninjas, hence the outfits.

  21. qna

    Haha… @TYAG you even predicted that it would end up being the muslims fault.

    @NewCo, dont disagree with you about greed and 10% owning the other 90% (I dont know the exact statistic). Not sure how it follows that you lost your England? The same situation is there in every country in the world. Its called capitalism. Literally, the more capital you have, the more wealth (and additional capital) you obtain. It sucks. The alternatives suck too.

    What the fuck does this have to do with English football?

  22. TheBayingMob

    PMSL, what were the German national team up to during that celebration? That dance-walk-on was just fucking embarrassing. If I were German that would have ruined it all for me, my heroes coming back after conquering the world only … to make utter cocks of themselves on stage. That’s like a Field Marshall coming back from a famous victory in battle only to turn up dressed as Mrs Doubtfire to the Victoria Cross ceremony (suppose that would make it a Victoria Cross-Dress … lol).

    Thing is, they would have had to discuss that move, talk about it, plan it … maybe even practice it! What are they for fucks sake, 10 year old girls? Practicing their dance moves, handstands and cartwheels? Fuck me …

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    Well he does have a point. I have it on good authority that bin Laden uses to tear up the halal Sunday League as a midfielder, knocking in well over 110 goals from the middle of the park. When he was overlooked by Arsenal for a white English boy called Roger who could barely tie up his laces, it released the urge in him for jihad against the infidel football leagues.

  24. Dark Hei


    The brain is breaking down. It is 1999 and 2000. In 1999 we were very much dependant on Anelka as our only consistent goal scorer. In 2000, when Anelka left, we were harder hit. Bergkamp was amazing 1998 and prior. My favourite is the Leicester goal, mind numbingly good. But after the World Cup, Bergkamp lost his goal touch. Curlers that once float gloriously to the top corner landed obediently unto keeper’s arms. But credit to him, he reinvented himself and was relevant even with the Invincibles. Wiltord and Reyes could never quite dislodge him from the first team.

  25. Ole Gunner soldier

    what the hell is going on in this debuchy unveiling, we need to wrap up these transfers early to see how our new boys perform in pre season, not a fan of August 31 11:59 p.m panic buys

  26. Dark Hei


    Well, we all do agree that he has problems with his shooting. But he makes up for that with his assist stats. I think for many on the wish list, guys like Bony, Lukaku and the rest, none of them are upgrades over Giroud.

    Perhaps if we bid for Cavani as our new target man, it will make sense. Or Costa, though I don’t fancy our chances against Chelsea.

    IMO, the right thing to do would be to try out Sanchez in the CF role. He will offer something different. If he needs help with balls into the box, bring on Giroud to mess with the defenders.

  27. TheBayingMob

    I wonder how many catalogue and model shoots Giroud will get this year? I mean, that’s the most important thing for him, fuck scoring goals, that’s for cunts …

  28. Johnc610

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  29. goonpharm

    Khediras agent claims no talks between him and Arsenal and that no fee has been agreed by both clubs or else he would have to be told.

    Like I said we got Sánchez (awesome player of course) but the obvious deficiencies in the squad remain unaddressed.

    Not going to suck Wenger off just yet.

  30. NewCo Arsenal PLC


    It’s just an opinion, and maybe some people are more directly affected by immigrants than others, I’d imagine it depends on where people live.
    The state of our national football mirrors the county’s problems, it is just a microcosm.
    We live in a sanitised blameless culture now where everything is somebody else’s fault because no-one wants to accept responsibility anymore.
    Two years ago Hodgson watched Pirlo dictate the pace of the England – Italy game at the Euro’s, and exactly the same thing happened in Brazil a few weeks ago. What did Hodgson learn in those two years? For the last two years he has watched Suarez destroy Jagielka in Merseyside derbies, one recently at Andield when Liverpool smashed them 4-0. Who did Hodgson put up against Suarez in the game against Uruguay?
    So he’s paid £3.5m a year to fail by not learning from past mistakes, and has the brass-neck to carry on as if nothing is wrong and claim that he’s still the best man for the job. And that’s a perfect example of how we operate as a country.

  31. Thank you and goodnight


    We live in a sanitised blameless culture now where everything is somebody else’s fault because no-one wants to accept responsibility anymore.

    Well your the one who blamed foreigners for national teams woes so what makes you different? It’s got fuck all to do with foreigners, but had everything to do with our outdated notion and training.

  32. Sensible old man

    ‘newco’ – what a thick cunt, praising Enoch Powell? I think u should be supporting Chelsea not arsenal. Or maybe even zenit as they only allow white players to play for them

  33. NewCo Arsenal PLC


    Learn to read things properly.
    I said there is no shared sense of national pride as seen in Germany and Scotland, which is a completely different point altogether.
    The state of the national football team is a microcosm of a much bigger malaise that’s been allowed to go on without proper regulation for years.
    If you’re going to challenge my opinion at least do so intelligently, and not by mis-quoting what I’ve typed.

  34. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Not So Sensible Old Man

    This really isn’t a colour issue, but there’s always people who miss the bigger picture.
    Is it coincidence that Scotland want to break away from the Union?
    As I said, maybe some people aren’t directly affected by our levels of immigration, but a lot of people are, whether you like it or not, and most of it is related to where people live and which end of the social scale they’re at.
    There are many facets and variables to these areas of debate, and our different circumstances could mean we both have valid points.

  35. Jim Lahey

    @NewCo – I must say that I know quite a few Germans and they have all spoke about how national pride is almost frowned upon due to their history.

  36. Roaaary

    I see Neil was on the strong stuff again last night! Suppose ranting on an arsenal blog is better than beating his mrs though.

    On a different note where does the potential khedira signing leave wilshere? Arteta is ahead of him in Wengers thoughts. So if khedira is out arteta would come in.

    Will wilshere get many games at all this season? He’s an arrogant knob but surely too good for 10 games a season

  37. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Well Jim, our history is worse than theirs when you consider it was our aristocracy that was responsible for the slave trade.
    I bet those Germans are proud of their sportsmen and women.

  38. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m not denying the mass influx of eastern Europeans have had a detrimental effect in driving wages down and allowing employers to take the piss. Not that I’m blaming them of course. But don’t believe the Fucking lie that the media spew about muslims coming over to take our country…..don’t be so bloody gullible. Whilst 10% of the Muslim population in Britain are brain dead idiots who would want the world under the flying flag of Islam, 90% of them are peace loving and want to be left the fuck alone. Who aside from the zionist media and government would benefit from this bullshit they spew? Do you really believe the majority of the muslims are that dumb that they genuinely think they have a chance against the west? What do you think they have? Armoured donkeys against tanks would be a massacre.