Khedira move super hot…

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Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday… nothing hammers home how entrenched Arsenal are in your life than the morning ritual of hitting up all the football sites for tidbits of transfer gossipery…

Manquillo and Debuchy are apparently close. Debuchy was at the training ground last week getting pictured up in the new strip. No idea what’s dragging there? Manquillo is a promising signing, according to the guys over at Sqwaka, he could be a future Spanish international right back. What I love about this signing, if we make it, is the brutality of it. Wenger has spied a problem in Jenkinson early and he’s making a move to change it now… rather than doing it after 970 games and a £129k a week deal.

The centre midfield role is still up for grabs, Kike Marin, who was one of the few who knew about Reus says Madrid will sell Khedira but Arsenal will have to accept his mega wages. I think he’s a player you go for if you believe in his fitness. He’s a fantastic player with a top reputation. If we nail him down, well, it’d be an exceptional summer and a half. It’d be the first summer in about 13 years we’ve started strong!

Players will be buzzing, the fans will be buzzing, I think the whole league will be buzzing to see what we’ve got. So far, Wenger is playing a blinder. Finally… He has seen the light. He has three years to close his career with a Champions League or a League. No one wants to leave a 20+ year career as the old fart who couldn’t keep up. Gazidis won’t want him to leave a complete mess behind him. The footballing gods might be working in our favour.

ANR had an interesting article on the new contract of Wenger, I think some of the player stories are a little off, Jovetic was never on the cards and Higuain failed because they spanked the price up by £10m and Suarez came on the scene, but the idea that Gazidis has wrestled back control of how money is spent at the club is certainly an interesting one. Wenger wouldn’t have spent £11m on a 29 year old right back in the past, now it’s happened. He’d have probably tried to get Sanchez for £19m last season. There’s been more ruthlessness this summer for sure… and look, you can bleat on about how he’s only just got the money this season… but that’s not true. He messed up last summer with £100m in the bank. He totally ballsed up January when he had more like £140m. Now he’s signed a new deal, the backroom team are smashing it out of the park.

Wenger names the targets, the club go out and get them. Wenger’s reputation was important to the Sanchez deal, but so was Dick Law in getting him. In seasons gone past, a lot of the failed deals have failed on Wenger changing his mind at the last minute. If you take that ability to renege on players and don’t involve the manager in the finer details, you’re more likely to have a smooth player purchase.

I like the new system. Some people on the interweb were telling me Wenger hasn’t changed a bit… clearly you don’t’ go from transfer chump to supremo in 7 months. But, here’s the point, Wenger will be more than aware that he has to up his game. He’ll have seen the resurgence of Liverpool, he’ll have seen how badly tanked he was and he’ll know that if he continues NOT to change, he’ll be put out to pasture long before his new deal finishes.

One story that did make me sad was the Vermaelen exchange for Chris Smalling. I think we’d be pushing a good player the direction of United and taking a problem child from them. He does have better physical attributes, and if Steve Bould thinks he can whip him into becoming a world class defender, I’ll shut my mouth… I just feel we could do better. But whatever, we’ll see what happens there!

Right, I have nothing left to tell you, other than Diaby has been doing a sterling job at getting fit over the summer… ‘You never know’ I was told in relation to him having a fit season.


Have a good day and remember, if there’s a chance Diaby can retain fitness, there’s a chance you can do anything. Go tell the CEO his times up and you’re taking his job, see what happens, it’s one of those days, I can feel it!

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  1. Honest Bill

    Anyone heard any news on Vermaelen? I hope he stays. He’ll be much better with a decent midfield in front of him. He could be rotated in enough to make him feel like an important player. He is also cover at left back if needed.

  2. neil

    the 10 out of 10 was for all the money he made on transfers over the 18 years, then he goes and blows it on paying donkeys 50k a week, and people think this guy is a genius

  3. fecozzy

    Good evening groovers……been part of the le-grove family for lik 4years, am not sure have missed any of Pedro’s Post and the drama that takes place in the comment section since I discovered this great blog, funny enough this is my first post *winks* I hope I can start contributing more often now.
    Am from Nigeria, I love the Arsenal!!! I’ve been a fan for 16years and will be a fan till death.

    Off Topic!! Please I need help from my fellow gooners based in the Uk:
    I need names of some good schools in the UK that I can do my masters on any international relation courses and what’s the cost like for foreign students doing their masters in the uk?

  4. neil

    The reason Ozil was the biggest transfer in our history, we had 150 million quid cash, common knowledge, Wenger spent zero of it, nothing, made 10 million quid by selling Mannone and Gervinho, we lose the opening game to Villa 3-1 fans going ballistic because a manager with that much money refused to spend any of it, instead he gets Sanogo and Flamini for nothing

    New Chairman demands Wenger buy someone anyone, to get the fans off our back,as we are viewed as the biggest fucking scrooges the world has ever seen

    So there are circumstances as to why we got Ozil, and it HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ARSENE WENGER

  5. Marko

    Gotta say insomnia is on fire the last few weeks. If something was to happen to him or Kwik’s typing fingers I dunno what I’d do.

  6. MidwestGun

    Fecozzy –
    Welcome. Can’t help you with the University thing in the UK. Somebody on here might know. Don’t ask neil tho. He hates higher education.

  7. fecozzy

    Midwestgun- lol….. That’s harsh!! Neil sounds intelligent, would make a very good analyst for bt sport. hehehe… Thanx a lot midwest! And were is RAMFORD PELE?? One of my fav. posters in d groove,haven’t seen is post for some days.

    Neil- r u in d UK?

  8. MidwestGun

    Fecozzy –
    Romford will be back. He posts earlier in the day at work sometimes. He’s probably just busy with work. I agree tho Romford P is one of the reasons I started here.

    So blame RP. Y’all. 😀

  9. Marko

    I personally like the American touch the blog’s gotten the last year or so. Slightly less dooming than before. To be fair a signing or 2 gets everyone on here buzzing

  10. fecozzy

    Midwest- RP insight to the game is mind blowing, he would make a very good coach. And he is very Humble you can never see him insulting or using swear words. He is a true Gent!

  11. Chyke

    Fecozzy –
    Welcome. Can’t help you with the University thing in the UK. Somebody on here might know. Don’t ask neil tho. He hates higher education.

    Lmao!! Cracking up MidwestGun!!…

  12. neil

    I’m betting Diaby will not last 24 minutes, I must go see if there are any odds on offer, I doubt it though, higher education, look at the state of the world, conflict everywhere, countries run by guys who studied at Oxford, Cambridge, and a bunch of other colleges in the USA, learn how to fool the people, fuck them over, lie to them, yea I’m all against higher education until they learn to think of others, as opposed to themselves Margaret Thatcher comes to mind, Tony Blair, George fucking Bush, yes they are great world leaders, bunch of fucking despots

  13. neil

    Higher education = Chancers who come to England, buy football clubs ,looking for not only profit from the peoples game, but others seeking legitimacy for their illegal dealings elswhere

  14. neil

    You can see how fucked up the world is, idiots who think higher education is the be all end all, these mugs look up to these pricks, no wonder AFC has the highest ticket prices in the world, educated parasites fleecing the little guy

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Has anyone here seen the mark Thomas documentary on coca cola ?

    It’s absolutely superb.

    If you get time check out this fellas work over the years ,,,,

    The McDonald’s drive through in Wandsworth ..,

    It’s pall on you tube

    The coke doco is a total eye opener,

  16. thirdway

    @ fecozzy. Some traditionally highly regarded IR masters courses at London School of Economics and Sussex & Aberystwyth Universities. Overseas student fees £12-19k, give or take.

    Try googling ‘international relations 2008 RAE’, you’ll get list of top ranked uni departments in terms of research quality, usually a good indicator of strong postgraduate programmes. Good luck!

  17. neil

    Players originally played for the love of the game, regardless of what sport you chose, they may have started as a 9 year old playing football, thinking not of 300,000 pounds a week wages, but the pure joy at playing the game with their mates, most of them would have played in bare feet, this was the peoples game, working class game, then came the parasites, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Coke, and a whole host of others, but you get the drift, the world game, football, could be a bonanza for these greedy corporate thugs, imagine the pulling power of the superstar players, imagine if they wear our gear, our shirts, our shorts, headband, wristband, socks, hell, we could sell any fucking thing with our logo on it, as long as the best players in the world are seen wearing this shit, we will clean up, it’s OK to give Rooney 300k a week wages, we can recoup that in no time with shirt sales,imagine how many shirts we can sell with Beckham on the back, Messi, Neymar, and so on, so corporate giants don’t mind helping fund these obscene wages, because of the profit it generates, Neymar and Messi could play in bare feet and still be champions, they don’t need a swoosh on their shirt to be good, the educated guys who hang their brand on these poor bastards,for the sole purpose to make a shit load of money, football is a vehicle for these people

    So the educated people in power in Spain are over seeing a unemployment rate of 25%, while Madrid and Barcelona pay the National debt of some smaller countries to football players in the shape of wages, Greece 26% unemployed, Portugal 15%, France 10% Italy 13%, South Africa 25%, Europe is going down the toilet, all the educated cunts running these countries are making sure of that, Blatter, one of the biggest con men in the game was educated at the university in Switzerland, his degrees in business and economics, same as Wenger, jumped on the gravy train that is world football, these people are not in it for the money, they are in for the love of the game
    yea, sure

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Not bad neil, not bad 🙂

    Now that Newsnow has gone all coy on Khedira, can anyone inform me about whether he is actually still a big dot on The Arsenal radar?

    Back to neil, I’ve been saying the same thing about Spain for a number of years now 🙂 As for the globalisation of footie & the big money men involved, the way I see it is that the rest of the world can’t get enough of the English Premier League, & that demand is growing year by year. I know the Murdochs of the world are only in it for the dosh, but thanks to his love of the almighty $$$ people like me can watch 10 games of PL live on the tele, though I only really want to watch The Arse.

  19. neil

    Have to laugh at the line, Wenger spied a problem with Jenkinson, it only took the moron 2 season to do it, signed in June 2011, the author of this blog reveals Arsene has seen a problem, I think most saw it 12 months ago, shows you a thing or two about this manager, he dips into lower divisions to buy a player for peanuts, when they have enough money to choke a horse, after denying Sagna his right due to higher wages for his loyalty, reports say he hasn’t had a rise in wages for a few years and he was paid around the 60-70k a week, and wanted in the region of 100k weekly, skinflint Wenger was having none of that

    I spied a flaw in Wenger 6 years ago, pity no one took any notice

  20. neil

    george9, that is a gem, an absolute fucking corker of an observation, well done, could not have been better said

  21. neil

    George Best, of of our best players ever, got 1000 quid a week, John Barnes received 10k a week in wages in 1992 just as the Premier League was starting, there are too many millionaire players who are very ordinary, driving Ferrari’s and Porches, when their performances should be tailored to driving a Reliant Robin, I’m sure the Brazil side of 1950 would run rings around the one of 2014,

  22. neil

    Dennis Law, Bobby Charlton, Stanley Matthews, Jimmy Greaves, just a few old time footballers who were champions, pity they never got the monetary rewards these impostors get today
    Gael Clichy, this useless article gets 110,000 quid a week, there are plenty like him, not worth a squirt of piss, there is no justice in the world

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Reverting back to football matters and not politics I would like to make the following observations:

    Arsenal lost 7 games last season. 5 were away from home against teams in top 7. The only home game lost was against Aston Villa our first of the season.

    The significant defeats were against Man City, Liverpool,Chelsea and Everton.
    Man City should be discounted, because we played 4 games in 10 days and we
    were reasonably competitive until half time.

    The other three highlighted the inherent weaknesses of the team, which was
    ill discipline, inadequate defending on contra attack and from set pieces.

    Teams do not usually win League Titles because they score a bucketful of goals, but because they have the most consistent performance and defend well.

    Last season there was not a huge difference between the top 4 clubs in performance when you analyse results.

    Most of the more intelligent blogs on this website and indeed from Pedro have highlighted our weaknesses as:

    1. The lack of pace and variety in attack. Sanchez and the return of Walcott should improve that situation.

    2. The lack of physicality and solid defending in midfield. This requires recruitment of a top class holding player who has not only physical presence,
    good positional sense, but above all discipline.

    3. The club needs also to change its zonal marking system. We conceded too
    many silly goals from set pieces as was highlighted in the Liverpool away game. This is not just down to lack of concentration.

    4. Arsenal need to resolve their injury crisis. You cannot afford to lose so many key players. Part of problem is clearly lack of rotation and over tiredness.

    In the final analysis assuming that we have recruited already a new goalkeeper and right back I believe that we are probably still two players short of a decent squad for next season namely a first string holding midfielder and fourth
    string centre back.

  24. neil

    Well let me respond to you stroller, in the past, the best defense used to win the league, not any more, United won it conceding more goals than Arsenal, thanks to RVP, same deal with City, if they score 2, we will score 3, if they score 3 we will score 4, and so on, the game has changed thanks to the billionaires throwing money at the clubs they bought, Arsenal won the leagues conceding 20 something goals a season, now they can concede 40, and still win the title, Arsenal never had the firepower to score enough goals, as they were leaking them, look at Barca, I know they lost the title last season, but before that their defense was not up to scratch, but they scored hatful of goals with messi et al, as I said they would concede 4 and score 7, pity Brazil didn’t follow suit, if they had better than FRED, they might have scored 8 against Germany

  25. Ashwin Gunner


    Neil.. you are consistent mate…… you are have a hatred for Wenger. Am just not able to figure out the exact reason.. I am not an AKB. but i dont hate him like you do..

  26. neil

    Stroller, good points, who do you think should be looking at the side of things you pointed out, I would suggest it is the dictator manager who controls most things at AFC, the finger should be pointed directly at him, over playing Cesc and Wilshere, burning them out is unforgivable, a scrooge like character who refuses to spend the money available to him on a deeper squad, this mug has the tools at his disposal, he refuses to utilize them, he should be goose stepped out of the Emirates ASAP

    lack of pace, no defensive mid, lack of size, zonal marking, injury crisis, Jesus fucking Christ, what does the manager do for his 7.5 million quid a year, by the look of that list, not fucking much

  27. Emiratesstroller


    I beg to differ with you if you analyse recent seasons.

    In any event Arsenal now have plenty of fire power in the team if they stay fit.
    Giroud has 20+ goals in two of last 3 seasons in France and Britain. Sanchez
    [Spain], Podolski [Germany] and Walcott [England] have managed it once in
    that period. Also Ramsey and Cazorla have scored double digits.

    The fact is that Arsenal finished 7 points behind Man City and 3 points behind
    Chelsea. Both teams lost just one match less than us and Chelsea scored only
    4 goals more than us.

    Man Utd finished 15 points behind us. Yet Mr Owen suggests that Arsenal will
    not finish in top 4.

  28. Ashwin Gunner

    Gary C

    its a good thing.. people are talking about us. they are running scared even before the season has started. Liverpool has become a laughing stock after losing their best player. this is how their legends are venting out their frustration.

  29. neil

    Ashwin, i say it like I see it, he is over rated over paid, if you are happy with the state of the nation at AFC kool, I see it differently, I see a useless out of date pensioner who should be gone by now, not given a further 3 years, 65 years old, no energy, no stamina, no new thinking, he is using the same game plan he used in 1996, that is why we get toweled 6-0 6-3 5-1 ,we are losing 3-0 and we have our fullbacks bounding up field leaving gaps all over the fucking pitch, making it 4-0 5-0 then 6-0 managers fault, these are accidents according to Wenger, cutting yourself shaving is an accident, conceding 17 goals in 3 games if fucking criminal negligence

  30. MidwestGun

    Neil –
    Nope, nice try. I live in Illinois. No hills here. It’s the prairie state. The prairie is a flat grassland, which is all farms now. But the rest is cities like Chicago or St, Louis. Perhaps, you’ve heard of them. Your favorite person Stan Kroenke lives near the Ozarks tho. You know, the hillbilly who owns the team.
    As for inbred, well no, my mother and father aren’t related. Glad I could educate you with my University degree. Are you an adult? Just curious, because you carry on like a child. Or is that just one of your multiple personality disorders? No need to answer. I can see from your take on education. Ignorance is bliss, for you.

  31. neil

    Stroller, I beg to differ, with all those beautiful stats you rattled off, we struggle into 4th each year, we had RVP scoring 30 goals a season and finished around 17 points behind United, we had Cesc and RVP and couldn’t win a pot to piss in, because tha manager is not good enough, we have had good teams mismanaged by a very ordinary manager, who has seduced many

  32. neil

    The reason we finished that close to those teams is they all had new managers, they needed time to adjust, if Wenger spent the money on the required players we might have won the league last season, it was a missed opportunity, by a stale out of date manager

  33. Ashwin Gunner


    I am not happy with the way things were going in at AFC. I really wanted Arsene to go this time. so did a lot of people in this blog. Arsene has made mistakes. alot of them.. I was furious when he signed Kallstorm and blew up our chance to win the league. I am furious everytime we lose badly and Wenger blames it on luck and terms it as an accident. I even agree that his tactics (if there were any) are no longer working….

    Yes. he has made mistakes. I will be the happiest if Wenger retires as a manager. even as recent as yesterday morning i wrote about wenger and his lack of tactics…

    yes. he deserves a stick. he deserves to be criticized. he is definitely not above criticism. He is the manager and he has to take all the blame for team’s failures.. All i am saying is.. there is no point in going overboard and abusing him. there is a thin line between criticizing and abusing.. abusing is no good mate..

  34. neil

    I have forgotten more about football than you will ever know west, your degree does not impress me, maybe you can come to London and impress Wenger, you can discuss, world politics, world economics, and how to fleece the plebs

  35. Ashwin Gunner


    for you and for all the people who are sad that we sold RVP CESC and everybody else

    There was a time when RVP, CESC, NASRI, SONG, SAGNA and everybody else was in the team… what did we win.. nothing.. we didn;t win anything.

    so lets not fool ourselves by saying that we could have won CL if we had those players.

  36. neil

    Khedira, good player, but now a liability because of injury, we needed him 3 years ago, my prediction if he comes, will not last the season, will be injured and out for a long time, not durable enough now, I hope I am proved wrong, but you heard it first here, not as bad as Diaby but this could get costly

  37. Ashwin Gunner


    one more thing. everybody is a fellow blogger. we may agree with some. we may disagree with some. but dont start abusing them because they do not hold the same opinions as you have. Calling them names and inbreds are not civil. for all we know, most of us who meet in this blog, will never meet in real life.. so you might never really know what kind of a person they are out of LG. so if you dont agree, just ignore them. or debate with them.. abusing will only isolate you. both here and in real life… this was just an advice…..

  38. MidwestGun

    Neil –
    It’s not your football knowledge that’s the problem. It’s your personality disorder and obssession with one subject that has already been debated and discussed ad nauseum on here. Perhaps, you are on the wrong forum. Because I don’t know who you are screaming at most times. As for the personal abuse. Grow up! Act like an adult.

  39. neil

    Talking about time machines and going back in time, that’s what a lot of Arsenal supporters do, they hark back to a great unbeaten season, wonderful achievement, FA Cups in the 2000’s League Title, in 2004, then a dark period, 2005-2014, I can understand the need to go back in time and tell themselves how great Wenger was, the key word being was, time waits for no man, it marches on and he should with it, never rest on your laurels, bye Arsene, thanks for the memories

  40. Ashwin Gunner


    your comment at 06:34:05 is good. you just told your opinion without abusing.. 😀

    Wenger is not useless mate. He is stubborn. he is stubborn to come out of his old ways and adapt to new things.. and at 64 its hard to change it. but for all we know he is changing. he is making the right moves in the market this time. he is bringing in back room changes. lets wait and see how this season finishes. we all will be there to both celebrate his sucess and criticize his failures. give him one more year. looks like there is a positive change in him. A change whcih we would have like a couple of years ago. but its never too late.. give him one more year.. lets see what he does.. I was anti wenger. but in the past couple of weeks he is changing my opinion and I have become a 50 0 on him.. Lets give him another year.

  41. Ashwin Gunner

    “I do have issues with Americans telling me about football, big issues”


    so is it only American, French, Asians or for that matter anybody telling you about football 🙂 🙂

  42. Ashwin Gunner

    I dont know why papers are so obessed with RVG coming into PL.. He is just another manager. i really dont understand the hype. For all i know , he is one of those managers who can use any dirty tricks in his bag to win matches.. Does that sound familiar 😀

  43. Goonergirl


    It’s not yet official. Sky just says sources claim that Arsenal have agreed a fee with Madrid over Khedira.


    You seriously are crazy hey. Don’t you get tired of saying the saying the same shit over and over again.

  44. Goonergirl


    Yeah already got it done. It actually went well. Considering I don’t really like giving presentations lol. But I’m just happy it went well and its over.

  45. qna

    @Neil. Love your work here. You have a good mix of irony/humour and show some good knowledge about the game within your rants. You should do some youtube work and send us the link. I like your work. Dont agree with it all, but you do make interesting and entertaining posts.

    Michael Owen agrees with you and thinks that Arsenal wont even get fourth this year. (Queue bagging of Michael Owen). I actually share this sentiment, except I think we will make fourth. However, that doesn’t mean I wont go in to the season excited and hoping to be wrong. Every Matchday is a possible win and I cant wait to see our new players.

    @E-stroller you have said we have great firepower this year: Giroud, Sanchez, Podolski and Walcott. Is that a universally agreed fact? Where do they rate as goal scorers in 2014. Realistically, I dont see how an unbiased person could favour us to win the league.

  46. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Cool. Ya, I have a degree in marketing and hated giving presentations. Probably why I’m a building contractor now. Lol. Anyhow, I should probably sleep some.
    Late nights with neil. My life is complete. 😀

  47. Bergkamplegend

    Hello Grovers.

    Good news for Sami, but I still think that it would be a mistake to agree for the wages wanted by the player.

  48. Al

    He wants around £106k a week….He deserves that’s and it is the going rate so just pay it if you want him. ..

  49. tunnygriffboy


    I’ve heard that the 106k is after tax on 150k. He wants 150k after tax meaning the gross paid will be shitloads. I hope they can come to some agreement. We’ve done Sanchez, now do the power in midfield. I will relax then.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    Paying any footballer over 20k is a mistake mate. But it is what it is. We can’t moan we want the better players then cry over their wage demands. Ozil isn’t worth 42 million in my opinion, unfortunately the current market says I’m talking shit and he is worth that.
    For 1st time in years it seems we are genuinely trying to close the gap, and I being a doomer, am Fucking excited for 1st time in years.

  51. Emiratesstroller


    I have not suggested that we will win the league. However, I do believe that provided that we sort out the inherent weakness in the system at Arsenal we could be contenders.

    Sport is a highly complex business with a lot of imponderables including a certain degree of luck. Throwing a lot of money at football gives you an edge,
    but is not always the solution.

    Bayern Munich are the most successful team in Germany and the National team are now World Champions. Yet interestingly most of their top players
    did not cost a bean, because they were home grown.

    As I wrote earlier this morning there are still a small number of elements in jigsaw, which need to be filled before Arsenal are genuinely competitive. Khedira will go a long way to providing us with ‘presence and physicality’ in
    midfield. We need to sort out our fitness problems and as I said also said our set piece strategy.

    Perhaps the best indicator that matters are improving at club is that there is very little evidence that our players want to leave. That is always a good sign.

  52. El Tel

    Khediera is a vital signing for us.

    He has just helped Germany win the WC He is friends with the German contingent at the Club.

    These German players are the reason Arsenal are on the up. BFG and Poldi may not be the best players but they are true professionals and great characters.

    The camaraderie is always important in a Club and at the moment things look promising on that front.

    If we want tot see the best of Ozil then Khedeira will go a long way to helping him produce.

    It may also tempt some other World cup winners to look at signing for us going forward.

  53. bergkamplegend

    @TYADN : “being a doomer, am Fucking excited for 1st time in years.”

    I think that we’re all are 😉

  54. El Tel

    well said Emirtestroller

    The whole Ambience at the Club has for better since the likes of Cesc and RVP left.

  55. Gunnershabz

    Sami khedira could be Gilberto silva signing he won the World Cup then we signed the invisible wall

  56. Gunned Puma

    If Khedira wants anything over 100k AFTER TAXES then fcuk him! He’s coming off a very serious injury, hasn’t proven his fitness yet (even missed the WC final for that), and he’s not even a DM FFS! On to the next one I say

    BTW, morning you grooving gunners!

  57. Thank you and goodnight

    No one says we will win the league with these signings, hell come end of season next year we could still be 20 points off the top. But seeing likes of Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez and khedira( if we get him of course) in an Arsenal shirt will give the fans a huge lift, and maybe let our opposition know they are in for a hard game….
    And if we get these players in and get drawn bayern Munich in CL again, I doubt Neur will be smiling as broadly this time around.

  58. Al

    I can’t believe he wants £150k after tax…sounds like media talk. With that figure he really is not giving the club any room to negotiate because if ozil is on £120k before tax that is unrealistic. …

    Anyway only a matter of weeks before we find out

  59. tunnygriffboy


    ‘ Find out in a couple of weeks ‘ God I hope it’s in a couple of days. Once we get a powerful midfielder I will relax. Any other signing is then a bonus ( taking it for granted Debuchy and Ospina are in )

  60. Revving Kevin

    Dear TYAG
    “Makes me laugh when people say Cheksea or City are having a god window of course they bloody are the money they have….”

    Oh dear, we’re agreeing again!!
    For years they’ve enjoyed a massive advantage, one that we are trying to negate with the rebuilding of the club.

    As much as I despise Chelsea, I despise more the idiots and buffoons who use every opportunity to heap praise on then. We get one or two on here that do it. What exactly are we to praise Chelsea for? Horrible club from top to bottom.

    TYAG , I an not sure if you’ve joined the dark side but fair play in any case for being able to do what others can’t and add balance . 😉