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Lots of things I dislike about modern media. That’s social media. I work in it, I should embrace it… I do. However, the lack of privacy it affords people in the public eye is horrible.

Jack Wilshere has been snapped in Vegas drinking champagne like a rap star, smoking fags like a rockstar, generally acting like a bit of a lad.

Now, don’t get me wrong… It’s not the sort of image you should be portraying as an elite athlete. It’s not the sort of thing you should be doing at a tacky Vegas pool party where anyone with a credit card can go. Smoking, when you’ve spent a whole season demonstrating a lack of fitness… well, it’s just fucking dim.

Now, I do feel for him a bit. When a French player smokes, it’s sophisticated and acceptable. Our boy does it and he’s slammed.

Jeez, I’m trying to defend him here and it’s tough. When you’re paid to be a poster boy of lifestyle (he’s been on the cover of Esquire, so don’t tell me that statement is unfair), you should lay off the fags and make sure if you’re going to booze, you don’t do it in public in a way that wouldn’t look out of place in Magaluf.

My concern with Jack is that £80k a week contract has gone to his head. He’s made it, therefore feels immune to working for his place. He’s regressed as a player, he struggles with fitness and he’s a fading icon in our squad. I don’t think it’d be unfair to say that a lot of fans are getting Jack fatigued.

To put it bluntly, my love for Jack is in the redzone. I’m soldiering on, but I need some good PR rest to get back onside.

If we sign Sammy Khedira and Bender… well, you’d have to question Jack and his future with Arsenal. Talent is nothing without discipline and hardwork. I’m not seeing much of either. I’m just seeing a brat acting like a pig on holiday. Cool if you’re a stock broker, not cool if you’re an underperforming big shot.

Not sure how Wenger will take this… but you imagine there will be repercussions.

One of the best world cups of all time closed yesterday. An interesting 0-0 that Argentina will kick themselves over was finished in the second half of extra time. Schurle (good player who gets slated by the snobs) blazed down the left, cut a high cross in, Mario Gotze controlled it with his chest and volleyed across goal to make the World Cup Germany’s. Absolute world class finish. 22 years old and he’s cemented himself as an icon of football forever.

On the other side, Lio Messi cut a forlorn figure. For such a champion of a player, he really did look as though he had the burden of inevitable failure on his shoulders. After the game he looked shell shocked, like he’d just runover the family dog after drinking a bottle of whiskey.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to him over the next few years. I think he needs a new club, a new challenge… I think he needs Arsenal.



Jokes aside, Dennis Bergkamp came back from the 1998 World Cup a broken man. Destroyed by a missed penalty. I worry Messi will come back a broken man, destroyed by the hopes of a nation. An unrealistic nation.

But here’s the thing guys, how many Argentinians play for us? One. I care very little for them. My main concern is Germany, my second country. What a show! They deserved the World Cup, they have a squad full of superstars that’s balanced and cohesive. One of the best dressed managers succeeded.  3 arsenal players bring back a winners medal. I’d say I’m hoping for 4, but Sammy Khedira and his worrying injury record took hold yesterday and he pulled out of the final with an injury in the warm up.

Germany, what a team. What a nation. Honestly, I’ve never been so proud to have visual similarities to Per Mertesacker.

There are more rumours that we’re about to sign  Javier Manquillo as a back up right back. More good news. Wenger seemingly going all out for a squad this summer. I do hope these noises are for real. Having extra players the manager trusts is the first step to proper squad rotation. If he’s doing that, it’s acknowledgment last seasons injury car crash wasn’t ‘bad luck’…

Next season could be very different. Maybe, just maybe, Ivan did have a stronger word with Wenger on contract renewal than we thought? Feels like a lot of change…

Transfer rumours are interesting if you bloody love Colombia! We’re apparently tracking their keeper, David Ospina. Now, I’m not big into keepers from South America, but he had a good World Cup and he has pedigree. We need someone who can properly challenge. Our keeper at the moment knows he’s number one and he doesn’t have a keeping coach good enough to motivate him. Perhaps a back up keeper will improve his focus and it’ll certainly give us an options when his form inevitably dips through the season.

The second Colombian is the wideman Cuadrado. He was excellent in the world cup and for Fiorentina at the back end of last season. I don’t know much of his Fiorentina career, but I think he can play centrally as well as outwide. He’s a useful player, very fast and powerful, a great finisher but also has an eye for creating. He’s a different type of player and he taps into Wenger’s attribute wish list of pace and power. The more options we have that deliver on that, the more unpredictable and devastating we are to defend against.

I would love a player like him to come in so when Theo is out crocked, we have a really talented full back. Liverpool have really reinvigorated Wenger into thinking like he used to when it comes to building talented squads.

I’ll leave you on that note, have a great day…! Preseason starts in earnest…

Finally, I’ve been doing more media whoring. Here’s my top 5 World Cup disappointments. I didn’t have much time to pull them together. 3mins 5 seconds. Enjoy!


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  1. leon

    so far wenger has made some really good signings but to reach the level of squad that city have he will have to allot more.i feel this team top cb dm some box to box players.i would also put myichi ,sonogo the young german and jekinson out on loan

  2. salparadisenyc


    Id agree, all rumor pointing to ze Fatherland.
    Bender or if anyone at this club has any sense that means Bayern and Javi Martinez.

    Red Herring indeed.

    I’ll beat that drum silly.

  3. Toli83

    Khedira is a winner and would be amazing for us, just his drive alone would strengthen us in big games. That’s we where we need our winners.

    Schneiderlin I still think is most likely to come to us though, I wouldn’t be disappointed with that either. He was gret last yer and has prem experience.

  4. WengerEagle

    Serious question: has anyone on here ever had Shin Splints?

    I’ve been plagued by them for close to half a year now and they show no signs of improvement despite rest and refraining from running, football, etc.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    That Wilshere picture is going down a stinker on the net.

    Didn’t read that Ian Holloway column on him after the Costa Rica game until tonight, pretty scathing.

    Wilshere’s got to be careful, think his “potential superstar” label is starting to slip.

  6. Ash

    Back to the Messi debate, did nobody else see the footage of him throwing up post game. I’ve seen that happen a few times in the league last season, I wonder if everything is alright there?

  7. Revving Kevin

    Dear Wenger eagle
    Shin splints are a painful muscle injury. I used to suffer badly. Check footwear and consider using a shoe or insole with better arch support. It’s common for people who have flatter feet but in any case good insoles and Better trainers will help Avoid running on different surfaces. And if you do a lot of running wear proper running shoes.

    To help you need rest. Also, ice your shins for say 20 mins several times a day to ease swelling and pain. I use diclofenic anti-inflammatory but you could try inuprofen.

    But decent footwear and proper arch support is important and the key.

    Good luck Becos they are painful.

  8. Revving Kevin

    Dear Wenger eagle
    I should also say best see a GP. In some cases there can be a small fracture.

    (I used to get mine more after football more than running. Certain makes like Adidas Predator boots used to be worse. So proper arch support worked for me, if that helps.

  9. Revving Kevin

    “Khedira is a winner and would be amazing for us, just his drive alone would strengthen us in big games. That’s we where we need our winners.”

    I agree. Used to big games and pressure, all invaluable. He’s a big lad too which we don’t have too many of in that area. Already has an understanding with Ozil too, which is also useful and may help improve Ozil. It’s a complete no brainer.

    I want us to buy players from Barca and Real Madrid, not mid table Prem teams, with all respect to Southampton.

  10. WengerEagle

    Revving Kevin

    Thanks very much mate, much appreciated.

    I’m a little worried because I’ve been suffering from excruciating pain down the front of my legs and in the soles of my feet for a while now and hope that I haven’t permanently damaged them.

  11. Wengerites be damned!

    ‘Back to the Messi debate, did nobody else see the footage of him throwing up post game. I’ve seen that happen a few times in the league last season, I wonder if everything is alright there?’
    Apparently all this vomiting caused some concerned and Messi has sought a specialist but nothing serious was found. Maybe a emotional thing who knows?

  12. Marko

    Get yourself checked out WE just to be safe. If it turns out to be something serious better to get it sorted early. Could them be symptoms of a blood clot or something? Don’t mean to frighten

  13. oj

    usually blood clot symptoms affect the calf not the shin.
    shin splints are uzually microfracture of the shin bone. rest, good footwear and ice is a good approach.
    theres a exercise I tried which slightly improved my shin splints and that was try walking on your heels as much as you can for a day and it helps condition your shin buthis painful!

  14. luke

    Surprised more people aren’t talking about Cavani. I think we could have a fantastic opportunity to sign him. If you think about it, the only teams who seem in contention to buy him are:

    Chelsea – Just bought Diego Costa, highly unlikely they’d go for Cavani too.
    Manchester City – I think this is probably where he’ll end up if Negredo is sold, but City already have a pretty impressive strike force.
    Liverpool – Why would Cavani want to go there after Suarez leaving?
    Manure – No Champions League
    Arsenal – Need a CF badly. Dare to dream!

  15. Dark Hei

    Hi Wenger Eagle,

    Go see a chiropractor. I had a bad knee for years. Went to sports specialists, got MRI done, wore insoles, went for physiotherapy. Nothing worked. In desperation I walked into a chiropractor clinic and ever since it is all good.

    You do not need to buy into all that alternative health care lifestyle that most chiros will try to brain wash you into. But if you do have bio-mechanical problems (diaby!) a chiropractor will be the first I recommend.

    The quality of a chiropractor is very much skill based, like a surgeon, so a friend’s recommendation will be good.

  16. Dark Hei


    Zero chance. P$G wants to make a statement that involves giving FFP plenty of fingers. No way the want to be seen kow towing to another authority.

  17. Dark Hei

    In other news, Man United just signed a deal with Addidas that more than doubles our annual $$ with Puma.

    Got to give it to them, when it comes to making $$ out of sports, they are tops.

  18. neil

    Diaby doesn’t have a problem, he gets paid 50k a week for doing nothing, I would say he is over the fucking moon

  19. neil

    the people with a problem are Arsenal fans, shelling out their money for years, getting a FA Cup in return for 8 years of dropping thousands into AFC coffers,being told a whole pack of lies by a deranged manager who over sees accidents, 6-0,6-3,5-1, a manager who wont spend the 150 million they had last year, a manager who says he is after quality signings, he will not buy just anybody, if he sees a good player, he will go for him, THAT PLAYER WAS SANOGO, THIS IS YOUR TOP QUALITY WENGER WAS TALKING ABOUT, HE WAITED TO GET SANOGO


  20. neil

    Another top quality signing, KALLSTROM, a guy with a broken back, who couldn’t play for 2 months, does this cunt manager think we are all fucking stupid, this is what Wenger is waiting for, cripples, because they are cheap, Moscow paid Kallstrom’s wages, the reason Wenger got him, WHAT A CUNT OF A MAN

  21. neil

    The truth is WENGER and AFC are happy not winning, what they want is 4th each year, for Champs League money, the occasional FA Cup is to keep the fans like yourselves happy, keep you onside, while they relieve you of your hard earned money, with the biggest fucking line of bullshit ever seen in the history of the game, a 400 million quid stadium with a 5 bob team, floundering their way around the pitch

    This stadium was built to make money, not win trophies, and while this fraud remains manager that is your lot 4TH

  22. neil

    And you were lucky to win that FA Cup, Wigan a Championship side and Hull, in the bottom half of the table, AFC needing extra time to beat those fuckers, this is a manager so far out of his fucking time it’s not funny, Hodgson, 66, Del Bosque, 63, Scolari, 66, these cunts are relics and should be nowhere near any National football team, let alone manage them, and we all saw how those teams went, FAILURES , WENGER GOING ON 65, ALSO A FAILURE, these pricks should be watching the games in their slippers by the fire, not getting 8 million quid for finishing fourth, what a fucking joke, you bunch of saps

  23. neil


    This is Wenger’s job, making profit, football has nothing to do with it, football is the vehicle used to make millions for the club and himself, that is the ONLY reason Kroenke bought the ckub, because Wenger made profit, the AMERICAN DREAM

  24. neil

    You are all fed this steady fucking diet of Wenger bullshit, spirit, mental strength, every fucking week he rolls out the same boring repetitive fucking crap, we are a chance of winning the league, he boasts, without spending a fucking penny, even in January spent nothing when the club had a chance, what an evil cunt this guy is, gets in a guy with a broken back who can’t play, WHAT COULD KALLSTROM DO FOR US, HE WENT FROM ONE SICK BAY TO ANOTHER

    Is this guy in charge of his faculties, I think not, and if you believe this trumped up fucking swill this guy spews each week you are as bad as him, what the galling thing is he gets 8 million quid a year for this fucking debacle

    6-0, 6-3, 5-1, this will be on his headstone, Mr Accident

  25. neil

    And for the newbies here, that is not Wenger’s tennis score, it’s the thrashing he over saw in charge of AFC against City, Chelsea and Liverpool, Wenger spends 150 million quid a year on wages, and he serves up that fucking bilge

    played 3 games, conceded 17 goals, scored 4, what a manager, makes you wonder what the fuck Bould does, 17 GOALS, say it slowly 17 goals in 3 games and this fraud gets a 3 year extension @ 8 million quid a year, thanks you Arsenal fans, Wenger loves you, morons

    You can fool all of the people all of the time

  26. MidwestGun

    Borderline personality disorder.
    Negative Emotion-
    Expresses emotion in exaggerated and theatrical ways.
    Emotions change rapidly and unpredictablely.
    Feels unhappy.
    Has extreme reaction to perceived sleight or criticism.
    Intense anger out of proportion to the situation.
    Need for stimulation, prone to ranting.

    There you have it neil. You have borderline personality disorder. Your welcome. No charge for free diagnosis.

  27. neil

    And while on goose stepping, Hitler will be turning in his grave, having Boateng playing for the German Nation Football Team, verdammte holle

  28. neil

    That may well be true, it doesn’t relieve Wenger of his inadequacies as a football manager, you want to defend this guy, what did I get wrong in my assessment of this conman

  29. neil

    my emotions do not change rapidly, I am angry all the time at all things Arsenal, so fuck you and your wank diagnosis, try again you dimwit

  30. neil

    You can revel in your fantasy world with the rest of your juvenile wankers, on how great Wenger is, I will continue to point out what most of the misty eyed Wengerites cannot see, you stick to licking N5’s arse

  31. MidwestGun

    “And while on goose stepping, Hitler will be turning in his grave, having Boateng playing for the German Nation Football Team, verdammte holle”
    Is this what the misty eyed wengerites can’t see? Neil? Yes, you truly are an inciteful individual. Lunatic.

  32. Bamford13

    One thing I appreciate about neil is his constancy. Same song every evening, same time too.

    Except that Neil, don’t you think you should put the show on hold until the end of the summer window? While I dislike Wenger nearly as much as you do, it looks like there is a new sheriff in town and we’re actually signing the needed quality this summer.

    Yes, they could still disappoint, but right now things look pretty good.

    I’m of the view that signings are being handled differently now, and that this was written into Wenger’s new contract. This is what Myles Palmer is saying. Makes sense, given the Sanchez signing and rumors of other quality signings.

    While it may be too early to say, it does look like things might be different around the club going forward.

  33. MidwestGun

    Pedro – you need to get this guy sorted out. I really enjoy talking to almost everyone on here. And truly love the blogging community you have built up. The variety of opinions and knowledge on here is great. But this guy ranting endlessly every night is wearing thin. The endless Capital letters, veiled nazi references, and aggression towards other commenters (told Wenger Eagle to cut off his shins and N5 to die in his sleep) is not what people come here for, I don’t think.

    And that’s the end of my rant.

  34. Dark Hei


    This rumour thrown in by Myles Palmer, what makes you believe it? Myles Palmer is now claiming that Wegner is buying big as protection for his own inabilities and not because he wants to win anything. A journo, trying his hardest to write history the way he wants via trolling.

    This is the same joke that claimed Cesc was coming last season. He also claimed an Italian is joining us in the winter window. And with gusto as well.

    That guy is a dud. He still put out his book on Wenger on his home page, as if he is so relevant because he wrote a book.

    This is also the guy who does not have a forum posting. If you want to communicate, it is via email, and he posts selective mails to make his point. Sometimes I suspect he write mails to himself.

    Wenger, and the club in general do deserve criticisms. But now that they are doing the things that we want, it is just cynical to find new and creative ways to be dismissive and cynical all over again.

    If Wenger really is so ham fisted with control, I wonder how effective his seduction of Ozil and Sanchez would be if his heart isn’t 100% in it.

  35. NYCgooner

    Neil needs professional help. There is nothing anybody on here can say to him that can make it better. He’s one step away from playing with his own poop.

  36. MidwestGun

    “One step away from playing with his own poop”
    Hahaha that is true but the people in the later time zones have to suffer. If his rants were at 11am UK time. He would have got the bin a long time ago. Not sure who the hell neil thinks he is talking to at this time?   He’s fighting a one man revolution with the voices in his head. It’s like that serial killer “son of sam” who was talking to the neighbor’s dog.

  37. NYCgooner

    It’s amazing how he goes on and on, despite no one responding to him. Post after post several paragraphs long. Crazy stuff Neil.

  38. N5

    I take it Neil didn’t see that we signed Sanchez then? the man he said we’d never get! the fact he’s talking about Sanago like this window is lasts makes me wonder if he lives in a Groundhog Day?

    I think he’s stuck in the final day of last years TW! every day the same things said, every day the same things ignored.

    Someone call him a doctor! or a scientist!

  39. qna

    @Neil I was enjoying the rant until you started to come off as a fascist. What the fuck do we care if Hitler turns over in his grave. I am not sure where you were going with that.

    Didnt agree with your whole rant, obviously, but I have held similar frustrations since we sold Adebayor and didnt replace him with equal or better quality.

    I think the main trend was: replace old players with new players of lower quality. My biggest frustration being Arteta for Fabregas, which I am still forced to endure.

    I think the new trend is: replace with players of equal or better quality. Debuchy, Ozil and Sanchez meet this.

    Of course its easy to do that when you have ripped through the squad and left it bare.

    I am not fully convinced that we have turned the corner and I have been left fuming after being optimistic in transfer windows before (last January for example).

  40. Ashwin Gunner

    Well. Neil

    Sanchez is in..
    Debuchy and the Ath Mardrid guy, either both or one of them is definitely in

    Either Khedira or Bender are definitely in.
    Mostly we might get goal Keeper for columbia..

    So if all the above deals are done. this summer is definitely a sucess. And i honestly believe that we can challenge for honours this time..

  41. Emiratesstroller

    I find it interesting to see how the press play ‘devil’s advocate’ with each other.
    Whenever one newspaper builds a story one of the others starts knocking it down.

    Last week there was a strong story building up a head of steam that we were about to buy Sanchez. Suddenly less than 24 hours before we closed the deal we started reading that Man Utd and Chelsea were about to hijack the deal.

    Then suddenly the deal was announced.

    The proposed deal for Khedira is following a similar pattern. By yesterday morning the deal was by all accounts more or less done and the betting odds
    were 1/10 on that he was coming to us.

    By late afternoon the Mirror and Express Groups suggested that the deal was
    scuppered by his wage demands. Interestingly the figures being suggested were hugely variable. One said he was demanding £200 k per week the other
    a more modest £150 k per week which still exceeds what Sanchez and Ozil are
    paid. Interestingly the latter figure was discussed already previously.

    There are very good reasons why such a story is unbelievable. Firstly Arsenal
    would have known from outset what Khedira and his agent expected. If the
    figures were not negotiable and Arsenal unwilling to pay them then they would have walked away long ago.

    Chelsea and Mourinho may be party poopers but I don’t believe that they would offer £70 k more than us to secure this player.

    What is becoming increasingly clear over the last 12 months is that the wage
    demands of players and agents is no longer the primary consideration for
    completion of a deal.

    Clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona need ‘hard cash’ to service their new
    deals and the number of clubs floating around who can produce it without
    complications and staged instalments is rather limited.

    We saw that with Liverpool and Suarez. Arsenal acquired Sanchez because he
    preferred to come to us AND we were willing to meet Barcelona’s demands.
    Juventus the only other option could not match them.

    What is important for any player of Khedira’s calibre is that he will secure a
    regular game of football AND the ambition of the club. I think that on both
    counts Arsenal are an attractive proposition at the moment.

    One thing that I am certain is that Arsenal will be buying a new Defensive Midfielder in this transfer window just like they need a first string right back and goalkeeper. The only question is who that player will be.

  42. Ashwin Gunner


    Exactly. Even i am confident that we will strenghten DMF, RB and GK positions.. just dont know who they are going to be. And the best part. who ever is being linked are all very good players. For the first time in years Wenger is addressing the issues head on..
    1) getting in a new physio
    2) buying a WC striker / winger
    3) going hard on DMF, RB and GK..

    Apparently Khedira wants his future sorted before he goes for his vacation. so we can see soemthing happening in the next couple of days. so its either him or some body else but things are going to get sorted out quickly..

  43. Emiratesstroller

    Personally I don’t think that Arsenal have any longer a wage ceiling. However, I do believe that what they pay in transfer fees and wages are calculated on need , value for money and rarity.

    For example I would be surprised if Arsenal would pay Remy £80 k per week or
    more when they are paying Giroud probably less. You don’t pay a potential understudy more than the first team regular.

  44. Confidentgoner

    I have to admit that Wenger ‘s inaction can drive any genuine supporter crazy. But I think Neil’s a tad over the top, though he makes valid points. it’s the way the points come out that kinda looks weird.

  45. Dark Hei


    After some thought, I think it is wise to leave neil on the forums. Le Grove is basically neil’s meds before bedtime. If he doesn’t get to blow off steam here, I wonder what he will do? Go running in the streets raving against Wenger?

    Let’s be charitable. It is just internet life, not real life. And if it keeps him away from trouble, all the better.

  46. Goonergirl

    Neil is just a one crazy and angry guy. There seriously has to be something wrong with him. I remember he went all crazy with me after my first post also lol. Just for saying I love Arsenal as well.

  47. N5

    Goonergirl he went mad at me and wished death on me because I copy/pasted a comment of his.

    He didn’t realise that in blogs you do that so people know what comment your are referring too. He is an absolute moron and I’m gobsmacked people relate to him.

    Every night for god knows how long, he has come on and said the same thing over and over.

    Anyone who compares being an Arsenal fan to being under Nazi control isn’t all there.

    I mean look at last night, Midwest told him he was ill so he says go and lick N5s ass, what on Earth did I have to do with it.

    He’s an obsessesed bellend, who I would love to repeatedly head punch! 😀

  48. qna

    Reports that AC Milan are going to slash the asking price for Balotelli.

    What are your views guys? I was all for it before we got Sanchez. Now, I worry if we have enough problems dealing with JW. But still, to have him in our first team, on perhaps a reasonable wage and low transfer price. I think I would favour the move.

    I would say yes if his wage was less than 100k and the transfer price less than 20m.

  49. Ashwin Gunner


    Baletolli is available for cut price.. AC milan have slashed his base price… should we go for him???

    It would be an awesome line up if we happen to capture him..

  50. Ashwin Gunner


    how much is he earning right now in AC Milan..

    I think he was at 100- 120k whn he was at Man city. Depends on him too whether he wants to cut down his salary demands… but if he doesm it will be an amazing.. Not sure Wenger will go for him though.. Given his dressing room damaging reputation.

  51. qna

    So does that mean you would go for him @ashwin. We would have a good balance of sulkers (Ozil, Balotelli) and bad boys (JW, Balotelli).

  52. Emiratesstroller


    Personally I would not buy Balotelli now. He is a talented player, but his arrival now would create more problems that it would solve.

    Wenger needed to bring in more fire power and he has done that with arrival
    of Sanchez, but he does not need to destabilise his front line with wholesale

    Most posters on Le Grove agree more or less what are our priorities at the moment. Let us focus on these and not simply trawl the market for what we don’t

  53. qna

    @ashwin I dont know his current wage. Google says its 4.5m euros, which is 3.6m, so thats only 70k per week. I say do it for that if we can get him in at around 20m. But still have to worry about destabilizing effect.

  54. Ashwin Gunner


    Yea.. If there is an option. we should snap him. He is an out and out striker. very good in air.. with proper counselling and coaching he can become one of the best..
    JW is on the verge of becoming a bad boy.. will be interesting to see how Arsene handles him and revives him.

  55. qna

    @E-stroller – I agree with you regarding the destabalising effect. But I think we do have a need for a CF even with Sanchez. That is not his role. Even for Chile he doesnt play that role, nor for Barca. I think thats why we are so heavily linked with Remy. I would definately want Balotelli over Remy. Much more quality, but like we agree – a personality that needs to be carefully man-managed.

  56. qna

    @N5 its probably bullshit. But if it is true, I would say its for the same reason we are hesitant to sign him in spite of his quality.

  57. Ashwin Gunner

    He is not happy in Italy. with all the racism and the fact that he has been singled out for their loss in WC. He has made up his mind to quit. and Milan dont want him to keep when he is not going ot give his 100%..

  58. N5

    “Joey Barton has come out of international retirement after watching England’s performance at the World Cup. “Having seen the standard, I believe it’s possible,”

    I know he’s a w@nker, but this did really make me laugh!!

  59. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s be clear despite all the criticism on Le Grove I am sure that Giroud is our first choice striker and that will not change next season.

    Remy at a cost of £8 million would have been no more than a squad player as
    indeed would be Campbell if Wenger decides to keep him.

    The arrival of Balotelli would create more problems than it is worth.

  60. Ashwin Gunner

    “. It’s sad that the man can never feel settled anywhere?”

    Ha ha. true.. well.. he is just spoiled kid.. had a bad childhood. but a very talented player.. if he is able to score 30+ goals then we should have him. and for that matter we need a bad boy in our team who teams are afraid off. we have too many gentlemen in the team 😀

  61. Ashwin Gunner


    Regarding Jack Smoking..
    IMO, its not something to go mental about. He is smoking during off season. not while the season is on.. and it is not like this thing is affecting his performance in the match or during training.. so we can cut him some slack..

    this is purely my opinion.. 😀

  62. Wallace

    “The kiss was spontaneous. We’ve joked about it, as we both started at the same time, and we have been through everything together. An incredibly deep feeling.”

    – Poldi explains the Schweinsteiger kiss.

  63. N5

    Ashwin, agreed. George Best used to turn up to training with a fag in his mouth and still drunk form the night before. Jack had a puff of a cigarette and he’s now worse than Jack the Ripper.

    I just seem to remember Wenger going crazy at Gallas and dropping him! that might be wrong, but Wenger is all about the healthy eating and living so I it’s plausible.

  64. Ashwin Gunner


    Yea. true. like players do have to have some discipline. but to go overboard and tyring to micro manage what players do during vacation is a bit too much.. and who decides what;s right and what’s wrong. some might argue hanging out with bikni clad chicks on a sunny beach is wrong.. 😀

    my thing is, the more you try to control the more they will do it. let them realize what they are doing in is wrong. and with Jack, the manner in which his performance is dropping then he will have that enlightenment pretty soon.

  65. N5

    I agree Ashwin. It’s a worrying time for Jack. His performances haven’t been great, he can’t keep a first team place. It’s likely we’ll get someone else this window that will push him further down the ladder.

    Smoking and women is probably a bit of escapism for him.

  66. Gunned Puma


    Re: Jack

    The club is investing millions in players health and hence they get to decide what is acceptable when it comes to what a player takes in. The game has come a long way since the days of George Best… long way since the days of Tony Adams even…

    The biggest concern right now re: Jack is he seems to be saying all right things but doing all the wrong things… He lost his starting 11 spot at the Arsenal, he’s fallen behing Barkley in the national team setup and what does he do… puff puff pass! :sigh:

    If he can rediscover his form all will be forgotten. But if he doesn’t, the fans will turn on him… they always do (To the voice of Martin Freeman’s John Watson)

  67. Leedsgunner

    I would love Balotelli here… I know he didn’t have a good WC but he’s still a class act. Plus he’s still young and room to improve. Quality wise it would make our attack up there with the very best. Prefer him over Remy tbh.