World Cup Final

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Mega apologies on the late post. Stupid day, stupid night. Feeling mega fragile.

Anyway, some papers reporting a Khedira / bender double signing. That would make my summer. That’d make my year. That’d be the most important moment in my life over the last 20 years.

That’d make us contenders…

Alexis Sanchez ex girlfriend is claiming she’s pregnant with or mans baby. Do one. You leave our man alone!

My phone is about to die… see you later. Enjoy the final! Xx

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  1. Ashwin Gunner


    Agree.. Maradona is one of the best footballer ot have played the game. Messi is not even comparable. Messi goes anonymous in matches. he was anonymous mostly during Semi finals and even yesterday. He has skill, He has vision. but to be compared to Maradona is plain stupid.

  2. Gregg

    It’s a tough one, Pele or Maradona. There’s pro’s and cons to both arguments.

    The hand of god thing aside, Maradona was the most entertaining player I’ve evr seen. His second goal v England, followed up by something similar in the Semi against Belgium. Simply fantastic. They both had different styles but are both, rightly, the best of all time.

    The way Maradona transformed Napoli was also amazing and people don’t give him enough credit for this. Rumour had it that Juventus part funded the deal because they didn’t want either of the Milans t get him and they didn’t see Napoli as being a serious rival.

  3. Bamford13


    Are you saying — position aside — Schneiderlin is a better footballer than Khedira? No offense, but no one on the planet is going to agree with you there. Schneiderlin is a nice little player, but he could never shine and dominate as a starter for the Germans in the WC as Khedira did recently.

    He may be preferable to Khedira because he’s a true DM, but not because he’s a better footballer. He’s not.

  4. Revving Kevin

    Please tell you are kidding about tiny little Messi and his thin plastic boots being tougher than Pele. You have got to be on a wind up?

    Yes in 1966 Pele was kicked out of the World Cup. Bulgaria and Portugal did a job on him But he was subject to some pretty horrendous tackles. He received knee high tackles as they were playing him and not the ball. It was shocking.

    Had tiny little, diminutive Messi received one of those tackles in his silly little pink or green boots boots, he would never have walked again let alone play football.

    Saying Pele, who had legs like tree trunks and played 700 odd games is not as durable as the weakling Messi is Hilary owls.

    Ps: pink boots, the worlds gone mad.

  5. Randy

    What about playing Ozil on the left, like Germany do, with a dedicated DM?

    Debuchy –BFG — Kos — Gibbs
    Walcott — Khedeira — Ramsey — Ozil

  6. goonpharm

    Schneiderlin is a nice little player, but he could never shine and dominate as a starter for the Germans in the WC as Khedira did recently…..

    Dominate? Really? They say you can only beat what teams in front of you but he had one good performance a tactically naive Brazilian team. I’d hardly call that dominating.

    Don’t get me wrong love the guy and he would give another dimension but he had a good world cup especially considering his injury pre world cup. But I wouldn’t call him dominating midfielder of the back of one good performance.

    Bastian on the other hand – a warrior of a player who dragged his nation to the world cup last night. Thought him and Mascherano were sublime, true leaders.

    Would give my left nut for either of them at Arsenal.

  7. Aztek

    All this talk about Messi, Maradona & Pele. Il Fenomeno, Ronaldo R9 was the greatest player to ever grace the beautiful game. His club and international record combined is unmatched. He had everything, right foot, left foot, immense dribbling skills, passing, vision, movement, long shots, free kicks. The only reason people don’t call him out more is that during his club career we weren’t shown as much european football in the UK as we are now. Nowadays the minute Ronaldo, Messi, Ibra etc do anything its all over the internet and they’re being praised worldwide. Times were different back then.

  8. Marko

    Holy Shit!!! Cavani has apparently asked his agent to explore possibly going to the premier league according to sky sources. You’d think we’d be right up there as an option since United have Rooney and Van Persie vying for a spot and City have like 4 or 5 strikers and Chelsea just bought Diego Costa and can’t get rid of Torres

  9. Revving Kevin

    Dear Al

    Sanmi Khedira has played 91 games for Real Madrid.

    He has played 51 times for Germany and is a world Cup winner

    Morgan Scneiderlin has played 205 times for those giants of the game, Southampton.

    He has 2 French caps.

    He’s going to be a spuds player for a reason. That’s his level.

  10. Ash


    I’d take anything say with a pinch of salt at this moment. I’m not saying the deal won’t happen but apparently they’re very pro-catalan and like to try and unsettle players at Madrid.

  11. Bamford13


    Sorry, he’s not better than Khedira technically either.

    Go back and watch Khedira with the ball at his feet in his past three WC matches. He was fantastic. No offense, but Schneiderlin couldn’t do any of that. He holds, plays simple passes, has a nice first touch. End of story. He couldn’t do any of the kinds of things Khedira does with the ball in the attacking third.

    He’s just not that dynamic or classy at the moment.

    Yet he may in fact be better for our needs, though I still would love to have Khedira.

  12. goonpharm

    Pele, Maradona or Messi?
    The age old debate. It’s easier to compare Maradona and Pele as their careers overlapped and they played in comparable eras.

    Messi plays in a modern era where refs have a duty to protect players and it’s a known fact that attacking fair players will be afforded some protection. He also has the advantage of modern sports science which the other two wouldn’t have had.

    Back in those days you had players like Socrates who puff away 30 a day and still play the game. I’ve always wondered what would past greats be like in this era with all the above benefits?

    Like I said there is no quantifiable way of deciding who’s better than who.

    One could argue that Pele was the greatest world cup player who ever kicked the ball.

    Messi is the greatest club player to ever kick a ball.

    Maradona could’ve have been (in my opinion) both if he was such a dork….

  13. Revving Kevin

    Truth is we probably agree on most things.. I often agree with people but don’t post. It’s just those things that surround the ‘big’ issue where we have our disagreements I would suggest 😉

  14. Al

    Dear Revving Kevin,

    Please also see where i said at 11.21am i would still have Khedira Due to his reputation, attitude and winners mentality is light years ahead of him simply by the fact he has been there and done that.
    He is exactly the type we need where the younger players can actually aspire to and learn from even the likes of ramsey/wilshere whereas Schneiderlain would not command the same respect

    So your sarcastic comment is well and truly pointless

  15. Harry Redknapp

    messi is the best, ronaldo maradonna pele in joint 3rd. eddie mcgoldrick better than them 3 though

  16. Bamford13

    “Like I said there is no quantifiable way of deciding who’s better than who.”

    Fortunately quantitative analysis is not the only tool we have at our disposal. I agree it is difficult to make comparisons across generation, but I do not agree that it can’t be done in a meaningful way.

    I’ve said my piece on the topic so I’m not going to repeat myself, but for me both Pele and Maradona remain in a category by themselves, with Messi in the tier just below, with the likes of Ronaldo9, Zidane, Cruyff. That’s not bad company.

    Had he dominated and dazzled at this WC, he could’ve earned himself a place at the top. He didn’t. He was very good, but not quite what he needed to be.

  17. Revving Kevin

    I wasn’t being sarcastic. All I did was state the records of Khedira vs Scheiderlin. You are fully entitled to believe Scherderlien is a better player. It’s all subjective. You may be right.

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger is showing signs of Alzheimer’s ?

    Changing his mind more than a kid in a sweet shop with a pocketful of change.

    He won’t see out this contract .

    That’s a given

  19. Wallace

    Germany against France & Brazil, and Munich in their last season under Heynckes were as dominant as you’ll see in top level football. Schweinsteiger the common factor in both. mighty footballer. Munich are far less potent now Kroos and Lahm have taken centre stage.

  20. Leedsgunner

    Congratulations to BFG ÖZIL and POLDOLSKI — you are WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! You did all GOONERS proud!!!

    Khedira – based on international experience and pedigree he might be a better player than Schneiderlin but you have be worried about Khedira’s injury record. No matter how good he is, he’ll be of little use if he’s injured. When tempted to buy a crock, no matter how brilliant he is – think Diaby.

  21. Thank you and goodnight


    Disagree with you. I’ve always said this, but with today’s game being played on near perfect pitches and with it almost being a non contact sport, the old greats Pele, Maradona Cruyff etc etc would still be megastars and would easily flourish in the modern game. But today’s superstars, messi ronaldo etc, would not of lasted 5 min 30 years ago.

  22. Bamford13

    Alright, Kev. We’re friends, then. I’ll try to be nicer if/when I disagree with you.

    My one outstanding issue with some of your comments is that you seem perpetually flummoxed to come to Le Grove and find people criticizing certain players or the manager.

    I sometimes wonder when you will see that that’s just part of what goes on here, part of what makes Le Grove Le Grove. Perhaps you can find a way to laugh it off — although if the club keeps signing class and getting rid of dross, we might eliminate this issue. 😉

    Lets hope for that.

  23. ricky

    “@SkySportsNews: Manchester United agree a kit deal with @adidas worth a minimum of £750million over 10 years from 2015/16 season. #SSN”

  24. Al


    You know how patronizing it sounds when you tell me to watch his last 3 world cup games? This is a guy i have been watching for like 6 years mate so i know what he is good at.

    We both agree on the same thing…we both would want Khedira over Schniederlain. We disagree on his level of technical ability. IMO if you have watched him play the whole past 2 season i cannot see how you would think that

    IMO your completely wrong about him so quite frankly theres no END OFF .

  25. N5

    Jesus, have you all seen £750m deal between Adidas and ManUre! What was ours with Puma? £150m? wow, what a deal that is!

  26. Al

    Revving KevinJuly 14, 2014 12:05:26
    I wasn’t being sarcastic. All I did was state the records of Khedira vs Scheiderlin. You are fully entitled to believe Scherderlien is a better player. It’s all subjective. You may be right.
    Are you kidding me or are you just not reading what is in front of you?

    I already wrote ” i would still have Khedira Due to his reputation, attitude and winners mentality is light years ahead of him simply by the fact he has been there and done that.
    He is exactly the type we need where the younger players can actually aspire to and learn from even the likes of ramsey/wilshere whereas Schneiderlain would not command the same respect”

    So what is your point and where have i said i would have Schneiderlain ahead of him or better than him when i said i would have kheidra.

    Just because a player is technically better than someone on the ball it doesn’t mean they are a better player than someone….Look at the Betis denilson, technically fantastic, overall he was shit.

  27. qna

    @revving kev?? Agreeing with you twice in one day re schneideland being a spuds level player.

    Did the the world break in the 113th minute of last nights match? 🙂

    Khedira >> Schneideland

    @Al also disagree with u on Lowe. Plent of managers have had teams stacked with talent but came home with no trophy.

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Will he or won’t he……

    Diaby expected to play on Saturday !

    You know where this is going and where it will end.

    Injury and out for how how long… Expect the comments it’s to early to say , but looks like a 4-6 week recuperation .

  29. Al

    Thank you and good night

    I fight dirty so it will either be a suarez bite or a vinny jones nut punch from me lol

  30. Revving Kevin

    About that idiot Myles Palmer. (There are one or too closest to home who could give him a run for their money. Like the plank who said Wenger should be here not in Brasil, practicing tactics with his back room team. No players, just a ball and a few cones. Corners and penalties would be fun. Lol)

    This is a classic example of Mykes Palmers knowledge and arrogant attitude:

    By Myles Palmer:

    “Thierry Henry is not a striker. He is not a goalscorer. He scored only 20 goals in 103 games for Monaco. And he did nothing at Juventus.
    Henry is a right-footed left winger who is quick and skillful. He can also play wide on the right. Even Arsene Wenger cannot make Henry into a striker. So lets get that straight in our minds before we read any more ignorant tosh in the papers. Got it? Thierry Henry is a winger.”


  31. N5

    “I am talking technically and his ability on the ball Schniederlain is better than Khedira.”

    A1, I’ve been watching Khedira for years too and I think he is technically very good and underappreciated for what he does, I however have only seen Schniederlain for one season so can’t really compare. Based on what I saw last year I think Khedira is the better of the two, but I’ve been enjoying the (non argumentative parts) of the debate you guys are having over him.

  32. Wallace

    was totally won over by Müller last night. have never really fancied him as i like my great players to ooze talent, and he’s the least talented great player you’ll ever see, but loved him l;ast night. wasn’t his greatest game, but he never stops trying.

  33. Bamford13


    Well, I didn’t mean to be patronizing, but it’s hard for me to imagine someone having watched Khedira in this WC and holding Morgan Schneiderlin to be a better footballer.

    That’s why I assumed you hadn’t been watching all that carefully.

    I mean, do you really think that if you replaced Khedira with Schneiderlin in the German XI that Schneiderlin would’ve done the things that Khedira did? That he would’ve assisted and scored on masterclass goals four and five against Brazil?

    Sorry, I don’t see it.

    Schneiderlin is a player was genuinely surprised to have made the French WC squad and saw only a small amount of playing time. Khedira was pure class throughout, for the best side in the tourney.

    No comparison, in my opinion.

  34. Zoran

    Michel Platini asked Mesut Özil for his shirt during Germany’s World Cup celebrations.

    Out of 22 players from last night, the former WC player knew from whom he will ask the shirt.

    Did that asshole Oven watched the game last night?

  35. Zoran


    It is useless to compare Khedira and Schneiderlin. One is a B2B player, the other one Holding midfielder.
    I also believe Schneiderlin couldn’t make those assists for the 4th and 5th goal, but I also strongly believe that Schneiderlin is much better than Khedira in the DM position.

  36. WengerEagle

    Ozil was very good last night. Delighted he’s won the World Cup.

    Was saddened to see some media outlets (mostly shite though to be fair, the Mail, Goal, etc) only rate him a 6 and call him a passenger yet again.

    Doesn’t suit their agenda to say he played well I suppose but it’s bordering on the ridiculous now that they’ll never credit him with a good performance.