Sammy on the way?

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Breezy post this morning as I’m on a stag do in Bristol. What people don’t know about me is one of my best accents is bristolian. I’m going to be unbearably irritating all day.

So, the dust has settled on the Sanchez story, he’s in the bag and now the focus is on a new midfielder.

I’m pretty sure Sammy Khedira wants to join us. All the press are insisting he’s rejected Madrid to join up with his German pals in North London. That’s amazing news if true, he’s a top talent and he’ll further lift the profile of the club and he’ll certainly impact.

Imagine that for a summer. Khedira and Sanchez. Totally magic. The buzz at the Emirates cup will be outrageous!

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Vidal going to United. Can’t think why he’d go there. I’d love him at Arsenal. Can’t help but think he’s a bit similar to Ramsey? He’s a monster though. I think I’d slip into an excitement induced coma if we landed him!

Outside that, I don’t really have much. So I’ll finish on a non rambling high!

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  1. Bankz


    I think with Sanchez and generally more pacy options in our line-up, we should see a few more penalty calls go our way.

    I think about this. I agree with you 100%, with more pacy wingers/centre forwards, we should get more penalties next season.

  2. Mike adamski

    I’d say giroud to take our penalties . Will be good for his confidence . I like the strikers to take them , it’s thier job to score so grab that ball olly and bury that shit.
    That’s if arteta is out of the side .
    I’m sure arteta will still start for us , wenger is obviously a huge fan .
    If we get kheideira though – that’s it , the Lego man has to be benched .

  3. Mike adamski

    “Jack Wilshere does a little bit of everything and does not excel at a specific role”

    And this makes him …..
    Jack of all trades
    Master of none

    I’ll get my coat :/

  4. Bankz

    So I see everyone already awarding the world cup to Germany.
    You write off a team (with Messi in it & who have only conceded 3 goals) in a WorldCup final. It’s absurd.
    My Number one team to win d WorldCup even before it started,was Germany.
    Argentina was my 3rd favourite but I’ll be stupid to totally write ’em off.
    Germany have been the most unlucky in terms of Semis & finals in major tournaments in the last 20yrs.
    I hope they win but I won’t be shocked if Argentina snatches it.
    Either way, it should be a very entertaining game of football.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    If we add Reus and Khedira…I don’t know what I’d do.

    I think seeing as his release clause kicks in next summer BvB might take a large offer from us plus Podolski.

    That would be an incredible line up.

    4-3-1-2 with Sanchez and Reus up top, Ozil in behind, Oxlade, Ramsey and Khedira in the middle. I’d really like that, so fluid as well, all intelligent players.

    You’d be looking at £70-80 Million worth of transfers for Sanchez, Khedira and Reus though…we can be greedy though can’t we 😉

  6. monty

    Cesc mate couldnt agree more with u if there was one player i want in the world it Reus, never watched him and been disspointed, maybe 40 million or 30 plus podolski.

  7. grooveydaddy

    I reckon we’d have to stump up the full amount.

    I can’t see Dortmund wanting Podolski on his current wage…

  8. NYCgooner

    Of all the contracts expiring next year, the one that would be the most painful to me is Tomas Rosicky. This guy is the consummate professional, always works hard, never complains, always encouraging the younger players. Would be upsetting to let him go.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I doubt it’d ever happen, more likely he’d go somewhere like United, but £40 Million for Reus is probably fair in the market now. Really rate Reus, fantastic player.

    I think Arsenal fans would be doing cartwheels in the streets if something like that were to happen.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    You are absolutely correct Flamini’s contract ends in June 2016.

    There are therefore quite a few potential offloads between now and next summer dependent on whether Arsenal a] needs player b] can sell them or c] loans them out.

    My guess is that Arsenal might try and sell two or three on list if possible.

    Vermaelen will be sold if contract not renewed.
    Campbell could be sold or loaned if Wenger brings in Remy.
    Miyaichi and Coquelin are probably low budget and wage players. They could
    be sold or loaned.
    Arteta might be sold at right price.
    Diaby. Who would want him with his injury record? I suspect that he is here for duration of his contract.
    Rosicky and Flamini will stay as contracts renewed last season.

  11. monty

    Cesc his fave player is rosicky and well give him starting role champions league were in london and weve gor germans. Balls in our half.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    A 4-3-1-2 with those two leading the line and Ozil in the hole behind them and in front of Oxlade, Ramsey and Khedira would be amazing.

    So, so much power and pace.

  13. tunnygriffboy

    Thinking about the Remy transfer. He would give us really good depth. 10 mill is an ok fee but 80k a week is a bit steep. He’d be great for this season but then we stuck with him for 3 years.

    Rather than take him could we use Wally, Sanogo and Campbell as back up. Then we could use the cash to bid for Dimaria or wait until next summer to get the man we want eg Reus, Draxler or Benzema ?

  14. Baba

    Brazil stumbled to top 4 trophy like Arsenal does every year,when they won the Confed Cup everybody took them serious neglecting the fact that the teams they played were all crab at least this WC prove so,Spain,Uruguay,Nigeria cant really remember all but none of them light up the WC so it clearly shows that Brazil were the one-eyed man leading the blind men in the Confed

  15. kwik fit


    The depths I have to go to get this shit , I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I have been left mentally scared 🙂

  16. grooveydaddy

    stag do’s ain’t easy to recover from

    I don’t expect a post til after the game, if at all…

  17. kwik fit

    Arsene ‘we are open to anything’ in response to a question about opening arsenal to the sex trade 🙂

  18. karim

    lol kwik
    there’s apparently an extra bonus song called
    ” I got 99 problems, the beach ain’t one ”
    Copacabana remix

  19. grooveydaddy

    need Argentina to win on penalties to win this silly betting pool between my mates

    any other scenario and I miss out

  20. MidwestGun

    Afternoon Y’all, ready for the WC finale? Not counting Argentina out. Have some pre-WC money on them. But I think Germany will win 2 to 1 based on form. If Germany score first, I think that will force Argentina to open up, could get ugly. Hopefully, Muller gets a goal so I can get some Golden Boot money. Got in on him later in tournament.

    Can’t believe it’s almost over. 🙁

    Kwik- rare form!!! Lol. Cracking me up.

  21. grooveydaddy

    The World Cup is shite. Without Mourinho, it’s not a proper competition!

    How’s that, Insomnia?

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Mate of mine put a bet on yesterday, Germany to win and Messi to score at any time, 40/1…pretty good! Stuck a fiver on it.

  23. babatunde

    Get reus, a dm, a rb prefereably aurier and ginter cos mertesacker is a great player only against the smaller teams. Against big teams he is almost a liability cos he can’t defend. The defender ought to be someone that can replace mert or rotate with him cos seriously if we wanna win big, we must be thinking of his replacement. I am thinking ginter. Sell vermaleen cos he is already a liabilty and I bet he won’t improve man utd and even if he did, he is not useful for us. and we can’t lose the 10m he will fetch. We will have a front six of dm, ozil, ramsey, sanchez, reus and walcott as our striker. That’s the most balanced front six we have had in a while. Each has a bit of everything.

  24. WengerEagle

    I’m lumping a bet on that myself becuase I win even if Argentina win because I backed them at the start when they were 4/1.

    Lovely little betting scenario.

  25. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    That is good odds. Messi to score is less than 1.5 to 1, and Germany to win is even money. So I would have thrown down big money on that combo.

  26. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Remember when we were talking about Golden Boot about half way thru tournament. You talked me into Muller for Boot. Have him at 4 to 1 to get over my Aguero screw up. Lol.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Remy has harped on about how much he wants to join Arsenal, let’s see if he means it, for once I’d actually be behind the club in terms of trying to lower a players wage demands. We’ve shown we’ll pay for quality almost doubling Sanchez’s wages, but reports saying Remy will have to take a pay cut to join Arsenal.

    Which is sensible, stick him on a three year deal, by next summer (so long as the club fix our CDM issue this summer) really our most pressing concern will be a world class striker. Can’t then have Remy sat around on £80 000 a week gathering dust or playing in the FA Cup.

    But Giroud performed better at the start of last year when his starting place was under threat as Arsenal were still being linked with strikers; so if we can get the right package together with Remy I think he’s a sensible buy. Then nail down Khedira/Bender/Schneiderlin/Vidal (pretty please) and I’ll be patient then and wait for next summer to grab our star striker.

    Hopefully that is how we’ll proceed now, add star quality each summer until we’ve got a finely balanced, cohesive unit of a squad with a fair few superstars.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    MidWest Groovey

    He just finished his year at Uni and said as we were watching football last night. He couldn’t believe it himself, I think it was William Hill but I’m not sure, I’m not a gambling man, the only bet I’ve placed in my life was at the Emirates Stadium because I was pissed – but even I thought that was a bit special. He’s only a student but could get back £200 tonight if that comes in, and got to say it’s not unlikely.

  29. MidwestGun

    I’m down with that Remy scenario. The more I think about it. I just want Reus now and I could wait til summer, I suppose. Another year of Giroud seems depressing but if he could do his usual and step up his assist game I’d be ok with it. As long as he doesn’t do a Fred. 🙁

  30. tunnygriffboy


    I was thinking the same about Remy, I posted something similar earlier. He would be great for this season and a cheap fee. Problem is 3 years of wages. Could we make do with Walcott, Yaya and Campbell as back up to Giroud and Sanchez until next summer where we could go big on a top strker ( think benz got 1 season left at R M ). Alternatively we could use those wages to help fund Reus and Draxler .

    On a side note WTF were qpr doing paying players 80k a week. No wonder they in the shit and owe gazzillions !

  31. kwik fit

    Breaking news; Fred retires from international football

    Strange cos I thought he retired years ago 😉

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Giroud looked sharp beginning of the season. He can’t play 5732 games next season. He has to keep his fitness. Thinking about it, we could afford Remy now and the sponsorship money next season could be splurged on Reus 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. bergkamplegend

    grooveydaddy : ‘need Argentina to win on penalties to win this silly betting pool between my mates”

    Don’t worry, that’s almost the only way for them to win, they (almost) don’t know any other way.
    I’m already sad for the germans… Never seen a team as ugly – and with such a luck – as argentina this summer.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I posted earlier, if we could land Reus and Khedira this window…we’d really look some team. A 4-3-1-2 with Ramsey, Khedira and Oxlade in the middle three, Ozil beyond in the hole behind Sanchez and Reus.



    Well I said a few days ago, if say next week we complete Khedira and there’s still nothing on Remy, I’d have a feeling we might be lining up a shock swoop toward the close of the window. The way we’re behaving is a total surprise. But we do need to land that CDM, Sanchez was terrific, a real coup, but it’s no good if we don’t now press on and finish what we’ve got to do this window.

    I think Van Gaal may go in for him this window – I think he might try for Robben as well and see which one comes off.

    But I could also see Wenger liking converting Reus to a full ST. The German national team would certainly thank him for it! He’s got the speed, strength and skill to do it certainly.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Man City in advanced talks with Porto for Mangala according to BBC, £32 Million! Saw somewhere today them being linked with Benatia as well. Thought they’d go for a CB.

  36. Goonergirl

    I got a 2-1 to Germany. But this match could go either way. Already made money of Argentina getting to the final so now its Germany’s turn lol

  37. MidwestGun

    I know AW seems to have mad love for Draxler, too. And I think Ozil and him are close friends. But I prefer Reus to Draxler anyday. That would be a great signing. We would be intimidating some people.

  38. tunnygriffboy


    Would be in total shock if that came off. I thought Remy would be our forward and we’d get a CDM. Sanchez surprised me. I hope we get Khadeira, Reus a bonus. Get the squad all but right this window then it’s one marquee per summer and the odd squad player for natural wastage

  39. Goonergirl


    That team you mentioned earlier will just be insane. Pace and power in abundance. Any team would be afraid to play us.

  40. grooveydaddy

    how the f#%k can PSG be FFP compliant?

    or are they just not afraid of the second round of sanctions?

  41. kwik fit

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Pedro wrote his post while completely air locked. The post would be filled with expletives and poor grammar. Fuck he might even start posting pics of cute German girls 🙂

  42. Goonergirl


    Lol yeah I think when we have the same scores it never happens for us lol. Good idea for you to change scores lol.

  43. grooveydaddy


    yeah he’s their lawyer or something.

    and that’s all well and good. they seemed to get a slightly lesser ‘punishment’ than city.

    but it looks like they’re willingly flauting ftp again.

    I wonder if their game plan is to just cop the second round of sanctions or eventually challenge the legality of ftp in court???

  44. Honest Bill

    I’m not too keen on Remy, and i don’t imagine Wenger will be interested. Giroud is very effective against those teams whose only ambition will be to defend deep. The games where we need a quicker option up front will be the games where we expect to get pinned back ourselves and play on the break. We can use Sanchez up top in those situations where he can play Serie A style waiting to be unleashed. Can’t really see Remy being an option.

    Rather save the money to sign a better player. Don’t believe we’ll get Reus though. He’d probably cost 50m.

  45. MidwestGun

    I really hope this Final doesn’t come down to a dive situation in the box. I’m soooooo over that. Just want a good match, Germany likes possession and Argentina like to counter attack so it should be a good contrast in styles.

  46. tunnygriffboy

    Having a bath listening to 5live. Danny ” I was a great footballer, a bit thick, I’m over the moon, I just hit it and it went in ” Mills and he started on the populist theory of bashing Ozil. Honigstein then proceeded to tell him that Low loves him and says he ” works in the shadows “, the players say they can “park the ball with him” knowing that he will keep it and not lose it. He also said that a lot of his work is done off camera, making runs and finding space. Lastly he has created more chances for Germany than any other player.

    Perceived wisdom is that he’s not doing much. Those who work with him and play with him seem to know different !

  47. luke



  48. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    If Ozil doesn’t have a goal and 2 assists. Create 8 chances playing on the wing in front of Howedes, who isn’t good going forward. Then….
    Cue Le Grove meltdown.

  49. BillikenGooner

    Germans win today and we repeat the success of ’98 – ’04.

    This time with the Germans instead of the French.

  50. Insomnia

    Midwest actually ozil needs to score the winning goal by scything down messi then running past 7 players then chipping the ball back to himself off the post before pelvic thrusting the ball into the net shouting “eat my goal” before smiling shyly.

  51. Insomnia

    Just had my prematch dump – rest assured that even the pressure of a World Cup final has not disrupted my bowels. What’s my secret – beer.

  52. Goonergirl


    I think Ozil just can’t get away from being criticised. People expect him to be a different player compared to the player he is.

  53. Insomnia

    I think this game will be decided by goals – and more specifically by the team that scores most.

    There are no easy games at this level but it’s all about who wants it more…

    I’m thinking of becoming a pundit