Arsenal land MEGA talent… more please

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Sexy bitches

Sexy bitches

What’s going on Arsenal… what the hell is going on!


This is incredible.

We had a problem…

We addressed it…

We did it early…

This is amazing. Arsenal finally learned their lessons. Arsenal finally won a summer. Arsenal just showed the world they’re a grown up outfit.

This is what happened when I told Thomas Mueller.

What a fucking loon…

Alexis Sanchez is a proper signing. What I like about him is he’s exactly the sort of player Wenger used to sign back in the day. He’s not a superstar like Ronaldo or Messi, he’s a player on the verge of super stardom. He’s gone to Barca and has had a pretty bad time of it, now he has to find somewhere to put himself back on top.

For me, we’re the club that makes him. He’s this decades Thierry Henry. He’s on the cusp of greatness, he’ll find that greatness with us… if he works out, he’ll forever be synonymous with Arsenal. That’s why it’s so exciting. The best is yet to come, his big moments are Arsenal moments.

Arsenal just knocked it out of the park. Forget Cesc, forget Diego Costa, forget anything anyone else has done this summer… we just bought the player every Premiership fan is drooling over.

I can’t tell you how over the moon I am.

I’d been told that we were after him at the start of June. My big concern was that I’d been told similar things last summer. Were our ambitions going to be too big again? We went hard last summer and everything fell through. So it was a worry that we were doing the same thing this time around… but we’ve pulled it off this time.

Could we have done it last year? Probably not. What’s changed? Well, I think we’re a far more attractive proposition now. Ozil was the watershed moment, once we landed him, we became a brand in the eyes of great players. Then factor in the emergence of Aaron Ramsey and all of a sudden, people outside Arsene can buy into the vision and the story.

Spending money is how you build success, but spending it wisely is how you make the best impact. I think Arsene has spent £30m and he’s bought a lot of value.

How do  we kick on from here?

We need a defensive midfielder, a centre back and a keeper capable of being number one. Make that happen, let Shad Forsythe make his mark and it’s hard not to put us down as title contenders.

Incredible events…

Also, what a great day for Puma. They launched on the day Sanchez arrived to sign. There were some last minute hold ups on the deal yesterday, so it was touch and go, but what a way to intro our new number 17!

Björn Gulden, Chief Executive Officer at PUMA said, “This evening was a momentous occasion for PUMA, and one we have looked forward to for some time. Many people here have been working hard towards this moment and I’m sure Arsenal fans around the world will be excited by the kit designs, as well as the training and fanwear collections.  It is a privilege working with Arsenal, not just because of the stature of the club but also the integrity of its people.  I am absolutely sure this is the start of a long and prosperous relationship for both PUMA and Arsenal.”

Arsène Wenger, Manager of Arsenal FC added, “This is a big day for Arsenal.  It is the start of our new partnership with PUMA and everyone here is extremely happy with how things are developing.  We like the performance innovations PUMA is creating for our playing and training kits and have real confidence in the support they will give us as our technical partner.  Today is a landmark in our club’s history as we look ahead to the upcoming season.”

I missed the kit launch yesterday, but the water projection video with the back drop of the London Eye was pretty spectacular work from Ogilvy. No messing from Arsenal. I’d imagine the marketing department at Arsenal have had to sign people off with stress this week… first times they’ve had something to work with in a while!

On the kits, I love them. The blue kit is really smart with the double button down and the rest are bright, modern and too tight for people who shouldn’t be wearing football shirts.

If I was 14  years old, I’d be all over the shirt.

My dad wants one, what a joke. However, joke is on him… he wants Alexis on the back… that’s my mums name. What a total LOL. Having your wife’s name on your back. Totally hen pecked.

Also, just a quick note to all the melts who keep saying to me, ‘Arsene Wenger is so incredible for signing Sanchez’, get a grip. He’s paid £8m a year, he’s one of the highest paid managers in the world, he should be making signings like this. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted him to do for years. I’m not going to give him a round of applause and tweet #OneArseneWenger because he’s done his job properly. However, I will keep those Speedo pics under wraps. He’s made the right moves so far. He has the fans off his back if things start going wrong because he’s put effort into his squad. He’s improved us. He’s kicked on. He’s tried something different and we all love it.

Progress. It’s a beautiful thing.


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  1. Ashwin Gunner

    Well. if we add Reus, Schniederlin and Ospina we are in a much stronger position.. it will be an amazing line up

    Not sure if Reus will come, may be our German contingent might persuade him. 😀

  2. N5

    “Khedira is not needed average b2b”

    Yeah Madrid and Germany waste their time with an average player!! have a day off today Scott your boring bastard, you know nothing about football.

  3. qna

    Why does everybody rate Schniederlin? If he was so good he would be on the radar of bigger clubs.

    I think we need a new pair actually. It could be Khedeira and Schniederlin, or Khedeira and Bender. Make room for them by selling Arteta to Fiorentina.

    If Benzema becomes available, we have to get him too and Giroud goes to the bench. Things could get very bad if ManU get the names they are linked with and Liverpool get Benzema.

  4. Ashwin Gunner


    Atleast you have an option to sleep early and wake up early for the match..
    For me it starts at 01:30 AM and ends at 03:30 in the morning.. If it goes to penalty shootout its ends at 04:30…. :D.. Lucky you…

  5. Ashwin Gunner


    Well Schniederlin is under rated. the guy is good,. he is disciplined and does what is required out of him. Add to that he has PL experience.

    I would not say no to any of those guys. But Khedira’s 150k per week is a bit steep IMO.. but on the other hand you are getting a guy who has literally won everything with his club, and might also go on win the biggest prize in football come monday :D..

    I dont care who it is.. just bring them in.. atleast we will be having a specialist in that role. and we can start using players where they actually belong..

  6. qna

    Khedira would be perfect for the way Arsenal plays. He would add some steel to the midfield, but also would be complementary to our offensive movement with his skill and intelligence.

    But, he is not defensive enough in the big games against quality opponents. Schniederlin and Bender are good. But we need great.

    The dream would be Vidal and Khedira in, Arteta and Flamini out.

  7. qna

    @Ashwin I am not saying Schniederlin is not good. I am saying he is not world class. I feel that position is the most important and he is not going to make a difference in our trophy count at the end of the season.

    I would be more than happy to bring him in as well as a better DM to partner him. For me, he could replace Flamini in our squad. But I want us to replace Arteta. Arteta is Everton quality. I want Bayern/Real/Barca quality.

  8. Ashwin Gunner


    Personally i dont see Wenger selling Arteta.. Wenger likes him and Arteta wants to move into managment. so Wenger might use him sparingly and Arteta might go the Giggs route. And honestly we need some experienced guys in the team to handle pressure. so I will not go crazy in Arteta staying.

    And as for Flamini, we might need him in case our DMF guy gets injured… so buying a new DMF IMO should not be realted to these guys moving out..

  9. Ashwin Gunner


    Well.. Schniederlin or Bender are young. they are definitely not WC but might go on to become one.. I am not saying that we should start another youth project we are waiting for young players to become WC. but it might not hurt much if either of these guys are in the team..

    and if are going to buy Khedira and one of these guys , then I am all for it.. but i dont see Wenger doing that. He might buy one DMF.. and moreover,, i think in one of Wenger’s interview he said that Wilshere’s best position is playing deep.. so i am not sure what will happen. But if Khedira is coming i will welcome him with open arms.. 🙂

  10. qna

    @Ashwin sure in an ideal world we could keep them. But squad number limits in each position and salary pressures. I think we would be better having quality than quantity. I agree, Arteta wont be sold. But we will also be trophyless this year, perhaps a slim chance at a Carling/FA cup depending on our draw/path to the final.

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Khedira isn’t our most pressing need

    Out of Ramsey and Arteta, which one needs an upgrade or back up the most?

    (Hint:It isn’t Ramsey)

  12. Ashwin Gunner


    oh no no. I am not of a moment suggesting that we should go ahead this season with Arteta.. He is not DMF.. we need DMF… Even if Arteta is used he should be used in a bit advanced position. not as a DMF.. you are right. With Arteta as DMF we might be empty handed come end of the season.

  13. Sanmi

    I have read shit on. This site! And it is masqueraded as wisdom, HQ was mentioning Ramsey as a defensive liability, really? The midfielder with the highest successful tackle per match in the whole europe last season.. Smh. Something isn’t right with this blog, must you find something to moan about?, he even said he is not sure Per and kos can repeat their performance, meaning he thinks it was pure luck they did it last season. For your info, they did it season before last remember the february to May run2013? And by the way if you are not sure of them, are you sure of Terry and cahill? I bet yes! I know the grass is always greener on your neighbours lawn. Pathetic posters

  14. Sanmi

    It was qna that wrote the shit, the guy even said we haven’t won a trophy, can you imagine the nonsense, what’s the FA cup? I guess tis your drinking cup. Silly posters

  15. Ashwin Gunner


    who is HQ?? 🙂

    and more over, people have diverse opinion mate. you agree with some, you disagree with some and you ignore some :).. This is what blogging is all about, isn;t it

  16. Sanmi

    Stop the nonsense!
    We did not go trophyless last season!
    Chelsea, man utd and liverpool did!
    We won a TROPHY! Are you that daft? Moan about something else

  17. Ashwin Gunner


    I think its only on loan. Simone is not willing to part ways with this guy.. So i think its only on loan. Jenks might be off on loan to either Stoke or newcastle. I would personally like him to goto Stoke and learn how to play rugby inside Football field. 😀

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: I know most rate Ramsey as the next big thing, but I don’t see how that is warranted. His goals last year were brilliant. But what is his position? Is hie in the front 4 or part of the holding pair.

    He’s a B2B player. Links play, helps in defence, helps in attack.

    If you don’t see how the praise of Ramsey isn’t warranted then…

  19. Sanmi

    There’s a difference between an opinion and stupidity. Referring to your club as trophyless when the actually won one shows something is fundamentally wrong. It is a preset mind to never see anything right. And referring to others as successful when they won nothing the same season. Is silly

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Wikipedia isn’t a reliable place for players transfers

    The deal is meant to be a loan with an option to buy. Don’t think it’s been fully agreed though.

  21. Sanmi

    Ramsey’s position? Are you for real? A player that is definitely in the top 10 B2B footballers right now and yet you don’t know his position? Do you watch your TV from the back?

  22. Ashwin Gunner

    Ramsey is one the best players in the past two seasons.. or past year and a half to be more precise. he has worked his way up the pecking order. he never moaned when he was played on the wings and fans were giving him alot of stick. He is true professional. and in the cusp of becoming WC..

    problem in general is, we tend to ignore our best players and always look upon what others have. I wish Ramsey keeps on playing like he has been and finishes his career with Arsenal. He has all the ingredients to become the one to have a statue outside emirates..

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    By the way, meant to post this the other day, but forgot, and woke up this morning humming it. I’m sure you will too

  24. N5

    Waylander, anyone can update Wiki mate, so I wouldn’t pay any attention to it. You could add yourself into the current Arsenal squad.

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Klauspoppe: Wasnt Ramsey with the hihhest tackling in Europe. It was Vidal who has been for 4 years straight.

    Have you got a link for that ?

    I’m curious because of how many games Ramsey has missed. I remember looking at his tackling rate per game for season before last and he was beating Arteta who was posting excellent numbers IIRC

  26. Klauspoppe

    Vidal has been averaging 4.7 tackles per game inclusive of all comps since 09/10 season at Leverkusen.

    The guy is a different beast. Vidal too was hampered by injuries last seaskn but still clocked those numbers. Unreal.

  27. Sanmi

    Ramsey averages 5 tackles per match in epl to vidal’s 3.6 in serie A,

    Ramsey intercepts 1.4 per match, Vidal 0.5 per match

    Vidal only leads in foul per match, Vidal 2.5 to ramsey 1.8

    Source: EA sport stats

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    Wiki is modded but there are limits to what can be done with an essentially free website

  29. Gunned Puma

    Looks like vidal is better playing from deep… more long balls and tacles with way less # of fouls than Ramsey while Ramsey is better at dribbles and through balls.

  30. Sanmi

    Seems like we will never agree on the stats between ramsey and vidal, we have different sources, but as an arsenal fan, I chose to believ the one that favours my own player.

  31. Klauspoppe

    Only thing the stats dont show is the coverage of each player and the pace they run on average.

    Vidal is the greatest in this department. Cant find the article on fourfourtwo where I read it.


  32. Klauspoppe

    Gunned puma

    Vidal has more fouls. The index for that is reversed. I couldnt see it at first as well.

    Vidal plays a complete destroyer to complement Pirlo and now Pogba.

    Ramsey’s dribbling is great though.

  33. Sanmi

    From the chart comparing them, Ramsey is a better all round player, would you agree? Atleast that’s what that chart says. Vidal is a bit one dimensional to Ramsey

  34. Gunned Puma


    Yeah, I think if you have one of Ramsey/Vidal then you don’t need another… That is if Ramsey can repeat the form of last season. Vidal has been doing it for at least 3 years now.

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    If you based it purely on that head to head comparison you’d have Ramsey over Vidal all the time.

    And given Ramsey’s age and injury issue, he’s even more impressive

  36. qna

    @Sanmi sorry for delayed response.

    If you think that Ramsey is a DM you need your head checked. Does your stats show you how many times Ramsey has lost the ball or made a bad pass deep in our half and given up a goal or shot on goal.

    I like Ramsey, but I am saying put it in perspective. He is not as great as people like you say because of his goal tally and apparently his tackle count. I am saying where do you play him. He is an attacking midfielder in my opinion. He is a liability at the back.

    As for FA Cup. I didnt say we didnt win it. I say we wont win it next season unless we get lucky like we did this year. Didnt have to face Chelsea, Man U or Man C.

  37. qna

    @Sanmi by the way if Ramsey really was as good as you say. Why no talk of him going for 60m to one of the big clubs. Oh I guess you are the only genius in the room that knows what they are talking about right? When we have had class players, the other clubs have come in and taken then in a heart beat. Ramsey may be next, but he is not there yet.. Far from it.

  38. Sanmi

    Nasri Mouth
    Personally before even seeing that comparison, I actually preferred Ramsey to him. There is a stat that’s never represented. Ramsey always create a 3rd angle for player in possession, vidal doesn’t maybe that’s because Pirlo does that for Juventus. And Ramsey scores a lot! And in big games too

  39. nasri's mouth



    God, how many times does this need to be said?

    Ramsey is a B2B midfielder. You can’t get more B2B than him, if you were asked what is a B2B player you’d use him as an example

  40. Gunned Puma


    Cup games are about wanting it more than just luck. Wigan knocked out Man C for second season running. There is nothing luck about it. They worked their socks off.

  41. Ashwin Gunner

    “Didnt have to face Chelsea, Man U or Man C.”

    To be fair, we might not have played Man c , Man u or Chelsea.. we did play spurs (which is normally a epic match) and liverpool (who were a better team and finished second) enroute to our glory..

  42. Sanmi

    Did any club ever come for scholes? Giggs? Gerrard (in their prime)?
    If a player makes it clear to his agent he’s not going, such things never gets escalated. Believe it or not, Ramsey is actually in the top 5 B2B and by the way
    Ramsey is a B2B not a DM. Know the difference! A B2B: links ball from DM to attack
    A DM: shields Back 4

  43. Ashwin Gunner


    just a question. now that you defined B2B.. should Ramsey not be played a bit higher up

    RB——-per ——–klos —–Gibbs

  44. qna

    “If you based it purely on that head to head comparison you’d have Ramsey over Vidal all the time.”

    This is what I dont understand. How can this even be a serious debate. All these huge clubs dont know shit when they are trying to sign Vidal, when all they have to do is sign Ramsey.

    Oh and the notion that PSG, Real Madrid and Barcalona wouldnt dare come asking for Ramsey because he has made it clear he wants to stay is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard on this site. Get a grip man. Why didnt Scholes and Giggs go? Because they were at Manchester United. Like it or not they are a huge club. We should be too, but we dont act like one.

    BTW I never said Ramsey was a DM. I have said the opposite. I was assuming Sanmi was suggesting he would be sufficient for us because of the best tackle count statistic.

  45. Gunned Puma

    @Ashwin Gunner

    That’s one possible formation. Another one is for DM and B2B to be right next to each other. B2B usually have a good engine and hence can move up (start/join the attack) and down (help the defense via tackles/interception/etc.) very quickly.

    It all depends on the overall team personnel. At Arsenal I think Ramsey has to start level with DM (Arteta). If we get a better (as in faster since Arteta is pretty decent at passing/ball retention/interceptions), that may free up Ramsey to move a bit higher.

  46. qna

    @Nasri’s Mouth

    Defining Ramsey as a B2B is my issue actually. You are right. Thats what he should be. But I feel against the big teams in the crunch matches, he is a liability because of how he gives the ball away deep in our half.

    I think he has all the qualities of an attacking midfielder. But he is not as good as Cazorla or Ozil in creating goals. Last year he was obviously a much better goal scorer.

    I think we need two new players. A world class DMF and a world class B2B with defensive and decision making qualities. Khedeira is better for this B2B role than Ramsey. I also believe Arsenal can afford this financially.

    Mind you, I am still stuck in 2007 when I felt we were a team that could actually win the Champions League.

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    After coming out of the shower my girlfriend is now whistling Mertesacker Emptiness. She claims it’s the original, but I know better

    My job is done.

  48. Goonergirl


    I agree with you in that we need a wc CDM. But what would happen to Ramsey if we get in a wc B2B. Replacing Ramsey is the least of our worries.

  49. Goonergirl

    Oh and morning everyone.

    If Vidal really is available Arsenal should definitely try and get him. Imagine a CM pairing of Vidal and Ramsey. That would be insane.

  50. qna

    @goonergirl I agree. Replacing Ramsey is not our priority. I think replacing Arteta is. The question is, what is it going to take to make our current team capable of winning the league and the UCL.

    We just spent 40m euros on a high quality striker that we have needed for the past few seasons. Today City have just spent the same amount on a central defender.

    My issue is that Arsenal has been allowing our team to degrade for the past 8 or 9 years. Even our best players (yes Ramsey is one of them) are not at the same level of like for like players at our competitors.

  51. Sanmi

    This is real crap! You mean Ramsey isn’t on the level of Cleverly, Henderson, Ramirez? Infact only Yaya toure is slightly better! I bet if Ramsey was playing for another club and vidal was for us, you would want Ramsey! What is this crap that ramsey is not on par with competitors? Who are they let me know!

  52. Revving Kevin

    Everything you post is negative. If your not slagging off the FA cup win, calling it lucky, your digging a player, this runecramsey.

    It’s fine to have opinion mate but yours seems deliberately to knock something about us. Odd

    All Cuo wins have a degree of luck. A dodgy penalty, a post struck etc. You win what’s put in front of you. We beat an in form Liverpool, in form Everton and Spurs. That’s not luck. Wigan beat Man Cury at the Etihad. So perhaps your blinkers need adjusting.

    And Ramsey does not deserve your scorn. The reason other transparent in fir him is simple. We are no longer seen as a selling club. Those days are gone.

    Arsenal and our players deserve a bit more praise that you seem to want to give for some reason. 🙂