Arsenal land MEGA talent… more please

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Sexy bitches

Sexy bitches

What’s going on Arsenal… what the hell is going on!


This is incredible.

We had a problem…

We addressed it…

We did it early…

This is amazing. Arsenal finally learned their lessons. Arsenal finally won a summer. Arsenal just showed the world they’re a grown up outfit.

This is what happened when I told Thomas Mueller.

What a fucking loon…

Alexis Sanchez is a proper signing. What I like about him is he’s exactly the sort of player Wenger used to sign back in the day. He’s not a superstar like Ronaldo or Messi, he’s a player on the verge of super stardom. He’s gone to Barca and has had a pretty bad time of it, now he has to find somewhere to put himself back on top.

For me, we’re the club that makes him. He’s this decades Thierry Henry. He’s on the cusp of greatness, he’ll find that greatness with us… if he works out, he’ll forever be synonymous with Arsenal. That’s why it’s so exciting. The best is yet to come, his big moments are Arsenal moments.

Arsenal just knocked it out of the park. Forget Cesc, forget Diego Costa, forget anything anyone else has done this summer… we just bought the player every Premiership fan is drooling over.

I can’t tell you how over the moon I am.

I’d been told that we were after him at the start of June. My big concern was that I’d been told similar things last summer. Were our ambitions going to be too big again? We went hard last summer and everything fell through. So it was a worry that we were doing the same thing this time around… but we’ve pulled it off this time.

Could we have done it last year? Probably not. What’s changed? Well, I think we’re a far more attractive proposition now. Ozil was the watershed moment, once we landed him, we became a brand in the eyes of great players. Then factor in the emergence of Aaron Ramsey and all of a sudden, people outside Arsene can buy into the vision and the story.

Spending money is how you build success, but spending it wisely is how you make the best impact. I think Arsene has spent £30m and he’s bought a lot of value.

How do  we kick on from here?

We need a defensive midfielder, a centre back and a keeper capable of being number one. Make that happen, let Shad Forsythe make his mark and it’s hard not to put us down as title contenders.

Incredible events…

Also, what a great day for Puma. They launched on the day Sanchez arrived to sign. There were some last minute hold ups on the deal yesterday, so it was touch and go, but what a way to intro our new number 17!

Björn Gulden, Chief Executive Officer at PUMA said, “This evening was a momentous occasion for PUMA, and one we have looked forward to for some time. Many people here have been working hard towards this moment and I’m sure Arsenal fans around the world will be excited by the kit designs, as well as the training and fanwear collections.  It is a privilege working with Arsenal, not just because of the stature of the club but also the integrity of its people.  I am absolutely sure this is the start of a long and prosperous relationship for both PUMA and Arsenal.”

Arsène Wenger, Manager of Arsenal FC added, “This is a big day for Arsenal.  It is the start of our new partnership with PUMA and everyone here is extremely happy with how things are developing.  We like the performance innovations PUMA is creating for our playing and training kits and have real confidence in the support they will give us as our technical partner.  Today is a landmark in our club’s history as we look ahead to the upcoming season.”

I missed the kit launch yesterday, but the water projection video with the back drop of the London Eye was pretty spectacular work from Ogilvy. No messing from Arsenal. I’d imagine the marketing department at Arsenal have had to sign people off with stress this week… first times they’ve had something to work with in a while!

On the kits, I love them. The blue kit is really smart with the double button down and the rest are bright, modern and too tight for people who shouldn’t be wearing football shirts.

If I was 14  years old, I’d be all over the shirt.

My dad wants one, what a joke. However, joke is on him… he wants Alexis on the back… that’s my mums name. What a total LOL. Having your wife’s name on your back. Totally hen pecked.

Also, just a quick note to all the melts who keep saying to me, ‘Arsene Wenger is so incredible for signing Sanchez’, get a grip. He’s paid £8m a year, he’s one of the highest paid managers in the world, he should be making signings like this. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted him to do for years. I’m not going to give him a round of applause and tweet #OneArseneWenger because he’s done his job properly. However, I will keep those Speedo pics under wraps. He’s made the right moves so far. He has the fans off his back if things start going wrong because he’s put effort into his squad. He’s improved us. He’s kicked on. He’s tried something different and we all love it.

Progress. It’s a beautiful thing.


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  1. Sanchez is love, Sanchez is life

    1st ever comment here… I think it’s an appropriate time with our special new signing lol

  2. Ramsinho

    ohh sanchezzz
    ohhh sanchezzz
    At only 5 foot Seven
    Hes sent us right to heaven
    ooohhh sannchezz
    ooohhh sanchezzz

  3. shad

    Alexis Sanchez GET IN!!

    Meanwhile the rumour mills are hotting up that ManU have snapped up Angel Di Maria for £47.7m

    This is gonna be one crazy summer.

  4. Malaysian gunner

    After buying all these quality guys, Wenger shd look at his tactics. He shd make the gunners less predictable. Arsenal like to play like Brazil.The Brazilians build up was slow and left plenty of gaps at the back.
    Hopefully Wenger will have learned the lessons from the defeats to the top 3 and
    not indulge in too many passes.

  5. Ramsinho

    di maria is so good….would be arguably a better signing than sanchez……fucking tits.

    And these rumours about pogba going to Chelsea……not good at all, hes a future ballon d’or (factor in their dcm matic, some Oscar, willian, fabregas, hazard, ramires, schurlee, costa…….) not looking good at all. With courtois coming back and a back four made of steel…..jesus tits on toast

  6. El Patron

    Well… what do you know?

    July 10th…. kit launch…. Signing…. just as I said would happen… so obvious they were waiting for the launch to sign players.

    Hope all the “why is Arsene in Brazil on TV?” nay sayers shut up now.

    I really get tired of hearing the nonsense on here sometimes.

  7. Bennydevito


    We just signed Sanchez, that’s what’s up!

    Still can’t believe it. Ooh to be ooh to be ooh to be a gunner!

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, but not live ones, they cook them first, add some garlic, nice new potatoes
    and a nice fresh salad

    Great with a nice glass of sauvignon

  9. Ramsinho

    bergkamp legend

    on what basis do you disagree. I have been following this young lad as he come through the ranks in the young French teams and have watched him at juventus for the past two seasons.

    When we sit here and say that jack and the ox have potential….this young kid is younger and is already producing as a starter going unbeaten and winning the league….he is a monster and will only get better as he sorts out his discipline with experience.

  10. shad

    @Ramsinho, Calm your marbles mate. Pogba at Chelsea doesn’t make sense. They already have 3 box to box midfielders in Ramires , Matic and Oscar. Fabregas could even be bled for that. Where would he fit? Some people here would never be complete without a good, senseless moan.

    @Malysian Gunner, Last season we were undone for our slow attack. Getting the ball to the final 3rd was mightily predictable and slow. Part of that was we didn’t have pacey outlets for a good majority of the season so Özil would look for quick outlet and find none. With Sanchez and hopefully another quicker CF (Remy) we’ll be less predictable and ruthless in the final 3rd.

  11. Ashwin Gunner


    LOL. check out the comments on the link whihc you pasted earlier..

    Looks like Arsene is serious about Khedira. but has bid around 20 m for him. and RM are not willing to go less than 30m

    Lets see who blinks first. I hope Arsene meanwhile tried to make in roads with Bender or Schneiderlin

  12. Rockypires

    Chelski have no space for pogba And if he is for sale there’s no way psg will let him go anywhere else.

    Yaya will be the big loser as he wanted to go to psg but pogba will take his place.

    Maybe yaya will make do with Monaco.

    Really hope the Sami k rumors are true. I see Morgan is center of all Southampton kit launch. Can’t see them letting him leave. They will make him captain and pay rise try keep him another year or two. ( sound familiar.

    So a cdm right noises being made a gk and a cb.

    All great stuff.

    I wonder why no 17 alexi got. Is nacho changing team or number ???
    Surely altheltico are after him.
    I wouldn’t like to see him leave

  13. Bergkamplegend

    Ramsinho : “futur ballon d’or” would mean that he will reach the level of Messi, Ronaldo and co… Seriously ???

  14. Scravaldio

    He’s strong,
    he’s quick,
    he’ll eat yer guinea pig,
    Alexi sanchezz,
    Alexi sanchezz,

    Welcome to Arsenal mate

  15. Insomnia

    I’ll keep it simple – ozil was and is a great signing but it was not the solution on its own.

    Sanchez and what will follow is a return to over 10 years ago – no guarantee of success but a guarantee of really competing.

    We have survived as fans – happy days are here again

  16. Ramsinho

    Bergkamp legend,

    Seriously indeed.


    not moaning at all, would love the opportunity to watch pogba in the prem. It is just worrying that competitors make these type of signings. I agree that there is no logical need for him with the abundance of players that they have, but this is Chelsea we are talking about. There main transfer policy has seemed to have been sign everyone regardless of how they fit in the team.

  17. GunnersFW

    I was wondering half way through the post “How will he spin something against Wenger”. ! A good blogger criticises and appreciates in equal measure when required. You don’t have the graciousness to accept or praise. Complete lack of objectivity. Ozil said Wenger was a big pull and so did Sanchez. Even some of Wenger’s biggest crtics have praised him. The whole team at Arsenal are making this happen just the way they said they would. I wonder when we win the premier league , you might say “Hey I wanted this 3 years back”
    What an utter pathetic fellow you are.

  18. Sir Chips

    Fantastic signing – and fantastic value in the current inflated market. He is at the right age, plenty of experience and (like Ozil) he has had his big move to Madrid/Barca. He should be looking to play 4-5 years minimum with us, and like Pedro says, make the big moments of his club career ‘Arsenal moments.’

    As Janan Ganesh tweeted last night, ”This is why we left home #Highbury” He’s right.. It has taken 7-8 years for the chickens to come home to roost but we now have the ability to compete with almost any club to attract players. This will be Wenger’s legacy; I don’t care what any idiot on here says – he has helped lay the foundations for this club to be successful for the next 50-100 years. Bravo. If we add a powerful midfielder to our squad then we will seriously challenge next year. Well done Wenger, Dick Law et al

  19. shad

    @ Goonergirl
    I really like the look of the away kit. Think its my favourite from the three kits.



  20. Ramsinho

    Khedira would ultimately the best signing we could hope to realistically make at this point. It would help us continue building this strong german link we have at the moment (which is good seeing the current level of the german team in potentially attracting future targets) and it helps us solve and area of the pitch that needs revitalising.

    I don’t know about making him the highest paid player though. If these type of wages continue at arsenal, surely ramsey is in for another pay rise come the end of the season or we risk losing him.

    I am happy to see wenger offering these high contracts to new signings, but he needs to reward current players on their performances as well.

  21. Rockypires

    I think cazorla will have a big role to play but I do think it will be more central. In a midfield trio with as 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 alongside Ramsey and Sami k.

  22. Ramsinho

    Sir Chips,

    I agree with everything you have said. Great post. We have stuck with our club and it is starting to look like our perseverance will be rewarded.

    Wenger has infuriated us all at times but the man is a visionary. Doesn’t justify everything he has done and put us through but if this is the beginning of a winning era that we get to enjoy in a beautiful stadium, then the wait will have been worth something

  23. Ashwin Gunner


    Agreed. This signing does not gurantee trophies. for that matter no signing will gurantee trophies. but now Arsenal are better prepared to take on big teams.. I would not praying at the edge fo my sofa, whejn we play at Stamford bridge or at Etihad..

    Signing of Sanchez will surely mean more goals and wins. If we go on to sigh a WC DMF, CB and GK, i think we can sleep with a satisfaction that for once in years Wenger has done what is paid to do..

    If we do happen to sign these players then
    1) then we can have fair shout at the PL title. what everm but i am sure we will definitely not be fighting for 4th place.
    2) FA cup is more realistic
    3) Carling cup. i doubt. as Wenger always prefers to play kids in there. which is fair..
    4) may be quater finals of Champions league..

    This might just be the start for much more trophies in coming years..

  24. Ramsinho


    Completely agree. Cannot understate the importance of santi. Just need to look back to the fa cup final to see how important he is. 2-0 down, everyone on the pitch in disbelief, the little man steps up and scores a screamer.

    And he needs to play just so we get to sing his chant 😉

  25. Zaco

    I’m so happy we got alexis,,,,,,he is the player i have dreamed and wished we signed right from the word go. unlike those that was asking the club to buy a gun torting baloteli, still wondering when that guy will grow up.

    give us debudy, a center back, gaolkeeper and we will be set

  26. Rockypires

    If nacho does leave them tommy Verm will be staying and most likely miquel too as with Verm injury injury record can’t depend on him.

    I do hope for another cb though no marquee signing just rock solid. An experienced pro won has won things or young lad looking for opportunity to prove himself like smalling.

  27. Bamford13


    I like the away kit as well, although with it, I think they should wear white-with-blue or yellow-with-blue boots. The same goes for the third kit.

  28. shad

    If we can nail Khedira or Bender, then we’d be somewhere. We still need a GK, CB and CF. I’d be ok with Remy as CF given that he is accustomed to the EPL and all, but I won’t exactly be lighting firecrackers.

  29. Ashwin Gunner

    In, its written

    “The transfer is subject to the normal regulatory process.”

    what is this regualtory process?? more importantly Is it still possible that this deal collapses???

  30. Bamford13

    How many folks on here — Pedro included — see Sanchez playing as a central striker?

    I’m getting the sense that some here think he will be played as a lone CF in a 4-3-3 or as a companion to Giroud in a 4-4-2, but I’m not sure I like either of these options, the former because he’s not really a hold-up player, the latter because it keeps Giroud in the starting XI and is wrong for our midfield personnel.

    I see him as a wide player in a 4-3-3, which is why I can’t agree with Pedro that we’re good to go once we sign a CDM. We need a new CF as well. Remy would be adequate, but whomever it is, he must have pace and dribbling.

  31. Arsene's Nurse

    Emeritus July 11, 2014 10:19:20

    I wonder if AW will switch to 422

    I see Carzola being benched as Sanchez , Ozil and Giroud have to play
    Sanchez will play where Walcott plays, it’s as simple as that. We don’t have the players to play 4-4-2 against any decent side.

  32. Ramsinho

    thank you bamford.

    I really do not understand where those that disagree are coming from.

    The lad has absolutely everything. His talent is actually pretty terrifying. Im happy im French and get to watch him evolve for our national team

  33. Bamford13

    ” Pogba at Chelsea doesn’t make sense. They already have 3 box to box midfielders in Ramires , Matic and Oscar. ”

    Not quite. Ramires may be B2B but he’s not at Pogba’s level. Oscar is a little undefined at moment and also not at Pogba’s level as a B2B — I’d say he’ll play wide or CAM. And Matic is a holding mid.

    So Pogba would make perfect sense at Chelsea — which isn’t to say he’s going there, though.

  34. Wallace


    I think he’ll play across the front line. Sometimes with Giroud, sometimes in place of him. I still think Giroud has a very important role to play. Maybe even more so now we’ve signed another smallish speedster.

  35. Bamford13


    “I really do not understand where those that disagree are coming from.”

    You’ll say that a lot on here. Just wait. You haven’t seen anything yet, mate. 😉

  36. Bergkamplegend

    In other news, “Lloris keeps faith in tottenham and sign a new 5 years contract”…
    == >> lol ?

  37. Bamford13


    That’s a rather vague answer. Central in a 4-3-3? Will that work? Central in a 4-4-2? Who will the two CM’s be?

    A bit more thought is needed here.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    At the start of transfer window I thought that the EPL Title would be decided between Chelsea and Man City.

    Personally I don’t believe that we need to make wholesale additions to our squad. Apart from Debuchy we need still a quality Defensive midfielder and goalkeeper. Anything else is a bonus. If we manage to bring
    in three quality players then I think that we will be in frame to challenge for title.

    I see both Liverpool and Man Utd challenging for fourth place next season, because both clubs need a major overhaul of their squads.

  39. Ramsinho


    Haha I guess so. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But the lad is immense. And not just saying that because I am bias as a Frenchman.

  40. Ashwin Gunner

    “You’ll say that a lot on here. Just wait. You haven’t seen anything yet, mate. ”


    Ramsino.. just browse around the blog every night and you will fine Neil and N5 having a friendly chat with each other.. :D..

  41. Nasri's Mouth

    Wallace: I think he’ll play across the front line. Sometimes with Giroud, sometimes in place of him

    Agreed, though we might have to wait until Walcott is fully fit, (or maybe OX if he can keep showing that promise)

  42. Bamford13


    Agreed. He has everything. And I like the word ‘terrifying’ to describe him. His being on the French team pretty much means they’re my adopted second team for the next eight years. Allez les bleus!

    As a famous American once said to a famous Frenchman, “Ramsinho, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” And it’s good to have friends on here, btw. There are some real characters on this blog, and they’re not always reasonable or friendly.

  43. Marko

    I don’t see Sanchez playing as a lone striker. I’d still be very surprised if we didn’t bring in a striker. As to the quality of the striker that’s anyones guess

  44. Goonergirl


    I agree with you in that we still need an upgrade on Giroud. I wouldn’t mind Remy now, provided next summer we can get in a world class CF. For now I think Sanchez will play in Theo’s position.

  45. Ramsinho

    For all those saying that Remy is an upgrade on Giroud, it isn’t. Giruod gets a huge amount of stick for not being RVP oR hENRY. He was never that type of player. His purchase price reflects his value on the pitch. He starts ahead of remy for france and scores more goals. All remy would do would offer us a different type of striker, albeit a very similar threat than the one posed by Walcott (who I rate more highly than Remy).

    If we are to go in the market for a striker, it needs to be a clear upgrade on Giroud, Remy will not take his place in the squad, particularly with wenger at the helm.

    ive noticed a few characters on here already. Scott seems like an unhappy little fellow

  46. Ashwin Gunner


    “With Ozil in the squad Arsenal was close to winning the league title last season,”I hope I can make a contribution so we can win as many titles as possible.”

    Even he thinks Ozil is class, but sadly that thing is lost on some people here in the blog..

  47. ChrisN

    I was revisiting Wilshire’s goal against Norwich and thinking what a great advert for Arsenal it was and whether Sanchez had seen it. Also, it didn’t make me think of Barca or any other modern team, but instead took me back to the 1980s Brazil of Zico and Socrates. Maybe that’s where we are heading, not Bayern/Barca?

  48. Ashwin Gunner

    “Ashwin, do you see him coming back now Wenger has made another big signing?”

    LOL.. I think he will come. He doesn;t look to be sort of guy who gives up because of one WC signing.. 😀

    Some people are born to moan.. in his own words he has said he will moan till Wenger is there at AFC.. so i believe we can see him for another 3 years atleast.. 🙂

  49. Tru-gun

    i think TR7 should give up his number and let sanchez take it up. Great post pedro,am a first time poster on here btw

  50. Wallace

    For the way we play, and the relative smallness of our squad Remy is in no way an upgrade on Giroud. I am fairly sure Remy was the back up in case we missed out on Sanchez.

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Wallace: I am fairly sure Remy was the back up in case we missed out on Sanchez.

    Yeah, he could well have been.

    Might be that we’re going to look at Campbell in pre-season and make a decision then

  52. N5

    The independent still have us in for Remy! I think there is a good chance on him coming to us and Sanogo going out on loan…maybe?

  53. Ramsinho

    I know the world cup should not be the only factor in evaluating a player (if it was Ronaldo would be worse than Dempsey), but my oh my Khedira was incredible against brazil. Defensively sound, composed, great going forward, can pass the ball from anywhere…..Another established talent and a potential world cup and champions league winner….I rate bender and morgan but this guy ticks all the boxes (inlcluding a close friendship to ozil).

    I would break the bank

  54. Northbanker

    Remy still imp because we need options and rotation. What if Sanchez was injured?
    When Theo is back i suspect he and Sanchex will switch flanks from time to time

  55. Marko

    What’s likely to happen on the striker is we’re likely to wait and see what pops up in the rest of the window imo. Whether that means a cut price Balotelli or Jackson Martinez or a late Rodrigo or Remy move is anyone’s guess at this moment but I see a striker coming in for sure

  56. Baba

    Ramishno,agreed,Wenger will not play Remy ahead of Giroud,however we all see it,..where will Sanchez is anybody’s guess,we have a better CMD to pair with Ramsey i like think that somethings we might switch to 442 but outside that 4231 with Giround holding up top

  57. goonpharm

    Fair play on Sánchez being signed up in time for pre season.

    130k a week in London, a massive club like us and the potential to become a legend. Why would he sign for Liverpool?

    Having said all that he’ll be in first season in a new league so pets not expect him to rip up trees from day one.

    Wouldn’t mind a hat trick against Citeh I’m the charity shield though…

  58. Nasri's Mouth


    I can’t see us having Sanogo, Campbell and Remy so we’d need to ‘lose’ one of them.

    If Remy is desperate to join us, he’ll wait for a couple of weeks or so.

  59. Al

    GUYS please speak to your non arsenal supporting mates and realise that fear is slowly setting in to them….they see the threat we posses and FINALLY are showing.

    Been on the phone with my mate who is a Liverpool fan, he sees the difference and says we are trying to buy success lol. The delusion

  60. Maverick

    @Ramsinho, Not disagreeing that Khedira is a good footballer.
    But Schweinsteiger held fort for Germany and Khedira played much more upfront near Klose. He was always closer to the centre circle and near the brazilian DM (if they played in that match :)) and centre backs when the brazilian backline had the ball. Simple point is that he is not the DM if we are looking for the Makelele type player. But, he ticks the other boxes for a good acquisition.

  61. gambon

    “I can’t see us having Sanogo, Campbell and Remy so we’d need to ‘lose’ one of them.”

    I would say we need to lose 2.


    Is already more than enough

  62. S Asoa

    Europe is broke
    And when some other aka Livrpool wants cash down it is Scrooge’s Moneybags to the rescue.
    Deja vue Ozil deal when necessity forced Real Madrid to sell a player they never should have sold.
    Good days are here.
    Roll on Wenger

  63. Ramsinho

    I don’t think Jackson Martinez is worth the price (especially aged 27)….yet to prove himself in a major league. There aren’t many good strikers out there at the moment. I wouldn’t break the bank on benzema either…he doesn’t work hard enough for the team. With the ball at his feet he is good but not necessarily a massive upgrade on giroud either (which is exemplified by deschamps struggling to choose who to start up top, even playing benzema on the flank to accommodate giroud).

    Balotelli isn’t worth the headache, and Remy is no upgrade. As arsenal fans, we see him as French and full of pace and start dreaming of Henry… he is nowhere near that level. The sad truth is there aren’t any quality forwards available, so I would focus on building strongly behind the attack with goals flying in from everywhere.

    Giroud on +20, Walcott and SAnchez on +20, Ramsey on +15….Share the burden and leave the defense rattled as to who to mark.

  64. Savage

    Going to be a tough ask for Atletico to keep up with the others. Messi, Neymar and Suarez is quite an attack. Ronaldo and Bale. Can Mandzukic replace Costa? Will they keep Koke?

  65. Baba

    Am really thinking that Wenger might either play Sanchez Giroud,or Sanchez Walcot,or Giroud Walcot,as in having a playmaking winger in either side of the wings and also having two likely scorers too in the team,so whatever formation we play the personnels will be made up of those likely pairs

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    Ramsinho: Balotelli isn’t worth the headache, and Remy is no upgrade.

    Whether he’s better or worse than Giroud, Remy is definitely better than Sanogo at this point, so loaning out Sanogo and bringing in Remy would improve the squad, and it would give Sanogo some game time.

  67. Bergkamp63

    Well well well,

    Finally a player that I have been saying on here for a couple of seasons would be a great buy has actually arrived, probably the best signing we have made in over a decade IMO, let’s just hope he doesn’t get a ‘reducer’ in the first couple of games and stays fit for the whole season.

    Personally, I don’t think he would have a problem in playing up top instead of OG but time will tell, Wenger will probably stick him out on the left.

    Great start.

  68. colario

    Supposedly written by Le Grove:
    ‘This is amazing. Arsenal finally learned their lessons. Arsenal finally won a summer. Arsenal just showed the world they’re a grown up outfit.’

    Obviously written by the Le Grove of the Drain’s Bottom, White Hart Lane Totty Spudland N 17. You may be able to fool some people that you are a true Arsenal supporter but not all of us. Your mummy may think you are intelligent but don’t worry we wont tell her the truth. 🙂

  69. Gregg

    Excellent news with the signing of Sanchez, for him it’s the last step before he joins Man City, so win/win 😉

    I think for me and I must confess i’m wrong about how we’d fair against other clubs that show an interest in a player; The fact is and that’s what Liverpool fans don’t get when talking about Sanchez’ lack of ambition. Last year Suarez wanted to join us, Ozil did join us and now Sanchez chose us over others. We clearly are an attractive proposition for any player and what we as fans also have to accept is that our manager is very much a part of that. Every player we sign singles him out as being one of the main reasons they signed.

    Just make sub’s earlier than 70mins already when it’s needed !

  70. MadeToLoveMagic

    im glad we seem to have avoided mandzukic!

    I know Khadira is a great player and i know that this point has been made a lot but we really need a traditional DM,, i know we loved Arteta when he first came, but its mainly because he came at a time when the club was seriously rocking, and he steadied us, but a player who has to adapt to a more defensive position will always have drawbacks,

    i would prefer vidal pogba gustavo bender or even schneiderlin to khadira,

    saying that though if he came , i would be extremely happy as we still can rotate arteta and flamini in DM and if Khadira can adapt than we are sorted

  71. Al

    @Al I saw a comment like that on Facebook last night, saying buying the league. I cracked up.
    Its hilarious almost like the past 8 years never happened. Honestly when my mate said to me i burst out laughing for a solid 2 minute and he just proceeded to hang up on me.

    On cloud 9 at the moment. The signing of Ozil lifted a lot of gloom for me but at the back of my mind and which was constantly said to me by my Arsenal hating friends was that it was a one off signing, desperation purchasing etc.

    This just proves otherwise and completly shatters any lingering doubt and sets a new trend. While all my Arsenal hating friends are like “SHIT” it wasn’t a one off lol

  72. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Goon p

    Why would he sell Campbell now ?

    Cos value may be higher than 2 months ago … Nah

    He will give a season under wenkere eye…

    Then if he turs out tosh sell him !

  73. Gregg


    I know what youre saying re-Remy. I was of the same opinion. That said he’s shown he can score goals in the prem over last two years, with poor sides. I guess he could do a ‘Wiltord’ job for us and at that price it’s an interesting proposal.

  74. Nasri's Mouth

    @R.S.P.C. Arsenal

    Remy’s now proven in the PL, and a better player than he was 2 years ago. He’s not brilliant, never will be, but he’s a decent back up, and the price is very good.

    Campbell has had 3 years of decent (ok the greek stuff not so good) level first team football so I think Wenger will know pretty quickly whether he’ll be good enough

  75. Alfie

    To be fair, I cant see the great difference (from what ive seen admittedly) between Remy and Campbell.

    I would bring back Campbell, loan Postman San and go all out for Rues.

    Also, im in two minds tonight to have shepards pie or sausage casserole – what do you think??*

    *They don’t call me ‘Rock n Roll Alf’ for nothing.

  76. Frankie T

    How times change.

    Gone are the days of signing park chu young and gervinho,

    Now in the past 3 summers we have bought quality additions. Cazorla, ozil, sanchez. Maybe more to come if the khedira rumours are true.

    We do have depth in the squad.. A possible bench of rosicky, Wilshere, ox, podolski, those are all game changing players. Not to mention gnabry, Campbell, diaby (cough) who can contribute in cup matches.

    For me the dcm is the missing link. Come on arsenal bag khedira, bender or schneiderlein.

  77. Alfie

    Good business for Liverpool.

    I don’t think that Suarez would have replicated last seasons form. I don’t think he would have been physically or mentally fit. Cashed in at the right time although the replacement names im seeing bandied about for Pool suggest they may go down the Spurs (wankers) route.

  78. TitsMcgee

    The away kit looks the best. The home kit doesn’t look as plain as I thought originally.

    Hope Wenger doesn’t relax now. We still have a gaping hole at DM.

  79. TitsMcgee

    Do people think Remy is happening?”

    I hope so.

    LFC will certainly go out and spend the £75. They’ll probably throw the lot at Benzema.

  80. Alfie

    “Obviously written by the Le Grove of the Drain’s Bottom, White Hart Lane Totty Spudland N 17. You may be able to fool some people that you are a true Arsenal supporter but not all of us. Your mummy may think you are intelligent but don’t worry we wont tell her the truth. 🙂 ”

    This is weird.

    Are you 12 by any chance?

  81. Bero

    I would rather have Remy AND Campbell and send the postman on loan… both provide options for left wing and up front… and give proper rotation for cups etc.

    We need depth as every recent year has proven! Whoever of the two starts to shine gets the spot and sell the other one next summer.

    Personally Remy is a safer bet and I think better player than Campbell. But JC is a hungry lad and I would like to see given a chance at the club. He could still turn out very well.

    I do think some people see a potential henry when they look at remy and he is not that player. If anything Sanchez has more potential to be that player than anyone.

  82. Dave

    Remy = Arsene type signing. Relatively cheap, French, a project, bit of a mis fit and looks a bit like TH14

  83. Alfie

    “Gregg July 11, 2014 12:12:31
    Now, you say Shepherds pie but is it or will it be Cottage pie ? Lamb mince or Beef ? it’s a mistake many make”

    I 100% agree. Its a common mistake.

    Also, ive asked my wife to make it and she’s just messaged me saying “Got turkey – its healthier”. So the decision has been made. Donner kebab.

  84. Kc

    Sanchez also highlighted the
    chance of working with Arsene
    Wenger as another key factor in
    his decision to spurn the
    advances of Liverpool and
    “I feel happy to be here. I know
    this club has a manager that
    looks after his players and really
    takes care of them. I’m here to
    win titles and to achieve as
    much as possible,” he added.
    “I know that Arsenal is a club
    that really cares about its
    players. I feel I can learn a lot
    here. They have a great team
    and that’s why I decided to
    “I was told [Wenger is] a
    manager you can learn a lot
    with, who wants to achieve great
    things in football, and that’s
    what helped me make the
    decision to sign for Arsenal.”

  85. Nasri's Mouth


    Unlikey and not until Wenger’s had a good look at Sanogo and Campbell

    What do you think he’ll do?

  86. Bamford13


    You’re asking us? We thought you were the one ITK. 😉

    Many of us simply think Remy SHOULD happen. Whether it WILL happen, well, isn’t that more your thing?

  87. Bergkamp63

    Campbell was hopeless in the world cup, his workrate was diabolical.

    Flog him and the new born foal as well.

  88. Alfie

    “Goonergirl July 11, 2014 12:17:19
    I’d still prefer Martinez, Gustavo, Lars or Schneidelin before Khedira.”

    Respect opinions blah blah but seriously?

    Khedira would be an awesome signing.