Would you make him the highest paid?

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Ban extra time I say. A totally pointless exercise in boredom and it doesn’t exactly make for a fair World Cup.

Argentina now have one less day of rest with the added ball ache of having played basically an extra half of football. All for what? 30 minutes of dreary football?

FIFA should look at the modern game, look at the impact a World Cup has on the fitness of players and make some fair decisions. I mean, I’m ruined this morning and I have a really important day at work. Is Sepp looking out for me?

Is he fuck…

… and at the core of it, that’s what this is about. I’m tired because of the World Cup. I find this disgraceful.

The game felt like Mourinho had been challenged to play the worst game off football of all time. The stadium was about as full as a home Chelsea Carling Cup game against Rotherham. It was very tactical in a ‘guys, how can we suck the joy out of this’ kind of way. Both teams seemingly intent on penalties.

LVG found himself in a psychological ball ache of a situation, by not bringing on Krul, he was effectively handling Argentina the mental advantage. Clissen had never saved a penalty in his professional career and Krul was the secret voodoo magic. By not bringing him on, he handed Argentina a big boost. LVG also made a horror show of the penalty takers, allowing Ron Vlaar the honour of the first kick.

… fingers up to all the muppets slagging him off. He played a blinder this world cup with an terribly average bunch of players. Ron Vlaar at the heart of your defence and a keeper who looked like he’d been on the smack the night before. He did well.

Same thing is yanking my chain with Scolari. He took an incredibly turgid Brazil side to the semi final, he’s an ex world cup winner, now he’s being castigated as a pariah. It’s a joke. On the day, things went horrendously wrong. But what more could he have done? He had a £40m centre back give up on him on the biggest stage ever. What was he to do!

So my dream of  a Germany versus Holland Cup final are over. Still, on the flip side, it does feel unlikely Argentina will have what it takes to beat the Germans. I was chatting to a pal a couple of nights ago, for me, the only side in the tournament outside of Spain who have a whole squad of superstars is Germany. Packed full of technical know how both literally, in terms of how they play the game and mentally with how they think about the game.

Should be a fun final, but I tells ya this… it best not go to extra time. I don’t want to be tired on Monday morning!

In Arsenal news, the world of twitter seems to be rife with who knew what. It’s all rather embarrassing. If Twitter were to be believed, Arsenal have a serious loose lips culture going on. All I know is that we have a world class player coming in up top, which is a magic feeling, because we haven’t had that since Robin left and arguably, we’ve not bought a world class striker since Dennis Bergkamp joined way back when…

It also sounds promising on the midfielder front as well. People are sniping at Khedira because he’s not pure defensive, this is true, but come on, nor is Arteta and we all whacked skippy over him a few years ago. For me, the main thing we need in a midfielder is the ability to cover maximum ground at pace. I’d prefer a Bender in the side, but I wouldn’t snort at a Khedira. That really would lift our reputation and it’d certainly put a stamp of quality over our squad.

… not quite sure he’s worth making the highest paid player at the club.

I still don’t feel like we’ve shifted the needle of squad depth far enough to make an impact on the major trophies, but I do think the addition of better players and more know how will impact the areas we’re never going to get impact from Wenger. For me though, the manager should have been working on internal issues this summer. Because realistically, to make change happen, you have to be somewhere. Change management doesn’t really work via Blackberry. What are the core changes he’s made? His fitness coach is still in Brazil with Germany. What are the club doing about tactics? What are they doing about preparation? Have they made changes to the formation? Have they assessed where it all went wrong last season?

Doubtful. Because the manager hasn’t been there.

I just don’t get holiday if things aren’t working… and that’s coming from personal belief. I’d never go away if there were problems or issues at work and I’ve cancelled plenty of summer holidays over the last few years that are testament to that. That might seem an extreme view, but look, if he’s as passionate about work as everyone says he is… well, the idle nature of this summer seems contradictory.

For me, this season, based on squad depth, looks like it’ll be the same as last with numbers. That won’t be good enough regardless of who we bring in, because look, we’re not the only club that has improved this summer. Liverpool have brought more energy into their side, and from what I’ve been told, Markovic was highly rated by a lot of clubs before Liverpool landed him and I don’t think Lovren is the car crash everyone is making out. Chelsea have added Cesc and Costa to an already stunning line up. United are going to have a difficulties whoever they buy. City have bought Sagna, Fernando and they’re looking at Mangala or that Roma chap.

The league is going to be tough. Great players need a great plan. If Wenger doesn’t address his prematch prep this summer and he’s firm on continuing his policy of having disdain for rotation, we’ll be in the same mess but with different players.

On the surface, we’re having a go at shaking things up. New players early and a fitness coach who isn’t here. But is it just lip service? Time will tell…

Also, a round of applause for Dick Law this summer, nailing stuff nice and early and utilising the Spanish he learnt at school, bravo.

I’m kind of excited to see what the crescendo of Arsene Wenger’s summer is. You know, he’s probably looking in his wallet, his last €75 and he’s going to go large, hopefully nick a bird and sign off LADS TOUR 2014 on a high. Canny wait to see who he’s spotted with after the final… Wenger, Elton John, midget dressed as a pirate and two Amy Winehouse look-a-likes coming out of a hotel room at 4am.

Wenger, you’ve been mad bantz this summer. Two fingers up to me for sure. But hey, you know what, if this season goes down the shitter… those Speedo pictures are going to haunt you sir.

Haunt you, like they’ve been haunting my fucking dreams.

Right, Puma kit launch tonight. They’ve put in their e-mail that news is embargoed until 11. It’s like they don’t know the internet. Boozing up a load of bloggers and telling them to keep quiet until 11pm. Good luck. Not even Bloomberg’s anti terror security could stop me Tweeting a picture of their coffee machine. YOU’VE NO HOPE OF EVER STOPPING MY HABBIT!

Right, have a great day, it’s Thursday… by yourself a Big Mac meal at 10am and eat it at your desk, then shout ‘I MAKE THE RULES ABOUT LUNCH’… what a kick off to a day. What a scene. You takeaway munching hero.

P.S. I just wanted to say, this summer has been incredible for comments. Thanks to all those that have contributed, I’m totally honoured that you choose Le Grove to waste your days away chatting about the greatest subject on earth… ARSENAL. You lot make the site what it is, I doff my cap and drop my Speedos in my honour.

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  1. salparadisenyc

    Is this where London Gunner reverts to Hackney lad and Wenger in.
    I’m taking bets… odds currently at evens.

  2. Ashwin Gunner


    Sanchez sings…. 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Wenger has done a great job. atleast his start to the Window has been awesome. We need a couple of more players and we will be atleast able to compete with the best in PL…

    Good job Wenger…

  3. Ashwin Gunner

    Debuchy signing may be announced soon,..

    Wenger is also looking for Bernard who wants leave Ukraine…
    All we need is a DMF… then it will be awesome. The best part is, Sanchez has signed with us now, which means he will be there for the pre season.. which is avery good thing.

    Ozil is in his second year. So he will be ready for the challenge.. some good points..

    1) Ozil is in his second year. so he will much much better than last year. I have a feeling he will be our best player of this season.
    2) New fitness coach to keep all our players fit, and hopefully get all the injured players back on track.. That includes Diaby too!!!!!
    3) With Ox and Walcott (who will be back in some time), we will be lethal force going forward.
    4) Have greater defensive stability with Debuchy, Per, Klos and Gibbs.
    5) Ramsey, Gnabry and for that matter Wishere and the other core british group have had ample rest and would be completely fit at the start of the season. everyone will have to fight with each other to be in the team sheet. Such a competetion is good..

    Lots of things to look forward to.. 2- 3 more signings and we will be in good postion to have shout on the title.. Irrespective of what business others are doing, we ourselves will have a team to compete with the best


  4. Ashwin Gunner


    reports are that Man u are in for Alex Song… he is one of those players who played well under Wenger and ditched him after one good season…. Now he is struggling for game time..

    Karma is a bitch!!!!!!

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    Hristo Stoichkov “Because of some who don’t understand football we have to sell the best player we have at Barca.”


  6. Ashwin Gunner

    Sanchez’s Wiki page

    “On 10 July 2014, Sánchez signed for Arsenal from Barcelona on a long-term contract for a fee in the region of £35 million.[31][32] Sánchez was given squad number 17, previously worn by Nacho Monreal, who took the vacant number 18 instead.”


  7. Ashwin Gunner

    Hristo Stoichkov “Because of some who don’t understand football we have to sell the best player we have at Barca.”

    LOL.. so last year we signed the best number 10 in the planet and this year we have signed the best player from Barca 😀 :D..

    I am not able to hide my happiness. am sitting in my office and grinning.. :D..

  8. Jeff

    So, what you reckon then? Double? Treble? Hmm, let me not get carried away. On second thoughts, why should I not. It’s mine to do as I please – imagination that is. But seriously, if one or two other essentials are put in place, I see no reason we can win the league this year.

  9. Ashwin Gunner


    I agree. a couple of more signings and we can have a fair chance to win the titile. We dont have to be worried about our rivals strengthening their squad. our squad will be sufficient enough to give them a fight.. and probably win it..

  10. Emiratesstroller

    The signing of Sanchez is terrific news.

    More importantly Arsenal are no longer ‘cannon’ fodder for the likes of Real
    Madrid and Barcelona. For a change the trend has been reversed and we are
    buying top players from them.

    I believe that for the first time since the era of Bergkamp and Henry we can attract top players to the club even to the extent of turning down Fabregas who would almost certainly have wished to return to Arsenal rather sign for

    Nevertheless we must not be complacent. There are still gaps in the squad to
    fill. The priority must be a top quality Defensive Midfielder or at least a physically strong and quick box to box player to play alongside Ramsey or Wilshire.
    Khedira would be an excellent acquisition not least because he has been absolutely terrific in the German National Team.

    I mention this because bringing into our squad players who have a winning
    mentality is just as important as the quality of their football.

    Unlike many others who post here I do not believe that Arsenal need to make
    wholesale changes to our squad. Apart from Debuchy and a new goalkeeper
    I don’t believe that we need to add more than a couple of new players.

    My gut feeling is that the only senior player in squad apart from Sagna who
    could leave is Vermaelen. Frankly I would be disappointed because we need
    at least three quality centre backs and he will be very difficulty to replace.
    Good Centre Backs are in very short supply at moment.

  11. Leedsgunner

    “Apparently Sanchez spoke to Fabregas and he helped convince the Chilean to join Arsenal”

    If this is true some of us need to suck up and say sorry to a player who could have chosen to bad mouth us if he wanted to.

    This summer he didn’t reject us Wenger told him he wasn’t needed. So he chose the next best option. Shame it was Chelsea.

    Let me start. Cesc thank you for remembering the good times.

  12. Ashwin Gunner


    Well. I always blamed Wenger for letting Cesc go… Lad wanted to come, but Wenger (for what ever reason, good or bad) didn;t exercise his buy back option…
    Yea. he could have chosen to stay at Barca, but as a footballer he needs game time. and chelsea were offering it.. So no hard feelings against Cesc..

  13. Leedsgunner

    This Manquillo fella sounds good and Debuchy makes good sense if the youngster is as good as N5 says he is ;). Although I would still like Aurier. Can you imagine what he would be like if Serge signed for us?

    He’d probably start crying! 😉

  14. chocc

    Fabregas “I want to come back”
    Wenger “Ozil kind of took your place”
    Fabregas “Oh”
    Wenger “You got Alexis’ number btw?
    Asking for a mate”

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Ashwin Gunner: Is Santi really unhappy or are the news papers reading too much into what he says ????

    the latter

  16. Revving Kevin

    This means more than we realise:

    1. Abramivich, mansour and Man Utd are no longer the only ‘clubs’that can afford world class players

    2. We will never have to sell our best players again

    3. We are no longer buying from the French League 1 or Southampton

    4. We are buying players from Real Madrid & Barcelona

    5. World class players attract world class players

    6. We have a new fitness team

    7. We have demonstrated just what a big club we are

    7. New sponsorships have kicked in

    This ultimately means:

    We are Back.

    Bigger. Stronger. Better. Richer.

    We are not just back.


  17. Hitman49

    I hope your right kev…

    Because this feels great !

    At last we seem to be on the up the manager has found the same desire we have !

    About time…

    Love the new kits I personally will not get one, to get into one would mean a starvation diet for the next 6/12 months !
    My 17 yrold son will look the business in it !

  18. TT

    “Rumours about DiMaria and Vidal to ManU seem to be nothing more than that”

    Am I the only one that thinks LVG is not going to find it as easy at Manure as many seem to think?

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    “”Were back Mortimer were back “”

    Classic line from trading places…

    We will see tho rev

    Also wenger will still look in the French lower leagues for players he can’t resist it .

  20. Ashwin Gunner


    True. Why would Vidal choose a non CL playing club, esspecially when teams like RM are looking out for him. they have to pay him above the odds to convince him to join. Having already spent 60mil. Song makes more sense to them 😀

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    If Cazorla was so unhappy it does not show in the photoshoots of new kit and in the tweet he sent about Sanchez signing.

    As I wrote above the only major player who may leave the club is Vermaelen an that is by no means certain. There seem to be very few rumours circulating about Wenger looking for new centre backs.

  22. gambon

    Think Podolski will leave (if we sign Remy)

    Geoff Arsenal on twitter suggesting we are spending big this summer

    Hes like one of them TV psychics.

  23. gambon

    Fabregas “I want to come back”
    Wenger “Ozil kind of took your place”
    Fabregas “Oh”
    Wenger “You got Alexis’ number btw?
    Asking for a mate”


  24. Bergkamplegend

    Good morning dear Grovers.

    Anyone know why the numbers of years in Sanchez’s contract is still “non unveiled” ??

    Anyway, I’m very, very glad to have him in the squad, but there is one thing that bothers me a little – yes, you can start to prepare insults, the spit, bashing or whatever you want – because these are the facts:

    a) Sanchez is an Arsenal player, this is a great signing, but most of you here talk like if we had signed Suarez or Messi… Am I wrong ?
    b) Even (mostly ?) with Debuchy on his way, this is clearly not enough to reinforce the squad like we need it, considering we will probably have the same number of injuries through the season… But fingers crossed on this point.

    Even so, we have the real hope that wenger has really change his mind, which could be a great new in itself.
    Let’s hope there will be more to come from him.

  25. Hitchy

    After we sold Fabregas and Nasri I said I would not invest in the club (buy a Shirt, ticket, merch etc.) until the club showed me some ambition and actually used some of the resources available.

    The signing of Ozil last year and now Sanchez has started to give me a bit of faith back. I still wan’t to wait for the transfer window to close because if we now flog Santi/Podolski and Vermaelen without adequate back ups its pretty meaningless.

    Puma kit 1st and 2nd kits look very nice, lets have a good transfer window so that I can justify buying myself a new arsenal shirt!

  26. Goonergirl

    I really hope we spending big this summer. Sanchez is a good start. A CDM, CF, back up GK and CB are still needed imo.

  27. Bergkamplegend

    “… lets have a good transfer window so that I can justify buying myself a new arsenal shirt!”

    Spont on!!

  28. Bergkamplegend

    Mertesacker about Sanchez : “It’s unbelievable how quick and how good with his feet he is. If you get one against one with him, it’s nearly impossible.”

    Adam Bate on skysports : “Following on from the acquisition of Mesut Ozil last summer, it is also further confirmation that the days of the statement signing have returned at Arsenal.” == >> fingers crossed…

  29. NYCgooner

    Khedira rumors seems to be gaining some momentum. Not my first choice to be honest but I wouldn’t be complaining if we signed him either. What I really like about him is he seems to have this almost telepathic understanding with Ozil on the pitch.

  30. Leedsgunner

    “Rumours about DiMaria and Vidal to ManU seem to be nothing more than that”

    I sincerely hope so. I would hate to see either of them at United. They are class players – they deserve better than United.

  31. Bergkamplegend

    Eurosport.fr :

    “Wenger insists on Khedira :
    While Real Madrid seems to not rely on him anymore … Arsenal has made ​​an offer of € 30 million to secure the services of the German. The player comes out of contract in June 2015 with Real Madrid and it has not extended is contract yet.”
    == >> fingers crossed too…

  32. Emiratesstroller

    We should not assume that Podolski and Cazorla will be offloaded.

    We have released or contracts ended sofar on 5 players in first team squad i.e.
    Fabianski,Viviano, Sagna, Karlsson and Bendtner.

    Two players out on loan have returned to club, which are Coquelin and Campbell. Frankly I don’t see Coquelin remaining and Campbell will need to prove
    in pre season that he is also good enough to play for us. If he does then I see
    him replacing Sanogo.

    Our first team squad based on last year’s numbers is still at least 2 players light. Also I cannot see someone like Miyaichi and possibly Sanogo remaining
    in the squad for next season.

    Looking at squad we are still short of second and possibly third string goalkeeper, fourth string centre back and defensive midfielder. It is possible that
    Arsenal may still buy another conventional striker.

    From a personal point of view I would not want to see more than 4-5 new players coming to club for next season. It is just as important to maintain stability
    as to improve quality.

  33. Goonergirl


    Yeah I agree. Khedira wouldn’t be my first choice but he’ll be better than what we already have. So I definitely won’t be complaining if we did sign him.

    Him and Ramsey will just have to have a good understanding then.

  34. Revving Kevin

    Dear Cesc and Midwest
    Evening play mates, my genuine Gooner friends from across the pond.

    Nothing has changed that much, just that the ten year plan has been achieved and we are now a mega club not to be fucked with. Those days are gone. For good.

    Wenger has suffered as much as us in many ways, not a popular view maybe but it’s my opinion and I couldn’t give a toss to be honest. It’s what I said would happen, so it’s good to be right every now and then. 😉

    Now they’ve let Wenger out of the cage and removed his restraints, he’s going to be like a dog with two very large dicks! I bet he can’t wait for the season to start, probably hasn’t felt that excited for a while. Must have been a bit like having been overdosed on a load of super strength Viagara, only to be surrounded by blokes in pink shirts with highlighted hair, from a hairdressing comvention. Frustrating as hell and worried someone’s going to fuck you very badly if you’re not careful.

    Yep Wenger in his Speedos (sure got to have big balls to wear those babies) has done a great job in Brasil. Sanchez and Debuchy and at least one other to follow is a good few weeks work, so let’s not attempt to discredit him. Not fair.

    Bit better than some clown shoes suggesting he should stay at home to work with the back room team on tactics and the like, without any players, knowing who would sign and a fucking ball!!! Lol 😉

    Hope Khedira happens. He’s Ozils best mate & came through the under 21’s with him, so fingers crossed.

    I will be getting pissed tonight and it could get very Lionel Messi. 🙂

  35. Revving Kevin

    Sky are reporting that a Lorry load of Viagara has just been stolen from Rio De Janeiro airport.

    FIFA president Stiff Blighter has said this has nothing to be with FIFA and they will be erecting a stiff defence of these allegations.

    Police spokesman Wayne Kerr said: “we believe this is the work of a group of hardened criminals.”.

  36. pistolpete

    Another day and one hell of a signing. Thanks Wenger all is forgiven. Credit where credit is due. Who’s next?

  37. SpanishDave

    Good signing but we can improve on Arteta, Flamini, Diaby,Jenks,and Giroud.
    Gnarby has to feature, and the trio of Walcott, Ox and Wilshire must keep fit as they are perpetually injured.