‘Cesc who?’ as mega star nears move

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Hold on a minute, what’s going on? Arsenal… learning the lessons of seasons past failings? Well, it seems so.

Sanchez wants to come and play for Arsene Wenger. The deal is close.

… we’re nearly at ‘Welcome to Arsenal’ stage.

So when I said a few weeks ago that you’d forget Cesc pretty quickly when we brought in our half forward, well, I hope you can see that now. We went big this summer looking to snare Reus or Sanchez, I think we’ve done pretty well. People are complaining he’s never scored more than 20 goals in a season. I really don’t think that’s a worry. I think he could have a Thierry like breakout under us. Plus, we’ll build our style around him and he’ll be getting world class service.


Sanchez is a spectacular player. He’s faster than Suarez, he’s aggressive, he’s bright, he’s technically supreme and he’s only 25 years old. Make no mistake, we’re about to sign an absolute superstar of a player. He’s a game changer for Arsenal. He offers everything we don’t have in Giroud which doesn’t detract from the Frenchman, it just means we now have two polar opposite players. They offer us options. He means teams like Everton and Chelsea won’t be able to press our midfield because we’ll have a threatening outlet. He means we offer unpredictable behaviour. He gives us an edge we simply didn’t have in the crucial games last season.

He’s not enough though.

If you think Arsenal were one player away from being title  winners last season, you’re absolutely deluding yourself. Losing 20+ goals to the top 5 teams away from home isn’t cured by Sanchez.

We still need a powerhouse midfielder, we need another goalkeeper and the likelihood is we’ll need a centre back to replace the outgoing Thomas Vermaelen. If we bring in those players, we’re in a better position than last season… because we have a new fitness coach. Who best make sure we keep our players way fitter than last season.

If you think about a line up with Theo, Chambo, Aaron and Sanchez… well, it’s devastating attack wise. That’s as devastating pace wise as Liverpool were last year. If you add a box to box player with the pace and power Henderson has… but with more finesse, well, that’s super exciting. If you add a proper fitness vison to the set up, well, you’re a lot better off and you’re clawing points back against last years lost ones.

You still need more tactical nous, you still need more innovation in the way we play and you still need a more dynamic approach to management, but at least we’re getting closer. At least the next manager will have a solid foundation to work from.

I did see a hilarious tweet that said, ‘I won’t believe Sanchez has signed until I see him clutching a busted cruciate ligament in the Charity Shield’


Remember though, he’s not done. So please dear god, don’t be that muppet that puts it on the back of your new Puma shirt this Thursday.



In other news, John Cross reckons we’re close to nailing Remy. I’ve heard nothing on that front, but it’d make sense if we’re planning on shifting Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo out on loan. It gives us another option up top. Whilst he’s not World Class, he certainly knows where the net is. 14 goals in 24 games for an attrocious Newcastle side. 27 and 6ft. Fast and strong. I’d not be cutting the wrists at his unveiling… especially if we landed Sanchez. He gives us depth. We don’t have that right now.

One thing that is for sure is that Arsenal are pushing their new kits hard. Here are the teaser videos.


Each 15 second video represents a new kit, I think? We have a strap line… ish.

I think Puma are taking this kit launch seriously, they have Ogilvy working on it, which is more than Nike did. Well, Nike had an agency looking after it, but it was a dismal output. Arsenal normally got their first with the pictures. This is a massive deal for Puma and I’d hope, as the jewel in their portfolio they maximise their sponsorship because Emirates certainly don’t.

Interesting that Nike are shutting down their United deal because it doesn’t make commercial sense to spend £70m a year on a club. I wrote last year that they have a terrible rep in the game amongst big corporates for being very greedy and stabbing brands in the back. One season out the top tier and they’re losing Nike. Chickens will come home to roost if LVG doesn’t kick them back up to the top. That is for sure.

I love this.


When I was a kid my parents were waiting with a phone bill down stairs, they asked if I was ringing porn lines, which I denied, my mum dialled the number and it was Teamtalk. My old man said he’d never been so disappointed.

The Brazil game was amusing. The Brazilians I spoke to before the game were very down about their chances… how right were they?

5-0 down after 45minutes. It was just like watching Arsenal last season away from home!

Germany are just so damn good. Brilliant movement, great work rate, patient and deathly clinical.

Someone made a great point that this game showed that passion means nothing when you know what you’re doing. Germany barely walked out of second gear and they smashed Brazil by 7. The massive, massive plus for them was the lack of work they needed to do in the second half. They’ll be fresher than either of the other two teams unless there’s a similar shock result.

Imagine that, an all European final?

That’d be tantalising and brilliant.

South American football is dead I tells ya!

Wenger was asked by Richard Keys if he’d seen any players he liked at this World Cup. So much bantz. He’s having a cracking time.

On the same show, he slagged off Ozil saying he’s a little bit scared in front of goal. Fair shout really. He’s also a little bit scared of running for more than sixty minutes. Beast him Arsene. Put him in between two goals in the indoor training ground at night and fire balls from either side. That’ll sort him out nicely.

Final story of the day, Arsenal players demand Wenger makes 4 signings otherwise they’ll leave. Bad times for Wenger.



Arsenal hit 4million followers on Twitter which makes them the 3rd most popular club on the world on the social network.

That’s big people. That’s me tapping out for the day. Have a bloody good one. We’ll talk about Holland Argentina tomorrow.



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  1. Dark Hei

    @Thomas & London Gunner

    It is not just a dive. It is a Robben dive. I am all for drawing contact and going to ground. Walcott does that too. Most of the time defenders will put their hands up and know they made a mistake and were conned by a change of pace.

    But Robben does not do that. No. He must do that mid air break dance routine. Why? It is like rubbing salt unto wounds. And lest we forget, he dives in anticipation of contact, and not upon contact. And he does that over and over and over and over again. Remember Bayern? How many times he did that air dance in our faces?

    Look maybe some of you folks think that Suarez is just merely culturally challenged and not racist. Or that John Terry is a model citizen as he was England’s captain. Or like how Stoke fans think that Shawcross is the real victim for breaking Ramsey’s leg.


  2. Leedsgunner


    So much for “Dutch Courage” huh! ;). Pleased that Robben is out… although Messi hid all game. I wonder if gambon and Scott will have noticed.

  3. Nick H

    Probably too late but has anyone else noted the first paragraph of the latest ‘Official Arsenal Newsletter’ as follows:

    Arsenal will have three representatives in the World Cup final after Germany thrashed Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals. Mesut Ozil set up the fifth goal for Sami Khedira while Per Mertesacker played the second half

    Does that mean that Khedira is definitely on??

  4. Wengerites be damned!

    ‘Sanchez is a quality player, not a world beater as some would have you believe but he will defintely improve us.

    Why don’t you like him?’

    I just read you comment WengerEagle and I think you misunderstood what I meant. I was just criticising Untold followers for being so fickle. ‘Higuaín is great he’s coming to Arsenal.’ Then ‘Higuaín is shite he went to Napoli.’
    I am just trying to say Sanchez will probably receive the same treatment from Untold if the deal falls though…I’m not saying I don’t like him. In fact I like Sanchez a lot. Very skillful player with good pace.

  5. Leedsgunner

    You what the tragic thing about Robben is he doesn’t need to do all that diving — he is such a gifted player. It’s a shame he resorts to deception to gain an advantage — something he could probably gain through simple skill. I wonder if FIFA will retrospectively punish him for admitting he purposely dived versus Mexico… nah, of course not!

  6. RayGooner

    Players In:
    David Ospina (Nice)
    Mathieu Debuchy (Newcastle United)
    Steven Caulker (Cardiff City)
    Micah Richards (Manchester City)
    Sami Khedira (Real Madrid)
    Ángel Di María (Real Madrid)
    Alexis Sánchez (FC Barcelona)
    Loïc Rémy (Queens Park Rangers)
    TOTAL = £140m.

    Players Out:
    Lukasz Fabianski (Swansea City)
    Bacary Sagna (Manchester City)
    Johan Djourou (Hamburger SV)
    Daniel Boateng (English club)
    Thomas Vermaelen (Manchester United)
    Mikel Arteta (Italian or Spanish club)
    Chuks Aneke (English club)
    Francis Coquelin (French, German or English club)
    Ryo Miyaichi (English club)
    Lukas Podolski (German club)
    Nicklas Bendtner (German or English club)
    Park Chu-Young (English, Spanish or French club)
    Benik Afobe (English club)
    Joel Campbell (Newcastle United, on loan)
    TOTAL = £45m.


  7. N5

    Thomas is on London’s side with Robben! lol, you know you have picked the wrong side of the fence to sit on when that happens.

  8. basil

    Ive got to agree, London’s views on diving is pretty disgraceful.
    Being an Australian where rugby league and Aussie rules footy are more prominent, football players are seen as the biggest pussies ever.
    I have played my whole life and have never taken a dive. It is the one thing I absolutely hate about the game I love.
    I can’t stand robben but at the same time I know how unbelievable he is as a player. Just such a shame he takes to diving to get what he wants.

  9. babatunde

    No comparison between messi and ozil. Messi carries argentina on his back and has to drop deep to make plays and beat his man, not to mention him being marked by two or three players always. Imagine messi was german or ozil argentine. Ozil will probably flop even worse at argentina. Messi still played well but there is almost nothing u can do if u are denied space and time consistently especially if your team doesn’t pick up the slack.

  10. babatunde

    In addition, the robben pen against mexico was a good call. Whether he made the most out of it is immaterial. In fact, You can argue that making the most out of contact draws the attention of the referee for a good penalty call he may not otherwise have given and also means people don’t kick yÒu often, which is a good thing. But I don’t agree with diving when you are not touched. And he probably should have goTten another pen in the first

  11. RayGooner

    @Nasri’s Mouth

    Podolski – £15m.
    Vermaelen – £12m.
    Arteta – £5m.
    Djourou – £4m.
    Coquelin – £3m.
    Miyaichi – £3m.
    Afobe – £1m.
    Loaned out players – £2m.

    TOTAL = £45m.

    Let’s say between £40-45m

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    You wont get £15m for Podolski with his high wages, £5m for Arteta at his age is too much, we’ve already sold Djourou.

  13. klauspoppe

    Anyone remember games with Ramsey and Diaby in the middle?

    The intensity of both running up and down worked really well. Remember a game against Chelsea ages ago when these two paired up and we were dominating throughout. Created diabolical amount of chances only we had Arshavin in the middle and gave away goals from individual blunders more than tactical failure. Really annoying.

    I actually now want to see Khedira to pair up with Ramsey in the middle. Ozil playing throughballs to runners isn’t his only strength. I actually prefer him running behind the defence closer to CF than holding duo. He’s fast and makes perfect runs. Instead of expecting Ozil to defend, Giroud tracking back to lure CB’s out of position is what I’d like to see.

    Rosicky (left) Sanchez (centre) Ozil (right)
    Cazorla (middle)
    Ramsey Khedira

    This is an insanely good high pressing team.

  14. N5

    “Today IS TODAY!”

    What’s your point? is nothing from yesterday allowed to be talked about?

    Are you that woman from 50 first dates out of interest?

  15. N5

    Rich, have you got your cheerleader uniform on today? give me a G, give me a A, give me a M, give me a B, give me an O, give me a N, who do I want to rim?

  16. Jim Lahey

    Morning all. reports from Spain suggesting that Sanchez has passed his medical and should be announced today. (Did the media ever get to that stage with Higuain?)

    Is Khedira worth the £150k a week he is looking for?

    And looks like Arteta might be leaving this summer. If he wants first team football he is better off leaving, but I would like him to stay for cover.

  17. Rockypires

    Was watching rte and was funny before the game Liam Brady was analysisng robben. At the end said yes he is a great player and has his fault but I can’t warm to him at all says Brady. Which basically translates to robben is a wanker.

    I don’t understand the insistence on selling players why must we sell podolski or santi. We have cleared the wage bill of park and be enter etc so keep lads who were part of the team morale that won us a cup.

    That’s mentality we need. If we want to succeed we need quality subs and seasoned German and Spanish internationals are what u need to call on.

    There s more to building a team than just wages and transfer fees.
    We need stability and build on last season s good points and the fact we won a cup.
    Progress doesn’t come from a brand new team you need a stable base.

  18. N5

    Rich, swap her for gambon and I’ll believe you, otherwise you’re just another old fella on the internet fawning over a child!

    32 and cheerleading on a blog is one of the most pathetic things I’ve read.

    Jog on now, you bore me.

  19. klauspoppe


    Not very stocked for 2 positions. Rotation will happen through injuries.


    Not too many for 3 positions.


    We won’t see many players on the fringes. At least get 20 appearances by each player. As long as we have a team in form against the bigger clubs great depth to thrash mid-table teams.

    With greater expectations of CL and domestic cups looking more probable after winning the FA cup looking at over 60 games a season.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Rich: I’d go throw Ariana Grande like a jack hammer through a paper wall




    Richard Keyes!


  21. N5

    “You obviously because you love smoking cock and fantasising about me in a cheer leading costume”

    Yeah I’m gay, is that an issue for you rich?