Bender for the big spenders (sorry)

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I made a terrible mistake this morning, I’ve worn female deoderant. Don’t do it guys, it’s not powerful enough… I’m into hour two of the day and people I sit next to are going offsite. The panic of knowing this is working against me even harder.

Sad way to start a Monday. Stinky Pete… let’s hope that nickname doesn’t stick.

Anyway, transfer wise tings be quiet… real quiet.

Lots of criticism in the tabloids this weekend of that fact. Look, I’m not really sure where I stand on this whole thing, but ultimately, we need to get moving. We need to stop farting around. We need to get some bodies in so they get a proper preseason. Ozil went right off the boil lat year, partly due to a poor preseason.

We need to get everything sorted ASAP. Bring in Sanchez, Debuchy, Schenederlin and Victor Valdes… and I think we’re laughing. That’s a good summer. Still a wideman short, but it’s a good summer. Problem is, all this messing around causes unrest amongst the fans because we’re not exactly pros at delivering on targets. Juve are interestd in Sanchez, and they’re an attractive prospect, but apparenlty they’re offering less cash. GOOD NEWS!

The worry is teams like Liverpool are power buying. They just get things done. No messing. It’s amazing how many people are slagging them off for doing a Spurs. Jeez, don’t pretend you’re not jealous. They’re spending their money and they have a plan. You might think the players are average, but I remember people saying the same about Sturridge when he went there. Lots of sneering, despite Rodgers generally being quite good at sniffing out top talent.

Time will tell on how good the plan was, but at least they had one and executed on it sharpishly.

The Telegraph are reporting that we’re in for Bender, that’d be a great move, not sure that Levurkusen need to sell their top talent with them being back in the Champions League. Still, we can dream. At least we’re now being linked with players. Something we weren’t a few weeks ago!

I’ve been invited to the kit launch by Puma, well, at least I think I was… the mail was addressed to Tim. Anyway, I’m heading down for the least exclusive kit launch of all time… I mean, I think I could get a preview in JD Sports. Still, be interesting to see what Puma have in store. A brand owned by the Gucci Groups, I’m expecting big things. And supermodels.

Just a short post today… have yourself so much fun you need a lie down at 11.


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  1. N5

    Lol Cesc, it’s like an easter egg hunt, but instead of eggs it’s shit and instead of hunt, it’s lumbered with. But lumbered with shit doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    …..does it kids.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    I can see our delegates being banned from every single ground.

    Some poor temp lets an Arsenal delegation in, “you did what???!!!”

    “Sorry sir, I thought they had business here.”

    “They do, it’s called shit lumbering! Did they have a load of people with them who look like they should be doing literally ANYTHING else BUT play football?”


    (Rattling sound comes from the vents above) “Ssssssh…they’re in the walls. For fuck sake they’re going to be everywhere! We had to close an entire stand the last time this happened for half a season. We kept getting Diaby half way down the stairs and he’d throw his back.”

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Haha 😉

    I think it’s actually a great idea. You should write to Ivan and claim a slice of the saved wages!

  4. Radio Raheem

    Cole signs for Roma. Can’t help but think Liverpool could have done with him. He is still one of the top 5 left backs in the league. I’m assuming he was open to moving to another PL side.

  5. N5

    Lol Midwest don’t worry it’s almost internet time for the nut house so I’m sure Niel will be here soon to tell you all.

    I think Neil is Eyemsick by the way, doing trolling for a different angle, he said to me he hoped I die in my sleep last night, which is something that was said between me and sick a long time ago, I’m pretty certain this is just a new form of trolling for him. He always came on at roughly the same time as well, so 2 + 2 = twat.

  6. wenker-wanger

    how many players are coming to arsenal?….haha…love this transfer speculation….same every season…linked with superstars and maybe get a couple of french duds, a few kids that will never play, a couple of freebies, a couple of kids that will play and never shine and a fit-again-like-a-new-signing-Abou Diaby…. oh and possibly one superstar that will fade quicker than wankgers boasts.
    do you really believe wankger will spend big on quality players after winning a trophy with a team he always believed in?
    That picture should have the caption “spot the ars+hole”

  7. N5

    Wenker ,one thing you might notice on transfer conversations it that nearly all comments say things like “if we were to get him” or “I’m not going to get my hopes up but…” we’ve nearly all learned not to fall for the hype created by media and will just wait and see.

  8. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    I would say that but Eyemsick can barely write a sentence that makes sense. It’s like Greekish English. You just have that affect on people wishing you ill health. 😀

    Personally, I hope you”live long and prosper” < –did the vulcan hand thing.

  9. N5

    Mid, I was just thinking that. I might just be so unlikeable that wishing me death has become second nature on here! 😀 Cheers for the live long and prosper! I needed a bit of Spock in my life.

  10. wenker-wanger

    @N5… maybe you are more realistic but many just get carried away with the rumour of this superstar that superstar etc…….they even go so far as to speculate on how this fantasy player will operate with the current players !….its nice to dream, but its better to be nicely surprised. Anyway, transfer speculation is the least of my concerns, three more years of the specialist in 4th place bothers me much more.

  11. Revving Kevin

    The art of good comedy is timing. And mate you may have just proved that point. Debuchy on board and fingers crossed Alexis Sanchez to follow. You were saying?

  12. Revving Kevin

    Just a thought that 2014/15 could be special. And here’s why:

    New kit sponsor in Puma and approx £60m of new sponsorships kicking in.

    Ozil in his second season. A fit and well rested Ramsey. A return of the missing pace of the Ox and Theo (at some stage). Add the French number one right back, top player Alexis Sanchez and at least a n other, we’re starting to look really good.

    Subject to confirmation of course but I’m feeling good, so I will be sticking a monkey on us to win the title at 10/1 and again on the champions league at 29/1. Not saying we will win both that’s too optimistic but the odds are generous pre-signings.

    And I’m going to piss Pedro right off by getting my son to pick up my new Puma shirt Friday morning. Always buy a new home shirt when released, what a load of old bollox that shirts are only worn by kids. Hope these wear a bit better than the Nike ones that fall apart!

  13. neil

    10/1 to win the title, your taking unders son, and yes ,rush out and buy a new shirt, that’s just what they want, sales, and that will fall apart, so you can buy another real soon, its called business, football has nothing to do with this

  14. neil

    3 more years, what will that be, 21 years as manager, Christ you only get 20 years for murder

    How can any manager in football, release around 12 players in the summer, get in 2 free transfers only, sell a keeper and a forward for 10 million pounds, make that profit, have 150 million pounds cash lying around, refuse to touch it, start the season with a squad that has one recognised striker, 3 central defenders, then proceeds to lose the first game of the season to Villa 3-1

    Same manager is berated by the Chairman and told to spend some fucking money, Manager refuses to waste 42.5 million quid on any player, Chairman insists the purchase of player has to be made as the fans are ready to revolt after CEO told the world how much money we have and can afford anyone, and the manager spent NOTHING, and now start with a defeat, how do you think this ioss is going down, BUY OZIL

    And so on the last hour of the last day a hurried purchase of Mesut is done after Madrid bought Bale

    Then this lot of fucking parasites try and tell the mug fans, we have been working for months on this Ozil deal

    In reality, Wenger was using almost the same squad that was a million miles from United the season before, with the addition of Sanogo and Flamini, oh and that rehabilitated crock Diaby, which was like a new signing

    This manager should be fucked with the rough end of a pineapple, without the vaseline

  15. neil

    yes they were working for months on it, were they, no one knew who was going to be sold Di Maria or Ozil, Ancelotti made a last minute decision between the two, he decided to keep Di Maria, and sell Ozil, but the geniuses at AFC looked into their crystal ball and saw the future, months before it happened, and started their approach of a player Madrid didn’t know was being sold, pure fucking fantasy, how gullible does this fucking club think we are, some bought this garbage, believed the fairy stories Wenger spins

  16. neil

    How do you think Ozil felt, not wanted by one of the biggest clubs in the world, shipped out to the only available club, Arsenal, having to work under a raving lunatic, Wenger, having to play with fucks like Bendtner, Sanogo, Jenkinson, holy fucking Christ, how do you think he felt, in a word, DEVASTATED, comes to mind, no wonder this boy was walking around the pitch in a dream, he is used to having winter breaks, and now HE HAS TO CARRY THIS ARSENAL SIDE, just like Cesc and Jack had to, all because of a fucking lousy mean stingy scrooge cunt manager refuses to spend the clubs money, ALL BECAUSE HE HAS A DREAM ON HOW THINGS SHOULD BE DONE


  17. neil

    And I will continue to repeat these facts until this manager is removed from this club, or he dies, whatever comes first, I don’t give a fuck, the tail wagging the dog, never in the history of the game have we seen such fucking weakness from an owner, who hasn’t a clue, the Chairman, the board, the whole fucking conglomeration scared of the manager, letting him run the club, letting him tell them policy, what the fuck happened here

    The manager is the one we can all do without, well not at AFC

  18. neil

    I bet you Moh got a new Puma shirt, this is the guy who wont spend unless they spend, yeah, sure Moh, Arsenal fan TV, what a bunch of fuck wits they are, true supporters Bully and the dimwit Claude, taken for a ride by Wenger, these guys should be storming the Emirates demanding the removal of the manager, a 64 year old has been, a relic, a fucking dinosaur dictating club policy to satisfy his own deranged fantasies, spirit mental strength, what fucking bollocks, 6-0,6-3,5-1, accidents, what a fucking demented old cunt

  19. neil

    That’s Wenger’s tennis score, 6-0 6-3,5-1, smashed in straight sets, accidents, he says, and gets a new updated contract, you could never make this up, never, 8 million quid a year for finishing 4th, people will look aback at this in 20 years AND SHAKE THEIR HEADS AND SAY, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, HOW DID THIS FRENCH FUCK SEDUCE EVERYONE AT AFC

  20. Bamford13

    Nobody even mentioned the Brazil-Germany semifinal today. I suspect everyone thinks a Germany win is a foregone conclusion. This may be a mistake.

    Why? Even without Neymar and Thiago Silva, Brazil are still loaded with talent and athleticism and will be playing at home in front of tens of thousands of screaming Brazilians.

    Though they haven’t played particularly good passing football — nothing like Germany — they’ve also shown that they can win without such displays.

    Take a look at the likely starting XI for Brazil—


    Granted, not as good as they were, but still a very strong side. Surrounded and supported by 200 million Brazilians in yellow jerseys, they might still be able to win.

    Key to their chances are Cesar, Luiz, Gustavo, Oscar and Hulk. If these players have stand-out performances, Brazil have a chance.

    I probably would still put my money on Germany, but I think people are wrong to think it’s a foregone conclusion.

    It’s funny, as Brazil becomes the underdog of sorts, I can feel my allegiance slipping over to them. And I don’t even like this Brazil side!

  21. MidwestGun

    Bamford – Willian is questionable. Probably out. Think Brazil might try and clog the middle with a triangle of Gustavo, Ramires, And Paulinho who seems to be favored. Maybe try Bernard on the wing with Oscar in the middle and Hulk upfront. Not sure. I agree, I don’t think it will be easy with the fan support and could come down to set pieces.
    I still like Germany 2 to 1

  22. Bamford13

    Comparing the Two XI’s—

    Cesar < Neuer
    Maicon Hummels
    Dante Howedes
    Gustavo > Schweinsteiger
    Fernandinho > Khedira
    Willian < Kroos
    Oscar Ozil*
    Fred < Klose

    * This is somewhat of a tough call and my opinion will not go over well in these parts, Ozil being a saint among some here. My opinion is this: Ozil is obviously a much better player than Hulk, but if I'm comparing the two strictly as wide players, and I judge them on the basis of their most recent performances, and I take into account how they are likely to play in a massive game in front of 70,000 chanting Brazilians, I have to say Hulk is likely to contribute more than Ozil. Ozil has been invisible of late; for all his errors, Hulk still has pace and power and was arguably Brazil's most effective attacking player in the last game.

    That said, I like Ozil, and a WC semifinal against Brazil may be the biggest game he has ever played in. I could see him "turning on" for this match, if only to show the world that he is in fact one of the best players on the planet. He'll need to bring more energy and creativity than he's shown of late, though, if he wants to do that.

    Should be a great game.

  23. Bamford13

    Correction to list above—

    (Actually, f*** it, I’m tired and this is the e second time the server has done something weird with one of these lists.)

  24. Emiratesstroller

    I am always concerned about Arsenal’s lack of clout in the transfer market.

    Other clubs like Man Utd,Man City,Chelsea and even Liverpool seem always
    to conclude business far more quickly than ourselves.

    What if we get gazzumped by Juventus with Sanchez? Is there a plan B?

    It seems to me that Arsenal always land up coming off second best despite being probably Europe’s most ‘cash liquid’ club.

  25. qna

    From the article: “Bring in Sanchez, Debuchy, Schenederlin and Victor Valdes… and I think we’re laughing.”

    Is that a joke? So these four are what we are missing to challenge for the title? RIDICULOUS!!!!!

    We are very far and many years away from laughing my friends.

  26. timao

    Why are we excited about Bender? I’ve not seen to much of him but what I have seen looks pretty average.

  27. nasri's mouth


    With Sanchez, a top DM and Debuchy added to our 1st 11 I’d say we have a decent shout at the title

  28. Al

    If all they have is debuchy as a signing before the unveiling of the new shirt/puma sponsorship if I was in the Arsenal PR department I would not use debuchy at the unveiling. ..

    I like him but Really not a big enough name or attraction because at the end of the day he is a full back. . ..will most likely create a bigger backlash than a positive response so I really hope the PR team are not thinking of using him

  29. Insomnia

    Metro says Sanchez will fly to London to sign – I want details like is he getting a taxi to airport, what airline and will he be let bring his pet Llama, Maria Luisa, with him?

  30. Nasri's Mouth


    Gotta credit that guy with managing to switch through about 5 different clubs being favourite to sign Sanchez in 5 days.

    Oh, hang on, we don’t have to, the advertisers are already happy with the amount of hits he’s generating.

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    If they’re planning something big, it wont be unveiling of any players. Too many variables that could go wrong.

  32. Ashwin Gunner

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Yea. but sometimes i dont understand the concept of advertising in a website. Why do companies prefer to pay huge amounts and advertise in a website like for say newsnow. what is the sucess rate of people who acutally go on to read the news and end up clicking on the advertisement and buying the product. Is it really that high??

  33. Ashwin Gunner


    Well to put it differently, Sanchez is definitely much much better than what we have out there. He might not be WC, but might be if we use him properly.

  34. WengerEagle

    Talk of Juventus letting Vidal go to United for just €40 million.

    1) They would be insane to let him go for that cheap.

    2) If he’s going for that cheap (considering his ability) we should also be in for him. Vidal and Ramsey as a CM pairing would be phenomenal and if we’re getting Sanchez in it gives us a realistic chance if we want him.

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    @Ashwin Gunner

    Pedro is probably the man to ask that but as a general rule, if something isn’t worth doing, people wont do it. The cost of these articles is pretty low, they don’t take long to bang out and there are plenty of them. I guess it works.

  36. qna

    @nasri’s mouth

    I disagree. We have flattered to deceive the last 4 to 5 years. We have not been close. That is not a surprise since we have not replaced our quality players for the past few years. Fabregas with Arteta, Ven Persie with Giroud, etc etc. To be honest Giroud is only finally a replacement for Adebayor and thats how far back it goes.

    I find Arsenal fans completely arrogant to think that we can compete with the worlds top clubs without paying the piper. We think we can do it with bargain buys. Yes even AKB haters here. Of the four Pedro has listed, only Sanchez is actually a quality addition. Debuchy is a direct replacement for Sanga not an improvement. Valdes is a squad improvement, but NOT even one of the top 15 keepers in the world. Schenederlin is text book bargain buy (who may not even be cheap).

    My definition of quality is what our peers would want (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Man City/United, Chelsea). We should be fighting for James R, Suarez, Cavani and no less.

    Arsenal’s actual quality: Ozil, Walcott (his pace)

    Both of these players will only thrive in a high quality team. They are too soft on the ball to play with inferior team that cant collectively hold the ball.

    I would argue that w would need to replace the entire other 9 starting players to compete for UCL. We have talent that could develop into genuine quality. Eg. Ramsey. But Ramsey is not a proven talent. He has the potential, so does Jack. I dont think he would pull strings and command a team like those we should be positioning ourselves for.

  37. Alfie

    “Sanchez is excellent whether he is world class depends on your definition BUT he is certainly better than what we have”

    He is DEF world class

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: I would argue that w would need to replace the entire other 9 starting players to compete for UCL.

    Right, let’s just leave it there then.

  39. Ashwin Gunner


    Well. today my first question to Pedro’s post is gonna be this.. gettting bored for Sanchez to Arsenal thing.. 😛


    Lots of news around Vidal to united. there are reports that Junventus want 40 mil + Nani + to make the total look around 60m.. but you can not be sure if Vidal would want to go for non Champions league club esspecially when clubs like Barca are snooping around…

  40. WengerEagle

    Sanchez may or may not be world class depending on your definition of the term but what he offers is a goal every 3.5 shots, blistering pace, good dribbling (If we get the Chile/Udinese Sanchez as opposed to the Barca Sanchez), creativity, aggression, etc.

    Excellent player.

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    If, big IF , we do sign Sanchez then I think that’s brilliant news as he is a great player. Might not be everyone’s definition of WC, but pretty close to it. My only worry is if juve are serious about off loading Vidal to United, that will afford them money to buy Sanchez. And if that does happen, all the people saying we are a big club in European football will look like idiots as that will be another extremely talented footballer to give us the finger.

  42. WengerEagle

    ‘Debuchy is a direct replacement for Sanga not an improvement.’

    Who would be an improvement that we could get on arguably the most consisent RB in the last half dozen years in the BPL out of interest?

    ‘I would argue that w would need to replace the entire other 9 starting players to compete for UCL.’

    What a load of nonsense. How old are you? This isn’t FIFA Career Mode ffs.

    Our CB pairing is as good as anyone’s, Szczesny in goal is in the main a very reliable GK and on his best days absolutely outstanding despite needing his arrogance slapped out of him every now and again. Ramsey and Ozil are as good a B2B and CAM as you’ll find in the league and Walcott/Ox/Cazorla are all well capable of being a part of a Champions League challenging team.

    Alexis Sanchez coming in is pure quality and then we also need a CDM and a RB (Debuchy).

    Stop over-exaggerating. We’re far from a poor side.

  43. Al

    It’s simple…..Sanchez is a MATCH WINNER type of player. If you look at our squad we really don’t have any of these type of players….I would Class only Walcott and Ramsey in that bracket (maybe podolski at a push).

    The player that will score a goal out of nothing or when the team is under pressure. A player that will create on a goal/chance on his own. He is exactly the type of player we need

  44. WengerEagle

    Sanchez’s conversion rate gives me confidence that he could make it in the BPL as a CF. He’s ridiculously clinical averaging a goal every 3.5 shots which for comparison sakes last season was better than:

    Lionel Messi- goal every 5.7 shots
    Luis Suarez- goal every 5.8 shots
    Cristiano Ronaldo- goal every 7 shots.

    I’m in no way saying that he’s even comparable in talent to any of these 3 but it just gives yousome idea how astonishing his finishing was last season.

  45. WengerEagle

    ‘Just hope this injury to theo hasn’t robbed him of any pace.’

    Yeah that’s a legitimate concern mate because as harsh as it sounds, strip Theo of his pace and you’re left with a very average player.

  46. WengerEagle


    €40 million+ Nani would be a terrible deal for Juventus, there is no way that Nani can still be worth €20 million, he’s been crap for 2-3 seasons now.

    I agree though that if a club with UCL football like Real Madrid or Barca swoop in for him there will be fuck all that United can do.

    I could see him ending up at Real with Di Maria possibly going the other way.

  47. goongunner

    Reports suggest that Alexis Sanchez is going to complete his medical tommorow.Arsenal have reportedly paid 32m from Barcelona who have the upper hand for Lui Suarez. Sanchez is on his way and is gonna be a arsenal player in the next 24hrs.All arsenal fans finally we get some world class players.Loic Remy ,Lars Bender is on arsenal radar.Let’s hope for more.Funny how people are not saying WENGER OUT ANYMORE!!!