Two top keepers on radar as back up?

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Where I sit...

Where I sit…

Goooood morning!

Or afternoon. Wherever you are, I’m hoping it’s goooooood.

So what do we have to talk about today?

Well, not much, because I made the horrendous mistake of trying to relive my youth at a Libertines gig yesterday which meant I missed the world cup games. What a terrible mistake. The highlight of the day was watching two naked men take over a transmission tower that eventually turned into a twenty person brawl.

I did catch the penalties in the Holland game. Louis Van Gaal pulled another masterstroke, bringing on Tim Krul to save the day. He’s a pretty poor penalty saver, 2 in 20 and Holland are total shite when it comes to shootouts. Anyway, the decision was an exceptional one, the Costa Rican team folded, Tim Krul’s involvement was a psychological dream move… he had special powers, and he won the day for them.

Starting to get the fear about LVG coming over to United. I think he’s either going to be an incredible signing or he’s going to be a disaster. Trouble is, I’ve not seen too many disaterous phases in his career to date.

Worrying we’ve still not snared any players, but exciting the BBC are now reporting on Debuchy and Sanchez. Hopefully we can get those two nailed down sharpish. Then we really need to make inroads on that box to box midfielder and a back up keeper. I still think we need more, but I fear Wenger has convinced himself that more than three players is a death sentence. Which is ridiculous.

There are quite a few rumours we’re talking to Valdes and Casillas. I think a proper back up that can fight for a place as number one would be the best option. Young people need competition. Our keeper has a tendency to be quite arrogant. We need a decent back up when his form drops.

Anyway, not much today, have a good one and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Goongoonergone

    I really like the idea of Remy joining us. Agree he has pace, power and an eye for goal. He can dribble and the only thing Giroud has over him is better hair gel.
    Remy Sanchez and Theo will match the former Sterling Suarez Sturridge trio imo. The new branded RST.
    Only problem is Wenger and his non-existent TACTICS…
    Wenger’s three new signings will be: a new water bottle, a new jumper suit and a new handbrake.
    Bouldy’s new signing: a brand new smile.