The 3 most likely deals are…

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Yo fool, did you say Cesc?

Hey, hey party people!


Remember when people used to do that?


So many good times were had off the back of that ad. The reason I’m putting that on you is because I saw it yesterday and I can’t stop doing it. You need to suffer it as well. Next time someone calls, hit them with it. Nostalgic phone answerring is what it’s all about this summer!

So, yesterday was a fun round of football. Well, the Germany France game wasn’t. I kind of feels like the Germans are just picking their way to the World Cup final in a very efficient mechanical way. The game wasn’t particularly inspiring, the French looked totally runied by the end of the game. 1-0. Kind of boring considering the state of the world cup so far.

Imagine Matuidi and Pogba in your midfield…

The Brazil game was a bit more out of my comprehension. The ref was very lenient, there were about 900 fouls before a booking occurred. Neymar looks like he’s out of the tournament because he was smashed in the back with a viscious knee. All very unsporting. But this is the world cup, the stakes are high, players in South America are brutalists when they want to be… Neymar weighs about the same as a 14 year old girl… he can’t cope with brutality. Does make you wonder if he’d be able to handle the Premier League.

Anyway, Brazil and Germany through. Shame, I was totally loving the Columbian vibe.

Above is my first Bloomberg appearance. Talking Colombia vs Brazil. I’m on at 4mins 25. Some other guy in there called Sol Campbell. He got more air time than me for some reason. My predictions were wildly correct as well.

Transfers are starting to get red hot. Debuchy is due a medical. He’s pretty much done and dusted. I think he’s a good signing. I don’t think it’s kicking us on massively, but you know what, he’s a right back, not many right backs in the world can kick you on.

Schneiderlin is also on the hit list. I don’t know about the truth behind this one, however, we have previously been interested in him and Wenger will defintiely move for an Arteta replacement this window.

Sanchez rumours are kicking up a gear. I’m not sure Barca can mess around too much becuase they need £70m for Suarez. Him leaving Liverpool is crazy. I thought he’d at least stay until next season, but I guess £70m would go quite a way under Rodgers. He could really bolster his squad. Where he plans to get a striker is another question totally… not many around that could replace him, that’s for sure.

Bodes well for us next season if he fails there, not sure Sturridge will be the same player without a partner in crime like Suarez.

Thomas Vermaelen is gearing up to leave the club as United hone in on the £12m rated Belgian <- that sentence was so damn journo

Interesting thing abotu Thomas is that United weren’t the only Manchester club who were interested. I think we’re making a mistake letting him go. However, it’s clear he’d never be able to work under Wenger again. I think he was badly treated last season. He should have been given more game time. He went from captain to zero trust inside a season. We should have rotated him.

Someone told me Wenger said on French TV he’s not a big believer in squad rotation. For me, this attitude totally misses a big chunk of human psychology. Namely, that if you always pick the same 11 in a 25 man squad, you’re going to upset people. Then, when they’re called upon, they’re not motivated or mentally ready. He’s good enough to be rotated. It’s crazy he wasn’t.

Right, I don’t think I’ve got much more to tell you today! Have a grand day, I’m seeing the Libertines later, so if I’m not on tomrorow, it’s becuase Pete Docherty made me try things…

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  1. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Did you hear Zuniga’s apology. It seemed pretty sincere. Seems Colombia just can’t make It thru a WC without something crazy happening. Too bad about death threats, especially given Colombia’s history.

  2. N5

    Gregg, I’ve read the tactics comment numerous times, but I think predictable tactics is what people mean. 4-3-3 with overlapping full backs, trying to pass the ball into the net, 67th minute substitution, Walnut taking the set pieces……badly.

    Same team picked week on week and no real rotation.

    Wenger can do tactics, we saw that during the FA Cup final, it’s he often seems to be a creature of habit which teams like Everton used fully to there advantage.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    I see the World Cup Final being between Germany and Argentina who have emerged as the two best teams in the Tournament with possibly the latter having the edge of winning the Tournament by virtue of having Messi the standout player.

    Germany have an excellent ‘all-round’ team. They may not have an outstanding outfield player, but there is no doubting the quality of their team and squad. Also they have in Neuer the best goalkeeper in a World Cup where goalkeepers have played an important part.

    Argentina have got also a very good team with few weaknesses and of course
    are led by Messi. I have a feeling that we may see also Higuain emerge as a
    match winner. His goal against Belgium was sublime.

    Brazil have of course home advantage and a fair amount of passion, which is
    important in cup games, but I don’t think that they are an outstanding team
    particularly when compared with other teams who have represented that country and they will be without Neymar and Thiago their two best players.
    I don’t see them winning against Germany.

    Also I think that Holland is a very average team despite the presence of Van
    Persie, Robben and Schneider. They have benefited in recent games from playing in probably the weakest pathway in the draw. If you exclude the match
    against Spain I don’t believe that they have shown much to suggest that they
    have the quality to beat Argentina.

  4. Gregg

    Agree with some of that mate, I’m just interested to know what the perception of him is from across the channel.

    Daftly, a few weeks ago we had one poster, cant remember who, saying we should hire Gary Neville as a ‘tactics’ coach, due to the sterling job he does with the Sky tactics board. Shame old Gazza didn’t take the board to Brazil with him. Be careful what you wish for is what I’d say to that poster lol.

  5. N5

    Gregg, that is the strangest thing I’ve ever read! someone is good with a board so they should do our tactics. Lol.

    I don’t fully agree with the tactics thing and I’m not one of the anti-Wengers so I don’t like to just pile on the criticism. I do find the sub thing a little funny and the predictable team/formation, but there are things he does very well, especially against the teams outside of the top 4, I just would now like us to kick on against the better teams.

    I’ve not heard his French analysis, but I’ve heard his English and he does seem to do very well and know exactly what he’s talking about. I think in France, if I remember correctly anyway, that he doesn’t say to much at all.

    Like you, I’d be interested to know what Karim thinks.

  6. Gregg


    I find the over the top criticism ridiculous at times. I guess what I want to ask Karim is, for a guy to do as much pundit work as Wenger does, they must think highly of his analysis on things.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s a fricking idiot for not reacting to the Le-Grove masses last year and allowing the ‘then must gets’, Fellaini, Lamella, Capoue and Paulhino to go elsewhere.

  7. karim

    I have to admit i dont watch tf1 cuz it s a very conservative channel aka boring and no one is asking embarassing questions to be honest
    afraid it suits Arsene pretty well
    In France, people obviously respect what he s done to the club but as years went by, they got aware of his limitations and Arsenal is a bit less admired than it used to be
    Prove us all wrong Arsene !

  8. Thank you and goodnight

    Overall Debuchy and Sanchez is pleasing. As far as strikers go I have to say I agree with a few on here who say strikers are thin on the ground at the moment….is truly world class strikers anyway. Now I know we’ve been linked with remy and i’ll be honest I’ve watched next to nothing of him to pass judgement. But if not remy, who would most of le grove like to see bought up top? AND DON’T BLOODY SAY KALOU 😀

  9. N5

    Lol Gregg, I bet he’s gutted he missed out on a 7ft tall broomstick with an afro! what a shockingly bad player he has become.

    Cheers karim for your reply mate.

  10. N5

    TYAG, Remy is a good player, he scores consistently, his movement is good and he can create chances. He’s not Benzema, Costa, Cavani etc, but he’s better than Giroud on all fronts, except maybe heading.

    My preference would be Benzema, but he appears to have or be on the verge of signing a new deal.

  11. Gregg

    Yep, cheers Karim

    You’re right re strikers. At least I guess the likes of Remy / Demba Ba have shown they can do it in the premiership even if they’re not overly inspiring. Personally I’d love Sanchez to come, as would everyone else and I’d be telling Man U if they want Vermaelen then we’ll take Hernandez in return. He’d be a great ‘go to guy’ if we’re in need of a goal.

  12. karim

    cheers guys some french related transfer news :
    Abidal to Olympiakos
    Monaco want Sissoko
    City about to bid for Mangala
    Schneiderlin warned So’ton he wont be back
    Gonalons stays at Lyon

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    Hernandez wouldn’t come mate He’s fed up sitting on the bench at United, he wouldn’t come here to play second fiddle to giroud. Remy seems an ok shout from what people are saying, though people expecting a major striker signing will be upset as their are so few WC strikers about. Costa is good but I wouldn’t call him WC, statistically better than giroud. As for Falcao, seen him about 20 times and only been impressed 5 of them.

  14. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Barcelona selling of ces and sanchez to buy suarez is not very logical.
    Tough suarez is definitely an upgrade on these 2 but ces and sanchez are also world class. Selling 2 world class players to buy 1 extraordinary player will not add much to the team as a whole IMO

  15. N5

    I’d agree RE Costa currently, but is he can repeat the season he just had with Atletico for Chelsea then I think he will move up into the upper echelon of strikers.

  16. Gregg


    I think Hernandez, like Remy would see themselves on a level footing with Giroud, not necessarily thinking they’ll play second fiddle, whereas at UTD he has had to accept that.

    Agreed WC central strikers are few and far between now, it’s more abould the so called ‘Half forwards’ or you’re lucky enough to snare the next up and coming one. That’s what I think Sanchez could prove to be.

  17. Gregg

    A Sanchez central conversion would be similar to Henry’s IMO. Though not the size, he has a lot of strength, pace and power and has shown he is a decent finisher. This guy could be a new striking sensation, following on from Henry and Wright.

  18. Niki B's Soldier

    Debuchy, Schneiderlin, Sanchez and Remy would be a good summer. Debuchy can play DM as well so I think thats why Wenger might take him. If we can throw in Navas at GK to push Schez up a notch, jeeeeez what a world cup he’s had.

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d imagine that any of the keepers that have impressed at the WC would want 1st team football.

    We’ll be looking for someone happy to be 2nd choice

  20. neil

    You lot are like a bunch of kids writing out your list of wishes to send to Santa Claus, Remy will be the only striker Wenger will buy, at 8-10 million pounds, he screams as a Wenger purchase, CHEAP, we got 150 million and this manger is after scraps

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Niki B’s

    I agree on that summer being a good one.

    I do think we’d still need a back up GK, I know everyone will start adding adding the Costa Rican keeper to their list but he’ll likely go somewhere he’ll get starting football. Heard last night Ateltico had actually bid for him.

    We need to get Sanchez done, the longer this goes on the longer it feels like one of the “classic Arsenal transfers” where he’ll suddenly end up elsewhere because we were playing with our balls debating prices and options too long.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Anyone see the comparing Arsenal to Liverpool article in the Daily Mail? Talk about a slow day in the newsroom! Jeesh, where’d they pull that one from?!

    Not to mention the fact I think most people have now seen/read/heard/accepted that whilst Barcelona were keen on using him as part of the Suarez deal, Sanchez does not want to go there! Pointless article.

    Just have a horrible feeling someone is going to steal him, Juventus or United.

  23. neil

    Certain, contributors here are pure AKB, they love him to death, don’t know why, maybe they are masochists, that’s the only reason I can come up with, yes he was good early on, yes, to go a season undefeated was a great achievement,but we move forward, why retain a manager who won nothing in 8 years, a lucky FA C up win in extra time, no big deal, Wigan and Portsmouth both won the cup, where are they now, AFC pay a guy 8 million quid a year, to spend 150 million quid a year on wages to finish 4th, just so they can get the 30 odd million it generates in cash, i can’t make the connection

  24. NYCgooner

    Some South American sources are claiming Sanchez to Arsenal is a done deal. Trying not to get my hopes up too much…. sigh!!

  25. neil

    Laughs at the line, steal him, Wenger was never in for Sanchez, who said he was, the papers, other bigger clubs were always going to out bid AFC did you think we would bid 24 million and get him, rolls on the floor laughing, that’s even if Wenger was in for him, although Wenger has been known to be in for other superstars, Ronaldo, Alonso, Suarez, Higuain, and a whole host more, guess what

  26. Emiratesstroller

    Liverpool,Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea have all been active in the transfer window, but sofar apart from Chelsea I would not say that any have recruited players who have made any spectacular acquisitions.

    Liverpool have acquired three ‘solid’ players, but none whom I would describe
    as compensating for loss of Suarez. My view is that Liverpool will now struggle
    to maintain their position in top 4 of EPL. The money they receive from Barcelona will be hard to spend on a ‘world class player’. They don’t grow on
    trees and most will not want to go to Liverpool, because their squad is frankly
    rather ‘underwhelming’ without Suarez.

    Manchester United will improve next season, although I do think that the two
    transfers made sofar were ‘overpriced’. Shaw is a very good long term acquisition and probably one of just two English players not playing with elite teams
    who was buyable in this transfer window.

    Manchester City will be restricted in this transfer window on account of FIFA
    ‘Fair Play Rules’. They have recruited two good ‘squad’ players in Fernando and
    Sagna for little money by their standards. I suspect that they will make one
    major signing, but not much else.

    Chelsea will have a formidable squad this season. Buying Fabregas for less than £30 million was good business not least because he has a wealth of experience playing in EPL. Costa was a prolific goalscorer last season, but his
    track record previously was not exceptional.It remains to be seen whether
    he will be able to replicate this in England. Obviously the bulk of what these
    two players cost has been covered by sale of Luis to PSG.

    Arsenal are recruiting Debuchy. This is more or less a like for like swap for
    Sagna, although it is costing probably £10 million without any receivable from
    departure of Sagna.

    Sanchez will be a very good buy if we manage it. He may not be Messi, Ronaldo
    or Suarez, but he will be definitely a step up in class for what we have got already.

    We need still a top quality Defensive Midfielder. It seems that we will probably buy either Schneiderlein or Khedira. The first has experience playing in
    EPL and that is a benefit. However Khedira is definitely a top class player in
    the position and of course has experience playing in top teams.

    The goalkeeper replacement should be fairly straightforward. There appear
    to be a lot of good goalkeepers floating around at moment and most will not
    cost big money.

    There is also a question of Centre Back. Personally I would not sell Vermaelen
    at any price to Manchester United even if he is in last year of contract UNLESS
    their are concerns about his long term fitness or performance levels. It sends
    out the wrong message. We will either land up with a ‘speculative’ buy for less
    money or land up paying significantly more on equivalent player. Added to this I don’t want to ‘assist’ Man Utd in improving their squad.

  27. El Tel 1

    I am far from being a Wenger fan but to say we were lucky to win the FA cup is ludicrous, it is also a contradiction to praise the Dutch twat Manager last night for sneaking through the second game in a rowthento knock us for beating a Wigan who never lost an FA cupgsme in 2 years.

  28. phil

    tell me about it Neil

    you would think a load of kids were writing their note to Father Xmas for presents on xmas eve

    Dear Santa, please bring me a big red bus and a tonka toy…Good grief

    Some even put their line ups on here ?
    How old are these people? Do they have girlfriends nay! friends?!

  29. neil

    Dear N5
    thank you for your letter, don’t waste my time you with your drivel, if anyone should be isolated, it should be you, I have never seen a more pompous individual

    ps, what does the N stand for, nutcase?, nutjob? nincompoop?, nitwit?, numbskull? nob?, Neanderthal?

    I have figured out what the 5 represents, it’s your fingers, wrapped around your dick
    put the two together and what do you have…..a numbskull wanker, N5

    Regards from the North Pole


  30. Bamford13


    “Fellaini, Lamella, Capoue and Paulhino to go elsewhere …”

    While you are right that Grovers are not always correct about which players to sign — several of the above would’ve been bad signings — it doesn’t follow that Wenger was correct not to sign anyone of quality besides Ozil.

    In fact, that he only signed Ozil — please do not cite Sanogo or Flamini as quality signings, don’t even start — is an enormous indictment of him and those around him.

    That we needed a better DM and CF is/was patently obvious. Arteta makes for a decent number two, but his lack of pace and athleticism make him poor cover for the back four and a poor “engine” going forward. Compare him to the best DMs in the world. He is second-rate at best.

    That Giroud is not a proper number one is a point that has been made so well — often by Giroud himself! — I need not say much. He was brought in, by Arsene’s own admission, AS A BACK-UP. Two years later, we still have a BACK-UP striker — one who is slow, lumbering, a poor dribbler, a poor shooter, mediocre in the air despite his size and completely ineffective against top sides — leading the line. This is inexcusable.

    So why did Wenger stick with these two despite their obvious deficiencies and inadequacies?

    Well, Gregg, it’s not because there are no better players available out there — there are —- and it’s not because we don’t have the money — see cash holdings — it’s because Wenger is cheap, stuborn, loyal to average players to a faultand committed to showing the world he can win with players it doesn’t rate.

    So please stop repeating the point above as if it should silence the critics. Your point is a half-truth. When one looks at the whole picture one sees that Le Grove may not always be right about this or that potential signee, but Wenger is definitely in the wrong, and Le Grove has been right to criticize him.

    I’ll deal with the tactics criticism another time, but I’m sure others can make that argument as weel or better than I can.

    Lots of apologists and AKBs on here this AM. As Jack Johnson would say, “Where’d all the good people go?” 😉

  31. neil

    Pic of Wenger with superstars of the game, eating at a 2 quid restaurant, this is typical of a scrooge, I bet someone else picked up the tab