Wenger dinner dates with which superstars?!

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Happy Friday you beautiful people, how are we? Drenched in summer? Maybe knocking out a cheeky summer number? Guys, we’re you bold enough for the sarong? Ladies, bikini top with power suit trousers? Why the hell not I say… what’s the worst someone can do, send you home, on a day like this?

Fuck em’… be free.

So what have we today? Well, in publisher world you have that moment called ‘errrrr, how was I so slow on the Sanchez story’ so most newspapers are now scrambling to put their own spin on a story they had no clue about. That includes a deep understanding of our bidding strategy, some deep insights into player preference, with some even tracking who the players agent is following on Twitter.

It’s a bloody car crash out there. But hey, there’s big money in the summer transfer gold rush. I think transfers are like the holiday seasons for retail… Balls it up and you’re in deep low page view trouble.

Just relax and trust that positive thinking will get this one over the line. And London. And £130k a week. And £30m.

The Telegraph, an extension of the Mark Gonnella’s office have gone to town to throw everyone off the scent of what we’re doing by reporting on all the players. Arturo Vidal’s name is mentioned as a serious target much in the same way as my target of Mila Kunis retweet comes out after a bottle of Jack Daniels is consumed… her advert isn’t even for Jack Daniels!

Anyway, I think a lot of crap is being pumped into the ether to keep people guessing. I think you can sift through it by just thinking…

Forward > Pace
Midfielder > replace Arteta
Right back > replace Sagna

I suspect there might be a versatile player snapped up if a body appears. However, I’m thinking three is probably a max out… and maybe a really bad second strong keeper. Like subs one of this South American keepers that are on a free having a blinding World Cup.

… and in this week’s episode of Heat, Wenger quaffs champagne with the stars.

Honestly Arsene, what the hell is going on? Captain Private has gone all celebrity salacious. Hanging out with Cristian Vieiri and Seba Veron. I can’t fathom what’s going on here?

Does Wenger have a book to shift?

Has he fallen on hard times?

Does he have a reality TV series coming out?

Whatever it is, the man has turned into an epic attention seeker. What I love about that picture is they’re all millionaires and they’re catching a bite to eat in a restaurant that has a TV screen playing football or MTV Cribs. A great image. Vieri, what an absolute player he was back in the day, we could do with a bit of him now!

Right, I’ve got to crack into  some work. Have a great day and we’ll speak soon. Like, maybe tomorrow?

Enjoy the first semi final tonight… Germany vs France!

P.S. Thought I’d leave you without a goat? Do me a favour… this Aussie knows what the f*ck is going on.

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  1. Wengerites be damned!

    So Debuchy is an Arsenal player…
    I’d rather Brazil play against European teams. South America teams tend to be very nasty in their challenges.
    Argies were happy to play against Switzerland and now Belgium because they were worried about a nasty challeng on Messi.
    Ok, WengerEagle but Chile were a limited side in 2010, in this WC we all knew it would be a very tough game because they are pretty good side in midfield.
    In 2010 they have a good creative and possession side in the midfield but they didn’t know how to press and deny space to the opposition. In this WC they showed they had learned their lesson.
    Colombia, as I told many times before, were a team that didn’t offer the midfield resistence/creativity that Chile have. Hence, they would be a less complicated team for Brazil.
    Germany is superior to Brazil in this tournament. And to me they are favourites to advance. I just feel sorry about Neymar. After all this WC is very special to him. It is in his country.

  2. WengerEagle

    Debuchy is a little underwhelming but to be honest he’s a decent RB who’s already adapted to the BPL.

    He’s very like for like with Sagna in that he’s only 2 years younger, is French and has been a regular for his country for a few years, is BPL experienced and his wife is even called Ludivine! 😀

    In all seriousness though I would have preffered Coleman or Aurier but Debuchy is an ok signing.

    If we also sign Alexis Sanchez then that will raise excitement levels.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Gets a heck of a lot of praise young Bellerin. Got him when we got Toral I think? Also gets some praise.

    I believe Bellerin can play RM and CM as well. So he’s a bit of an Aurier himself in a way. Hopefully we see him get some Capital One Cup time and what have you this year. More point in that than giving that time to Jenkinson.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    I don’t think Jenkinson is that bad. When he’s had a run of games he starts to look more confident. Is he the answer? Probably not but he’s good enough to be back up.


    Can remember that Italian team as well. Was the WC before or after Rossi and the match fixing ?

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Neymar has broken his back then? Ouchy.

    Bet Barcelona are a touch concerned tonight…possible dent in the Sanchez deal??

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I know he gets coated but Walcott seems to have beefed up

    Give hi another year

    Plus with the signing lala an having sterling where will they play Wally ?

    Unless ies it’s in biters old place ?

  7. Wengerites be damned!

    ‘Neymar’s injury is on the referee. He didn’t control the game, those yellow cards should have been given in the first half.’
    Exactly. After the first half when players from Brazil and Colombia should have been given yellow cards, the commentators here were saying the referee would lose control of the game in the second half where the challenges would be worse…

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not at all sure.

    I struggle to keep up with our child snatching 😉 We added two to that list today. A 16 year old midfielder and an 18 year old Finnish keeper I think.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    No need to apologies

    There is always a meaning in the madness

    You see the wood thro the tree sun blinkered ?
    Not sure why we try so hard to be part of the uefa fifa organised tourneys ?

    Why ?

    Like us in big cup will never win the damn ting ,

  10. Cesc Appeal


    I just posted similar.

    However they do still have Pedro and Tello etc

    And if they want Suarez they will need to sell him, soon as well. If I was Arsenal I’d be putting tremendous pressure on them right now. Big offer, and start acting like if they fail to take it we’ll drift off elsewhere.

  11. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I see the Neymar injury the opposite, Barca really needs Suarez now. More natural replacement for Neymar till he’s healthy. Of course, biter is suspended, tho. Lol.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I suppose you could look at it like that!

    But Barcelona are now in a horrible position. I know they are interested in Cuadrado as well so…

    But, Neymar with a broken back, goodness knows how long he could be out, Suarez might not play until October or something.

  13. WengerEagle

    Sad news about Neymar, he’s been the one Brazil player that has shown quality and personality in the final third of the pitch in this World Cup.

    I don’t think that it will affect the Sanchez deal going through though, Barca have Messi, Suarez, Pedro, Deolofeu and Tello as forward options and apparently Neymar will recover in 4-6 weeks and won’t need any surgery.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Would Walcott leave ?

    If rumours are true an we are spun king monies to jack up the squad … Surely he must be excited as weighty was when we signed dennis he was as happy as me an you !

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Oh, moot point.

    Just read it’s a cracked vertebrae, team Doctor has said he expects his recovery to be 4 weeks, so his WC is over, but shouldn’t affect a Sanchez deal!

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Hypothetical scenario.

    Liverpool, flush with £75 Million in cash and having missed out on Sanchez offer us £25 Million for Walcott.

    We offer £35-40 Million for Reus + Podolski and it’s accepted.

    Would you sell Walcott to Liverpool?

  17. Dissenter

    Neymar’s broken back is not going to stop the Sanchez deal.

    It’s as simple as A-B-C

    Barca needs €32 million to offset the Suarez deal.

    £70-75 million cash for Suarez is a shit load of money.

  18. tunnygriffboy


    Much as I’m a bit of a Theo fan boy as I always think we’re more dangerous with him in the side, Reus is one of the best in Europe so heyho, Reus it is.

  19. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Simple question is Sanchez or Walcott on the pitch? as much as i like walcott it is a no brainer.
    Although i would rather have the pair of them and have the strength in depth that we crave.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I too think I would end up wearing an adult diaper every time I watched Arsenal play with those two.

    Would rather in this crazy, hypothetical, women must have sex with you on command world of mine that we sell Cazorla and get Reus. That would be, well, just swell.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal 1886

    Yeah true.

    As I say, if these reported interest in Cazorla is true, at 29, I’d have no problem shipping him out and using that money to put toward a massive upgrade. Such a Reus fan though, think he’d be excellent in the premiership as well.

    We’d go back to being a side teams are terrified of.

  22. The Poldi Prince

    All the burlesconi quotes are interesting. Cant help but think this is all related to a wenger ploy to swoop in with a 15-20 mil balo bid in August.
    Seems the deal was nearly done then we pulled the plug.

    as for debuchy, I’m fine with that. Nice player, knows the league. Wish we’d still

  23. Bamford13

    Without Neymar and Thiago Silva — their two most important players — Brazil will be a lesser side when they meet Germany in the semi-final. It would be wrong to think they’ll be a walk-over, though. They still have loads of individual talent and athleticism and they’ll have Luiz Gustavo back, which will help.

    There’s even a chance that Brazil won’t lose all THAT much attacking-wise — heresy, I know — because the combination of Oscar-Willian-Gustavo-Fernandinho-Hulk remains fairly strong and certain players (like Oscar) might step up their play a bit in Neymar’s absence.

    No question they’ll be diminished, though, with Silva probably being the biggest loss.

    One question for Germany is: Should they start with Klose up top as they did today, or should they start with Muller up top?

    For me they are better with Muller up top. The problem is this means that either Gotze or Schurrle would need to play wide right and I don’t think Loew likes either as a starter at moment.

    Personally, I would run Muller up top with Gotze out wide for the first 60 or so, then bring Schurrle in for Gotze, as so:

    Lahm__Boateng __Hummels___Howe

    I could honestly see Germany winning 2-0 or 3-0.

    I also continue to think Scolari was wrong not to select Coutinho. He could’ve helped this Brazil team play better passing football. They desperately need/needed someone who could connect play and Coutinho could’ve helped them with that.

  24. Bamford13

    p.s. – Am glad I selected Germany to win the whole thing. They’re in good position to do so.

  25. Bamford13

    As for tomorrow, I think Costa Rica put up a valiant fight but lose 2-0. The other game is very difficult to predict, though today’s games tell me that we have over-rated certain teams who looked very good against lesser opposition (France, Colombia) and that this may be true of Belgium.

    Undoubtedly they are good, but they won’t look as good against Argentina as they did against the US. At the same time, I don’t know, they are a very technical, passing side with plenty of talent and athleticism. This may end up being the best quarterfinal, I think.

    I see it ending 2-1, but I can’t decide whether it will be Argentina on top or Belgium. I’ll go with the best player in the word tipping the scales:

    2-1, Argentina.

  26. TitsMcgee

    Debuchy is another lazy, uninspired, sentimental move.

    Is he terrible? No but he’s not as good as Aurier currently is and potentially will be in the long run. Like others said in the past it is more than likely a move done to protect Jenks’ career. The sooner we act like a business and not like the Red Cross for mediocre players we’ll be better off.

    It’s like Wenger goes for the easiest least hassle signings all the time.

  27. TitsMcgee

    Germany v Netherlands would be a tasty final. This Brazil team bores me. Their constant diving and whining certainly doesn’t help.

    Argentina is boring to this point as well.

    Belgium v Netherlands would be a great Semi as well.

    An all European final in Brazil would be a site.

  28. Jeff


    It feels like the referees (not just in the game last night but in other games) are somewhat overawed by the place and occasion and tend to “lean” towards Brazil when officiating. They are a good side – of course they are – but nothing compared to the great Brazil teams of old. Had that game been played in Bogota, would it have been officiated in quite the same way?

  29. Leedsgunner

    Hypothetical scenario.

    Liverpool, flush with £75 Million in cash and having missed out on Sanchez offer us £25 Million for Walcott.

    We offer £35-40 Million for Reus + Podolski and it’s accepted.

    Would you sell Walcott to Liverpool?

    Great Q Cesc. Tricky.

    In this market, Walcott is definitely worth more than £25m, considering his age and experience. Remember they paid £25m for Lallana and personally I would say Walcott is younger and better experienced… so for £25m we would be underselling him. However, he was injury prone last season and it was a bad injury at that.

    The big unknown which in my opinion is crucial is this — will it affect his pace?

    So, I would say yes but with conditions. Only if we have Sanchez as our main striker (which I think is the assumption in your scenerio) but no if not. We need pace and Liverpool have plenty of it already.

    Then after selling Walcott I would go all out to get Angel Di Maria if he was available.

    Then we would have an attack force of

    Di Maria — Ozil — Reus
    ———— Sanchez ———-

    Mouthwatering to say the least.

    Completely independently from this scenerio we need to have a top DM at the club to break and disrupt the pace of opposing attacks as a priority.

  30. sanmi

    For y’all saying Debuchy is a lazy signing, I’d say you have not watched him enough. Just as you have now found out that Baines is shit, I am telling you Debuchy is a better RB than Sagna (apparently Deschamp agrees), Aurier (I am an african, and this guy isn’t even the best rb in africa), and Coleman. You guys always let the offensive play fool you. Defensively of the 3 only Sagna is on Debuchy level but Sagna is crap offensively, debuchy is good offensively and defensively. In Africa Aurier is shit defensively, there are matches in this world cup, example against Japan where Aurier ended up at the CF position. That is crap play

  31. Jeff

    Well I think we all sort of know that whoever we buy (if anybody at all) it’s not going to be mind blowing. It will be middle of the road, make-do, just about adequate type of purchase but it will be heralded by the spinners at AFC as another great buy. We’ve seen this happen so often it’s actually very tedious and boring.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal do need to improve their squad, but that does not mean making wholesale changes as some posters keep on suggesting.

    The obvious replacements needed are a right full back, defensive midfielder and an additional first string forward who can score goals plus second string goalkeeper.

    We need to keep Walcott in the squad not only because of his pace, but also
    because of ‘home grown’ rule as well.

    Personally I feel that if Arsenal do decide to offload an additional player to
    generate transfer revenue then it should be Podolski. He does have a clinical
    left foot, but does not score enough goals AND for me is a luxury rather than
    90 minute player.

    Having said that I suspect that he is probably a popular player to have around in the dressing room. He does seem to have ‘personality’.

  33. Gregg

    Debuchy is a steady eddy defender. probably about as good as we could have got. If we complete the signing it’ll be decent. I’m happy enough with this one.

  34. babatunde

    Arsenal- an average thinking club with average thinking fans. We deserve all the 4th place finishes we get and we don’t deserve to ever win the league soon. We sign debuchy when other better RBs are available and people are hailing it as a decent signing. No wonder the club isn’t going anywhere. I don’t even nEed to be on 8m a year to identify and purchase average players

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s pretty unlikely, but possible.

    If he’s a perma-crock then it’s a different story, but I’d expect him to be the same player as when he left, once he’s match fit, which is why I’d love him to be ready asap for pre-season.

    If we bring in 3 new starters (CF,DM,RB) then continuity becomes important so even if (very unlikely) we signed Reus too I’d keep Walcott. I’d sell Podolski instead as he’s much less of a first teamer.

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    @Nasri’s Mouth
    I’d keep Walcott to. Unfortunately he hasn’t turned into the mega player the media hyped him up to be when he was 16….but his stats over last 2 years in terms of assists and goals have been impressive, against the top 4 teams as well. I would hold on to him too.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    TYAG: Unfortunately he hasn’t turned into the mega player the media hyped him up to be when he was 16

    And therein lies a lesson 😀

  38. Radio Raheem

    Lol no way are we paying £11m for Debuchy. I’d say the figure is closer to £5m. We refused to pay more than £8m for Cabaye few months ago can’t see how we’d pay £11m for Debuchy. Wenger probably sees Bellerin and/or Jenkinson stepping up in the next 2 years. From a financial and technical standpoint makes sense to him.

  39. Nasri's Mouth


    Apparently £7.9m (a figure that suggests it’s been converted from euros) with add ons.

  40. Radio Raheem


    Still a bit high but sounds closer to the truth to me. Debuchy isn’t great but he’s experienced and you know what you get with him and consistently too. He’s a 6.5/10 player that will deliver 6.5/10 performances every time.

    I like US’ RBs, the first choice that got injured and second, Yadlin. Yadlin is worth keeping an eye on.

  41. Moray

    There’s no need to sell Walcott. For one thing it’s not like the money will be reinvested in the squad. I think he is an excellent super sub. We just need to buy a starter for him to replace.

  42. N5

    Ohhh it’s oh so deflating. All this money and Debuchy being our most realistic signing in the coming days is just so depressing.

  43. Moray

    Raheem, it looks like we will get three senior signings only. One will be Debuchy, one a back up keeper. One a st/winger. Maybe a last minute but if someone is going cheap or – even better – free.

    I don’t see us getting lucas

  44. Moray

    N5 nobody better for Wenger to apply the stony cold hand of reality to our perineum during the transfer window. He sups with vieiri, veron etc yet chooses to buy debuchy, remy et al. I was hoping some of the stardust might rub of but that is just self delusion.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    RR: He’s a 6.5/10 player that will deliver 6.5/10 performances every time.

    Dunno, IMO he sometimes looks excellent, other times not so good.

    I’d like to think that with our ‘immaturity’ at defending against some of the big sides last season, Wenger wanted someone who can be relied upon to be more ‘sensible’ at the start of games.

  46. Keyser

    I’m beginning to hope we buy no-one just to see the reaction, will people actually spontaneously combust, I can imagine red faces, and ears emitting some sort of vaguely white tinged vapour.

    Just imagine at the start of the summer people actually being upset we’re not signing a French-African, 21 year old from Ligue Une, but instead are signing a Premiership experienced French International who’s replaced our outgoing right-back in the National team.

    I suppose there’s still time for us to sign Aurier of course, at which point you’ll get people wondering if he’s watered down version of Ebway.

  47. N5

    I hear you Moray, every single year I think that this is the year I won’t allow myself to get carried away with it. Ozil signed and I thought I was going to burst and now anything was possible, then Kim Kallstrom signed and I hit reality with a massive whack!

    I read names like Sanchez, Benzema and Vidal and I even start imagining those guys signing and wearing an Arsenal shirt but the reality, as you say is likely to be Remy, Debuchy and a few teen players which is so deflating.

    We have so much money and so much potential with the core we have, we just need a few extra, exceptional quality players, otherwise we’re going to get left behind.

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    Moray: He sups with vieiri, veron etc yet chooses to buy debuchy, remy et al.

    Bit unfair given that there’s currently less sign of us signing a cheap Remy than an expensive world class Sanchez

  49. Radio Raheem

    If we add Sanchez this summer how long do you guys think it’ll take before we mount a title challenge with our policy of one top player a summer? I reckon 2 seasons. We should also benefit from the development of players like Szczesny Ramsey, Chamberlain and Wilshere. In two seasons time we’d have replaced Arteta and Flamini too, hopefully, with top top top quality.

  50. Keyser

    Sanchez is only seen as a top player now because A. We haven’t signed him yet, and B. Playing In La Liga he’s benefitting from the Arsenal/ Other team player bias.

    As soon as he starts playing regularly, and people actually start watching him a lot closer, you’ll get people wondering if he’s ‘Mentally weak, he’s regressed, are we tactically set up to get the best out of him, does he need better players around him..’

  51. Nasri's Mouth


    I expect us to be closer again this season, but doubt we’ll win it. (to be honest with CFC.ManU,ManC and us, a 1 in 4 chance is pretty damn good

  52. Hunter

    Well the french are OUT of the WC now we will see the Proffessor make his move,you can bet your bottom dollar that Debuchy will be a done deal and that Sneiderin or whatever his name is from Southampton will be our holding midfield player(he has already stated in the press that he is NOT going back to Southampton)and that Remy will be our new forward!He isnt going to go for a ‘star player’ he couldnt bear to be proved wrong and they are all safe bets!

    The Sanchez deal aint gonna happen particuarly now Neymar is injured!I had hoped that a balotelli could happen but theres NO WAY he will upset OG and even a Benzema but I feel RM will keep him and it seems he is happy to stay.

    Djourou is rumoured to be back despite what people say,i mean this is his 10th year anniverssay so he wouldnt pass up on a testimonial surely?and that in wengers mind solves the vermaalen situation should he go to the scousers.
    So there we are Remy,Sneiderlin,Debouchy and Djourou and some insignificant goalkeeper from somewhere.
    Would that be enough?of course not but it will have to do and it shouldnt upset the rest of the squad maybe apart from Jenkinson and Ozil.Ozil because he probably was promised stellar signings to compliment his style of play and Jenkinson because he feels he deserves his chance.
    Anyway thats my thoughts…………..4th is a trophy!!!

  53. Radio Raheem


    Sometimes, he does look excellent on MOTD. When I’ve watched him the impression I’ve got is like yesterday’s. He’ll contribute better than Sagna going forward but looks more susceptible facing his goal. With Mertesacker’s and Arteta’s lack of pace this can be a worry. Overall, I’d say it leaves us at a similar position as Sagna. We probably pay him half of what Sagna’s getting at City.

  54. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear the club does not need 20+ galaticos, but we do need a settled 1st X1 plus additional squad players good enough to play in first team as and when required.

    Arsenal’s problem in recent years is that we have recruited too many players who were either dead wood or too inexperienced to play in first team.

    I believe that our 1st X1 is currently about 3 players short of what is required to
    challenge for EPL Title and the squad is perhaps another couple of players short.

    Walcott and Wilshire on current form are good enough for the squad, but not
    as 1st X1 regulars. This is in part due to their injury record over last two years.

    However, you need to factor in that they are English and home grown players
    and that means that they are a valuable asset for the club. Personally I would not want to see them move elsewhere.

    One of the reasons that English National team is so poor is that there are simply not enough good players coming through clubs at top level. Joachim Low
    stated yesterday that England will not improve so long as so few good players
    are playing in EPL.

    Liverpool and Man Utd have clearly got the message. It remains to be seen whether Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City will follow suit.

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    Hunter: Djourou is rumoured to be back despite what people say,i mean this is his 10th year anniverssay so he wouldnt pass up on a testimonial surely?

    Do you believe this or is a joke?

  56. N5

    Keyser, that’s quite dismissive and gereralising to people that want Sanchez to join. Being that I am always defending our players from criticism and never get involved myself in the slagging off of them, I would disagree that he is only wanted because “we’ve not yet signed him yet”.

    Some of us have watched quite a bit of Sanchez and maybe it’s easy to get swept away with the current flavor of the month, but tell me honestly, which would make you feel happier, Remy or Sanchez?

  57. Radio Raheem

    Can’t speak for everyone but I can imagine most people who think Sanchez a top have watched his performances for Chile this WC, seen him play for barca, probably seen stats and watched him play for Udinese. Last season was probably his best for barca mind. I think this his second WC seems to be around for a while.

  58. Keyser

    Sagna, if at all, has only shown deterioation as he’s now 31+ and he’s had two broken legs in a year previous, other than that Debuchy isn’t really that good going forward, he joins in, but isn’t particularly incisive and I’m not sure his stats would be that impressive.

    Likewise Serge Aurier, I mean Ebway was probably more impressive going forward and even at Galatasaray had more variation to his game, the hope is that Aurier would have Sagna’s athleticism aswell.

    Sagna’s main attribute was his athleticism and his defensive ability, he was ridiculously consistent, ‘Ridiculous’ is used far too often, but Sagna really was.

    You look at Mertesacker’s lack of pace or Arteta/Flamini, and there’s cause for worry if we bought any of these right-backs without improvement within the team, or in terms of signings in other areas.

    As much as Jenkinson’s maligned, his crossing is decent, and he’s a pretty powerful player, I think his size worked against him at right-back because his real weakness is dealing with smaller more mobile attackers.

  59. Thank you and goodnight

    Some people make me laugh. If fans are concerned about a players performances or their abilities, it seems these fans have no right to air they’re doubts as that makes them a troll. You are supposed to shut up stick your head up your arse and claim everything is ok and rosy in the garden of Wenger’s Arsenal. Pathetic.

  60. N5

    TYAG, you’ve got every right in the world mate, that’s what being a supporter is all about. I don’t like it when people wish that players would get broken legs or call them cunts because they’re not playing that well, but you have every right in the world to say you don’t think a player is very good.

  61. Hunter

    Nasris Mouth

    Well until it is confirmed on the Arsenal official web site that he is definately off our books I will believe it!Now I might of missed that particular bit of information so I would happily stand to be corrected.On the point of 10 year Anniverssary and would he miss it.Absolutely,these days footballers are driven by money not loyalty and he would miss out on a lovely little cash pile.I would love to think all footballers were more about loyalty but sadly that is not the case particuarly when you are talking about Premiership players!So NO its no joke but go on prove me wrong!

  62. Keyser

    N5 – I don’t think it is, it’s pretty unavoidable really, we watch players week in week out and we see every missed chance, every mistake, every mis-control and our love for Arsenal works against us because the frustration lingers, you carry emotional baggage with the players we already have, at the same time people would argue that’s a reason why we over-rate certain Arsenal players.

    RR – Following on from above, he’d still be leaving them this year, and last year I think his stats were probably helped with the added game-time and responsibility especially with Messi out and Neymar trying to adapt, he still made the same mistakes just with a greater margin for error.

    The other side is the given, moving to a stronger, more physically demanding league.

    Just wish people would temper their opinions now, to avoid the sort of shit Ozil’s getting now. Hopefully we sort the midfield out meaning there’s less pressure on our forward line.

  63. Thank you and goodnight

    Not according to some people on here though mate. It’s pathetic it really is. We all want our players to play well, 1 or 2 bad games or even a handful you can excuse, but if a player continually puts bad performances in, then I think fans have a right to say ” what the fuck”.
    As for Sanchez, I’ve never claimed him to be WC, but every time I’ve seen him play he seems a very good player and someone who will bolster the squad. Even if he starts the 1st 20 games on the bench, I would rather have Sanchez coming on as opposed to miyachi.

  64. Keyser

    TYAG – Lol you can air whatever you want, just if you’re talking shit, don’t start crying afterward.

    It’s like you with your Wenger/AKB bullshit, I don’t really give a shit what you write if you can back it up, more often than not you struggle to do that.

  65. Keyser

    N5 – It’s a given isn’t it, like Giroud, we’ve seen all his limitations, Benzema was shocking in the past two games, but it’s only two games, so people wave it off.

    I made the same points about Ozil, early on, or even before we signed him, you can see how little Ozil was pushed above his comfort zone there, and you can see the same for Benzema when he plays for the National side.

  66. N5

    Keyser, with that in mind, did you see Nasri’s Mouth’s post last night RE Ozil and if you look at him from a subjective viewpoint. I often wondered what people would think of certain players if they wasn’t wearing an Arsenal shirt.

    Nasri’s Mouth July 4, 2014 19:56:44


    1) didn’t have a pre-season
    2) moved team and country
    3) went from playing on average 63 mins to playing 83 mins per game (this is a good thing btw, as was the fact he was still going after 120 mins the other day)
    4) was missing players around him that would make most use of his talents
    5) wasn’t anywhere near as bad as some people make out
    6) doesn’t shout and point at players like Flamini, think about that

    Let’s move on

  67. Radio Raheem


    Suarez is a top player. He has flaws but still a top player. I and, perhaps, many others think so for what he has done in Europe the last 5 or 6 years. It seems to me Barca will be upgrading from Sanchez to Suarez. Judged on pure technical ability most will agree this is an upgrade. Both top players one more ‘top’ than the other (in barca’s eyes at least).

    Think most reasonable fans recognise that he’d need a period of adaptation. Coming to the PL via Spain I’d guess is better than doing so straight from Italy. Recent history of players coming over Spain transitioning to the PL has largely been successful.

  68. Marc

    I don’t know any supporters of other clubs who are so critical of their own players. We sign Sanchez and he’s going to be shit, I guarantee if Liverpool signed him he’d be great and we’d hear endless moaning about how ambitious Liverpool are.

  69. Thank you and goodnight

    But you struggle to back up 100% of what you say as most of what you right is irrelevant bullshit which has no bearing on the question first posed. It’s not just me saying it but 70% of thr posters on here think your full of shit and when they shoot you down you go crying off how the blog had changed. Your a wanna be know all who actually knows fuck all.

  70. Thank you and goodnight

    I used to think nasri’s mouth was full of crap and a rabid AKB. But over last month I realised I was wrong and i’m not averse to admitting it. He is actually very knowledgeable with his stuff and a very good poster and knows a lot more about footie than I gave him credit for or realised.

  71. Nasri's Mouth


    Players historically got testimonials because they weren’t paid to the level they are now. It was a way of making their future without football more secure.

    (unless of course you’re a Spurs player, http://angryofislington.com/2013/10/24/spurs-player-gets-a-testimonial-and-loses-money/)

    Therefore Djourou doesn’t need one, nor would anyone be interested in going to one or giving him one, so regardless of where he is next season, he won’t be getting one.

  72. Keyser

    TYAG – Go back to the Liverpool game at Anfield and read the shit you were coming out with, it’s Le Grove, of course anyone vaguely positive is going to get people disagreeing with them, I’ll be the first one to admit I’m a massively sad cunt, doesn’t exactly make your point any stronger does it ? Just hopefully makes you feel a little better about yourself, you’re still talking shit.

  73. Keyser

    RR – Ideally I think if Sanchez had lived up the hype they’d have kept him, but with the money invested in Neymar they probably feel he’s the easier option to release, Barcelona are pretty odd anyway, Fabregas, now Sanchez, you’d think they had money problems, for me they’ve bought an inferior player in Rakitic to Fabregas anyway, but a pretty significant upgrade in Suarez, plus whoever.

    I think Sanchez is in a similar position to Walcott, he’s had a lot of hype, not quite lived up to it, but at 25 ? he’s finally fulfilled some of that promise, I just hope people don’t expect too much from him.

    The Spanish side, I think the Premiership has been moving closer to the contiental game for years now, so it’s on an increasing scale for ease of adaptation, even then Monreal, Ozil, it’s still quite tough.

  74. Keyser

    TYAG – Lol yeah, still can’t argue your point can you, I’d say ‘Nice try’, but it’s not is it.

    New Post.

  75. Gregg

    Not sure about not living p to the hype, Sanchez never got a fair crack at the whip at Barcelona, constantly having to play second fiddle.

    In honesty he was probably their most productive player for the last 3rd of last season.

    he has great ability and is better than what we have. An absolute no brainer of a signing, should he be available. Still reckon he’s Juventus bound though

  76. Bamford13


    Well, if you’re right that Arsenal fans criticize their own players more than other clubs’ fans, then there are two possibilities: (i) Arsenal fans are, for reasons unknown, just a more critical bunch than others; or (ii) Wenger signs/relies upon a lot of second-tier players, decent players with significant limitations who can be gotten more cheaply than their more heralded and gifted counterparts elsewhere.

    I think it’s the latter.

  77. Bamford13


    “If we add Sanchez this summer how long do you guys think it’ll take before we mount a title challenge with our policy of one top player a summer? I reckon 2 seasons.”

    Good question. It’s reasonable to use last summer as a model for what to expect this summer and in summers going forward. So let me add one wrinkle to this: we spent 42.5m gross and 32.5m net last summer. We should incorporate that into our expectations as well. I’ve been saying this for a while: people point at Ozil as a sign of change, but fail to note that our other two signings — despite badly pressing needs — we’re freebies Sanogo and Flamini.

    So if we sign only one top player a summer and spend no more than 42.5 gross or 32.5 net, how will it take to challenge?

    A long time — perhaps an eternity.

    Indeed, if you stick to that monetary spend, I’d say we’ll be lucky to compete for a title in 4-5 years, because you won’t be able to sign decent players to accompany the top player. Bottom line: You must spend more than that, even if you do sign only one “top” player per summer.

    So how long would that take? Three years, minimum. To win the title, we need a top class DM, CF and WING player. With said policy, it will take three years to do. Given that other positions may require fixing as time goes by — Mert, for example, is only going to hold up so long — it could take even longer.

    On top of this, as long as Wenger is there, you have a manager who doesn’t really use tactics, which badly limits what the team can accomplish.