Two hot South Americans to join?

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Do the Wenger...

Do the Wenger…

So no real news on anything this morning. What I said in the morning hit the rest of the web later on, then found itself twisted, contorted and by the evening it was something totally different. I think all you need to know is Sanchez is a target, he wants in at Arsenal all that is left if for the club to agree a deal with Barca… which always comes with snags because they’re all about self interest.

Seems like they’re accepting now that Suarez will cost them £70m cash and that’s the hot rumour doing the rounds there.

What I do find interesting is that you now agree terms with the player before you speak to the club about a price. Hence the power of agent talk in the press. Quite often agents hawk clubs because the clubs don’t do it. You’re told to find a new club and that’s what your agent does. Sanchez was told he was surplus, we’ve spoken to his agent over the last 3 weeks, I suspect we’ve spoken to the player this week as he’s now out of the World Cup, now it’s all about hoping Dick Law and Arsene Wenger don’t conspire to royally mess the deal up.

… because let’s be honest, we’re kings of the failed number one target. Higuain, Mata and Suarez. However, it has to be noted that Dick Law is master of South America, he landed Gilberto for us, he speaks all the languages and he’s based in the Southern States in the US (easy access to the South Americas). I feel more confident of us landing South American targets than European ones.

Sanchez is realistic, we have better players at Arsenal now which makes us more attractive and I think he’ll look at the potential we have over anything. We’re like a goal creation machine… we just need a hero to finish them off!

Sanchez my friends, is that hero…

… but, as with anything, don’t piss your pants and throw angry words at me if it goes wrong. Buying players is like buying expensive houses in London, there’s always a rich Arab waiting to snatch your dream away from you.

LEAVE IT SHEIKH MAKTOUM, yeah? Just fucking leave it…

Do the Wenger...

Do the Wenger…

One player clawing at he chance to join arsenal is Porto speed demon Jackson Martinez. I know he’s based in Portugal and he’d be a risk, but I think he’s a very good player. Pace and power and a brilliant finish. Add him to our front line and you’ve get a pretty exceptional chance of out scoring most teams next season.

“My agent is taking care of my future, right now I’m at the World Cup and only after the World Cup I’ll evaluate proposals.

“As a child I cheered for Arsenal, they play a game that suits me. If I had the occasion to play there, I would say yes.”

… and he’s an Arsenal fan? Could be magic. I love Colombia, mainly because I can spell it, and I love their players. Which leads me to believe we need some of that Colombian spirit in the Arsenal dressing room. Mix up the nations a bit, mix the German grit, with the French sexiness with the South American flair… and we’re rolling!

Also, whilst we’re at it… here’s a flipping great transfer strategy. COPY PORTO. They have the BEST scouting network in the world bar none. Do they ever signs a dud? Even when they do, they flog them for £20m. Who is their chief scout?

I can’t find him… he’s not on LinkedIn, he might not even exist. This excerpt from France Football is interesting. Porto general director Antonio Henrique had this to say on their success…

“Porto’s success rests on three assumptions: recruitment, development and yield,”

“Recruitment links with scouting, development is linked with training and productivity is linked with the performance of the player in the first team.

“Most players are young when they come to our club and end up being in training permanently.”

“We work with 250 scouts around the world in countries that make sense for football, because we will not send anyone to Bangladesh.

“We have internal and external scouts, which are divided into several levels of observation, which allows a player to be viewed by several people.

“They work with a shadow team, which is a set of players who are identified from various leagues, who are capable of being hired by Porto.”

That is interesting. What’s our approach? How do we integrate all elements? Could we learn from Porto, because they churn out so much exceptional talent it makes you wonder why we’re not looking to shake up our outrageously inconsistent scouting department as well as the fitness guys.

So below we have a pretty good leak of the two away kits. My Gooner pal at work thinks the blue kit is  a bit grim… I think it’s quite nice, however, it has to be said, I liked the purple kit last year.

I think we can all agree though, the yellow kit is pretty special. I LOVE the hooped socks. They look super smart.

On a marketing front, you have to say that the Puma leaks are quite embarrassing. Well, they’re quite emabarrassing, or very smart… let the people do the kit launch and build the hype?

Seems a bit pointless, I’d have thought the brand would want to own the launch in its entirety? (Kits from

Right, that’s me done. Remember, doing the Wenger in your office in front of everyone is the right thing to do… send your pictures to my Twitter account if you can get a snap before you’re thrown out the building by HR.


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  1. Samir

    Apparently – Atletico Madrid has agreed a €18m offer with Bayern Munich for striker Mario Mandzukic.

  2. MidwestGun

    Altho, I’m less than crazy about Debuchy, and Theo is questionable injury wise also. Sanchez would have to track back and defend, too. But really I’m about any lineup not including Giroud. Lol.

  3. Phil

    I cannot wait to come on here pre season kick off and laugh out fucking loud at the mentions of footballers arsenal will buy …grow up you fucking kids with your sticker are grown men ffs

  4. Mayank

    “Apparently – Atletico Madrid has agreed a €18m offer with Bayern Munich for striker Mario Mandzukic.”

    Kind of disappointed I was excited about which striker they’d pluck out of thin air this time. Although Mandjukic can be great.

  5. MidwestGun

    Phil –
    Your telling people to grow up after calling people fucking dildos?
    Ironic, I haven’t used that term since I was 13. You gonna call us poopy heads, next?

  6. MidwestGun

    So we are potentially bringing in Khedira, Ozil’s close friend. And Debuchy, Giroud’s best buddy. Doesn’t seem coincidental if that happens. Not sure if that’s a good thing.
    Good- Promote team unity and confidence. And they are decent players in positions of need.
    Or bad if we are settling because of their friendship and it’s an easy transfer sell.

  7. Bamford13


    What a cheery fellow you are. Why it’s childish, though, to discuss great footballers and how they might fit in at Arsenal or what we might look like if we signed this or that player, you never ezplain.

    Most people who love football love doing this kind of thing. They can do it for hours and hours. Players, systems, formations, tactics. Hours and hours.

    If you actually read my posts carefully you’d see that I never put much weight on our signing this or that player, and I also never have us signing more than one top drawer player at a time. I just like thinking about players, line-ups, combinations, formations, tactics.

    Does this make me childish? Don’t be ridiculous. It simply makes me someone who loves football.

    I suspect that you, in contrast. are the type who doesn’t really love football. You have loyalty to a club, but that’s not the same as loving football. You watch all of the games, but you care mostly about results alone, not about the football itself. And in the end, for you, it’s more about loyalty to a club than it is about love of a game.

    You also seem to be a supremely unhappy and unpleasant person. Maybe you should speak with someone.

  8. Bamford13

    Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo reporting that we’ve bid £24m for Khedira. Who knows about the credibility.

    Honestly, if Khedira could be disciplined and play a holding role, I’m not sure this would be that bad.



  9. MidwestGun

    Khedira if he could help unlock Ozil’s ability and confidence might be great. But I’m worried he is better in an attacking role and his injury history is worrying considering AW’s history with injuries.

  10. Moray

    I’m not sure Khedira is what we need. It reeks of Wenger opportunism. Surely we could buy someone like Carvalho instead at around the same price? We have enough of these box to box guys, though were Wenger to sell on Arteta and the Flamster, I could certainly see a space opening up for Khedira.

    I don’t really care if Ozil has his friends round him or not. It didn;t help us hold on to Flamini and Fabregas. All footballers care about really nowadays is the money money money.

  11. Moray

    Midwest, Wenger used to buy perfectly fit young men and run them into the ground. I think his MO has changed slightly. He now looks to buy cripples and injury cases directly. So Khedira would fit the profile nicely.

  12. Cescy

    Sanchez khedira debuchy and a good gk will make us thick. J’aime déjà la proposition. On peut ajouter campbell aussi et on peut être très content.

  13. Caleb

    I’m optimistic we gonna land a big fish before the start of new season, the south Americans will do most expecially the Colombia just like you mentioned. Jackson Martinez is a huge talent that will blow up later if we can snap him and Alexi Sanches of cause we know will add dept,pace and urgency to out frontline (Jacson,walcott,sanchez,podi, sexy-Giroud with support from Ozil,chambo,santi,Rambo and Jack) more so will strike fear in ANY opponent will face.
    Then we need a RB(Debuchy or Aurrie) them a DM , we’ll be good to go.
    we can not fail next year again. we go up up we go guys.


  14. wenker-wanger

    is this window for transfers going to be any different from the incredibly deflating windows that have severely pissed off all optimistic arsenal fans everywhere?????
    I see no reason to expect world-class players being seriously sought after by wenger. Sure if they are cut-price and chelsea and city dont want them, then its a possibility. My advice is: treat these fabulous speculative rumours like your hopes on winning the lottery, you dont really expect to win it, but there is always a chance.

  15. Gregg

    Higuain situation is different. Madrid changed the goal posts and added another £10m to the asking price on Higuain, we then thought add another £6m would get us Suarez, so we changed focus.

  16. Leedsgunner

    The red tops must love us — constant source of so-called football gossip without having to back it up.

    Football Journalism 101

    Arsenal is after [Insert world class player][unproven player no one has ever heard of… for sheen of credibility call them a “starlet”] sources close to the player can “confirm.”

    *Good all year round inside and outside the transfer window.

  17. Pistolpete

    Honestly do you think wenger is going to spend 50-60million, no chance. He will not get Sanchez, becasue the philosophy of both chelsea & man united are to buy players others are interested in. Chelsea are the biggest players in this game. How many players does chelsea need? Anyway, what is mr wenger doing while everyone else is buying up players, Arsene is flipping getting a sun tan. Is this guy for real? Remy for 8 mill & a right back and thats it. No Chance of spending big, sanchez…… to slow, bid to low, others willing to pay more, sanchez goes to someone else. Why are arsenal so slow in the transfer market. Please explain

  18. Gregg

    Sorry mate, I don’t know anything, however the website is going overboard on the new Puma deal. My hunch is that the kit launch is next Thursday and that may be the earliest time that any signings are revealed. Maximum impact for the new sponsor etc !

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Suarez wants the move. No doubt it was agreed before he signed his new deal that if Barca came in Liverpool would agree to sell

  20. Gregg


    It’s difficult for Liverpool to keep carrying a guy that’s suspended for a quarter of their last three seasons. The brand suffers aswell.

    Ironically his going to Barcelona is quite apt. One deplorable player going to a classless club. The whole outpouring of an apology, followed by Barcelona’s director praising him for being humble enough to apologise, stinks to high heaven.

  21. Ashwin Gunner

    Liverpool dont want to lose a player till october end. In PL if you dont start well, then you are almost certain to lose the title.. They want to have a WC striker when they start the campaing..

    For Barca, They already have very good strikers. they dont care if Suarez comes and joins them late. and more over. With Barca , Suarez has more chances of overturing his current punishment. Its a win win situation for all the three parties..

  22. Ashwin Gunner


    IMO. Barca and RM are no different. They both are bastards. And Barca doesnt want Sanchez to goto Arsenal. They may very well move the posts and make it more suitable for Liverpool

  23. Alfie


    “Liverpool dont want to lose a player till october end. In PL if you dont start well, then you are almost certain to lose the title.. They want to have a WC striker when they start the campaing.. ”

    Isnt that EXACTLY what happened last year though and it turned out ok for them??

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    If Barca have decided to sell Sanchez, then he’s just an asset to them, they wont care where he goes.

  25. Nasri's Mouth


    He wont be back till November, and he wont have trained with a ball to any extent. I’d imagine he’ll be pretty rusty.

    Still, if he wasn’t pushing for a move and it was his 3rd offence, LFC might have stood by him. Clearly they’re happy to discuss selling him though

  26. MadeToLoveMagic

    its woudnt have been agfreed when suarez signe hid new contract that if a certain team came in the had to sell,, hahah bollox 😀

    there would have been a champions league clause but thts it i reckon

    i think its the bite,

    theres no way pool would go through what they went through last summer just to sell him a year later, ,, imo anyway

  27. Gregg

    Last year they didn’t have CL football and were fortunate Sturridge remained injury free during Suarez absence. You cant bank on that happening every season, and with Suarez’ record, it will be every season.

  28. Alfie

    NM –

    Agreed. I think the whole ‘cant train with any first team (and second??) will make him rusty through to maybe January.

    Off subject – Paddy Power at 12-1 for Colombia win tonight has gotta be worth a £20 surely??

  29. Gregg

    So presuming he goes to Barcelona, which looks certain. You think they will abide by any Fifa sanction, cant train etc?. That’s a laugh tbh.

  30. Radio Raheem

    Just heard a senior FIFA official say Suarez is allowed to train in pre-season. I think we all know Suarez’ ban will be reduced. I reckon he’ll play his first match in September for barca.

    £70m seems to be his buy-out clause but ‘pool looking to get more.

  31. Jordan

    Sanchez is not and never will be a striker, whether he would be better than Giroud there while adapting to a new league is debatable though.
    I hope your optimism is rewarded come the 1st of September.