Low bid rumours untrue

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How’s it going people?


All this extra time wearing you out?

Me too…

I’m getting slightly bored of amazing 0-0 games. Let’s move it up a gear for the quarters, yeah?

So it’s done. Bye, bye USA. They took a battering last night despite managing to push the game to extra time. They floundered in the end. Tim Howard was a total hero the whole way through. What a performance. He really was excellent.

The Switzerland game also went to Extra time. Di Maria to the rescue.

So, that’s it, it’s buinsess time. All the best teams are through, hopefully we see a few more goals in this round.

The main attraction is Colombia vs Brazil. An incredibly tantalising prospect. Two of the best players in the tournament hacking it out to be the main man.

Rodrigues, a frighteningly talented, extrememly left footed traditional number 10 up against the right footed Neymar who is normally more of a wide player. Having engrossed myself in both players over the last week, it’s quite difficult to compare the two… which is what everyone else is trying to do.

Neymar is outrageously ‘football’. He’s your McDonald’s advert when you were a kid. He has the tricks, he has the outrageous turn of pace, but he has the key Brazilian asset all the greats have… Magic. He doesn’t play by the rules when he’s on fire, he makes them up. A lesser version of Ronaldinho.

Rodrigues is outrageously left footed which makes you wonder what would happen if someone forced him more down his right. It doesn’t matter though, he can do absolutely anything with that left foot, which makes him even more spectacular. He picks the ball up deep, sprays visionary passes, but he’s most devastating in and around the box. He has that Cesc like sense when making perfectly times runs and his ability to sniff out space and devastate is quite amazing. Well, at least in this World Cup, I think what’s crazy about both players is they have a fairly uninteresting first season at their new clubs.

Neymar melted into the background with 9 or so goals, Rodrigues managed about 12 and the same amount of assists.

… and this is it. Rodrigues looks like a £100m player right now. He has it all. A club like Madrid is either going to make him a great signing in him, or they’re going to be disappointed. Well, disappointed he can’t be Messi every week. Neymar, again, has already gone for the big bucks, but can he translate his international form, which is crazy good, into domestic form?

Who knows, for I don’t care, they’re both dragging their coutnries through at the moment and this Friday’s game is going to be exceptional. A quite dogged Brazil team that doesn’t match up to the great teams of the past versus a quite spectacular Colomobia side that is blowing all away in front of it!


There are stories that Arsenal have bid £19m for Sanchez this morning and Barca want £24m. As far as I’m aware, that’s wrong on both counts. They want £30m and that’s what we’re going to pay. I really wouldn’t worry about us screwing this one. New Arsenal spunked out £43m on Ozil at the last minute. Wenger really wants Sanchez, the player is a superstar, I highly doubt we’re going to risk a gazumping like we did last year with Higuain.

Fear not, it’s just paper nonsense.

I also forgot to put the press release for the new kit on here yesterday.

We’re with Puma.


Some angst amongst the fan base because the badge is an iron on style one over the traditional embroidered Nike offering. I must admit, the only concern I have about the shirt is that it doesn’t have a premium feel about it. I haven’t seen it up close, so can’t really judge. However, I like the bright red, I like that it’s skin right and I like the fact it’s a change. Puma can’t afford to not make this work. Hopefully they’ll utilise our sponsorship better than Nike did.

… but once again, if you’re an adult and you’re bitching about the badge or the tightness of the shirt… have a word with yourself. You’re an adult. Football shirts are for kids. You shouldn’t be wearing it. If it’s skin tight, that’s because it’s for athletes. Not people who consider a walked 5k fun run a serious cardio workout.

In other news, I’m doing something for Bloomberg later, they have Sol Campbell in on Friday, if you have any sensible questions for one of the best centre backs we’ve had, ask them on Twitter against the #AskSolCampbell.

Have an excellent Wednesday!

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  1. Samir

    If you don’t win it you won’t be remembered.

    We have the best football league in the world. That is what matters.

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    I just find it funny that you try to shoehorn Ramsey into a position that doesn’t suit him, then you don’t play Walcott who if fit is pretty much a guaranteed starter for us, and is a highly effective player, and then you put in Podolski over Cazorla, which is pretty unlikely, and then you persist in putting in Benzema as your striker when its currently a lot more likely that we’re bringing in Sanchez, not Benzema, so it kinda seems a pointless exercise.

  3. WengerEagle

    Is there any truth in the Falcao going to Monaco mutterings?

    Would open up the door to sign Benz.

    Benzema and Ozil together in the BPL would be devastating.

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    Sanchez is probably our marquee striker. With Giroud, Campbell and Sanogo, I can’t see us bringing in Sanchez AND another striker.

    Maybe we will, but then, with the number of players we have, we’d have to move on someone IE Cazorla / Podolski.

  5. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Not sure, I just popped on here myself to see what was cooking. Apparently not much. Altho Pedro seems ridiculously over confident. Lol.

  6. Samir

    Not too keen on Benzema…But there really is a lack of talent out there for the ST position.

    Anyone is better than Giroud – he just doesn’t fit out style.

  7. Rockypires

    That’s interesting abate being linked to psg. Maybe the airier deal is t dead yet.
    Abate if available is real solid option. Bit of dirty bastard too adds steel like Lauren did. He’s not the very best going forward but is rock solid in defence.

    If we spend
    30 on Sanchez
    25 on cdm
    12 on debauchee or aurier
    Get van buyten on free for cb cover
    Add senior to like pennants au or the likes at 3 million the. I would be happy out.

  8. Bamford13


    For a pointless exercise, you sure have spent a lot of time on it. I have an idea. How about you not comment on my posts anymore? You don’t seem to get much out of them. I’m not sure I read yours, so I’m not offended if you don’t read mine.

    As for Ramsey, it is your OPINION that he wouldn’t make a good CAM. Not a fact. Further, I wasn’t proposing this FOR NO REASON but because I think running him there might allow us to move other pieces around in such a way that we could realistically have a top class side next year. Unlike those who have us signing four or five class players, which is never going to happen.

    My proposal had us signing three class players (Benzema, Debuchy, Bender) and having a pretty classy starting XI. Why don’t you show me your preferred starting XI next year which allows for only three (reasonable) additions?

    As for Walcott, I don’t like him as a player, so I have no interest in drawing up a pleasing starting XI next year that includes him in it. That odds say he will be in the starting XI is irrelevant. Odds are that Giroud will be our starting CF but I simply refuse to insert him into one of my XI’s out of good taste.

    As for Benzema, my entire line of commenting is based on the story being sourced in several reputable papers that Falcao is headed to Madrid, which means, as I pointed out, that Benzema may be a spare part. My point was that if he DOES become available, I for one would love him. Indeed I like him more than Sanchez. You don’t have to agree. That’s the great thing about opinions. You have yours. I have mine.

    As for the Sanchez stories, why you think one should place any more credence in them — or in him coming to AFC — is beyond me. He might. He might not.

    I’m just brainstorming here. I find it fun. If you don’t like my posts, please kindly ignore them.

    Otherwise, you’re simply making yourself annoying. Weren’t you bothering me the other day?

    Leave me alone, mate.

  9. Byo

    For those who laugh at US footbal acumen/fans, some facts:

    The US fans bought the most tickets of foreign fans in Brazil.
    The US went further than England in the WC.
    We don’t fret over athletes’ pay in the US. We agree they earn what the free market can bear. Otherwise the money ends up in the pockets of some suit.
    It seems British fans always preface any article about a footballer with how much money they make, or what they were bought for.

    Just some perspective.

  10. Rockypires

    Ya I agree 100% nasri if we get alexi there will be no other top top striker. It will be Campbell Walcott giroud pods and sanogo to pick from with alexi.

    Maybe remy at a push but no mario I would think

  11. Bamford13

    You see, Mouth, WengerEagle is interested in talking about the Falcao story and Benzema implications as well.

    That was the line of commentary that I was developing. Again, ignore those lines of commentary that are not of interest to you.

    And please stop bothering me.

  12. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    MarkoJuly 2, 2014 20:31:43
    If you’re lost on a movie give that new Fargo tv series a goo. I thought it was brilliant


    I’m hearing that this Fargo is a decent watch

  13. daniel

    @bamford 13
    how do you prove benzema is twice the striker giroud is?I don’t like giroud and he is not as versatile or even skillful as benzema but if you consider the fact that giroud is still adjusting to the vol and also that benzema has better suppliers than they are likely more closer than you think.last season benzema had 24 goals and 16assists, playing with di Maria and modric and Ronaldo,giroud had 22goals and 12 assists playing half the time with Ramsey and an adjusting ozil, a carzola that was sub par,an aging arteta and an I’ll disciplined wilshere.benzema is slightly better and we need some thing better.there is no big deal about the guy.he is just on fire at the world cup may go the next 5 months without an international goal.no wonder he was being benched by giroud early this year.

  14. Bamford13


    By watching the two, mate.

    Benzema is a fantastic footballer; Giroud is … meh.

    It’s funny to me that among Arsenal fans a simple statement — like ‘Benzema is twice the player Giroud is’ — is greeted (by some) with skepticism, whereas this claim would simply be taken for granted by nearly all serious football observers of any other club or country.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford13: For a pointless exercise, you sure have spent a lot of time on it

    hey I was trying to stop you wasting your time.

    Bamford13: As for Ramsey, it is your OPINION that he wouldn’t make a good CAM

    Not quite, it’s my opinion that he’s a better B2B than a CAM. And it’s probably pretty much everyone else’s opinion too.

    Bamford13: As for the Sanchez stories, why you think one should place any more credence in them — or in him coming to AFC — is beyond me.

    Beyond you? Really ? So you’re ignoring what Pedro says, what the media are saying and what the bookies are saying then?

    Hmm, I’d guess most people who have actually watched Ramsey would say his best position is B2B. Certainly on here it wasn’t just me who thought that.

  16. N'Gambo

    Samir – what a jerk – so England the perennial losers won’t be remembered then.

    And you totally miss the point of my post – it’s that they WOULD HAVE BEEN THE WINNERS IF THE BALL HAD GONE IN, BUT WOULD HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED BY A BAD LINE CALL.

    You’re a jerk. Shut up.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I just wanna go into a season where we don’t shit our pants at the first sign of a decent side. And maybe, for the first time in a long while decent sides fear playing us.

    But to do that we’ll need to add pace and strength to this side, and a commanding CDM.

    My aim if I was Arsenal would be to be a better BvB, a halfway house between the German galaticos of Munich and BvB who work with a small budget and wage bill than us.

  18. Bamford13

    Great, Mouth.

    How about you simply ignore my posts going forward? I don’t find you a particularly enjoyable person to discuss things with, and I’m not terribly interested in your opinions.

    Cool? Awesome. Thanks for that.

  19. Jim Lahey

    @MTLM – If you haven’t seen it before City of God is amazing, Bamford suggested Four Lions which is a great dark comedy. Some good movies out of Ireland are The Guard and Calvary both worth a watch at some point.

  20. Nasri's Mouth


    You don’t really understand the point of this type of site do you?

    If you post something (esp. when you post something dumb) people are likely to pick you up on it.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    I have just looked at Arsenal’s website and as a point of interest Djourou has now been listed as having returned to the squad.

    I thought that Hamburg had agreed to exercise their option to buy him. Does this mean that has not happened and that we have now a full complement of centre backs?

    What do others think about him staying at club after his recent performances
    playing for Switzerland?

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I for one am pleased that the yanks have had a good World Cup

    I hope football really kicks in over there

    Football needs it

    I m sure those lovely chaps a FIFA wild welcome more revenue

  23. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Well said. Any side starting Sanogoal or Giroud, and Arteta or Flamini have a long way to go in the ” Fear Factor” department. I’m thinking add Debuchy or Jenkinson to that list.

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    I think it’s the website not up to speed.

    (though he’s done ok for the swiss)

  25. Bamford13


    I’ve been reading (and posting on) Le Grove for quite some time now. I think I understand how it works. Thanks.

    Some of us ignore the posts of certain other posters. Some of us agree to disagree. Some of us agree to not comment on one another’s posts because doing so ends up going nowhere or devolving or spoiling one’s mood.

    I find your comments annoying. I’m simply asking that you ignore my posts or not comment on them, and I will in turn agree not to comment on yours. Is that such a big ask? No, it’s not.

    It’s a perfectly reasonable request. Thanks again.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc / Midwestgun

    Even if we sign the right players, if we don’t get the tactics right, we’re still going to lose big games

  27. MidwestGun

    To me losing Sagna and replacing with a Debuchy just weakened 2 more positions RB and backup CB. Not to mention I think Sagna even played LB a couple times.

  28. Cesc Appeal



    Munich come to town and they’ve got Sanogo starting against them, probably started putting their kit back in their bags and saying “worry we seem to be in the wrong place.”

    Neville and Scholes were talking about the hardest team they’ve ever played, and they said the Invincible’s. Because they were a team of multi-talents. All of them could play ball, you had the really special magicians obviously, when you had utter world class players, and players who were athletic monsters, speedsters and ALL of them wouldn’t mind being ragged into a fight.

    If you’re opposition of ours last season you’d look and say, slow, small and weak, they don’t have a Plan B, let’s go at them.

    I want an opposition manager to look at our side and think “shit, the threat literally comes from all over the place. Like the old days.”

  29. Bamford13

    That’s funny. ‘City of God’ was one of the next on my list, but I wanted to keep it to ten. A good movie.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Won’t find me arguing against that.

    But we’ve got the same bloke doing tactics now as we did when teams use to shit their pants coming to Arsenal or even when Arsenal came to town.

  31. Bamford13

    Nah Midwest, Debuchy is not inferior to Sagna. Sagna may be bit better 1v1 defensively, but Debuchy is better on the ball and better going forward. It may be a wash, but I don’t think Debuchy is a step down.

  32. MidwestGun

    NM –
    Well if we start to get into defensive shape and tactical setup then that’s another discussion. Lol.

    Not a fan of Wenger’s version of total football.

  33. Marko

    Also hearing good stuff about Silicon valley too. Really a golden age in tv the quality is amazing.

    Also on city of God if there’s lads who liked that give the mini series city of men a watch. Same tone andwhat not of the movie is pretty great too. Shot over a few years so the actors were growing with their characters.

  34. Nasri's Mouth


    You see, you don’t know how this works. By all means don’t reply to me, but I’m completely free to respond to your posts.

    Sorry if that pisses you off.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Fingers crossed.

    We already have the base of a very good side, we need key additions though, HAS to get that right and we could be away.

  36. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Ok, I’ll give you perhaps equal. But I was hoping for a speed, youth, crossing and shooting ability upgrade. And at least Sagna was versatile.

  37. Marko

    Also I can’t be the only one who still thinks it’s Aurier and not Debuchy who’ll be the right back signing.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    There seem to be quite a few sites and journalists and what have you that think it’s nailed down, announcement after WC.

  39. Rockypires

    I like jd20 and always have and if he stays the. Great fine for cover for per and kos. If he gets confident and adds aggression then he is a quality defender.

    Hard to see him staying but maybe

  40. Byo

    The club-side I support(and crazy about) is not based on nationality.
    And I have been supporting Arsenal before you were born(I will guess), since my university years in England, since my father turned me on to Arsenal!

    The US is my national team. And we are not as fatalistic as England fans, neither do we have a sense of entitlement. We just work hard, in spite of our limitations.

    If you read my comment(assuming you can read)……

  41. kwik fit

    indykaila News ‏@indykaila 1m
    We can confirm that Alexis Sánchez has NOT agreed personal terms with Arsenal. @GuillemBalague has had too many sangrias tonight.

    You got to love Indykaila 🙂

  42. daniel

    when you compare players do so based on statistics, if I say Walcott is better than Sanchez which am right about.i will give you a why based on their contribution over a period of at least 2seasons.most people including you just compare players based on your last memory of how they played.if you tell me benzema is a world class st then giroud too is.as for me based on evidence on ground giroud is not too far from giroud and both are just good strikers.benzema just slightly ahead.8 when people like you turn him to something far better than he actually is.costa is far better any day any time.

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    He’s not as bad as he’s made out to be to be fair to him, bad performances at full back taunted him. But I’m pretty sure he’s gone.

  44. Marko

    CA Debuchy? I doubt we’d haggle with Toulouse for between 8-10 million and then go for Debuchy for what 12? I d say Aurier is on his holidays and afterwards something will be sorted. We’ve spoken to him or his agent and have apparently spoken to Toulouse but haven’t agreed a fee my guess is sloppy reports on Debuchy might be us trying to get Aurier as a bargain. That’s what I’m hoping for for sure anyway.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik fit

    I don’t follow him but I see him retweeted a bit, seems he’s found a sense of humour.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Well maybe, but it seems that Aurier’s stock is only rising. Might end up being a £10-15 Million player.

    Again as well he’s 21, I think Wenger has an eye on Bellerin who lots of people at the club rave about. Sure as shit hope Debuchy isn’t out of consideration for Jenkinson.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Hope so.

    Like Eddie Murphy says: “You know when you trying to flush a shit away, and then you think it’s all gone but then that one little chunk comes back?!!…What does that chunk want??!!”

  48. MidwestGun

    Hahaha. I’m not a fan of recycling players. I think once they are gone, their heads not in the Arsenal game anymore. And usually they just end up reminding us why they left in the first place.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Mind you we’d have Bambi on ice up one end with Sanogo and another in defence with Djourou. Fans would get there money’s worth with falling over slapstick action.

  50. N'Gambo

    Djourou is like a new signing!And he’s even worse than he was before!

    What did the commentator say ‘ one minute he’s dong alright, the next he looks like he’s never played the game before’.

    There’ s only one Arsene Wenger.

  51. salparadisenyc

    Guardian claiming Barca bid £70m cash for Suarez.
    Thats not £70,000,001.00… but an even 70.

  52. blsany

    Bumford has to be the biggest bully and stupidest person. How can you not rate Wally?Most teams would love to have him just for his pace let alone his assists.

  53. salparadisenyc


    “Thank you very much”.. i’d imagine.
    Never saw him going to squeaky clean Barca.. with Messi.

    Rodgers going to turn that cash influx around quicker that you can down a 12oz’er of PBR streetgang.

  54. london gunner

    Lol Bamford

    There is a reason no is agreeing with you because its fantasy you want to take the best box to box midfield last year and play them as CAM you then want to put one of the players who has an insanely high loss of possession rate jack in the box to box role? Despite bombing there on near every opportunity

    Lol its funny you will include jack wilshere in the starting 11 despite all the evidence showing his been awful for an age

    Yet walcott is not good enough but jack is?

    The same walcott over two seasons whose out scored sanchez pedro and di maria

    the same walcott whose out assisted sanchez pedro and is nearly level with di maria

    “Goals /game
    Walcott (.41)>sanchez(.31)>pedro(.21)>dimaria(.19)
    Assist /game
    Total contribution /game
    Walcott (.79)>>>di maria(.61)>>sanchez(.52)>pedro(.51).”

    AND STATS do matter its like trying to argue that a player whose scores tons of goals and provides assists isn’t important, its just really really dumb

    None of your arguments are based on the slightest bit of evidence or proof but just pure fantasy

    You say if Ozil is CAM we will need to buy 4 or 5 new players WHAT?

    If ozil is CAM then we will need sanchez

    If Ramsey was CAM then we would need a b2b like pogba

    either way its the same rough outlay

    I am actually sick and tired of fans like you slagging of Walcott despite all he contributes and then you want to place oz granted a potential talent but who has never been prolofic in front of goal or even at assisting goals instead of walcott

    You are a MOTD fan a highlight watcher you want a player who does 4 or 5 stepovers

    Walcott is limited no doubt but his also extremely good at what does aka proving goals and assists and yet you want podolski whose probably one of the most limited attacking players whose basically got no movement, no work ethic and no understanding with the rest of the team whose only got one attribute a cannon of a left foot over a regular provide in walcott

    Your arguments are simply a disaster

  55. Leedsgunner

    12 years a slave — a movie people should watch to educate oneself but be warned it is 12 years worth of misery…

    Antidote? Watch something ridiculous… My personal favourites in this genre are “There’s something about Mary” or “Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag.” Insanely hilarious!

  56. london gunner

    Inzagi and Raul were limited player all they had was movement and finishing

    They couldn’t pass or dribble for shit

    Did that matter? NO because they had the end product that meant victory

    Walcott is limited I would never argue his a better footballer than some others in europe but i could argue his more effective and at the end of the day end product is all that matters.

    It doesn’t matter how you score the goal its just matters the ball ending up in the back of the net

    Most of drogba’s goals were ugly and scrappy (though they did have moments of genius invention/adaptation)

    I also don’t understand the hypocrites who place Jack wilshere on pedestal saying he should be first 11? Yet they will constantly bash Walcott whose contributed far more to the team.

    It wasn’t JW performances and end product that got us 4th place the season before last was it? Perphaps Walcotss 18 goals in the league had a bearing?

    Nope lets just bash the hell out of him.

  57. Marko

    Leeds when I seen 12 years in the cinema my mate said to me it’s a great film you never want to see again. Perfectly summed it up

  58. Nasri's Mouth


    Actually watched ‘something about Mary’ the other day. My other half had never seen it!

  59. Leedsgunner


    I so agree about Matt Dillon — he is very versatile — very dark actually. Great in comedy equally at home in dramatic roles.

    Commiserations for the USA I was rooting for you guys all the way!

  60. MidwestGun

    Thanks, I’m still a little bummed. Or maybe it’s the hangover. But it’s just because we had so many chances at the end. The more talented team won, probably the best for the tournament. But I was proud of the effort.

    Apparently, Tim Howard is going to be put on the one dollar bill to save it from becoming extinct.

  61. neil

    I mentioned Remy as a Arsenal target, someone was up in arms saying we haven’t signed him yet, true, but you could substitute any player for the name Remy that would cost in the region of 8-15 million quid, that was the point I was making, but that seemed to go over most peoples heads

    If you want to see the best horror movie, take a look at AFC, 2005-1013, starring Arsene Wenger, he wrote, produced, directed, and had a hand in the cinematography, they say he had a hand in the costumes as well

    It is a movie where from the start, nothing changes, it meanders along at the same pace, boring you to tears, promising you so much, but delivering very little, it does pick up at the end of the show, when, just before you fall asleep, Arsene shows us a couple of tricks, first he beats Wigan after extra time to make the final, then to top it off, he beats Hull, after extra time, putting the viewer through moments of torture, he must have studied under Hitchcock, pure brilliance, suspense at it’s finest

    And all this on a shoestring budget, never spending more than needed, always hunting for the bargains

    Now Thomas mentioned No Country for Old Men, that should be compulsory viewing for managers over the age of 63, it should be adopted by the FA as the standard of why these old fucking tired stale out of date useless managers should never be in charge of anything

  62. neil

    If they can bring Suarez to account, after the fact, why cannot these weak bastards who run the game bring Robben to account for his brazenly self admitted cheating, the rulers of the game ACCEPT CHEATING, Robben is proof of this. what a fucked up organisation FIFA is, they use video evidence to ban Suarez, they use video evidence to see if a goal was scored, but they refuse to use it to ban a ugly bald grub like Robben, what the fuck is wrong with our game, run by cunts who are motivated only by MONEY

  63. Bamford13

    For those two or three of you who continue to try to pillory me for a few things I’ve said—

    Let’s start with Walcott.

    First, I never said I didn’t “rate” him; I said I don’t like him. He’s not my kind of player. Why? Because he’s not very skillful. He’s not a great dribbler, is bad in close spaces, gives the ball away a lot and isn’t very creative or clever. Do you disagree with this assessment? I don’t know how you could. He just isn’t these things. He’s fast, he crosses and he finishes fairly well. That’s it.

    Is he effective nonetheless? Sure. But he’s no Robert Pires. He may (even) have better numbers than a Pires — that doesn’t mean I have to like him as a player. I don’t. He’s not my type. I like skillful, creative, clever, artistic players. Walcott is simply none of those things.

    You say my view of Walcott is indefensible, silly, offensive. That’s funny, because there are plenty of folks on here who agree with my view.

    What do you geniuses think gambon says about Walcott? Pretty much exactly what I’m saying. Why don’t you guys go bully him? Because you only have the courage to pick on me. (And in truth, probably because I’m American. I honestly think that’s the subtext here.)

    And as for what the stats tell you, they only tell you so much. For one thing, in addition to the stats you’ve pointed out, you need to look at pass completion percentage, number of passes completed, number of dribbles, etc. These and other stats will better show Walcott’s deficiencies.

    Secondly, though, as one of you pointed out, according to goal/assist stats alone, Walcott looks a better player than Sanchez and a number of other very good players.

    Are you under the impression that Walcott is a better player than Sanchez? Please. To ask the question is to answer it. He is not. Not a single club in the world thinks so, for good reason. So if according to those two stats alone Walcott looks superior to Sanchez, obviously those stats don’t tell the whole story. Right? Right. Stats alone do not tell the whole story.

    And this has nothing to do with highlights, London. Yes, I do care about beautiful, classy football as much as I do results — note that the Invincibles are praised as much for the quality of their play, the artistry of their play, as for their results — but so do most people who love Arsenal. Arsenal today are associated with beautiful, technical football, even if we don’t always play it.

    With all due respect to his talents, Walcott isn’t an elegant or creative footballer. He’s a “route one” player: he has pace, he gets balls in behind, he scores goals.

    And that’s fine. But I don’t have to be enamored of him. Sorry.

    What other nonsense did you clowns spew? I can’t even remember at the moment. I’ll deal with your other absurdities another time.

    Oh, I know, the Ramsey thing. This was a mere suggestion on my part, which I simply threw out there as an idea. I wasn’t making some grand stand on the point. I was simply saying that I think Ramsey could be an effective CAM. Is that so preposterous? No, it’s not.

    As for the guy who spoke of Ramsey as the best CM in the EPL and Wilshere as a hack who will never again be a starting CM, this is rather amusing to me. Ramsey, a player who for nearly two years was complete and utter dogsh*t is now eternally irreplaceable, but Jack, who was once the hope of both England and Arsenal’s midfield, who at 18 held his own with the Barca midfield, is now not worthy of our starting XI.

    Come off it. That’s ridiculous.

    As I’ve said many times, if Jack pulls his head out of his ass, he can be a very good player again. And there’s no guarantee Ramsey continues in the vein he played in last year.

    Regardless, all of this started with my proposing — quite innocently — three signings and a theoretical starting XI for next year based on the Falcao to Madrid story. My point was that if Benzema became available, we could sign Benzema, Debuchy and Bender for roughly £70m and field a pretty decent side next year, namely:


    So my question to you all is this: if you had to keep yourself to THREE quality signings and £70m gross — which I think is a feasible summer — what would your starting XI look like next year? I’d love to put my XI up against yours, as I think you’ll either leave Giroud as CF (unpromising), play Sanchez as a CF (dubious), or go well over budget.

    Note that these players need to be available or potentially available based on current news/rumors/reports.

    Thanks, too, for being such friendly guys. You guys are the best. 😉

  64. N5

    neil, you gonna wish death on someone again for copy/pasting your comments!! Lol getting so angry because you don’t understand how blogging works.

    I’ll tell you what I told other wannabe tough guys on here, I drink in the George before every home game, you wanna act a big man online, come and show me just how big a man you are.

  65. neil

    Bamford, what would happen when Kos and Per get injured, Wenger will never buy Benzema, or any other 30-50 million pound striker, no back up in defence, no back up keeper, and you want to blow 40 mill on Karim, that is funny, you should stick to Football Manager 2014,

  66. N5

    neil you should put as much work as you do on slagging off Wenger and wishing death on people you don’t know into looking for a job, you poor scummy moaning old fucker!!

  67. N5

    Yeah thats what I thought neil!! let’s hope something nasty happens to you, you said, well make that nasty thing happen keyboard toughman.

  68. N5

    Yeah, another good one neil! safely insulting someone from behind your PC screen. Absolute embarrassment of a man.

  69. N5

    Cock breath, another good one! how fucking old are you neil?

    Wasted enough time on me, what else would you be doing? writing more pointless stuff about old men or making up movies about Wenger? sad act twat!!

    If only you had a wife or kids or a job or something worth while in your life!!

    Night neil you silly prick, some of us have jobs to get up too. Enjoy benefits and wanking over pictures of Wenger in his speedo’s.

  70. Bamford13


    You’re right that we need at least one CB as well, but I was keeping myself to the positions/signings most of us have been discussing. If we keep TV, we at least have a third CB, but you’re right we need fourth.

    As for whether we’ll sign a £30-50m player, well, I actually share your skepticism, but everyone on here is talking as if we will sign at least ONE of these, and we did sign Ozil for £42.5m, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to propose one £40m or so signing.

  71. N5

    Bamford, I’m sorry but “man” wished death on me the other night and for what? disagreeing that Fergie wasn’t a bad manager that bought his wins?

    That’s a disgraceful thing to do to someone who was being polite to him!! Pedro even suggested he was banning him, so why is he still here? and why should he be allowed to say such things because he’s safe behind the anonymity of the internet?

  72. tunnygriffboy


    Troll magnet ! ! !!!

    Take shower cap next time you go to the George. You don’t want to get your hair soaked after you’ve put it down the bog lool

    Count to ten mate. Even100 if you have to. Out early tonight mate.

  73. salparadisenyc

    Mentalist’s on the troll deserve to be ignored.
    I want to enforce Sanchez right up and into the Arsenal.

    How’s that sound neil?

  74. N5

    Tunny, Sal, good advise guys and normally I would hear ya, but this little lady wished death on me the other night and I was keen to see if he could back up his little abusive rant with any form of action, but like most trolls he has nothing to back it up. Tough man behind his monitor but in reality looks like D.J. Qualls!!

    I’ll leave it now, but I’m unsure how he’s even posting, I though Pedro said he was banning him?

  75. Moray

    haha I can guarantee there is some banter between neil and N5 when I log on in the morning. It’s quite reassuring. Seems to be getting rather homoerotic too…

  76. MidwestGun

    Damn it! I take a dinner break and miss the whole Fight club moment.

    1st rule: You do not talk about Fight Club.
    2nd rule: You do not! Talk about Fight Club.
    3rd rule: If someone says stop or goes limp, taps out, fight is over.
    4th rule: Only 2 guys fight.
    5th rule: One fight at a time.
    6th rule: No shirts, No shoes.
    7th rule: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
    8th rule: If this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.

  77. salparadisenyc

    Theirs something about Abouuuuuu.
    If this is your first night at fightclub you HAVE to fight.


  78. MidwestGun


    Alright, there’s a new sheriff in town, and things are gonna change. I can not be bribed.

    Ok that’s a lie. I can actually. But whatever.

    Let’s keep it civil.

  79. N5

    Lol, the sheriff is back, so I’ll go back to behaving.

    Apologies to everyone bar the keyboard warrior for derailing conversation.

    Night guys.

  80. MidwestGun

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually signed somebody, so we actually have something to talk about. Is it too much to ask to sign up a back up keeper, anything. Come on Arsene.